Charmed/Smallville: Lost Part 1 (mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])

San Francisco, California.

Paige sat on a couch in the Halliwell manor. She was a tall, slender young
woman with fiery red hair, dark eyes and bone-white skin. Anyone looking at
her would have seen an exquisite beauty. She was so much more than that. She
was an activist and a dedicated Social Worker fighting for the rights of the
men and women who needed help in the world. She was also a half-breed, the
daughter of a witch and a white-lighter. And finally, she was one of the
Charmed Ones.

The Charmed Ones were the most powerful of all witches. They had the fabled
Power of Three. They were originally three sisters. Prue, Piper and Phoebe
Halliwell. They had discovered their magical powers and used them to fight
evil in the world. The Charmed Ones took on the demons, dark-lighters, evil
witches, monsters and sometimes dark gods of the world. They were mankind's
champions against evil. This was how life was for the Charmed Ones. Trying
to find normal lives by day and fighting evil by night. At least, it was
that way until Prue died. Her death affected her sisters in a bad way. Only
Piper and Phoebe remained. The Power of Three was broken.

The forces of darkness rejoiced when Prue, the most powerful among the
Charmed Ones, died. Fortunately, fate sent the remaining sisters someone to
help them. This person was Paige, a rookie Social Worker. She was unaware of
her supernatural heritage and latent magical powers. When she met Piper and
Phoebe, her life changed. She bonded with the two women. They became not only
her best friends but they welcomed her into their family. Paige became the
third of the Charmed Ones. The Power of Three was once more out there.

Currently, Paige was bored. Her sisters were out on dates. Phoebe was on a
date with Cole Turner. Cole Turner was a half-demon known as Belthazor.
Belthazor was one of the Underworld's most powerful demons. He fell in love
with Phoebe, who awakened his human half. In an apocalyptic battle, he chose
to fight on the side of good to save the woman he loved. As a result of that,
he sacrificed his demon half. He lost his powers and became fully human. Now,
he was just an ordinary man living life with the woman he loved. Piper
Halliwell was out with her husband, a handsome man named Leo. Leo was also
one of the immortal magical beings known as White-lighters. He was the
Charmed Ones' friend and ally.

Paige felt envious of her newfound sisters. All of them had love in their
lives. Unfortunately, she didn't. Her relationships didn't last. No man could
accept her for what she was. A witch with great magical powers. Paige felt as
though she were doomed to be alone. Paige sat there, basically feeling sorry
for herself.

Unbeknownst to her, her powers had grown beyond her control. Paige tried to
shake off the feeling of loneliness and despair. She couldn't. She made a
silent wish. "I wish I could find a man who would accept me just as I am.
A man with power, though not a demon or magical being. One who sees the world
as I do and respects truth and justice. A real man who could save the world
if need be and still sweep his woman off her feet." Then, she let out a voice to her pain.

Wish-making is dangerous, especially for witches...

* * *

Smallville, Kansas.

Clark Kent was sitting atop the roof of the Kent house. It had been a few
weeks since the death of Lana Lang. The death of Lana Lang had struck a
deep blow in Clark Kent. He hadn't been able to save her. Lana Lang had
been killed in an accident in Boston. Clark had been too far away. There
was nothing he could have done.

That didn't stop Clark from blaming himself. He loved Lana. She was the only
girl he'd ever loved. Alicia Baker, the Teleporter Girl tempted and stalked
him. Chloe accepted him. No one else ever came close. He loved Lana. Now, he
had lost her forever. Clark had recently done the impossible. He had told
Lana... everything. He told her about the spaceship. His Kryptonian origins.
His life in Smallville. His powers. His struggles. His fears. His love for
her. Lana Lang had been shocked. She always knew there was more to the
gentle, handsome Clark Kent than met the eye. She was proven right. It took
her some time to process it all but after all that she had seen, she could
deal with it. After all, she was once possessed by an all-powerful witch.
Lana Lang let Clark know one of her biggest secrets. She was in love with

When she had told him, Clark had been shocked. He looked at her. Could it be
true? Could the girl he loved also love him back? Apparently she did. That
day, they kissed. He remembered how it felt to hold her. He held her in his
arms and they embraced. He led her back to his farm. He wanted so much to be
with her. She wanted him too. They went to his room and oh, lord. He smiled
sadly as he remembered it all.

It was a dark night and they went to his room. He kissed his beloved Lana and
she kissed him back. She wanted to give herself to him. She stripped naked
before him and he did the same. They admired each other's naked forms. They
kissed again, and soon were rolling around on the bed. Lana found herself on
top of Clark. She looked lovingly at him. She could feel his hard cock
underneath her. He put his hands on her hips. She wanted to feel him inside
her. She straddled him. He entered her swiftly. His hard, thick cock slid
inside her pussy. He plowed into her. Lana welcomed his member inside her and
growled sexily. They went at it like this. She was riding him like a cowgirl
on a raging bull. He was thrusting into her, grunting as they made love first
roughly then tenderly. They made love, then fucked, then made love again.
They continued like this for a long time before their bodies trembled and
they cried out in sheer orgasmic delight.

Clark smiled as he remembered waking up next to Lana Lang that following
day. He smiled at her sleeping face. The face of the woman he loved.
Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Fate and death had conspired to take
her away from him. Clark sighed and suddenly shot upward into the sky like a
missile. He flew, straight upward. Toward the heavens. Only when he was
sufficiently high enough did he scream and give voice to his pain...

It was a sound that could make a god cower in fear... a god-like man's cry of
pain and rage... Clark's primal scream was heard not just on earth but across
dimensions... it traveled between worlds in ripples until it found an equally
vibrant counterpart... the god-like man's scream of pain encountered its
counterpart... a witch's cry of desperation... those two were powerful enough
to shatter the fabric of space and time and rip a hole in the universe
itself... creating a portal between worlds... a portal which swallowed the
Last Son of Krypton... and brought him into the universe of magic, realm of
the Charmed Ones...

To be continued...


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