By Wonder Mike

Buff and Phoebe met with Giles and Xander and told them what happened, Giles
agreed with Phoebe that the only way to destroy the incubus was to get him to
cum and then stab him with a sword.

Buffy said she would cut him but that was all Phoebe agreed to do the rest.
Xander agreed to video tape it. The girls decided that they would have to
handle this on their own. Buffy was not going to let that demon have it's way
with Phoebe and Phoebe was not going to tell her it already had.

Incubus waited outside the bedroom of Willow Rosenberg, she was the blondes
friend and he would use her for his revenge and ruin the redhead for any
other man.

Willow was alone in her house, her parent were away. Now was the time. He
burst into her room and good a good look at her. She was cuter than he had
thought, in fact the red head was the cutest girl she had ever seen.

Willow didn't scream, she knew there was a new demon in town and they had
killed many of them before, but Buffy hadn't told her what this demon did.

Incubus immediately knew this girl was a virgin and his two cocks sprang to
attention. They were harder than ever, in fact he was so excited a third 15
penis sprung to life. Willow saw this and screamed, she hadn't caught the
scent of him yet.

The Incubus dashed across the room and tossed her on the bed. She was just
wearing a night shirt and the demon ripped it off. He began to suck her small
pert breast. He was able to get an entire breast in his mouth. Willow had
caught the scent and was now trembling. She was getting hornier and hornier.
The incubus smelled her juices and slammed four fingers into her dripping
box. She was humping his fingers. This was what she had been waiting for this
her whole life.

She bent over and wrapped her perfect lips around the demon's first cock. She
had no experience but she needed it.

Incubus laid on his back at let her sit on his member. She was scared but she
needed it. She began to wiggle her way down on it until incubus couldn't wait
any longer, he slammed her down on his cock and than lifted her all the way
off of it, Willow was screaming in pain and ecstasy as he slammed her all the
way down again.

This time he held her down so she could get adjusted to the size and the
breaking of the hymen. She was soon wiggling her ass back and forth. That was
what incubus was waiting for. He stuck three fingers in her ass. This just
made Willow wiggle faster.

Incubus raised her so he could slip his second cock into her ass. He than
just slammed her down without mercy. he held her down so her ass could
adjust, than he bent her over so he could give her a real double fucking.

After 15 minutes of being rammed doggy style Willow was screaming. Incubus
slid his third cock into her pussy. She was now being triple penetrated. It
was too much for the former virgin. She was screaming "No." The demon didn't

Buffy had snuck Phoebe in through her bedroom window. She went downstairs to
get something to eat and she saw her mother. Unconscious and completely
covered in dried up cum. She barely recognized her.

Now Buffy was mad, this demon had violated her mother and she knew it had
done it to get back at her. It would be stopped. She agreed with Phoebe's

Than it dawned on her, if it attacked her mother, what about Willow? She
called her best friend and got no answer. She and Phoebe left immediately.

Willow had now been getting triple penetrated for an hour, she was now on her
side with incubus behind her, she had long ago passed out.

They were in that position when Buffy and Phoebe arrived. Phoebe pulled
Willow off of the demon and began to suck at his cocks, she wanted it bad.
Incubus remembered what an Excellent cock sucker Phoebe was. She was going
out of her mind when she saw the third cock.

Buffy hid outside with a sword and waited for the moment. The demon pushed
Phoebe over and slammed a cock inside of her. She let out a squeal of
delight. Incubus rolled over so she was on top and lifted her up so she could
slip in a second cock. Phoebe would let out a terrible squeal with every
thrust. Incubus was wiggling his third cock into her cunt. There was no way
she could take this, but the demon was strong enough to force it in.

Buffy knew she was going to be split in two and she had gotten the scent. She
needed to help her new friend but more importantly she needed to be fucked.
She pulled one of the cocks out of Phoebe and stuffed it in her pussy, that
was what she needed. She had only been fucked once before and it was a
disaster, but that wasn't important now.

The incubus slipped a cock out of Phoebe and slammed a second one into
Buffy's cunt, now Buffy was full but she wasn't screaming, she would outlast
this demon.

It didn't take long for incubus to pull out of Phoebe completely and ram the
third cock into Buffy, Phoebe dropped to her knees, she couldn't stand.

Incubus was slamming Buffy down on his three 15 inch cocks, now she was
screaming for mercy. Buffy knew she couldn't take much more of this and they
would be defeated.

Her screaming awoke Willow. She knew she had to help her friend. She also
knew her pussy and ass couldn't take anymore. She crawled over and managed
to get one of the cocks out of Buffy. She began to suck the tip as hard as
she could. Phoebe managed to crawl over and get a cock of her own. She began
to suck on it.

Willow watched Phoebe and quickly learned. The Demon was going crazy now. He
let go of Buffy and she fell off his last cock and began to suck. Now all
three of the girls had managed to get half a cock into their mouths. Incubus
wanted to run but he was having too much fun. He grabbed the girls heads and
held them down on his cocks, they knew they were winning but they didn't know
how much sperm he would shoot. He shot a quart of cum out of each of his
cocks directly down the throats of the three girls, they tried to pull away
but he held them down until he shot his entire load into their mouths.

The incubus was defeated, Buffy jumped up and grabbed the sword. It was over.
Phoebe ram between Buffy and the demon. She was in love and couldn't let it
be destroyed.

"I will take it home and my sisters and I will Keep it happy."



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