Charmed: Rainstorm (FFF,inc)
by JT Langdon

When shall we three meet again
In thunder, lightning, or in rain?

Macbeth, Act I Scene I

The rain fell in sheets.

Phoebe Halliwell stared out her bedroom window, hands wrapped around an
untouched mug of chamomile tea. The storm that had been raging all morning
showed no signs of letting up, and that suited her just fine . . . for
the dark skies were a perfect reflection of her somber mood. She had been
sitting there for more than an hour now, her thoughts lost in the torrential
downpour, but the comfort she'd been seeking so far eluded her.

The sense of unease that had settled over Halliwell Manor over the last few
months troubled Phoebe no end, in part because she had contributed so much to
it. She wanted things back to normal, or as normal as life ever got for the
Halliwell sisters. But as she listened to the echoes of thunder rumbling
overhead, Phoebe wondered if things would ever be the same between her, Prue,
and Piper again.

Phoebe knew from her psychology classes that sibling relationships were
complicated under the best of circumstances, but life had thrown them a few
curveballs. Their father had walked out on them when she was still a toddler.
Then their mother had died, leaving them in the care of their grandmother.
That was a little too much grief for them to handle and over time it took its
toll, not just on each of them but on their relationship with each other.
There were times when Phoebe didn't think she and Prue would ever speak to
each other again.

But much to her delight, things had changed. The three of them had gotten
closer than Phoebe ever dreamed possible. It began when she had stumbled upon
The Book of Shadows and learned of their birthright as the Charmed Ones,
three witches with incredible powers to fight evil. There was nothing like
vanquishing demons to strengthen the bond between sisters, and for the first
time that Phoebe could remember it seemed as though she and her sisters were
actually friends. And she loved it. For so long the three of them had been
more like strangers that just happened to be related. But Phoebe had gotten
to know her sisters all over again, and though it had taken time and effort
the three of them had the kind of relationship Phoebe thought sisters should
have . . . the kind of relationship she had always wanted to have with Prue
and Piper.

Then that relationship took an unexpected turn. It was something Phoebe never
thought could happen, not even in her wildest fantasies, and yet it seemed
the most natural thing in the world . . . just as natural as them being

The three of them had become lovers.

There was no explanation for it. But Phoebe didn't need one. Her feelings
told her all she needed to know on the subject. She didn't just love her
sisters . . . she was in love with them, and with that love came an intense
sexual desire. It helped, of course, that Prue had great tits and Piper had
an ass to die for! In fact, both of them had gorgeous bodies and Phoebe had
taken a great deal of pleasure in exploring them with her mouth and hands,
one sister at a time and both of them together.

Phoebe smiled. Even in her darkest moments thoughts of Prue and Piper naked
could lift her spirits. She longed to be sandwiched between their nude
bodies, to feel the warmth of their skin touching hers. It had been so long
since the three of them had made love, it seemed like forever, and Phoebe
missed them so much . . . missed the closeness she and her sisters had once

But it wasn't just the great sex she missed. (And blessed be the Goddess,
the sex with them was fantastic!) It was the intense emotional connection
between her and Prue and Piper that Phoebe craved most of all. She needed
it. Like food to eat, water to drink, and air to breathe, Phoebe needed Prue
and Piper . . . sisters, friends, lovers, sharing pleasure with one another,
opening their hearts and souls as well as their bodies to each other,
complete and total sharing. She wanted that more than life itself. But Phoebe
didn't know if the Halliwell sisters would ever be together like that again.

Lightning flared outside the window. Phoebe took a sip of lukewarm tea and
counted off the seconds until she heard the growl of thunder, just like she
used to do when she was little. But the game Grams had taught her didn't
take her mind off Prue and Piper and the distance that had grown between
the Halliwell sisters, or that much of the blame for that could be laid at
her feet.

Things were bound to be different now that Piper and Leo were married, of
course, and though Phoebe had hoped her intimate relationship with Piper
would continue she understood the need to put it on hold. Even though the
sisters had never let other lovers come between them before, marriage was
a bit more serious and Phoebe had to respect Piper's commitment to Leo. And
besides, she was happy for Piper. Leo was a great guy, and he made Pipe
happy. Her sister deserved that.

Phoebe couldn't blame the rising tension in the house on Piper getting
married. Though it might have been a factor, it wasn't the reason things
were so frosty between her and Prue and Piper. Phoebe had to take
responsibility for that. She had done more than just lie to her sisters
about Cole; she had betrayed their trust and put all of them at risk. No
matter how much Phoebe loved his human side, Cole Turner still had demon
blood coursing through his veins. And that made him a threat. But when
the time had come Phoebe just couldn't bring herself to murdering Cole in
order to vanquish the demon within him. So she'd let him go. How stupid
she had been! Phoebe might have been willing to risk her own life to help
purge Cole of his demonic tendencies, but she had no right to put her
sisters in danger like that.

And then she had lied to them about it!

It was bad enough that she had allowed a demon to go free, but she hadn't
even warned her sisters about it until she had no choice. That was just
inexcusable. Once the truth had come out, Prue was furious with her . . .
much more so than Piper, though both her sisters had chewed her out big
time like she deserved. But while Piper had forgiven her soon after, Prue
had carried her anger around for a long time . . . widening the rift
Phoebe had created.

Phoebe sighed. Sometimes she wished she could take it all back. Though she
did love Cole and wanted to save him if she could, it wasn't worth the damage
she had done to her relationship with Prue. Things had gotten better in
recent weeks, thank the Goddess, but there was still a lot of unresolved
tension between them.

There was a knock at her door.

"It's open," Phoebe called. She turned from the window, apprehension tickling
her spine as she watched Prue and Piper come in. There were a lot of reasons
her sisters might need her and most of them involved some kind of evil
lurking outside the house.

"Are you busy?" Prue asked.

"Nope," Phoebe said. "Is everything okay?"

Both her sisters understood what she meant

"All quiet on the demon front," Piper said. "Don't worry."

Phoebe smiled. Now that she could relax, Phoebe set down her mug and took
stock of her two sisters. Prue and Piper were both so beautiful, with long
dark hair and big eyes. She had spent more than a few nights just gazing
into those bottomless eyes. Prue looked even sexier than usual in a halter
top and black denim jeans. And Piper looked just as good in a T-shirt and
khaki shorts. Both her sisters had lean, fit bodies, with curves in all
the right places. Phoebe had gotten to know those curves very well and
seeing her sisters standing there made her want to know them all over

"Hey," Phoebe said, looking at Piper. "I thought you and Leo were going out

"Leo did go out," Piper said.

Phoebe didn't like the sound of that. "What's the matter, honey? Did you two
have a fight?"

"No," Piper assured her, "everything is fine with me and Leo."

"It's the three of us that have a problem," Prue said.

Phoebe swallowed the lump that formed in her throat and sat down on the edge
of the bed. "Wow. That sounds ominous."

Prue sat down next to her while Piper just sort of plopped face down on the
bed. Phoebe couldn't help but notice that it was the first time in months the
three Halliwell sisters had been in bed together. But she tried not to linger
on thoughts like that.

"I think we can all agree something is up with us," Prue said.

Phoebe nodded.

"So," Piper said, "let's talk about it."

"Talking isn't going to fix it," Prue said. "We have talked . . . and
talked . . . and talked! It's what we haven't been doing that's the problem."

Phoebe looked from Prue to Piper then back again. "You feel it, too?"

"Yes," Prue said. There was a softness in her voice Phoebe hadn't heard in
the longest time and it made her heart sing.

Piper said, "The three of us need each other. I feel . . ."

"Incomplete, " Prue said.

Then Phoebe added in a whisper, "Like part of you is missing."

"Two parts of me," Piper said.

Phoebe reached over and ran her fingers through Piper's hair. "And Leo?"

"He understands," Piper replied.

Phoebe turned to face Prue now. How beautiful her sister was! But even more
importantly, she could see the warmth in Prue's eyes . . . something that had
been noticeably lacking in the last few months. The two of them just stared
at each other for the longest time. Phoebe could feel her pulse racing out of
control. It had been so long. She touched her hand to Prue's cheek and Prue
nuzzled against her, kissing her palm. The touch of those soft lips made
Phoebe sigh. She pulled Prue to her and their mouths came crashing together
in a deep, passionate kiss. It was not the kind of kiss two sisters shared
but the kiss of two lovers hungry and desperate for each other.

"Oh Prue," Phoebe whispered between kisses. "I've missed you so much."

Prue breathed in her ear, "I've missed you, too."

"I'm sorry, Prue. I am so sorry for everything."

"Shhh. It's okay, Phoebe. It's okay."

Phoebe melted into Prue's embrace, their lips meeting again in a searing kiss
that put all the other kisses before it to shame. The kiss reminded her all
over again of the special bond that existed between the three Halliwell
sisters. Phoebe slipped her tongue over Prue's lips and her sister captured
it, sucking on it, making Phoebe wild with lust. It was a dream come true! At
long last she and her sisters were together again! She kissed a path down
Prue's neck and over a bare shoulder, the same shoulder Piper also found
impossible to resist. Piper smiled up at her then the two of them shared a
kiss as deep and passionate and hot as the kiss she had shared with Prue.

Working together, Phoebe and Piper got Prue out of her halter top, baring
their sister's breasts. Phoebe pushed Prue back on the bed then she and Piper
snuggled up on either side of their older sister, trading kisses with Prue
while each of them took a breast in hand. Phoebe teased Prue's nipple while
she watched her two sisters kissing each other, getting so hot seeing them
make out that she wanted to scream! Instead she pinched and twisted Prue's
nipple until it hardened under her touch, then she flicked it with her thumb
nail. Prue groaned into her kiss with Piper.

Phoebe scooted lower down the bed and took Prue's nipple into her mouth,
sucking the firm nub and making Prue moan again. How she had missed hearing
that! She traced the shape of Prue's nipple with her tongue then took it
between her lips again, latching onto Prue's tit like an infant at feeding
time. The oldest of the Halliwell sisters writhed on the bed from the
attention she and Piper were giving her. And Phoebe loved it. She slipped
her hand between Prue's legs, grinding the butt of her palm into her sister's
crotch . . . never once letting go of the nipple between her lips. Her sister
whimpered and arched off the bed, needing her touch . . . wanting it so much.
Phoebe wanted it just as much. She longed to feel the wetness of Prue's cunt,
around her fingers and in her mouth. It had been too long since she had
tasted Prue and Piper!

But getting Prue out of her jeans proved to be a chore. Phoebe struggled with
getting Prue's jeans open, impatience making her growl. But Piper joined the
effort and soon after the two of them had Prue's jeans open. Phoebe slid her
hand inside Prue's underwear, her fingers seek the hot, wet furrow of Prue's
slit. She found her mark with practiced eased and Prue grunted as Phoebe
rubbed her sister's netherlips, caressing the folds of silken woman-flesh so
wet with desire. The scent of Prue's arousal soon filled the air, the thick,
pungent musk making Phoebe drool in hunger.

How she needed a taste!

Phoebe slid to the floor, kneeling at the foot of the bed. She took a moment
just to watch her two sisters . . . their lips fused together . . . Piper's
hand at Prue's breast. Goddess! Her sisters were so beautiful! The pang of
longing that shot through her made Phoebe wince. How she wanted them both!
Why had it taken them so long to kiss and make up? Phoebe pulled off Prue's
jeans and tossed them aside, doing the same with Prue's white cotton panties
a moment later. Then she stripped off her own shirt and bra and wiggled
between Prue's spread legs, breathing in the sweet fragrance of her sister's
pussy, letting the earthen musk fill her lungs until she was lightheaded. She
guided her breast to Prue's slit and used her nipple to tease a pitiful moan
from her sister's lips. Such a beautiful sound!

But Phoebe wasn't the only one with an interest in Prue's cunt. Piper reached
down and began fingering Prue's sopping wet pussy, tracing the shape of their
sister's slit with the tip of her finger. The delicate touch had Prue purring
for more. And she was going to get it, too! Phoebe covered Piper's hand with
her own and between the two of them thrust four fingers deep into Prue's
cunt. Their sister howled with pleasure. But Piper silenced Prue with kiss,
letting Phoebe guide their fingers in and out of that slick hole.

And she did.

Holding Piper's hand in hers, Phoebe fucked Prue with their fingers. She took
Prue hard and fast. There was nothing subtle about it. Her pace was frantic.
Phoebe worked their sister into a writhing frenzy in no time. Piper's kisses
kept Prue from screaming but Phoebe could tell from the way Prue's cunt
tightened around their fingers that their sister was nearing release. But she
wasn't going to let Prue come just yet.

Phoebe eased hers and Piper's fingers out of Prue's cunt. She waited just
long enough to watch Piper slide sticky fingers into Prue's mouth then buried
her face in their sister's pussy, gorging herself on that sweet flesh. The
taste of her sister's pussy made Phoebe wild. Prue was delicious! And Phoebe
just could not get enough of it. She had spent countless nights between
Prue's legs, licking that yummy cunt for hours on end. Sometimes Prue had to
push her off before she licked her raw! Phoebe couldn't help it. She loved
tasting Prue and Piper on her lips. Later Phoebe hoped to have Piper spread
open in front of her, but for now she feasted on the delectable treat that
was Prue's cunt. She spread her sister's pussylips with her fingers and
pushed her tongue in deep, hungrily lapping up the sweet juices in that
brimming honey pot. After going without for so long Prue's cunt was an oasis
in the desert. And Phoebe was parched! She licked and sucked Prue's puffy
netherlips, wanting to make her sister crazy with need.

Looking up for a moment, Phoebe saw that Prue had Piper's T-shirt off and had
her mouth around their sister's breast. The look of sheer bliss on Piper's
face warmed Phoebe all over. Nothing made her happier than seeing her sisters
enjoying themselves. Their pleasure meant the world to her and she was more
than eager to give as much as she could. And at long last she had the chance!
Phoebe dropped her face into Prue's hot, wet flesh, her tongue disappearing
between the slick folds. She slurped up the sweet cream she found there,
getting her fill, slaking her incredible thirst. Prue groaned and arched off
the bed, hips thrusting to meet her ravenous mouth. Her sister wanted to
come, it seemed. And Phoebe wanted that, too. She used her fingers to expose
Prue's clit and flicked it with her tongue, making small circles around the
little nub before pressing her lips against it. Phoebe sucked Prue to climax,
dragging squeals of pleasure from her older sister. She kept at it until the
last aftershock rippled through Prue's cunt then rolled away with a satisfied

By the time Phoebe got to her feet Prue already had Piper flipped onto her
back and was helping their sister out of her khaki shorts. The Halliwells did
not waste time! She stood there and watched Prue peel off Piper's underwear,
sucking in a sharp breath at the sight of her two sisters naked and making
love in her bed. It was about time! Prue had a mouthful of tit and a hand
between Piper's legs, fondling damp flesh until Piper was whimpering. Phoebe
couldn't just stand there! She wiggled out of her jeans and panties then
climbed in beside Piper, drawing her sister's mouth to hers in one scorcher
of a kiss.

"Phoebe," Piper muttered. "Oh . . . Phoebe . . . Prue . . ."

"Does it feel good, honey?" Phoebe whispered into Piper's ear.

"Oh . . . yes. We waited too long, Pheebs . . ."

Phoebe kissed Piper on the forehead. Then she leaned over Piper and dangled
her breast in Piper's face. Piper strained to reach her like a fish in a
tank seeking flecks of food floating on the surface of the water. It was
fun to make her sister nuts like that but Phoebe couldn't tease Piper
forever. And besides, she wanted that mouth on her! Phoebe shifted position
and finally let Piper get at her tit. Piper snapped at her nipple, capturing
it as if afraid Phoebe would try to get away. But Phoebe had no such
intention. Piper's lips felt much too good suckling her breast. She ran her
fingers through Piper's long, dark hair, murmuring wordless approval as
Piper licked and sucked and nibbled her rock-hard nipples. Then Piper moaned
through a mouthful of her tit, and when Pheobe looked down and saw Prue's
head bobbing up and down between Piper's legs she understood why. How lovely!
Phoebe stroked Piper's hair, watching Prue going down on her sister while
reveling in the delicious sensation of the soft lips sliding over her nipple.
It was Heaven! But seeing Prue with her face in Piper's cunt made her want
those soft lips somewhere else.

Facing the foot of the bed so she could watch what Prue was doing, Phoebe
mounted Piper's face. She lowered her pussy onto her sister's waiting mouth
and groaned when Piper started to eat her from underneath. Goddess! Her
sister had a real talent! Phoebe loved riding both her sisters like this.
She could pump her hips and grind her cunt against their mouths or she could
tease them, hovering just out of their range. But right now Phoebe didn't
want to be a tease. She humped Piper's face, grunting with the effort she
put into it, bucking against the tongue Piper thrust up her pussy. It was
incredible! Phoebe rolled her hips in a slow, undulating rhythm, pinching
her own nipples while she fucked Piper's face and watched Prue going down
on their sister. Prue was practically up to her ears in Piper's searing
hot woman-flesh! Phoebe had no doubt that Piper would be screeching like a
banshee if she weren't smothering Piper with her cunt. But Phoebe wasn't
about to stop just so she could hear Piper sceam! Not when she was so close
to orgasm! Phoebe could feel her climax starting to build now, a dull ache
in the pit of her gut getting more and more intense with each second that
passed. She could tell from the effort Prue was putting into licking Piper
that her sister was also nearing release. Phoebe wanted them to come
together. She reached down and started rubbing her clit, furiously, timing
it out just right so when Piper arched off the bed in climax she was coming
too, thrusting against Piper's face, head tossed back, her cries of pleasure
loud enough for both of them.

Phoebe slid off Piper's face and kissed her. How she loved tasting herself
on her sisters' lips! She would have had Prue or Piper lick her just to taste
her juices on them after! Prue crawled up to join them, her face slick with
Piper's come. It was a tempation Phoebe could not resist! She took Prue's
lips in a fierce, passionate kiss, the rich taste of Piper's honey making
her want more . . as much as she could get, anywhere she could get it.
Phoebe kissed and licked Prue's face like a cat, cleaning off every drop of
sweetness she could before Piper wedged between them and took over. But
Phoebe didn't mind sharing. She sat back and watched her two sisters kissing
and groping each other, absently stroking her pussy while she enjoyed the
show Piper and Prue put on.

Never breaking the kiss, Piper rolled Prue onto her back and straddled her
on all fours. She slid her knee between Prue's legs and their sister answered
with a loud moan, clawing at Piper's back as Piper ground her knee harder
still into Prue's cunt. The two of them were so beautiful together!

On the sidelines, Phoebe continued fingering her cunt while Piper kissed her
way down to Prue's breast. Piper circled Prue's nipple with her tongue then
took the little nub into her mouth, sucking like a fiend. The memory of that
mouth on her breast was still fresh in Phoebe's mind so she knew well the
pleasure Prue was experiencing. Piper moved from one breast to the other,
slobbering all over them, leaving Prue's nipples red from her zealous
attention. Through it all Prue gasped and sighed, fidgeting impatiently on
the bed, making it clear to Piper and Phoebe what she wanted. And Piper
wasn't about to let Prue down. Phoebe slipped a finger inside herself as she
watched Piper's kisses move down Prue's flat tummy until at last reaching
the heat of their sister's cunt.

Piper dove right in, licking Prue's pussy with abandon. She slipped her
shoulders under Prue's legs, getting in as close as she could, covering
Prue's slit with her mouth. Their sister groaned in pained pleasure,
clutching fistfuls of bedcover as if she were holding on for dear life.
And knowing Piper's voracious appetite, that wasn't too far from the
truth! Piper could easily kill them both with that tongue of hers! Phoebe
worked another finger into her pussy, getting so hot watching Piper and
Prue that she thought she would explode without a little relief!

But seeing Piper's ass waving in the air gave her a better idea. She moved
behind Piper now, running her hands over the smooth globes of Piper's
buttocks. It was perfect! The most perfect ass Phoebe had ever seen! She
kissed Piper's fanny all over, her lips and tongue making that perfect
little ass glisten. Piper moaned into Prue's mound, leaving no doubt that
she approved of where Phoebe was headed. Phoebe spread Piper's ass cheeks
with her fingers and flicked her tongue over Piper's asshole. Piper moaned
again, louder this time, encouraging Phoebe to explore further. And she had
every intention of doing so. Phoebe circled the ring of Piper's asshole
with the tip her tongue then pushed inside, working deeper and deeper. Her
sister groaned and pushed back against her, wanting it so bad. And Phoebe
gave it. She fucked Piper up the ass with her tongue, sliding two fingers
into her sister's pussy for good measure. The combination had Piper mewling
into Prue's cunt.

Piper wasn't alone on the road to climax, though. Prue was right there
beside her, groaning in desperation. But it was Piper that came first.
Since Phoebe was fucking Piper underhand, it was no trouble at all to
massage the underside of her sister's clit from inside. She stroked the
little button with the pads of her fingers, burrowing her tongue ever
deeper into that sweet ass. The two-pronged attack pushed her sister
right over the edge. Piper came with a muffled scream, twitching like a
fish out of water. But she didn't let up on Prue . . . not for a minute,
keeping at it until Prue cried out, hips rising off the bed in the grip
of a thunderous climax. Only then did Piper let up, flopping onto her
back and panting for breath.

But Phoebe wasn't about to grant her sister respite. She nestled between
Piper's spread legs and lowered her mouth to Piper's hot, wet cunt as soon
as Piper was on her back. But Phoebe was gentle with her sister, lightly
flicking her tongue over Piper's tender slit. As she kissed and licked
Piper's cunt Phoebe felt the tickle of hot breath on her inner thighs. She
sighed. There was nothing she loved more than the three of them in a circle
on the bed, going down on each other. Phoebe spread her legs wider to give
Prue room, and with just a little maneuvering, the kind that came from lots
of practice, Piper was able to get her mouth on Prue.

Settling in, the Halliwells sisters got lost in each other. Time had no
meaning when the three of them were tangled up like this, each of them with
one of their sister's cunts in front of them. The room filled with the sounds
of their pleasure as the three sisters devoured one another, letting the
momentum gather at a slow, even pace, building to that inevitable moment when
the three of them came . . . together.

It was much, much later when Phoebe at last sighed with contentment. She
listened to the patter of rain hitting the roof of Halliwell Manor, snuggled
under the covers between her two sisters, their naked bodies pressed tight
against hers. For the first time in months she felt like a whole person, the
vague, disoriented feeling that had troubled her for so long nothing but a
memory to her now. There under the covers, naked, with Prue and Piper on
either side of her, all was right in the universe.

The Charmed Ones were together again.


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