This is an adult story. Do not reed if you are underage or offended by
explicit language. I don't own any of these characters.

Charmed: X-Charmed Part 1 (MFF,inc)
by CT ([email protected])

Prue tried to sleep. But the sounds from the next room didn't let her. Piper
and her husband, Leo, had sex one more time. And the walls seemed so thin
those times! Prue used her pillow to cover her head and muffle the sounds but
it was impossible. The worst part was that she started to fill a wet spot
between her legs.

She throws the pillow and her blankets away. She sat at her bed and removes
her t-shirt she used as a night dress and her breast jiggle completely free.
She placed her thumbs in the waist band of her white cotton panties and
lifted her ass from the mattress and slides them down her legs. Then she
throws them where the pillow was.

She lay back on her mattress; she spread her legs and planted her feet down.
She cupped her big breasts and squeezed them hard. She pinched her hard
nipples and a soft moan escaped her lips. She let her right hand slide down
over her flat belly and touches her neatly trimmed pubic hair. Then even
lower until it rest with his palm over her now soaking wet pussy.

The sound of her sister being fucked in the nearby room drove her crazy with
lust. She didnt hesitate and shove first one then two and then three fingers
in her twat. She started to fuck herself with one hand and with the other
play with her tits. She used her thumb to rub her clit and her back arched
as she climaxed. She felt back to the bed heavily breathing and sweating with
a big smile in her face.

As her breath came to normal she noticed that the sounds from Piper's room
had stopped and wondered what was going on and they stopped so suddenly. She
heard a knock in her door and her heart stopped. Then she heard Piper calling
her. She cursed and stood up with trembling legs and put her silk robe over
her naked body.

She opened the door and saw Piper. She looked sweaty and her hair was
clenched on her forehead. Prue asked Piper what was going on and Piper
returned the question. Prue told her that everything was okay. Then Piper
asked her if she and Leo were too loud! Prue's face turned in various
shades of red! Piper took the chance and told her that thin walls work in
both directions! Prue's face became white like the face of a ghost! Piper
laughed. She told Prue that it was okay to be turned on hearing something
like this and that it was impossible to be quiet with a lover like Leo.

Prue looked with big eyes as her shy sister spoke so open about such things.
Piper laughed again by the expression on hers sister face. She asked her if
she had fantasized about her and Leo while masturbating. Prue felt dizzy and
said something. She didn't realize what. She said that she did fantasize
about Leo fucking Piper!

Piper reached out and took Prues hand. She drags her out of her room to hers
where Leo waited. Prue followed like in trans. She had seen Leo naked before
but never in an erect situation. He was huge! Then something blocked her
view. Piper had already let her robe fall to the floor and now she was taking
of Prue's robe! Prue wanted to run away but her legs didnt obey her. Piper
lean for and plant a soft kiss on Prues lips. She jumps back electrified only
to found out that Leo had teleported behind her.

With the way out blocked Prue gave up. She let Piper kiss her and their
tongues swirled in their mouths. Leo's hand slide under her armpits and he
take her big breasts in his palms fondling them. Prue moaned in Pipers mouth
and grabbed her sisters ass puling her closer to her. Suddenly she pushed
Piper away and used her powers. Piper flew away and falls to the bed. Prue
walked to her and crawled to the bed over Piper. She kissed her navel and
sucked her puffy nipples. It was Pipers turn to moan.Leo stayed away and
enjoined the spectacle of the two sisters making each other.

Piper enjoyed Prue's attention at her nipples but she wanted more. She rolled
Prue over and she started to kiss her neck and then lower to her big breasts.
She always was jealous of her older sister for her great rack and now that
rack was all hers to play! She fondled the soft flesh she bites it and she
suck and pinch the nipples.

Leo walked to them and slapped Prue on the face with his cock. She opened her
mouth and he shoved it down her throat. Piper watched her sister sucking her
husband and make some dirty compliments about her. Prue smiled and wrapped
her legs around the small waist of piper rubbing her wet pussy in Piper's
belly. Leo reached out and stroked his wifes hair.

She smiled at him and dived back in Prue's breasts. Leo helped her by
squeezing the breast Piper couldn't pay attention to. Prue pulled Leo's
cock out of her mouth and pushed piper on her back. She spread Pipers
legs and dive into her sisters pussy savoring her juices with her tongue.

Leo watched Prue's upraised ass and felt horny as hell. He took hold of
Prue's waist and shoved his big cock in her soaking wet pussy. He started
to fuck his wife's sister, Piper started to scream at him to fuck the bitch
harder, he obeyed and Prue's face was pushed to Piper's crotch with force
that make both sisters groan from pleasure.A huge orgasm washed over Piper's
body and she shakes the bed like a San Francisco earthquake.

Prue lapped her juices like crazy and her face was smeared with them. With a
little help from Leo's thrusts she slid up to Piper's body, she licked her
nipples and then slide up to kissed Piper while Leo still fucked her. Leo
shoved a finger in her ass and then Prue came all over his cock. She fall
breathless on Piper, smiled at her and thanked her for sharing Leo with her.
Piper smiled back and told her it wasn't over yet.

Leo pulled out of her pussy and shoved his lubricated cock in her ass! Prue
closed her eyes and purred like a cat. Piper smiled and called her an anal
slut. Prue kissed her and shoved a finger at Piper's ass that purred too.

Leo gained speed and Prue thrusted her ass back on him meeting his moves. His
balls slapped at her pussy lips and his hips at hers as he pounded her harder
and harder. Prue started to slide forward from his thrusts. Piper wrapped her
legs around Prue's waist and her arms around her neck keeping her in place.
Prue sealed Piper's lips with hers and screamed her orgasm in Piper's mouth.
Prue fall breathless on Piper and stay there.

Leo pulled his cock out of her ass and kneeled beside the two sisters. Piper
took his cock and strokes it until Leo came spurting thick sperm strains all
over their faces. Then the two sisters licked his cock clean and then each
others faces. All three fall to the bed hugging and kissing each other. Leo
took the two sisters in his arms and they fall asleep.

The end of part one


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