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Charmed: Perspectives Part 2 (FF,inc)
by JT Langdon

Phoebe bounced into the living room and plopped down on the sofa with a sigh.
She couldn't remember the last time she'd been in such a good mood! It was
the kind of mood that made her feel like she could take on the entire world
-real or nether- and not just survive but actually come out on top. That kind
of optimism had been missing for much too long.

For most of her life, Phoebe had been what some people called a fuck-up. She
liked to think she just hadn't found her place in the order of things. But
either way, there was no doubt her life had lacked a certain direction . . .
a purpose. That changed, though, after Grams died and Phoebe discovered her
birthright as a witch. It was the first time Phoebe had a real sense of who
she was . . . what she wanted . . . what she was capable of doing with her

But having a purpose was not that simple. Their lives had been turned upside
down with the revelation that she and her sisters were the Charmed Ones. A
new universe had opened up to them, a dangerous one populated with evil
creatures she couldn't have imagined in her worst nightmares. It was like
being cast in a never-ending horror flick.

Phoebe thought back to those first few months, when witchcraft was still
new to her. Even though it had been frightening at times, it had also been
exhilarating. But something had still be lacking back then, something she
couldn't put her finger on, at least not until she and her sisters had
become lovers. Then it all made sense.

Like the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle put into place, the romantic turn in
their relationship had brought things into focus. Phoebe needed Prue and
Piper, as sisters and as lovers. There was no separating the two. She
couldn't love them one way and not the other. Not now. After everything the
three of them had shared, there was no going back to the sisterly
relationship they'd had before.

That was something she'd learned the hard way.

Phoebe shook her head. For a couple of agonizing months, the three of them
had drifted to a dark place. The romantic side of their relationship had
become nonexistent. She'd had doubts the three of them would ever be lovers
again. Not with Prue pissed at her and Piper getting married.

That sure seemed to sound the death knell on their love affair. But hen Prue
and Piper came to her with forgiveness in their hearts.

Like her, Prue and Piper were both lost without the intimate connection that
once existed between them. Being lovers wasn't just about sharing a naughty
romp in the sack now and then. The three of them needed each other. Phoebe
used to wish that she could find her soulmate, the one person that would
complete her . . . make her whole. But instead she discovered she had two
soulmates . . . Prue and Piper. Phoebe didn't care that these were her
sisters. Her feelings did not lie. She was in love with them . . . madly,
hopelessly in love with them. Prue and Piper were the soulmates she had been
searching for. The aching in her gut that had troubled her for so long was
the empty place she had reserved for them.

Without Prue and Piper, she was a wreck.

But she would never have to be without them again. The damage to their
relationship had been repaired and the three of them were sisters and lovers
once more.

Thoughts of her tryst with Piper that morning were still fresh in her mind
and Phoebe could feel a fresh damp spot starting to form in the crotch of her
panties as she replayed those images over and over again. She slipped a hand
between her legs and caressed her mound through khaki shorts, thinking of her
sisters and all the things she would love to be doing to them.

Then Phoebe heard the door open in the living room. She stopped the
increasing activity in her shorts, the hair on the back of her neck standing
up on end. It wasn't like a demon or a warlock to come through the front
door, but stranger things had happened at Halliwell Manor.


Phoebe sighed in relief. It was Prue's voice.

"In here!" Phoebe answered back. She tucked her legs underneath her and tried
to look casual, even though her face was warm and her pussy tingled with
unresolved tension. Looking up and seeing Prue standing there didn't help

Prue was positively scrumptious in a shimmering red sequined blouse, black
leather miniskirt, and matching boots. She had gift bags clutched in both
hands and looked exhausted. Spending the day shopping was apparently more
draining than Phoebe realized.

"Hey Pheebs," Prue said, setting her bags down and joining her on the sofa.

Phoebe smiled. "Hi there."

"What are ya up to?"

"Just sitting here," Phoebe said.

Prue arched a suspicious brow. "And that's it?"

"Sure. Why?"

"Uh, because I know you?"

"I'm not a cat in heat," Phoebe said. "I can behave."

"Yeah, right," Prue laughed. "Where is Phoebe and what have you done with

Phoebe gave Prue a playful shove. "Talk to Piper today?"

"Yeah," Prue said. But her grin said more. "I stopped at the club on the way

"Did you take her to lunch?"

"I had her for lunch," Prue said.

Phoebe bit her lower lip to keep a whimper from escaping. The thought of Prue
and Piper doing it at the club made her nuts! She could just see her sisters,
too, with their naked bodies pressed together. How she wished she could have
been there to watch!

"You two are incorrigible," Phoebe said.

"Pot-kettle-black, shower girl."

Phoebe blushed. "Yeah, okay. So we're all bad."

"And I love it," Prue said

"I love you." Phoebe reached out and touched her fingers to Prue's cheek. She
was so in love with her! When she looked at Prue, she saw her sister of
course. But that wasn't all. She also saw a beautiful, sensual woman, with a
delightful body and eyes deeper than ocean, an archaeologist, a photographer
. . . a witch. Prue was an amazing person. How could Phoebe not be in love
with her?

The two of them stared at each for the longest time then Phoebe leaned
forward and snatched Prue's lips in a kiss. If there was any doubt the two of
them were more than just sisters, the kiss they shared put it to rest. Theirs
was a heated kiss, with mouths opening wider and wider in growing hunger,
their tongues slithering over each other in mutual desire.

When the kiss dissolved at last, both of them were panting for breath.

"I bought a new outfit today," Prue told her. "Would you like to see it?"

Phoebe nodded eagerly. "Yeah, I would."

In answer, Prue took her hand and kissed the palm. "Give me a few minutes
then come upstairs, okay?

"Okay," Phoebe said.

Prue smiled and kissed her again then jumped off the sofa, grabbing her
shopping bags and heading upstairs.

Once she was alone, Phoebe squealed with anticipation. She wanted Prue so
bad! Goddess! Her body was on fire with need. And now her sister was upstairs
getting undressed! Putting on what, though? Phoebe let her imagination run
wild. She pictured her sister in some slinky, sexy lingerie from Frederick's
of Hollywood and groaned out loud. Visions like that made her cunt ache with
a deep, echoing desire.

How long did she have to wait? The minutes seemed to drag on forever!

Phoebe got up and started to pace back and forth, wringing her hands as she
counted off the seconds. She was going crazy! But it was only a few minutes
. . . she just had to wait a few minutes . . . and then she could be with
Prue. Prue would show her the new outfit . . . and then Phoebe would take if
off her and fuck Prue's brains out.

That sounded like a plan.

Deciding she had waited long enough, Phoebe went upstairs. She knocked on
Prue's door, heart thumping excitedly in her chest.

"Okay," Prue answered from inside. "You can come in now."

Phoebe opened the door and went in. She didn't get very far, though. Her
imagination had conjured up lots of images but nothing could have prepared
her for the sight before her. Prue was standing in the middle of the room,
a seductive grin tugging at the corners of her mouth as she modeled her new
outfit. Thin strips of black leather went around Prue's waist and through
her legs, meeting at her crotch in a triangle of black leather with a metal
ring in the center. The metal ring held a large, purple dildo in place. She
wore nothing else. Phoebe looked Prue up and down, from her naked breasts
to the fake cock dangling between her legs, then swallowed the lump in her
throat. The damp spot in her panties got a whole lot bigger.

"Do you like it?"

Phoebe was speechless. So she just nodded.

"Then come here," Prue said.

Phoebe closed the distance between them in two strides and walked straight
into a deep, passionate kiss. As their tongues became tangled once more in
a mass of lust, Phoebe reached down and took Prue's cock in her hand. She
didn't think of it as just a lifeless piece of molded purple silicone. It
was a part of Prue, as real to her as if her sister had cast a spell and
sprouted a real cock. Phoebe slid her hand up and down Prue's shaft, tracing
the shape of that long, hard rod. Prue seemed to really like getting a
handjob, moaning into the kiss while Phoebe stroked her off.

It made Phoebe wonder what else Prue would like.

Sinking to her knees, Phoebe ran her tongue over the head of Prue's cock then
took it into her mouth. She slid her lips up and down her sister's new prick,
working her way toward the base until she'd swallowed the length of it. Prue
moaned above her, running both hands through Phoebe's dark hair, encouraging
her. Not that Phoebe needed to be encouraged! She licked and sucked Prue's
cock, dragging her tongue up one side and down the other before taking the
head between her lips again. Prue started to move her hips in a slow, rocking
motion, fucking her face, pushing that long cock down her throat. And Phoebe
loved it. She took the length of Prue's cock with a moan of approval, head
bobbing up and down with the effort she put into giving her sister the best
blowjob of her life.

But Prue pulled back from her.

Phoebe looked up. Her sister was flushed a deep red and breathing hard. She
got to her feet and Prue pulled her into a kiss, devouring her lips with a
hunger that left Phoebe whimpering like a dog left out in the rain. Then Prue
pushed her into bed and jumped in beside her, kissing her long and deep while
urgent hands tugged at her shirt.

"Oh . . . Prue," Phoebe sighed.

It didn't take Prue long to remove her shirt and bra. Phoebe squirmed on the
bed as Prue kissed a sloppy wet trail down to her breast, seizing a nipple
between those soft lips and sucking it like a fiend. She circled the hardened
nub with her tongue, flicking it, driving Phoebe out of her mind with desire.
Then Prue's hand wandered between her legs, rubbing her through the crotch
of her shorts just like she'd been doing in the living room before Prue got
home. But Prue took the step Phoebe never got a chance to take, slipping a
hand inside her shorts and down the front of her panties to get at her hot,
wet cunt. Phoebe moaned and arched off the bed as Prue's fingers grazed her

"You are so fucking wet," Prue muttered.

Phoebe groaned. "All for you . . . it's all for you, Prue."

"Mmmm. Do you want my cock inside you?"

"Yes," Phoebe panted. "Oh . . . yes."

"Say it."

"I want your cock inside me," Phoebe rasped.

Prue kissed her on the chin then helped her out of her shorts and panties.
She quickly tossed them aside then mounted her, positioning the head of that
hard purple cock at the entrance to her cunt. Time seemed to stop as Prue
hovered above her on all fours. Phoebe listened to the slow, steady thudding
in her chest while she waited for Prue to fuck her. Then time resumed and
Prue slipped inside her and Phoebe cried out. She clawed at Prue's back,
moaning and gasping, head spinning like something out of The Exorcist as her
sister pounded into her without mercy. Prue was a woman possessed, humping
her like a bitch in heat, thrusting that permanent hard-on deep inside her.
Her pussy clenched around Prue's cock, drawing it in further.

"Yes! Yes! Prue! Yes!" Phoebe screamed. "Oh . . . fuck me harder . . . fuck
me harder!"

And Prue did just that, slamming into her, driving that purple cock even
deeper into her pussy. Each thrust pushed Phoebe closer to orgasm. She slid
her hands down to Prue's ass now, clutching it, pulling Prue down to her,
forcing that cock inside her while Prue huffed and puffed on top of her.
Poor Prue! Her sister had to work too hard!

Phoebe rolled them both over and sat up so that she was straddling Prue's
cock. She moved her hips in a slow, steady rhythm, staring down at Prue as
she rode her sister's new dick. Prue looked up at her and smiled, hands
sliding over her hips before moving upward to cup both her breasts.

"You are so hot," Prue told her.

Phoebe smiled as she slid her cunt up and down Prue's shaft. "Do you want to
watch me come?"

"Uh huh."

Staring down at Prue, Phoebe began to finger her clit while she continued to
ride her sister's cock. She was so close now . . . so damn close. Her gut
tightened in anticipation. Phoebe increased her pace . . . rocking back and
forth on Prue's dick. . . frantically rubbing at her clit . . . getting
closer . . . closer . . . she was almost there, the flames of climax licking
her flesh. The fire burned deep inside her and she bounced up and down on
Prue's cock until she couldn't hold back a moment longer. She tossed her
head back and cried out, slamming into Prue as she came.

Phoebe climbed off of her sister and fell face first into the bed, sighing
into the pillow. "Wow. That was . . . intense."

"Yes," Prue said, snuggling up behind her. "But who says I'm done with you?"

Phoebe sighed as Prue's hand moved up and down her back in long, soothing
strokes. Then Prue's hand moved between her ass cheeks and her sigh became a
soft purr of contentment. "Oh . . . Prue."

"Let me have you," Prue said to her.

Pushing herself up, Phoebe got onto her hands and knees like she knew her
sister wanted. In a flash Prue was behind her, teasing her slit with the head
of that wonderful new cock before grabbing her hips and pushing into her
again. Phoebe yelped with surprise as Prue started fucking her from behind,
pumping into her at a maddening pace. But her surprise morphed into a flow of
sweet pleasure as Prue settled into a much more languid pace. The sound of
Prue's thighs slapping her ass mixed with her cries of delight as Prue buried
the length of that cock into her throbbing pussy. She could feel another
climax building within her, like dark stormclouds threatening rain.

But just when a cloudburst seemed imminent, Prue pulled out of her again.

Phoebe started to protest but fell silent when she felt the liquid coolness
of lube slipping down the crack of her ass. Then all she could do was moan
in approval. Prue spread the lube around then pressed the head of that cock
against her asshole. Phoebe pushed back against it, driving Prue's cock
inside her . . . but just a little bit . . . the tiniest bit. That alone was
enough to make her feel full but she wanted more . . . so much more. Phoebe
eased back against Prue's faux hard-on, taking more of it . . . still more
. . . until she was impaled on Prue's cock. Prue groaned behind her.

"Oh yeah," Prue said. "Take my cock in your ass."

Even if Phoebe could have come up with a smart-ass response, she was in no
condition to answer. She was too far gone now, the sensation of Prue's cock
inside her just overwhelming. But then Prue started to fuck her and Phoebe
lost her mind. Prue took it slow at first, sliding in and out of her asshole
until the tight muscle began relax, then the momentum began to build . . .
faster . . . faster . . . Prue's cock sliding into her asshole without effort
now. Phoebe screamed.

"Prue! Oh God! Prue! Yes! Fuck me!"

Phoebe pushed back to meet each thrust, driving the rock-hard cock deeper
into her ass. No words that could do justice to the pleasure now rippling
through her. It was incredible! Prue's cock filled her completely! Each
thrust sent tendrils of pleasure across her flesh, like ivy creeping up the
side of a brick wall. And Prue just kept right on fucking her, driving that
cock into her asshole. Phoebe reached down between her legs and started
rubbing her clit, matching Prue's breakneck pace. Their combined efforts
had her coming again in no time.

The two of them cuddled under the covers afterwards, the strap-on cast aside
for now. Phoebe ran her hands over Prue's naked flesh as the two of them
kissed and groped each other. She longed to return at least some of the
pleasure Prue had given her, but for the moment she was too exhausted to
move. Her sister didn't seem to care.

"I told Piper we would stop by later," Prue said. "I hope you don't mind."

Phoebe shook her head. "Of course not. Sounds like fun."

"But we still have lots of time before we have to go," Prue said, kissing her
again. "Think we can find something to do?"

Phoebe slipped her hand between Prue's legs and caressed the damp folds she
found there. Then she kissed her sister and said, "Oh, I'm sure we can."

The End


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