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Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Piper/Phoebe/Paige

Summary: Piper lets that cat out of the bag about her relationship with

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Notes: Scenes borrowed from "Enter The Demon" written by Daniel Cerone

Charmed: Smiles And Kisses
by JT Langdon ([email protected])

Paige sat on the basement steps in the middle of a full-on pout. This had to
be the worst day of her life. How could she have been so careless casting
that spell? After all the things she had seen and done, she should have known
better than to be cavalier with magic. Instead she had been goofing around
and now her soul was stuck in Phoebe's body while Phoebe's soul was trapped
in hers.

Just another one of her screw-ups.

Paige sighed. She had learned so much in the last month, about herself . . .
about the world around her. Nothing was the same now. The safe, familiar
world she had known for so many years was gone. In its place was a world of
witches and demons, magic spells and mystical powers . . . things she once
thought only existed in Harry Potter books.

But those things were all very real. She had powers . . . orbing, her sisters
called it. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. Together, she and her
sisters were the Charmed Ones. Paige was only just beginning to understand
what that meant in the grand scheme of things, but already the enormity of it
weighed down on her. It was her birthright to protect the innocent from evil.

She couldn't do that when she was trapped in her sister's body, though. Paige
sighed. Piper was right. She didn't care about anything. In spite of all the
things she had seen, she still treated this like it was some sort of game.
But it wasn't. Lives were at stake . . . hers, her sisters', and the lives of
innocents. She had to take things more seriously. She had to focus.

Getting to her feet, Paige took a deep, calming breath. Since she had
Phoebe's body she also had Phoebe's powers. Now it was time to learn how to
use them. She would show Piper that she cared, that she wasn't a screw-up.

Paige stepped up to the second step and took a deep breath. She could do
this, piece of cake, she just needed to concentrate . . . needed to imagine
she was floating in midair. Visualize. Right. That's all she needed to do.
So she pictured herself levitating and jumped off the step . . . and landed
on her feet.

Well, so much for that, Paige thought with a sigh. Maybe she was
over-thinking it. Yes! That was it! Just go with it. Don't think, don't
analyze. Just fly. Like Superman! Up, up, and away! Sure, that would work.
She tried jumping again . . . and again, nothing happened. This was so

"What are you doing?"

Paige slowly turned around. Cole was leaning against the banister, a smirk on
his face. Ugh. Sometimes he could be such an asshole! She didn't know what
Phoebe saw in him. Well, all right, he was gorgeous. That was obvious. But

"Uh . . . just . . . some exercises," Paige said. "Levitating exercises."

Cole gave her a skeptical look. "So you've decided to make training your

"Yes," Paige said, nodding. "Absolutely."

"Good," Cole said. "We'll pick up where we left off."

"Great. Cool."

Cole said, "I'll throw a couple of low-voltage energy balls at you, you just
try to avoid them."

"Energy balls?" Paige asked. The next thing she knew a small sphere of light
slammed into her shoulder. Shit! That hurt! Stabbing pain flared in her
muscles, hot and intense. And he called that low voltage? The son of a bitch!
She turned in a defensive posture and another ball of energy smacked her in
the ass. It hurt more than the first one!

"Okay," Paige said, "now that is just rude. I am not having fun."

"Fighting the Source isn't supposed to be fun," Cole said.

"That's it, pal," Paige said. She couldn't keep her contempt bottled up
for another second! It was time to put this guy in his place. "You are
not the Source, and you do not treat your girlfriend this way. Murderers,
demons . . . phone solicitors, maybe. But not your girlfriend."

"What's gotten into you?" Cole asked.

"Paige," she said. Then she saw the confused look on his face and amended,
"I mean . . . I told Paige how you've been treating me and she just thinks
you are way out of line, buddy."

Cole moved toward her, close enough that she could feel the heat radiating
from him. It wasn't exactly unpleasant. "Phoebe, you're the most important
thing in my life. If I don't push you hard, I will lose you."

Paige didn't doubt he meant well, and she thought it was sweet of him. He
obviously loved and cared about Phoebe. But he was going about this all
wrong. "Keep pushing her that way, and you'll push her right out the door."

"What do you mean her?"

Ooops, Paige thought. Slip of the tongue! Out loud she said, "I meant me."

"You said her."

"Did I? Well, it's, uh, just . . . very . . . angry," Paige stammered. "You
know, because . . . " She looked around, desperate for an excuse, and noticed
that the straps of her jog bra were frayed. "Well . . . you tore my jog bra.
And . . . now I just . . . I have to go change."

And with that Paige hurried up the stairs before she said anything else
incriminating. She ducked into Phoebe's room and closed the door, heart
pounding in her chest. Now that was close! Trying to act like Phoebe was
much harder than she anticipated. If Phoebe didn't get back soon with the
ingredient for the switching potion, someone was going to discover their

Paige caught a glimpse of herself -well, Phoebe- in the mirror. She had to
admit, her sister was a beautiful woman. Phoebe had a lean, muscular body
that the jog bra and gray sweatpants showed off nicely. No wonder Cole was
leering at her! But at the moment she was a mess, all sweaty and dirty, her
hair pulled back with a black headband. And from the smell of things her
Secret sheer dry was wearing off fast. Phoebe needed a shower, bad.

There was a soft tap at the door.

Please let it be Phoebe, Paige thought. She opened the door and her hopes
were dashed when she saw Piper standing in the hall, smiling at her.

The smile was meant for Phoebe, Paige realized with a sigh. Piper never
smiled at her like that. She hoped in time that would change, but her
constant screw-ups were making it seem less and less likely that would
happen. Still, she wanted that to happen . . . wanted Piper to accept her.

"How's it going?" Piper asked.

"It's going okay," Paige said. She tried to sound as much like Phoebe as
possible. Even that took a lot of effort. Being Phoebe was exhausting! There
was no way she could keep up this charade much longer.

"I heard you come upstairs," Piper said, moving into the room. "Thought I'd
see how you were doing."

"Oh, fine," Paige said, closing the door. She rubbed the spot on her backside
where the energy ball hit her. "Just a little sore from working out."

Piper shook her head. "You push yourself too hard."

"Yeah, well," Paige said, "you know me."

"I sure do," Piper said, reaching up to stroke her cheek.

Paige swallowed the lump that formed in her throat. There seemed to be more
to the caress than just the love two sisters shared. It was much more
intimate, more gentle. The touch of a lover. But that was crazy, wasn't it?
She had to be imagining things. Even so, Piper's hand lingered there for the
longest time. What the hell was that about?

"Is Phe . . . uh, Paige back yet?"

Piper shook her head. "Still out on her date. I hope she isn't gone too

"Well she's been working hard, too," Paige said. "She needed a break."

"A break?" Piper intoned. "Are you kidding me, Phoebe? A break from what? She
hasn't done anything!"

Paige immediately got defensive. "Well, she's been through a lot. In one week
she finds out she has three sisters, one of them has just died, and she's a
witch. And not just any witch, but a Charmed One. You . . . we . . . have
been at this for three years now. You can't expect her to be up to our level
in three weeks. That's just not fair."

Piper thought about that for a moment then sighed. "I suppose you have a

"I do? I mean . . . yeah, I do."

"You sure do like her."

"You would too, if you gave her a chance," Paige said.

Piper made a face at her. "I've given her lots of chances."

"And she appreciates it," Paige said. "Just be patient with her. I think in
time she'll surprise you."

Piper raised a doubtful brow. "You think so?"

"I know so."

"We'll see," Piper finally said.

"You make a good big sister."

Piper smiled at her again. "You're very sweet."

"Aw, shucks."

"And very sexy," Piper whispered.

Then Piper leaned forward and kissed her. It wasn't the simple peck on the
cheek from a a loving sister Paige might have expected, but rather the kind
of deep, passionate kiss born of the rawest hunger. Paige couldn't believe
it! Piper was kissing her! Her sister! And it was delicious! Even as a
confusion washed over her Paige fell under the spell of Piper's kiss. The
woman had the softest lips she had ever kissed! She opened her mouth wide
in acceptance and Piper's tongue found hers, teasing her, making her wild.
Then Piper's hand came out of nowhere, slid over her breast -well, Phoebe's
breast- and squeezed it. There was nothing teasing about that! Paige moaned
into the kiss now, but not just because she figured that's what Phoebe would
do. She simply couldn't help it. Piper had a skilled touch that left her
dizzy and wondering what else those hands could do. But Piper was her sister!
How could she even think such things? Of course, how could Piper be feeling
her up! It was unbelievable! Still, she did nothing to stop her. Not because
she had to pretend she was Phoebe. That made for a convenient excuse, but
deep down lurked a truth she could not ignore . . . in her own skin, she
would have let Piper touch her like this and more . . . so much more.

"Piper," Paige managed to gasp between kisses.

"I know, baby," Piper whispered into her ear. "It's been too long. I've
missed you."

Paige pulled back, breathing hard. She could see the desire in Piper's eyes,
but that desire was for Phoebe . . . not her. That was something she had to
keep telling herself over and over before she lost control. That kiss wasn't
meant for her. It was for Phoebe. Now there were kisses that would never be
hers. That bothered her more than she cared to think about right now.

"Is this a good idea?" Paige asked. "I'm . . . I'm all sweaty and dirty."

Piper nibbled on her earlobe. "I like you when you're all sweaty and dirty.

"P-Piper," Paige stuttered. "I . . . I was just about to take a shower."

"I wish I could join you," Piper said. "But you're right . . . this isn't the
best time."

"No," Paige whispered. She didn't need to feign disappointment. Slipping into
the shower with Piper sounded like a wonderful idea.

"But later," Piper said, finishing the thought with a long, deep kiss.

Paige sighed as the kiss dissolved into nothingness. She envied Phoebe the
later Piper hinted at, but there was no other choice right now. The thought
of making love to Piper warmed her insides more than she ever would have
expected, but she wanted to be in her own body if that ever happened. She
needed to be sure Piper wanted her . . . body and soul. That made her wonder
about something.

"Do you think we should tell Paige about us?"

Piper looked at her. "Are you serious?"

"I think she could handle it," Paige said.

"Uh huh," Piper muttered skeptically. "What are you really up to, Phoebe?"

"Nothing, honest!"

"Mmmmhmmm," Piper murmured, nudging her. "I know you better than that,
Phebes. I think you're hoping she's . . . open minded."

Paige managed a smile. "And you haven't thought about it?"

"No," Piper said.


Piper laughed. "Yeah, all right. I'll admit she's a hottie. But like you
said, we've kinda turned her world upside down. She doesn't need to know
we're boffing each other on the sly on top of everything else. Let her be
our sister for a little while."

"Point taken," Paige said in Phoebe's smallest voice.

The two of them stood there in silence for the longest time, the tension
mounting, the urge to rip clothes off in a frantic rush getting stronger and
stronger. Paige couldn't believe the rampant lust coursing through her. Had
she ever wanted someone this much? The answer was a resounding no. But
blessed be, she wanted Piper.

"I should get back downstairs and see how An-Ling is doing," Piper finally

Paige nodded. She was actually relieved. "I'll be down soon."

"Okay," Piper said, kissing her on the cheek.

Paige watched Piper leave, her gaze lingering on the other woman's rear end
longer than it probably should have given the situation. But she couldn't
help it. The woman -her sister, no less- had a nice butt. So Piper thought
she was a hottie, huh? Well, that feeling was definitely mutual. Especially
after that kiss! Gods! She felt that one in her toes! No one had ever kissed
her like that before. It smoldered with a passion she never dreamed possible.
And Phoebe knew that kind of desire all the time? She was so jealous! She
was even more jealous that Piper and Phoebe would be taking this up again
later. The idea of her sisters in bed together was proving to be real turn
on. She had no idea it could get to her like that! Not that she was new to
experiences with other women. But this was very different. These two women
were her sisters . . . shouldn't that have grossed her out big time? Paige
supposed it should have. But it didn't. Not even a little. Somehow it seemed
to make sense to her. There was a rightness to it she couldn't explain.
Images of Piper and Phoebe together, naked, lost in each other flickered
through her mind like pictures on a movie screen And thinking about it made
her damp between the legs . . . between Phoebe's legs.

Shaking her head, Paige tried to push those kinds of thoughts out of her mind
before she was consumed by them. She stripped off her sweaty clothes, slipped
into a robe, then went into the bathroom and ran a shower. Wisps of steam
fill the room, like fog rolling off the Bay. Paige let her robe fall to the
floor and walked into the shower stall. Mmmm. That felt nice. She could feel
some of her tension starting to melt already.

Standing there under the hot water, Paige imagined she was not in Phoebe's
body but outside it. She put her hand on Phoebe's bare tummy then slid
upwards to cup a breast, just like Piper had moments before. The supple flesh
felt wonderful in her grasp and she squeezed it, like her sister had, but
used her thumb to massage the nipple. Paige could feel the little nub perking
up under her touch and coaxed it to erection, licking her lips . . . licking
Phoebe's lips . . . as her arousal deepened further still. Mmm. She loved her
own touch, sometimes more than the touch of the lovers she had taken, but
this was something new to her. Even though she experienced each sensation,
that was not the familiar weight of her own breast she hefted in her
hand . . . it was Phoebe, all Phoebe. Paige used the butt of her palm to
knead Phoebe's breast, her breath turning ragged in no time. Gods! She longed
to have Phoebe's breast in her mouth, to close her lips around the stiffened
nipple now pinched between her fingers, to suckle at her tits. Perhaps in
time her tongue would get a a chance to explore Phoebe's smooth skin but for
now she delighted in using her hands. Keeping one hand at Phoebe's breast,
Paige slipped her free hand between Phoebe's leg and traced the length of her
sister's slit. Mmm! Phoebe was dripping wet! How wonderful! She ran the tip
of her finger up and down Phoebe's cleft, teasing a soft moan that came from
her but crossed Phoebe's lips. Touching her sister's body like this . . .
thinking about that kiss with Piper . . . imagining her sisters making
love . . . it was driving her wild with need! Paige slipped two fingers into
that sopping wet cunt, groaning with desire as the warm, damp folds closed
around her hand. She thrust deep into Phoebe's pussy, fucking her, pumping in
and out at the frantic pace her need for release demanded. The pressure soon
became more than she could bear and Paige turned her attentions to Phoebe's
throbbing clit, furiously rubbing the hard little pebble with the pads of her
fingers. Pleasure spread through her in waves, small waves that grew larger
and larger as the storm within her raged out of control until climax surged
through her like tsunami.

Paige gasped for breath. Gods! That was intense! It was the most satisfying
orgasm she'd experience in . . . she couldn't even remember how long!
Incredible! It made her want more . . . so much more. She wanted to touch
Phoebe with her own hands, to feel Piper's naked flesh pressed against hers.
The need made her tremble.

But she couldn't let herself be distracted. That's how she got herself and
Phoebe into this mess in the first place! She showered in record time, doing
her best to keep her mind off her sisters and how beautiful both of them
were. That proved a challenge while lathering up Phoebe's breasts, or sliding
her hand in the crack of Phoebe's ass.

It wasn't any less difficult when she got out of the shower and dried herself
off, or when she went back to Phoebe's room and picked out something to
wear . . . something she thought showed off all of Phoebe's curves. And it
sure as hell wasn't any easier to keep her thoughts out of the gutter when
she slipped into a bra and pair of cotton panties.

But somehow she managed.

Paige wasn't sure how she did it, but somehow she mustered the strength to
get dressed. She checked her reflection in the mirror. It was still weird to
look in a mirror and see Phoebe, but she was getting more used to it. And she
had to admit, Phoebe was looking damn good. The long-sleeved orange top and
dark red jeans were perfect. She wore Phoebe's hair down now and liked it
much better than with the headband.

Satisfied with her ensemble, Paige headed down stairs on a mission. Even
though she was being Phoebe she hoped Piper liked her outfit. She wanted to
drive her sister wild. This was just the outfit to do it, too, with a low
neckline showing lots of cleavage.

Paige reached the bottom of the stairs and was shocked to find that Cole had
her pinned against the wall and was kissing her. It might have been Phoebe
in her body, but Cole didn't know that . . . and he was all over her! That
bastard! How dare he put his hands on her body! She was going to kill him!

"Hey!" Paige cried.

But Phoebe had the situation under control. She might have been in a
different body, one not as well-conditioned as her own, but she still knew
all the moves. Phoebe twisted Cole's arm and flipped him onto his back,
pushing him down on the floor.

"How could you do this to me?" Phoebe asked.

Paige heard the pain in her sister's voice. That demon prick. If he broke
Phoebe's heart she would make him pay . . . somehow, she would figure out a
way to make him pay.

"Oh, come on," Cole said. "I'm just trying to have a little fun, Phoebe.
Isn't that what you were complaining about me not doing?

Paige stopped in her tracks. Did she just hear what she thought she did? Had
Phoebe noticed?

"Yeah," Phoebe said, "but I never meant for . . . did you just call me

"Would you rather I kiss her?" Cole asked, getting to his feet.

"No," Phoebe said.

"You know?" Paige asked. "How do you know?"

"Well, for one thing you suck at levitating," Cole said. She made a face at
him for that crack. "And for another you set me straight about the way I've
been treating the real Phoebe . . . as only a sister could."

Phoebe looked at her. "You did?"

"Someone had to," Paige said.

"Okay," Cole said. "I'm gonna go. Let you guys work this out. When you're
yourself again, give me a call."

Paige gritted her teeth as she watched Cole slap "Phoebe" on the ass and pull
her close. He might have known it was Phoebe in there, but she still didn't
like his hands on her body . . . and she didn't like the little "ooh!" that
his touch earned him.

"We'll have some fun," Cole said.

"Ugh," Paige groaned. The two of them were disgusting, slobbering all over
each other like that. Why did Phoebe bother with a prick like that when she
had a sister in the other room eager to fuck her brains out? Paige just
didn't understand. She was glad when Cole finally shimmered out of the room.

"Okay," Phoebe said, turning to her. "We've got to get back into own bodies.
I am even getting confused."

Paige was all set to agree when an urgent voice from the kitchen cried,

The two of them shared a look then rushed into the kitchen. Piper was
sprawled across the floor, while An-Ling had a dagger drawn and was fending
off a man with a sword that Paige assumed was Yen-Lo. Both of them moved with
the grace of two skilled warriors, but Yen-Lo seemed to have the upper hand
at the moment.

"Phoebe stop him!" Piper cried.

It took Paige a moment to realize Piper was talking to her. She had to do
something! Fast! Summoning on her energy, Paige leaped into the air. But
instead of sailing across the room and knocking Yen-Lo into the wall like
she intended, Paige ended up hovering in midair, spinning in a circle until
Phoebe pulled her to the floor.

"Leo!" Piper called out.

Shaken, Paige let Phoebe prop her up. She stood there, panting for breath,
and watched Leo orb into the room. He took stock of the situation, his gaze
falling on to Piper and An-Ling.

"An-Ling's hurt," Piper told him, before tuning on them with cold steel in
her eyes. She raised a finger in warning then said, "You two . . . follow

Paige followed Piper into the living room. The shit was going to hit the
fan now! She had never seen Piper so pissed . . . and she had done a lot of
things to make Piper mad!

"All right," Piper said. "What the hell is going on"

Paige was all set to explain the entire thing when Phoebe said, "I was
soaking some potion pots in the sink and I forgot to drain them."

"That is not what I mean," Piper said. "I smell something witchy. Phoebe,
what is wrong with your powers?"

Paige looked over at Phoebe.

"Phoebe?" Piper asked.

Phoebe raised her hand. "I'm over here."

The three of them exchanged glanced. Paige could almost see the light bulb
go on over Piper's head. It cast a bright light on the anger their sister
did nothing to hide.

Paige said, "Don't get mad at her this is all my fault."

"Yeah, but Paige," Phoebe said, I agreed to keep it secret."

Paige wasn't about to let Phoebe get in trouble on her account. "Yeah, but I
was the one that messed up the potion. I wasn't concentrating. I just . . .

"Oh . . . my . . . God," Piper said. "You guys switched bodies? Are you out
of your minds? With everything we have going on you pull a stunt like this?"

"It was an accident," Phoebe said.

Piper glowered at them. "Accidents like that get people killed. We could
have lost an innocent in there. What if it wasn't Yen-Lo, what if it was the
Source that broke in? You could have gotten us all killed."

The silence in the room was thicker than morning fog. Paige wanted to say
something, to defend herself. But what could she say? She screwed up. It was
that simple, really. Telling Piper she was sorry wasn't going to cut it this

"Now we've lost our shot and Yen-Lo," Piper said. "We have no idea how to
get to Limbo . . . wait a minute." Piper got a thoughtful look on her face.
"Do . . . you," she said, pointing at her, "remember what you put in that
potion to switch bodies?"

Paige nodded eagerly. "Phoebe just picked up the ingredient we were missing."

"Good," Piper said. "Let's go."

Paige started for the kitchen but Piper grabbed her arm, stopping her.

"Phoebe, will you excuse us?" Piper asked. "I need to talk to Paige for a

"Um, sure," Phoebe said nervously.

Paige took a deep breath as she watched Phoebe leave. This wasn't going to
be fun. Once she and Piper were alone she turned to her sister and said,
"Look, before you start in on me-"

"I don't want to hear it," Piper said. "There is too much shit going on for
us to get into this now, but when this is all over we need to have a little
talk. Sister to sister. Got it?"

"Yeah," Paige said. That was going to be one hell of a chat.

* * *

Paige sighed as she and Piper walked down the wide path that wound through
the park. The air smelled of flowers and fresh-cut grass, and the
ever-present marine scent that seemed to define San Francisco. Paige was in
Heaven. Under different circumstances she would have even considered it
romantic. But this wasn't the romantic stroll of two lovers, even though her
sister was sure looking hot in a blue top and pair of faded jeans.

The two of them hadn't talked much since returning from Limbo. Even though
all had been put right again and Yen-Lo had been taken care of, she and Piper
hadn't spoken about what happened, or what she had learned while trapped in
Phoebe's body.

But Paige knew that was about to change.

"Nice day today," Piper observed.

Piper nodded. "Yeah. Feels good to be out."

"And in your own skin," Piper said.

Paige laughed. "Oh yeah. I won't mind if I never experience that again."

The two of them walked a little further down the path in silence. Somewhere
up ahead Leo and Phoebe waited for them but now it was just her and Piper.

"I guess I should explain about the other day," Piper said.

"You don't have to," Paige said.

"It's just that some people would have trouble-"

"I meant what I said while I was Phoebe," Paige cut in. "I can handle it.
Don't worry."

Piper looked at her. "You aren't all freaked out?"

"Nah," Paige said with a dismissive wave of her hand. "Takes a lot to squick

"I don't know if that's a good thing or not," Piper said.

Paige laughed at that. "I've always considered it a good thing."

"Then I will, too," Piper said.

"Can I ask you something?"

Piper thought about that then said, "Sure."

"Does Leo know? I mean, does he . . .?"

"Yes. He knows about me and Phoebe."

"And he is okay with it?"

Piper nodded. "He understands that I need it . . . that whatever I share with
my sisters doesn't take away from what I have with him."

"Oh," Paige said. "So, um, it's not just you and Phoebe, then. You and Prue
were . . .?"

"Yes," Piper said. "The three of us."

"For how long? I'm sorry. That's none of my business."

Piper patted her arm to let her know it was okay. "It started not long after
we realized we were the Charmed Ones. I don't know if it's directly because
of that, or because that just brought us closer together. I like to think it
was meant to be. Either way, it just happened and it felt right from the

The two of them stopped in the middle of the path and looked at each other
for the longest time. Paige tried to squelch the intense attraction she had
for Piper but failed. She couldn't help it. The woman was irresistible.

"Piper," Paige began softly. She moved to kiss her.

Piper put a hand up to stop her. "I'm sorry."

"Forget it," Paige said. She started down the path.

Piper fell in step beside her. "You have to understand something. I didn't
just love Prue . . . I was in love with her. When she died, I lost more
than a sister . . . I lost a lover. You know I find you attractive. I'm not
denying that. I'm just . . . I'm not ready to take that step with you."

"Will you ever be?" Paige asked.

Piper considered that. "Yes. I think I will."

"Then I can wait," Paige said. "And when you're ready, I'll still be

"Thanks," Piper said. "All right. Ready for your quiz?"

"You bet," Paige said. "Prepare to be impressed."

Piper smiled . . . a smile just for her. Paige didn't know if kisses would
follow, but it sure was a promising start.


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