Charmed: Pheobe Gets Fucked (MF,oral)
by David Geller ([email protected])

I was standing on a corner in San Fransico when I saw an amazing piece of
tail walk by. It was Pheobe Halliwell and she was banging. Built like a
brickhouse, she knew what she was doing walking around in a sexy little
cut off tee that showed off her tone stomach and huge tits. A black thong
snuck out the back of her white pants to let you know she was looking for
trouble. I knew it was a long shot but I couldn't resist and started to
come up from behind and try a line on her. Pheobe was like a less slutty
Carrie Bradshaw so I was trying to think of a good angle when all of a
sudden a couple of strange looking guys wearing halloween masks came out
of nowhere.

Before I could blink these guys were all over her. She must have taken one
of those self defense classes or something though cause she was sending her
attackers flying left and right. I saw her drop kick one guy and then planted
a clean upercut onto her next assailant as she rose off the ground. I wasn't
sure if I should try to help or just stand back and watch. I mean it was a
thing of beauty the way those gorgeous tities kept flopping around I knew
they had to be real. Before I could finish the thought one of the creeps
grabbed her from behind as another charged in her direction. Having played a
little football in high school I lined up clean and laid out her onrushing
assailant, I was getting ready for the next guy when somehow this journalist
chick does some Jet Li shit and flips over the funny faced freak and knocks
him cold with a roundhouse kick.

I couldn't believe it. I was just staring at her dumbfounded. She was
glistening all over and she was breathing so hard I could see her chest rise
up and down and up and down. I watched the sweat drip down her back and slide
down the crack of her ass as it rode the lace thong out of sight. God I was
getting hard just looking at her. Just as I had that thought she turned

"Thanks for the assist." She said.

"Your welcome but I don't think you needed my help." I replied.

Her hand rubbed across her forehead and then down her neck gently grazing her
chest before resting on her hip. She was looking me over. I saw her spot the
tent I was pitching and she raised an eyebrow at me.

"Not for those guys no, but I have another problem and it looks like you
could really help me out."

I smiled at her and starting hailing a cab.

* * *

Twenty minutes later My hands were running all over her as she frantically
worked her keys to her front door. We had started fooling around in the cab
and now I was pressing into her from behind as my hands squezed her round
melons. I started pulling at her ear with my teeth and I felt her knees go
weak and her breathing quicken. Finally she got the door opened and as soon
as it was closed she smashed her lip into mine as are tongues explored each
others mouth playfully wrestling for supremacy. I pressed her up against the
wall and started pulling at her pants. Then she shoved me off.

Turns out she lives with her sisters (who judging from the pictures I saw
were just as banagable as Pheobe) and worried they might show up we had to
make upstairs. Once we were in her room I pushed her up against her wall
face first. I slide my hand over her stomach and down to her pussy crack.
She was hot and wet and I heard her hiss when I slipped my finger into her
love canal. I started to work her over with my finger and her hands reached
back and started sliding up my legs. I pressed my hard cock up against her
ass so she could feel how turned on I was. I let go of her and we both
stripped ourselves naked in record time. And then before my eyes could even
drink in all the beauty in front of me she jumped up on me. Catching me off
guard I fell back onto her bed, she was sitting on top of me with her nipples
just inches from my face. I had to have a test a leaned foward and took the
tit in my mouth pinching with my teeth and encricling, she groaned out with
need and shoved me back on the bed. Then while staring me in the eye with a
cock hungry look of a slut the impaled herself on me with one hard thrust.

I was in heaven. She felt so good. She was wet and tight, but not so tight
that I couldn't get a good rhythem going. Except for her tits and ass though
she was so small I could really lift her up with every thrust. She started
slamming down and meeting my thrusts, I could tell she was getting lost as
her eyes closed and she bit down on her lip. That's when I slapped her in
the face. I wanted her to open her eyes and pay attention to the man who was
about to fuck the shit out of her.

I spun her over so I was on top and slung her legs over my shoulder. Now I
could really give it to her hard. My balls slammed into her ass as I have her
long hard strokes of my fat cock. She started to moan out loud.

"Ohhhhh yesss....ohhhhh please don't stop.....god fuck shit fuck fuck....

I was getting close now and I leaned in and pressed my lips up against hers.
She met my mouth with a wanton hunger as our pleasures seeped into each
other. I leaned back up and looked at her. God she was sexy her bigs eyes and
soft lips the sweat cascadding down her godess body. I grabbed her by her
hips and spun her over and shoved her face down on the bed. Still inside her
the spin had set my balls on fire and as I laid into her doggy style I
started to slap her ass with every thrust. She cried out in bliss.


And I was. I'd never felt like this... my braind stopped working my whole
body was tingling, I'd never felt so alive. I leaned over her back and
wrapped my hands around her amazing hooters. I could feel my oragasm
building in my balls. I knew I had to get her off now. I let my hand slide
back down to her slit. I peeled back her hood and pinched her clit with my
two fingers and then started rubbing with my thumb. I could literally feel
the shockwave travel up her body as she exploded. A low gutteral shriek
came out her mouth as her pussy flooded my cock with her love juices. I
slapped her on the ass good and hard and then pulled out. She was still
breathing hard and looked behind to see why I'd stopped. I let her know.

"I'm finishing in your mouth," I said.

She didn't say a word but just got down to the floor and kneeled in front of
me smiling. I grabbed her face with both hands and started to slowly slide my
cock past her lips. I looked down to see her staring up at me with those big
beautifull brown eyes. She had this sexy look of firey submisivness in her
eyes and as I shoved my cock down her throat I saw those eyes light up and
almost explode. She started fondling my balls with her hand and sucking hard
as I pulled out. I lined up for one more shot and I my cock slide past her
tongue and down her throat I exploded. I pumped load after load out my cock
and she just kept drinking it down...never onece breaking eye contact with
me. But in the end I proved to be too much for her and she started to gag.
I had to pull out but i couldn't stop cumming and I shot the last of my load
all over those gorgeous titties. After she finished gasping for air she
spread her knees and pulled her tits up toward her mouth and actually licked
herself clean right there.
It was so sexy I was almost ready to go again. But then the phone rang.
Apparently it was an important call she had to take, but she told me I could
shower off if i like. Still naked as the day god made me I walked toward the
direction of her bathroom. Just as I stepped inside I heard the front door
open and could her a female voice calling out. Hmmm I thought, this could be
a very long night.


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