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Date: 11/01/2007

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Graphic violence, strong language, voyurism, BDSM, female solo sex,
male solo sex, mind control, male/female sex, rape, female/female sex

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Leo/Piper/f

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Other Notes: This AU story is a birthday gift for Jenny McCarthy -- who was
born on the very first day of November, 1972 -- and takes place after an
episode entitled 'The Power Of Three Blondes'.

Summary: As soon as both Paige and Phoebe go out, Piper lays herself on the
living-room sofa and goes to sleep, only to have herself get woken-up by a
vengefull Mitzy Stillman.

Dedication: Happy 35th Birthday to Jenny McCarthy! -- ATK 2007

Charmed Revenge Of The Stillman Sister
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It was at a house within the City of San Francisco, California that three
young and beautiful maidens known as the Halliwell Sisters had discovered
that they had been granted a magical gift known as 'The Power Of Three' and
became destined to do battle against the dark forces on Earth with the help
of a handsome whitelighter known as Leo Wyatt.

And of course, even though they had lost one sister and gained a new one in
the process, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews are still able to
successfully destroy the forces of demonic evil and save innocent lives while
going through their own personal daily routines.

As a matter of fact, those very personal routines had been taken away from
them by a trio of blonde evil witchy sisters known as Mabel, Mitzy and Margo
Stillman in order for them to steal the Halliwell Sisters' powers as well but
that sinister plot has been foiled when the real Halliwell Sisters had used
their powers to get their idenities back and destroy all three of the evil
Stillman siblings.

Or so that was the case, because after both Paige and Phoebe had gotten
themselves all spiffed-up, said 'goodnight' to both Piper and Leo and stepped
out of the house to go on their romantic dates, the handsome whitelighter has
placed his gentle hand on his beloved wife's shoulder, gave her a small kiss
on the cheek and said, "I think I'll go upstairs and check on our little
bundle of joy. Okay?"

And after she had looked at her loving husband with a small smile on her own
lips and nodded her head in response to his question, Leo had gone up the
stairs and left Piper alone in the living room, which was where she had laid
herself down on the sofa, took a deep breath and allowed herself to relax.

Of course, that was before she had let out a yawn, closed her eyes and fell
into a deep sleep, only to have a mysterious female appear in front of the
still-slumbering Piper, grabbed a firm hold of her hair and gave it one hard
pull, causing her to let out a scream of pain, open her eyes and discover --
much to her shock -- that one of the Stillman siblings known as Mitzy had
reappeared with the look of anger in her eyes and revenge in her heart.

And as soon as Piper had looked at the evil blonde witch with horror and
confusion in her eyes, the enraged Stillman Sister had placed a vice-like
grip on Piper's neck and growled, "I was wondering when you were about to
ask about how why I'm still able to be alive, you fucking bitch!You see,
Piper!Just as the three of you Halliwell bitches were about to blast me
and my loving sisters straight to oblivion, I had ducked myself into the
next room!And while you were savoring your victory against us, I had
decided to get my sweet little ass out of here and wait for my chance to
get my revenge against you and the other Halliwell sluts!And since both
Paige and Phoebe are not here right now, I guess that I might as well
settle for you and Leo!"

And then, after the vengeful Mitzy Stillman has released her grip on Piper's
hair, raised up her hand and used her own magical power to cause a glowing
orb to appear, she had allowed that orb to glow brighter and bigger until it
had engulfed the entire room and opened a gateway in order to transport
herself and the helpless Charmed One away from the Halliwell house.

Just then, as soon as Piper had finally opened her eyes and discovered that
she had been stripped bare-ass naked and her wrists and ankles were tightly
chained to a wall in a dungeon-type room, the enraged Halliwell sibling had
tried as hard as she had possibly could to free herself from her bondage --
without any success -- and yelled, "MITZY STILLMAN, YOU FUCKING BITCH! AS

But of course, that was before a sinister smiling Mitzy had stepped out of
the shadows, let out a hearty doze of evil laughter and started pumping two
of her fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy and carressing her own tits
with the other hand right in front of her helpless prisoner just before she
had slowly licked her lips and said, "Guess what, Piper!Those chains that
you're wearing are made out of the strongest metal that the Netherworld has
produced! Oooohhhh, but where are my manners! You must be worried about your
beloved Leo!"

And then, after the sinister Mitzy had moved herself out of the way, another
humanoid figure had stepped out of the shadows and he had caused poor Piper
to stare at him with pure shock in her eyes, because the male stranger
happens to be a bare-ass naked Leo, who had placed himself in front of Piper
with a blank stare in his eyes and began stroking his stiff cock.

And as soon as poor Piper had allowed a single tear to run down her cheek and
softly say the word 'Leo', the mind-controlled whitelighter has moved himself
closer to his helpless bride, grabbed a real firm hold on her ears and
started licking all over her nude body -- all the way down to her exposed

And after the enslaved Leo had continued pulling harder and harder on his
helpless wife's ears and caused her to let out a scream of horrific pain,
the devilishly-gleefull Mitzy Stillman had moved herself closer to both her
mindless sex-slave and her nude prisoner, dug her sharp fingernails into
Piper's exposed breasts and said, "Yeeeessss! That's it, Piper! Let it out!
Let out that scream of pure pain and pleasure! Allow me to feed off of your
agony! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, after she had had slammed her one set of sharp fingernails into
Leo's bare back and began digging her sharp teeth into the tips of her
helpless prisoner's mounds, Piper had suddenly realized that in her bid for
revenge aginst those who had destroyed her sisters, Mitzy had transformed
into a succubus, a female demon that feeds off of pure sexual energy.

Just then, after Mitzy had allowed Piper to be released from her bondage
and Leo to place his stone hard dick inside her hot, moist snatch and start
licking on the helpless Halliwell Sister's pussy, Piper had suddenly became
so weak that she had no choice but to place her hands on the blonde demon's
silky-smooth naked thighs and begin sucking on her stiff mounds, causing a
sexually-energized Mitzy to place her hands on Piper's bare back and yell at
the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT, LEO! DO IT, PIPER!

And then, after the newly-transfomred succubus and her two helpless victims
had started moving themselves harder and faster and their lovemaking has
finally destroyed the Sorce of all evil on Earth, Leo, Piper and Mitzy had
all came and collapsed due to exhaustion just before the sinister-smiling
Stillman sibling had gotten herself back up to her feet, placed her hands on
her bare stomach and said, "Thanks, you guys! You were both really tasty! And
now, if the both of you would excuse me, I do believe that it's time for the
main course... and their names are Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews!"

And after the demonic Stillman Sister has turned herself around, let out
a strong doze of evil laughter and started walking out of the dungeon, a
still-weakened Piper had slowly lifted-up her hand with tears running out
of her eyes and screamed out the word 'NOOOO!!'

That was before a male stranger has placed his hand on Piper's shoulder and
caused her to wake up and discover that she was back safe and sound in the
Halliwell house and it was Leo who had woke her up just in time for him to
ask, "What is it, Piper? Are you okay?"

And then, after she had looked around the room to make sure that Mitzy was
actually nowhere in sight, Piper had closed her eyes and let out a sigh of
relief before she had placed her gentle hand on her beloved husband's arm
and answered, "I'll be okay, Leo. I just had a bad dream, that's all. But
as long as you're down here, would you stay with me... please?"



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