Charmed/Roswell: Demons, Aliens And Witches Part 3 (MFF,bond,rape,magic)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

The Halliwell Manor

Later that evening, Piper handed out potion ampules to everyone.

"I think this should be enough to discourage the demon or at least block him
for a while till we get him with the Power of Three," she told everyone, "so
if you encounter him throw the potion on him and call for help."

"You sure this thing will work?" Liz squinted sceptically at the bottle.
She had dabbled in chemistry at school and Max considered her his "little
scientist" so this thing with potions and witchcraft and magic was something
she wouldn't have believed ... had it been before she'd known that aliens
existed after all.

"Of course, it will," Piper was quick to reply, then added a more cautious,
"at least I hope so."

It was Max's turn to raise an eyebrow at that. Before he could say anything,
Prue was herding everyone upstairs.

"It's been a hard day for all of us today," she was saying, "we'd better all
get a good night's rest. I have this feeling that we're going to need it

Everyone nodded and headed for their rooms.

* * *

Liz woke with a start. She looked around but it was still dark, not pitch
black though as there was enough light from the streetlamps outside that she
could see what was around her. Liz wondered what had woken her at this hour.

"Max?" she whispered "Max?"

Max was asleep, face down and snoring lightly, muffled by the pillow. His
left arm was draped over her bare chest. Her nipples were still stiff from
the playful pinches Max had been giving them before they had both fallen
asleep. She lifted his hand off her breasts slowly trying not to wake him
and slipped out of the bed. She walked over to the bathroom and took a pee
then headed back to bed. Before getting back in, she padded over to the
window and peeked out at the empty street below. There was something ...
someone ... a dark shadowy prescence standing just out of the puddle of
yellow light given off by the lamp posts. Glowing red eyes looked straight
at her and flashed ...

She gasped ... but then it was gone, or it more probably had been a figment
of her imagination. Liz turned away from the window, yawned and got back in
bed, cuddling up against Max.

* * *

Somewhere in San Francisco

Liz woke again, this time because of daylight streaming across her face.
Still with her eyes shut she got up in a sitting position and stretched
feeling very relaxed after a good night's sleep. "Max you awake yet?" she
said sleepily. "Max?" but she got no answer. She opened her eyes and rolled
over onto his side of the bed ... and got the shock of her life. She was in
a different room. There was nothing in the room except for a bed, different
she suddenly realised from the one she had gone to sleep on and the window
which was in a different place from where she remembered it. She wasn't in
the Halliwell manor anymore! Not unless they had put her in another
unfurnished room while she was asleep. She realised she was naked and looked
around for her clothes. Obviously they weren't there. She had left them
draped over a chair and the chair wasn't here. Liz was about to panic. "Stay
calm, stay calm," she repeated to herself, "this can't be happening." She
took several deep breaths until she felt calmer then looked around again.

Opposite the bed was a door she hadn't noticed before. Had it even been
there a second ago? The teenage girl got out of the bed, feeling very self
conscious because of her nudity in strange surroundings and walked over to
the door, hesitated, then opened it. She peeked out and saw that there was
a large open plan area beyond, furnished as a lounge and dining area. As
far as she could see there wasn't anyone else around.

"I'd better go and look for some clothes" she said aloud as she tried to
work up some courage. Another deep breath and she stepped out of the bedroom
and tiptoed across the large room. Liz tried to stay on the carpeted areas
as the marble floor was cold against her bare feet. She explored the lounge
noting the red velvet couches and other ornaments, mostly made out of gold or
antique looking, all pointed to this being some rich guy's house. One wall
was entirely made up of large glass panes that could slide open to let one
out to the pool area beyond. She stood in front of the glass trying to find
a way to open it but there were no visible handles or latches. As she looked
out she could see a beautiful view of most of San Francisco Bay. She walked
along the glass wall trying to spot anyone in the garden or pool but it
appeared abandoned. Now she had reached the far end of the room and she saw
that there was another door here identical to the one she had just come out

She opened it and peeked in ... and ducked as a fist barely missed her face.

"Eeeeek!" she cried.

"Liz? Is that you girl?"

"Maria!? Oh Maria, yes it's me," she said hugging the blonde girl that
stepped out from the doorway, "what are you doing here?"

"I don't know and I was just about to ask you the same thing. Strange as it
may sound, I woke up in a bed and I was here like this."

"Oh, me too," Liz said noting that her friend was completely naked. She
suddenly felt self conscious again having gotten used to running around nude
in a strange house for the past few minutes.

Maria was looking around the room that Liz had already explored. Liz followed
her. Maria tried to open the glass doors.

"I tried already, they just won't open."

"You haven't tried hard enough Liz," and Maria smiled as she spotted just the
thing she had been looking for. A small sculpture made of bronze of a strange
half human, half animal horned creature on a low glass table. She picked it
up and hefted it high above her head.

"Stand back."

"Maria, do you think you should ..." too late, Maria had thrown the heavy
object against one of the panes and covered her face with her hands in
anticipation of the shattering glass. The sculpture hit the glass but with a
dull thump and the impact point seemed to glow blue and the object froze in
the air for a second before it fell to the floor. The glass remained intact
and both Liz and Maria said together,"Uh oh," as they realised that magic
was at work here.

"Good morning ladies," a resonant voice said from behind them and both girls
shrieked and embraced each other frightened out of their wits.

The owner of the voice was a tall, dark haired man dressed in a black suit
and red tie. If Liz and Maria hadn't been so scared they might have found
him handsome.

"What are two lovely ladies doing in my house?" he said looking them up and

Liz and Maria noticed his eyes roving over their nude bodies and they tried
to cover their breasts and groins with their arms and hands, their cheeks
blushing a deep red. Finally Liz found her voice.

"I don't know. We woke up here in those bedrooms and ..." she stopped. Liz
had nodded towards the bedroom door from which she had come out of ... but
the door wasn't there anymore. She looked towards the other door but it too
had disappeared and there was a cabinet filled with books against that wall.

"You were saying?" the stranger asked Liz with a smile forming on his lips.

"They were there ... I mean ... there were two doors ... er ... but now they
aren't there ... and ..." she stumbled over her words.

"Who are you and what do you want from us?" Maria said angrily as Liz stopped

"I don't want anything from you, I want the three witches. You are just a
way I can get to them, like the cheese in a mousetrap."

"So you are ... you are ..." Liz stammered.

"I am Samuel Maximilian, attorney, but some people know me as ... Gorthol,"
his laugh echoed off the walls for seconds afterwards as he discarded his
human form and appeared in his true demonic shape.

Liz and Maria screamed and screamed as the horrible monster they had seen
once before on their first night in San Francisco stepped towards them.

* * *

The Halliwell Manor

Max woke up and turned to kiss Liz but all he found was a pillow. He
looked around and saw her clothes on a chair. She must be in the bathroom
he thought. There was an urgent knock on the door.


Michael pushed the door open and ran in.

"Max, I can't find Maria anywhere. No one else has seen her since we went to
bed yesterday."

"Calm down Michael, she's probably around somewhere."

Michael saw the empty sheets near Max, "Where's Liz?"

"I think she's in the bathroom," he told Michael, then called out, "Liz?
Lizzie? You done?"

No reply. Michael pulled open the door to the bathroom. "Hey!" Max said
expecting to hear Liz's squeal of embarrassment and possibly a choice
expletive at having been exposed naked on the shitter by Michael. Nothing.

"See!" Michael told him in an I told you so tone of voice, "She isn't here

Max was starting to worry now. He got up and double checked the bathroom,
then he threw on some clothes.

"Ok, let's check the backyard and the street first. Go gather all the others
and see if anyone else is missing."

In minutes everyone was all over the house and outside calling, "Liz, Maria,
where are you?" but the two girls didn't answer.

Finally they met again in the Halliwell's hall.

"So, you're sure no clothes are missing?" Prue asked and both Max and Michael
nodded "and your van is still parked outside," more nods, "so they've either
gone for a nude stroll, which I doubt," she grinned at the thought, "or
something or someone has taken them from under our noses."

"I'll get the map and divining crystal," Phoebe said and ran up to the attic.
She was back in less than a minute with a crystal on a chain and a map of the
San Francisco area. She put it on a table and asked everyone to remain quiet.
Phoebe formed a mental image of Liz and Maria then dangled the crystal above
the map. Nothing happened for a moment then the crystal seemed to lean
sideways of its own accord and point to a location on the map. She pulled it
back to be sure and again the crystal seemed to jump towards that point on
the map like a magnet towards metal.

"That was quick," Piper said, "it takes me ages to find anything when using
that crystal."

"Oh, it must be because I have a connection to the girls right now," and
Phoebe looked up and smiled at Max, then at Michael who both looked rather
embarrassed, but didn't say anything.

"Hmmm..." Piper said not quite understanding but guessing what her sister
had been up to.

"Piper get all the potions you made and everyone get into my car. I think I
know this area, it's where I did a photoshoot for this rich guy once. There
are lots of mansions so its going to be difficult to locate exactly where
they are."

"Prue you never told us about this rich guy? Was he cute?" Phoebe asked,
always the same thing on her mind, "And what photoshoot did you do? You and
him nude together?"

"Phoebe!" Prue warned, "this is not the time for your dirty mind. If you
really want to know I took lots of photos of his house for a real estate
magazine." Prue paused as she recalled the episode and a wide grin appeared
on her face, "he was cute though and he made me waste lots of film, everytime
he pinched my bottom he ruined my shots."

Phoebe and Piper laughed but stopped when they noticed the dark looks on the
Roswell teen's faces.

"When you're finished," Max said in an icy voice, "we'd like to get on with
finding Liz and Maria."

"Oh, sorry," Prue said sheepishly.

Everyone piled into Prue's SUV. It was a tight fit but they managed and Prue
drove off running a couple of red lights and hoping that the cops weren't
around to stop them as they headed to the area of 'Frisco that the crystal
had pinpointed.

* * *

Somewhere in San Francisco

Liz and Maria cowered on their knees, hugging each other as the demon
advanced. It raised a massive hand above them and they shut their eyes
waiting for the inevitable to befall them. They waited ... but nothing
happened. Maria opened her eyes and saw the monster had disappeared and
the man was back. He laughed at their terrorised expressions.

"No, don't be afraid of me for now, I will not do you any harm. As I said you
are my bait and I need you alive."

Liz and Maria breathed sighs of relief.

"That doesn't mean that we can't have some fun while we wait," Samuel/Gorthol
said laughing again.

Liz and Maria gasped as he pulled down his fly and a huge, thickly veined,
monster of a cock sprang free.

"Suck it, bitches!" he ordered.

"No!" Liz and Maria said in unison, and they turned their heads away as he
swung his erect dick in front of their faces.

Samuel looked down at the two girls and sighed. "I did ask you politely and
you refused. Wrong choice." He raised a hand and chanted a short phrase in an
unknown language and Liz and Maria began to levitate off the ground, unable
to move a muscle. Both girl's eyes were wide open in shock and panic as they
floated a couple of feet above the floor. The demon left them suspended for a
few minutes then released them from his spell and they fell back to the

"What .. what did you do to us?" Maria said regaining her composure first.

"Just a small demonstration of my powers. Now will you blow me?"

"Never!" Maria said defiantly, though Liz didn't speak out this time since
she was still stunned.

"We shall see about that," and again Samuel raised a hand and both girls were
floating again, powerless to do anything, as he made them spin several times
around the room rapidly. It was almost like a rollercoaster ride but without
the rollercoaster and it was a terrifying experience for the Roswell teens.
It lasted for what seemed like ages before Liz and Maria found themselves
once again before Samuel's feet, gasping for breath and feeling dizzy.

"I shall ask you for the last time, so choose your answer wisely. Will you
suck me now?"

"No ... no ..." but Maria's voice was much weaker than before and tears were
streaming down Liz's cheeks.

Samuel's face clouded over, "Wrong answer you little uptight bitch. When
I order you to do something you should obey immediately or face the

This time Samuel's entire body gave off a glow as for the third time the
girls levitated, but instead of spinning them around the room as before he
stood them up straight on their feet, back to back, facing away from each
other. A wind blew through the room gaining strength until the curtains at
the far end flew off their rails and twisted themselves into long ropes. Of
their own accord they encircled the girls' wrists and ankles and attached
themselves to the walls and ceiling magically. This way Maria and Liz were
spreadeagled in an upright position their arms and legs forming an X as they
floated an inch off the floor.

When the wind died down, the glow on Samuel's body disappeared and he stood
back to examine his handiwork.

Liz was whimpering in fright as she tried to free herself but was only
hurting her wrists where the tightly bound material held her up. Maria too
was terrified but she still had a defiant look on her face as she glared at
Samuel who was facing her and leering at her exposed slit now clearly visible
because her legs were being held wide apart by her bonds.

Samuel moved close to her and fondled her groin.

"Don't touch me you fucking asshole," she shouted angrily and spat in his
face. He raised a hand and Maria flinched thinking he was going to strike
her, but he only wiped her spittle off his chin and licked it off his hand.
Then he bent towards her and kissed her on her full lips his long tongue
darting hungrily into her mouth even though she tried to resist it. When he
finally removed his mouth Maria was gasping for air though she managed to
utter several expletives which Samuel laughed off as compliments.

He went around Maria, to face Liz. "Ah, unlike your friend, you are being
very quiet, my little one," he said as he put a hand under her chin and
raised her face towards him.

"Leave Liz alone you shit eating bastard," Maria shouted unable to look back
to see what was happening behind her.

Liz was sobbing quietly. "Please can you let us go?" she begged in a barely
audible voice.

"Ah I'm afraid not, I will release you only after I've dealt with the
witches. I only wanted a little bit of fun, but your friend spoilt it all.
Now, my dear, you are going to have to suffer for her mistakes as she is,

"What are you going to do to us?" Liz said a look of terror on her face as
she saw him rubbing his cock, "Maria..? Maria is he going to ..." she gulped
when the ten inch long penis leapt up and began sway to and fro as if it had
a life of its own.

"There is no need to be afraid of this. I am sure that in time you will enjoy
it," and he pressed his cock against her groin until it began to slide into

Liz screamed as the large member penetrated her tight cunt without any
lubrication. She screamed again and again as the demon in human form raped

"Stop it, stop hurting Liz," Maria was shouting unable to help her friend as
she felt Liz's body push against her back as Samuel had his way with her.
"You cocksucker, you dickhead, you piece of sh ... " she stopped in mid-word
as she felt something slide against her thigh. Puzzled she looked down
between her wide open legs and ...

... and she screamed. There was a purple penis head peeking out from between
her legs but that was impossible. From the way Liz was moaning, Maria was
sure that Samuel was still inside her friend, so how could it be that his
cock was against her leg? She saw it twitch and grow longer ... it actually
seemed to move like a snake, writhing up her thigh until it stopped just
short of her slit. Then it leapt forward and rammed into her with lightning
speed and Maria cried in pain and terror as the thing slid into her pussy.

"Aaaaghh ... no, please, please ... uggghh" Liz sobbed as Samuel fucked her
roughly. She barely heard Maria's cries of terror as she too was raped by
what could only be Samuel's other cock! Soon Liz and Maria both began to feel
something else probing at them, this time at their assholes. Liz assumed that
Samuel was using his fingers but she soon realised it was too big to be a
finger as it pushed against and then into her anus. Her eyes opened wide but
her throat was hoarse from all her screaming that only a loud gasp came out
of her mouth as she was double penetrated by a single man.

Maria still had her voice and she was using it, but to no avail. She too
was being double penetrated by this unearthly creature as she realised with
horror that she and Liz were being fucked simultaneously by four dicks
belonging to the same person.

"Oh god no," Maria wailed after ten minutes of constant pounding into both
her holes, "I can't take this any longer."

Liz was only semi-conscious even though Samuel was giving her a bit less of
a harsh treatment than he was giving Maria for having dared disobey him. The
rape of the Roswell teens continued for several more minutes before Samuel
felt the prescence of his prey, the Charmed Ones, relatively close by.

He increased the pace at which he was fucking Liz and Maria for several
strokes then came simultaneously from all his four cocks, jetting a huge
quantity of his jism into both cunts and assholes, before the cocks
withdrew and merged back into one.

"I warned you that it would be easier to just give me a blowjob," he told
Maria as the girls slumped forward in exhaustion and pain but still being
held up in the air with the magical bonds. Then Samuel stepped back into
the growing shadows and disappeared.

* * *

"It's this one," Phoebe shouted, "I'm sure of it."

Prue slammed on the brakes and they came to a stop at the front gate of
another mansion. "This is the third time you've said that."

The first time Prue had heard moans and cries and thinking that Liz and Maria
were in danger, had blown the gate and a couple of doors off their hinges
only to find a couple of 50 year old men watching a porno tape while a woman
in her late twenties and wearing a French maid costume sucked one of them
off while she whipped the other's bare buttocks. The witches and aliens had
excused themselves and left hurriedly before the men decided to call the
cops. Luckily, Isabel and Max repaired the damage Prue caused so as not to
leave any evidence of their powers behind.

The second time they had used a stealthier approach and Michael had climbed
over the garden wall to get a look at what was happening inside the house.
Michael didn't return after fifteen minutes had passed and Max was worried
that something had happened to him. So Prue again blew the gate apart and
they had charged into the house all set to battle demons only to find Michael
sitting by the pool as five big titted, blonde babes in skimpy bikinis a
couple of sizes too small, sat around him giggling while he fondled them.

When he saw Max, Isabel, Prue, Phoebe and Piper all looking at him he said
meekly, "Hey, these are all Playmates on vacation but they told me Hugh
didn't send any guys with them and they're so bored ... Max, this is Katya,
she's Sharon ..."

Isabel grabbed him from his ear and dragged him out of the house ignoring
the bunnies' protests.

After their first two misadventures, Prue decided that she'd go in herself
then call the others if it was the correct house.

"Help me up," she told Max as she clambered over the wall and he willingly
placed a hand under her buttocks and pushed her over.

When she was over the wall she looked around. She had come down near a pool,
but the place seemed deserted. Opposite the pool a glass door took up most of
the wall of the house and she headed towards it. Prue tried looking inside,
but it was dark and the glass was acting like a mirror. A search for a handle
or a lock proved fruitless. She looked around and decided using magic was her
only way in. She raised her hand and used her telekinesis to push aside one
of the glass panels ... but much to her surprise it didn't budge. She tried
again, willing it to move even harder ... this time the glass glowed in
response to her magical effort.

"Aha!" she said aloud. Magic was protecting this place so this must be where
Liz and Maria were being held. Prue ran back to the wall, "Come over, this is
the place," she called out.

Max helped Phoebe up and over the wall. She didn't really need any help as
with her powers she could easily jump over it but Max didn't know that and
she had seen how he had grabbed Prue's ass while lifting her. So she allowed
him to push her up and actually leaned her weight backwards so that Max had
to really grab a handhold on her shapely butt so as not to let her fall.
Piper went next shaking her head at her sister's slutty antics, then Michael,
Isabel and finally Max himself.

They reached Prue outside the glass doors and together they tried to use
their combined powers to open it. Max, Michael and Isabel blasted it and
tried to disassociate its molecular structure, Prue tried to push it apart,
Piper tried to blow it up and alternated that by freezing portions of it
in time and finally Phoebe took a running leap and high kicked it. This
was the last straw as the entire glass wall glowed a brilliant blue then
shattered into a million shards as the energies thrown against it overcame
its magical protection.

"Liz!" Max cried out as he saw his beloved wife naked and hanging from the
ceiling. Michael was in before him and cradling Maria in his arms as he
pulled at the cords that were around her wrists.

"Oh Liz, what have you been through, it's over now," Max told her soothingly
as he freed her and laid her gently on the floor, kneeling over her and
feeling her over for any injuries which he could heal. Liz opened her eyes
and looked up at him and for the first time in several hours she smiled

"I knew you'd come to save us," she whispered relaxing in her husband's arms.

Suddenly a voice from the shadows of the far corner of the large room said,
"Ahhh how sweet. Isn't she a cutie? Her lover and all her friends to the
rescue. Pity they didn't come earlier or they'd have joined in the fun."

Max got up from near Liz and faced the shadowy figure. "What do you mean by
that?" he growled.

"Ahh, he pretends not to understand. I gave pleasure to your wife and to the
other girl in a way you or anyone else are unable to give. They will remember
it for the rest of their lives, which unfortunately for all of you is going
to be very short and very unpleasant." With that Samuel transformed into
Gorthol and raised both hands above his head while chanting a spell in an
ancient language.

Before he was able to complete it though, Prue, Piper and Phoebe
simultaneously threw their little ampoules of potion at the demon. Isabel,
Max and Michael also threw theirs and large volumes of smoke rose from where
the liquid hit the creature and it contorted its face in pain as its skin
and flesh began to dissolve. Gorthol gave out a hideous roar and then

"Did we kill him?" Max asked.

Prue shook her head. "No. If we had he wouldn't have disappeared like that,
he'd have literally gone up in flames. But I think we hurt him enough to keep
him away for a while."

"Isn't there a way of defeating him completely? While San Francisco is a
great place I don't think we should stay around here forever," Isabel said,
"as much as I hate the FBI alien hunters, I'd choose them anyday over

"I think there is a way," Piper replied after thinking it over for a minute.
"I read in the Book of Shadows that we can create a potion strong enough to
defeat a demon of Gorthol's power by using a bit of his body while he was in
human form like a bit of his flesh ... blood ... hair ... anything really ...
but we haven't had an opportunity to do so."

"Piper?" Liz said from the ground, "would ... err ... " she blushed shyly,
"... would semen be any good?"

"Yeah, I guess so ... if we found some way to extract it from him while in
human form, but who's going to volunteer?" she smiled meekly at her own lame

"There's no need to," Maria piped up, "we already have," and she inserted a
finger into her own dripping pussy and scooped up a glob of the demon's cum
still oozing from her, "and if you need more Liz has loads in her, too."

"Oh," was all Piper could manage as she realised what the two girls had just
been through.

To Be Continued


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