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Charmed: Perspectives Part 2 (FF,inc)
by JT Langdon

Prue sped down the sloping backstreets of San Francisco with the radio
cranked up and the windows rolled down, her long, dark hair fluttering wildly
in the breeze. She couldn't remember the last she felt this good! The weather
in the Bay area was absolutely perfect . . . sunny, warm, the sky the purest
blue she had ever seen. It was the ideal day to be out and about, not cooped
up in the house or some stuffy office.

Living in San Francisco all her life made it easy to take it for granted. But
Prue was seeing her hometown now as if for the very first time, and she fell
in love with her fair city all over again. It was so beautiful! The streets,
the architecture . . . even the people! There was just something about the
people in San Francisco that made her feel at ease. Like she belonged there.
And there were two people in particular Prue loved most of all. Just thinking
about her sisters brought an instant though wistful smile to her face.

The life of the Charmed Ones could get a little hectic, but the last few
months had been the worst yet since the three Halliwells sisters had been
given their powers. In addition to the supernatural elements that peppered
their lives on a regular basis there had been Piper's wedding to deal with.
What a nightmare! It wasn't enough that the mystic powers-that-be had opposed
the marriage for the longest time, but then even when Piper and Leo had their
blessing things seemed to keep going wrong!

Prue felt a twinge of guilt about that. Some of the problems had been her
fault. She had not been honest with Piper . . . or herself, repressing her
deepest, darkest feelings. For a witch with the power to astral project,
keeping those kind of feelings bottled up was definitely not a good idea!
Her subconscious had taken on a life of its own for a while there, and the
resulting trouble had ruined Piper's first attempt at getting married.

But after several fits and starts, Piper and Leo had their wedding at last.
It was far from normal, though, what with their dead grandmother performing
the ceremony. Still, it was a wedding, however unconventional, and Piper
deserved it after the hell she had been through. In fact, all three of them
were destined to lead less than typical lives. If any one of them could find
someone who brought even a moment of sanity to their crazy existence, it was
worth it. And Leo did that for Piper. Prue was sure of that. She could see
it in her sister's eyes.

Prue made a left at the next set of lights and headed toward Chinatown. Even
though she couldn't have been happier for Piper, she attributed much of her
good mood to the progress she had made in mending her relationship with
Phoebe. The two of them had been acting more like sparring partners than
sisters after the incident with Cole, and it had taken its toll on both of
them. She had gotten angrier and out of sorts with each new day, while Phoebe
had become listless and discombobulated. Neither of them could go on like
that for long. Sisters fought all the time, so that was nothing new. And with
all the pressure of being the Charmed Ones, tempers were bound to flare. But
their spat had escalated into a lover's quarrel, and that made it much more
damning. Prue couldn't help feeling personally betrayed. Other lovers would
come and go from their lives, but the three of them had a special bond that
would last for all time. But Phoebe had put the needs of her lover first, and
at the expense of their relationship! And then lied about it for the longest
time! The sting of that decision had sent Prue reeling. How could Phoebe do
that to her and Piper? The unanswered question had created a rift between her
and Phoebe that had taken a lot of time to bridge.

In time, however, the wounds healed. Prue discovered she couldn't go on
without Phoebe and the special relationship the Halliwell sisters had forged.
She could no more live without Piper and Phoebe than she could without food
and water. Her sisters turned lovers were vital to her survival, and without
the intimate connection the three of them shared Prue was a hollow shell of
a person, miserable, lost, and useless to the innocents she was obliged to
protect. She never wanted to feel that desolate again. And Prue knew she
wouldn't. She and her sisters wouldn't let it happen.

Prue pulled into the parking lot next to P3. She knew Piper would be working
her little fanny off and sure enough, when Prue headed inside Piper was
standing behind the bar taking inventory. And looking cute, as usual. Piper
saw her coming and circled around the bar to meet her. Even though Piper wore
a simple long-sleeved knit shirt and black cotton pants, an outfit Prue had
seen countless times before, it still took Prue's breath away.

"Well this is a pleasant surprise," Piper said.

Prue said, "I was in the neighborhood."


"Can you take a break?"

"Sure," Piper said.

The two of them shared a soft, tender kiss then Prue took Piper's hand in
hers and led her sister to the small alcove in the back where the Halliwell
sisters often held court. She sat down on the sofa and pulled Piper with her.

"My feet are killing me," Prue said, kicking off her boots.

"Did you have fun shopping?"

"It is possible to not have fun when shopping?"

Piper smiled at that and Prue felt her heart jump. Her sister was so
beautiful! Goddess! How did she get so lucky? She had two absolutely gorgeous
sisters. And Prue couldn't have been more in love with them both.

"Did you buy anything?" Piper asked.

"Too many things, probably," Prue said. "Including a little surprise for

That made Piper smile again. "I'm glad you two are getting along."

"So am I," Prue said, meaning it. She looked over at Piper. "Listen, are you
hungry? I thought we could have lunch."

Piper sighed. "Oh, I wish I could. But I have a ton of work to do, and I just
got started."

"I thought you were going to come in early," Prue said.

"Yeah, I was," Piper told her. "But I got a little, uh, sidetracked this

Prue smiled in understanding. "I see. You and Leo were . . .?"

"Actually, no," Piper interrupted. "The Elders summoned him before I even got

"Hmmm," Prue said, poking her sister in the belly. "That left you and Phoebe
all alone in the house, didn't it?"

Piper blushed. "Yeah."

"You little slut," Prue said, laughing.

"Me?" Piper made a face. "I need a crowbar to get you two apart!"

Prue smiled. That was true enough. Once she and Phoebe got going there was
practically no stopping them. Insatiable didn't do their lust justice. But
that was true of her feelings for Piper, too. She leaned closer to her
sister, until their lips were almost touching, then began stroking Piper's
inner thigh. "So did Phoebe completely wear you out this morning?"

"I think I've recovered," Piper whispered.

Prue was glad to hear that. Because she wanted Piper . . . now. She closed
what little distance remained between them and their lips met in a searing,
passionate kiss. The softness of that lush mouth was more then enough to
excite Prue no end, but thinking about where Piper's mouth had been that
morning made her wild with need. Then Piper's tongue slid over hers and she
couldn't think about much of anything at all except how desperately she
wanted her sister. Prue slipped her hand under Piper's blouse and cupped a
breast, stroking a nipple through the sheer fabric of a lace bra. Piper
whimpered into the kiss, raking demanding fingers through her hair . . .
fingers that begged her for more.

How could Prue refuse? She helped Piper out of her blouse, licking her lips
at the sight of Piper in black lace. Her sister had to be the sexiest
creature alive! Prue ran her finger down Piper's cleavage, loving how Piper
shuddered from her touch. But she wanted to do more than just touch those
luscious breasts! She reached around and unhooked Piper's bra, pulling it off
and tossing it aside with a flourish that made her sister giggle. But Piper
didn't giggle when Prue bent down and took a nipple between her lips. She
gasped instead, breathing harder and faster as Prue took each breast in turn,
feasting on one then the other, sucking them, flicking the nipples with her

"Oh . . . oh Prue," Piper muttered.

The urgent tone in Piper's voice warmed Prue all over, especially between
her legs! It excited her to know she was giving her sister pleasure, an
excitement that deepened further still when she felt Piper's nipple
stiffening between her lips. Prue circled the hardened nub with her tongue,
teasing pitiful moans and ragged gasps from her sister. She just loved
sucking on Piper's tits! The soft, warm flesh felt so good in her mouth she
never wanted to stop . . . and she doubted Piper would ever ask her to stop.
But the aching in her cunt was becoming unbearable, so her sister had to be
on fire with need!

Prue cupped Piper's face in her hands and drew those sweet lips to hers,
kissing her sister with a hunger that left them both panting for breath. She
slid to the floor and went to work getting the rest of Piper's clothes off,
removing shoes and socks then sliding Piper out of her slacks before removing
the pair of cotton panties that stood between her and the prize she sought.

Once she had Piper naked Prue took a moment just to admire her sister, her
pulse racing a mile a minute as she took in the sight of Piper's nude body.
Goddess! The woman was stunning! She put her hands on Piper's thighs and
gently spread them, sucking in a sharp breath between pursed lips as she
gazed with longing at her sister's cunt. The air around them was scented with
the musk of Piper's arousal and Prue breathed it in, letting it fill her
entire being. Such a sweet fragrance! She needed more!

Prue buried her face in Piper's cunt. She just couldn't resist a moment
longer. In the space of a heartbeat she had her tongue nestled deep in her
sister's pussy, hungrily lapping up the sweet juices that flowed from that
hot little slit. Her appetite could not be sated, just appeased for short
periods of time, and Prue fed at the trough of nectar. Piper groaned in
answer to her frantic pace, grabbing fistful of her hair and pulling her
tighter against that brimming honeypot. But Prue didn't mind. There was no
place she would rather be at the moment than up to her ears in Piper's warm,
wet folds. She licked and sucked her sister's slick netherlips, making Piper
groan with desire.

"Yes! Yes! Prue! I'm gonna come!"

Hearing that, Prue focused her attention on Piper's swollen clit. She took
the little button of flesh between her lips and sucked on it, hard, massaging
it with her tongue. Her efforts had Piper squealing like a scared piglet.
The fingers tangled in her hair tightened but Prue would not be distracted,
pummeling her sister's clit with her tongue until Piper was arching off the
sofa in the grip of a roaring climax. Even then Prue refused to let up,
licking up the fruits of her labors until Piper went limp underneath her.

Prue lifted her face from between Piper's legs with a reluctant sigh. She
never wanted to leave the warmth of that place and hoped to return soon.

"I've survived demons and warlocks," Piper said breathlessly. "But you and
Phoebe are going to be the death of me."

Prue flashed her sister a crooked grin. "We'd just have Leo bring you back to

"Oh, you would, huh? Just like that?"

"Yep," Prue replied, nodding. "And then I'd lick you to death all over

"Mmmm," Piper purred.

Prue leaned into a kiss that told her Piper wasn't spent just yet. She
crawled onto the sofa where Piper greeted her with another, even deeper kiss
while anxious hands pawed at her breasts through her blouse. Her nipples
hardened at the mere thought of having Piper's mouth on them and Prue grunted
between kisses, needing Piper more than words could ever explain. But she
didn't have to explain. Both Piper and Phoebe understood her feelings . . .
and returned them. Prue broke the kiss long enough for Piper to lift off her
shirt and then their mouths came crashing together once more, the pace
increasing, the hunger growing. It didn't take long for Piper to unclasp her
bra. Then Prue found herself being pushed flat against the sofa. She put up
no resistance. Piper was more than welcome to ravish her senseless.

And Piper seemed poised to do so, propped up beside her and running a hand up
her inner thigh. Piper kissed her hard on the mouth but soon moved lower,
down her neck to her breasts. She flicked her tongue over a stiffened nipple
then seized the firm nub between her lips, sucking hard. Prue arched off the
sofa with a grunt of pleasure, pushing more of her breast into her sister's
hungry mouth. It was an offer Piper did not refuse. Prue whimpered like the
pitiful mess she now was, writhing on the sofa as Piper suckled at her
breast, licking and biting her into a frenzied state. Then Piper upped the
ante, slipping a hand under her leather miniskirt and rubbing her slit
through the soaked front of her panties. Prue gasped.

"Oh! Oh Piper!"

Piper abandoned Prue's breast and starting chewing on her earlobe while the
caresses under her leather miniskirt became more insistent. "What's the
matter Prue?"

"That feels so good," Prue muttered.

Piper laughed in her ear. "It's supposed to, silly. Do you want me to go down
on you?"

The answer was a whispered, "Yes."

"Really?" Piper intoned, pressing into her mound.

"Yes!" Prue cried.

Piper laughed into her ear then slowly moved down her body with kisses,
nipping at her breasts, zigzagging across her midriff, inching lower and
lower until she reached the waistband of her leather miniskirt. She unsnapped
the clasp and Prue lifted up a little so Piper could get the damn thing off
her, and with a little wiggling on her part both the skirt and her panties
joined the pile of clothes on the floor. Prue spread for her sister, planting
one foot on the floor and draping her leg over the back of the sofa. That
gave Piper ample room to work and her sister made swift use of it, diving
face-first into her pussy. Prue cried out, slamming her head back hard
against the sofa as Piper ate her out. Both her sisters had proven to be
talented little cuntlickers, something Piper reaffirmed. In no time at all
Prue was reduced to a whimpering mass of sweaty flesh, gasping and moaning as
Piper's tongue slithered around inside her. From experience -or perhaps even
instinct- Piper knew her most sensitive areas and she attacked them with a
vengeance, taking Prue to the brink of climax.

"Oh," Prue gasped. "Yes! Piper! Just like that!"

The jabbing pain in the pit of her gut made Prue groan deep in her throat.
She was going to come! Goddess! She was going to come all over her sister's
face. Prue grasped Piper by the shoulders, holding on for dear life as
Piper's tongue darted over her clit, coaxing one moan after another out of
her, pushing her closer and closer to orgasm until Prue lost control and
slipped into blissful release, arching off the sofa as a surging climax tore
through her loins. The room spun around her, making Prue dizzy.

But Piper wasn't finished with her yet.

Though not coherent enough to form words, Prue's grunt was one of approval
as Piper shifted above her and moved them into a sixty-nine position. She
grabbed Piper's ass and pulled that hot, wet pussy onto her mouth, eagerly
licking her sister once more. The two sisters took their time now, the
frantic pace of the first round of lovemaking discarded in favor of a much
more relaxed approached. Prue savored the sweet taste of Piper's cunt,
losing herself in that musky essence. She was at her most content like that,
with her face buried in one of her sister's cunts. It didn't matter which
one. Both were delicious! But it was Piper she focused on now, her tongue
disappearing between silken folds of woman-flesh as the momentum started to
gather, slow but sure, like a symphony, the tempo increasing, getting
stronger . . . faster . . . a crescendo of pleasure getting more and more
intense, building up to that inevitable moment of release. Prue didn't know
whether it because they were witches or sisters or both, but the two of them
were so in sync that when the magical moment arrived at last she and Piper
came at the same time.

Prue held Piper for a long time afterward, trading loving kisses and gentle
caresses with her dear, sweet sister. In a few hours the club would be filled
with people dancing and drinking and having a wonderful time. But for now
there was just her and Piper, two naked lovers wrapped in each other's arms.

"I should get back to work," Piper told her with a sigh.

Prue nodded. "Yeah. And I should let you."

"Uh huh."

"But I'm not going to," Prue said, and she pulled Piper into a kiss.


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