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and had them do naughty things.

Charmed: Perspectives Part 1 (FF,inc)
by JT Langdon

Piper stretched like a cat under the bedcovers, feeling more relaxed than she
had in months. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been so content!
Late morning sunlight spilling through the bedroom window touched her face
like the caress of a lover and Piper sighed, rolling over so she could feel
the warmth on her bare breasts and belly. She never wanted to get out of bed.

Life at Halliwell Manor had been chaotic of late, even more so than usual
for the Charmed Ones. On top of all the usual problems -demons, warlocks,
werewolves, just to name a few- she had been dealing with a change in her
powers. Now she could do more than just freeze things. She could blow things
up! It sounded cool, but until she'd gotten it under control Piper had been
dangerous to be around.

But she had gotten it under control.

Sort of.

Like her power to freeze, it had taken time, but she was getting better. Just
another of the million little things that were going on in the life of the
Halliwells. Still, it seemed like things were starting to settle down around
the manor.

And it was about time!

Piper didn't think she could have taken living in that madhouse much longer.
And that was exactly what their cherished childhood home had become . . . a

Planning her wedding had proven to be the biggest challenge of her life, not
to mention the biggest headache. She had battled evil, even died and come
back to life, but those things paled in comparison to putting her wedding
together. What should have been the happiest time of her life turned out to
be an endless series of disasters, one right after the other, each worse than
the one before it!

There were times when she just wanted to give up.

But she hadn't.

Piper was glad, too. She loved Leo so much . . . more than mere words could
ever describe. He brought something special to her life, a peace of mind and
a stillness of being she had long thought just a myth. But those things were
indeed real and more than worth all the aggravation she had endured. She
looked over at the place beside her where Leo should have been sleeping and

The Elders had recalled him again. He would be back, but not soon enough for
her. Piper accepted it; but she would never get used to it.

In spite of the trials and tribulations of the last couple months, Piper had
been convinced that if they could just get the wedding over and done with,
life would return to normal . . . or at least what passed for normal when
three witches and a whitelighter were involved. But the wedding preparations
weren't the only factor in the rising tension at Halliwell Manor. Her
relationship with Prue and Phoebe had been shaken up and the aftershocks ran
deep . . . deeper than she expected.

The strength of the Charmed Ones came from the power of three. Though each
of them had considerable powers of their own, together they were the most
powerful witches that ever existed and a formidable opponent against evil.
But the recent infighting had left them fragmented, shadows of their former
selves. Fixing that kind of damage was difficult enough for three sisters,
let alone three witches charged with protecting the lives of the innocents
of the world.

But making things even more complicated was the fact that somewhere along the
way the three Halliwell sisters had become lovers.

That little wrinkle made all the difference.

Piper could not put into words the feelings she had for Prue and Phoebe. She
still had the same sisterly feelings she was supposed to have for them . . .
and, indeed, always did have for them. But those feelings ran so much deeper
now . . . to the very core of her being. And on top of those feelings was
something much more primal, something that defied explanation. Piper felt a
hunger for her two sisters she had never felt for anyone else, not even Leo.
She craved them. Sometimes the desire for Prue and Phoebe was so urgent it
threatened to consume her like fire. And that feeling was definitely mutual.
Prue and Phoebe needed her as much as she needed them. And it was need, pure
and raw. Piper could not function without them. She needed their time
together, to merge with their naked bodies, to love them and make love to
them, to offer her flesh to their wanton lust. Without that, she was lost.
The delicate combination of the physical, emotional, and spiritual gave them
balance. Things had happened in recent months to disrupt that balance, and
it had tossed the Charmed Ones into a tailspin.

But all was right between them again. The fabric of their unique relationship
had been rewoven into something even stronger than what had existed before.

Piper threw back the covers and got out of bed. The cool air felt wonderful
against her naked skin but she still slipped on a robe all the same. She
padded down the hall to the bathroom, hearing the shower running inside. The
thought of one of her sisters in there naked made her heart beat a little
faster and she took a deep, calming breath before knocking.

There was no answer.

So Piper just went in. Phoebe was standing under the shower. Most of her
sister was obscured by the opaque glass of the shower door, but even a hint
of Phoebe's nakedness made Piper whimper.

"Morning, Pheebs," Piper said.

Phoebe smiled. "Well hello there, sleepyhead. Or have you been up for a while
but otherwise engaged?"

Piper made a face at her. "Yeah, right. Leo orbed out on me. Again."

"I'm sorry, honey," Phoebe said, slicking back her hair. "That sucks. But you
guys do find time to . . .?"

"Uh huh," Piper said, grinning. She went to the sink and splashed cold water
on her face. "What's up with Prue today?"

Phoebe turned under the shower. "She said something about power shopping."

"Sounds like fun," Piper said. "But I have to get to the club. Deliveries
this afternoon. So don't use all the hot water, ok? I gotta take a shower

Phoebe tossed a smile over her shoulder. "Why don't you join me, then?"

Piper returned the smile. The answer to that was a no-brainer. She let her
robe fall to the floor and stepped into the shower. Goddess of all creation!
Her sister was so beautiful! Such a slender, athletic figure, with smooth
skin . . . and the cutest little butt Piper had ever seen! She watched the
droplets of water sluicing down Phoebe's naked body, falling from her slim
shoulders to her back to the rounds of her ass cheeks. Piper wanted to trail
after the beads of water with her tongue. Instead she threaded her arms
around Phoebe's slim waist and hugged her sister from behind. Phoebe pushed
back into her and Piper sighed, loving the feel of Phoebe's naked body
spooned against hers. She pressed her lips to the back of Phoebe's neck,
making her sister purr with each kiss she planted against that soft, wet

Turning in her arms, Phoebe leaned forward a little and captured her lips
in a kiss. There was nothing tender or romantic about it. This was a deep,
passionate kiss, the kiss of two lovers aching for each other. Their tongues
met in a frenzy of lust and Piper groaned with need, sliding her hands over
Phoebe's ass and squeezing. Now it was Phoebe that groaned.

"Oh, you like that, huh?" Piper teased.

Phoebe answered with a grunt then pushed her back against the wall of the
shower, pinning her there with a kiss so fierce it tied her insides in knots.
Impatient hands pawed at her breasts now, too, urgent and desperate, kneading
her supple flesh. Goddess, did Phoebe ever want her! And that was fine with
Piper. She wanted Phoebe to take her . . . ravish her . . . fuck her right
there in the shower. And Phoebe left no doubt she would get her wish soon
enough! Her little sister bent down and took one of her nipples between the
softest lips Piper had ever known. She combed her fingers through Phoebe's
wet hair, her sigh one of sheer delight as Phoebe suckled at her breast. It
was heaven. Phoebe sucked one breast then the other, tonguing her nipples,
even biting them, making her wild with need. She wanted that tongue in her

But Phoebe would not be rushed. And it was making her nuts! Piper slid her
hands down to Phoebe's shoulders, hoping to urge her sister lower. Phoebe
growled at her impatience, gathering her wrists in one hand then lifting
them over her head. When Phoebe stared at her Piper could see the mischief
flare in her sister's eyes, but also the passion . . . raw, unbridled.
Perhaps even a little crazed. Seeing that kind of desire in Phoebe had
Piper breathing in ragged little gasps, wanting Phoebe to take her more
than ever!

Keeping her arms above her head with one hand, Phoebe reached down with the
other and teased her slit. Piper moaned and thrust her hips outward in search
of more. But Phoebe denied her more than the faintest of touches, teasing
her into frothing tizzy. How could her own sister be so cruel? Piper wanted
to scream! And the entire time Phoebe just stared at her, gazing deep into
her eyes. Piper saw the look in them change, going from wild to out of
control . . . and then Phoebe was sliding three fingers into her cunt,
fucking her hard and fast, holding her hands above her head and looking right
at her as those magic fingers disappeared into the depths of her pussy.

Piper groaned. She loved when Phoebe took her like this! Sometimes her little
sister could be so wicked, letting her teeter on the brink of release for
hours on end. It made her nuts! But Phoebe held nothing back from her now,
pumping three fingers in and out of her pussy like pistons in a well-oiled
fucking machine. Phoebe never looked away, either, not for a moment. Could
Phoebe see the desire in her eyes? Piper wondered. She moaned and gasped in
obvious pleasure and her pussy clenched around Phoebe's fingers, but could
Phoebe see hunger in her eyes? The love? Did Phoebe know Piper didn't just
love her . . . but was in love with her? Then Phoebe smiled at her and Piper
had her answer. It never should have been in doubt. She stared back at
Phoebe, speaking only with her eyes, pleading with Phoebe to fuck her . . .
to make her come. Phoebe returned her intense, determined look, thrusting
into her . . . holding her hands above her head . . . watching her as she got
closer . . . closer . . . the momentum building . . . the ache in her gut
bordering on painful . . . and then she tumbled over the edge, spinning head
over heels into climax.

As soon as Phoebe let got of her wrists, Piper tossed her arms around
Phoebe's neck. She buried her face in her sister's shoulder, on the verge of
sobbing in the wake of such a powerful surge of emotion. Then Phoebe wrapped
her in a loving embrace, cooing in her ear until she settled down again.
Piper sighed in Phoebe's arms as hot water from the shower pounded down on
them both, loving the feel of Phoebe's naked flesh against hers. She pressed
her lips to Phoebe's shoulder, her kisses roving upward until their mouths
were crushed together in mutual desire.

Piper seized Phoebe by the shoulders and urged her sister around. Now that
she'd gotten her second wind it was time to turn the tables! Phoebe was an
obedient sister and put up no resistance, letting Piper spin her around so
she faced the wall. Then Piper moved in close behind Phoebe, their bodies
spooned together, Phoebe's adorable little butt pressing into her mound.
She heard Phoebe sigh and smiled with delight, leaning in and flicking her
tongue at Phoebe's earlobe. Her sister sighed again then leaned forward,
pressing her palms flat against the wall and grinding her ass into Piper's

Now it was Piper who sighed. She kissed the nape of Phoebe's neck then moved
lower, much lower, tracing the arch of Phoebe's spine with her lips. And
when standing there and kissing Phoebe became awkward she sank to her knees,
putting that cute ass right in front of her. Goddess, such a beautiful sight!
Piper dragged her tongue between Phoebe's buttocks and her sister groaned,
pushing back against her, wanting it so bad. Piper wasn't about to disappoint
her little sister!

Spreading Phoebe's butt cheeks with her fingers, Piper flicked her tongue
over the tight ring of her sister's asshole. That earned her a deep moan of
satisfaction. So she plunged in deeper, worming her tongue down Phoebe's
tight hole, eating that sweet ass until her sister was mewling with desire.
As she tongue-fucked her sister up the ass, Piper reached under and fingered
Phoebe's slit. She was delighted to find her little sister dripping wet . . .
and it had nothing to do with them being in the shower! Piper teased Phoebe's
cuntlips with the tip of her finger then slipped between them, pushing her
finger deep into her sister's pussy . . . as deep as the tongue she had up
Phoebe's ass. The combination had Phoebe whimpering in no time.

Piper licked her way from Phoebe's ass to her cunt, hungrily lapping up her
sister's sweet juices. So delicious! She could have gone down on Phoebe for
hours! But the impatient whine in Phoebe's voice told Piper her sister
couldn't hold out that long. Piper didn't mind at all. She wanted Phoebe to
come, wanted to feel that hot pussy tightening around her tongue. Leaning
forward a little, Piper pushed her face into Phoebe's cunt, licking at a
frantic pace, her finger making circles around her sister's throbbing clit.
Phoebe groaned and pushed back even harder against her, crushing that
brimming pussy so tight against her face Piper couldn't breathe. But she
didn't care. Piper wanted to be smothered in Phoebe's pussy, to breathe in
nothing but the earthy musk of her sister's desire. More important, Piper
wanted to get Phoebe off. She burrowed her tongue into that slick hole,
licking faster and faster, furiously rubbing Phoebe's clit until her little
sister was coming all over her face with a howl of pleasure.

In the pleasant after glow of their lovemaking the two sisters stood under
shower, holding each other, swaying to the rhythm of unheard music. Piper
moved her hands up and down Phoebe's back in long strokes, just needing to
feel that warm skin under her fingers. Her caresses made Phoebe sigh.

"Do you really have to go to the club?"

"'Fraid so," Piper said, kissing Phoebe on the nose.

"Can't we just stay like this all day?"

Piper giggled. "We'd turn into prunes."

"Fine by me," Phoebe said, "as long as I can hold you."

"Sounds good to me," Piper whispered. She covered Phoebe's mouth with hers,
the kiss that followed deep and passionate. Impatient hands roamed her naked
flesh, enticing her, giving her ample reason to blow off work and take her
sister to bed.


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