By Wonder Mike

Prue, Phoebe and Piper had discovered that they were witches about a month
ago. Prue being the oldest of the sisters had decided using their powers was
insane. Every time they used them a Demon seemed to attack them. They knew
Warlocks were trying to steal their powers and their only real protection
was to not use them.

Phoebe had other ideas, she would use her powers to see the future to make
herself rich and famous. The problem was it never worked, she learned her
powers could not be used for personal gain.

Piper was reasonable, she agreed with her older sister that they shouldn't
use the powers they had. She was able to stop time.

Phoebe thought that the only reason their powers didn't seem to work out the
way they wanted was because they never used them. After all "Practice makes
perfect." Also see could see the future, what could go wrong.

Phoebe tried to make herself rich but every time she tried, she failed. She
finally decided that would never work, so what else did she want. She wanted
to be fucked, and fucked hard. What else could a girl want.

She saw just the spell she would need. It was a spell to create any type of
lover she wanted.

She listed the traits she wanted, A tall man, a man with long blonde hair
and blue eyes, a man of few words, a man with no body fat. A man who could
fuck for hours and a man with an extreme penis. That was all any girl could

She was careful before she cast the spell. She looked into the future and
saw herself having the biggest orgasm ever. She had to cast it.

She invoked the spell and waited, and waited, and waited. Nothing was
happening, it didn't work.

She decided to go to Piper's restaurant and tell her what she tried to do,
maybe she could help.

She made it a block from her apartment when she was grabbed from behind. A
bag was placed over her head and she was dragged back to her apartment.

"Was the spell working?" She had always fantasized about being raped, this
had to be a part of her spell.

She was tossed into her bedroom with the bag still placed over her head, she
couldn't see anything.

Her attacker ripped off her clothes, he was strong, then he tossed her on the
bed. phoebe didn't fight at all. Her attacker spread her legs and buried his
tongue into her pussy, God it was good, His tongue was extremely long, it was
buried about three inches inside of her. she was having the orgasm she had
visioned. The attacker tied her spread eagle to the bed. One hand and foot on
each bed post. This was another one of her fantasies. She was trembling in

Her attacker rammed three fingers into her cunt, she was tight and they
barely fit, but he rammed them to the knuckle. His hand was a blur as he
worked in and out, Phoebe was having orgasm after orgasm.

The attacker removed the bag from her head. The first thing she noticed was
the horns. This was not her dream lover, it couldn't be. This was a demon.

Phoebe tried to jump up but she was tied down. Once again her fantasy had
gotten her into trouble.

She looked the bright red demon over, She looked down and was terrified and
excited, It wasn't just the size of his cock, 15 inches long and 8 inches
diameter, it was the fact that he had two of them hanging side by side.

The demon slammed his bottom cock into her pussy, she had never been so full,
and he rammed it like a piston, sex was this demon's job. His top cock was
rubbing across her cunt, she had never felt anything this good.

The demon pulled his bottom cock out of her pussy, and slammed his top one
into her. He worked it for 15 minutes than he slid his bottom cock into her
ass. He pounded her ass and pussy until she was screaming for mercy, she
couldn't take much more of being pounded by two 15 inch cocks. She was
passing out.

Piper had finished work and just arrived in time to hear her. The demon heard
Piper enter the house and hid behind the door.

Piper saw the tied and unconscious Phoebe, she ran over to wake her and the
Demon grabbed her from behind. He just slammed a dick into her pussy before
she knew what hit here. Piper couldn't even think she was being fucked so
hard. The demon lifted her off her feet and was slamming her backwards on his

Piper had very little sexual experience and was in heaven, she had no idea
who was fucking her and she didn't care. The demon than slid hi second cock
into her pussy, Piper had 30 inches of cock squeezed into her tight pussy.
The demon still had her off her feet and was slamming her faster and faster
on his cocks.

Piper could only take ten minutes of this before she passed out. They demon
didn't care, he just kept slamming her on his cocks. This demon could go for
ever, he finally dropped Piper and went to fuck Phoebe again, he than heard
the front door.



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