Charmed: Phoebe's New Power
by Agrawog


Piper and Paige Halliwell exit a pink Victorian house on a sunny day. Piper was a pretty 35 year old with long brown hair, a pretty face and a slim figure. Paige, her younger, half-sister, was a strikingly, beautiful 25 year old. Taller than Piper, she had large brown eyes topping a body highlighted by large, firm breasts, a taught ass, and long, shapely legs.

Paige was a tease and consistently wore short skirts with tight tops. Today was no different. She had a short, purple tank top that left her stomach bare and a flowered mini skirt that revealed her creamy thighs. Piper posed a sharply different picture. She was demurely dressed in jeans and a long sleeve top.

As they proceed down the steps in front of the house, Phoebe runs up from the sidewalk. Phoebe is the middle sister. She is a gorgeous 28 year old with exotic olive skin. Coming back from a long run she is a sweaty mess in a tight running bra and lycra shorts. The outfit clearly shows off her amazingly pert, round breasts and tight ass. As usual her nipples are clearly visible and the sheen of sweat on her skin only added to the sexy effect she was broadcasting.

Paige: Giving the straight men of the neighborhood heart attacks again, Phoebe?

Phoebe: Funny, Paige. I was totally frustrated and a long run always calms me down. What's going on?

Piper: We have four innocents in the house. They are members of a fraternity that was involved with a demon. They are still in danger so we left them in the house while we go out for supplies.

The two sisters proceeded to the car parked in the street as Phoebe looks on in shock.

Phoebe: So what, I have to baby-sit these kids now? I am tired and need to shower.

Piper: Well these guys are adults so they can take care of themselves. Just make sure they don't get killed magically, OK? We'll be back an hour.

With that the two women left Phoebe standing on the stoop. She sighed and slowly turned to go in the house.


Phoebe entered the house and immediately heard the TV blaring from the living room. She rounded the corner and saw four typical college kids. All were pretty good looking with athletic bodies on display in T-shirts and shorts. It was at this point that Phoebe's new empathic power began to affect her.

All four guys turned around and inspected the sweaty, half-naked, heavy breathing Phoebe standing in the hallway. Their lust was immediately evident to Phoebe's delicate system. She could handle someone's lust for her on a one-on-one basis but with four horny college kids standing not 6 feet way, the emotions overwhelmed her.

She dropped to one knee as if she had been hit in the gut. Her nipples hardened even further and the stirring she felt in her pussy went from 0 to 60 almost immediately. The guys reacted quickly and two of them helped her up gingerly.

John: Lady, are you OK

Phoebe: Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for your help. I'm OK.

Phoebe was standing now and the four boys' lust was being tempered by their concern for her. This marked them as good guys which in the long term would only enhance their attractiveness to her. She needed to get out of there right now.

Phoebe (cont'd): Hi, I'm Phoebe the other sister. Well, nice to meet you guys. As you can see I need to hit the shower. Stay here. The kitchen is back that way and you guys can get something to drink. I will be back in just a few.

With that she turned and bounded up the stairs chased by their ever increasing lust as they ogled her ass all the way to the second floor.


John: Man, did you the ass on the chick. What is this place. Each sister is hotter than the previous one.

Mike: No shit, man. I thought Paige was hot but this one was on fire. And did you see the nipples on her? Can you imaging what those must look like?

TOM: Yeah, she was hot but I prefer Paige. Those long legs of hers and that mouth. All I could think about on the way over here was her lips wrapped around my cock!

SAM: Guys, take it down a notch OK? They are trying to help us and we don't need to be hitting on them like a bunch of freshmen.

Everyone grunted in agreement and went back to watching TV.


Phoebe ran into the bathroom and closed the door, breathing heavily. She had never been so turned on in her life. The amount of lust those boys were generating was intense. She had actually considered stripping off her clothes and fucking all of them in the living room just to scratch the itch that was stalking her. As it was, she was still turned on but their distance kept it manageable.

She quickly stripped off her clothes, turned on the shower and stepped in. She had planned a quick cleaning but as soon as the soap hit her still-hard nipples that plan went out the window. Her desire has been reduced but she was still horny and she needed to take care of it right now.

She grabbed a wash cloth from the shelf and got it hot and wet. The rough material provided the perfect friction for her now molten pussy. She began rubbing her labia slowly while her other hand was pulling on her sensitive nipples. Normally she masturbated slowly to a rousing orgasm but today her body was already on fire.

She quickly inserted two fingers into her cunt with the washcloth. The rough material rubbed against her clit on every pass and she was building to a climax quickly. Phoebe added a third and then finally a fourth finger to her self-made cock and increased the tempo. In no time, she screamed as her orgasm rocked through her body and her knees buckled.

Her head cleared after a minute and she exited the shower. She sat on the toilet wrapped in a towel looking happy and relieved.


The boys were watching a football game when Phoebe re-appeared from her shower. She had hoped that a more demure outfit would lower their reaction but as she entered the room and they turned their heads the feelings were almost as intense.

You couldn't blame the boys. Phoebe's attempt at dressing down included some gray sweats that only came up to her hips and a loose white top that covered everything but still revealed her hard nipples poking through. She was clearly not wearing a bra.

Phoebe needed to get out of the room quickly.

Phoebe: Guys, I am going to get some drinks. Can you help me with that?

She pointed at Mike who jumped at the chance to hang out with the hot sister. Phoebe figured she could handle one guy's lust with minimal issues. She may have underestimated their need as she felt Mike's lust increase on the walk to the kitchen. The increase was due to his detailed ogling of her ass as he followed her. His mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts that involved fucking her doggy-style.

Mike took a seat at the counter while Phoebe went to the refrigerator.

Phoebe (cont'd): OK, let's see what we have here. How about some iced tea?

Mike: Sure, that will be fine.

Phoebe turned to Mike with the pitcher of iced tea and was rocked again by his ever-increasing lust. Her time in front of the refrigerator had only increased the hardening of her nipples and Mike could not help but notice. She was just hanging on when the situation changed again.

As she poured four glasses of tea the other boys walked in the kitchen talking amongst themselves.

John: There was a break so we thought we would grab something now. Is that OK

Phoebe: Sure, here's some iced tea.

She gave them each a class and leaned back against the counter to keep from falling. Their combined emotions were raising her sexual need to the point of boiling over. She was thinking of a way to get out of the room when John decided that hitting on her was truly necessary.

He approached her and in his sexiest voice asked her if she was seeing anyone. His intentions were clear as was the hard on in his shorts. Phoebe was close to breaking and her eyes dropped to take in the bulge. John noticed this and was encouraged.

John: You know, if you're interested we could go out to dinner or a movie. Really anything you want is OK with me.

Phoebe: Really? Anything I want?

Phoebe's lust finally overwhelmed her as she licked her lips. She dropped to the floor in front of John and yanked his shorts down. His dick popped up in front of her face and she immediately took it in her mouth. The cock was 7 inches long and wide and she deep-throated it immediately.

The other guys were stunned as John sucked in his breath and Phoebe began giving him the blow job of a lifetime. She attacked his cock like it would give her life. She moved from the base to the tip and back again. Her tongue swirled around the head and the shaft constantly.

John: Holy fuck! This chick gives the greatest blow job ever. Man, she is hoovering my dick.

Mike was the first of the others to react. He quickly stripped his clothes off and positioned himself next to John.

Mike: How about a little of that for me too?

Phoebe just smiled as she took his cock in her left hand and began to stroke it slowly. Just then John rocked his hips hard.

John: Damn, I'm cumming!

Phoebe never stopped blowing him and took his full load down her throat. She cleaned him with her tongue and without missing a beat moved her mouth over to Mike's now rigid dick.

At this point Sam moved in with a suggestion. He grabbed Phoebe by the back of her arms and lifted her to her feet.

Sam: We need a better position for you if we're going to do this right.

They stripped of her clothes and laid her down on the kitchen table while removing the chairs. Mike immediately fed his dick back into her hungry mouth while the others admired her body. Phoebe finally took a break to yell at them.

Phoebe: Well, don't just stand there. A girl needs some loving too you know.

Two boys pulled her legs apart and Sam dove into her steaming snatch. He began to lick her pussy and suck on her clit like a maniac. Phoebe groaned, increased her oral pressure and pushed her hips into Sam's face.

Phoebe's lust is boiling over and taking them with her. As she has her first orgasm, Mike comes all over her tits. The other two boys are stroking their hard-ons as well and the excitement gets to them. All of a sudden, Phoebe's tits and stomach are covered with massive amounts of gleaming white cum.

Phoebe begins to hungrily scoop up the cum and swallow. Sam's dick is now completely hard as he moves her down the table to give him access to her pussy. He has the largest cock of the group with 9 inches sticking straight up.

He makes eye contact with Phoebe and plunges his cock all the way to the hilt on the first stroke.

Phoebe (cont'd): Yes! That is what I needed. Now come on and fuck me hard. Fast and hard for as long as you can.

Sam smiles as he increases his tempo. Their bodies are flying at each other at faster and faster speeds. Phoebe's pleasure is increased by the ever quickening level of lust the boys are exhibiting. Each one is stroking their dicks furiously as they watch Sam fuck this wanton slut.

Phoebe (cont'd): Yes, yes. Right there. Oh I am so close, so close.

Nobody heard the front door open as Piper and Paige returned with their supplies. They heard the noises coming from the kitchen and ran to investigate. The sisters were shocked by what they found. Phoebe was naked on the kitchen table being fucked ruthlessly by one of the college kids. The others were all jacking off as they watched and her body was covered in cum.

Piper quickly flung her hands in the air and all the college boys froze. Phoebe's reaction was instantaneous.

Phoebe (cont'd): What the hell? Why did you stop?

She turned her head and saw her sisters standing there. Their faces showed their concern and surprise.

Piper: Are you alright Did they attack you?

Phoebe: No, they didn't attack me. I wanted to fuck them, now come on and un-freeze them already!

Piper: Phoebe, I know you're a free spirit and all but I don't think you actually wanted know.

Phoebe: Yes, I did! I started it and I am going to finish it. Now, unfreeze them.

Paige: I think I know what happened. Four horny guys, all in the kitchen, and Phoebe's new empathic powers. She was overwhelmed. That's what happened, right?

Phoebe: So what if it did? I need to cum and right now. Please, Piper, unfreeze them now. I'm begging you!

Piper: OK, Paige orb Phoebe to her room and then orb these guys to magic school, get them settled, and then come back. I am going to start on the potion. Phoebe, you will thank me later.

Phoebe: No, wait..

Her cry was muffled as she was orbed out of the room. Piper turned and left while unfreezing the boys. Leaving a very confused group of young men and Paige in the kitchen.


Phoebe lay on her bed trying to rest. Her sheets were bunched up and two vibrators lay on the floor. She was crying with frustration when Paige knocked on the door.

Phoebe: Come in already!

Paige entered and carefully assessed the room. The fact that her sister was naked on the bed and did not seem to care that Paige was coming in spoke volumes.

Paige: Oh, honey. I see you are still distressed. No luck with the self-satisfaction, huh?

Phoebe: No. I have never felt this way. I don't know what to do.

Paige sat on the bed and carefully stroked Phoebe's forehead and hair.

Paige: Don't worry, Phoebe. I will help you. Just close your eyes and relax.

Paige's soothing voice and gestures put Phoebe into a calm mood and she obeyed Paige's suggestion. She was still breathing quickly but she closed her eyes. Paige leaned down so she could whisper in Phoebe's ear. As she did her hand began exploring all over Phoebe's body.

Paige (cont'd): Don't worry about anything Phoebe. I am going to make you feel wonderful and give you the relief you so desperately need. Now I want you to think about what it felt like to have those four boys looking at you and wanting you. Remember their lust? Remember their absolute need for you?

Phoebe's body reacted to Paige's words as her hips began to move in slow circles. Small moans emanated from her as the memories flooded back. Mixed in with her memories was a new feeling. Paige's lust for Phoebe was slowly penetrating Phoebe's mind and adding to her own level of excitement.

Paige's hands circled Phoebe's beautiful breasts and massaged them both. She paid special attention to the large nipples and teased them mercilessly. Constantly whispering encouragement, Paige brought Phoebe to the edge of orgasm with her work on the older sister's tits.

Slowly Paige brought her hand down Phoebe's stomach to the small patch of pubic hair and continued down to her wet, swollen pussy. She slowly traced the contour's of Phoebe's labia generating moans from Phoebe.

As her thumb flicked Phoebe's blood-engorged clit, Paige inserted two fingers into Phoebe's pussy in a slow, sensuous motion. Phoebe's hips thrust upwards to increase contact and friction. Paige began to finger fuck her sister in slow strokes without stopping her clit banging activities.

Phoebe's breath was coming fast and shallow now. Her head was shaking from side to side and her whole body was trembling.

Phoebe: Oh, god! Oh, please I am so close. So close. So close!! Nnnnnggggggg!!!!!!

Phoebe's orgasm swept through her body like a tidal wave as Paige applied a third finger, more pressure, and a quickening pace to her ministrations. Watching her sister cum was a startling experience for Paige and turned her on.

Quickly spreading Phoebe's legs, Paige wasted no time in moving down the bed and begin sucking Phoebe's pussy like her life depended on it. She did not want to let Phoebe come down from her orgasmic high. Her plan worked to perfection as Phoebe's arousal level remained high and her next orgasm arrived onto Paige's tongue with minimal effort.

Paige quickly stripped off her robe to reveal her nude body and placed herself on top of Phoebe's quaking, sweaty body.

Paige: Was that what you needed, baby? Don't worry we are just getting started. I am going to make you feel so good you won't believe it.

Paige's whispers did not fully impact on Phoebe's brain but she clearly felt the cock-head entering her pussy and her body immediately sought to continue the contact.

Paige (cont'd): That's it. Fuck my big dick. You know how, don't you? I can fuck you all night and I will until you come screaming my name.

Reality finally burst through Phoebe's lust addled mind and she opened her eyes. She was looking directly into Paige's beautiful brown eyes. She looked down and saw a large, 10-inch strap-on dildo protruding from Paige's flat stomach. At that very moment Paige slammed the dildo into Phoebe's pussy to the hilt.

Phoebe: Oh, god! Paige what are you doing? That thing is huge! Oh!

Paige: I know, but don't worry you can take it. And in a few minutes you will feel so good you won't believe it. Now let's see how you taste.

Paige lowered her mouth onto Phoebe's for a slow kiss. She knew this would seal their emotional connection. Phoebe was startled at first but then kissed back. Soon their two bodies were completely inter-twined. Their breasts were pressed into each other as Paige continued her pelvic assault on her sister.

After 10 minutes of fucking, Phoebe had cum two more times but Paige was just getting started. The dildo had a knob on it designed to stroke a woman's g-spot and clit on each stroke and it was performing perfectly.

Paige now raised both of Phoebe's legs and pushed her knees back and re-started her fucking. This gave her dildo a deeper angle and changed the level of pleasure. Phoebe's reaction was immediate.

Unbeknownst to Paige, Phoebe's pleasure was increased due to another person's lust being added to their coupling. Piper had been looking for her sisters and Phoebe's door was left open. The noises emanating from the room should have stopped her but her curiosity won out. She was now openly staring at her two sisters fucking their brains out and it was turning her on like never before.

She knew Phoebe was bi-sexual from her New York days but Paige's preferences (other than hot, young guys) were a surprise. There was no denying the lust Piper felt watching her two sisters fuck each other with abandon.

Her hands had been stroking her nipples underneath her t-shirt for some time but now she needed relief. Quietly she unzipped her jeans and stuck one hand down inside her panties. Her pussy was soaking wet as usual and she began stroking her clit as one and then two fingers inserted into her opening. In a moment she was ramming fingers against her g-spot and stroking her clit.

On the bed the action had continued to heat up. Paige's next idea was to switch positions again. She removed the dildo from Phoebe's wet snatch and quickly flipped over her tiring sister. Slowly she re-inserted the dildo from behind while staring down at Pheobe's perfect ass.

Phoebe: Oh, baby I don't know how much more I can take - you are fucking my brains out.

Paige: Don't worry Phoebe, I can be gentle if you need me to be but I don't think you need me to be. You want me to fuck you hard, fast, and deep don't you? Don't you?

Phoebe: Yes! God, yes! Hard, fast and deep. Give it to me Paige, now.

With Phoebe's head fell to the pillow and her ass raised further in the air. This increased Paige's angle of attack and her dildo's penetration. Phoebe was moaning something but Paige could not understand it.

Phoebe (cont'd): Piper, oh Piper.

Luckily for Piper, no one could hear what Phoebe was saying. Piper's presence and her feelings were finally becoming known to Phoebe through her powers. She knew Piper must be somewhere close because the lust coming from Piper's mind was stronger than anything she had ever felt.

Paige's fucking continued harder as she talked her sister through two more orgasms.

Paige: That's it, Phoebe, fuck my cock. Come on push that fabulous ass into me! God, you are the best lay - come for me again! Come for your sister.

Phoebe screamed as another orgasm ripped through her body but this did little to stop Paige. She continued her fucking but now added a finger inside Phoebe's ass to increase her sister's pleasure.

Watching Paige stick a finger in Phoebe's ass sent Piper over the edge and she climaxed quietly. She was proud she had managed to keep her presence a secret but her emotions still betrayed her as Leo orbed in behind her.

Leo is a good looking man in his mid-thirties, Piper's husband and an angel. He is tied to Piper's emotions and when she had an orgasm her emotions got so strong they presented a call for help from Piper.

Leo quietly surveyed the situation. His wife was masturbating furiously while watching one sister fuck the other. He had always hoped Piper would become more sexually adventurous but had never pushed the issue due to his love for Piper. Here was an opportunity.

He quickly stripped off his clothes and moved toward Piper. His 10-inch hard on was ready for action as he put one hand around Piper's mouth and one on the back of her jeans.

Leo: Shh, Piper. We don't want to warn the girls. Let's just move your jeans off so you will be more comfortable. Now grab hold of the door jamb, just like that. That's good. Here we go baby.

Piper was stunned by Leo's arrival and his intent to fuck her became apparent quickly. His large cock was pressing into her pussy from behind. She resisted at first - public sex was too much for her - but her arousal combined by the continued fucking going on in the room caused her usual demeanor to give way.

She grabbed the door jamb, spread her legs and stuck out her ass. Immediately, Leo's entire cock slammed into her pussy.

Leo (cont'd): That's it, baby. Give me that great ass of yours. I am going to fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk for a week!

Piper could not believe her sweet Leo was talking to her that way but it turned her on.

Leo (cont'd): Look at your sisters go. Paige has some ass on her doesn't she. Have you ever thought about fucking her? What about Phoebe and her amazing tits. Come on you can tell me, have you ever thought about fucking your own sisters.

Piper turned her head and furiously indicated Leo should be quiet. His comments were disgusting but no doubt turning her on right now. The combination was completely disarming. On top of that she was worried that her sisters would hear them.

She needn't have worried. Paige was completely focused on Phoebe. She had slowed her fucking as she concentrated on the number of fingers inserted in Phoebe's ass. When she got to three she knew the dildo would fit and the second part of her plan could come true.

Phoebe also noticed the change in pace and it gave her a moment to catch her breath. As her head pulled up from the pillow she glanced at the long mirror in the corner of her room. The shock was now complete. The image of Piper being fucked from behind by Leo while watching them struck her like a lightning bolt.

At this very moment Paige chose to remove the dildo from Phoebe's pussy and pushed it deep into her ass. The first 6 inches smoothly passed her spinchter as Leo's lust for Piper and Pheobe's realization that Piper was lusting after her all hit at the same moment.

Phoebe: Oh, God!! Paige, it's gigantic. Oh, God.

Paige: Relax, baby. You can handle it. I know you can. I am almost all the way in, now. Right, there!

With that the dildo sank completely into Phoebe's ass and another orgasm ripped through the older woman. Her head dropped back to the pillow as Paige began a new assault on her ass.

Piper could not believe the dildo went into Phoebe's ass. She had never tried anal sex and Leo had never asked. His rapid fucking now told her he was completely turned on by the prospect of seeing Phoebe get fucked up the ass. His next move did not surprise her.

Leo smiled as he slowly inserted a finger into Piper's virgin ass-hole. He had always wanted to fuck Piper's beautiful ass and now was his chance. Since she did not immediately shoot him down he grew bolder.

Paige had increased her pace and was now viciously fucking Phoebe up the ass. Phoebe's head was laid on the pillow as she grunted with each stroke. Paige grew bolder with each passing minute and her language got dirtier and dirtier.

Paige (cont'd): Yeah, that's what you wanted wasn't it, Phoebe. You like getting fucked up the ass by my big cock. Come on, say it for me Phoebe, tell me how much you want my big cock deep in your ass!

Phoebe: Alright, yes, I want it deep, Paige. Give me your cock deep in my ass!! Oh God, that feels so good, deeper Paige, deeper and harder. Come on baby you can do it!

Phoebe's renewed interest also brought a new awareness and she looked in the mirror to see if Piper was still there. Not only was she there but she was now getting fucked by Leo at a blistering pace. Sweat covered her body and her small breasts were topped by her puffy nipples now completely distended. Phoebe had never seen nipples that big. Piper's eyes were closed and she had a blissful look on her face when suddenly Leo's pace slowed down.

What followed can only be described as shock, surprise, pain and desire all mixed together on Piper's face. Phoebe deduced that Leo had followed Paige into anal territory and Piper was getting but-fucked for the first time.

Leo's cock entered surprisingly smoothly into Piper's ass on the first stroke. Leo wasn't sure if he would be able to do it or not but his lust overpowered him and Piper's kept her from stopping him. The breath was knocked out of Piper as his cock hit bottom. The pain was quickly replaced by pleasure and he began sawing in and out of her ass with strong, long strokes. Finally, he leaned in and whispered into Piper's ear.

Leo: You like this don't you my little slut. Watching your sisters fuck has gotten you so hot you are fucking my cock with your tight ass like you never thought you would. What is it? Is it seeing your sisters naked? Is it seeing them fucking? Is it hearing Paige talk dirty to Phoebe? Or is it that your imagining doing that to Phoebe. No, I've got it - your imagining having Paige do that to you isn't it?

Leo had finally hit on Piper's secret shame. Ever since Paige had started using the strap-on Piper's lust had increased 10-fold. There was no question what she secretly wanted but she couldn't bring herself to admit it. Now Leo had voiced her desire and she started silently bucking her ass back against his driving cock with increasing force.

Leo smiled when he obviously hit home. This afternoon's play was going to pay off in so many ways. He had plans for Piper's increased sexuality and anal sex was just the beginning. He increased his pace to match Paige's and send both Piper and Phoebe into orgasmic bliss.

Phoebe's latest orgasm almost killed her so she decided to give Paige something else to think about.

Phoebe: Piper, Piper.

Paige: What? I am giving you the fucking of a lifetime and you are calling out Piper's name? What the fuck is up with that?

Paige leaned down to get a better sense of what Phoebe was moaning when she got a true surprise.

Phoebe: Piper, she's watching. Look in the mirror!

Paige was startled by that and looked to her right. There, plain as day, was her oldest sister. She was naked, sweating, writhing in pleasure and attached to Leo's big cock through her ass. The sight of prim and proper Piper getting fucked up the ass was enough to set Paige off and resume fucking Phoebe with renewed vigor.

This was not the reaction Phoebe had expected but it was too late now. Another orgasm was imminent. She could not take much more of this. Luckily, Paige had other plans as well.

Paige: That's it baby. You are going to come for me again, aren't you. Come for me Phoebe! I make all my Halliwell sisters come when I fuck them up the ass don't I? Come right now Phoebe and come harder then you have ever come before!!

Phoebe's last orgasm surged through her as she screamed out. This was Paige's moment. She turned and looked directly at Piper.

Paige (cont'd): All, my Halliwell sisters come right now! That means you too Piper!!

Piper's eyes shot open and looked directly into Paige's beautiful face. Leo's surprise was evident as he fired his massive load deep into Piper's ass. The combined effect brought Piper to the biggest orgasm she had ever felt.

Piper: Oh, god! I'm coming!! I'm coming!! NNnnnnnggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Piper's knees buckled but she was held up by Leo who was recovering himself. Paige unbuckled the strap-on but left it lodged deep in sleeping Phoebe's ass. She slowly walked to the door and took Piper by the shoulders.

Paige: Give us a minute, Leo. We need to talk.

Leo backed away (not before Paige noticed his nice cock) and Paige led a wilted Piper over to the bed and sat her down gingerly. Piper was still recovering as Paige stood in front her and lifted her face to look directly into Piper's brown eyes.

Paige (cont'd): You should have simply asked to join us Piper. We were going to invite you sooner or later. This was our first time, see and we were just exploring things ourselves. But now that you've come in you can definitely join us.

Paige's words weren't completely clear to Piper but their tone was soothing. She was still surprised by the gentle kiss Paige laid on her in the next moment. Piper may have been turned on by seeing her sisters fuck but she was not ready to admit her own lesbian desire through action.

Therefore she was slow to respond to Paige's slow, sensual kiss. Paige, however, was in no hurry. She did not force her tongue down Piper's throat but rather continued a soft, slow kiss while running her hands through Piper's hair.

Piper's lust was mounting as Paige's kiss continued to turn her on. The girl simply knew how to kiss. Finally, as if surrendering, Piper opened her lips and Paige's tongue slid in.

Piper moaned deeply as the kiss increased in passion and Paige brought their bodies together in a tight embrace. Neither sister noticed Phoebe who was stirring and trying to remove the dildo from her ass. Once this was done, she turned and smiled at seeing her two sisters kissing fervently. She leaned back in bed and watched the proceedings with interest.

Paige backed up until she was sitting on the edge of the bed. Piper followed attached at the lips. Their passion was mounting and their kiss continued as Paige finally fell back onto the bed with Piper on top. Their new horizontal position snapped Piper out of her lust-filled fog. She pulled away from Paige and looked down at her half sister.

Piper: Oh, god Paige. What are we doing? I can't do this with you. I'm not a lesbian and you are my sister.

Paige: Well you sure seemed to like watching me and Phoebe go at it now didn't you?

Piper: That, ah, kind of caught me by surprise. And then Leo showed up and oh god I couldn't stop!

Paige slowly reached for Piper's face and stroked her cheek with nothing but love. Piper could see the passion in Paige's face and her heart melted. She loved Paige and there was no question of how hot she was.

Neither sister noticed that Phoebe had gotten up from the other side of the bed and slowly walked around until she was standing just behind Piper. Very slowly she wrapped her arms around Piper's waist and propped her chin against Piper's shoulder.

Pulling Piper's hair back she began to slowly kiss her sister's neck while the other two continued their intimate conversation. Piper's focus was split between Paige's hands and the kissing going on over her shoulder. She was not even sure who was kissing her. Was it Leo?

Piper (cont'd):
Paige, I just don't know what to do. Oh god you are so beautiful and that feels so good.

Piper closed her eyes and relished the kisses raining down on her neck. Phoebe slowly raised her hands until they were cupping Piper's tits. The amazing nipples puffing out from her tits were now under Phoebe's control. She wasted no time in massaging the nipples and rolling them between her fingers.

Paige took this opportunity to slide her hand between Piper's legs and slowly moved them along the lips of her swollen and steaming pussy. Everything Paige did was slow and sensous. She did not want to spook Piper again. With Phoebe kissing Piper and feeling up her tits Paige began working on her sister's mounting passion.

Very slowly she inserted one finger into the hottest pussy she had ever felt while her thumb slowly strummed Piper's blood engorged clit. Piper moaned with lust as the two sisters worked on her body. She could not take much more and could not believe both Phoebe and Paige wanted to focus on her and not each other. She had always felt like the ugly sister and now everyone's attentions were on her.

Phoebe felt Piper's rising lust and knew that she and Paige now had her older sister ready to go. She now also felt a new presence. Turning her head she saw that Leo had orbed back in and was watching them. She smiled at him and looked down at his impressive cock. He was slowly jacking off watching his wife fuck her two sisters. Winking at him, Phoebe turned back to her sister and resumed her kissing.

Phoebe(whispering): How does that feel Piper? Both your loving sisters are making love to you. My prim and proper sister committing incest and fucking women at the same time. You are so bad aren't you? What a big slut you've become now! I wonder what Leo would say to this? Do you think he would like it? Do you think we should call him?

Piper: Phoebe, please don't even think that. Leo wouldn't understand.

Phoebe: Yea, but how hot would that be. Imagine it Piper. Leo would be at the door slowly jacking off that wonderful cock of his as Paige increases the speed between your legs. Do you think you could cum if you knew he was watching? Could you?

Piper's lust increased with every word Phoebe said. Her depravity seemed to know no bounds but with each thought her lust only increased. Paige's actions were now driving her to an amazing orgasm but Phoebe's words continued to play on her brain. How hot would it be if Leo were watching her?

Paige's three fingers were now moving faster and faster. Piper's clit was at its most engorged and Paige decided now was the time to make her move. She pivoted on the bed and lay down face up. Quickly she slid underneath Piper's legs and began an oral assault on her sister's pussy.

Phoebe saw the new position and slowly pushed her sister down onto Paige's face. Piper moaned as Paige's tongue pushed into her pussy. Phoebe turned her head and began the deepest kiss Piper had ever felt. The onslaught continued until Phoebe got another bright idea.

Phoebe (cont'd): You look like you are ready to cum. Are you Piper? I think you need something special. How much more can you do right now Piper? How nasty can you get? Should we find out?

Piper shook with expectations and a little fear at Phoebe's words. What could her sister be up to now? Phoebe pushed Piper down until she was lying on top of Paige. Phoebe followed her down and continued whispering in her ear.

Phoebe (cont'd): It's time to earn your pleasure, Piper. I want you to eat Paige's pussy. Look at it Piper. Look at the beautiful, sweet, hot, tight pussy. Come on Piper just put you tongue on her clit. You can do it Piper, I know you can. Do it right now Piper.

Piper resisted the final inches before touching Paige's wet pussy. She could clearly see the younger woman's clit and engorged lips. Paige's pussy was very different from her own yet completely familiar. Years of masturbation and receiving oral sex gave Piper all the knowledge she needed. With a moan of resignation she lowered her head to Paige's pussy and began lapping in earnest.

With her sisters in tight formation, Phoebe reached over the previously used dildo and began to strap it onto her pelvis. She looked at Leo who was still jacking off while watching the wild scene in front of him. Phoebe winked at him as she finished strapping it on and lewdly fondled her new cock.

She slowly leaned over Piper's prone body and began whispering in her sister's ear again.

Phoebe (cont'd): Oh, you like that do you? You just love eating you sister's pussy don't you Piper. All those years of being the good girl. What happened to that Piper. You are one hot slut now aren't you, Piper. Look at you eating your sister's pussy. That could be the hottest thing I have ever seen. Now I think its time to take you all the way. Here I come Piper. I sure hope you are ready.

Phoebe lined up behind Piper's ass and slowly spread her cheeks. Quickly she dove into her sister's cleft and began giving Piper her first rim job. Piper's eyes shot open as she realized what her sister was doing. No one had ever done that and she thought it had to be gross. There was no mistaking how good it felt, though.

Piper's orgasm was fast approaching when suddenly Phoebe stopped her oral attack. Piper's head snapped up from Paige's pussy.

Piper: No, Phoebe. Please don't stop. I was so close!

Phoebe pushed her sister back down.

Phoebe: Get back down there slutty one. Keep eating and I will make sure this orgasm is the best one you have ever had.

Phoebe began fingering Piper's well worn ass-hole. After adding a second finger she realized Leo has stretched Piper out pretty well. Phoebe climbed up on the bed and put the head of the dildo against Piper's ass.

Paige saw what Phoebe was about to do and increased the pressure of her thighs on Piper's head. Piper was not going to get out of the ass-fucking her sisters had planned. Slowly Phoebe began inserting the strap-on into Piper's ass.

Piper moaned in pain and tried to lift her head to complain. Paige's legs prevented her from doing that and in a few seconds Phoebe was all the way in with the dildo. It was slightly bigger than Leo's cock and it felt unbelievably good.

Phoebe now began fucking her sister in the ass with vigor while Paige went back to her oral assault. Piper could no longer eat Paige's pussy. Her face registered complete lust and wanton disregard for anything but her own pleasure. Phoebe maintained her verbal assault while increasing her pace.

Phoebe (cont'd): That's right, Piper. I am going to fuck your ass until you cum so hard you won't believe it. You should see your ass from here. It's just perfect, alabaster skin, heart shape. So many years of watching this delectable ass wiggle through the house. Now its mine. You hear me Piper? Your ass is mine now.

Phoebe's motions sped up while she turned and looked at Leo. His pace had also increased. Phoebe waived him over. Leo was shocked but slowly walked over to the bed. Phoebe smiled at him while she continued to fuck Piper. She motioned for him to lean down and then she whispered to him:

Phoebe (cont'd): God, Leo her ass is fantastic. You must have loved fucking it. Was it your first time? I thought so. Now tell me Leo, what else have you always wanted to do to my lovely sister, huh? Come on, tell me one of your dark fantasies and maybe I can make it come true. Now's the time Leo.

Leo looked down at his wife's body. Sweat was pouring off her as she moaned and writhed under her sisters' sexual pounding.

Piper: Oh god. Phoebe, Paige I can't take much more. I am going to cum. Please don't stop, just a little more, just a little more.

Phoebe had listened to Leo who was both embarrassed and turned on at the same time. He had told Phoebe one of his fantasies. His emotions were at war with his morality. When he fell in love with Piper he knew she was sexually naive and he looked forward to teaching her all the things he loved. He had found, however, that Piper had limited sexual appetites. The scene in front of him shocked him for several reasons especially given Piper's previous sexual history. It was too great an opportunity. He had to take advantage of it. Phoebe's offer was too good to pass up.

Phoebe grabbed Piper by the hips and began pumping the dildo into Piper at breakneck speed. Paige's tongue was now penetrating her pussy and then twirling around her clit. Piper's orgasm was rapidly approaching. Now was the time Phoebe had been waiting for.

Phoebe: I think we should call Leo before you cum, don't you Piper? He really should be here don't you think? Oh wait he's already here.

Piper's head shot up and she looked behind her. There was her husband with his cock in his hand stroking it with an intense look in his eyes. Piper felt a combination of shame and lust sweep through her. How could he tolerate this? Her husband was watching her get fucked by her sisters. What was going on?

These thoughts ran through her head as her orgasm ripped through her body. She arched her back and screamed out at the top of her lungs.

Piper: Oh god. I's cumming! Oh god, oh god, oh god!!

Her body snapped and fell onto Paige's legs. Phoebe quickly removed the dildo and rolled Piper over. She winked at Paige who had an inquisitive look on her face and then turned to Leo.

Phoebe: Here you go, Leo. Now's your chance. Do it.

Leo looked at Phoebe and then down at Paige. He was feeling overwhelming lust but was still held back by his feelings for Piper. Slowly he climbed onto the bed and slowly mounted his wife. He continued moving forward until his cock was positioned right above her tits. He began to jack off with a purpose.

Phoebe (cont'd): Now, Piper your husband is going to finish your transformation into a lust-filled, crazy slut. Open your eyes and your mouth. This is it.

Piper slowly opened her eyes and looked up at her husband. His cock was huge and blood-engorged. He would come soon. Is this what Phoebe had in mind? There was no way he would do that to her would he?

Phoebe (cont'd): Come on Piper. Give him permission. Give your husband permission to come all over your face in front of you sisters. You can do it. Just smile, nod, and let him do it. He wants to so bad and he's been a good boy all this time watching and not interfering. Give in Piper, show him how much of a slut you are now Piper.

Piper's mind was reeling. Leo only had moments before his cock exploded. Her lust-filled brain finally decided to let herself be used. It was an unexpectedly hot thought. She reached her hand down to her pussy. Both Paige and Phoebe noticed the change in Piper's body as she played with her pussy. Slowly, very slowly, she smiled at Leo and opened her mouth.

Leo was stunned at his wife's actions but there was not mistaking her intent. She was giving him permission to come all over her face and tits. What Piper did not know is that white lighters had the ability to change body parts as part of their camouflage ability and even alter their sexual capabilities in case of dire need.

Leo now summoned his powers and tripled the amount of come in his balls. He looked at Phoebe and smiled.

Leo: Get ready Phoebe because you have never seen anything like this.

Roaring with pent up need Leo grasped his cock, pointed it his lovely wife's face and came. Long, thick ropes of come exploded from the bulbous head of his cock. The power and copious amount of come shocked Phoebe and Piper. In an instant her face was covered in come, her mouth was full and Leo was moving on. He pulled his cock down and continued to come all over her tits. It seemed like he would never stop coming.

Three minutes after he started he finally ran out of come. Overcome with fatigue he staggered back from the bed, looked at his come-covered wife and orbed out.

Paige climbed up onto the bed to look at Piper. No one said anything as the two younger sisters looked at their depraved sister's come-covered body.

Phoebe: Oh, christ. What the hell was that? That's the biggest load I have ever seen.

Piper still had her eyes closed but she could feel the come sliding all over her face and tits. She was torn between lying there and running to the bathroom. Somehow she figured her sisters would come up with more depraved ideas.

Paige eyed her sister and then looked at Phoebe. The final act of their afternoon of lust was now apparent. Winking at her sister, Paige slowly bent towards Piper's prone body.

Paige: Now, we shouldn't waste all this wonderful come don't you think Phoebe?

Both sisters bent to their task with enthusiasm. Paige and Phoebe began licking off Leo's cum from her sisters tits and face.

Phoebe: Oh, god Piper. Leo's come tastes fantastic. Giving him head must be fantastic.

Piper lay there feeling her sisters lick all over her body. She did not want to say that she had never given her husband a blow job. She thought it was disgusting and would never consider swallowing his load. Now she had no choice. She had already swallowed two large loads and Phoebe was right. It tasted fantastic.

As Paige focused on Piper's tits, Phoebe was lapping up all the come on Piper's face. Once she had a full load in her mouth she began kissing Piper and surprised her by dropping the additional load into her waiting mouth.

Phoebe (cont'd): There you go, Piper. Just a little more of Leo's awesome come for you. God you look so hot like this.

In a few minutes the girls had licked Piper clean. Slowly, Piper got up into a sitting position. Reality was setting in quickly. She made a mental list of everything she had done in the past few hours. She began feeling ashamed and looked down onto the bed. She could not meet her sisters gaze.

Paige and Phoebe looked at each other and realized that the old Piper was coming back quickly. Paige leaned in and kissed Piper sweetly. It was not intended as a sexual advance. It was more of a loving gesture. When she as finished, Phoebe turned Piper's head and repeated the gesture.

Paige: Piper we love you and you shouldn't regret anything you've done. You enjoyed yourself and now we can all have fun together in the future. Come on admit it, you had fun, didn't you?

Piper slowly smiled as she looked at both her sisters. She stood up confidently and looked at both her sisters and held out her hands.

Piper: Come on, let's take a shower lovers.

Paige and Phoebe were stunned at their sisters attitude. Had she really changed or was this temporary?

Piper (cont'd): After all, it's big enough for all of us, don't you think?

Paige and Phoebe took Piper's hands and the three of them walked naked into the shower. Leo watched them leave from Piper's room. He didn't know what was going to happened but it seemed like things were moving in the right direction.


Leo peeked into the bathroom. All three sisters were in the large, glass shower. They were a moving three-way erotic masterpiece made up of mouths, hands, soap, and wash rags. Their communal moans were rising in volume as each one brought another sister closer to orgasm.

All of a sudden Piper turned her head and looked right at Leo.

Piper: Leo, go to my room and wait for us. We'll be there in 20 minutes okay sweeetie?

Piper was engulfed by her sisters as the steam rose in the shower. Leo turned and left, jacking off his cock as he walked to Piper's room. White lighters had no need for Viagra as they could keep their erections as long as they wanted. He thought of the strap-on and slowly began changing his cock to match its larger size and shape. This was going to be fun.


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