Charmed/Roswell: Demons, Aliens And Witches Part 4 (FF,f-mast,oral,food)
(thanks to DrBlasphemy for suggesting this novel use of tabasco)
by Bob Decker - [email protected]

The Halliwell Manor

A week had passed since their last encounter with the demon Gorthol and he
hadn't made any obvious attempt to attack them again yet.

Fortunately, Liz and Maria had recovered quickly from the imprisonment,
violence and subsequent rape that he had subjected them to, though Liz
sometimes broke down in tears and Max had to hold her tightly until it

It was a sunny, warm day in San Francisco and Phoebe decided she'd go for a
swim to break the boring routine of waiting for a demon to strike.

"Who wants to go swimming with me?" she announced as her sisters and the
Roswell crew gathered in the kitchen for breakfast.

Max looked at Liz and she nodded. "We'll come," Max said, knowing that they
all needed a break from this tension.

"That sounds nice. I haven't been for a swim in ages," Maria said.

"Then it's us too," Michael said putting an arm around Maria's shoulders.

"I'll pass," Isabel said without even bothering to ask her husband Jesse if
he wanted or not.

"Ok, great. Prue, Piper, Kyle?"

"Were will you be going? Your usual beach?" Piper asked emphasizing the word

"Yeah, why?"

"Ha! I should have guessed. No, I won't be coming and I don't think Prue
will either after what happened last time."

Prue laughed, "Yeah, she's right. I'm not going back to that beach anytime

"Oh you two are becoming fun hating old hags," Phoebe snorted, "Grey Whale
Cove is such a great place and it's a quiet beach, not crowded like all the
others." But Phoebe knew she wasn't going to convince her sisters after their
last trip there which had turned out to involve lots of other things, none of
which were swimming.

Max listened to this exchange and raised an eyebrow at Prue who shrugged at
him. "Oh it's nothing, I'm sure you're perfectly capable of taking care of
yourselves and not letting Phoebe get you into any trouble.

Kyle opted out also, preferring to remain in the company of Piper. Maybe
later he'd convince her to go out with him around town and maybe a sunset
stop at some secluded spot.

So everyone lent a hand to prepare sandwiches and lemonade which they tossed
into a large picnic box as well as several bottles of sunblock lotions and an
hour later Phoebe and the four Roswell teens were on their way to Grey Whale

* * *

When the kitchen was quiet again, Isabel prepared some scrambled eggs and
toast and began to tuck in. Prue had remained behind in the kitchen too,
following a news channel on the small tv set, to check whether any of the
incidents, murders and other bad news had any supernatural connection. She
was sitting opposite Isabel and couldn't help noticing how the blonde girl
was liberally coating each mouthful of scrambled eggs with extra-strength

"That must be hot," she muttered.

"What?" Isabel said in between mouthfulls.

"That tabasco you're using. I tried a few drops yesterday and they burnt a
hole in my tongue, yet since you've been here you must have been taking 4 or
5 bottles a day."

"I don't feel it at all," Isabel shrugged, "I guess it's just how our alien
physiology functions. Max says we need lots of very spicy foods for our
bodies to work properly, or maybe we just have a taste for it. I don't
really know."

"Oh well, I've seen stranger things," Prue said and turned back to the tv.

Isabel's hand holding her fork full of scrambled eggs stopped in midair
between her plate and her mouth. She looked at Prue's long mane of raven
black hair as Prue tossed it to get a strand out of her eyes. Her beautiful,
bright green eyes. Isabel had been fascinated with those eyes ever since
she'd first seen them. Their emerald green color shone whenever they caught
the light in a certain way and Isabel didn't know why but she was immensely
attracted to them.

"I'm sure you haven't seen anything stranger than what I do with tabasco
sometimes," she whispered her voice catching as she was about to reveal a
secret which even her brother didn't know about.

"What's that?" Prue asked turning to face Isabel.

Isabel met her gaze and stared into those green pools for an eon, though
only mere seconds passed.

"So?" Prue prompted.

"I use it to ... I put it ..." Isabel was blushing fiercely, suddenly
realising now that it might not be such a good idea after all to reveal
this secret to the woman sitting in front of her.

Prue waiting patiently for the girl to say whatever she was going to say,
but an entire minute passed with Isabel just growing redder and not making
a sound.

"So what else do you use tabasco for?" Prue prompted again.

"Ahhh ... no ... just forget it," Isabel finally said.

"Now you've really made me curious," Prue grinned, her high cheekbones rising
and her eyes crinkling cutely which somehow made Isabel blush even more.
"C'mon, tell me, tell me," she insisted.

"Oh well," Isabel relented somehow unable to resist Prue's pleas and
infectious grin, "but we'll have to go upstairs and then I'll show you."

"Ok, lead the way," Prue and Isabel both went upstairs to Prue's bedroom and
Isabel brought along her half empty bottle of tabasco. Prue was wondering why
Isabel needed the privacy of the bedroom and couldn't just show her in the
kitchen when her unvoiced question was answered. The statuesque blonde sat
down on the edge of the bed and hiked up her skirt revealing her white

"Uh oh," gasped Prue in surprise at what Isabel was doing. But now that Isabel
had decided she was going to show Prue her secret, she didn't stop and soon
her panties were down around her ankles. She kicked them off and sat naked
from the waist down on Prue's bed.

"When I was around twelve years old," Isabel began, "I began to get these
strange sensations down here," she said pointing with a finger between her
legs. Prue nodded. It had happened to her too at around that age. Puberty.
And the need to relieve the tension that built up by masturbation. It was
a thing most young girls went through even when one was an alien hybrid
and the other a witch.

Isabel continued, "and I'd rub my ... my ... " she blushed again,
embarrassed to say such things even in front of another woman. Prue nodded in
understanding. "So one day just rubbing it wasn't enough and I don't know why
but I got this idea in my head that I needed to put something inside of me. I
couldn't find anything in my bedroom that was the right size or shape and I'd
never heard about dildos then. The next day I was putting tabasco on my
burger at the Crashdown ... it's the place that Liz's dad runs in Roswell ...
and I realised that that small bottle was just the right size," Isabel
laughed loudly as she recalled that episode, and now feeling more at ease in
front of Prue.

"You can't imagine how quick I ran home from the Crashdown. I didn't even
pay for my burger. Max was chatting with Liz ... they were eleven years old
both of them and they had a crush on each other even then ... and he must
have thought I had gone crazy, running out with a bottle of tabasco in my
hands. Anyway, I got to my bedroom and worked up all the courage I could
before pushing the bottle in thin end first. It was perfect. Just the right
fit and it got me off in no time at all. I just lay there in total bliss for
half an hour, a little bottle of tabasco sticking up out of me." Isabel
laughed again and so did Prue at the funny yet erotic mental image.

While she had been telling her story, Isabel's hands had been busy. She
had spread her legs wide, raising one of them onto the bed, exposing her
womanhood. As she remembered her first use of a foreign object within
her, her lips had slowly parted and she had become quite wet. As she had
explained how she rubbed herself, her actions mirrored her words as her
long fingers slipped down over her stomach and over her neatly trimmed
patch, before dipping into her slit.

Prue shifted uneasily on her chair opposite Isabel. Hearing the girl's story
and seeing her start to masturbate herself so openly in front of her was
turning her own. She could feel a growing damp spot on her panties as she
tried to keep her thighs pressed tightly against each other, but it was a
losing battle. As usual Prue was wearing a thin top without any bra and it
was obvious that she was excited as her naturally large nipples were now
poking against the thin material as they grew even more. Her hand
involuntarily brushed against one of them and she began to roll her nipple
slowly between thumb and index finger as she watched Isabel pleasure herself.

After several minutes of silence except for Isabel's muted gasps she opened
her eyes realising that Prue was still there watching her and that she had
stopped telling her story. Isabel smiled when she saw Prue holding her
breasts and playing with her nipples. She continued, "So there I was lying
on my bed, a twelve year old who had just discovered how pleasant using a
dildo can be when I hear the front door open downstairs. It could have been
mom or dad, though it probably was my brother, but any of them could have
just walked into my room at any moment and seen me like that. I was in shock
and was trying to pull the tabasco bottle out of me while pulling up my
panties at the same time. I don't know exactly how it happened, but I assume
the cap was screwed on loose or had somehow come undone while I was using it.
Anyway, here I was trying to get dressed in fear of being discovered at any
moment when I feel this liquid fire inside my vagina. I don't know if I lost
consciousness because all I remember is that I must have cum four or five
times in a row and that I was moaning and screaming loudly enough to be heard
from our neighbour's house. As I came to my senses I heard Max knocking on my
door asking what was wrong with me and to open the door. At least I had
locked it so he never found out what I had just done." Isabel was breathless
and her eyes were glazed over as she recalled the intimate details of her
first multiple orgasm caused by applying tabasco directly to the very
sensitive inner flesh of her pussy.

Prue had leaned forward on her chair as Isabel's story had gotten literally
hotter and hotter. Her panties were a complete damp mess now and she was
itching to get them off as they were making her uncomfortable. And this thing
with tabasco ... wow! Prue thought, that must have been incredible, to make a
twelve year old cum like that. Then Prue saw that Isabel was unscrewing the
cap on the half full tabasco bottle she still held in one hand.

"Isabel, you're not going to do that again now ...."

"Yes, I am ... after that time when it happened accidentally I used it
several times and I always get my best orgasms that way. No man can satisfy
me in the same way as a little bit of this stuff can."

Isabel lay back on Prue's bed and while spreading her labia with the fingers
of one hand, she poured several drops of extra-strength tabasco onto her pink
inner skin. Her entire body shuddered as the small bottle slipped from her
grasp and fell onto the carpeted floor. Her hands grabbed the bedsheets in a
vise-like grip and her back arched off the bed.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhh," she cried several times, "Ohhhhhhh
fuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkk," she screamed as her hips bucked the air wildly
four, five, six times before she fell back exhausted and covered in a
sheen of sweat.

"Oh wow," was all Prue could manage as she saw Isabel's reaction to the
tabasco. "That's amazing Isabel, oh god, I can't take this anymore ...."
Prue got up and pulled down her jeans and wet panties and lay down on the
bed near Isabel. She began to rub her groin furiously as Isabel, who was
slowly coming back to her senses, watched the older woman in amazement
only now realising how all her actions must have aroused her.

"Prue? Prue?" Isabel whispered as she got off the bed and stood before the
masturbating witch.

"Ugggh ... oooh .. yeah, what do you ... aaaghh .. want," Prue managed to
reply in between gasps as her fingers slid inside her wet love tunnel and
her thumb flicked at her erect clitoris.

"Can I ... err .. help you?" Isabel stammered still embarrassed by this turn
of events even though she had just had a multiple orgasm in front of Prue.
"Please," she added as she saw Prue stop suddenly and look at her with
concern. Both women couldn't understand how this thing could have progressed
so far but as it just happened they were both quite pleased with how it was
turning out.

Prue smiled at her, reminding Isabel how beautiful her eyes and face were
especially when she smiled. "Sure, help yourself."

Isabel knelt on the floor between Prue's spread legs and gingerly placed the
tip of a finger on Prue's puffy cunt lips. She slowly circled the wet slit
before inserting her middle finger up to her knuckles into Prue's warmth. She
slid it out again and saw that her finger was all wet, coated in a sticky,
transparent fluid. She's really turned on, Isabel thought, as she reinserted
two fingers this time and began to push them in and out in a rythmic motion.

"Oh yes, that feels so good, Isabel ... aaaghh yes, faster, faster," Prue
purred as the younger blonde beauty fingered her.

Prue continued to rub her own clit as the Roswell teen now had four fingers
deep inside her cunt. She suddenly had a flash of inspiration! If she had
been a bit more lucid, she would never have had such a thought, but in her
aroused state as Isabel masturbated her it seemed a very interesting idea.

"Isabel ..."

"Yes, Prue .. you want me to stop?"

"No, no .. I've just had an idea"


"Is there any tabasco left in that bottle?"

Isabel looked around on the floor until she spotted the bottle. Fortunately
it had landed upright and its contents hadn't spilled onto the carpet though
that would have been a simple thing for Isabel to clean up with her alien
powers. It was only a quarter full now.

"Yes, there's still a bit left. Why?" then Isabel's eyes opened wide as she
realised what Prue had in mind. "Oh no, I don't think you should do that.
Remember, unlike me, you're only human."

"I want to try it anyway. I saw what happened to you and I want to experience
that sensation for myself. Anyway, if I react badly to it I can call for Leo
and he'll heal me immediately."

Isabel was still worried, but Prue had a point. She had a whitelighter at
her beck and call and all she had to do was shout his name and he'd come
even if he was on the other side of the world, or even on another plane of

"Ok, ok," Isabel grinned, "here it comes. Don't fight it. Just relax and let
it do its job." She picked up the bottle and spread Prue's cunt lips apart
as wide as they would go. Then she slowly upended the bottle and dripped a
tiny amount of tabasco into Prue's pussy. Her reaction to the liquid making
contact with her inner pink skin was immediate and amazing. Her eyes rolled
back into her head until only the whites were showing. Her entire body
arched up off the bed until only the back of her head and her heels were
supporting her.

A low moan escaped from her mouth rising into a crescendo like a breeze
turning into a raging hurricane. Her piercing scream lasted for an entire
thirty seconds, before subsiding into a series of ragged gasps. Then her
body flopped back down onto the bed and her legs opened wide again. Her
hips bucked up and down in a rythmic motion resembling a sine wave for
several seconds before she gasped again and came, not once or twice or
even three times .... in fact Isabel couldn't even tell how many times
Prue came because it looked like one long orgasm. And a very wet orgasm.
During normal sex, Prue usually came wetly. She squirted easily unlike
many women who never had any sort of liquid ejaculation. It turned some of
her lovers on, it bothered some of them. It came as a very wet surprise to
Isabel who was kneeling a foot away from her groin.

A spray of thick, white female ejaculate squirted out of Prue's pussy hitting
Isabel straight in the face. More streams of the cum, though slightly more
liquid and transparent now continued to shower the Roswell teen who knelt
there without moving, unable to react quickly enough to get out of the way.
Her blouse was soaked in no time at all and it stuck to her skin, outlining
her large breasts. A final stream arced into the air this time coating
Isabel's bare stomach and flowed down slowly over her patch and into her
groin. She could feel the slimy female cum drip down her face and over her
lips, its intense aroma making her nostrils flare. Isabel opened her mouth
cautiously and stuck her tongue out to taste Prue's fluid. Mmmmmmh, that
wasn't so bad, she thought. She licked her lips clean, then looked at the
source of that goodness. Oh yes, she thought, not bad at all, and she leaned
forward and buried her face in Prue's juicy snatch.

Prue had just experienced her best orgasm ever and she was still dazed, but
when she felt Isabel's tongue lapping at her cunt, she automatically grabbed
the back of Isabel's head and pushed it towards her, making her insert her
tongue even deeper. "Oh yes, Isabel, fuck me with your tongue baby," she

Isabel lapped harder and deeper as she could still taste the tabasco she
loved so much in this glorious pussy. She was soon in a frenzy of alternately
penetrating Prue deeply with her tongue and sucking at Prue's erect clit.

"Fuuccck! Fuuuckkk! Fuccckkkk!" Prue cried, grabbing and twisting Isabel's
hair in her fists, as incredibly she came again though not as wetly as
before. She relaxed and let go of the Roswell teen's head and Isabel gasped
for air as she came up from one of her longest and most intense bouts of

"Oh my," she said, "that was amazing," as she wiped some of the wetness of her
face with the back of her hand.

Prue grinned at her and stood up. "We'd better go and take a shower to clean
up and cool off before the others come back and see what we've been up to."

Isabel smiled back at her. "If you want we can take the shower together."

"Sure, that sounds .. interesting," Prue said, "oh and that tabasco was
incredible. No wonder you aliens love it. I have to tell Piper to buy a
whole load of it. It's certainly going to spice up my sex life from now

to be continued...


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