By JR Parz


DISCLAIMER: This story is intended for adult entertainment. If you are not 18 years of age, you are not allowed
to read this story. The rest of you...enjoy.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The last time I attempted a trilogy on a television show full of witches, I wrote 'Sabrina &
Tabitha - Teenage Witches'. Unlike Sabrina, this particular storyline is (slightly) more adult than spoof and pits
science fiction against witchcraft. Like all trilogies, this is the first of three parts.

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In an office on the top floor of a high rise office building located in downtown San Francisco, Jonathan Seavers
leaned back in his chair and smiled. Finally, after a three-month investigation and $25,000, the report on the
Halliwell sisters was complete. Jonathan didn't mind the money...being the owner and president of Seavers
Enterprises, $25,000 was like a drop in the bucket. What bothered Jonathan was the fact that he had to wait so
damn long. Jonathan was used to getting a report back within a couple of weeks, but these sisters proved much
more than he could ever have imagined...and resulted in a very extensive investigation.

Jonathan still found it hard to believe. To think, with all the things he was privy too, that never once had he come
across real witches before. Jonathan picked up the picture of Prue Halliwell...she was very beautiful. If the report
was correct, she was also very dangerous. Jonathan's mind wandered back to the night he met Prue. Her sharp
beauty provided him a vivid image. He didn't need a picture to remind him of what she looked like. Prue stood
about 5'5". Her beautiful, heart shaped face was framed by dark brown hair that came down to her shoulders and
her dark brown eyes oozed a Xena-like confidence. The thing that really fascinated him most about Prue was her
intellect and cold posture...knowing that underneath it all was pure unadulterated passion...ready to be unleashed
and harnessed. Jonathan's mind quickly imagined Prue minus her cold front and controlling personality, and instead
she was being controlled...and kneeling naked before him...sweet, docile, subservient and uncontrollably horny.

Jonathan felt a stirring inside his groin at the thought of it and it took a light tap on his office door to break the
spell. "Come in." He called out.

In walked a beautiful young woman, her long blonde hair professionally pinned up, blue eyes sparkling, and wearing
a tailor-made gray business suit and skirt. Her outfit did nothing to conceal the sexy, luscious curves of her body.

"Sir, Mr. Hammer is here," she softly stated.

Jonathan looked up at the girl with a smile. The new girl...Mmmmmm. The novelty of her beautiful body still hadn't
worn off quite yet and he made a mental note to summon her later.

"Thanks Kristy...have him come in."

Jonathan watched the sway of the girl's lovely behind as she sauntered away out of his office. Yes, he'd call for her
later. Jonathan then stood up to greet Sam Hammer. Sam stood taller than his own six feet, and had short brown
hair and deep brown eyes. Sam Hammer was a Private Investigator with a doctorate in human behavior. The
benefits of having an Investigator with Mr. Hammer's behavior skills, enabled Jonathan to receive very
informative psyche profiles on each prospective client.

"Hi Mr. Seavers. I trust you've read and are satisfied with my report."

"Hi Sam...and yes, I'm very satisfied. I found it quite fascinating to say the least."

"Yes Sir...almost scary."

"To tell you the truth, when you started this investigation three months ago, I never imagined what it would turn up.
From your follow up report, it appears a lot more has changed since you began it." Jonathan remarked.

"Yes sir. At the time you met Prue at the auction house, she was seeing Andy Trudeau. He's an inspector for the
San Francisco Police Department...and a close childhood friend of the Halliwell sisters. I must point out that
although they may no longer be a couple, they still do manage to run into one another."

"Point, you mentioned on the phone that there was something that you needed to add since filing your

"Yes sir. I found Inspector Trudeau's own personal case file. It's all about Prue and her sisters." Sam Hammer
opened his brief case and retrieved a file. "This is a duplicate of the Inspector's file, and important to the overall

"What gives here? Why would the Inspector compile a file on the sisters?"

"Sir. As you know, the Inspector is constantly running into either Prue, or one of her sisters at various crime
scenes. Oftentimes, it's a young woman who's been murdered. The Inspector knows that Prue is hiding something
and it tears him apart that she won't confide in him. According to one informant, he doesn't believe for a moment
that the Halliwell sisters are capable of breaking any laws and even acknowledges that they have somehow saved
lives, but still, Prue isn't talking and this has him frustrated to no end."

"How about their witchcraft...anything more regarding their powers?"

"Everything essential is in the report, sir, but let me add a conversation I had with a high priestess of the witch
religion, Wicca. According to her, the Halliwells don't practice any religion. Yet, they are considered the strongest
witches known. They possess a book called 'The Book of Shadows', and although it provides them with an arsenal
of spells and protections, unfortunately it also subjects them to supernatural danger. Prue, Piper and Phoebe are
known as the 'Charmed Ones', and their power is at its strongest when all three of them are together. This is
probably why the Inspector often finds the three of them at a scene together.

"As for their individual powers, I'm one hundred percent sure the passive power to foretell the future is Phoebe's.
This would best fit her true nature. I highly recommend you stay clear of her. Any physical contact could enable her
to clearly see into your future plans and disclose your intentions. I've also discovered that the other powers have
something to do with stopping time and the ability to move objects with their mind. I can't be one hundred percent
sure as to which sister possesses which power, but if it stays consistent with the individual's personality, then I
would place money that Prue possesses the later of the two."

Jonathan was satisfied that he had all the information. "Thanks Sam, you did a hell of a job and as usual, I'm very
impressed. I'd like to show you my thanks...and I was wondering if you've reconsidered my previous offer?"

"Yes sir. Actually I have."

"Great. I'm glad to hear it. Please provide Kristy with all of the details. A picture, address, the girl's employer, and
a brief description of the personality traits you want to see in her. We'll take care of the rest."

"Thank you, sir." The big man replied with a huge grin and they shook hands before Sam Hammer left the office.

Jonathan reached down and picked up another picture...this one of all three of the girls together. Who would have
ever believed that these three beauties were witches? Jonathan put that picture down and picked up a different
one. Phoebe would be the first to fall under his power. According to Phoebe's profile, she was unemployed and a
package of free spirited sexiness. Jonathan moved his right hand down to his groin area and rubbed hard. Damn,
these witches are making me horny! he thought with a grin. Jonathan reached his left hand over and pressed the
office intercom button.

"Yes sir," replied the soft sexy voice.

"Kristy, contact Amber Peters and schedule her an appointment with me for tomorrow morning. Then get Cathy to
cover for you for awhile. I want to see you privately."

"Yeeesss Sirrrr." Kristy replied, knowing fully well what this meant.

Jonathan smiled as he waited for Kristy. Like every girl that Jonathan enslaved, Kristy was conditioned to
perpetually be 'hot' and 'wet' for him. Jonathan recalled his memory of their first meeting together. Kristy
Mathews was one of San Francisco's top models...and on the verge of super stardom. He spotted her at a fund
raising party and found himself totally entranced with the sweet, young, 19-year-old. Now, Kristy no longer cared
about being a model. Instead, she focused all her efforts in pleasing him...and at the moment, it meant being his
personal secretary and sex toy.


Two weeks later

In a rich neighborhood, inside an old Victorian House, Phoebe Halliwell had just finished showering and sighed as
she sat in front of her vanity mirror. Finally, after bouncing around from one place to another, she had found a job
that actually looked promising. Phoebe looked at herself in the mirror, and couldn't help giving herself a sexy grin.
Phoebe was drop dead gorgeous and knew it. So, why did it take her this long to land a respectable job? Yes, there
was that short stint at the Auction House, but given that Prue got her the job, she never considered that one real.

Piper mumbled something about having to do inventory this morning and had already left for Quake's. This meant
that Prue was running late. Seconds later, she heard Prue yell from downstairs. "Gotta run, Phoebs... have a good
first day!"

"Thanks Prue, bye... I love you."

"Me love you too." Prue shouted in reply.

Phoebe smiled as she heard her older sister close the door. All alone, Phoebe giggled, then turned her attention
back to the mirror. Young, beautiful and what a set of tits! she thought, while playfully cupping their weight in her
palms. Phoebe used her thumbs to graze the tip of her nipples, which elicited a tingling sensation down below.
Phoebe moved her left hand down to touch her self, and was surprised to find herself so wet. Phoebe wished she had
time, but she was a working girl now, so she forced her hand away from her hot spot. The thought that she was
actually joining the workforce made her giggle. Phoebe went to work on her short brown hair, giving it a tease. It
took very little effort for her to look cute. Then Phoebe worked on her make-up, and twenty minutes later she was
pleased with the way she looked.

"Mmmmmmm. I look soooo fucking edible," she proclaimed, then giggled again. Phoebe loved the way her body
reacted to her sensuality and now thought about what she would wear. How about I go as is, she thought to herself,
indicating her nude form.

Phoebe went through her drawer until she found a white pair of panties and bra. Not too sexy, she thought, thinking
that by wearing conservative underwear, she would feel less sexy and more professional. When Phoebe was putting
her bra on, she was surprised at how tight it felt. She looked at the tag, reading 34D...then why so tight? Maybe
because I haven't worn this particular one in awhile? she thought, giggling. Phoebe then put on her lone business
suit, the skirt's length reaching halfway down her knees. She'd have to buy some new clothes, but in the meantime,
she would borrow Prue's and Piper's.

Once Phoebe slipped on her black pumps, she was all set to go. In the hallway, she checked herself in the
full-length mirror and proclaimed, "Don't I look all that...prim and proper. Phoebe the professional," and then she
giggled again. Well, maybe not completely professional, turning her ass slightly to see how it looked in the skirt.
Phoebe grabbed her modern styled briefcase and left.


Inside Seavers Enterprises Medical Facility, four floors down from Jonathan Seavers' office

Phoebe sat, nervously awaiting the start of her psychological examination...something she hadn't expected first
thing in the morning on her first day. Her supervisor told her that it was standard for all new employees and a mere
formality. "Just report to the 37th floor."

Phoebe was escorted into a small rectangular room, which only contained a reclining chair. "Please lay down on the
couch, okay, Phoebe. Amber will be with you shortly." Phoebe smiled at the middle-aged woman, and did as she
was told. What she didn't notice was the soft music playing in the background.

Phoebe hadn't even realized she had dozed off, until she saw a beautiful blonde girl suddenly standing by her side.
Phoebe found herself too relaxed to sit up. "Oh...Hi. I must have fallen asleep," she stammered.

"Hi Phoebe, my name is Amber Peters and I'll be conducting your exam today. I'm glad to see you aren't nervous,
because there's no reason to be."

The smile on Amber's face was contagious, and Phoebe found herself smiling back at her. The girl was very
beautiful, about Phoebe's age, and obviously intelligent. So much for the dumb blonde theory, she thought and just
barely managed to contain a giggle. As Phoebe's eyes followed Amber's movements, she found herself doing what
she always did when she saw a pretty girl...she compared breasts. Amber wore a suit jacket, but it was a snug
enough fit for Phoebe to clearly realize that Amber's breasts were nice and full. Phoebe still thought her tits were
nicer though.

"Phoebe, I'm going to go through a series of questions. There isn't a right or wrong answer, so please, just answer
with the first thing that pops in your mind...okay?" Amber stated.

Phoebe nodded her head okay.


Jonathan wore a grin that wouldn't quit. Every Halliwell girl would have to be dealt with differently, but right now
his plans for Phoebe were falling into place perfectly. Everything was working out smoothly, and he so loved it when
a plan came together.

Jonathan sat in his office, watching the 45-inch television screen with great interest. Until much later in Phoebe's
conditioning, this would be the closest he would allow himself to be near her. He couldn't chance any physical
contact whatsoever.

Phoebe lay there like an erotic piece of art, not realizing that the couch was already sending her a series of relaxing
vibrations. In addition, the soft music in the background was treated with carefully worded subliminal signals that
would directly enter Phoebe's subconscious. At the end of the examination, Phoebe would be given a drink of water,
laced with a powerful aphrodisiac, which would heighten and specifically direct her sexual desire to the object of her
fantasies. Amber was told to make physical contact with Phoebe after she drank the aphrodisiac. Hopefully, the
contact would also elicit a premonition inside of Phoebe, that would show herself and Amber together, intimately.

Jonathan had briefed Amber on the role she would play. He couldn't disclose his motive or long term plans, but he
did stress the importance of following his instructions. He told Amber that she would allow a close relationship to
develop between herself and Phoebe, which would include teasing Phoebe sexually. That was all that Amber had
been briefed on. Jonathan did recall Amber's complaints:

"I'm not a lesbian, Jon. I'm into specifically."

Jonathan knew that Amber was totally heterosexual...and given that he needed Amber to have the upper hand in
this new relationship, this helped. Whoever felt the least amount of sexual desire would control the relationship. He
remembered telling Amber: "I don't want you to have sex with her...just tease her with yours."

Phoebe's personality profile indicated deep-rooted lesbian tendencies...and Jonathan knew that by combining the
aphrodisiac, the subliminal programming and Phoebe's natural sexuality, a new Phoebe would awaken. Jonathan
figured that within 24 hours, Phoebe would be experiencing such strong feelings of sexual desire for Amber, that
she'd practically be begging Amber for her touch. Once Amber controlled Phoebe, he'd move on to his next
project...Phoebe's sister, Piper.

While Jonathan continued to view the monitor, and listen to Amber ask Phoebe questions, he reflected on what
drew him to Amber in the first place. Sure, the girl was beautiful, with long blonde hair that teased the contours of
her nicely rounded ass cheeks...and she sported a very healthy set of tits...but it was her intellect and independence
that attracted him. He had first met Amber on the campus of Stanford University, which she was attending on an
academic scholarship and majoring in psychology. Now, Amber was a proud member of his own personal harem.
She had left school just before graduating to become his live in lover...and just recently, Jonathan created this new
position for her.

Jonathan looked at the clock. The session was almost over, which meant the subliminal signals were now buried
deep inside of Phoebe's subconscious. Jonathan took in Phoebe's personality when he selected his words, just like
he would when he was ready for Piper and Prue. The first words in Jonathan's formula for Phoebe were
AROUSAL...SEX...DESIRE. It played for the first fifteen minutes, before the next series of words. FEMALE
SEX... DESIRE...AMBER. This would surface Phoebe's latent lesbianism and stir an attraction towards Amber.
The last series of words were PASSIVE... AROUSAL...AMBER. This would not only waxen the feelings Phoebe
would feel for Amber, but also render her docile in the process. Phoebe's nightly dreams, fantasies, and daydreams
would all be filled with Amber.

The report also indicated that Phoebe was a great deal more sexually active than her other two sisters, which
obviously led to this approach. Jonathan had gotten a lucky break in the fact that Phoebe had latent feelings of this
nature, because if she were a perfectly normal heterosexual girl, the process to turn Phoebe on to other girls would
be long and tedious. In Phoebe's case, she proved the ideal subject and once her latent tendencies were brought to
surface, she would be bisexual for the rest of her life.


Throughout the examination, Phoebe found herself entranced with Amber Peters, and although the erotic thoughts
floating through her mind confused her, they didn't alarm her. In fact, she almost welcomed them. Was she really
sexually attracted to Amber? With each passing minute it was becoming harder and harder to hide her arousal and
Phoebe wanted to touch herself...but knew she couldn't without it being seen. Phoebe knew that she was wet down
there, feeling a wet stickiness inside the crotch area of her panties. She wondered if Amber could smell her arousal.

At the end of the session, Amber brought her a drink of water. Phoebe, finding herself extremely thirsty, drank it
all down and when she went to hand Amber back the glass, her fingers brushed up against Amber's fingers. All of a
sudden, Phoebe found herself having a vivid premonition of the two of them...completely naked...on her a
'69' position. Phoebe's huge breasts pitched forward and her breathing quickened. Phoebe looked up to see that
Amber was staring at her.

"You alright?" Amber asked. Phoebe shook her head yes, opened the door and left.

Phoebe quickly rushed to the girl's room...and locked herself in one of the stalls. Never had she ever been this
horny before, and she quickly slid down her skirt and soaked panties. Phoebe couldn't believe her body's state of
arousal, and it only confused her to think that a girl had elicited these feelings in her. Phoebe used her fingers to
enter her wet folds...and within seconds she cried out as an orgasm racked her body.

Phoebe found herself walking around in a daze for the rest of the day. She was still extremely horny, and still
thinking of Amber. How was this possible? Then it hit her...Witchcraft! Could Amber really be a witch? A lesbian
witch? Phoebe was tempted to approach her at the end of the day, but decided against it. Should she confide in her
sisters? What if this didn't have anything to do with witchcraft and she was merely attracted to another girl? Maybe
she just needed a good fucking. Phoebe couldn't help but giggle at that last thought, and then wondered what her
last boyfriend was doing.


Inside the restaurant 'Quake', at the bar

"So, little was your first day of school." Prue said with a smile, teasing her little sister with the school
comment while taking a seat next to her.

Phoebe turned to her older sister and smiled back; "Great! I think I'm gonna love it."

Piper watched the exchange between her sisters, knowing Phoebe was holding something back. It wasn't like
Phoebe to hide something from them, especially given how close they were. Piper wanted to be there for Phoebe,
just like Phoebe was there for her. Piper would wait, though and talk to Prue about it.

Piper thought back to the almost sarcastic way she'd been treating guys lately. What was it with her? Ever since
discovering that her boyfriend, Jeremy, was an evil warlock, she'd had nothing but a string of bad luck...and she
was so damn suspicious of every guy she met. Every guy that is, except for Leo. Piper still felt a flash of heat and a
warm tingling deep inside herself at the thought of him. The best sex I ever had, Piper thought with a smile. Too bad
he wasn't available. She blushed when she recalled how she kept on freezing Leo during the act. She wasn't as
versed with her powers then as she was now, and thanks to a freeze here, and a freeze there, she gave new
meaning to the word 'hard-on'.

Then he announced that he had to leave...and Piper was again depressed. Again, left guy-less. She knew that she
was attractive and pleasant to look at. Sure, she didn't have the sexy seriousness of Prue, or the voluptuous body
of Phoebe, but she was lithe, and was constantly complimented on her ass. So what if she had the smallest breasts
of the Halliwell sisters! Tits weren't everything! Would she ever meet Mr. Right?


Phoebe told her sisters that she wanted to get to bed early that evening, stating that she was now a working woman
and needed her beauty sleep. In fact, what she really wanted to do was relieve some of her pent up desire. Never
before had her body been as worked up as it was now. Lesbian fantasies, starring herself and Amber Peters, sent
strong currents of pleasure to every sensitive spot in her body. When Phoebe stripped naked and climbed into bed,
the first image she had upon closing her eyes was of her and Amber, with their heads buried in each other's crotch.
Phoebe's left hand immediately attacked the firm globes on her chest, pinching her erect nipples, while her right
hand drove three fingers deep inside herself, in and out, faster and faster. It only took Phoebe seconds before she
exploded in a powerful orgasm, and her moans could be heard easily in the next room. Phoebe didn't care though,
and found she craved more relief, which sent her hand back down again.

When Phoebe wasn't masturbating, she was pretty much tossing and turning all night long. Her dreams were vivid
images of herself and Amber, in all forms of sexual expression. Her hands constantly groped at her slippery
clit...and by the time the alarm clock rang the next morning, Phoebe felt drained, drenched and she reeked of sex.
Her first thought was...Amber! She knew she had no choice...she had to see her today. Phoebe didn't even bother to
put on her robe as she pranced naked down the hallway. When she got to the bathroom door, it was closed. Phoebe
walked right in.

"Hey! Wait...I'll be out in a few seconds." Prue responded as she toweled herself dry in front of the mirror.

While Prue said this, her eyes lit up. Phoebe could tell that Prue was shocked to see her stark naked, and had to
fight back a giggle. Phoebe went over to sit down on the toilet and within seconds, sighed as her bladder emptied.
"Sorry sis...I just couldn't wait."

Prue quickly covered herself with the towel, but in her haste to just get out, the towel dropped...once again exposing
her naked body. Phoebe, still sitting down on the toilet, found her eyes focusing on Prue's breasts, and the sight of
them sent fluttery sensations deep inside of her. Suddenly, she looked at Prue in a strange and new if
seeing her for the first time.

"I love your tits, Prue." Phoebe stated.

Prue replied with that famous smirk of hers...but Phoebe could tell there was a hint of genuine surprise. "Phoebe,
why are you acting this way?"

Phoebe replied, "What way?" But Prue didn't hang around to answer her...and Phoebe giggled in response.

Phoebe heard Piper yell from downstairs, "Breakfast is served! Get it while it's hot!" Phoebe smiled at Piper's
comment. I certainly will, she thought to herself. Phoebe moved her hand down to her wet, hot 'V'...and moaned as
she slipped three of her fingers inside of herself. Was she wet now because of her dreams last night...or her
marathon masturbation session this morning? Or was simply...Prue?


Amber Peters pulled her Porsche into the private parking lot of Seavers Enterprises. While her body felt relaxed,
thanks to a very satisfying fucking by Jonathan this morning, her mind reflected on Phoebe Halliwell. Jonathan
wanted her to build a relationship with the girl. So, here she was...dressed extra sexy today and not wearing a
bra...and all because he wanted her to sexually tease Phoebe.

As Amber made her way to the office, she felt some sympathy for Phoebe, knowing fully well what Phoebe was
going through. Amber reflected on her own 'turning' one year ago. She remembered how career driven she had
been as a college student. Suddenly, the next thing she knew, she was Jonathan's personal sex toy. Amber was far
too intelligent to ignore the abnormality of all this...but as she found out, knowing did absolutely nothing in
preventing it. She remembered Jonathan telling her how he used a combination of subliminal signals and a designer
aphrodisiac to enslave her. Instead of being concerned about her predicament and looking for ways to break it,
Amber found herself basking in her new life of pleasure. Intellectually, she knew that she had turned into a sex
obsessed slave for Jonathan, and that the feelings were artificially induced, but her body overruled her mind, and
made her cry for his touch. Jonathan was her life now...and every fiber of her being wanted to please him.

Jonathan had let her live with him for the first six months, but she had to share him with nine other live-in lovers.
He called everyone he 'turned' his love slave and the special ones, his 'Harem Girl'. Initially, she felt a slight
disappointment with having to share him, but it quickly turned to honor when she realized that she was a 'Harem
Girl'. Strangely, she felt no anger at any of this.

After her live-in stint, she was provided a car, an apartment, and the new job. Now, she was lucky to have sex with
him once a week...this morning was one of those lucky times. So, Amber found herself masturbating a lot more
these days. When he told her about Phoebe, she couldn't figure out why he simply didn't 'turn' her right away. What
was it that made this girl so special?

As Amber sat down behind her desk, she noted the light flashing on her phone. Amber pressed the button for her
voice mail and listened. Then she heard Phoebe's voice.

"Amber...Hi...ah...this is Phoebe...ah...Phoebe Halliwell... I...ah...I would like to talk to you...can I see you today?"
Amber smiled.


Inside Jonathan Seavers' office

Jonathan looked down at the picture of Piper Halliwell. Long brown hair that came down to her shoulders. Friendly
brown eyes. Small perky breasts on her slim figured body. Her file indicated that Piper constantly doubted herself,
at least when it came to the opposite sex. Jonathan, for the life of him, couldn't understand why. Well...soon Piper
would find herself feeling everything but doubt. Just then the intercom buzzed.

"Yes Kristy..."

"Sir. Your dinner at Quake is reserved for 7:30 tonight."

"Thanks Kristy...ah...Piper doesn't usually work at that time of night. How did you manage to ensure her

"Sir. I told them that your dinner engagement tonight would determine whether or not you would use them for your
catering service."

Jonathan was impressed; "Very good, Kristy. Schedule yourself for a 3:00 p.m. with me, okay honey."

"Yes sir! Thank you sir!" Kristy replied excitedly.


Inside Amber Peters' office

"I...I've never felt this way about a...a girl before...I feel so embarrassed." Phoebe stammered, sitting directly
across from Amber.

"Please, Phoebe. Don't feel embarrassed. I could tell during our session yesterday that you are a very passionate
woman, who isn't in a habit of hiding her sensuality. There's nothing wrong with feeling the way you do...but I'm
sorry to say I don't feel the same." Amber replied, using her professional tone.

"But, what do I do? If you don't feel the same way about me, how do I handle this? I...I know this is crazy, but I
think...I think I love you."

"Look, Phoebe...I'm one hundred percent heterosexual. I'm flattered that a pretty girl like you is attracted to me,
and I like you...but not in the sexual sense. You're bi, and I have no problem with that...and I'd like us to be
friends...but I don't want you trying to hit on me."


Phoebe left the office early...saying she didn't feel well. Amber had been nice to her, but the desire Phoebe felt for
her was too strong to be denied. She needed more than friendship and Phoebe knew how to obtain it. Given Prue
and Piper weren't due home for awhile, this gave her plenty of time.

Phoebe went upstairs into her attic. Slowly, she leafed through the Book of Shadows for love spells. She knew damn
well that she wasn't supposed to achieve personal gain from these spells, but she figured that there were exceptions
for every rule.

Phoebe smiled when she came upon a spell that looked good to her. A simple incantation would bond them together,
so that every desire Phoebe felt for Amber, Amber would feel for her. Of course, this included sexual desire. The
only drawback to this spell was that it would take the 'power of three' to break it, and this meant if she ever did
want to release Amber from her spell, she would have to tell her sisters what she did.

The spell called for her to be naked...and Phoebe giggled. Good thing her sisters weren't here, otherwise how would
she explain being caught naked casting a spell? Phoebe quickly stripped out of her clothes and threw them outside
a circle she drew with chalk. She lit five red candles and stretched out inside the circle, making sure that her head,
her arms, and spread legs aligned perfectly with the five candles positioned in a hexagon pattern. Phoebe
envisioned Amber and began the incantation.


Amber had been walking back to her office when she suddenly felt a strong sexual craving flood her entire being.
Dizzy and momentarily disoriented, Amber had to lean up against the wall in order not to fall. Amber's mind
immediately thought of Phoebe...and what her image was doing to her didn't make sense. Slowly, Amber made her
way back to her office and closed her door. What was going on? She understood her body well enough to know she
was feeling sexual arousal, and the object of her desire was Phoebe. The intensity of these feelings grew by the
second and Amber found her hands reaching up to cup her large breasts...the contact triggered a flash of wet heat
and she gasped.

"Ohhhhhhh." What was going on with her? Phoebe...she wanted Phoebe. Wanted to be with her, touching her,
kissing her, licking her. Amber blushed as her body craved Phoebe Halliwell. Did Jonathan have something to do
with making her feel this way?

Amber quickly called Jonathan. A girl answered the phone. "I need to talk to Mr. Seavers...this is Ms. Peters."

"Yes ma'am...hold on."

It was only a few moments, but it seemed an eternity. "Hi Amber...what is it?"

"Jonathan. Something is wrong. I'm feeling strange...really strange. Did you do anything to me?"

"What are you talking about?"

"I...I'm feeling sexual desire for Phoebe. It isn't natural. God, I can't believe how much I want to be with her. I can't
help it. I've never felt this way about a girl before. This isn't me!"

"Hmmmm. Well, it wasn't generated from anything that I did...but I don't want you to fight it. Instead, go with the

"Yes tell you the truth, I don't think I have much of a choice. I'm going to call Phoebe. This is crazy. Why do
I feel this way?"

"I don't know why. If you can, call me tomorrow morning and let me know what happens."

"Yes sir." Amber replied, then hung up the phone. When Jonathan told her not to fight the feelings, it made the
thought of being with Phoebe easier to deal with. She trusted Jonathan to tell her the truth, and knew that if it was
something he had done that he would tell her. If Jonathan didn't direct these feelings, then who did? Amber picked
up the phone again, this time to call Phoebe.

"Hello," a soft voice answered. The sound of it gave her a rush of new tingles.

"Hi...ah...Phoebe. This is Amber...I...I'd like to see you...can I come over?"

"Yes! I'd love to see you!"


Jonathan sat in his office deep in thought. He had no doubt that Phoebe had cast some sort of love spell over
Amber. He hadn't counted on Phoebe using her witchcraft. He also felt a slight fear at knowing that these witches
had real power. Amber had had absolutely no desire for her own sex...and the fact that with one spell, Phoebe was
able to turn her into a puddle of quivering nerve endings for her, shocked him. As it was, this didn't cause any
serious problems. It still kept Phoebe preoccupied while he implemented the next step of his plan...Piper.


Phoebe was so excited she felt herself actually dripping with arousal. Amber would be here any minute and thanks
to the spell, they would be lovers! Phoebe remained naked while prancing around her home. Prue had called to tell
her that she had to work late, and Piper called to tell her the same. With both her sisters out and Amber on her way
over...she wondered if life could actually get better?

When Phoebe heard the soft tap on the door, she swung the door open. Amber, looking very beautiful and confused,
stood before her...and in a mere fraction of a second later, her eyes lit up at seeing Phoebe stark naked. Phoebe
gave her a big smile, as if saying, 'This is all yours.'

"I...I don't understand...this is all so strange to me." Amber murmured as Phoebe moved up against her for a hug.
Phoebe moaned with anticipated pleasure, and gave Amber a squeeze on her ass cheeks...while crushing her huge
rounded breasts up against Amber's healthy set. "Upstairs...let's go upstairs."

Phoebe quickly led Amber to her bedroom, and helped her strip. This would be the very first time that either one of
them experienced same sex love, but there was no room for shyness...and no hesitation.

"Phoebe...I've never done this before. I don't understand any of this...but I can't help the way I feel...I need you!"

Phoebe smiled in response, and replied, "Me too!"

Phoebe moved around to position herself in a '69', just like the premonition she'd had yesterday. Phoebe straddled
Amber's head with her wet lips and slowly lowered them down to Amber's mouth. More than anything right now she
wanted Amber's tongue inside her. Seconds later she felt Amber's lips touch her wet slit and then Amber's tongue
enter her. Then Phoebe felt Amber's tongue make contact with her clit...eliciting a cry as new, exciting sensations
coursed through her. Phoebe lowered her own mouth down between Amber's beautiful legs, taking in the sweet
smell of the blonde's pussy. Phoebe used her hands to spread Amber's petals apart...and then drove her own tongue
deep inside of her. Both of them moaned...groaned...and cried out as their tongues played with the other's clit.


Prue felt drained when she finally got home. The Auction House was taking up more and more of her time, which
meant she spent less time with her sisters. Piper had called to tell her that she also had to work late.

When Prue climbed the stairs, she saw that Phoebe's door was closed. Best not disturb her. She thought to herself.
Phoebe had been acting strange lately, and her brief talk with Piper earlier supported this claim. As Prue turned to
go back down the stairs, she thought she heard a giggle come from Phoebe's room. Huh? That didn't sound like

End of Part One


"Tonight's episode included music by Remy Zero."


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