Charmed: Phoebe's Decent Into Darkness
by El Diablo ([email protected]) & Nightarrow

"Once again those witches destroy another of my best demons," yelled The
Source of all evil, the supreme lord of the underworld, to his demonic
council, "I want them destroyed and I want their powers."

"My Lord," said one of demonic council members, "can I suggest we use a
corruptor on one of the witches."

"You fool a corruptor can not make a good witch turn evil," roared The

"True, but they can make those who desire it more willing to use their powers
for person use and from there it's only a matter of time before they cross
the line to darkness."

"Very well. Send the corruptor, but if he fails you will pay the price."

The Corruptor demon was immediately shimmered to the streets of San
Francisco, in his human form he was undistinguishable from a mortal man,
his normal goal to spread evil by making good people turn evil but in this
instance his target was no mere mortal but a witch and a Charmed One no

He headed toward the university campus where he was to find his target Phoebe
Halliwell, the youngest of the three Halliwell sisters, and the one most
susceptible to using her powers for personal gain.

The Corruptor spotted Phoebe on her way to a class and began to walk towards
her. As he past by he waved his hand projecting a bolt of magic energy at
Phoebe. She stopped and shuddered as a chill went down her spine. The
Corruptors work was done now he had to return to the underworld and await
further instructions.

Later that evening Phoebe found herself in the attic. She had had a very long
and tiring day of lectures and another bad date. She kept wishing she could
use her magic to improve things and on several occasions that afternoon tried
to but that pesky personal gain rule kept sticking in her mind.

She was now flipping through the pages trying to find a spell that could
change that problem, she didn't see the point in having powers if she
couldn't use them as she wished she had always been the most willing to
push her powers to the limit and now she wanted to take them further.

Phoebe begins muttering to herself, "There must be some sort of spell in this
book that allows me to use my powers for my own purposes. I mean, what's the
point in being a witch if you can't have a little fun every now and then.
Wait a minute. I think I have found something. This spell says.

To those who are impure of heart
This is where your path may part
Instead of being one who respects noble means
One who is evil will corrupt and scheme
No spell can control
Those who are of rotten soul
If you shall decide to flee
Into the Devil's arms you shall forever be
Oh dark one, oh evil abominable Hell
I cast myself willingly under your spell

With out realizing it Phoebe had read the spell out loud.

Wave after wave of dark energy rushed into Phoebe quickly taking its full
effect leaving Phoebe a force of darkness.

"What's going on in here?" came the voice of Prue, the oldest of the three

"Nothing," snapped Phoebe.

"You weren't trying to cast any spells were you?" inquired Prue.

"You always assume that I'm doing something wrong don't you?" Phoebe said
aggressively. "You just think I'm your troublesome little slut of a sister,"
she said pushing past Piper, the middle sister, who had just appeared at the
attic door.

"Where are you going?" said Prue angrily.

"Out!" snapped Phoebe as she headed down the stairs and out the front door.

Out front of the manor Phoebe took a look down at what she was wearing. "I
can't believe I'm wearing this crap" she said, "I need a new look, something

Phoebe got into Prue's car deciding that she wouldn't need it and headed for
the mall. She found herself a store specializing in latex. "Perfect," she
thought entering the store.

Phoebe selected a variety of latex tops and bras all designed to show off her
ample cleavage, several latex mini skirts that only just covered her pussy
and ass as well as several pairs of knee and thigh high boots with 6-inch

She went up to the counter carrying her goods and presented her credit card.

"I'm afraid you don't have enough on this card to pay for all this goods,"
said the clerk.

"I'm sure I could fine another way to pay," said Phoebe putting her hands at
her neckline just over her breasts.

"And how would that be?" said the clerk with a look of intrigue on his face.

"How about a bit of fuck and suck." Phoebe replied. "Maybe we could go
someplace private."

"Alright baby. Follow me." He said leading Phoebe into the back room.

Phoebe stripped off as the clerk dropped his pants revealing a raging hard
on. She pushed him down onto his chair and knelt before him. She took his
cock into her mouth and started to suck on it. It didn't take him long to
cum and Phoebe quickly took his load down her throat; she continued to suck
on his prick letting him cum again while relishing every drop.

"Alright now, get up here." He motioned her up. Phoebe positioned her cunt
over his hard cock, and in one swift motion she buried his bone deep in her
body. "Oh Yeah baby, you're so tight," he moaned. Phoebe drove up and down
on the clerk as he reached down and played with her clit, at the same time
rubbing one nipple and sucking on the other one. Phoebe felt herself cumming.
Moaning in pleasure she felt him start to shoot his load deep into her pussy.

Once he was satisfied she had paid her debt Phoebe left dressing in a tight
black latex top barely containing her breasts, a black mini skirt and a pair
of black 6-inch knee length boots.

Phoebe left the store and stood in the mall thinking about where she should
go next. As she stood there she was getting various looks. She noticed one
man, old enough to be her grandfather who just stood there staring at her.
This annoyed her to no end and she smiled as she said

"The old coot
he's such a fool,
Let him drown,
in his own drool."

Instantly the man's saliva glands started pouring into his mouth. Phoebe
smiled as she saw him clutch his throat and start to panic. After just a
minute he fell to the floor turning, after two he unconscious and shortly
after that he was dead.

Phoebe stood around pretending to be looking at some display or something.
When he finally stopped twitching, she turned away, smiled and said to
herself as she left, "See, I am still good, there's one less letch in the

Phoebe then went to her left, the crowd of people gathered at the old man,
but more than one person was watching her butt wiggle as she walked away.

Phoebe certainly was beginning to enjoy herself. Then she thought of her
sister Prue. One thought about her sister and her mood began to sour. "Prue
would certainly try to spoil all my fun," she thought to herself. "I better
come up with a way to stop that."

Phoebe thought to herself trying to put together a spell to protect herself
from her sisters. She went to the food court got herself an order of French
Fries and sat down with a pen in hand and began to write. Her mind was racing
so fast that she couldn't really concentrate. She turned to the table next to
her where a guy only a little older than her was sitting, eating his lunch
while on a break, and said to him, "I'll give you anything you want in
exchange for a word that rhymes with 'sister'."

"How about 'mister'?" he replied.

"Yep 'mister' rhymes with 'sister' that works. Now what do you want?" she
asked while looking at him straight in his eye.

"Um, a French Fry?" he said, more asking than telling her.

Phoebe chuckled. "A French Fry? That's your problem. You have no ambition. Am
I not a beautiful woman?"

"Um, yeah."

"Didn't I say 'anything'?"

"Um, yeah."

"And what does 'anything' mean?"

"Um, 'anything' means anything?"

"'Anything' means anything, he asks. Of course it does! You could have asked
for money, but no. You could have asked for my panties, but no. You could
have asked for my blouse, but no. You could have asked for a fucking blowjob,
but no. You asked for a french-fry." She picked up a French-fry from her
plate and walked over to him and put the French-fry in his mouth. "I hope you
enjoy it, since it will be your last. To be hidden from my sister, I give the
life of this mister."

Her hand was still in front of his mouth so she caught his head as it
suddenly slumped down lifeless and she placed it on his plate. "A fucking
french-fry indeed."

Now that she had immunity from her sisters powers Phoebe left the mall. As
she walked out into the street, her outfit drawing her a lot of attention,
Phoebe was struck by a premonition. She saw herself walking through a dark
alley and being attacked by a demon that was able to stick a knife in her
back killing her.

Night was falling and Phoebe soon found herself at the alley where her
demonic attacker would strike. She was aware that someone had been following
her for quite a while now so she slipped into the alleyway then quickly hid
behind a stack of crates.

The demon cautiously entered the alleyway seeking his prey but Phoebe was
able to surprise him using her martial arts skill throwing him to the ground.
Phoebe knelt down over the demon her hand finding its way down to his crotch
where she began to fondle his cock through his trousers.

"What have we here? A demon trying to kill me there's a shock." Phoebe said

"You can kill me but more will follow," said the demon.

"Now why would I want to kill you when there are so many other things I can
do with you." She said her hand leaving his crotch and joining the other one
in sliding up his chest, her head going down and giving him a very intense

"I've had a little change of heart and am now joining the forces of
darkness." Said Phoebe "And you're going to help me."

"And why would I do that?" said the demon.

"Because" she said standing up and hiking up her skirt exposing her cunt, "I
can provide some very pleasurable rewards."

"What do you want?" asked the demon standing up.

"Power. The Power to control my sisters, to make that bitch Prue see who's
the stupid slut in this family."

"Don't you want them evil?" asked the demon.

"No I want them submitting to my will, I want..." she said as a wicked
thought entered her head, "I want Prue on her knees eating me out."

"I may know of a spell that could help you. But what do I get out of it?"
said the demon.

"You, you can have what ever you want," said Phoebe said seductively, "I
always wanted to try demon cock."

The demon was definitely interested in Phoebe's offer so he agreed to meet
her in a bar later that evening to hand over the spell and collect his

Later that evening Phoebe was seated in the bar alone with only one of the
waitress' cleaning up for company. She was downing a double shot of vodka
when the demon returned. He handed her the scroll containing the spell she
needed and Phoebe got up to leave when the demon grabbed her arm.

"Where's my payment," he said, "You promised me anything and want you."

"You get paid if this works" she said " If you are so desperate to fuck
something go fuck the waitress."

On saying that Phoebe decided that fucking the waitress would be a good idea.
She gestured to the demon to grab her. She was small attractive blond girl
with nice breasts showcased by her top and a nice tight ass. The demon came
up behind her grapping. She screamed for help while struggling to break free
but her demonic capture was too strong. Phoebe walked over to her while she
struggled against the demon and kissed her then proceeded to rip open her top
exposing her firm breasts.

"Now this doesn't have to hurt if you do as you are told," said Phoebe
dropping her skirt, hopping onto a table and spreading her legs to reveal her
wet cunt. "Bring her over here to me."

The demon forced the waitress towards Phoebe ripping her skirt and panties
right off leaving her in only her shoes the whole time she was pleading with
them to let her go. The demon then forced the waitress' head down towards
Phoebe's pussy while the demon rams his cock into her ass and begins brutally
fucking it, while Phoebe pushed the girls head down into her pussy ordering
her to eat her out. Terrified about what might happen to the girl began
flickering her tongue into Phoebe's moist cunt while her ass was being
brutalize by the large demon cock. Once Phoebe and the demon had both
climaxed they pushed the waitress aside leaving her crying naked on the floor
face and ass covered in cum and left the bar.

It was late when Phoebe got back to the manor both Prue and Piper were in bed
asleep making this job easier for Phoebe. She headed up to the attic to make
preparations to cast her spell on her sisters. The spell required her to
spill drops of her own blood over a personal item of each of her sisters. So
Phoebe dropped an item of jewelry belonging to each sister into a bowl then
pricked her finger to let her blood drop onto the item. Unraveling the scroll
she began to recite the incantation,

My will to be done all in due time
This power begins by completing this rhyme
My every word they will obey
Bound to do whatever I say

As she finished the incantation a drop of her blood fell on the personal
items and a wave of magical energy dispersed outwards from Phoebe signifying
that the spell had been cast.

Phoebe smiled wickedly to herself eagerly awaiting the morning when she could
begin her domination and humiliation of her sisters.

Phoebe was last up the next morning. She showered thinking about what she was
going to do with her sisters. The thought of the power she now held over them
was making her horny so she began to finger her clit. After climaxing she
went and got dressed opting for the tight red top and hot pants she had
bought yesterday topped of by a pair of thigh high 6-inch heel boots. "Now,"
she thought "which sister to start with?"

Naturally Prue was Phoebe's obvious choice. Piper had never been a problem
for her but Prue went out of her way to make Phoebe feel inferior and took
every opportunity to remind her of how reckless and slutty she was. Well not
now Prue was in for some big changes today.

"Morn...." Piper said suddenly seeing what Phoebe was wearing.

"Is there some kind of problem Piper." Said Phoebe as her sister stared at

"No, no," replied Piper. "I've got to go open the club."

As Piper went out the front door Phoebe entered the kitchen to find Prue
sitting at the table drinking her morning cup of coffee.

"Woah. What are you wearing?" said the stunned Prue.

"Don't you like it? I thought I would try something that better suited your
image of me." Said Phoebe striking a sexy pose in the doorway.

"I never said you were a hook..... You know I don't have time to talk about
this I've got to get to work."

"Call in sick." Said Phoebe blocking Prue's exit from the kitchen.

"Why?" asked Prue reaching into her back for her cell phone.

"Because you and I are going to spend some quality time together," smiled

Once Prue had made the call to work Phoebe decided what they were going to
do first?

"Grab your credit cards we're going shopping and your paying," said Phoebe
taking Prue's car keys and throwing them to her.

Once again Phoebe found herself back in the mall. She started to look for
somewhere suitable to find a new wardrobe for Prue. She decided that
Victoria's Secret would be the best place to start out. Phoebe was going to
have the oh so conservative Prue buy some sexy lingerie for her amusement.

As they walk into the store Phoebe tells Prue to go into the dressing room
while she picks the outfits Prue was going to try and reminding her that they
will be purchasing all of this stuff on her credit card. So Prue handed her
credit card to Phoebe and went into a changing room while Phoebe went and
selected some outfits.

After several minutes Phoebe selects some lingerie for Prue. She picks out
a black push-up bra, black thong panties, black garter belts, and black

Phoebe returned to the dressing room handed the lingerie to Prue and ordered
her to strip naked and put on the outfit she selected.

"I've forgotten why I am interested in purchasing all these sexy items. Why
am I doing this?" asked Prue stripping out of her clothes.

"You are doing this because I command you to do so. I control you now, and
don't ever forget it, sis." Replied Phoebe.

"You are going to be dressing the way I want you to from now on, so you
better get used to it." Said Phoebe "Since you are my willing little slave
I think it's time that you started to act like it. From now on you will
address me as mistress. Understand?"

"Yes Mistress," replied Prue.

"And from now on you are a bisexual. You will have sex with men and women.
Also sex will be the thing that will dominate your mind. You will think about
sex all the time, sex with me, sex with Piper and anyone else I command you.
Understand me, sis?" commanded Phoebe

"Yes mistress" replied Prue.

Phoebe decided it was time to show Prue who was the slut in the family and
have her test out her new bi-sexual nature. Phoebe left the dressing room
again in order to find a salesgirl. She quickly spots a beautiful looking
girl stacking some shelves. She was only about 20 years old, 5 foot 7, 125
pounds, big breasts, great legs, and a wonderful ass. She is wearing tan
high heels, brown stockings, and an above the knee light brown skirt. On
top she is wearing a see-through white blouse and her bra is therefore
clearly visible underneath. She had a nice face with blue eyes, and long
hair that is dyed strawberry blonde.

"Perfect" Phoebe thought approaching the girl to tell her that her sister
was having some trouble with an outfit and wanted some help.

The salesgirl eager to help accompanied Phoebe back to the dressing room
where Prue was. She pulls back the curtain to find Prue standing there
wearing only the push-up bra, thong, stockings and garters that Phoebe had

Seeing the girl immediately filled Prue's head with sexual images.

"What can I help you with Miss?" asked the salesgirl.

"Can you help me with the push-up bra, the thong panties, and the garter
belts?" asked Prue acting under the orders Phoebe had given her.

The saleswoman gets down in the floor and tries to hook the garters to the
stockings so that they are fastened.

"So how do I look?" asked Prue.

"You look great. You have a great body. This kind of sexy clothing is made
for women like you."

Finally the garters are hooked properly to the stockings. The saleswoman
"accidentally" slides one her hands down one of Prue's stocking clad legs as
she moves her hands away.

"Now can you check the thong?" asked Prue as she turned around so that her
ass is right in the saleswoman's face. The woman starts adjusting the thong.
Prue was getting very aroused having the salesgirl touching her ass and
thanks to a little influence from Phoebe the salesgirl was becoming aroused
to. Finally she couldn't take it anymore. She moves her mouth right onto
Prue's tight ass. She began kissing her bare flesh tenderly. Her tongue
begins to lap its way up and down Prue's ass; faster and faster; bobbing
her head up and down. Removing the thong the salesgirl's tongue begins to
concentrate on the anus, lathering it with her saliva- lubrication. Finally,
her tongue begins to work its way into Prue's hole - eliciting groans of
approval from Prue.

Meanwhile, Phoebe was peeking in and watching all of this action unfold. It
is a wonderful sight. The beautiful blonde saleswoman kissing her sister's
lovely ass. Phoebe had to admit the sight was making her very hot and wet
and rather jealous.

Phoebe got bored, so she picks out a black button down the front dress for
Prue to wear. Putting the other things in a bag, the two of them head out
into the mall to have some fun at Prue's expense.

Phoebe and Prue went back into the mall, at this early hour there weren't
very many people there, but it was a Saturday so there were a number of
students there who were gathering and meeting so they could plan the rest
of their day without their parents in the way.

Phoebe and Prue saw a group of them gathering, 3 guys and a girl so far.
Phoebe instructed Prue, "Go to that group over there and start to talk with
them. Act very casual and mention that you are hot and ask each of the group
to undo a button on your dress for you. For the next 30 minutes you will do
anything they tell you to do. Oh, and leave your purse with me, you won't be
needing it."

Prue handed over her purse as she was told and headed over towards the group
of students.

"Hi," said Prue "What are you doing?"

"Just hangin' out," said one of the boys.

"It's very hot in here," said Prue "You guys couldn't each undo one of my
buttons could you?"

"Very casual Prue" thought Phoebe.

The three guys didn't need to be asked twice they each opened one of the
buttons on Prue's top leaving only the bottom one to be done. The guys very
impressed with the sight of her breasts in the push up bra. While Prue stood
in front of them chatting the guys started egging the girl on to undo the
last button. She eventually gave in undoing the last button leaving Prue
standing in front of them, her bra, panties, stockings and garter belt all
clearly visible.

Phoebe was laughing inside as her sister continued to talk as if nothing was
wrong. Phoebe then decided it was time to leave Prue to "play" with her new
friends while she went and spent some money.

As Phoebe walked away Prue was left in the possession of the students.

"So is there anything else we can help you with?" asked one of the guys.

"I don't think so," replied Prue.

"Pity. We want to see some more of that impressive body" said one of the
other guys.

"As you wish," said Prue dropping the open dress off her shoulders showing
off her full figure and bare ass cheeks to the group. Outraged at this the
girl stormed off but the guys didn't seem to care.

"I think we should go somewhere more private." said the first guy.

Agreeing with there request Prue followed the three guys to the toilets where
they had her lose her bra and thong. The sight of her exposed breasts and
pussy almost made them drowned in their own drool.

Having now figured out that Prue was going to do whatever she was asked the
guys decided to take full advantage. The first guy lay down on the ground and
got Prue to lowered herself onto his prick, the second guy into her ass the
third guy ordered her to take his cock into her mouth. They all started to
grind into her. Once they had all blown their loads they switched round. By
the end of the half hour they had all fucked her ass, cunt and mouth.

After cleaning up and putting her clothes back on Prue went back to meet

"What's in the bags Mistress?" asked Prue looking at the bags that Phoebe was
carrying in her hands.

"Oh just some new toys. Don't worry you'll get to play with them soon
enough." Replied Phoebe. "So how did you get on with those students? I want
to here every detail."

Prue described the experience she had just had in the toilets in great
detail. Phoebe found the idea very arousing she was sorry she had missed it.

Phoebe decided it was time to leave the mall. They headed back to the
multi-story car park where the car was parked but as they were approaching
the car they spotted a man being attacked by a large scaly demon. Prue was
quick to react using her power to throw the demon against a pillar.

"What the hell are you doing?" yelled Phoebe.

"Fighting demons Mistress." Said Prue.

"I obviously didn't tell you we're not fighting evil anymore" sighed Phoebe.

"Why not Mistress?" asked Prue.

"Why? Because I'm evil and you, you're only here to serve and pleasure evil.
Now get over there and suck off the nice demon." Commanded Phoebe.

Prue headed over to the demon who quickly stood as if to attack while Prue
dropped to her Knees in front of it.

"My Mistress has commanded me to suck your cock." Said Prue.

The demon seemed very receptive to the offer that Prue was presenting him.
He dropped his pants revealing a huge ten-inch scaly cock. Prue began to suck
the tip of the cock before bobbing her head along it, taking as much as she
could into her mouth, as she would allow, coating it with a thin layer of
warm saliva. Once Prue had got down as far as she thought she could go the
demon grabbed her head and began forcing it down the full ten inches causing
Prue to choke but it only excited him even more.

The demon was able to keep Prue's around his mouth for quite some time before
allowing himself to climax. The warm sticky cum spilled out the sides of
Prue's mouth as she tried to swallow it.

Now that the demon was satisfied with Prue's "apology" the sisters got in the
car and headed off to there next destination.

As they drove Phoebe reached into one of her bags and pulled out a large
vibrator. She instructed Prue to use it on herself until they reached their

They stopped the car on the other side of the city in one of the more run
down areas. It was home to a large number of homeless bums as well as being
a hot spot for the cities drug dealers and whores. It also proved to be a
popular demon hot spot. There were a number of businesses in the area, bars,
strip clubs, tattoo and piercing parlor, leather specialists and several

"Now where are we going to start?" thought Phoebe.

Phoebe decided to start with the tattoo and piercing place. As they entered
Phoebe told rue to get whatever she said and be ready to pay in sexual

A big fat man appeared from round back. He had a baldhead and a bushy beard
and his arms and chest covered in tattoos. Phoebe spoke to him telling him
exactly what he wanted done to Prue. The man took Prue in the back, Phoebe
following, and told her to strip. Prue quickly striped and was laid down on
a table. The first thing he did was to take a large needle and pierced both
her nipples. Gold nipple rings were put in each one. Next he had her open
her mouth and stick her tongue out. He grabbed it and pulled it out as far
as he could. The again took a large needle and pierced her tongue right in
the center. He then placed a tongue stud in the hole. Next without warning
her took a needle and pierced her clit. Try as she might she could not help
but scream. He placed a ring in her clit and then he brought out his tattoo
equipment. He tattooed the word "WHORE" in large letters below her navel and
then ordered her to turn over and proceeded to tattoo "PHOEBE'S SLUT" on her
right ass cheek.

Phoebe then told the man that in payment for his work he could fuck Prue
anyway he wanted.

The fat man didn't know what to choose, she looked so good but he finally
settled on her mouth. He wasn't really sure how clean a slut like this would
be and the last thing he wanted was a case of the clap. So he dropped his
draws and with the naked Prue lying on his table he stuck his cock into her
mouth. Prue but her hands on his ass and was pulling him deeper and deeper
into her mouth, moaning when all of a sudden...

The fat tattoo artist pulled out of Prue's mouth and shot his load all over
her face. As the fat guy zipped up his pants Prue licked the cum off of her
face, she was really starting to enjoy the taste, and proceeded to get
dressed taking the time to have a quick play with her new piercing.

All this time Phoebe was standing in the doorway laughing inside at what a
slut her high and mighty sister was becoming. She couldn't wait to try her
out for herself.

"Stop playing with you're tits and get a move on Prue. We have more to do."
Yelled Phoebe.

Prue stopped fondling her breasts and finished getting dressed. Then she
followed Phoebe out of the parlor, her ass wiggling from side to side in a
sexy seductive way.

"I didn't even need to tell her to do that," thought Phoebe, "She really is
becoming a slut."

"OK Prue next stop is...."

"That Sex Shop over there" said Phoebe "I'm sure we can find some fun stuff

The sister headed towards the shop. As they entered Prue immediately began
to get hot from the thought of what she could do with all the sex aids. She
and Phoebe started to look for things to buy but Prue very quickly became
distracted when she switched on a 10-inch vibrating dildo. Again she removed
her thong then hopped up on the shop counter and rammed the dildo into her
wet pussy. Her moaning caught the attention of the attention of the
shopkeeper who was busy stacking shelves.

"Hey. You better be paying for that," he said.

"Don't worry she will." Said Phoebe

But after deciding he was quite good looking, a tall guy with muscular arms
shown off by his leather vest and a large bulge forming in his jeans from
watching Prue, she replied "Or maybe I'll pay for this one." She was rather
hot anyway and why should Prue have all the fun.

"Just leave my sister there to play with herself and I'll pay you real good
once I've got all I need." Phoebe said puling down the front of her top to
show a bit more cleavage.

Phoebe quickly picked out several dildos, varying sizes of butt plugs, a
whip, a collar and leash, wrist and ankle cuffs, nipple clamps, ball and
dildo gags and chains to attach to Prue's piercings.

"Alright what do I owe you?" asked Phoebe.

"You still have to pay, but I'll give a discount for..."

".... your mouth and her ass."

Phoebe accepted his offer and dropped to her knees in front of the guy. At
this sight Prue became transfixed and once again horny. Phoebe being
something of an expert in these areas slowly worked the man's jeans undone
with her mouth adding to his arousal. Once that was done she began to slowly
lick the tip of his cock to get it right up then took the full length down
her throat. Her head bobbed up and down like a pro and within seconds the
guy came but Phoebe didn't stop there. She carried on until he came again
and again swallowing each drop. Once her needs we're satisfied Phoebe stood
up licking some escaped cum off the sides of her lips and ordered her
extremely horny sister down onto all fours. Her dress was then hiked up to
reveal her shapely ass. The guy got down behind her and began to push his
cock deeper and deeper into her tight anus, his every thrust sending waves
of pleasure through her body.

Once the guy was finished with Prue the sisters headed back to the car with
their purchases. Phoebe had now decided it was time to bring her fantasy of
her sister between her legs to life.

Phoebe drove the car into the driveway of the manor, ordered Prue to get all
the bags and get inside. Once inside and the door was closed Phoebe ordered
Prue to remove her clothes accept her stockings, garters and heels.

"From now on this is how you'll dress in the house," said Phoebe taking the
collar and nipple ring chains out of one of the bags.

She fixed the collar around Prue's neck and then attached the chains to the
nipple rings then by pulling on the chains Phoebe lead Prue to the attic.
Once in the attic phoebe flipped through the book of shadows to find some
spells since once she was done here she planned to make a start on Piper.

Once she found the particular spell she was looking for Phoebe stripped off
and walked over to Prue. She began to kiss her driving her tongue down Prue's
throat while twisting and tugging on her nipple rings. Then Phoebe broke the
embrace and motioned for Prue to suck her nipples. Prue did as she was told
and began to lick and tease Phoebe's nipples then she bit down on her right
nipple and began to suck. The sensation was overwhelming to Phoebe causing
her to fall back into a chair as she orgasmed. She then ordered Prue down
onto her knees and parted her legs. She then drove Prue's head in towards her
moist pink cunt. Prue began running the tip of her tongue around the lips of
Phoebe's cunt to tease her and then began to flicker her tongue up and down
Phoebe's clit make sure the tongue stud was making contact each time to
maximize the pleasure and then Prue drove her tongue deep into Phoebe's pussy
prompting a moan of sheer pleasure from Phoebe.

As Phoebe continued pushing Prue's head deeper into her cunt, waves of
pleasure rushing through her body prompting several load moans, she failed to
realize her other sister Piper had returned home from P3.

"Prue, Phoebe you in he.... What the hell is going on in here?" said Piper
walking into the attic to see her little sister naked with a woman between
her legs. As Phoebe orgasmed Piper received an even greater shock when the
woman pulled back from Phoebe's cunt and turned her head.

"Prue. Phoebe what are you doing?" she said.

"Just showing this bitch who's in charge now." said Phoebe.

"This is all wrong. You two don't act this way you must be under a spell or
something." said Piper in a panic heading towards the Book Of Shadows.

"What are you doing?" asked Phoebe.

"Checking the book for something to stop this." replied Piper.

"Leave the book Piper." said Phoebe.

Piper did what Phoebe told her but could quite figure out why.

"Well I suppose I can start having fun with you as well now." thought Phoebe
grinning evilly at Piper.

Phoebe got up and walk naked over towards Piper with Prue still naked on all
fours watching them.

"Phoebe. What's going on?" asked a very worried Piper.

"You must be feeling very left out with all that clothes on," said Phoebe
circling round Piper. "Remove them."

Without realizing it Piper again did as Phoebe commanded and began to strip
off. Once she was naked Phoebe continued to circle round her checking out her
slim figure.

"You have such a fantastic ass sis, can't wait to see it fucked. Shame you
don't have the tits that me and the bitch down there have but that can be
changed." said Phoebe picking up the book of shadows.

Phoebe began to whisper an incantation but Piper was unable to make out the
words. Suddenly Piper began to feel a tingling in her chest. She looked down
to see her breasts were beginning to swell. A to B to C to D to DD. "Phoebe
what did you do to me?" yelled Piper.

"Come now sis you know you always wanted bigger tits," said Phoebe admiring
her work.

On hearing Phoebe tell her that's what she wanted Piper accepted that she
had wanted bigger breasts, "Ok I guess you're right but that doesn't explain
what's going on here."

"Let me explain then." said Phoebe, "You and Prue down there are now my
slaves you do what I tell you when I tell you no questions asked. I am your
mistress and you will refer to me as such is that clear?"

"Yes Mistress." replied Piper.

"From now on you are also bi-sexual and you have no problem with the moral
implications of fucking your sisters," Phoebe told Piper "You are to obey me
at all times. Since I have no real quarrel with you I won't be making you the
complete slut she is. I still need one sister can make the money."

Piper acknowledged Phoebe's commands then stood waiting further instructions.

"Oh one more thing for now," said Phoebe, "you have to obey my every wish but
Prue also has to obey your every wish. You will regularly have her serve you
and humiliate her. Understood?"

Prue was still down on the floor staring up at her naked sisters, her eyes
full of lust as she stared at Piper's new breasts. Phoebe was quick to notice
this and motioned for Prue to stand up.

"Do you like Piper's new tit's then Prue?" she asked.

"Yes Mistress." replied Prue.

"Maybe we should do the same for you. You would have hated to have huge
tits," said Phoebe, "Then again some ridiculously huge implants might be
better for you. You really would have hated that. Now why don't you suck
Piper's nipples."

As Piper stood in the center of the room Prue lowered her head to take
Piper's left nipple in her mouth while fingering her pussy with her left

Once Piper orgasmed from the stimulation on her left nipple Prue moved onto
the right, never removing her now cum soaked hand from her pussy.

Phoebe suggested that Piper continued to familiarize herself with some of
Prue's new skills while she went and found Piper something out of her old
wardrobe to wear since there wasn't much chance of Piper fitting into any
of her own tops now.

Before leaving her sister's Phoebe made a few further adjustments to Piper's
mind making her enjoy the idea of having her hot ass fucked and telling her
that her anus is the greatest of her erogenous zones.

Acting on this new desire Piper ordered Prue to tongue her ass.

Prue dropped to her knees behind her sister with her face only millimeters
from Piper's ass. Prue's hands parted Piper's ass cheeks exposing her cute
little anus. Prue's face swiftly disappears between her sister's buttocks.
Her tongue began to lap its way up and down Piper's ass; faster and faster
bobbing her head up and down. Then Prue began to focus on the anus,
lathering it with her saliva. Finally Prue works its way into her sister's
hole - eliciting moans of pleasure from Piper.

Phoebe returned to the attic just as Piper was climaxing.

"Here get dressed." Phoebe ordered throwing Piper one of her tops. On Phoebe
the top had been tight and shown quite a bit of cleavage, on Piper's new
figure it barely contained her new breasts.

"Come on Piper I have a few more improvements to make in your life." Phoebe
said flashing a wicked smile at her sister.

Turning back to Prue, Phoebe threw her a dildo then told her to go watch
one of the porn channels for some inspiration and that she was to offer her
services to anyone who might come to the door.

"Oh and one more thing I have a demon coming over to collect on a debt if he
arrives before I return I want you to take special care of him."

"Yes Mistress" answered Prue watching her sisters' head out of the attic.

Leaving Prue in front of the TV watching a porno movie Phoebe decided to take
a trip to Piper's club.

Being the middle of the afternoon the club was closed while the staff were
restocking in preparation for the evenings crowd. The sisters entered the
club and came down the stairs finding Matt, the barman and two of the more
attractive waitresses, Lisa and Stephanie cleaning up and stacking up on

"Such a lovely little hell hole isn't it." Phoebe muttered, "This place needs
a serious makeover. Freeze the room."

Following her orders Piper raised her hands and everything in the club
excluding Piper and Phoebe stopped dead.

"And now we can have some fun." said Phoebe rubbing her hands together.

"What kind of fun Mistress?" asked Piper.

"The magical kind." Phoebe replied.

Phoebe walked up to the bar and picked up an order form pad and a pen and
began to scribble down spells. Once finished she read them out aloud and she
and Piper watched as the club began to change.

Two large poles appeared in the center of the left and right sides of the
stage while a runway extended from the stage to the bar. To either sight of
the stage two large speakers were now blaring out loud, fast upbeat music.
Above each corner of the bar a large cage was suspended. The lose fitted
outfit on Matt suddenly became much tighter showing off his muscular body
and catching Phoebe's lustful eye, while Lisa and Stephanie's uniforms
changed into short mini-skirts, six-inch heels and tight tops buttoned up
to just below their breasts, leaving a large amount of cleavage on display.
The VIP dining booths had turned into small bedrooms for the staff to
"entertain" the higher paying customers while the pictures of the big
musical acts to have played P3 were replaced by images of women stripping
off on stage, on the bar and dancing naked in the cages. Phoebe had turned
P3 into a strip club and according to their new promotional posters they
had a special attraction performing every night - Piper.

Phoebe loked around the new look P3 as everything unfroze. The staff of
coursed altered by the spell accepted that this was the way that P3 had
always been.

"What do you think then Piper." asked Phoebe.

"Won't people notice the change mistress." said Piper.

"No once they walk through the doors the spell will make them believe that
this is the way that P3 always was." replied Phoebe.

"What about strippers Mistress. We only have me." said Piper.

"Oh I'll just cast a spell on some customers and make them strippers." said
Phoebe noticing someone was coming down the stairs.

"I was expecting you at the house, my sister is waiting for you." said

"Did your spell work." said the demon that had provided Phoebe with the
obedience spell in the first place.

"See for youself. Piper give this good man a kiss." said Phoebe.

Piper went over to the demon threw her arms around him and gave him a long
passionate kiss. She then broke their embrace and returned to stacking the

"In that case I'm here to collect." said the demon.

"Do you have the other part of our deal." asked Phoebe.

"Transmogrification power," said the demon throwing Phoebe a box, "Not easy
to come by."

Phoebe opened the box and picked up the power orb and allowed it to enter her

"Now for a test run." she said pointing her hand at Piper.

Piper's outfit instantly changed from her jeans, tight top and 3-inch heels
to a tiny boob tube, only just containing her breasts, a pair of tight denim
shorts that hugged every curve of her well formed ass and a pair of 6-inch

"This could be fun." Phoebe said.

"This is a very strenuous power. Excessive use my weaken any other spells you
are maintaining." warned the demon.

"Well you've done your part now I guess I better pay up." said Phoebe leading
the demon into one of the new executive booths at the back of the club.

She motioned for Piper to follow her in.

Phoebe quickly removed her clothes and positioned herself on the demons huge
thick cock. She began to ride the cock working it deeper and deeper down into
her cunt while the demon played with her tit's.

As she was doing this she ordered Piper down on her back and told her to lick
the demons shaft. Naturally Piper did as she was told lying down on her back
with her face below the demons cock, her tongue adding to the demons pleasure
as well a Phoebe's when it met with her pussy.

Once Phoebe was satisfied she could take the length of the demon's cock she
told Piper to step to the side and wait further instructions.

Phoebe continued to ride the cock hard and fast eventually prompting a
massive orgasm from the demon.

While both parties recovered Phoebe had Piper clean out her cum filled pussy
and then clean off the demon's cock.

"My debt to you is paid." said Phoebe.

"If you even need any favors from me again do not hesitate to ask." replied
the demon.

"You can inform the underworld of my sister's new status. I have transformed
the club here to an environment more friendly for demons and Piper here will
be more than happy to dance for the pleasures of the underworld and Prue, the
little whore, will gladly fuck it's brains out." said Phoebe.

Once the demon had left the club Phoebe decided to have some fun with her new
power. Not listening to the warning from the demon that using the power might
weaken the other spells she was maintaining Phoebe made some alterations to
the staff. She enlarged Lisa and Stephanie's breasts then enlarged Matt's
cock before taking him down into the cellar for a some of her own personal
fun. The rest of the afternoon was spent constantly modifying Piper's outfit
in order to find something for her to wear on stage that evening.

As the rest of the clubs staff arrived they were subjected to the same
alterations as Matt, Stephanie & Lisa.

By 7pm the club was starting to fill up with people who had entered expecting
the same P3 that had been there the night before but on entry had their
thoughts altered to believe this had always been a strip club.

Of course Phoebe still had one problem, she only had one stripper and she
could hardly put the clubs main attraction on first.

As the patrons entered Phoebe checked them all out to decide who would make
a good stripper.

Finally around 7.30 she spotted a group of girls from her Phyic class. They
were a group of upper class rich girls who would look down on the women who
sell themselves for the entertainment of other, a perfect choice Phoebe

A quick chat and a bright flash later and two of the girls were naked dancing
in two of the four cages while the other two were now kitted out in only a
white thong, white stocking and white heels dancing on the poles at the other
side of the stage.

Looking around the club Phoebe saw a group of three girls flirting with a
couple of guys at the bar. The girls were all very hot, the type that would
have been high school cheerleaders or homecoming queen. They reminded her of
Prue and that bugged her.

She kept watching them as a nerdy guy came up to the bar, the kind who
couldn't score to save his life and the only way he'd ever see a naked woman
would be to come to a place like this.

She watched as the guys and girls made fun of him and laughed at him.

"Huh," thought Phoebe, " I have an idea."

Using her new power she altered the girls minds so they believed they wanted
no more from life than to be geeky guys sex slaves.

As the girls suddenly stopped their flirting with the guys Phoebe modified
geeky guys mind so that he would take the girls as his slaves then treat them
like crap and go out of his way to humiliate them.

As for the guys a quick flick of her hand left them with a little surprise
for the next time they wanted to have sex. They wouldn't be able to get up
no matter what they tried. They just be hanging limp for the rest of their

So her classmates performed in the cages and on stage and geeky guy was
enjoying the pleasures of his new harem, Phoebe made her way onto the dance
floor. She found herself a couple of good looking guys at a table to the
side of the dance floor.

"Hello boys," she said putting her chest on the table giving the two guys a
great eyeful, "wanna dance?"

Naturally the guys accepted so Phoebe grabbed them both by the arm and lead
them onto the dance floor.

She positioned herself between them both and began to perform sexy dance
rubbing her ass against the crotch of the guy behind her while rubbing her
own crotch against the guy in front of her crotch. Then she spun round to
let the guy get a taste of the side he wasn't in contact with. She was just
getting into the swing of things when two women showed up and pulled the
guys away.

"Get your slutty hands off our boyfriends." said one of them a pretty red
head with nice legs and small breasts.

"Yours?" said Phoebe grabbing the guys arms, "I don't see your names on

"Get your hands off them." said the busty blonde girl.

"These are my boys now," said Phoebe, "But don't worry you get the
consolation prize."

"What?" asked the girls.

"Each other." said Phoebe grinning wickedly as she waved her hand.

Instantly the girls began to grope and fondle each other as they kissed

Then Matt's voice suddenly boomed out over the speaker system.

"Time to introduce our next dancer. All regular customers of this fine
establishment will recognize her... She is the very lovely, and very
popular... PIPER! Let's give her a big hand!"

"Ok boys i gotta go." said Phoebe heading stage side.

Phoebe pulled up a seat to the side of the runway, it was time for her
sister to perform and she didn't want to miss a thing.

The lights suddenly dimmed, the audience quickly hushed and then a bright
spotlight shone down onto the curtain at the very back of the stage.

The curtain ruffled around for a moment, then Piper stepped out from behind
it. The spotlight caught her, and the people throughout the audience gave
appreciative applause.

Piper looked stunning. She was wearing a black leather jacket, which was
zipped up fully. Below the waist, however, she had not done all that much to
conceal herself. She had on a black pair of thong panties, a black garter
belt and matching thigh-high stockings. Since the leather jacket was a bit
small, ending slightly above her waist, everyone had a clear view of her
panties and garter set. The outfit was topped off with a pair of spiked
high-heels; black ones. Her dark hair, very long and pretty, went down her
neck and shoulders in stylish waves.

A loud rock song suddenly filled the strip club over the speaker system. The
crowd cheered at the tune, a catchy one, and then the stripper on the stage
began her routine.

Piper twitched her hips in a seductive manner as she started walking toward
the centre of the stage. On the way, she spun around in a full circle, and in
the process, unzipped the heavy leather jacket. After opening and closing it
just as quickly, flashing her succulent DD's, clad in a black push-up bra, to
the audience, she stepped in front of a wooden chair on stage and proceeded
to lean backwards against it, using her hands for support. That only lasted
for a few seconds, though, as she snapped her head back and then stepped
forward, toward the front of the stage. The young woman held onto her jacket,
keeping it closed, and then did another seductive spin stopping with her back
to the audience for a few seconds in order to show her transfixed audience
her perfect ass which she was shaking to get their attention.

Piper then stepped to the very front of the stage, close to the audience,
and started to gyrate her hips to the wild music. She turned to the right
and danced, then to the left and did the same thing letting the opposite
side check her ass. Then she turned and walked back to the centre of the
stage, then faced the crowd with a huge smile. She flashed her breasts,
this time even quicker than before, and continued strutting and prancing

Two quick spins were followed with three more flashes, all in a row. The
crowd roared with appreciation when she finally took the jacket off, placing
it on the back of the chair. She then began to perform an exotic belly dance.
Her ample cleavage bouncing with every jiggle. Then she slipped her hands
behind her back and unclasped her bra. The crowd went wild as her breasts
were exposed. They were simply magnificent; large and firm.

As Phoebe watched the scene unfold, she could feel herself getting wet.

A couple of the customers got up from their seats and went over to the
stage, then started holding up dollar bills in their hands. Piper immediately
noticed them, and she strutted over to one. She bumped and weaved to the
music in front of the man, who was quickly joined by three others, all with
money in their hands. She continued grinding to the beat while reaching out
with one hand, and those men gave her the money. After giving them a smile
and then a wink, she spun on a high-heel and went back to the wooden chair.

She turned the chair around, so it was facing her, as she faced the crowd.
She leaned forward and placed both hands upon it, and bumped her hips from
side to side, in a beguiling manner. She moved to the side of it, then raised
a high-heel and planted it upon the chair. After lunging forward several
times, showcasing the side of her figure to the approving crowd, she sashayed
over and picked up her leather jacket.

Piper swung it over her shoulder and continued dancing, spinning around
twice, then went back to the chair. She dropped the jacket and then sat down
in the chair, the back of it still facing her front. She spread her thighs
and held onto the chair, then started rocking and bumping her body, which
brought yet another favourable response from the audience. Smiling for the
most of the performance thus far, Phoebe finally reached into her pocket and
pulled out a clip of money. The move did not go unnoticed by Piper.

Piper glanced in sister's direction for an instant, then went back to
concentrating on her routine. Her hair whipped about wildly as the final
chorus of the song approached. She leaned back, and then swiftly slipped
off the chair, and onto her knees. The stripper crawled on her hands and
knees to the right side of the stage, where she received tips from a total
of nine patrons slipped into her thong and garters. She crawled to the
front, and was awarded with five more tips, and then finally to the left.
Instead of crawling over to the group, which had assembled on that side,
she instead went directly to where Phoebe was sitting.

Phoebe pulled a bill and handed it to Piper. She rose to her knees in front
of Phoebe, noticing the clip she held, and started bumping and grinding her
body for her sister's amusement. Once she had collected several dollars from
Phoebe, she moved over to the final group, which had assembled for her, and
collected the last round of tips.

The song came to a close and Piper stood up, and bowed, picked up her jacket
and blew a kiss to the crowd, as they continued to cheer and whistle their
approval. She blew another kiss, and yet another, before finally tossing the
jacket over her shoulder and strutting off the stage, behind the curtain.

"Let's give a big hand to Piper, for a great performance!" cried Matt, "And
for those who can afford it she will provide you with an intimate and private

Piper's little performance had gotten Phoebe very hot and wet, she knew her
sister could dance but she had no idea just how well.

She needed to find some relief.

Looking around the room Phoebe spotted a young woman. She was about 21, 22
with long dark hair, pale skin and ruby red lips. She was wearing a tight top
that clung to some impressive breasts and a short skirt that showed her great
legs. Phoebe had seen this girl in the club many times before it had been
changed but now something about her was drawing Phoebe to her. She had the
same sort of goodie goodie vibe that came from Prue and Piper.

Phoebe decided she wanted this girl so she approached her.

"Is this seat taken?" Phoebe asked gesturing to the bar stool next to the

"No. It's not." she said sighing.

"I'm Phoebe." Phoebe said looking at the girl with lust.

"Paige. Paige Mathews." replied the girl.

The weird feeling about this girl bothered Phoebe but she was sexy too. As
she took in the view of Paige she was too horny to worry about the details.

Phoebe put a hand casually on Paige's knee. "Nice club isn't it? Allow me to
show you around?"

Paige swallowed, was this woman hitting on her? "Uhm, I'm not into that ..."
She took her hand and pushed Phoebe's away, and started to rise.

"Shut up and get into the booth you tease!" Phoebe snarled at Paige in

As soon as she gave the order, magic flowed between the two women. Paige shut
up immediately, and walked towards the booth with an exaggerated sway to her
hips, acting like the tease she had been told she was.

'What the hell?' Phoebe thought as she admired the view, 'How did that first
spell work on her? Unless... unholy smokes, Paige must be related to us
somehow!. It is the only reason.'

She slipped into the booth where a very confused and scared Paige awaited

"Alright baby, I want you to eat me out until I tell you to stop." Phoebe

As readily as Prue and Piper had followed orders, Paige slipped down onto her
knees between Phoebe's legs.

Phoebe spread her legs wide apart, and pushed her pussy right to the front
edge of the sofa as Paige moved her face down to Phoebe's slit.

Paige then proceed to stick her tongue out and started making little circles
around Phoebe's pussy lips, making the circles smaller on each pass, until
her tongue was actually circling on the lips themselves.

Phoebe could feel herself getting hot as Paige's tongue was circling around
just inside of and at the top of her slit, and did it ever feel so good.
Phoebe had to admit this was far better than when Prue ate her out.

Paige's tongue was now fully down into Phoebe's slit, she was holding her
lips wide apart so that she could manoeuvre easier. Her tongue was moving
faster as she licked from clit to ass hole, teasing the ass hole for a
moment and then licking back up to the clit. After several minutes of this,
Paige began rapidly flicking her tongue over and around the clit.

Phoebe could feel her juices flowing, as her cunt started lubricating itself,
Paige was dutifully licking up every drop that drooled out of her pussy.

Then Paige stopped her up and down licking and moved her mouth right over
Phoebe's pussy opening. She rammed her tongue as far as she could, into it.
She was fucking her tongue in and out, as if her tongue were a miniature
cock, while licking up all of the juices, which were now quite plentiful
and to make Phoebe even hotter, and juicier, she worked her fingers expertly
over the now hard and vibrating clit.

Phoebe was gasping and moaning in delight as Paige's fingers, lips and tongue
were working frantically on her pussy. It didn't take much longer for Phoebe
to cum but Paige just kept going, licking up all of the cum.

Phoebe waited until she had another orgasm before she allowed Paige to stop.
As Phoebe snapped back to reality the girl between her legs sat up with a
confused look on her face.

"What did I just do?" Paige asked, "I'm not a lesbian."

"No, you're not a lesbian." answered Phoebe.

"But I just...." Paige said getting cut off.

"Your bi-sexual, you like being with both men and women but especially me."
said Phoebe.

"I'm bi-sexual. Ok that explains it." said Paige now accepting her new

"Yes you're my little bi-sexual slave. You obey my every wish." said Phoebe
enjoying the power she now possessed over others.

Phoebe then decided to modify Paige's outfit a bit more to her liking.

She replaced her top with a tight blue corset, shrinking down her waist quite
a bit and only just containing her breasts. The skirt was transformed into a
tiny blue thong, her legs were encased in a pair of black stay-up stockings
and her shoe's were changed into a pair of blue 6-inch heeled pumps.

But as she was making the final changes to Paige's outfit Phoebe suddenly
experienced a stabbing pain in her head and blacked out.

On the other side of the club Piper was performing a lap dance for a wealthy
customer when suddenly she experienced a stabbing pain in her head. Like her
sister she blacked out but only for a second.

"Aaah," screamed Piper coming too and leaping off the guys lap, "What the
hell is going on, who are you and what has happened to my breasts."

Piper started to look around and see what had become of her club.

"Hey Lady I paid for a lapdance." said the guy as Piper began storming away
from him.

"Yeah well get it from somewhere el....." Piper said being cut off by another
black out.

When she snapped out of she returned to her dancing as if nothing had

Back in the booth Phoebe suddenly came too.

"Woah." she said, "What was that."

"Damn." Phoebe said, and slipped her feet out of her own shoes before putting
them into Paige's lap. I guess that demon was right. I'm spreading myself too
thin. Drat drat drat.

Paige immediately began rubbing her mistress' feet. Part of her was still
confused on just how this had happened, but a deeper part felt an acceptance
she'd never known. "Ooo.. That's nice."

Phoebe lazily smiled despite her tribulations. Apparently being evil didn't
solve ALL your problems, just most of them. Still, there had to be a way.
She was not about to let her fun stop just because of a little magical

"Mmmm.. Technicalities." Then her eyes lit up.

"Wait, I have the power of three. There must be something back in the book of
shadows that we can work together." Sitting back, Phoebe continued to let her
new slave pleasure her feet. High heels may be sexy but they are a killer to
wear all the time she thought. Paige continued to rub the soles of Phoebe's
aching feet as she took her toes in her mouth and began to suck on them.

Phoebe found this sensation strangely erotic, having someone suck on her
toes. She moaned with pleasure as Paige switched over to the other foot and
began to suck, slipping her tongue in and out between each toe. Once Phoebe
was satisfied that her feet were feeling better she had Paige slip her shoes
back on and then lead her out of the club.

Stealing Piper's car they drove back to the manor where they found Prue still
fucking herself in front of the TV. The sofa was absolutely soaked with her

"Paige be a dear and clean up Prue's little mess." Phoebe said, "And as for
you bitch you can stop that now."

Immediately Prue stopped ramming the dildo in and out of her cunt and just
sat down absolutely exhausted.

Phoebe rushed up to the book hoping to find a spell. She reached out to open
the book when suddenly it gave her a massive shock sending her flying across
the room.

"Damn Elders. So you bastard finally realized I'm evil." Screamed Phoebe
staring up at the ceiling.

"Fine the Elders want to mess with me I'll give them something to worry
about. I'll show them what dark magic can do." muttered Phoebe angrily as she
pulled herself to her feet.

"Leo. Leo. Get your miserable Wightlighter ass down here right now." she
started yelling.

Suddenly the white flashing orbs appeared in the room as Leo appeared.

"Phoebe, you need help, your under a spell." he said trying to bring Phoebe
back to the side of good.

"I know that you fool, I cast it." she said smugly.

"You." he yelled, "Why would you want to be evil?"

"It feels so good." she said, "Wouldn't you just love to evil so you act out
all your dark little fantasies about Piper or maybe even her sisters."

Suddenly Phoebe had an idea, she had the power to kill two birds with one
stone here. She raised her hand to Leo and using her transmogrification power
began to twist and turn him into a Darklighter, the evil opposite of and only
being that could kill Whitelighters and the elders, but as his transformation
was completing Phoebe once again blacked out.

Down in the front room Prue suddenly felt like she had woken up from a long
sleep. As her mind cleared she noticed that she was completely naked and her
clit and nipples were throbbing due to their piercings.

"What the....Phoebe." Prue said realizing the strange woman between her legs
lapping up all Prue's juices.

Using her telekenieces Prue threw Paige across the room. As she stood up more
of what had happened came back to her, she remember what Phoebe had told her
to do all thee strange things that she would never normally do and for some
reason she had obeyed. Prue rushed to the stairs heading towards the attic, a
spell of some kind had to be responsible for this. But as she made it onto
the first floor she blacked out again and returned to her obedient state.

Up in the attic Phoebe came round to find the new Leo standing pointing his
Darklighter cross bow in her face. His normally light hair was now pitch
black as were his trousers, boots, shirt and long flowing leather coat in
everyway a typical Darklighter. She knew the poison on the arrow couldn't
hurt her but at this range it wouldn't really matter.

"I don't know what you were thinking changing me but you won't live long
enough to regret it." Said Leo menacingly.

"I changed you so you can help me with something." Said Phoebe waving her
hand trying to change the arrow into something a little more harmless but

"Stupid witch, transmogrification powers don't affect Darklighters, you have
no means of controlling me." He replied pulling back on the trigger.

"Oh I don't know what about Piper?" asked Phoebe.

"What about her?" asked Leo sounding intrigued.

"Well I control her and I can let you do whatever you want with her in
exchange for your loyalty." Said Phoebe flashing a wicked smile.

"I'm not going to work 'for' you witch," he replied, "But you give me what I
want and I will work 'with' you."

"Fine. Partner." Phoebe said getting to her feet.

"But before I agree to help you I want the use of you and your other slaves."
said Leo.

Phoebe thought for a second, she was going to let him use Piper at his
leisure, and having one more person to add to Prue's humiliation didn't
bother her and she guessed she could share Paige but she wasn't sure
about letting him use her. "Define use me." Phoebe asked.

"You pay me every now and again with sexual favours and I'll help you but I
get round the clock access to the others." he said.

The deal sounded acceptable to Phoebe, she didn't mind paying her dues and
she had always had the hots for Leo anyway. Phoebe decided to seal the deal
with a good ass fucking from Leo.

"I always knew you weren't a one witch guy." She said turning round.

She pulled down her miniskirt and bent over a table exposing her ass to Leo.
He began to drive his huge 12-inch prick deep inside edging further and
further with each thrust until he was all the way in. Phoebe moaned she
hadn't ever been fucked so well before. "Ooohh.... that's it... fuck my ass."
she yelled as Leo continued.

Phoebe reached a powerful orgasm as Leo blew his load in her ass, his cum
leaking out.

As she stood up she could feel the cum between her ass checks, "I'll have to
get Prue to clean that." she said.

Phoebe left the attic, carrying her skirt with Leo behind her, down onto the
first floor of the manor where she found Prue.

"What are you doing here bitch, you weren't trying to break my hold over you
were you?" asked Phoebe.

"I don't know mistress." Prue said with a confused look on her face.

"I bet you were. Now clean out my ass while I thing of a punishment for you."
ordered Phoebe.

Prue slipped down behind her sister and parted her butt checks. She started
to clean the cum off the back of her legs first before working her way up to
the ass. She drove her tongue inside lapping up all the cum and pleasuring
the anal passage with her tongue stud.

"Ok bitch I have your punishment." said Phoebe as Prue finished cleaning her

Phoebe had her naked sister follow her down to the front room with Leo
following behind. Entering the room Phoebe noticed Paige laying on the floor,
obviously a result of Prue's powers. Phoebe woke up Paige and ordered her to
get the bags from the sex shop, and then she ordered Prue to bend over, grab
her ankles and hold that position until told otherwise. Prue did as she was
told as did Paige.

A few seconds later Paige returned with the bag and Phoebe removed two
horsewhips. Seeing what was coming next Leo grabbed a seat so he could enjoy
the show. Phoebe handed one of the whips to Paige then they each took up
position on either side of Prue's ass.


Phoebe brought her whip down on Prue's left buttock. As she yelled out in
pain, unable to move from the position Phoebe had ordered her in, Paige
brought her whip down on Prue's right buttock. Left whack, followed right
whack, followed left as Phoebe and Paige brutalised Prue's ass leaving
massive red welts all over it, all the while Leo sat watching getting hard.

The girls continued for quite some time administering well over 50 whacks a
side leaving Prue with a very sore, swollen red ass, but Phoebe wasn't quite
done yet. Going into the bag she pulled out a large 12-inch vibrating dildo.
She switched it one then began working it into Prue's ass. Deeper and deeper
it went, the vibrations bring Prue to the brink of orgasm, until it was all
the way in.

"Now that is going to stay in there from now on unless someone is wanting to
fuck your ass or you need a shit. Is that clear?" said an angry Phoebe.

"Yes mistress." moaned Prue, the dildo bringing her to orgasm.

"Now let me introduce you to my new partner," said Phoebe looking towards Leo
seated in the chair sporting a raging hard on, "You remember Leo don't you
Prue, use to screw our goodie two shoes sister well guess what he's now gonna
get to do you to whenever he wants."

Prue didn't seem to mind the idea of having to fuck Leo, she was quite happy
with the idea of having a cock to fuck on a regular basis.

"Now it seems your bad behaviour has got poor Leo quite hard so why don't you
two sluts sort that little problem while I go and bring Piper home." Said
Phoebe heading out to the phone.

"Get up here and fuck my cock bitch." Leo ordered Prue.

"My that's a huge cock you have." said Prue straddling Leo's lap as he sat in
the chair, the huge dildo humming away in her ass. Once she had Leo's prick
suitable positioned for fucking, Prue began to press down as hard and fast as
she could, taking about half of hiss huge prick into her.

"Oh yeah that's good," said Leo as Prue began bouncing up and down on the
cock taking more and more of it with each bounce, "Faster bitch. Faster. Damn
I always thought you'd be a good fuck."

Once satisfied with the pace Prue was working at Leo turned his attentions to

"Well what are you waiting for you stupid bitch get down there and lick my
shaft." Ordered Leo.

Paige did as she was told slipping down between Leo's legs and began to lick
his huge, thick shaft and fondle his balls gently with her hand, all the
while lubricating it so Prue could take it's full length. As she ran her
tongue up and down she would catch Prue's pussy adding to her pleasure as
well as Leo's.

Leo then grabbed Prue's tits and began mercilessly groping them twisting and
tugging on the nipple rings until Prue came to orgasm, her juices covering
Leo's cock as she bounced up and down, giving Paige something to clean up as
she continued licking. The two girls worked away at Leo's cock while Phoebe
stood watching from the doorway. Once Leo had shot his load deep inside Prue,
he decided he wanted Paige's ruby red lips wrapped round his prick. At this
point Phoebe went out into the hallway and hopped up on a table. She felt
like ordering a pizza.

Back in the front room Leo had Paige down on her knees in front of him gently
licking the tip of his prick.

"You get sucking while that bitch gets down between your legs and eats you
out." Said Leo.

Prue got down onto her back and slipped under Paige, her cunt directly above
her face and while Paige was sucking away like a pro, teasing Leo for several
minutes before taking the full length of his cock in her mouth and sucking
like a vacuum cleaner, Prue set to work on Paige's pussy. Prue's tongue was
slowly making passes round the outer lips of her pussy her tongue stud adding
to Paige's enjoyment. Then she drove her tongue deep inside Paige as far as
it could go. The combination of the tongue stud and the speed at which Prue's
tongue was moving cause Paige to cum rapidly over Prue's face, but she didn't
stop what she was doing.

Outside in the hallway Phoebe was on the phone when Piper came through the
door wearing the outfit she had been wearing for her earlier performance
concealed only by a longer coat that the one she had worn earlier. Taking off
the jacket and hanging it up, Piper was left standing in the hallway in her
black pair of thonged panties, her black garter belt and matching thigh-high
stockings, black spiked high-heels and her black push up bra holding her
DD's, listening to this end of Phoebe's phone conversation.

"Give me a minute will ya, I'm working on my hot little pussy," said Phoebe
slipping her hand down under her mini skirt to start masturbating,.... "Oh
yeah, and I'm close too just let me finish this off first"..... "Ughh,
ughhhh, fuck you!" ..... "Oh, oh, Yes! Yes! Yesssss!" .... "I'm cumming, I'm
cumming Oh!... Oh!... Oh!... Yes! Soooo good! Damn that's good! Oh yes!"

At that point Phoebe finally came, "Sorry big boy I gotta go and watch my
sister fuck her boyfriend." Phoebe hung up, "Guess what sis I've got a
surprise for you." Said Phoebe leading Piper to the front room.

Piper seemed a bit shocked as she watched Prue eating out the unknown
brunette who was sucking on Leo's cock. Once Leo had blown his load Phoebe
took Prue and Paige out into the hall with her leaving Piper with Leo.

"Oh I'm going to enjoy this." Said Leo locking down at his cock, which had
gone limp since Paige had finished sucking him off, "Get me up again." He

Piper took her hand to his limp cock and began sliding her fingers gently up,
then down his shaft. Then with her free hand Piper girl slid her fingers down
and over Leo's scrotum, feeling the smoothness of his feathery soft sac. At
her touch his prick began to stiffen again She could sense the building
tension in Leo as she continued to run her fingers over his now hard cock and
balls causing the release of some cum. She slid her finger over the end of
his cock and could feel the slick lubrication that it had expunged. She
swirled it over the head of his cock, enjoying the feel of it. Then Piper
grabbed his prick firmly with her hand and began to pump him, slowly at
first, increasing the length and speed of her action as his breath became
shorter. The Leo's body beginning to stiffen, all that he could sense was
the tremendous pleasure in his groin. Faster, she pumped him, pulling the
velvety soft skin up and down in the palm of her hand. "Yes... that feels
good." she thought to herself.

"More..." Leo order, "Faster. Faster..."Faster..."Yes..."

Piper felt the head of his cock swell and strain as it erupted, her hand
never slowing as he began to climax. She could feel the tension of his entire
body as it clenched itself in a moment of utter concentration

Leo's head leaned back, his eyes clenched shut as the orgasm rocked him. He
hadn't planned for her to get him off with a hand job but he certainly wasn't

"Ok bitch loose the panties and get on all fours, I'm gonna fuck that ass."
Said Leo.

Piper did as she was told sliding the thong down her legs and going down on
all fours as Leo had told her too.

"I always wanted to fuck that hot ass of yours." Said Leo kneeling behind her
and with one big thrust driving his prick into her ass.

Leo pushed harder and felt his dick slip all the way in to her hole, his
balls slapping against her pussy lips. With every thrust his balls would
collide with her sensitive pussy causing Piper to moan in pleasure. In and
out Leo thrust until he blew his first load, but he had no intentions of
stopping there, oh no. He had waited along time to fuck Piper in the ass
and he intended to enjoy it, ordering Piper to do all the work this time.
Following his instructions, Piper began bucking her hips back and forth
driving Leo's prick in and out of her ass.

As Leo continued pounding into Piper's ass Phoebe could feel herself getting
wet and she knew her slut sister Prue would be standing fantasising about
what she was seeing so Phoebe resolved not to waste a good thing. Phoebe
removed her top freeing her magnificent tits.

"Ok sluts get over her." Phoebe ordered standing in front of Paige and Prue.

"Yes Mistress." They replied in unison walking over to Phoebe who was pushing
her breasts up motioning for her slaves to take them.

Unable to argue Paige took up position at Phoebe's right tit and Prue at her
left. They began cupping and fondling them with their hands while taking her
nipples in their mouths and sucking on them. Phoebe moaned from the
sensation. The soft kissing sensation of Paige's ripe full red lips and the
cold flickering of Prue's tongue stud on her nipples was heavenly to Phoebe,
she could feel herself getting closer and closer to orgasm. Reaching out with
her left hand she found her way to Prue's clit ring and began tugging on it
and twisting it while her right she fumbled about a bit to pull down Paige's
thong and then began to finger her clit.

Prue and Paige's moaning as they continued to suck on Phoebe's nipples only
served to heighten her pleasure. Phoebe then slipped her fingers into Prue
and Paige's soaking wet pussies and began pumping away. Prue and Paige
continued to moan but never removed their mouths from Phoebe's tits, instead
they each reached out with their free hand and inserted their fingers into
Phoebe's pussy and began pumping back and forth. Prue was the first to
orgasm, covering Phoebe's hand in her juices. The combination of the dildo
in her ass, Phoebe's fingers and the constant flow of sexual imagery in her
mind was too much for her and by the time she and Paige had brought Phoebe
to orgasm and Phoebe had brought Paige to orgasm Prue had cum three times.

Satisfied with her slaves performance Phoebe held out her cum soaked hands to
Prue and Paige who immediately began to lick their own juices off.

Phoebe then commanded Prue to lie on her back and had Paige start eating out
her cum soaked pussy, while she removed her miniskirt, leaving her in just
her heels, and positioned herself over Prue's face.

"Tongue my cunt bitch." Phoebe order Prue.

Using Phoebe's legs as support Prue pulled herself up, groping at her sisters
thighs until she could reach Phoebe's slit with her tongue. Phoebe could feel
her juices start to flow as Prue's tongue flickered in and out of her cunt.
As Prue's tongue moved faster and faster Phoebe reached down and grabbed
Prue's tit's in her hand she back squeezing them and digging her nails into
the soft flesh. Then she began pinching her nipples before twisting and
tugging on the nipple rings. The sensation caused Prue to cum right into
Paige's mouth, who proceeded to gulp down every drop of Prue's juices before
resuming her own stimulation of Prue, following the same tonguing routine she
had used on Phoebe earlier, running the tongue around the outside of Prue's
slit before driving it deep inside and working it as if it were a mini prick.
Paige and Prue's tongues seemed to have a good rhythm going each matching the
others pace as they worked on the respective cunts while Phoebe was busy
enjoying venting all her anger and resentment towards Prue on her tits.

Suddenly the front door to the manor burst open and a group of demons lead by
the demon that had originally aided Phoebe in casting the obedience spell on
her sisters rushed in.

"You here to enjoy the rewards of your work?" asked Phoebe not getting up off
of her sister noticing the Paige didn't stop eating Prue out even when they
were under an attack.

"Not quite, I'm here to take your powers." Said the Demon, "I must thank you
for neutralizing your sisters for me, I don't think I could have taken them
on if they could still fight."

"You tricked me." Shouted Phoebe, getting very annoyed that he had decided to
exploit her passive power.

"I'm a demon." He replied, "Get them."

The five demon followers charged forward prompting Leo to shove Piper forward
on to the floor in order to get his cock out of her ass. He reached for his
cross bow to take aim at one of the demons moving into to attack him and
Piper, but before he could take a shot the demon struck him sending him
flying across the room smashing the clock and knocking him unconscious.

"I'm make the stupid bastard evil and he still gets knocked out." Muttered
Phoebe resolving that the only way to beat these demons on her own was to use
her transmogrification power.

Targeting the demon that had entered the front room with Piper, Phoebe raised
her hand and transformed the demon into a small bug. At that same time Phoebe
began to feel dizzy and blacked out at the same moment Piper returned to her

"What's going.... Ahhhh" Piper yelled realizing that she was naked and there
was a gang of demons in the house. Reacting quickly she froze the demons.

"Prue what's going on here.... Phoebe she cast some kind of spell." Said
Piper noticing Prue on the floor in the hallway with a strange brunette
eating her out.

Piper's memories quickly flooded back of what had happened under the
influence of Phoebe's spell as she made a break for the stairs hoping to get
to the book before Phoebe came too, but that failed she made it half way up
the stairs when Phoebe rose causing Piper to blackout again and her freeze
to wear off on the demons.

Noticing the demons hadn't moved from the position they were in when she had
transformed their friend Phoebe concluded that she hadn't actually passed out
this time so she decided to use the power again changing another two demons
into bugs. This time when she passed out it was Prue who's mind was restored
to it's former state. Reacting quickly she got to her feet and flung the
remaining demons against the door. Then one of the projected an energy ball
at her which she immediately repelled destroying the demon.

Not knowing what to do to destroy these demons Prue used her telikenieces to
force them against the door while she thought. Somewhat alarmed by what she
was doing lying naked on the floor with some girl eating her out, and by the
piercings and tattoos on her body and of course the huge dildo vibrating in
her ass, she began to remember what had happened over the course of the day
and her thoughts became ones of anger towards Phoebe for what she had done.
As she began to think of how she could free Piper from Phoebe's control she
started to feel dizzy again as Phoebe woke up.

Prue's mind again was under the influence of Phoebe's spell and the demons
freed from her power. The dazed Prue stepped out of the way as the demons
flung energy balls at Phoebe but missed her as she ducked out of the way.
Realizing there was one less demon than before Phoebe concluded one of her
sisters had been freed from her influence and had vanquished him. But if she
didn't do something she would be vanquished so she resolved to use her power
on the demons even if it did free her sisters momentarily after all there
wasn't anyway they would get through the looked attic door before she
regained consciousness. Once again Phoebe transformed the two remaining
demons into bugs and passed out. This time both all three of the girls were
freed from her control.

"Whoa... where, where am I?" asked the terrified Paige using her hands to
cover up her nakedness.

"Prue the book." Yelled Piper already making her way up the stairs.

Prue dropped her head and astral projected her way up to the attic where she
began flipping through the pages of the book looking for a reversal spell.
Outside she could here Piper banging on the locked door trying to get in
before Phoebe woke up.

"Found it" Prue muttered to herself before she began to read aloud...


"So how long do I have to keep this up?" asked Phoebe kneeling at the end of
the sofa rubbing Piper's feet.

"Until the elders thing you've learnt your lesson." Replied Piper.

"Oh this is so not fair I was evil I didn't know any better." Pouted Phoebe.

"You know the rules. You use magic for personal gain there's gonna be
consequences so it seems only fair that your spell gets turned on you,"
smiled Piper, "I always wanted a slave."

Prue then came in the front door from her latest photo assignment.

"My feet are killing me." She complained, "You just can't go back to flats
after wearing those six inch heels."

"You should try a foot rub from Phoebe here," said Piper propping herself up
on her elbow, "Really eases the pain."

"I would but someone has been hogging her all to herself" replied Prue, "Have
you actually moved since I left."

"Don't need to. I've got Phoebe to do everything for me." Said Piper looking
towards Phoebe who flashed a "you are so going to pay" look.

"Oh look what I had printed up today." Said Piper handing Prue a flyer.

Prue read it, "For your view pleasure the exotic dancing of Phoebe Halliwell
only at P3. Well that should make some money, enough to get these tattoos
removed anyway." She lifted her top to show the word whore below her navel,
"Although I hear that Piper put on quite a show, might be difficult for you
to top it."

Phoebe giggled.

"Zip it!" snapped Piper.

"Anyway if you really want me to entertain your customers don't you think you
should undo this." Said Phoebe pointing to her chest.

"I'll think about it." Replied Piper.

"Oh come on Piper this isn't fair." Whined Phoebe.

"Hey you messed with my breasts." Piper reminded her.

"Yeah but I made yours bigger not smaller, this is just cruel." Phoebe
continued to whine.

"Yeah but you'd have enjoyed larger breasts, it will do you some good to see
how the other side lives." Giggled Piper.

"You could always get implants. Wasn't that what you threatened me with?"
added Prue.

"Hey I was evil, it wasn't my fault the evil made me do it. Anyway if the
whole breasts thing bothered you so much why didn't you reverse it?" asked

"I'm thinking about it." Smiled Piper.

"Oh come on Piper that was the only thing Prue and I had over you." Moaned

"Speak for yourself." Said Prue throwing a pillow at Phoebe.


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