Charmed: Shutterbug (FF,inc)
by JT Langdon

The smell of something delicious wafting from the kitchen lured Prue
Halliwell from her darkroom in the basement of Halliwell Manor, the home she
had grown up in and now shared with her two sisters. She ambled up the stairs
to find Piper hunched over the stove, looking good enough to eat in a pair of
faded jeans and a pink sweatshirt.

Feeling such things for one of her sisters was a recent development, but
also, it seemed, a natural one. Nothing could have prepared her for the
intense, sometimes overwhelming, attraction the three Halliwell sisters
had for each other. It defied common sense. And yet, there she was in the
doorway, staring at Piper in the most un-sisterly manner. She watched
Piper for a long time without making her presence known, content to watch
her sister putter around the kitchen.

Standing there, Prue didn't know what she wanted in her mouth more . . .
whatever Piper had simmering on the stove, or just Piper. There was a good
chance she could have both before the night was through and the prospects
made her stomach growl. Piper caught her leering and smiled.

"Well look who it is," Piper said. "I thought you were gonna hide in the
basement all night."

"I wasn't hiding," Prue said, getting a Diet Coke out of the fridge. "I was

"Ah," Piper said. "And how's it going?"

"Lousy." Prue sank into a chair with a sigh and popped open her can of soda.
"I shot ten rolls of film this morning and didn't get one decent picture."

"Oh, I'm sure there are lots of nice ones," Piper said. "You're just being
hard on yourself, as usual."

Prue took a sip of Diet Coke. "Yeah, I took some nice pictures . . . if I'm
doing a travel brochure for San Francisco. I need something more artsy to
send this photography contest. And God, is that making me hungry! What are
you cooking over there?"

"Tomato and basil soup," Piper said. "And I have sourdough bread in the

"Oh yum," Prue said. "When do we eat?"

"In about an hour."

"Great," Prue said. "I'll open a bottle of red wine and we can get pickled."

Piper smiled at her. "Look, why don't you just have Phoebe get naked and take
some pictures of her? Lord knows she strips her clothes off every chance she

"Yes," Prue said, grinning wickedly. "I do love that about our little

Piper took part in the knowing grin the Halliwell sisters now shared, a grin
that had been tugging at their lips since the night the three of them had
become lovers as well as siblings. That night had been a special one for them
. . . and an important one, cementing the bond blood and witchcraft had

"Yeah. It is kind of endearing, isn't it?"

"It sure is," Prue said.

"So? Why not do that?"

"Well," Prue went on, "a tasteful nude shot would be nice . . . especially in
black and white. But Phoebe won't be back until Sunday and I gotta have my
entry into the magazine by tomorrow."

"You'll think of something," Piper said.

And Prue did think of something. She got the naughtiest idea of the night
. . . and then came a grin to match it. "You know, Phoebe isn't the only
sister of mine who looks good without any clothes on."


"Oh, c'mon Piper!"

"No, Prue. Absolutely not."

"Please? Pretty please?"

"I am not letting you take pictures of me in the buff," Piper said. "You send
them to this contest and the next thing I know they're posted all over the
internet. Nope. Sorry. I'll flash my boobs to you, Phoebe, and Leo. That's

"I won't do any head shots," Prue said. "No one will know it's you. I swear."

The moment of silence that followed made Prue optimistic she'd put a chink in
her sister's armor, then Piper waved her off.

"No. I can't. Uh uh. I won't have some fourteen year old kid in Dumbfuck
Nebraska jerking off to me naked. Even if it is from the neck down."

Prue took a deep breath and sighed. "Okay, how about this. Let me take a
few pictures and if you don't like what you see I'll burn them and the

"Hmmm," Piper murmured in a skeptical tone. "You promise?"

"I swear," Prue said.

Piper gave her a long, hard look then nodded. "Fine. You're just gonna bug me
about it anyway, so we'll take the damn pictures. But you'll never persuade
me to let them out of this house."

"We can fight about that later," Prue said.


Prue jumped up and gave Piper a hug. "Thanks. You are the best sister in the

"Uh huh. Go get your camera. I'll wait for you upstairs."

Prue gave Piper another hug then went back down to the basement, giddy with
excitement. This was perfect! A subtle, understated nude shot was just the
kind of picture that could gain her recognition as a photographer. She
grabbed her camera and a roll of black and white film, feeling better and
better about her chances of placing in the contest.

In the time it took Prue to get her camera and run upstairs, Piper had gotten
undressed. Prue took one look at her sister sitting there on the edge of the
bed and melted, hands trembling so hard she feared she might drop her new
camera. Though none of them had been timid about being naked around each
other growing up, things had taken a different turn in Halliwell Manor over
the last twelve months. Taking showers together or sharing a bed, activities
once rife with childhood innocence, had new meaning for the Halliwell
sisters. It was in that context Prue looked at Piper now.

"You are so beautiful," Prue muttered.

Piper blushed. "Thanks."


"I suppose," Piper said. "You're not gonna go all Larry Flynt on me and take
close-ups of my labia, are you?"

"Just for me and Phoebe," Prue replied, scowling. "Now shut up and lie down
on the bed."

"All right, all right. Don't get snippy, Prudence. I'm the one naked and in
front of the camera, remember?"

That wasn't something Prue could forget. Not while ogling her sister's supple
breasts with thoughts of getting her hands on them raging through her mind.
Piper had short, fat nipples and Prue longed to have one in her mouth . . .
to suck it to erection then flick it with her tongue. She learned months
ago it drove Piper wild when she did that and had come to love the little
whimpers such treatment elicited from her sister. How she wanted to hear
those whimpers now! But there were other matters to be taken care of first.

Prue studied her sister for a long moment, frowning as she tried to figure
out what pose to have Piper assume. She wanted something provocative but just
looking at Piper was enough to stir feelings of desire within her. How could
she be objective when the mere sight of her sister naked was all it took to
get her cranked? In the end Prue decided simplicity was best.

"Okay," Prue said. "Lean back on your elbows and draw one knee up . . . yeah,
like that. Perfect. Now don't move."

Prue snapped off a couple of shots from where she stood then began moving
around the bed, taking pictures of her sister from different angles. She
marveled at how gorgeous Piper looked through the lens of the camera. Her
sister always projected a deep, natural beauty but those good looks really
came shining through now. These were going to be the best pictures she had
ever taken!

"I feel like such a slut," Piper muttered.


"You said you weren't taking any head shots."

Prue lowered her camera for a moment. "I'm not. But when you talk it makes
your tits bounce."


"And press your legs together. Your slit is showing."

Piper blushed. "Sorry."

"Not a problem," Prue replied with a smile. And it wasn't. She loved to see
her sister's pussy, especially up close, so close she could touch it . . .
smell it . . . taste it. That was the best. Just thinking about it made her
own cunt moist. Prue tried to focus on her work, but as the camera swept over
Piper's nakedness Prue found it more and more difficult to concentrate until
finally she couldn't take another moment of torture. She stopped shooting and
set the camera aside.

"Is something wrong?" Piper asked.

"Mmmhmm," Prue murmured. "You are irresistible."

Piper got an impish look. "Then don't resist."

"I don't plan to," Prue said. She sat down at the foot of the bed, running a
hand up Piper's thigh until she found the heat of the slit she had glimpsed
earlier. Her sister spread for her then, inviting further exploration, and
Prue took a moment to gaze down at the beautiful sight that was Piper's
glistening pink cunt before leaning over and pressing her lips to that
tempting hole. Piper moaned.

"Mmmm . . . oh Prue . . . lick me out. Please."

Prue didn't need to be told once, much less twice. She nestled her tongue
deep into Piper's sopping wet pussy, eagerly lapping at that delicious
woman-flesh in front of her. Having gone down on both her sisters, sometimes
one right after the other, and having tasted her own pleasure on her fingers
or a dildo after getting herself off, Prue realized she had no favorite among
the three Halliwell cunts. Each of them had their own distinct flavor and she
loved them all. Phoebe had a rich, sweet pussy. Eating her out was like
scarfing down a bowl of creme brulee. In contrast, Piper's quim was sharp and
tangy, with a peppery aftertaste Prue could never get enough of no matter how
long she kept at it. The combination of the two was the best of all. Prue
could alternate between those two honey pots all night, and had, but for now
she was more than content with the one in her mouth now.

Shifting position to gain better access, Prue buried her face in Piper's
dripping wet twat. She let loose a tongue-fucking frenzy inside that
delectable cunt, slurping up the piquant juices now flowing like a river
from her zealous efforts. The bed shook from Piper's thrashing as the
median Halliwell sister approached climax. Prue could tell from the
clenching of Piper's vaginal muscles that her sister would soon erupt in
a tremendous, shuddering climax, and while she loved bringing Piper off,
under the circumstances it seemed much too soon and much too generous to
let her sister come just yet. She drove Piper to the absolute breaking
point then eased up, earning a frustrated growl in response.

Prue ignored Piper's obvious chagrin, dropping a kiss on her sister's
quivering tummy before moving up to suckle a breast. The nipples she so
longed to have in her mouth when this first began had gotten rock-hard
since and she latched onto one of the plump nubs, stroking it with her
lips until Piper treated her to one of those little whimpers. Prue moved
from one breast to the other, then, flicking her tongue over Piper's
nipples, sucking them . . . even biting them . . . driving her sister
into fits of pleasure. She savored each whimper her attentions garnered,
sliding a hand between Piper's legs to fondle the netherlips she had
feasted on just moments before. Her fingers danced over a cunt absolutely
steaming from the licking out she had given it, and once more Prue had
Piper on the brink of release.

"Oh! Oh! Prue!" Piper groaned, arching to her. "Please!"

Prue abandoned the nipple in her mouth so she could whisper in Piper's ear.
"Please what, sweetie?"

"Damn it! You know what, you witch!"

"Do you want to come?" Prue teased.



"Yes!" Piper cried.

"Then get on your hands and knees for me," Prue gently ordered.

Prue moved aside and gave Piper enough room to do as instructed. She took
advantage of the moment to pull off her T-shirt so when she turned back to
find her sister on all fours she did so with her naked breasts swaying back
and forth. Leaning closer, Prue let Piper know she had taken off her shirt
by rubbing her tits all over that firm, round bottom. Her sister purred
with desire.

But when Prue bent down and her flicked her tongue over Piper's tight asshole
her sister went from purring to moaning, arching back to push that cute butt
into her face. She interpreted that as demand for more and complied without
reservation, circling the rim of that rosebud of an anus with the tip of her
tongue before plunging in deep. Her diligent efforts had the bed rocking at
a manic pace.

"Oh . . . oh Prue!" Piper yelled. "Fuck me up the ass! Fuck me up the ass!!!"

More than eager to continue, Prue slicked up Piper's asshole with her spittle
then replaced her wagging tongue with two fingers. Her sister grunted then
arched back to meet her thrusts, taking everything Prue had to give but
wanting even more. So Prue obliged her lustful sister. She rammed her fingers
into Piper's ass, pumping in and out of that tight hole until it relaxed to
accept more of her.

In the back of her mind Prue made a note to pick up a strap-on the next time
she passed Good Vibrations, the popular sex shop downtown. The thought of
grabbing hold of Piper's hips with both hands and slamming into that asshole
with a strap-on cock between her legs made her cunt ache with longing. Or
laying on her back while Phoebe straddled her hips and rode her? Gods! No
doubt about it. Her next sex toy would be a leather harness and a dildo to
fit it. Until then she could still fuck Piper in the ass with her fingers
and Prue continued doing just that until her sister began to sob for release.

Keeping her fingers wrenched up Piper's asshole, Prue lowered her mouth to
get at that delectable cunt and began licking her sister out from behind. She
lapped at the silken folds of woman-flesh, mouth and hands working in tandem
to drive Piper mad with desire. The two-pronged assault had Piper on the
verge of orgasm again and this time Prue saw things through to completion.
Fingers pumping . . . tongue wagging . . . Prue maintained her unrelenting
pace until Piper came with a shriek of ecstasy that rang through the house
like the wail of a banshee. Prue found herself on the receiving end of a
deluge and gulped down the spicy pleasure-juices flowing from Piper's slit.
She kept right on licking until Piper stopped shaking then slid her fingers
out of her sister's pulsing anus. Piper collapsed forward with a sigh.

"Oh God," Piper muttered into the pillow. "That was fantastic."

Prue looked down at her sister and smiled. There was nothing more beautiful
than the sight of a woman who had just been thoroughly fucked. She got out of
bed and grabbed her camera off the dresser while Piper was in no position to
object, snapping several shots of the glowing, naked woman she called her
sister. Through the lens of the camera Prue watched Piper roll onto one side
and make a face.

"Are you going to take pictures all night?" Piper asked. "Or are you going to
let me suck your pussy?"

"Just letting you get your second wind."

"Uh huh. Lose the camera . . . and the pants . . . and get into this bed."

Prue smiled. She set her camera back down on the dresser then wiggled out of
her jeans, loving how Piper's nostrils flared in arousal at the sight of her
standing there naked. The desire that flickered over the other woman's face
matched her own and Prue crawled into bed without further delay, snuggling
into the arms that waited for her. Their mouths came crashing together in a
deep, searing kiss that left them both gasping for breath in its wake. Hands
moved down her back in long strokes, lingering over her buttocks, stroking
and caressing her with obvious affection.

"You really are incorrigible," Piper told her between kisses.

"I am. I really am."

"And I love you," Piper whispered.

Prue realized Piper was urging her to lie flat on the bed and relinquished
her control of the situation, letting Piper have her, completely relaxed
under Piper's command. She sank deeper into the abyss of pleasure as the
kisses that had left her panting with desire moved down her neck to her
breasts and left her breathless once again. Lips softer than velvet closed
around her aching nipples and Prue murmured wordless endearments to her
loving sister, raking her fingers through raven hair as Piper suckled at
her bosom. Her sister moved from one breast to the other, lavishing them
with kisses and working them over with a wicked tongue she couldn't wait to
have inside her.

"Piper," Prue muttered. "Oh Piper . . . that feels so good."

"I know something that feels even better," Piper replied through a mouthful
of tit.

Sprawled across the bed, Prue began to whimper in anticipation as the kisses
at her breast began moving down her midriff, brushing over her navel then
across her hips before pressing into the tuft of dark hair that covered her
mons. She drew in a sharp, hissing breath and released it slowly, twining her
fingers in Piper's hair in a silent plea that her sister wasted no time in

Prue tossed her head back with a deep groan as Piper entered her. That
capable tongue slithered between her slick cuntlips like a snake in the
grass, wagging inside her and making her squirm on the bed. Heat rose in
her belly and fanned outward, raging like wildfire over her naked flesh.
She felt like she was resting on a bed of nails and arched off it in
protest, hips bucking out of control. Her mind screamed in delicious
agony as Piper greedily lapped at the folds of her cunt, eating her like
there was no tomorrow, pushing her closer and closer to the precipice.

"Oh! Oh! Piper! Yes! Do me! Aggggghhhhhhh!"

Prue could feel the pressure mounting within her, like an over-inflated
balloon about to pop. She grabbed fistfuls of bedsheet for support, sensing
the moment approaching, then Piper exposed her clit from its protective hood
and flicked it with her tongue. That was more than enough to nudge Prue over
the edge. She erupted in climax, heaving forward as she came so hard it left
her loins throbbing under the strain. But Piper wasn't finished with her.
Even though Prue was still reeling from the intensity of her first orgasm
Piper had her on an irreversible course to another, sucking her engorged clit
until she came again . . . then again . . . the room spinning around her and
sending her end over end into oblivion.

Later, when the last orgasmic tremors had subsided and both of them were
sated, the two Halliwell sisters cuddled together under the covers, kissing
and groping each other, stoking the embers of the passion that had burned
white-hot between them.

"Dinner's probably ready," Piper murmured lazily

"Mmmmm. Perfect. I seem to have worked up quite an appetite."

Piper smiled. "Doing what, I wonder?"

"Things like this," Prue replied, reaching down to cup Piper's mound. She
gave the damp flesh a little squeeze and her sister moaned, arching to her,
then their lips met in a kiss that suggested a night of tumultuous lovemaking

"We really should get up," Piper said.

"I suppose."

"And after dinner we can develop those pictures."

Prue brushed her lips over the tip of Piper's nose. "Then I'll persuade you
to let me submit them."

"And how will you do that, I wonder?" Piper asked innocently.

"Like this," Prue said, hands once again moving under the covers. She found
just the right spot to make Piper groan and when her sister began to writhe
in need Prue had no doubt she could persuade Piper to let her do whatever she
wanted with those pictures.


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