Charmed/Roswell: Demons, Aliens And Witches Part 5 (MF,FF,oral,hand,exhib)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

Grey Whale Cove

The sandy beach was protected from three sides by low hills or what may have
been large sand dunes covered with reed like grasses. Max, Liz, Michael and
Maria followed Phoebe as she led them along a narrow path over the hills and
down towards the sea. It was a ten minute walk from the parking area down to
the beach, but although the sun was hot, there was a pleasant cool breeze so
it was quite enjoyable.

"So here we are" Phoebe said as she kicked off her shoes and ran around on
the sand enjoying the feel of the grains beneath her bare feet. She laughed
happily and her laugh was contagious. Soon the other four Roswell youngsters
had forgotten about their difficult situation and were chasing each other
and laughing merrily.

Liz shrieked when Max grabbed her from behind and pulled off her t-shirt in
one quick move. She was wearing a small, strapless bra, since she hadn't yet
worn the one piece swimsuit she had brought along in her bag. She put her
arms across her chest and blushed as everyone looked at her, then Max laughed
followed by the others.

"Honey, you're on a beach. You didn't think you were going to swim in your
clothes?" Phoebe asked her.

Liz giggled then finally took her hands away from her chest and put them
down by her sides, relaxing slightly. Then she turned to Max and suddenly
shouted "Now I have to get that shirt off you" and she grabbed his top and
tried to pull it over his head. They ended up in each others arms laughing
and shrieking wildy as Liz tried to wrestle the stronger Max out of his
clothes without much success.

"Hey let me help you Liz" Phoebe shouted as she dashed towards the couple and
deftly grabbed one arm of Max's top and began to pull. Together the two young
women managed to remove the shirt, though it came away in two pieces. Max
laughed then turned towards Phoebe and tried to grab her top. "Payback time"
he cried, but Phoebe was quick on her feet and she jumped back.

"You missed, you missed" and she stuck her tongue out at him. Max stepped
towards her and she stepped back ... only to bump into Michael who had
silently come up behind her and blocked her escape route.

"She's all yours, Maxwell" Michael said as he grabbed Phoebe's arms and held
them behind her back.

"Awwww, it's not fair" she said as Max caught up with her and put his hands
beneath the shoulder straps of her halter top. Phoebe didn't struggle though
when Max pulled the stretchy material down and over her large breasts. He
wasn't ready for the surprise though and his hands fell to his side when he
realised she wasn't wearing a bra and that he had just removed her top.

"I'm ... I'm sorry ..." he mumbled as Michael stepped back from Phoebe,
hoping that she wouldn't slap him too after she dealt with Max.

But Phoebe just giggled at the serious looks that had appeared on the teen
alien's faces.

"What's wrong with you? Haven't you seen a pair of naked breasts before?"
Phoebe said breaking the embarrassed silence, and she jiggled her large boobs
at the stunned Max.

"Err .. yes .. no .. I mean .." Max looked at Liz who had a strange look on
her face. She probably was angry at him for doing what he had just done to
Phoebe. After all, Liz was his wife and he couldn't go about stripping other
girls in front of her even if they were on a beach.

Then his eyes bulged. "Liz ...?" he gasped.

Liz had reached behind her back to undo the clasp of her bra. The next second
it fell to the sand to reveal her petite, untanned breasts topped with pink
nipples. She giggled shyly and wiped away a strand of her long hair that had
fallen over her face. "I've never gone topless before, but there's a first
time for everything I guess. We're in California now" she shrugged, her small
tits bouncing up and down from this shoulder movement.

"Ohh" was all Max said wondering why his wife had become so uninhibited.

From behind them someone cleared her throat. It was Maria. She had watched
this little scene unfold before her eyes with growing disbelief. Max taking
off that slut Phoebe's top while her spaceboy Michael held her. Little
innocent Liz Parker taking off her bra on a public beach. Whatever next?

"Have you all gone mad?" Maria said "I've just seen a group of people go by
and they were looking at you."

"Don't worry, Maria" Michael said as he pulled off his own top "what's wrong
with a little nudity while we're at the beach? It's not as if we're stripping

"Yeah, he's right" Max interjected "I'm gonna go for a swim and I'm not going
to do that in my shirt.

"Hrrrmmmph" Maria muttered as she saw that she was outvoted four to one. "I
wasn't talking about you guys, but Liz has never gone topless before, we
always went to swim at the Roswell swimming pool in our bikinis" she argued
"I'm not going to judge Phoebe but I bet it's natural for a sl ... err,
someone like her" she almost spat.

"Oh come on, Maria, don't be such a prude" Liz said.

"A prude?" Maria gasped not believing her ears "look who's talking. The Liz
Parker I know would never behave like this. Back in Roswell you were always
so shy, you didn't even want Max to kiss you in public a couple of years ago,
and now your tits are hanging out for all to see!"

Before Liz could reply, Maria squawked with a mixture of surprise and shock.
Michael had come up behind her and pulled off her top. Her bra came off a
second later before she could even open her mouth to say something. Her tits
too were untanned, but they were slightly fuller and rounder than Liz's,
though they came nowhere near Phoebe's.

Her cheeks were burning a bright red as she covered her nice hooters. Finally
she managed to sputter "Michael .. you .. you .. I'll pay you back for this"
and with that she was running after Michael with her fists raised and her
breasts bouncing up and down.

Max, Liz and Phoebe all laughed uproariously as Maria chased Michael around
in circles. Finally Michael stumbled over a rough patch of sand and fell.
Maria was onto him in a flash and she tugged at his pants determined to get
them off him as payback. Though he was stronger than her, he was laughing
too much to put up a fight and she soon had undone the buttons and pulled
his pants down around his ankles. Silence again descended on the group of

Michael wasn't wearing underpants and his dick was semi-erect. Liz's mouth
was slightly open and she snapped it shut audibly when she realised that
she was about to drool at the sight. Next to her Phoebe clapped her hands
together happily and jumped up and down.

"Yay, let's all go nude. I love skinny dipping" she laughed and in seconds
she had pulled down her short shorts. Obviously she wasn't wearing any
panties, not even a thong. The Roswell teens all turned to look at the young,
sexy witch as she stood there completely naked, large breasts and shaved
pussy exposed to the breeze. Michael's semi-erect cock lept at the sight and
it was Max's turn to drool.

Liz noticed her husband's look and was about to give him a poke in the ribs,
but then decided against it. She could play that sort of game too and in
seconds she had pulled down her jeans and after only the slightest bit of
hesitation, her panties soon followed. She stood there naked, trying to look
normal, but inside she was totally embarassed and was fighting hard against
her natural instinct to cover her groin and breasts. She knew that four pairs
of eyes were on her, examining her body in every detail. She knew that at
least two pairs of eyes were looking at her with lust, one pair was her
husband but the other pair belonged to Michael. She didn't realise that a
third pair glowed with lust too as they roved over her young body, and that
they belonged to Phoebe.

She giggled shyly as Maria told her sternly, "Whatever's gotten into you

"Nothing Maria, come on let's just have a bit of fun. After all the bad
things that have happened to us why can't we just relax and enjoy ourselves?"

"Liz is right" Phoebe exclaimed "she has such a great outlook on life, just
like I do. Come on don't be a spoilsport Maria, take off that skirt and let's
go have a swim. You're the only one with clothes on ... well, almost the only
one" she said and winked at Max who still had his jeans on but had started to
remove them as she spoke.

Maria looked at Michael, then at Liz and Max, then turned back to Phoebe ...
all of them were standing around her in the nude. "Oh what the hell" she
exclaimed finally and pulled down her miniskirt. She hesitated a moment, then
she pulled down her panties too and kicked them onto the pile of clothes that
had built up on the sand.

"There. Happy now?" she muttered as she tried to keep her legs tightly
together to avoid displaying her slit.

"Yeah" Max said as he stood naked too, his flagpole at attention "very
happy." Maria was so sexy, he thought, though Phoebe was even sexier. He
felt his cock grow harder at these thoughts and he wondered what Liz was
going to think about his stiffness.

"Way to go, Maria" Phoebe grinned.

"Yeah, babe, you rock" Michael said.

"See, it wasn't so difficult, once you get over the initial embarrassment"
Liz added having worked up lots of courage herself to go naked.

Suddenly Maria screamed, "Oh my god" and she dived for the pile of clothes
and tried to put her skirt back on. Liz looked around to see what had spooked
her friend and then she too was scrambling for her clothes.

"Calm down, calm down, it's ok" Phoebe told them "don't bother to dress."

"What? But can't you see those people over there. They're looking this way.
I bet they're gonna call the cops and say that a bunch of pervs are frolicing
nude all over the beach" Maria said in a panicked voice.

"No they won't" Phoebe said as she turned around towards the group that was
approaching them slowly and waved. "Look closely at them."

Maria stopped trying to insert her left leg into her miniskirt and looked.
"But .. but .. they're .. they're all naked too" she finally gasped.

"Yup" Phoebe nodded "did I tell you that this is a naturist beach? No? Oh,
silly me" she laughed at her feigned forgetfullness. "Come on get up and
let's go say hello. I know a few of these people .. a couple of them
rather .. ehm .. intimately" she giggled again loudly.

The Roswell teens exchanged stunned glances as they realised that Phoebe must
come often to this nude beach and that she probably did much more than just
swim or lie in the sun.

"I should have guessed" Maria muttered under her breath "what a slut!"

"What was that Maria?" Phoebe asked looking at her, her eyes becoming cat
like slits.

"Nothing .. nothing" Maria replied a bit too quickly. She was going to add
something else but the group of people, mostly men in their twenties and
thirties, but also several young women, had arrived next to them and were
being greeted rather enthusiastically by Phoebe.

She hugged a few of the guys, her large breasts flattening themselves
against the men's chests. "Hi Luke, it's so nice to see you .. oh Dan, do
you remember what fun we had last month .. hey is that you Frank? You've
really ... grown .. since I last saw you."

Some of the newcomers, all of them without a single strip of cloth on them,
were eyeing Liz and Maria, both of whom were trying to hide their naked
bodies behind the bodies of Max and Michael.

Phoebe introduced them to the naturists. "These are my new friends, Max,
Liz, Michael and Maria. This is the first time they're coming to this type
of beach, so take it easy on them."

"For their first time they look perfectly at ease" the tall, blond guy whom
Phoebe had called Luke said as he smiled at Liz who shyly smiled back at him
as her eyes flicked down to the huge ... thing .. he had between his legs.

Phoebe and the Roswell teens spent a few more minutes chatting with the
group before they said their goodbyes and went further down the beach and
began setting up a few umbrellas and beach towels.

"See, that wasn't so hard" Phoebe told them and indeed the Roswell teens
soon relaxed in the hot sun as they lay on the sand, forgetting their total
nudity, enjoying the feel of the breeze across their bare skin and the
silence broken only by the constant lapping of the gentle waves across the

* * *

Maria finally broke the silence. "Michael can you put some sunblock on my
back please."

"Sure Maria" Michael said a bit too eagerly as he found the bottle of
sunblock, spread some on the palm of his hand and began applying it to
Maria's shoulder blades. Maria closed her eyes as her boyfriend rubbed
her back ... yeah this was great she thought as he massaged her back
with the cool lotion. His hands moved lower and lower until they reached
the small of her back and then were going up and over her bare ass
cheeks ....

"Hey!" she exclaimed when she finally realised that Michael was touching her
bum "whaddya think you're doing mister?"

"Relax, Maria, I'm just making sure you don't get sunburn down here. You've
get pale skin on your ass so I bet it will be quite painful if I don't put
on a good dose of sunblock."

"Oh .. I'm sorry Michael .. for a moment I thought you were getting carried
away" she blushed when she heard Liz and Phoebe giggle from where they were
lying on the sand.

"So, you want me to stop?"

Maria had been enjoying her massage and Michael was right. "No, no, continue,
but don't get any funny ideas" she warned him.

"Sure, babe" and he slapped her firmly on her right ass cheek.

"Oh you!" she half turned to face him, but when she saw the wide grin on his
face and heard Liz, Phoebe and Max laugh, she grinned as well and said, "I'll
forgive you just this once" and shut her eyes again as Michael went back to
his difficult task of rubbing sunblock over her soft, luscious ass.

"Michael, when you're done with Maria can you do my back too? That looks
soooo good" Phoebe said as she batted her eyelids at Michael.

"On no you don't!" Maria piped up immediately, 'you fuckin' slut' she added
mentally, as she felt Michael's already half erect penis spring up and poke
against her thigh at Phoebe's words.

Michael grinned sheepishly at Maria and Phoebe and he was about to say
something when Maria grabbed his ball sac and squeezed.

"Aaaaahhhh" he mouthed and gulped loudly when Maria finally released her
grip. Properly chastised, Michael lowered his head and continued to rub
sunblock over Maria's thighs. All thoughts of sexy Phoebe left his head
especially since Maria's hand still hovered dangerously close to his balls.

* * *

Lying in the sun got boring after a while and the Roswell teens and Phoebe
decided to go for a swim. They ran down to the shoreline and into the water.
Soon they were having fun in the water, chasing each other and the girls
shrieking whenever Max or Michael - who were quite good swimmers - caught up
with them and pinched their bare bottoms. It wasn't fair even though it was
three against two, the boys were winning and the girls' bums were beginning
to get a bit sore and Liz said so.

As a way of begging forgiveness, Max dived down into deeper water and came up
holding a few seashells. He used his alien power to fuse them together in a
necklace which he gave to Liz. She put it around her neck proudly as Phoebe
gaped in awe wishing that she had such a nifty power and a bit jealous that
Max had given it to Liz and hadn't made one for her too.

By noon they were ravenous and they tucked into the sandwiches and lemonade
that they had brought with them. Soon the picnic hamper was empty and the
5 youngsters lay back on the sand feeling full and content. Any lingering
doubts about running about completely naked had long since vanished from
their minds. The hot sun and full stomachs took their toll and they fell
asleep with blissful smiles on their faces.

* * *

Liz woke with a start and looked around. A couple of hours must have passed
because the sun was lower in the sky. The others were still asleep, but she
had woken because of a rather urgent need which she felt in her bladder.

"Should I just dig a hole in the sand or do it in the sea?" she wondered

"Eh?" Phoebe had opened her eyes but was still half asleep. While she
yawned, Liz repeated her question. Phoebe got up and stretched, arching her
back which accentuated her already large breasts. Liz looked at them in awe
suddenly understanding why Max and Michael seemed so infatuated by the witch.
Guys always seem to go for big tits she thought.

"Nahhh, see that little cabin over there?" Phoebe pointed to a wooden cabin
in the distance painted white and blue. "There's a bathroom over there next
to a small shop that sells snacks and tourist stuff. Come let me show you,
I need to walk out the stiffness in my back anyway."

"Ok, let's go ... " the cabin was several hundred feet away and she could
see that in that area the beach was quite crowded, " ... ehm, should I take
a towel with me to cover myself or ..." Liz said again feeling shy about
walking nakedin front of strangers.

"Oh no, there's no need at all .. if you feel embarassed or anything just
grab hold of my hand and squeeze tight."

Liz smiled, putting on a brave face, and the two women set off together
towards the cabin.

On the way, Liz looked straight ahead as she felt what seemed to be
thousands of pairs of eyes roving all over her young, nude body but she
needn't have worried. There wasn't a single man, woman or child anywhere
on the beach with a single piece of clothing. As they got closer to the
cabin, it was Liz who had begun to glance down quickly at the men lying
on the sand and mentally comparing all the different dick sizes and shapes
with Max's. She finally came to the conclusion that indeed, Max was well
hung, though a few specimens seemed better proportioned, however she would
be able to tell only on closer examination. Liz giggled at the thought
and Phoebe looked at her quizzically, raising an eyebrow, but Liz kept it
to herself.

They arrived at the cabin and went around to the back, where two doors had
the signs, "Ladies" and "Gents".

"You go first Liz, I've seen an old friend" Phoebe told her then turned to
a tall, well built and obviously nude guy who was approaching them "Oh hi
Bobby, it's been such a long time since I last saw you. How are you?"

"I'm fine honey" Bobby said bending down to kiss the shorter Phoebe on her
lips. Then he turned to Liz "And who's this fine babe?" his white teeth
glowing in the sunlight as he smiled at her. Liz grinned back at him and her
eyes unconsciously moved down to his groin. She let out a gasp. Though it
was not erect, the guy's cock was bigger than when Max was in full erection.

"That's Liz, Bobby" Phoebe said when she saw that Liz wasn't going to speak,
her attention elsewhere "and she's pleased to see you" she added grinning and
Liz turned a bright red and she looked down at her toes.

Bobby laughed loudly, "Yeah, looks like it to me. Welcome to Grey Whale Cove,
Liz. Don't be embarrassed. First timers like you always don't know where to
look, but believe me, you'll get used to it just as Phoebe here has. I can
tell you she was just as nervous and shy when she first came here and met me"
he laughed again.

"Oh Bobby, I was not!" and then she jumped and squealed as he slapped her
playfully on her shapely butt.

Liz shifted uneasily on her feet finally finding her tongue, "It's been a
pleasure to meet you Bobby, but I really have to go" and before he could
reply she ran the few steps to the Ladies room and locked the door behind
her as she sat on the toilet and relieved herself. She sat back in the
coolness of the bathroom and sighed wistfully thinking about the huge penis
that Phoebe's friend had.

Outside, Phoebe had a sly look on her face as she whispered something in
Bobby's ear and he grinned widely.

"Are you sure, Phoebe? I mean, it's her first time here and she looks quite
young. From her innocent looks I'd say she's a virgin."

"Is that going to stop you Bobby? Don't you remember when you first met me
several years ago. I was sixteen and it was my first time at this beach also.
Anyway, Liz is older than that, can you believe she's actually married to
this .. guy." Phoebe had almost said 'alien' and that wouldn't have been the
right thing to do!

"Really? She's married? Oh!" Bobby grinned again "that means she's fair game"
and both he and Phoebe laughed out loud.

* * *

Liz was about to leave the bathroom when she spotted a hole in the wall. It
was a couple of inches in diameter and was at roughly waist level near the
toilet. It had a colorful design painted around it and there was a small
bronze plaque with some script on it. She looked closer and read it aloud,

"The Grey Whale Cove Glory Hole, carved out by the Southern California
naturist chapter founder, Lee Payne Nelson, for the pleasure of all
naturists, August 23rd, 1964."

"What the hell is a Glory Hole" Liz wondered aloud and why would someone
attach so much importance to a hole in the wall that they'd fix a bronze
plaque next to it? Her curiousity getting the better of her she sat back
on the toilet and leaned over to look through the hole .... and almost got
her eye poked out.

Liz yelped and leapt backwards as something long and hard came through the
hole almost hitting her face. Oh my god, a snake was her first thought, then
she looked closer in the dim lighting and saw that it wasn't a snake but ...
but .. it was ... oh my god, that's a cock!!

Liz got up and rushed for the door but it was locked from the outside "Hey,
let me out. Phoebe? Are you out there? Please help me. There's a pervert here
sticking his cock in a hole! Help! Phoebe!" but no one answered her and the
door remained locked. She looked back at the Glory Hole. Oh god, the cock was
still there and it twitched occassionally. What was she going to do? Five,
then ten, then fifteen minutes passed and she was still locked inside with
the cock which remained basically unchanged though she was sure it had
shrivelled slightly since she had first seen it. This was crazy! Someone had
locked her inside and now was sticking his penis in at her. If only she had
brought her cell phone with her she'd have called 911 immediately. Where the
hell was Phoebe anyway? Probably still with that guy Bobby ... maybe she was
behind some bushes right now fucking him for all Liz knew! "Please anyone"
she shouted again "unlock the door!" but either noone heard her or they were
ignoring her pleas.

Finally she gave up and sat back down on the toilet her leg almost in
contact with the dick. Suddenly an idea flashed into her head. Could it be?
she thought, is that really what the Glory Hole is used for? "Oh what the
hell" she mumbled out loud, "if this is the only way I'm going to get out of
here ..." Whoever was on the other side of the wall must have had lots of
patience, she thought, to remain standing there all this time with his cock
stuck in a hole. "Ok" she called out speaking loudly so that whoever was
there would hear her, "I'll dothis if it means that you'll let me out of
here, but don't even think that we'll take this any further, mister" she
warned in her bravest voice though it didn't sound very brave to her at all.

She gingerly touched the patient penis with the tips of her fingers. It
jumped slightly and she pulled her hand back as if afraid it was going to
bite. Liz took a deep breath and this time grabbed hold of the cock firmly
with all her fingers and pulled the foreskin back just as Max had shown her
how to do. Soon she was jacking off the cock at a fast pace and much to her
amazement it had grown a couple of inches, the large head a bright purple
color, with veins throbbing along the length of the massive member.

A drop of milky white fluid formed at the tip of the glans and seemed to
sparkle in the dim lighting. Though Liz just moments ago would never have
dreamed of doing anything of the sort, the droplet seemed to be calling out
to her ... so she bent her head forward and gingerly licked the droplet off
with her tongue having done this several times to Max and knowing how much
he liked her doing it. By now Liz was feeling positively turned on by the
situation. She had been naked all day under the eyes of perfect strangers,
now she was in a ladies room with a stranger's cock in her hand ... well,
she was going to make the most of it, though if Max found out he'd probably
be furious. The taste of the pre-cum on her tongue made her want more, so
without even thinking about it she leaned forward again and opened her mouth
wide and swallowed the entire head. She rolled her tongue around it feeling
it twitch inside her mouth and much to her joy, it released another droplet
of the tasty fluid which she swallowed eagerly.

Feeling braver now, she took another deep breath and then swallowed even
more of the huge penis, taking as much of it as possible right to the back
of her mouth while moving her head back and forth rapidly. Through the wall
she could hear several muted moans which meant that whoever was on the
other side was enjoying her blowjob. Liz took the cock out of her mouth and
grinned. Being an amateur at this sort of thing, she was doing quite well
all considered. She lowered her head below the cock and looked up at it,
then stuck out her tongue and flicked it for half a minute at the underside
of the glans, just where it met the retracted foreskin. She knew it drove
Max wild, now she knew that it wasn't just Max. A stream of cum erupted from
the pisshole and flew over her face and anded on her shoulder and back.
Caught by surprise, she straightened up to avoid getting all messed up, only
to receive the next eruption square in the face, splattering all over her
nose and right cheek. Liz opened her mouth to say something, anything, to
stop this guy from doing what he was doing - not realising that this was
just not possible. The third gush sprayed straight into her open mouth and
hit the back of her throat. She almost gagged, but reflexively managed to
swallow the cum just in time for the next blast.

Fortunately for Liz, the cum had slowed to a trickle as she couldn't swallow
anymore and her mouth was so full of the thick fluid that it dribbled out of
the corners of her mouth, down her chin and onto her pert little breasts. It
was then that she realised that since she had been holding the cock with one
hand, all she had had to do to avoid the cum was to point it elsewhere.
"Doh!" she spluttered, barely able to talk with her mouth full.

The cock retracted from the wall and moments later she heard the lock on her
door click open. But Liz had another idea. After all she wasn't a cold fish.
She had feelings, emotions and this second her hormones were working in
overdrive, her libido was in 5th gear, her .... yes, innocent little Liz had
to admit, this situation had made her cunt sopping wet. In one word, she was

"Hey" she shouted "wait a moment, I'm not done yet. Come back right now!"
She heard footsteps on the other side of the wall as whoever had unlocked her
door returned to the other side of the Glory Hole.

"Stick it back in" she ordered and she could just imagine the puzzled look
on the guy's face. After a moment of hesitation he complied with her demand
After all, who wouldn't hesitate? She had waited for fifteen minutes before
even touching his cock and had been so embarrassed and afraid to do so, and
now all of a sudden she was making him shove it back into the hole!? Deep
down, even Liz was surprised at her actions, but she went through with them.
Of course it wasn't fair that she had pleasured this guy and that he'd just
turn away and leave her all hot and excited without a way of properly getting
off herself. No way, she thought. And with that she turned around, her butt
facing the Glory Hole with the large and still stiff cock poking out of it.
She walked backwards until she felt the cock's tip make contact with her ass,
then she reached around and grabbed it in her fist and guided the huge penis
into her wet and open slit. She leaned forwards, pushing her butt towards
the wall as the cock penetrated her slowly but surely the full length of her
love tunnel.

"Oh yessss" she moaned "oh fuck yesss" as the cock hit her g-spot on its
first penetration and without even having entered for its entire length. Liz
waited for the guy to start pounding his cock in and out of her then realised
that it was quite difficult for that to happen considering a wooden wall
seperated them. The problem was easily solved though, and Liz began to rock
back and forth on her feet, slowly at first, spearing herself on the hard

Soon the little black haired minx was fucking the guy with the same ease as
a seasoned whore. Her cries of joy could be heard throughout the little cabin
and for several feet beyond. People who heard them grinned knowingly, most of
them having frequently used that Glory Hole to give or receive pleasure.

Liz slammed herself backwards a final time, the huge tool again
penetrating her deeply and touching her most sensitive erogenous zone. "I'm
cuuummmmmingg!" she screamed in a high pitched voice as her vaginal muscles
quivered and spasmed in a multiple orgasm. The young woman suddenly fell to
her knees, the cock slipping out of her easily, coated as it was with her
juices and its own cum. She panted heavily to regain her breath, then stood
unsteadily and cleaned herself as best as she could with water from the
small hand basin.

When she was done and about to leave, the door opened and Phoebe came in
her mouth wide open in a massive grin. "Liz I never knew you had such sexual
energy inside of you. I'd have never guessed how wild you can get!"

Liz smiled back weakly, "So I guess you heard everything?"

"Yeah. To tell you the truth I was in the men's room with Bobby and ..."

Liz's eyes opened wide.

"Oh. You mean that .. that ... that was Bobby? Oh my .. I should have
guessed from the size of that cock."

Phoebe nodded at her. "Bobby says he really enjoyed it. In fact I think he
found your little show even more interesting than the one I gave him all
those years ago. My first time with the Glory Hole, I didn't dare give him
more than a blowjob."

Then Phoebe's previous words finally penetrated Liz's sex clouded brain and
a look of despair came over her face.

"You mean you were in there with him watching the whole time?" Liz squeaked,
blushing a bright red at having acted like such a total slut, and done so
literally in front of Phoebe Halliwell, slut extraordinare. "Oh my god" she
whispered, "please don't tell Max, please." Liz felt the tears well up in
her eyes sure that Phoebe would tell Max about her little escapade with Bobby
and her marriage would be in ruins.

"Well, I wasn't really watching ... I was more like ... oh how shall I put
it?" Phoebe paused for a moment, "while you were deciding what to do about
that cock in a hole for fifteen minutes straight, let's just say that I made
sure that it remained up to its duty" she giggled.

Liz's eyes opened even wider. "How did you do that?" she was curious at what
Phoebe had been up to.

"For one thing I spent ten minutes sucking his balls. Girl, I can tell you
that it gets boring after a while especially if you don't get a juicy reward
for your efforts. No wonder Bobby really showered you didn't he? He was
literally bursting at the seams after what I did to him before and during
your turn." Phoebe reached out to Liz's face and wiped up a streak of cum
that Liz hadn't noticed before when she had cleaned herself up. Liz
self-consciously flinched away, but then let the witch wipe it off with her
fingers and then lick her fingers clean.

"Anyway, when he blew his load all over you, I came to unlock your door. I
couldn't believe how you didn't rush out screaming. Imagine my surprise when
you call out to him to stick it back in. Wow! Not even I had the courage to
do that my first time. So I go back in with Bobby and there he is with a grin
on his face as you screw him" Phoebe took a breath, her breasts heaving up
and down on her chest "and while you were doing your very best to break down
the wall with your cute little tush, Bobby just couldn't keep his hands off
me .. actually, out of me, see ..."

Phoebe lifted up one leg on the toilet seat and showed a surprised Liz her
swollen, red pussy lips still glistening wetly from her juices. "While you
were sticking him, he was sticking me with his fingers and oh my was it
nice. I'm not really sure because I almost passed out with pleasure, but
for a moment or two I think he had at least four fingers if not his entire
fist up my cunt." Phoebe closed her eyes as she recalled the painful yet
immensely pleasurable moment when she had cum herself.

"Phoebe .. Phoebe ... what are you doing ..?"

"Eh? Oh yes .. sorry" Phoebe grinned sheepishly as she had gotten somewhat
lost in the memory of her recent sexual experience and had begun to rub her
still excited clit in front of a very surprised and rather shocked Liz.

"Oh well, we'd better be moving along to meet the others. They'll be worried
that we got lost or ..." her voice caught in her throat as the teenage girl
kneeling on the floor before her placed a hand on her thigh and moved it
slowly up to her groin.

"Liz do you think this is a good idea?" Phoebe said as the black haired
youngster's hand reached Phoebe's swollen pussy lips and began to spread
them. Phoebe noticed the strange look in her eyes and saw the young woman
lick her lips as she began to touch her. "Ohhhhh yes, this is a decidely
good idea" she finally had to admit as Liz's fingers circled her very
sensitive and still exposed clitoris and she tossed her head back and shut
her eyes.

Liz too wasn't sure if this was a good idea, but she was too turned on by
what had happened to her in the last hour to really think clearly. All she
knew was that Phoebe had just exposed her intimate parts to her and strangely
this had aroused Liz even more than she already was. Maybe it was because she
had just performed fellatio and had sex with a complete stranger and in the
novel situation of a Glory Hole. Maybe it was her way to involve Phoebe
directly in this and in so doing, she'd have her own little secret to spill
if Phoebe told Max about Liz and Bobby. Whatever it was, Liz found herself
reaching out for Phoebe's sopping wet cunt, attracted to its rich and spicy
aroma, but especially for that hard little bit of flesh that had been
sticking out of its sheath just begging to be touched. Phoebe moaned loudly
as Liz first rubbed her aroused clit and then much to both their surprise
sucked it into her mouth and began to tease it with her tongue driving the
older girl wild!

Soon, besides tongueing Phoebe's clit, Liz inserted her index finger between
the witch's puffy pussy lips, sliding it along the satin-like smoothness of
her labia urging them to open up further which wasn't much since Phoebe had
already been heavily aroused just minutes before. She was literally dripping
wet, so Liz's fingers were very well lubricated when she slid first one, then
two of them into Phoebe's hot hole.

"Oh yeah, baby, fuck my cunt" Phoebe groaned as she stood her legs splayed
apart, one on the floor and the other raised on the toilet seat. One of her
arms supported her against the wall, while the other hand was grasping a
bunch of hair at the back of Liz's head as she pushed the girl's mouth
against her pussy urging her to lick it harder.

By now Liz was breathless but Phoebe didn't let up. She pressed the Roswell
teen's face even harder between her legs until Liz had her tongue as deep
into her cunt as it could go competing with the three fingers she already had
in there. Liz was managing to breath only by twisting her head slightly to
one side so that her nose was not completely buried in Phoebe's wet slit.
Snorting in the heavily scented air was only arousing Liz even more than she
already was and she felt another orgasm on the way even though she wasn't
even brushing against her own clit.

"Mmmmmmh ... mmmmh .... mmmmh" Liz said.

"Harder, fuck me harder you little slut" Phoebe replied

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmh" Liz said again even more urgently and she buried four of
her fingers up to her knuckles into Phoebe's cunt while rubbing her thumb
across her clit. Her tongue lapped as wildly as she could at the older
girl's labia and finally Phoebe came heavily, relaxing her grip on Liz's
head allowing her to breathe properly again, even though she doused her
face with a spray of female cum. This brought Liz over the top and she too
came, moaning loudly as every muscle in her body trembled.

Phoebe's legs gave out from under her and she dropped to the floor next to
Liz and they hugged each other as their orgasms subsided. Finally they were
back to their senses ... almost. Phoebe kissed Liz on her lips and at first
the teen didn't reciprocate. Phoebe kissed her a second time and this time
Liz participated and even responded to Phoebe's probes with her tongue with
a bit of tongue action of her own. They broke away from each other grinning
widely knowing that if they continued like this, they would make love again
and Max and the others would probably call 911 to report them as missing.

"That was amazing" Liz said breaking the awkward silence.

"Yeah, it was great. Just as good as when I do it with Prue" Phoebe said
revealing a little secret to Liz whose eyes opened wide at the thought of
Phoebe and Prue, two sisters having incestual sex together.

After what had happened today, Liz wasn't going to remain shocked for more
than a few seconds at the thought of a lesbian tryst between sisters, so her
next words barely stunned her, "I'd love to do this again with the two of you
next time" she whispered shyly.

Phoebe grinned. "Yeah, it would be very nice, I'll see if I can talk Prue
into it. She can be such a prude at times" and she smiled at her unintended

"You do that" Liz said rather lamely as they helped each other up and walked
out of the women's room. Outside a crowd of people had gathered, mostly women
who had wanted to go take a pee, and all of them began clapping and cheering.
Of course they had heard all the sounds of love making and hadn't disturbed
the youngsters for it happened quite often on this beach, but Phoebe and Liz
were blushing a deep shade of scarlet by the time they had pushed through the
crowd and headed back towards the quieter area where they had left the

* * *

Maria woke up soon after Liz and Phoebe had left and after a moment of panic
at not finding her friend and the witch on the sand next to her, she located
them in the distance heading for a cabin. Max yawned and sat up.

"Shall we wake him or let him sleep some more" Max pointed with a toe at
Michael who was still lying on his back, his mouth half open as he snored and let
out an occasional sigh.

"Leave him till Liz and Phoebe get back, I guess" Maria replied shrugging
not really in the mood to chat with her boyfriend.

"Yeah, better leave him. I bet he's having some fun" Max smiled as he said

"What do you mean?"

Max pointed, this time with his hand, at Michael's lower abdomen. Maria
gasped. Michael had an erection - a huge ERECTION - and a beatific smile on
his face as he probably had a very intense and erotic wet dream.

"I bet he's thinking of Phoebe" Max ribbed Maria wickedly.

"You .. you .." she spluttered "The little son of a bitch" she said angrily
then regretted her words a moment later as she looked back at Max. After all,
who really knew who Max's and Michael's real alien parents were and whether
they were in any way related!?

Maria was about to wake Michael when she suddenly had a wicked idea. She
grinned at Max and he grinned back at her not knowing what was going through
her mind. Then his eyes opened wide in shock.

"Maria!?" he gasped "what are you doing?"

"Isn't it obvious?"

"Yeah .. but .. but .. people will see you"

"So what? They've been seeing us nude all day and you didn't find any problem
with that. Now what's wrong with me touching him? He's my boyfriend after

What had shocked Max so much was that Maria had gone down on her knees
next to Michael's sleeping figure and put her hand slowly around his thick
rod. Michael didn't awake, though he did sigh a bit louder and mumble
something ... probably thinking it was part of his x-rated dream. Maria
shamelessly began to pump her spaceboy's cock up and down right there on
the beach, in full view of anyone who happened by. She kept a slow rythm
so that he wouldn't be startled awake and she was quite satisfied when the
first droplets of pre-cum began to appear on the pink tip of his cock.

Max shrugged and leaned back again as he watched Maria's performance. He too
was feeling a certain hardness from watching the erotic scene and he crossed
his hands over his groin, but Maria was too occupied to notice. A few naked
couples strolling along the beach stopped to watch from a respectful
distance, though none of them seemed openly shocked or amazed by what the
girl was doing. Again, Maria was too intensely focussed on Michael's
pulsating cock to see she was the center of attention.

It wasn't long before her handiwork and Michael's own dream produced some
results. They flowed up creamily and thickly out of his pisshole and then
down and over Maria's busy hands as she milked him dry. The semen pooled
around Michael's groin, coating his pubic hair and sliding down his inner
thighs. Finally, satisfied that Michael was well and truly jerked off,
Maria sat back to a round of applause as the small crowd of onlookers that
had gathered around cheered her.

Her eyes were as big as saucers and her cheeks were hot enough to glow a
rosy pink as she realised that she had an audience.

"Whaa .. What?" Michael woke disturbed by the clapping "What's going on" he
said looking around dreamily as the small crowd dispersed leaving them alone
again, the show over.

"No..not .. nothing" stammered Maria, hiding her hands behind her back as
she hastily wiped the cum off on the sand.

The corners of Max's mouth turned up slightly as he tried to suppress a grin
from forming on his face and giving away Maria's dirty little secret.

Then Michael felt the warm stickiness between his legs. "Ooooops" he said
blushing, glancing at Maria and Max from the corners of his eyes, hoping they
hadn't noticed what had happened while he had been dreaming about Phoebe ..
a dream that involved Phoebe in a variety of highly erotic poses and wild

"I'm going for a quick swim" he said getting up awkwardly and running towards
the waves breaking on the shore as an excuse to clean himself up without
being too obvious and using a towel.

When he was out of earshot, Maria and Max looked at each other and laughed
out loud.

"So who's the slut now?" a voice said from behind them and Maria leapt out
of her skin.

Phoebe and Liz were back and much to Maria's chagrin they had seen everything
and to top it all, Phoebe had probably heard her before and was throwing it
back into her face. Damn!

"At least I do it to my own boyfriend, not to the first stranger I meet on
the street" Maria retorted hotly.

"Well when that happens I take the guy to some dark alley or behind some
hedge not in front of an audience" Phoebe responded in kind.

"You ... you ... whore" Maria's voice bristled with suppressed anger.

Phoebe was going to say something nasty in return and Max got up to avert a
catfight when they were literally saved by the bell. Phoebe's cell phone
began to ring from her bag. It was Prue.

* * *

The Halliwell Manor

Prue had been busy about the house putting things back in order and cleaning
the mess that had accumulated in the few days that they had guests. She was
bending over and putting a pile of plates into one of the kitchen cupboards
when someone slapped her on her tight jeans covered rump.

"Hey!" she cried getting up and turning "that stung!"

Cole grinned and put his hands up "Sorry, could't resist. Seeing you bent
over like that just as I appear is too much even for a half demon like me."

Prue grinned too. No matter how much she and Cole would argue, she still
enjoyed flirting with him ... whenever Phoebe wasn't around. It wouldn't do
any good to make her younger sister jealous.

"So, besides feeling up my butt, what did you come back for? Phoebe is down
at the beach with some of those kids."

"Yeah, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. I've been down there .."
he nodded towards the floor, meaning the underworld, ".. and I've heard some
interesting .. rumors."

"And they are ...?" Prue probed when Cole paused.

"Gorthol has put a price on the heads of your alien friends. Bounty hunter
demons are already trying to locate them. When they've been eliminated
Gorthol thinks that it will be easier to move against you since you won't be
supported by their alien powers."

A frown appeared on Prue's face. It was bad enough that Gorthol was trying
to kill the Charmed Ones. But that was part of the job. When they became
witches they knew most of the risks and accepted them. That innocents like
Max, Michael and Isabel as well as their human friends became involved
directly in the eternal battle of good and evil because a demon thought it
would be easier to kill them first made Prue angry.

And when Prue was angry, demons died in droves!

... to be continued


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