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Charmed: The Tie That Binds Part 3 (FF,inc,fdom)
by JT Langdon

Paige came to with a splitting headache. She listened to the sound of her own
labored breathing as she tried to find the strength to get up. The floor
beneath her was cold and uneven, like stone, and Paige could feel her right
side getting numb. How long had she been laying there? And where the hell was
she, anyway? She had a lot of questions but no answers.

Taking a deep breath, Paige managed to get onto all fours. But even that
little bit of progress came with a whopping price tag. She bit her lower lip
as a wave of nausea flowed over her. The urge to wretch was incredible. She
hadn't felt this awful since she stopped drinking! Those killer hangovers
from her past paled in comparison, though. Paige thought she was going to
die, right there on her hands and knees . . . assuming, of course, that she
wasn't dead already and this was all some kind of hell.

Five months ago that would have been a joke to her, but now Paige knew
anything was possible. So went the life -or even death- of a Charmed One.

The wave of nausea passed. Paige took another deep breath and raised her head
to have a look around. She was in a cave of some kind that had been fashioned
into a prison cell with thick metal bars forming a barricade in front of her.
The cell was empty. There was no bed, no toilet. Just rock and dirt. Light
came from torches mounted on the wall outside her cell. Beyond the metal bars
was a darkness that could have stretched into infinity for all she knew.

Paige crinkled her nose in disdain as she breathed in stale air. This did not
look promising. Not at all. She crawled over to the front of the cell and
pressed her forehead to the metal bars keeping her captive, letting the
coolness soothe her aching head for a moment before she even thought about
getting to her feet.

Well, this is just great, Paige thought. She had no idea where she was or
what would happen to her, if she was dead or soon would be. Sometimes she
wished she'd never met Piper and Phoebe Halliwell.

Things had been so much simpler when demons and warlocks were nothing more
than fiction. She had a decent job, an active love life. What more could she
have asked for? No one ever tried to kill her, or made her three inches tall.
Her soul never inhabited another body. She might not have been living la vida
loca, but at least she was living.

Paige sighed. That was just the frustration talking. Even at times like this
she wouldn't have wanted her life to be any different. It was tough growing
up both an only child and an adopted one, and when her parents died she felt
even more lost and disconnected. Meeting Piper and Phoebe had changed all
that. Not only did she have a family now, she had a legacy. She was a
witch . . . and with her sisters, a Charmed One. That gave her life purpose,

But she had gained more than just sisters by meeting Piper and Phoebe. She'd
gained a lover.

Thoughts of her magical night with Phoebe raced through her mind and Paige
took great pleasure in reliving them, the memory of Phoebe's mouth exploring
her body making her shudder. And those hands! Gods! That woman had great
hands! No one had ever touched her like that, gentle one moment then rough
the next. Somehow Phoebe knew just what she needed at any given moment,
reducing her to a sweaty mass of flesh. Lovemaking had never been so intense,
so emotional . . . so satisfying.

And she took just as much delight in pleasing her sister as she did in taking
what Phoebe offered. Perhaps more. Nothing like that ever happened before.
She never wanted to please a lover that much, never needed someone as much as
she needed Phoebe. But she needed her. She craved her sister, her touch . . .
her kisses . . . her warmth. There was no such thing as too much when it came
to Phoebe. Paige wanted as much as she could get!

Would she feel the same way about Piper? Something told Paige she would. The
attraction was there, no doubt about that. And so was the desire. She wanted
Piper. Mmm! Could her sister possibly have been more beautiful? Paige didn't
think it was possible. She wanted to get that woman into bed so bad it hurt!
Piper had been resistant to that. But Paige had no doubt she could have
changed Piper's mind in time.

Of course, it didn't look like she would get the chance.

Paige shook her head in reproach. She couldn't give up . . . wouldn't give
up. Now that she had Piper and Phoebe in her life, she wasn't about to let go
of them without a fight.

Holding onto the bars for support, Paige pulled herself up off the ground
with a moan. There wasn't a part of her that didn't hurt. The last thing she
remembered was Prue dragging her through some kind of portal. Prue . . .
Gods! Could that really have been her? Though Paige had seen her older sister
at P3 from time to time, she'd never actually met Prue before. But Prue was
dead! She had been to the funeral! That was where she met Piper and Phoebe
for the first time. So what was going on here? Then she remembered what
Phoebe read in The Book of Shadows about Xnar having the power to breathe new
life into the dead. Prue showing up one day after Xnar's trained lizards
attacked the manor was too much of a coincidence for Paige to swallow.

If Xnar was behind all this, then she was as good as dead. She had to get out
of there! But how? Though she knew it was futile, Paige tried moving the bars
just for a laugh. And it was no great shock when the bars didn't budge. So
now what? Paige smiled. Duh! She had powers! All she had to do was orb
herself to the other side of the bars.

Clearing her mind, Paige focused all her energy on orbing out of the cell.
She imagined the molecules in her body drifting apart in a bluish-white glow
of light then reforming again outside her prison cell. Her concentration
never wavered. Paige continued taking slow, deep breaths and waited for the
familiar tingle to engulf her. But nothing happened.

Paige didn't get it. She might have been new to her powers but she had
learned to better control them. That should have worked!

"You're wasting your time," came a voice from the darkness.

Looking up, Paige swallowed the lump in her throat as she watched Prue emerge
from the shadows. Her late sister had on a black tanktop and leather pants
that showed off some very inviting curves. She looked Prue up and down,
wetting her lips with the tip of her tongue.

"How do you figure?" Paige asked.

Prue came a little closer and smiled. "The Mistress cast a binding spell.
Your powers won't work down here."

"And where is that, exactly?"

"The Mistress' lair," Prue said.

"Well that's . . . vague," Paige said. "And who is the Mistress?"

Prue smiled. "You'll meet her soon enough, witch." She stepped up to the
cell, her appraising stare making Paige nervous. "So . . . you're the mongrel
who renewed the power of three." Prue snorted in contempt. "You don't look
that dangerous to me."

"Tough talk with these bars between us," Paige said, hoping to goad her
sister into doing something foolish. "Come in here and I'll show you how
dangerous I am."

That made Prue laugh. "You are feisty, aren't you? The Mistress likes that.
So do I." She smiled, unlocked the cell door, and stepped inside. The two of
them stood toe to toe, glaring at each other.

"I've heard a lot about you," Paige said.

Prue arched an eyebrow. "Oh?"

"Mmmhmm," Paige murmured. "You're a tough act to follow. It's not easy living
in the shadow of a super bitch . . . uh, witch, like Prudence Halliwell."

Prue slapped her across the face, hard. "You should have some respect for the

"I should," Paige said, rubbing her cheek. It stung like hell but she
wouldn't let Prue see the pain show through. "But you know what? I don't!"
She tossed a punch at Prue's chin.

But Prue caught her fist in one hand and laughed. "Is that the best you've
got?" In a single, fluid motion Prue gathered her wrists in one hand, lifted
her arms over her head, and pushed her back against the wall.

Paige trembled as Prue got in her face. The two of them stood so close now
she could feel the other woman's breath on her lips. But was it fear that
turned her legs to rubber? Or something else, something even more primal? She
tried to move but Prue tightened her grip, squeezing until Paige thought the
bones in her wrist would break.

"Let go of me," Paige whispered.

Prue laughed. "You have to say the magic word."

"Please," answered Paige between gritted teeth. It was that damn smile that
ticked her off so much. Prue was so getting off on this! Paige refused to let
Prue break her, but her conviction seemed hollow when Prue touched a finger
to her lips.

"That's much better," Prue said.

Paige glared at her sister. "Move that finger or I'll bite it off."

"Mmmm," Prue purred. "But then I couldn't do this."

Paige tried to keep a straight face as Prue dragged her finger over her chin,
down her neck, and between her breasts. She lasted about a minute . . . then
Prue circled her nipple through the thin fabric of her halter top and Paige
breathed a sigh of pleasure in spite of all her efforts not to give in.

Damn it! Paige berated herself. She couldn't let Prue get the best of her!

But Prue had the upper hand. Staring right at her, pinning her arms over head
in one hand while the other teased her breast. Yeah . . . Prue was definitely
winning this round. And Paige was powerless, literally and figuratively. She
had been stripped of her magic and now she was being stripped of her resolve,
one layer at a time.

Prue's finger traced lazy figure-eights around her breasts and Paige knew the
hunger she saw in the other woman's eyes was a reflection of her own. She
could feel her nipples stiffening under Prue's deft touch. The smile that
tugged at the corners of Prue's mouth made it clear she felt it, too.

Without looking away, Prue slipped a hand under her skirt and Paige groaned
as Prue's fingers pressed into her slit. She abandoned all pretense and
arched toward her sister for more, begging Prue to keep touching her. And
Prue did, too. Paige gasped for breath as Prue rubbed her cunt through the
pair of cotton panties she'd borrowed from Phoebe. Gods! She would have them
soaked in no time! As Prue massaged her throbbing pussy, Paige found it more
and more difficult to breathe. She was practically hyperventilating! The race
was on to see if she was allowed to come before she passed out! But Prue kept
right on teasing her with a glimmer in her eye so it looked like the latter
would happen first.

Paige couldn't take it anymore! She handed Prue a minor victory when she
breathed a desperate, "Please."

That was all it took to get the relief she sought. Pulling aside the crotch
of her panties, Prue smiled and thrust into her. Paige grunted. Gods! How she
needed Prue inside her! She arched against her sister, wanting those fingers
deep in her cunt. In answer, Prue thrust into her again, fucking her fast and
furious, pumping two fingers into her pussy. Paige gazed into Prue's eyes of
coal. She would not look away, no matter what. Prue returned her determined
stare, peering into the very depths of her soul even as those wondrous
fingers plunged into the depths of her pussy. Could Prue see in her eyes how
badly she wanted to come? Did she feel the tightening in her cunt? And did
she care? Some part of her must have because Prue began to tease her clit
with the pad of her thumb while continuing to fuck her at a frantic pace.
Paige squealed with pleasure. Beyond words now, her eyes begged Prue to bring
her off, to grant her sweet release. And the intense smile Prue flashed her
told Paige she would get her wish very soon. She moaned for more as Prue's
thumb flicked over her clit in counterpoint to the fingers wrenched up her
cunt. So close now . . . she was so close. Teetering on the brink. Paige
chewed her lower lip in delicious agony as Prue at last finger-fucked her
over the edge. She was in a freefall, coming hard, spilling her juices all
over her sister's hand with a deep, satisfied moan.

Smirking, Prue slid out of her and let go of her wrists. Paige collapsed
forward, clinging to Prue for support. She didn't have the strength to stand
under her own power. Prue held her for a moment, letting her catch her
breath, then pulled her into a kiss that left her almost as breathless as her
orgasm had. Gods! There was enough heat in that kiss to melt the iron bars
that kept her prisoner. Paige swooned under the intensity of it.

Prue pulled back to look at her then said, "Get down on your knees."

Still out of sorts, Paige nodded and sank to the ground without argument. She
smacked her lips, waiting for further instructions, and when Prue unzipped
her fly Paige had a pretty good idea what those instructions would be.

"Eat me," Prue whispered.

Now there was something Paige didn't need to be told twice! She pulled down
her sister's black leather pants just enough to get at her then buried her
face in Prue's cunt. Mmm! Delicious! Prue was sweeter than wine! She slipped
her tongue into Prue's sopping wet pussy and hungrily lapped up her rich
honey. Urgent fingers twined in her hair and pulled hard. Paige moaned into
Prue's cunt, burrowing her tongue ever deeper.

"That's it," Prue rasped above her. "Lick my pussy raw."

Paige was well on her way to doing just that. She unleashed a furious
tongue-lashing in her sister's smoldering pussy, delighting in the taste of
her desire. It was so good! Yum! More than ever she wanted to get Prue off.
She dragged her tongue over Prue's pebble of a clit, flicking it lightly.
Prue moaned.

"Yeah . . . make me come, witch. Make me come all over your face."

Hearing that nearly made Paige come again. She circled Prue's clit with the
tip of her tongue then pressed her lips to the firm little nub and sucked it.
The small prison cell echoed with the sound of Prue's howls of ecstasy as
Paige brought her to climax, not just once, but over and over again, drinking
in the sweetness of her nectar until Prue finally had to push her away.

Sprawled on the floor, Paige rolled onto her hands and knees with Prue's
honey dripping from her lips. She looked up at her sister and smiled.

"Are you trying to kill me again?" Prue asked, gulping for breath.

Paige got to her feet and snared Prue's lips with her own. The kiss was long
and deep, their tongues slithering over each other in mutual lust. "What do
you think?" Paige murmured between kisses.

"I think I'm just getting warmed up," Prue muttered.

Paige hoped so.

* * *

"I hope Paige is getting on okay."

Phoebe looked up from The Book of Shadows. Piper was standing over a steaming
metal pot mixing the potion they hoped would vanquish Xnar. She looked sullen
as she tossed ingredients into the pot. Neither of them had spoken much on
the ride home. But Phoebe had no doubt sooner or later she and Piper would
have to talk about what happened at the parking lot.

"Paige is tough," Phoebe said. "She can handle things until we get there."

"And if she can't we'll lose another sister," Piper said.

Phoebe went to Piper and hugged her from behind. "Aw, sweetie. We're not
going to lose her."

Turning in her arms, Piper crushed her face into Phoebe's shoulder and
started to cry. "If we do it'll be all my fault."

"Stop that," Phoebe admonished her sister. She moved her hand up and down
Piper's back in long, comforting strokes. "It's not your fault."

Piper sniffled. "Yes, it is. I . . . I froze. I should have used my power but
I didn't . . . I couldn't."

"You didn't want to hurt Prue," Phoebe realized.

"Yeah," Piper said, nodding. "Do you . . . do you think that was really her?"

Phoebe sighed. She had been asking herself that very question. Considering
the demon that attacked them was a reanimator she was forced to conclude that
the woman who attacked them in the parking lot was Prue . . . some twisted,
evil version of Prue . . . but still their sister. She said as much to Piper.

"I won't forgive myself," Piper said. She pulled back and dabbed at her eyes.
"If something happens to Paige, I won't forgive myself."

Phoebe said, "Then we just won't let anything happen to her." She peered into
the simmering pot on the stove. It smelled like a combination of Limburger
cheese and the cat's litter box. "Ugh. I hope this works or we stank up the
kitchen for nothing."

"It'll work," Piper said. "But in order to use it we have to find Xnar. And
Paige. Any ideas, sister of mine?"

"Actually, yes." Phoebe went back to the table and sat down, checking the
notes she had jotted down from The Book of Shadows. "I've been working on a
teleportation spell."

Piper arched a doubtful brow. "Teleportation?"

"Mmhmm," Phoebe nodded. "It should take us right to Paige."

"It should?"

"Well . . . " Phoebe hesitated. "There's a teeny, tiny chance we could end up
in a parallel dimension without any physicality. We would exist, but only as
formless entities roaming the universe without direction for an eternity."

Piper thought about that then went back to mixing her potion with a shrug.
"Nothing ventured, nothing gained right?"

"Right," Phoebe said. She chose her next words carefully. "Piper . . . if we
face Prue again . . . what are we going to do?"

"We'll burn that bridge when we come to it," Piper said.

* * *

Prue found the Mistress in the main chamber and took her rightful place at
the foot of Xnar's thrown. There were Gekkonidae gathered all around her but
she paid them no attention. So what if they bristled at her status? That
wasn't her problem. Mistress Xnar chose her favorites, and she was it.

The Mistress reached down and teased her hair. "Did you enjoy her, my pet?"

"Yes, Mistress," Prue said, dropping a reverent kiss on Xnar's boot. "Thank

"Mmmm," Xnar purred. "You're more than welcome. But now that she has served
her purpose I want you to kill her."

"No!" Prue said. That word came out before she realized it. Where had it come
from? She would never disobey the Mistress! Her only purpose was to serve
Mistress Xnar. The Gekkonidae murmured to each other in disbelief. Would the
Mistress punish her? Return her to the world of the dead? Prue shuddered to
think about that.

The Mistress snorted with laughter. "No?"

Prue cried out as the Mistress grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her
to her feet. "Mistress . . . please! I didn't mean it!" Xnar pulled her so
close their noses were touching.

"Perhaps you have feelings for this witch," Xnar mused. "Affection, perhaps?"

Prue shook her head vehemently. "She is just a plaything, Mistress."

"Then you should have no problem killing her," Xnar said.

Prue knew that was true. The witch was nothing to her. A pleasant
distraction, nothing more. Someone to give her a few moments of pleasure.
That was all the stupid witch was good for. So why did she suddenly find the
thought of hurting Paige unpalatable?

"We . . . we still need her," Prue finally said. "As bait. The Charmed Ones
are sure to come after her. So we should keep her alive for now."

The Mistress thought about that for a long time then nodded. "And so we will.
For now. But when the time comes, she and her sisters will die. At your

Prue breathed a sigh of relief. "Yes, Mistress."

To be concluded . . .


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