Again, the Halliwell sisters and Phillip Marlowe aren't my characters. I'm
just playing with them.

Codes: F/F; M/F; incest.

Charmed: Part 2 - Danger And Delight
by Professor Moriarty


I was sitting in the diner again, finishing my grilled cheese sandwich,
with my mind wandering. For the last two weeks, since I had woken up in that
chair, with her gone... She had been all that was on my mind. I'm a man, and
I've done alright in my life. Women don't usually stick around long with me,
and that's fine with me. But this was different.

She had come into my life like a flash, a beautiful girl, almost like a
Gypsy, with an equally remarkable sister. I had worked a dead-end case for
them and their friends and then she and I had shared one fantastic afternoon.
I woke up in my chair, half-dressed, with no memory of her having left. I had
looked for them, (it's my job and I'm pretty good at it), but I hadn't found
anything. She was gone, her sister was gone and their friends had no idea
where they were.

I caught myself "seeing" her on the street at least once a day every day
since. I had never had a woman get into my head like this and while I liked
most of it, some of it I didn't. These kinds of things got men in this racket
killed, each and every day.

I drained my last sips of coffee, got up and put a $2 bill down and didn't
wait for the change. I walked out into the mid-day Southern California sun
and blinked for a second, before fishing my sunglasses out of my vest pocket.
I had a couple of more typical cases that were on the back burner and I
planned to do some desultory work on them today. I needed to keep myself busy
and not think too much. I hailed a cab, and told him the address I needed to
go to, the Ambassador, to talk to a Russian exile who was convinced that he
could prove he was a Romanov. He was nutty as a fruitcake, but they usually


" don't be so quick to write him off. He sounds like he really cares.
Maybe you should give him a chance to prove it." So finished the last of the
next week's "Ask Phoebe" columns. The author, Phoebe Halliwell, pressed
"save" on her laptop, and closed it up for a while. At 9:33 PDT on a Sunday,
she had finished the upcoming week's whole set of columns and was quite proud
of herself.

She swiveled around in her antique wooden chair and leaned it back a few
degrees, enough to put her feet up on the edge of her bed. She was dressed
in a typically weekend casual way, sleeveless t-shirt and denim cutoffs.
She hadn't even bothered to put on socks.

She reached her arms up over her head as she leaned back, stretching her
shirt's material tightly over her generous breasts, stretching the word
"Giants" emblazoned on the shirt into "iant", the two other letters
disappearing along the sides of her big tits. She lowered her arms back,
found a relaxed position and began to absently caress her belly, just at
the bottom of the shirt, while gazing languidly at the ceiling.

Pretty soon, her absent hands had slipped her fingers, up to the knuckles,
inside her shorts. She had the palm side down, touching the warm skin of her
flat belly with the palm itself, with the fingertips going all the way down
to the top of her trimmed patch of jet black pubic hair.

She grinned to herself as she slowly traced a back and forth motion along the
top of her hidden pussy. She had opted to go completely casual today and skip
even underwear. The soft but still coarse denim had felt wonderful rubbing on
her vulva as she crossed and uncrossed her legs while typing all morning. She
had succeeded in turning herself on, mildly, and was now trying to decide if
she really wanted to do something about it or not.

Meanwhile, a few doors down behind her closed door, Phoebe's sister Paige had
long since abandoned any pretense of control and was vigorously masturbating,
deep under the covers of her big brass bed.

Paige rarely did anything by halves and her self-gratification was no
different. She had been alternating between her slippery fingers and a flat
circular vibrator that fit in the palm, an attached ring hooking over the
middle finger of the hand of the user. (Paige liked the fact that she could
reasonably claim to use that one therapeutically, for sore muscles. Phoebe
and Piper wouldn't but it, but she liked the idea of plausible deniability.)

While laying on her side, she ran the little buzzer over the front of her
moistening panties. What she had behind her back had no such out. Paige had
lowered her underpants a few inches, and then slipped a medium sized dildo
between her buns and was sliding it ever so slowly in and out of her gently
yielding anal passage. Her face was buried in one of the half a dozen huge
pillows that usually covered her bed, but her mouth was working and soft,
small moans and even an occasional grunt escaped her lips. She had to try
and keep it down, but she had an itch she needed to scratch, as soon as she

Paige had been double teamed a time or two during her wild younger days and
while she'd probably never do that again, she liked reliving the memory every
now and then. She was also remembering the recent chaotic threeway she had
had with Ursula and Betsy, which she hadn't had any real time to enjoy before
reappearing at the manner, her equally sweaty and totally nude sister Phoebe
nearby, both in mid-orgasm, much to the chagrin of their sister Piper.

It had been the most intense sexual experience of her life, topped off (she
only admitted this to herself, and then only just barely), by the sight of
Phoebe screaming with release and gushing out fluid from an deeply intense
orgasm. (Asking the always candid Phoebe about it later, she had admitted
that Marlowe had been hitting her G-spot because of the angle he was fucking
her from, hence the little shower.)

Paige heard Phoebe coming down the hall, so she slipped the dildo out of her
ass, flipped the switch of her vibrator off and closed her eyes, just in
case. Her preparations weren't in vain, because her sister slipped the door
open a crack and stuck her head in. "Paige..." she whispered. "Do you want
some orange juice? I'm fixing breakfast."

Paige looked at her, feigning sleepiness and said, in what she hoped was a
convincingly sleep-clouded tone "Sure...I'd love some." She then realized
with horror that Phoebe was coming over towards the bed. She sat down on the
edge and reached her hand out to Paige's head, smoothing the hair back. "Did
you sleep well, sweetie?" she asked. Paige nodded and grinned. "Can I see
your vibrator?" asked Phoebe, with a malicious grin.

Paige's eyes opened involuntarily with surprise and Phoebe let loose with a
peal of laughter. "How did you know?" asked Paige, wide-eyed.

"Oh, please... it's a big house, but it's quiet without Piper, Leo and Wyatt
around. I can hear you moan even when you're trying to be quiet. I was just
in there trying to decide if I wanted to do the same thing." She smiled,
again, more warmly this time.

"Well...fuck. I guess I'm busted." said Paige, and reached out her right hand
from below the covers to show her sister.

"Oooohh..." said Phoebe, taking Paige's hand and holding it close to her face
and looking at it intently. "This is nice. I'll have to get one like it."

Paige grinned and said "You'll have to be nice before I tell you where I got
mine..." and stuck out her tongue. She sat up and slipped off toward the
other side of the bed, scooting along and standing up with her back to
Phoebe, who couldn't help but notice that her sister's panties were half down
in the back and that she carried a more orthodox dildo in her other hand.

The light bulb snapped on over her head and her mouth flew open. "Oh, my God,
you weren't..." she said, trailing off the sentence.

"Buggering myself? Yes, I was, actually..." grinned Paige as she came around
the edge of the bed, heading toward her closet. She slipped the back of her
panties back up over her ass and laid the dildo on a side table as she passed
it by.

Phoebe leaned back on her palms, her arms stretched back behind her,
awestruck. She watched Paige stop in front of her shallow closet, pick out a
couple of things and then, with her back to Phoebe in three-quarter profile,
she quickly pulled her calf length nightie up over her head and off, and
slipped off her damp panties. As Phoebe eyed her with appreciation and love,
she slid into a pair of sweatpants and pulled a t-shirt, emblazoned with the
image of Ava Gardner, over her full breasts.

She turned to Phoebe and said "Shocked?"

Phoebe returned her look and grinned, saying "No, I've seen that shirt
before. I really liked her in "Mogambo..."

Paige grinned in sour, ironic amusement and said "No, you know what I

Phoebe scooted back and rested her back against the sturdy headboard of
Paige's big bed. Paige ambled over to the bed and climbed on, crawling
between Phoebe's bare legs and resting her head in her sister's lap.
Phoebe gingerly smoothed Paige's hair away from her big brown eyes and
Paige let out a deep sigh. "I haven't been able to get the memory of our
little literary trip out of my mind." she said, in a low, resigned tone.

"I know what you mean..." replied Phoebe, as she leaned her head back and
looked at the ceiling of Paige's room. "I feel like I left things unfinished

"Plus..." added Paige, "There's the added thing that it's two women who I
can't stop thinking about."

"Well, there's nothing wrong with that, sweetie..." said Phoebe. "You've had
some experience in that...area before, haven't you?" she asked.

"A little, but nothing like that. It was so...intense. I've never felt
anything like it. I think it was the whole taboo aspect of it."

Phoebe looked down at her and said "The way you got caught spying on them?"

"Yes. And the fact that they took it all in such stride. 'Oh, that crazy girl
is fingering herself. Let's let her in on the fun!'"

Paige loved the way Phoebe's laughter echoed and resonated with her ear
pressed up against her thigh. She was becoming uncomfortably aware of how
very smooth Phoebe's thigh really was, how warm. Phoebe's now constant
stroking of her hair was also playing into her rapidly accelerating arousal.

She sat up, and Phoebe, alarmed that she was hurt or upset, scooted quickly
into place beside her, with her right leg wrapped around Paige's waist, all
the way around to her right hip, where Phoebe's bare foot rested, up against
Paige's thigh.

Phoebe placed her head on Paige's left shoulder, facing her sister's head in
profile. "Are you feeling alright?"

"We take a lot of stuff in stride in this life..." Paige started. "...but
this has really thrown me for a loop. All these things running together.
Plus, I can't help..." she turned to look at Phoebe and try to see how she
was reacting to her confession, and Phoebe leaned close and gently kissed
her on the lips. Just a soft flutter of a kiss, with only her lips. Paige
returned it gently and Phoebe slipped her head back to look at Paige.

"Is that what you're thinking about?" she asked.

Paige looked at her wide-eyed. "How d-did you know?" she asked, barely above
a whisper.

"Because I've been feeling the same way, too." replied Phoebe. "The question
is, what are we going to do about it?"

Paige slowly shook her head. "There isn't much we can do..." she trailed off
to a murmur. "We're sisters."

"Of course we are..." said Phoebe and returned her chin to it's place on
Paige's shoulder. "And I love you dearly. But like it or not, we weren't
raised together, and that makes a difference. I can't fight the fact that
I'm attracted to you. And I don't want to." She traced a line down Paige's
cheek with her soft fingertip and Paige felt a shiver of expectation go
up her spine. "I don't know about this..." she thought.

Phoebe turned Paige's head by her chin with her fingertips to the left. She
kissed her again, gently at first, but gradually with more urgency. After
initially just playing along, Paige began to return the kisses with
increasing energy.

Phoebe had slid her hand into place under Paige's left breast and was gently
pinching it, and rubbing the area around the tip. Paige yielded completely to
the overwhelming temptation and slipped the shirt up over her heavy breasts
for her sister to suckle. Phoebe looked at her and smiled lewdly. She cupped
the breast and rubbed the bottom half gently, kissing and then coating the
nipple with her warm, gooey saliva. She spread the spit all over the front of
Paige's tit and the cool air hitting it made the nipple even harder.

Paige turned more toward Phoebe as the older sister leaned forward and began
to nuzzle and lick both of Paige's breasts. She squeezed the sides and
pressed them closer together near the middle of her chest so she could switch
easily from one nipple to the next. The insistent mauling that her breasts
were receiving had aroused Paige to the point where she started fidgeting on
the bed.

Phoebe broke the circle by kneeling back again more toward the headboard. She
quickly and efficiently peeled the t-shirt over her head, letting her own
big, well-shaped titties out into the open air. Paige looked on, again seized
with lust at the sight of her sister in heat. Phoebe broke the solemnity of
the mood by tossing her wadded up shirt at Paige's face. As they both
laughed, Paige sniffed deep and enjoyed the sweaty aroma of the sexy girl in
front of her, who she loved dearly.

Phoebe slid a bit down along the bed, getting herself into a completely
horizontal position on her back. Paige hovered over her and kissed her gently
again. Then she stood up beside the bed and slipped the Ava shirt the rest of
the way over her head from it's position riding pushed up above her breasts.
She also quickly dropped her sweat pants into a puddle around her ankles and
stepped out of them. She walked slowly, the step or two she needed to get to
the bed. Her nude body was dazzling to Phoebe. Again, the alabaster
smoothness of her skin, the ripeness of her breasts and her curiously red
pubic hair filled Phoebe with a mixture of love and lust.

While Paige had been doing this impromptu strip show, Phoebe had abandoned
any modesty and slid down the fly of her denim shorts, slipping her right
hand inside and begun to eagerly rub her vulva. Small moans were coming from
her as Paige gripped the hem of the shorts on both sides and savagely ripped
them down Phoebe's legs and off. Phoebe looked up at Paige, the sisters now
each completely nude, with a look of lust and a little fear.

Paige climbed onto the bed, straddling her. She paused for a moment with
her moist pussy over Phoebe's belly, now slick with sweat, and then gently,
slowly lowered herself onto Phoebe's abdomen. She leaned forward to kiss her
sister and Phoebe rose her head to meet the kiss.

The kiss was gentle but insistent. It built into a string of kisses and they
gained momentum, as the two sisters began to push their bodies together with
more urgency. Paige began to hump her hips forward and back on Phoebe's
smooth belly. Phoebe reached up and gripped Paige's ample breasts, squeezing
them fairly hard, making Paige sigh with pleasure, mixed in with a small dose
of pain.

Paige slid down Phoebe's body and lay flat against Phoebe's belly, the two of
them touching at their breasts and bellies. She grinned to Phoebe who nibbled
her lips and kissed her again, more gently this time. Paige raised her knee
and gently parted Phoebe's thighs, slipping between them as Phoebe spread her
legs open to accommodate her sister's body. Paige placed her hands on each
side of Phoebe's face, her thumbs tracing the hair of her sister's eyebrows,
her index finger's touching the brunette witch's ears. She slipped out her
tongue and Phoebe sent her's out to meet it. The two ran their tips over each
other's tongue, Paige occasionally taking Phoebe's whole tongue between her
lips and pulling back, almost as if she were fellating it. The sensation
almost drove Phoebe wild with pleasure and just added to her already heavy

Paige began to methodically slide the soft hair of her pussy along and over
her sister's moist vulva, teasing her with it's relative roughness against
the yielding pink flesh of Phoebe's cunt. Phoebe began to moan and keen with
an extra urgency now as her clitoris was being stimulated on every pass of
her sister's body, by the dry hair and the relatively smooth skin of Paige's
pubic area and belly. Paige bore in on her by gripping her breasts hard and
nibbling, kissing and licking the nipples and areolas. She ran her thumbs
over the tips when not orally teasing them.

Phoebe was now lost in a fog of pure pleasure. She had abandoned herself
completely to the moment and lay on her back, eyes closed, barely thinking
intelligible thoughts. Her legs were spread as far open as her body would
let them go and her arms were gripping Paige's sweat-slicked back, holding
on for all she was worth as her younger sister lovingly fucked her, hard
and smooth.

Paige was getting increasingly turned on herself by Phoebe's load moans and
thrashing on the bed. She has always suspected that her sister was a total
wildcat in the heat of passion, and she was happy to know she had been right.
She was doubly happy to be the one giving her the pleasure herself. She
continued to lap at Phoebe's labia, opening them with her index and third
fingers, getting her tongue buried further inside of her. She also was
generously coating Phoebe's clitoris with her warm saliva, licking the love
button and rubbing the hood in a swift circular motion.

She rubbed her cheeks on the inside of Phoebe's thighs, the blend of their
smooth skin creating an area of delicious, soft arousal. Paige herself was
slowly but steadily humping a pillow she had slipped between her thighs and
had slipped her free left hand back between her thighs, in an effort to take
care of some of the crying need for stimulation that her body was demanding.
She was going to have to get something more, and pretty soon, but she didn't
want to break the momentum she had established in pleasuring Phoebe.

Phoebe ran her fingers through Paige's red hair over and over, encouraging
her. Her hair fell forward in a cascade, tickling and caressing Phoebe's
thighs and belly as Paige bore in and ate her pussy with a seemingly
voracious desire. Sweat covered both of their bodies and Phoebe could feel
the mixed stream of sweat and her arousal gently running between her thighs,
down into the valley between her buns. It was a tingly and very pleasant
sensation and she reached around to spread some of the fluid around her
asshole, completely coating the whole area.

Paige circled in for the kill now. She slipped her middle and index fingers
into Phoebe's smooth hole and slipped them upward, making the universal "come
here" motion. She giggled to herself slightly at the double edged meaning of
that term but continued to gently rub the inside of Phoebe's canal, looking
for her g-spot. It didn't take he long and when she hit it, Phoebe jolted
with an electric current of sheer pleasure, flopping back onto her mound of
pillows and gripping Paige's head almost painfully. "Fuck, yes!" she howled.
Paige grinned and continued her ministrations as Phoebe kept thrashing around
on the counterpane. (In fact, a sizable wet spot had formed under the sweaty

"You want some more?" teased Paige. "Beg me, Phoebe...say 'pretty please...
pretty please pucker my pussy, Paige''". She smiled at Phoebe, looking up
past her sister's dark pussy and along her torso. Phoebe's face was, while
still beautiful, sweat covered and almost contorted in a mask of arousal,
intense physical pleasure and annoyance at Paige for fucking around at a
time like this.

"Pretty please fuck me harder of I'll break you neck" she spat at Paige, who
stuck out her tongue and, before Phoebe could tell her what to do with it,
applied it again to Phoebe's hard, exposed clit.

Phoebe was almost insensate with joy now. She hadn't had sex this pleasing
and satisfying since the now-distant times when things were good between her
and Cole. She had felt a closeness with him, and an appreciation of his vast
store of technique, that she felt she would never experience again. Paige was
well on her way to convincing her that she was wrong about that.

Paige was sucking Phoebe's clitoris now, which, along with her rubbing of
the inner pleasure zone and all of her other caresses, made it was clear to
Phoebe that she was going to cum in an explosive manner, probably squirting
for the first time in a long time. She felt the always pleasurable
pre-orgasmic urge to piss and then simply went with the flow and throwing
back her head, said "I'm commmmiiiiinnnnggggggg...."

She certainly was. Paige yelped when the first gush of liquid hit her face,
then, realizing the level of release she had brought her sister to, she
smiled, even giggled, and continued to rub and lick as Phoebe dumped gush
after gush. When Phoebe was finally done and had settled her bare ass back
down on the now-soaked bed, still experiencing small shivers of intense
pleasure that shook her body visibly, Paige left off her licking and
fingering, and gently laid her head on Phoebe's left thigh, which lay flat
against the bed, as Phoebe looked up toward the ceiling, a dreamy, beatific
and satisfied expression on her gorgeous face.

As happy as she was, she wanted to begin to pay Paige back for some of the
ecstasy she had given her, so she softly called her sister's name, and as
Paige looked up at her, her round beautiful face covered in a mixed juice
of their fluid, and framed perfectly by Phoebe's darker skinned thighs,
Phoebe said "Let me have a turn, honey."

Paige smiled and, after one last small nibble on Phoebe's thigh, crawled
up over her body and lay again face to face on top of her. She rested for
a second, both of them slick with sweat, and laid her head on Phoebe's
shoulder. Paige whispered into her ear "What are you gonna do?" and smiled

Phoebe returned the evil grin with one of her own and said "You're just
going to have to see..."

They both got up gingerly and sat on the edge of the bed. They leaned on one
another for support and again experienced the almost electrical charge that
passed between them. They gently nibbled and kissed each other on the face
and neck. Phoebe took Paige by the shoulders and guided her back down toward
the bed, this time placing her in a prone attitude, lying on her belly. She
moved into position over her, straddling her generous bare ass. She then
lowered herself onto Paige's butt and began to slowly slide back and forth,
propelled by the slick sweat they mingled together. She leaned forward and
caressed Paige's back, kissing her ears. Paige moaned softly in approval, her
face turned to the side and half buried in a pillow. Phoebe built a steady
rhythm and continued to slide back and forth and massage her sister's smooth,
pale back, now ruddy colored with energetic stimulation.

She then slid down and began to knead and stroke Paige's buns, gripping
each one with a separate hand by curling the four fingers around a handful
of flesh and rubbing the thumb in an upward motion to meet the other fingers.
The feeling was a mixed one of enjoyment at the smooth thumb caressing the
skin, and almost pain, with the fingers gathering the other flesh into a

She slid her palm under Paige's belly and began to gently rub her sister's
vulva. It didn't take long to get her wet and going, and as Phoebe gently
masturbated her sister's cunt, she ran her hands over the small of Paige's
back and continued to squeeze Paige's big ripe ass, gently smacking it every
few minutes, and then kissing and gently rubbing the reddened area.

Phoebe began to kiss and nibble on Paige's butt, working her way closer and
closer to the center. Paige's head was swimming as she realized her sister
was about to go down on her ass. All of her wildest secret fantasies and
imaginings about Phoebe were not only coming true, but being well exceeded.

Phoebe parted the buns and looked at Paige's perfect rosebud anus. It was a
sweet pink color, contrasting with her alabaster skin. It was only a little
inflamed, considering that Paige had so recently had a fake dick stuck in it.
Phoebe smiled to herself and began to kiss the area all around the starburst,
inhaling the sweaty scent of her sister in full arousal.

"Phoebs...I didn't know you had this in you..." Paige murmured into her
pillow, just loud enough for Phoebe to hear and smilingly reply "You have a
yummy ass. I've wanted to have some for a while." With that, she gathered a
mouthful of her gooey saliva (she was getting quite dry mouthed with all of
the exertion), and dribbled it off of her lips into the long space between
Paige's cheeks. She spread it all along, first with her fingers and then with
her quickly darting tongue. Phoebe had eaten ass before, but it was almost
always guys, who could never quite admit how much they liked it. She gathered
a final load and spit it out, propelling it into the area around Paige's
anus, now thoroughly coated.

She began to run laps around the slippery asshole, burying her face as much
as she could between the buns and still breathe comfortably. Paige gripped
her pillow as tightly as she could, her mouth moving soundlessly as she tried
to concentrate and take all of the stimulation in along her frazzled nerve
endings. She had not bargained for this when she woke up this morning.

Phoebe was really enjoying her new status as analingus practitioner, and
decided to pick it up another notch. She slid the first three fingers on her
right hand into her mouth for a little lubrication, and began to play the
tips around Paige's anus. Paige realized what was about to happen and her
moaning took on a more urgent, keening tone. She began to vocalize what she

"Fuck me, Phoebe! Fuck my ass you nasty bitch!" Phoebe broke out in laughter
and Paige had to giggle a little herself at the absurdity that extreme
arousal will bring you to sometimes. "Okay, sweetie..." said Phoebe. "If you
absolutely insist that I Sodomize you...I guess I will." Grinning evilly to
herself, Phoebe gently slid her middle finger up to the second knuckle in
Paige's anus.

Paige let out the breath she had been holding in and it came as a long, low
moan of pleasure. "Oooooooooooohh...that is so sweet..." she murmured. Phoebe
gently moved the finger in a circular motion, exploring the walls of Paige's
anal canal, warm and smooth. She spit another load into the crack and began
to slide the index finger along the edge of Paige's loosening asshole,
looking for access.

Paige said, with a little urgency, "I'm not sure if it's going to's
stretched pretty tight." Phoebe looked up at her in concern and said "I'm not
hurting you, am I?"

Paige smiled and said "A little, but it feels good at the same time. You
know..." She smiled and so did Phoebe. She knew indeed. She had always liked
it in her ass. Almost any person she liked enough to have sex with had
eventually gotten an opportunity to bugger her. Most willingly indulged
themselves and her, and she had built up quite a deep appreciation for the
mixed pleasure and pain nature of the act. It had always spiked her arousal,
especially when employed in unison with vaginal or clitoral stimulation.

Phoebe kept gently wiggling her fingers inside her sister's asshole and
kissing Paige's reddening buns as Paige tried to keep her thrashing and
writhing to a minimum and concentrate on the fantastic enjoyment she was

Phoebe moved up even with Paige's body, and nestled her face into Paige's
shoulder. Paige was lying on her left side, with Phoebe's right hand at her
butt, plugging away. She reached her free left hand under Paige's body and
slid them down again between her legs, resuming her rubbing and fondling of
her paler sister's clitoral hood.

Paige was now the one nearly insensible with joy. She closed her eyes tight
and tried to catalog and examine every pleasurable sensation that was
flooding her brain: the simple feel of the open air on her sweaty bare skin,
the furious throbbing of her erect nipples, the waves of cool sensation
radiating out from her belly all along her torso as Phoebe energetically
masturbated her and the mixed intrusion/itching/tickling sensation of
Phoebe's supple fingers dancing patterns inside of her ass. All of these she
felt at once, blending and overlapping in a cacophony of sensation.

Phoebe felt that Paige was nearing orgasm and redoubled her efforts, placing
the right hand in front of her own sweaty and sodden pussy, the dark hair
still sticky and matted, as she slid the fingers in and out of Paige's
yielding anus. She turned her hand over so that it was palm out and laid the
back flat against her belly and the top of her bush. She then began to slide
her hips forward, to mimic the thrusting motion a man would have. She was
really and truly butt fucking Paige now. She coupled this with her
increasingly savage and furious efforts to bring Paige off with her other
hand, rubbing at her clitoris. Paige was on autopilot now, moaning and crying
out in a constant string as Phoebe tried to power her home.

As a coup de grace, Phoebe leaned in and began to whisper gruffly in her
sister's ear, hoping that the dirty talk would push Paige closer: "You like
being fucked in the ass, don't you? Yeah, you're a whore, aren't you, Paige?
Just a dirty slut who likes it rammed up in her chute!"

Paige wasn't laughing now as the beginnings of a shattering orgasm began to
be felt. All she could do was whimper in assent, barely getting out a weak
"Yes..sss...sss..." as Phoebe's thrusts rocked her, sending tremors through
her ample breasts, causing them to jiggle pleasurably.

Paige tensed and Phoebe gripped her tighter, thrusting and rocking against
her about as hard and fast as she could without injuring her. Paige let out
a long, sustained feral yowl, gripping the headboard so tightly that her
knuckles went dead white and Phoebe could hear the skin grate as she gripped
it. Paige wasn't a squirter, so Phoebe just kept frigging away as Paige
bucked her as hard as she could, her kicks and bucks reaching an apex and
gradually settling back slowly to a more precise, steady pattern.

Phoebe slowly decreased the intensity and frequency of her touches, steadily
settling Paige back down to Earth, gradually weaning her off of the huge
ecstatic high she had just experienced. Just as Paige settled down finally,
Phoebe kissed her lightly on the ear and slipped away furtively. Paige looked
over her shoulder, thinking that Phoebe had regretted their incestuous
coupling and was making a run for it, but as she saw Phoebe's sweat drenched
nude body slip past the lower edge of the bed, she realized that Phoebe was
making a beeline for the bathroom. Paige stretched her arms above her head
and idly contemplated the ceiling and she enjoyed the cool air of the house
caressing her slickened skin.

Phoebe emerged from the bathroom a moment later, carrying a small cloth that
she was using to dry her hands. "Where did you take off to?" asked Paige,

"I had to piss and also I wanted to wash my hands..." said Phoebe, holding
up her right hand and splaying the fingers to show Paige that they were
clean. Moments before, they had been a tornado inside Paige's anus. "I love
you sis, but...I'm not sitting around for a long time like that." said
Phoebe. Both looked at each other for a moment and then cracked up.

Phoebe climbed back over Paige, Paige sliding the back of her hand along
Phoebe's wet but sated pussy as she threw one leg over Paige's hip, briefly
opening up her legs and leaving Paige room to reach in. Phoebe settled into
her former position, lying on her left side with her bare breasts pressed
up against Paige's back, as Paige laid facing the same way.

"Do you think Leo was watching all of that?" asked Paige, idly.

"Probably..." responded Phoebe.

Paige looked back at her and said "We'll probably have to let Piper in on

Phoebe rested her chin on Paige's shoulder and though about it. After a
moment of reflection, she said "I'm not sure how. It's not likely that it'll
come up...just having a normal conversation and then suddenly blurt out 'Oh,
by the way, I tossed Paige's salad the other day...'" This started the two
of them off onto another peal of laughter.

"Let's take a shower and then I'll cook you the breakfast I promised." said
Phoebe, climbing over Paige again and slapping her playfully on her bare ass
as she went by. Paige put on an expression of mock annoyance and slid off of
the bed, following Phoebe towards the waiting shower stall.


The Czarist refugee turned out to have all the charm for which that type are
renowned, so in addition to wasting my time, he annoyed me as well. I took
his case, such as it was, and promised I'd do a record check and look up some
of the names on the list he provided me with. Crackpots. I would be even
poorer without them.

After a perfunctory look around the L.A. Hall of Public Records, I took a
drive around the city just trying to clear my head. It didn't really work.

I stopped at a small diner on the road home and had dinner. This place was
owned by a young Mexican couple who had moved in about a year before. I was
a fairly regular customer and they treated me like royalty. As I sat and
ate Rosalita's huevos rancheros, I looked again at a book that I had picked
up a few days before and had been thumbing through ever since. It was an
illustrated catalog of visual symbols from world mythology. I was looking
for some of the symbols that Phoebe had as tattoos. I had found the snake
she sported on one wrist and some close analogues for some of the others.

Yet again, I was lost in musing about her and where she had gotten off to.

After I paid my bill and had a nice little chat with Rosalita and Jorge, I
got back behind the wheel of the Chevy and pointed it toward home. When I
pulled into the space about a half hour later, I checked the mail (a copy
of "Sport" and a bill or two), and wearily climbed the stairs to the front

I closed it behind me and tossed the keys onto the coffee table. I laid my
jacket over the back of the easy chair and glanced again at the chess board,
still the way she had left it. "I've gotta snap out of this..." I said
softly, to myself.

I wandered upstairs and showered and shaved. After putting on a sport shirt
and some comfortable pants, I went back downstairs looking to catch up on
some paperwork, review a file or two and a little later, catch the Yankees
game on the radio. They were visiting Cleveland and I wanted to just have a
quiet night to enjoy the splendor of being me.

An hour later I heard a quick, strong knock on the door. I looked out to see
if I could catch a look, but all I could tell was that it was a woman, who
was rather agitated. I went to the door, and opened it. In front of me, her
hair disheveled and looking slightly out of breath and worse for wear, was
Ursula's sister, who I had had the memorable encounter with up at the ersatz
Brook Farm a week or two ago. "Thank God you're here, Marlowe..." she
sputtered, breathlessly, as she pushed past me into my living room.


Paige stood behind Phoebe in her snug shower stall in her bathroom, gently
washing her hair. The girls were idly talking and giggling, enjoying each
other's company. They were still languidly petting each other, too tired and
sated to mount any full blown fucking just now.

Paige pressed her breasts into Phoebe's back and cupped her palms under her
sister's generous tits and gently hefted them, feeling their soft, plush
texture. "Oooh, do I miss playing with these..." she cooed.

"Yeah, they are pretty sweet, aren't they?" Phoebe asked, smiling back
over her shoulder and extending her tongue out between her teeth in an
unmistakable invitation. Paige took her up on it, sliding her's out to
meet her sister's and darting over and under it, the tips mingling in a
slow, pleasant dance.

They slid their lips into a deep, sucking kiss, and when Phoebe popped her's
loose, with an audible and satisfying "plop" sound, she added, "I like your's
too. I didn't have a chance to fondle them much, but I enjoyed having them.
Your little nipples are just intensely sensitive. I was wet the whole time I
had your body."

"You're wet all the time anyway." murmured Paige, sticking her tongue out
again, this time playfully. Phoebe laughed, then slipped her head under the
cascading water to rinse the shampoo off of her hair.

Paige admired the way the water slid down Phoebe's smooth tan skin, carrying
the lather and bubbles down the length of her body, over her round butt, some
flowing like a creek between her buns and pooling at her feet. She slid her
hand along the flanks of Phoebe's body to help her rinse and also to touch
again the perfect skin of her new lover.

Phoebe turned the water off, and Paige smilingly swung the door open. She
stepped out and reached for a towel, Phoebe right behind her. For a moment
they didn't notice anything wrong, but then it dawned on Phoebe that the
lighting was wrong and Paige saw that the floor was tile, rather than the
rich wood floor, covered in area rugs, of her own bathroom. They looked at
each other with a momentary sense of dislocation, then, almost
simultaneously, the realization that they were back in their hotel room, in
1948 Los Angeles dawned on them.

Paige looked at Phoebe who looked back and grimly nodded. "Aw, fuck..." said
Paige, softly.


I closed the door after a quick peek to see if she had been followed by
anyone. I turned to look at her again and she had plopped down on the couch
and leaned back against the wall, looking beat.

"Catherine, what the Hell are you doing here?" I asked.

"I really didn't know who else to come to." she replied.

"Where is your sister and her friend?" I asked. I hadn't seen Elizabeth and
Ursula for at least a week, since I asked them for any information they could
provide about Phoebe and Paige.

"I can't find either of them..." she said. "I think they went to
Acapulco, on vacation." I couldn't help but think that that sounded like
an extraordinarily good idea.

"All right...fine." I said, tersely. "Why are you here? I thought you were
in tall cotton out there in the boondocks."

"They were just after my money." she replied, with a bitter edge. "Really...
imagine that." I said with mock wonder. She glared at me and I couldn't help
but smile a little. "I don't need any of your smartass act." she said grimly.

"I don't need any of your act, period." I said, and made for the door to open
it and indicate that she should scram. She fairly bolted off of the couch and
beat me to the door, plastering her back flat against the inside.

"I have no place else to go. I need your help." she said, sounding sincere
for the first time since she came in.

I looked at her warily, and said "What about your father?"

She looked down at the carpet, a bit too theatrically for my taste, and
declared "I don't think he'd help me now."

"Lady, he laid a substantial endowment on me to try and find you as recently
as two weeks ago, along with your sister. It's not like they've written you

Again, the downcast glance. "All right...we can try him if you want..." she
said, sounding meek. I went over to my desk to fish his number out of the
Rolodex, wondering if this was going to go in any kind of way that I was
going to like.


A few moments of scouting around the room showed the wayward witches that
this was indeed the very same room they had occupied before, and that all
their basic needs were again taken care of. After getting dressed in casual
outfits (neither was up for full period regalia), they called to Leo, to
see if he could give them some help or at least some useful information.

After a moment, a little longer than usual, Leo's familiar blue column
materialized, followed by their loving brother-in-law. This time he was
dressed as a milkman, and again, in spite of their predicament, both girls
laughed out loud at his uniform and notably uncomfortable presence here.

"Ha ha...very funny." he said.

"I want two quarts of whole milk and a pint of raspberry yogurt, pal."
stated Paige, in a matter of fact tone. Phoebe's loud cackle made even Leo
smile. A little.

"Leo, what the fuck are we doing back here?" asked Phoebe. He was used to
this sort of language on occasion form his sisters-in-law, but this time was
a little taken aback. Phoebe reached out and put her hand on his (nice, she
thought) bicep, and said "I'm sorry sweetie, but we thought this was over

"So did we", he replied. "Apparently, you made such an impression here that
you've sort of...imbued this world with enough of our reality that it has
some permanence. It's new territory, really. No one's ever done anything like

Phoebe laid her head back as far as her neck would let her, looking straight
up at the ceiling. Paige said "'s always good to be a pioneer."

"So why, specifically, are we here?" she asked, hurrying past her attempt at
a joke.

"They seem to think it involves the case you worked on when you were here
last." Leo said. "I would guess that if you see the people you were with
before...they'll fill you in on what you need to do to bring the spell to
a conclusion."

"Is there any kind of guarantee that we won't get sucked back here sometime
in the future. Our future, I mean?" asked Phoebe.

"Actually, they seem to think that the more you stay here, the more 'real'
this place will become, at least for you two. They think you might be able
to control it with practice, so that if you were needed here, it would be
like a summons, rather than a kidnapping." He had to smile at that.

"But aren't we wasting our time here, as fun as it might be?" asked Paige,
remembering the double team she had experienced about 20 feet from where she
now stood.

"Evil is evil. It's more contained here, but like in our world, it seeks you
out and you're drawn to combat it. That's just part of your destiny." Leo
responded, a note of apology in his voice.

"Can we at least get Piper and you in here for some help?" asked Phoebe.

"We think so, we just need to work out a spell. It might take a day or
two..." he said. "And on that note..." he looked up.

Phoebe finished his sentence in a playful but rueful style: "You have to go
deliver a Dreamsicle to the Great Playground in the Sky?"

Paige flashed a large smile as Leo looked down at Phoebe. "Behave." he said,
then disappeared in a blue column of energy, again.


I sat down wearily at my office desk and took out the office bottle, pouring
myself two fingers. I had put Catherine up in a small room in a boarding
house owned by a woman who owed me a few favors. I had one less to call on
now. If Catherine poured on her usual charm while she was staying there, it
might eventually cost me two.

A sat and looked out the window for a few minutes and then the phone rang. I
picked it up after two.

"Mr. Marlowe?"

It was the unmistakably smooth, musical voice of Paige Matthews, Phoebe's
sister. I had heard it first sitting in this very chair, and I didn't think
I'd ever forget it. Each word precisely and clearly pronounced.

"Miss Matthews..." I replied, the hint of a question in my tone, just to
cover all the bases.

"Yes. My sister needs to see you. We think there might be a problem in the
case you worked with us."

"There is. She's staying in a room up near Nob Hill." I could almost hear
the questioning look on her face, so after a beat, I added "Catherine,
Elizabeth's sister. She barged in on me today and she seems to be on the
lam from her little organization."

"We knew something was up..." she said. I couldn't imagine how, but I let
it ride. "Do you need my help in this?" I said. "I would like to add a dose
of sanity to the mix."

She laughed lightly and said "Phoebe wants to meet you at your place. Is that
alright with you?"

I wanted to shout and tell her just how alright that would be, but instead I
added with studied nonchalance, (which she likely saw right through), "Sure.
Is she still there?" I asked.

"Just a sec..." she replied, then I heard the sounds of the phone being
handed off. The next voice was the one I hadn't been able to forget or even
get out of my mind for a minute for the last few weeks.

"Mr.'s good to hear your voice again." she said. "Phoebe, I
think you can call me by my name after what we've been through together."

"Okay, Phil I'll meet you back at your place again. We can go over what we
know and what we need to do, okay?" She asked as if I might possibly ever
say "no."

"That sounds good to me. I'll be there as soon as I can." I hung up the phone
and tried to get my heart to slow back to a normal pace. I sat down for a
second, just to avoid feeling dizzy. After a minute of so, I got my hat and
jacket back on and locked the office up.

It was all I could do to stay within the speed limit driving the Chevy back
up Laurel Canyon toward home.


Phoebe sat in the shade of Marlowe's porch, fanning herself with a magazine
she'd gotten out of his mailbox. She'd been thinking about him and their
brief connection all throughout the cab ride out here. The more she thought
about it, the happier she was to get a chance to come back here, and maybe
finish what they had started. Or maybe just pick it back up again.

She had donned a white summer dress that was included among her effects
("This is the most thorough spell I've ever cast..." she said to Paige upon
opening her closet in their room.) After brief consideration, she decided to
skip any underwear. She thought she probably wouldn't need any.

She sat like that for a few minutes, comfortably enjoying the warm afternoon,
until the big Chevrolet pulled into it's spot at the bottom of the hill.
Marlowe got out and walked around the car, and looked up at her, a small
smile playing at the edges of his mouth. Phoebe ventured a small wave, and
again was reminded of why she had been so powerfully attracted to him. Along
with his intelligence and humor, there was a strength about him that was
quiet. She really felt safe with him, in spite of the danger they had been

He walked up the steps, methodically. Almost wearily. He held his hat in his
hand, his short tie loosened around his neck. Phoebe noted again the gray
peppered lightly through his hair, the laugh lines around his eyes.

She had been reading Paige's books, and had bought a few of her own, trying
to learn more about this character. As odd as it might have seemed a few
months ago, he wasn't a character at all to her now. It's hard to limit
someone you've been intimate with to the same status as Falstaff and

He wasn't like anyone who had played him on film, except maybe James Garner.
Garner, George Clooney, Cary Grant...he had a touch of them all.

"That's a Federal Offense." he said, indicating the mail she was fanning
herself with.

She looked at it and smiled. "I guess you'll just have to spank me..." she
replied, barely containing a giggle. "I needed a fan." she said, matter of

"Where's your tambourine?" he asked.

She narrowed her brows quizzically, not catching his joke.

"Esmerelda. You remind me of her." he said, almost softly.

"From 'The Hunchback'...?" she replied.

He nodded, and she smiled broadly, appreciating the compliment.

"I'm even sort of dressed like her today." she added.

Marlowe theatrically looked her up and down and said "You look like a
million bucks, tax free."

He fished his keys out of his pocket and they went inside. He headed straight
for the kitchenette and poured her a glass of lemonade. He had made a fresh
pitcher every couple of days, hoping she would turn back up. He made this one
just that morning.

She smilingly accepted it and looked again at the chess board. Seeing that
it was in the same spot as before, she took a drink form the glass and then
set it down on a coaster. She walked up close to him and pulled his face
down, planting a kiss on his lips. She pulled back and looked up at him with
her big brown doe's eyes. She could feel his erection pushing into her belly
through his pants and she was beginning to get truly wet now, the
anticipation of the trip over brimming up to overflow.

"We've got time to discuss the case later. Right now, I just want you to fuck
me." she said, in a nice, conversational tone of voice.

He smiled and said "You aren't like any woman I've ever seen."

"You got that right, honey." she replied, and slid his zipper down, expertly
freeing his dick from it's confines inside his boxers, springing it throbbing
out into the open air. Again, she looked up into his eyes, grinning lewdly
while playing with his member. She lightly ran her smooth palm on the
sensitive underside, creating only mild friction. She theatrically held up
her hand and coated it with saliva, then squatted down on her haunches in
front to him, taking his cock into her mouth, dribbling as much gooey spit
as she could over the length of him.

She stood back up and began to slowly stroke him, gripping him tightly, then
loosely, varying her tempo and intensity. He was reaching back now to support
himself on the easy chair and she kissed his chest and belly and then stood
up to kiss him again.

She was pressed close to him, her head titled back as far as it could go,
her neck and chin thrust into his chest as she looked up at him, smiling and
asking him (needlessly) if this felt good. He reached down and smoothed her
hair back from her forehead, which he kissed.

He reached down and slipped the dress straps off of her shoulders, dropping
it to the belt around her waist, exposing her generous breasts. He ran his
palm and fingertips all over her smooth, warm back and then pushed the in
between their tightly clasped bodies so he could squeeze and fondle her
breasts. He squeezed, hard like he knew she liked it, and she broke the lock
of their lips long enough to grunt with appreciation when he did.

"Okay, hold up a sec..." he said. She looked up again at him, almost hurt
that he had stopped. He saw and said, "I'm just afraid I'm going to fall..."
indicating his pants bunched up around his mid thigh. She smiled and he
stepped back, to slip them completely off. Phoebe took a step back to give
him room, but also to get a better look. He got the pants off, along with
his shoes and socks and then started unbuttoning his shirt. He looked equally
goofy and sexy, standing in his living room with his hard dick appearing
between the front tails of his shirt.

Phoebe was concentrating on the "sexy" part of that equation. Rubbing her
belly with one hand and pinching and rubbing her nipples with the other.
She slid the belly hand up under her skirt to give her moist pussy some
much-needed attention as he finished undressing.

The sight of his beautiful Gypsy brazenly fondling herself in front of him
was almost more than even a strong man like Marlowe could take.

He walked up to her, kissed her again, then gently turned her around. He
guided her toward the wall and she smilingly went along. He pressed he into
it, looking to make sure she wasn't too tightly held. She seemed to read his
mind and said "I'm it."

He kissed her neck and worked his way down her back, between her shoulder
blades. He played the tips of his fingers along her side, causing her to
shiver with sensual delight. He planted a kiss right at the top of her buns,
then kissed each cheek and nibbled a bit on each one. She was pressed as
hard into the wall as she could get as he parted her thighs a little with
his palms, and slid his face in, as far as he could, in an effort to eat her

Phoebe was up on her tippy toes now and arching her back in an effort to give
him full access. He began to bathe her whole vulva in his saliva, starting
with full licks, like a wash in watercolor painting and then working his way
inward. He slipped his fingers in to part the folds and get maximum access.

Phoebe was tiring from the tension of standing, so she began to lean her
weight back against him. She wasn't surprised when he was able to take it
and not stop. He licked and rubbed until l she was almost at the point of
an orgasm, then he would slow up and bring her back down again. He did
this over and over, Phoebe riding wave after wave of sensual pleasure
until she was begging him to make her cum.

Finally, he stood up, his cock still about half hard and again smoothed the
hair back from her forehead. She half turned to look back at him, grinning
and said "Is that all you've got?" and giggled.

"No, no way." He said, and to prove it, he again parted her thighs and
slipped his cock into her from behind. She closed her eyes and concentrated
on feeling every single inch as it slowly, methodically slid up into her. He
started to rock back and forth, slowly at first and then with increasing
momentum. She was so wet and so aroused that she realized she would be having
an orgasm in a matter of minutes.

Marlowe laid his hands on her hips, holding the still bunched up skirt of her
dress up with his hands as he humped into her doggy style. He pressed into
her, holding the hem up with his close proximity to her and felt around her
torso to fondle and pull on her tits. Both were completely sweat soaked now
and each was nearing their limit.

He kept hammering at her as she moaned and blew out exhalations of breath.
She was clearly close, now. He reached down to where she had been playing
with herself on and off and rubbed her clit now himself, trying to get her
closer to her release. She was bucking hard and wailing nonstop now and with
one final push, he finally brought her the release she so desperately craved.
Again, he was amazed that such a beautiful little lady could curse like a
sailor, but she let loose with a string of sheer obscenity that aroused,
shocked, and amused him all at once. He slid out of her with a clearly
audible sucking sound and she wearily turned to him and pulled him in by his
neck for a kiss.

She looked down and saw that he was still hard. She looked up and said
"Didn't you cum?" He shook his head and said "Not quite yet..."

"I have something special then..." she said, mysteriously. She led him over
to the couch. The rotating fan in the corner caught their sweaty skin and
made each one shiver with pleasure. He took a quick detour to reset the fan
so that it was pointed toward them. Phoebe took the opportunity to slip the
rest of her sweaty dress off and kick it over toward the wall with her foot.

She laid down in front of the couch and waited for him to return, casually
fondling her wet vulva. He sank to his knees in front of her, parting her
legs with his hands and got closer. She looked at him and said "Okay, here's
what we do. Rub it on me", she indicated her sodden pussy.

He did so and she also spat in her hand and added that to the mix. After
getting him totally slicked up, and having him look at her quizzically, she
lifted her hips up off of the floor and said "Stick it in my ass." He looked
again at her, to see if she was playing with him and saw that while she was
amused, she was also serious.

He shrugged his shoulder and slid himself, with a little help, into her from
this reverse angle. As he slid, a little roughly, into place, she closed her
eyes, shivering with delight. After establishing himself inside of her, he
began to slowly slide it back and forth, making sure there was enough
lubrication. Satisfied that there was, he began fucking her tight anus.

He held her under her hips, across her butt and waist so she could devote all
of her energy to meeting his thrusts. Her vulva was rubbing against the hair
on his lower belly, alternately tickling and stimulating her. Along with the
sensation of Marlowe burying himself deep inside her rectum, this was driving
her wild, as she worked toward yet another orgasm.

He was getting close, the extra tightness pushing him toward an explosive
release that he could feel approaching. "Do you want me to pull out?" he
gasped out.

"No, baby...fill me up with that shit!" she snarled at him, again rubbing her
pussy furiously.

With a few final thrusts, he took him self over, grunting a long, deep
"UUUUnnnhhhhhhhh..." as he emptied his load up her ass. The hot squirt,
which Phoebe had felt before, was just enough to push her over the edge
into her second orgasm, and after she wasable to stop quivering, Marlowe
released her, then collapsed beside her, each on their sides looking at
one another, breathing hard and smiling.

He rolled over on his back and put his forearm across his brow, his
semi-rigid cock still waving to and fro. Phoebe crawled over to him and
placed her head on his chest, relishing the sweat cooled feel of his
hairy chest on her cheek.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, then Phoebe looked up at him and
said "Maybe we'd better talk about the case..."

"Yeah...we'll get right on that..." he replied weakly and they both laughed.


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