Notes: I decided to write this after Shannen Doherty did her latest (2003)
photoshoot in Playboy. While I could have written it as a Shannen Doherty
story for CSSA, I preferred doing a Charmed story which I feel is more
suited to my writing style. If you prefer, imagine Shannen Doherty in the
same situation I portray below ... whichever way you like it, enjoy it just
as much as I enjoyed seeing Shannen's nude photos! :)

Charmed: Prue's Photoshoot (MF,bond,oral,cons,ncon)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

Piper's breakfast lay untouched on the plate before her as she went through
the classifieds section of the San Francisco Chronicle. Every few seconds
she'd pick up a pen and circle one of the ads and murmur something under her

Phoebe, sitting opposite her was tucking into her breakfast quite heartily.
Each time she heard Piper mutter something she grinned, something that had
almost made her choke on her hash browns twice already.

Gulping down her current mouthful, Phoebe looked up from her plate, "It's not
as if P3 is doing all that badly that we need to find another job."


Phoebe leaned over the table, her ample breasts squeezing themselves almost
flat against the tablecloth, narrowly avoiding her half full plate. She used
her fork to poke aside the newspaper and reveal her sister's face.

"Hello? Is Piper here?"

"What?" Piper scowling slightly at being disturbed from her ad reading.

"I said, it's not as if we really need to find a job. P3 is mostly full every
day, and Prue still has a good part of her savings intact from when she was
working at Buckland Auction House."

"Oh of course, how could I be such an idiot and not see this?" Piper
rolled her eyes "we can all rely on Prue's money and on P3's earnings,
which my idiot sister thinks are all profit and that the club expenses
pay themselves."

"But ..." Phoebe tried to chip in but Piper was on the warpath.

"Not to mention all the demons that constantly attack us breaking down doors,
windows, furniture, Prue's SUV ... but of course Leo will fix everything,
though you've never seen the Home Depot bills he racks up and ..."

Piper would have continued listing their multitude of expenses had it not
been for the hands she felt on her shoulders. She looked up and grinned at
her older sister, Prue, who had walked into the kitchen at that moment and
realised she'd better break up the argument before it developed into one of
the usual fights.

"Found anything?" Prue asked.

"Yeah, a couple of interesting offers."

Prue leaned over Piper's shoulders to read some of the ads that her sister
had circled.

"Sales assistant ... hmmm ... executive secretary ... " she raised an eyebrow
"cab driver .. oh my, we really aren't doing all that badly!"

"Told ya so" Phoebe piped up with food still in her mouth and Piper glared at

Prue looked back down at the newspaper and spotted an ad that Piper had
started to circle then X'd out.

"And that one?"

"It's nothing, just a silly thought I had but ... oh just forget about it."

Prue, her curiosity getting the better of her, looked closer at the ad and
read out loud, "High class monthly men's magazine, looking for sexy women in
mid-twenties to pose for nude photoshoot ...." her voice trailed off in shock
just as there was a choking sound on the other side of the table as Phoebe
almost took a large piece of her sunny side up eggs down her windpipe.

Phoebe spluttered till the offending bit of egg finally went down the
right way, then laughed so hard that tears formed in the corner of her
eyes. Finally she calmed down and with a wide grin on her face she asked
her sister, "You're gonna pose in Playboy for us Piper?"

Piper glared at her, "No, I said it was just a silly idea."

"But I bet you'd have liked showing of your little titties to some
photographer?" Phoebe teased. "I wonder what Leo would think about that!"

"Shut up Phoebe! Anyway, I wasn't thinking of posing, it was Prue I had in

It was Prue's turn to splutter in indignation. "Piper! How could you? I'd
never even pose in a bathing suit ... let alone nude!"

Piper shrugged, become more embarrassed by the second as Phoebe continued to
rib her and Prue continued to act shocked. "Ok, can you two cut it out now.
I said forget about it" her voice raised a pitch higher than usual.

* * *

A couple of weeks had passed when Prue sat at the kitchen table one afternoon
going through a pile of utility and credit card bills. She ran a hand through
her long, black hair and sighed. She'd be able to pay these off but it would
take a large chunk out of her bank account. Piper had been right, she and
Phoebe had better find a job that paid well before the Halliwells ran out of
money. A pity that they couldn't use their magic powers or the spells to be
found in the Book of Shadows to make greenbacks magically appear out of thin
air, but they couldn't use magic for personal gain. She sighed again, got up
and began putting the bills away into a manila folder that was bulging at the
seams. Casually her glance landed on a neatly folded newspaper page tucked
away in the folder. She spread it out and recognised it as the ad page that
Piper had been looking at several days ago.

Prue looked down at the ad that had made her blush in front of her sisters
back then. She read it again, then for a second and third time. Her eyes
looked back and forth between the ad and the pile of bills then finally a
sparkle lit up her bright green eyes and half a grin formed on her full red

She picked up the phone and dialed the number on the ad, her heart beating
faster with a mixture of excitement and nervousness and her breath caught a
bit when a woman answered the phone.

"Err, hi ... I saw your ad in the Chronicle ... yeah, that one" Prue cleared
her throat as she listened to what the woman was saying on the other end of
the phone "yeah, that's fine ... sure, thanks."

Prue hung up the phone and wondered if she was doing the right thing. Then
she looked at the last line of the ad and all thoughts of right or wrong
disappeared when she saw what had finally convinced her to do this, "$2,000
for each full nude photoshoot"

* * *

Prue was a bit early for her appointment at the photographer's studio but
he welcomed her in anyway and gave her a whole sheaf of papers to sign ...
various waivers, a declaration that she was over eighteen and finally a
contract. Done with the paperwork, the photographer's assistant, a young
woman about her age whose voice she recognised as the one who had talked
to her on the phone, showed her to a changing room.

"What shall I wear" she asked "I've never done anything like this before and
I don't really know ..."

"Don't worry, let me find something for you, then all you have to do is
follow Michael's instructions."

The woman, whose name was Carol, Prue learned, continued chatting with her
in an attempt to relax her obvious nerves as she selected some sexy looking
clothes that Prue realised she wouldn't be wearing for very long. She stepped
behind a curtain as she took off her jeans and blouse though keeping her
underwear and wore the semi-transparent robe and miniskirt that Carol handed

"You're absolutely gorgeous, my dear" the photographer said as he saw her
walk out of the changing room.

"Thanks, Michael" Prue said shyly lowering her head and pulling the front of
the robe together while crossing her arms over her chest.

Michael saw her trying to hide her breasts and he grinned. Of all the girls
that had posed for him, he liked the shy ones most. They were usually full of
pleasant surprises. He asked her to sit down on a comfortable armchair and
they made small talk, chatting about nothing in particular. This was one way
Michael got his more nervous amateur models to relax.

Ten minutes later, Prue was chatting amiably with the photographer having
forgotten her state of undress, the robe having fallen open enough that
Michael could see the full roundness of her breasts. Yeah, she's relaxed
enough, he thought. Aloud he said, "Ok I think we can get started. Carol
can you bring me my camera and switch on the lighting in area 3."

Area 3 was a part of the studio made up to look like a modern office,
complete with stylish desk and computer.

"On your application form I saw you said you used to work as a manager at
the Buckland Auction House, so I thought we could start in an office setting.
Guys just love a hot office babe!"

Prue blushed and was at a loss for words.

"Thanks Carol" she had just handed him a large, expensive looking camera.
"Ok, Prue, just sit behind the desk please. Yes, that's great" he snapped his
first photo. "Ok, now lean your head back, that's right, toss your hair ..."
he snapped a couple more pictures "that's great, now with your right hand
open up your robe ... like so."

Prue hesitated a moment but then she had pushed aside enough of the robe that
her left breast was fully exposed, her nipples already stiff because of her
excitement as well as the cool airconditioned air.

"Awesome, those are some nice nipples you have there Prue" Michael said
causing Prue to blush further "now look straight at me and put your fingers
on your breast, just brush them against the nipple ... yeah, that's right"
he grinned as Prue followed his instructions to the letter and he snapped
some more images. "Now uncover your other breast and let the robe fall down
around your waist. Oh-Kay! That's lovely!" The camera clicked repeatedly as
he snapped photo after photo of her large breasts and ripe nipples while she
smiled sexily at the lens, batting her eyelids.

"Very nice, thanks Prue, now I think we've done enough tit shots so I need
you to stand up and turn around. Toss the robe aside and just stand straight,
put your hands on your hips and face away from me."

Prue obeyed.

"Now put the palms of your hands on your bottom, yeah like that ... now grab
the hem of your skirt and start to pull it up ever so slowly .. oh yeah,
nice" he continued to snap pictures as Prue lifted her miniskirt, revealing
her luscious ass bit by bit. He let her continue until it was completely
bunched up around her waist, exposing both ass cheeks and the black g-string
panties she was wearing.

Prue looked back over her shoulder waiting for more instructions, feeling
rather uncomfortable standing here fully naked but resolved to go through
with this.

"Yeah, stay like that, that's a great pose ... bend over slightly and put
your hands on the chair's armrests ... now spread your legs apart ... yeah,
just a little bit more .. that's great!" he paused a moment and turned to
his assistant who had been standing by watching, "Carol can you move that
lamp there, maybe lower it a bit. I want more lighting to shine on her
thighs, her mound is just spectacular."

Prue's cheeks couldn't get any redder as she listened to Michael casually
talking about her in this manner.

He turned back to Prue after the lighting was rearranged, "Ok dear, now can
you put your fingers below that g-string and pull it up slightly .. great!
That's just perfect. You're a natural at this Prue."

When Prue had pulled up the g-string the thin black material had slipped
between her labia and spread them apart slightly, accentuating the puffy
lips of her pubes. Though Michael was used to having all sorts of girls
in all sorts of poses for his photoshoots, this raven haired beauty was
lovelier than most of them and her body was hot! Much to his surprise he
felt something stirring in his jeans and he noticed Carol looking at the
developing bulge.

He quickly snapped a few more shots, "I think we can move straight to Area 5
now. We've done enough sexy office girl for today."

Prue straightened up and took the robe that Carol handed her, putting it back
on and pulling down her miniskirt.

"Let me get you into something else" Carol told her and lead her back to the
changing room.

Inside Carol whispered at Prue, "Did you see what happened to Michael back

Prue looked at her with a puzzled look on her face, "No, I was trying not
to look at him. You know it's my first time at this and I'm feeling really
embarrassed baring myself like that .. especially when I was bending over

Carol giggled, "Yeah, that's what I meant. When you bent over, Michael got
an immediate hardon. I've been working with him for a couple of years and
he's photographed hundreds of women but he's never gotten an erection because
of any of their poses. I think he really likes you." The assistant giggled

Prue didn't know what to say. "I .. er .. well, I guess ... that's nice to
know .. sorta .."

From outside they heard Michael, "Are you girls ready in there or shall I
come and help?"

"No need" Carol quickly shouted back "we're almost done in here" and she
handed Prue a set of very sexy lingerie, white bra, white panties, complete
with garters and stockings which Prue put on.

A minute later they walked out to Area 5 which was a bedroom scene, with a
large heart shaped bed with bright red covers.

"Very nice" Michael said after he regained full control of his jaw that had
fallen open at the sight of Prue in the white underwear and garters.

"Where do you want me now?" Prue asked having gotten over most of her initial
embarrassment at showing off her semi-nude body.

"I think we can start with simple poses, like laying on your side on the bed
..." Prue got on the bed and posed as Michael had suggested "... now start to
peel that bra slowly off your breasts .. slowly ... yeah, like that .. just
let your nipples pop out .. great, that's it!" Michael went into a frenzy of
photo taking as he walked slowly around the bed to get Prue from all angles,
but his thoughts kept going back to those large nipples peeking up from above
the upper rim of the white bra cups. They were big, succulent and stiff
enough to poke an eye out and she had barely touched them or excited them in
any way. Awesome!

Now to try something different. Michael usually never went so far on a girl's
first photoshoot but he was so excited by Prue that he threw caution to the
wind and decided to go for broke. If she didn't accept so be it, but at least
he'd have tried.

"Ok Prue, that's just lovely. Now, turn around so that your head is leaning
against the pillows at the top of the bed. Leave your bra as it is" he told
her quickly as she made as if to pull it back up over her pink nipples.

"I was going to pull it off my breasts completely" Prue said surprising him
"it's a bit tight and it's getting uncomfortable."

"Oh ok, sure, take it off then ... here let me help you unclasp it." He put
the camera down on the bed and bent over Prue to undo the bra's latch as
Carol rolled her eyes. She usually took care of these things.

Accidentally ... maybe ... Michael's hands brushed against Prue's breasts
as he helped her take off the bra completely, but Prue didn't say anything
though she had noticed his touch. She settled back against the pillows, her
black hair fanned out on the blood red covers, nicely contrasting with her
pale white skin and white panties.

Michael was back to snapping photographs of her reclined body and he
continued giving her instructions to look this way and that, smile, close
her eyes, pull up her legs ...

"... now I want you to put your hand down the front of your panties and play
with yourself."

"What?" Prue gasped and Carol too looked at Michael strangely. The ad had
said a nude photoshoot and hadn't mentioned any hardcore shots, nor had the
contracts she'd printed out for Prue. What was Michael up to, Carol wondered.

"Don't worry, Prue, if you don't want to, I'm not going to force you ... but
I thought the photoshoot would be much better if we have a few really hot
shots besides the nude ones. Nothing too hard of course" he added quickly.

"I .. ah .. don't know if I should .."

Michael smiled sweetly at her, "Come on, just put your hand below the hem
and let me snap one photo then take it out again, ok?"

Prue thought about it for a moment. Oh what the heck, she thought, this
whole photoshoot thing isn't such a bad idea after all, so why not do what
he's asking? She placed the palm of her right hand flat on her tight stomach
and slowly, almost teasingly, slid it down below the hem of her panties and
waited for the flash to go off.

Michael gasped and his erection strained at his jeans. She really was going
to do it! My god, this woman was hot! He took the photo but his hands were
shaking and he was sure that the picture hadn't come out properly. Prue was
pulling out her hand ... "Hey hang on a second, I need to take a couple more
to make sure they come out without any jitter, can you hold your hand there
for a moment longer ... maybe just a bit lower too please."

Prue was about to say no, that she had already done what he'd asked her to
do and that this whole session was over right now ... but maybe it was
because Prue was tired after having been posing for over an hour or maybe
it was because of the hot lights ... whatever, Prue didn't say no. Instead
her hand slid further down below the white panties and her fingers did what
they usually did in this situation, when she was back at home on her own
bed and without anybody watching ... they slid between her pussy lips,
spreading them slightly to find her now aching clitoris which seriously
needed some rubbing right about now ....

Michael stood before the bed his mouth agape as the beautiful women on the
bed actually obeyed his instructions to "play with herself" something he'd
never expected at all. Nor had Carol who too was stunned that the shy young
woman had let her guard down so much as to begin to masturbate so openly in
front of two strangers.

Prue had shut her eyes and her fingers continued to alternate between dipping
deep into her hole and rubbing her unsheathed clit below the panty material.

Carol was the first to overcome her astonishment and poked Michael in the
ribs as he stood there watching Prue.

"What about getting a few photos now that she's doing what you wanted her to
do?" she suggested with a wink when he turned to look at her.

"Yeah .. yeah .. I should do that" and he put the viewfinder back to his eye
and began snapping photos like crazy, while standing closer and closer to the
bed as he focussed the lens between her legs.

"Ahh yesss" whispered Prue as she rubbed her sensitive clit.

"Prue? Prue?" Michael finally asked her hesitantly, hoping that bringing her
back to reality wouldn't stop her.

Prue opened her eyes and saw Michael and Carol looking down at her and
realised she wasn't back at home on her bed but in a photographer's studio.

"Oh" she gasped "I'm .. I'm sorry ... but .."

"There's nothing to be sorry about at all, dear, I really hope you're going
to continue doing what you were just doing ... " Michael paused almost
feeling embarrassed at having to ask her to do this, "... but if you could
take off your panties and then continue, the photoshoot would be absolutely

Prue looked slightly stunned, as did Carol who was thinking, "Now he's done
it .. now she gets up, slaps him and leaves and doesn't allow us to release
the photographs and that's one day completely wasted ..."

"Yeah, I'm sure it's going to be a great photoshoot, Michael" Prue said as
she raised her hips and slid the panties down her sexy thighs, revealing her
neatly trimmed, triangular patch of pubic hair and shaved pussy lips.

"Oh yeah, wow!" Michael gasped.

"What the ..?" Carol mouthed as Prue did exactly the opposite of what she
had been thinking and Carol usually was a good judge of character.

Michael was not doing anything to hide the massive bulge in his jeans as he
continued to snap picture after picture of Prue's now completely naked body
as she now uninhibitedly spread her legs slowly while smiling for the camera
as if she'd been doing this for years instead of for the first time today.

"Let's do some closeups now Prue" and she seemed to understand what he meant
because with the fingers of her left hand she spread her labia wide, exposing
the glistening wet pink flesh of her inner cunt, pushing apart the petals of
flesh until the lens of Michael's camera was staring straight down the dark,
open hole of her vagina. After several flashes, her right hand joined her
left and she inserted two of her fingers into her opening right down to her
knuckles and began to rub her hard clit with her thumb.

"Ohhhhh fuucckk yeeeeeaaaaaahh" she cried as she pleasured herself in this
manner for a couple of minutes as Michael, his hands barely able to keep the
camera within their grasp, as he snapped photos like crazy.

Prue added a finger and then another until she was masturbating with four
fingers in her cunt something that Michael had never seen a women do for his
camera, and she was bucking her hips up and down on the bed like a wild

"Yeah, baby, stick your fingers in your cunt" Michael growled "rub that clit
harder ..." then he stopped "Oh FUCK!" he shouted. "Damn I've run out of film
at the worst possible moment." Indeed he'd already gone through about ten
rolls which he'd been swapping in and out of the camera almost before the
film rewinded itself.

"Carol can you go and buy some from the store down the road?"

Carol looked at him with a penetrating look, then shrugged, "Ok sure" and
with a glance down at Prue still in the wild throes of her masturbatory
ecstasy, she turned and left.

Michael put down the camera and dimmed the hot lights and continued to watch
Prue fingerfuck herself. He probably should have told her to stop, that she
didn't need to continue for now since he wasn't taking photos anymore, but
as he watched her in such a sexual frenzy something deep inside him took
over and his aching erection could not be ignored anymore. In seconds he had
pulled down his zipper and stepped out of his jeans, whipping out his fully
erect cock. He began to jerk himself off but suddenly decided that would be
such a waste and doing something he'd never done before even with the sexiest
models who'd even offered themselves to him, he clambered up on the bed on
his knees next to Prue's head. He moved forward until his fully uncovered
glans was touching her cheek and she turned, still drilling herself, to look
at him.

"Oh my" she said grinning, her beautiful green eyes flashing with lust as she
saw his cock less than an inch away from her lips, already forming a drop of
precum on the tip of the purple helmet. She licked her lips to wet them and
then, slowly, almost shyly, formed her mouth into an O and allowed Michael to
push his cock between her full lips. Before he could even close his eyes and
gasp, her tongue was all over his penis as she swallowed at least half it's
length into her mouth and down her throat. Closing her mouth firmly over his
dick she began to suck at it like a straw.

"Fuck, yes, that's good" Michael said as the sexy babe deep throated him. He
grabbed her silky hair and forced her head against his cock, making it go
deeper down her throat and she almost gagged. Michael relaxed his grip when
that happened allowing her swallow him at her own pace.

Michael had been hard for the whole morning, ever since setting eyes upon
sexy Prue so unfortunately he didn't last longer than a minute as she blew
him expertly.

The studio's door opened and Carol walked in with her resupply of film rolls.
In the dimmed lighting she didn't see what was going on until she had walked
right up to Area 5.

"Fucking shit!" she gasped as she saw Michael on the bed with his cock down
Prue's throat as she continued to fuck herself with her entire hand.

Michael looked back in astonishment at Carol and the surprise at having been
caught in such a position by his assistant made him cum immediately, blowing
a wad into Prue's mouth almost making her choke before she swallowed the
creamy fluid. Prue grabbed his cock and pulled it out of her mouth, just as
he sprayed more cum over her lips and high cheekbones.

"Right. I leave for barely fifteen minutes and you start fucking the model"
Carol said her hands on her hips, her eyes flashing with anger and sparkling
with tears.

"Carol ... I .. I ..."

"I've been working with you for years and I've done everything to make you
notice me ... but no, you prefer this big titted slut you've never seen
before over me." Her lips trembled and tears began to flow freely now.

"Carol .. I didn't know ... I never guessed you ..."

"You fool, I love you and I've been wanting you to fuck me senseless on that
bed for over a year, but you only think of me as your damn assistant. Fuck
you then" and she turned on her heels and headed for the door.

"Stop Carol .. come back .." and he ran after her, his dripping cock flapping
between his legs as he ran after her.

The two lovebirds disappeared out the door and the last Prue saw of them was
Michael pulling up his jeans awkwardly while he ran out into the street after
his crying assistant.

Prue was too much in ecstasy herself to really understand what had just
gone on around her and she continued to ram her hand into her pussy till she
finally came in a massive orgasm, her screams of pleasure echoing in the
empty studio. Exhausted, she turned over on one side, her hand still between
her legs, juices dripping down staining the red bedsheets, Prue fell asleep

* * *

There was a cold sensation on her wrists. What was it? Cold and hard. Metal?
Prue opened her eyes slowly still half asleep, her vision fogged. She had a
strange taste in her mouth ... what was it? Oh yeah, the photographer had
cum in her mouth ... and the memories of where she was and what she had done
returned to her in a flash.

"I've been such a bad girl" Prue said grinning as she yawned and stretched
her stiff back.

"Yeah, a very bad girl" a voice said from behind her.

Prue almost lept out of her skin with fright. The voice didn't belong to
Michael or Carol who had left the building hours ago and hadn't returned. At
least they hadn't woken Prue if they had.

Prue tried to get up and cover her nudity simultaneously but she managed
neither one and the reason why soon became clear to her. She was
handcuffed ... handcuffed!! ... to the single rail running along the top
of the bed. Both her wrists were in a tight metal handcuff and she was on
her back unable to move or get up, let alone cover herself.

"Who are you?" she cried "get these things off me."

"I don't think so" the voice sneered.

"Help! Someone help me!" Prue shouted as she continued to struggle. She was
unable to use her telekinetic powers to free herself because she was only
able to use them by waving her hands to move things with her magical powers.

"There's no one here who's gonna hear you so you can shout all you want
bitch" and the person walked around to the front of the bed to where Prue
could see him.

He was a slightly bearded man in his early thirties and he was dressed in
grey overalls with a large blue and white patch on his chest that read
"Fred's Cleaning Services".

"Who are you?" Prue repeated fear rising in her throat as she was completely
helpless with her wrists tied up like this.

"Oh I'm just the janitor." He grinned pointing to a wheeled bucket and mop
that was to the side of the bed. "I clean up this studio everyday and
everyday I come across one of you beautiful bitches who do nothing except
cock tease guys like me. Oh sure, you pose for those nudie mags so that we
can jerk off as we imagine your hot bodies beneath us, but you would never
imagine fucking a guy like me now would you?" he asked not expecting an
answer as he continued with his rant. "No of course not, I'm below your
kind. With your looks you probably only fuck a guy who drives a fuckin'
Ferrari. Am I right?" he shouted.

Prue whimpered, "No! Look I'm not a model or anything, I'm not what you
think ... let me go and I'll forget about this ..."

"Ha! If you're not a model then what are you doing naked on that bed? You
expect me to believe you?" he sat down on the bed next to Prue who tried to
creep away from him though she couldn't go very far because of the handcuffs.
He leaned over her and grabbed a handful of tit. "You know your tits are some
of the best I've ever seen, they're so huge and round and your nipples ..."
Prue yelped as his rough fingers pinched one of her swollen nipples ".. oh
yeah, you liked that didn't you bitch?"

"Stop it!" Prue shouted again but it was useless, so she tried to kick him
since her legs were free. He saw it coming and grabbed her leg, forcing it
down on the bed and he slid his fingers slowly up her pinned thigh, lingering
on her creamy white flesh for long moments before cupping her groin in his

"Fuck you're so wet" he said as he slid a finger between her cunt lips and
into her pussy.

Prue struggled again as the janitor fingered her roughly. She whimpered
again, trying to think of a way to free herself, but coming up with nothing.

"When my sisters hear what you're doing to me they'll be after you" she

The janitor grinned. "If your sisters are as sexy as you are, I'll fucking
be after them myself. Now shut up, bitch, let me enjoy your wet cunt." His
fingers were pumping in and out of her quickly now making a wet sucking
noise and Prue bit on her lower lip but not because of the pain. Much as
she didn't want to show it, she was getting aroused again.

"You're liking it, aren't you? You're getting wetter and wetter!" the
stranger said pulling his fingers out of her cunt slowly, trailing stringers
of her pussy juice. He raised his fingers to his face and sniffed at them,
inhaling her scent and then licked his fingers clean. "That's very tasty" he
told her a lecherous grin on his face, "I think I want more of that", and he
clambered on the bed as Prue struggled like a trapped animal trying to get
away from his grasp, but all for nothing. Soon he had both of her thighs in
a firm grip and her ankles were over each of his shoulders, her shapely
bottom raised completely off the bed and therefore completely unable to move.
His mouth was only inches from her crotch and he laughed at the shocked look
on her face just before he buried his nose in her pussy and began to lick
away at her slit, his beard hairs tickling her anus.

"Mmmmmmhhh oh yeah, baby, that's good" he said as he came up for air for a
moment before returning to her juicy cunt.

"Please stop it" Prue whispered, tears pooling at the corner of her eyes,
though his tongue was having an intense erotic effect on her anyway as she
felt her clit harden again.

The janitor didn't listen to her pleas. His tongue found her clit and began
to tease the hard nub of erect flesh. Prue screamed with a mix of pain and
pleasure as his teeth suddenly nibbled on it and she released a dose of
vaginal fluids, wetting his beard thoroughly.

"Enjoying it aren't you bitch?" he laughed as he got up from between her
legs, "Now look what a surprise I have for you."

Prue now expected him to pull out his cock and rape her but he didn't.
Instead he turned to his bucket and grabbed the mop. He examined the end of
the handle part and smiled as he looked down at Prue.

Prue looked up at the long, wooden stick, her eyes growing very wide as it
suddenly dawned on her what he had in mind. "No .. no .. you can't do that!"

He sneered wickedly, "I wonder how much of this you can take?"

Though she tried to close her legs tightly, he seemed to have great upper
body strength and easily spread her legs apart again with his hands. With one
hand he opened her opened her wet slippery slit and with the other he grabbed
the mop stick and aimed it at her pussy. She felt the hard wood press against
her cunt as he forced it past the entrance. It didn't slide in easily, but
slowly and painfully, its roughness scraping down her vaginal walls.

Prue gasped loudly as the hard rod penetrated her inch by inch as the janitor
twisted it around its axis while pushing it into her. Finally it couldn't go
any deeper so the guy stopped pushing much to Prue's relief. The relief
didn't last long though as the guy began to pull the handle back out then ram
it in again, then out and back in and he kept this up for five long minutes
till Prue was moaning loudly with pleasure yet screaming for him to stop. But
he continued to rape her cunt with the wooden stick while reaching over with
his other hand and roughly fondling her big breasts.

"Now that's the proper way for a witch to be riding her broomstick" he

Though her mind was fogged over because of the intense painful pleasure, she
did clearly hear him say witch.

"How .. how did you know I was a witch?" she gasped through gritted teeth.

The janitor scowled, "Damn. Did I say that, how stupid of me. Fuck, fuck,
fuck!" He began stamping his feet like a little child and looked to a dark
corner of the studio, "Please, can't I do her a little more? I still have to
fuck her asshole. Why? Why do I have to stop? I didn't mean to tell her that
I knew she was a witch."

Prue was looking at him in amazement. He seemed to be carrying on a very
strange conversation with someone who wasn't there ... or maybe there was
someone there ..? She looked hard at the shadows but couldn't make out
anything in the darkness. Maybe she could do something about that.

"By the Power of Three, I invoke Thee, Out of the Shadows I call you, Step
out before me."

As a spell thought up on the fly it was nothing special. In fact if Phoebe,
who was quite good at creating spells, was around she'd be laughing her guts
out, but for Prue with a length of broomstick up her cunt and after all she'd
been through today, it sounded good enough - and in the end it worked.

Something roared in the darkness and there was a blinding flash of light as
the spell took effect and a demonic figure was revealed. The thing boomed in
a horrible voice, "The Charmed One is good. Oh, this time I am not here to
kill you, don't worry" it said as Prue struggled against her bonds in fear,
"I just sent my foolish son to have a bit of fun and be able to say to his
peers that he'd fucked a witch, and one of the Charmed Ones at that, but
under no means was he to reveal his real nature to you. Unfortunately for
him he has a long tongue."

"But father ..."

"Silence! I shall deal with you later." He waved a hand and the janitor, now
several feet taller and sporting a skin with red and black patterns on his
face, bowed his head and disappeared in a puff of smoke going back to
whatever part of the underworld he called home.

The bigger demon looked down at Prue.

"We shall meet again and that time I will have the pleasure of ravaging your
beautiful body, witch. Till then ..." he bowed at the waist like a chivalrous
knight of old and left in another puff of smoke.

Prue sighed. She'd known being a witch was going to be difficult but
this ...! The broomstick was still buried deep in her sore vagina and she
was still handcuffed to the bed ...... "Leo!" she shouted knowing that only
her whitelighter would be able to free her from this predicament.

* * *

A couple of months later Prue paced nervously behind the front door as she
anxiously waited for the postman. He was later than usual today, but finally
she heard him pass and she opened the door to see a brown parcel just the
right size to be a magazine lying on the porch where it had been placed.

She picked it up and ran inside tearing open the brown paper.

"What's that?" a curious Phoebe asked her eyeing the magazine Prue was trying
to hide when her sister walked in on her. Then Phoebe's eyes opened wide,
"That's Playboy! You really did it ...?"

Prue was about to deny it then she began to giggle like a schoolgirl and
nodded at her sister, showing her the front cover of the magazine which
featured Prue in a very sexy bikini staring straight at the camera with
the large title, "PRUE HALLIWELL UNWRAPPED".

Piper chose that moment to come into the kitchen too and she too was stunned
speechless for a moment as the three sisters flipped through the magazine
which had several pages dedicated entirely to Prue's photoshoot including
some very explicit and detailed closeups of her genitals.

Finally Phoebe sighed, "Can you hook me up with this photographer? I'd love
to do a spread like this ...."


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