Characters are based on the NBC sitcom Cheers. No infridgement is meant.
This is simply for the pleasure of the reader. It includes Mind control,
oral sex, anal sex, lesbians and other perversions. If these things offend
you please do not read any further. On the other hand, if this is your cup
of tea, enjoy yourself.

Cheers: Frasier's Revenge Part 1 - Frasier's First Test (m/f,mc)
by: DW Lust

Frasier had spent the last year doing tons of research on how the mind works,
and more important how to control it. He had decided after that bitch Lilith
left him he would eventually get his revenge. She was due back in about a
month and he wanted to pay her back for the hurt and pain that she had caused
him when she left. The experiments he had preformed so far were not
conclusive and decided it was time to try it on a human. Theorarhetically it
worked like this. Subliminal messages could be put into the mind of a woman
and these messages would slowly alter the womans morals and sexual restraints
and they would become his personal sex slave. They would become a submissive
slave. Frasier pondered who should be the first person he tried it on and
after much debate he decided on luscious Rebecca. That sexy woman had always
ignored him because he was not wealthy. Atthe same time she was not an
extremely strong willed person and therefore a good first test. Frasier
grabbed his jacket and headed to Cheers.


When Frasier got to the bar he sat there and pondered the exact time to make
his first suggestion. Rebecca returning from lunch walked by Frasier and
went to the office. Frasier bothered by the nonchalant way Rebecca passed by
him sent the first subliminal message. 'You want to say hi to Frasier'.
Rebecca got to the door, turned around, looked at Frasier and said "Hi
Frasier, how are you?"

"Fine, fine, you look good," replies Frasier as he smiles at the success of
his first subliminal message. Frasier decides to send his next message to
Rebecca. 'You find Frasier attractive.' Frasier spent the next half-hour
talking to the gang about who was bigger Rosanne or John Candy. Frasier
looks up when the office door opens and Rebecca walks to the bar. When at
the bar she looks over to the gang who are in a heated argument over who was

Rebecca begins to say "it's obviously Ros---" when she looks at Frasier and
stares at him. 'Man he is so good-looking, so hot. Why am I thinking this
way? This is Frasier.' "Anne, Rosanne is bigger" states Rebecca as her
cheeks get all red and she quickly heads back to the office, not looking at

Frasier sends his third message which is 'You can't stop thinking about


'I am so horny. I sure havn't got laid for a long time, even Frasier looks
good.' Rebecca thinks to herself as she begins going through this months
Accounts Payable. As she looks at the first bill she starts to dose off and
thinks of Frasier again. 'Hmmm, Frasier he is so cute. What the fuck am I
thinking. Concentrate. When I get home I better pull out my vibrator and
give myself one major fucking orgasm,' thinks Rebecca as she tries to
continue working. As she opens the second bill she lifts up her skirt and
puts her hand inside her panties. "Hmmm, Frasier..."


Frasier wonders how Rebecca is doing. He decides to send another message to
Rebecca 'You want to obey Frasier. You want to be his sex slave."


Rebecca gives up on her work as she decides to satisfy her need for an
orgasm. She spreads her legs onto her desk and begins masturbating herself
and thinks 'Hmmm, oh Frasier please tell me what to do, I am yours to abuse
as you wish...why am I thinking this...', she thinks as brings herself to an
orgasm. 'Hmm, that felt soooooo good...' Rebecca begins to compose herself,
but she can not quit thinking of Frasier.


Frasier decides to go for broke here as he sends one last message to Rebecca
'Make up an excuse to go home and go home.'


Rebecca continues rubbing her moist cunt when she thinks 'I gotta go home and
fuck my cunt with my viborator'. She reluctantly quits rubbing herself and
pulls her skirt back down. She gets up and walks out of her office. She
quickly walks through the bar avoiding Frasier. Frasier decides to send one
more message to Rebecca as she walks out of the bar 'Always dress sexy.'
Frasier smiles, pays Woody for the beer and heads over to Rebecca's


Rebecca quickly slips off her skirt, her panties and her oversized sweater.
'This sweater doesn't flatter my large tits' she thinks as she grabs a red
push up bra. She grabs her seldomly used garter belt and slides it around
her lovely hips. She grabs a pair of red stockings and slides them onto her
long gorgeous legs. She looks into the mirror and thinks to herself 'now
this is sexy'. She smiles and then thinks 'Why am I dressing like this'.
She purposely decides not to put on any panties and grabs a tight black skirt
and see through blouse and gets dressed. 'I am one hot looking woman," she
thinks as the doorbell rings. 'Now who can that be,' she thinks to herself
as she walks to the door. As she opens the door she is surprised and excited
to see Frasier. "Hi Frasier come on in."

Frasier walks in and takes a long look at Rebecca. 'Wow, this is working.
She is dressed like a hooker, a slut.' Rebecca realizing that Frasier is
staring at her looks down at herself and realizes that she is dressed like a
slut. She begins to look around for something to cover herself up when
Frasier sends another message 'You love when Frasier stares at you. Turn him

Rebecca quits looking around for something to cover herself up and sits on
her couch. She spreads her legs a bit to give Frasier a glimpse. 'He is
staring at my legs. He can see the top of my stockings. He knows I am
dressed to please him. I got to stop this. I am not a slut. I havn't even
been fucked in over two years, not since Robin. Frasier is hardly my first
choice. Yet...' As Rebecca thinks this she spreads her legs a little more.

Frasier notices that Rebecca is confused. She is both sexually excited and
probably disgusted by her urges. He decides to send another message 'You
love sucking cock. You want to suck Frasier's cock.'

Rebecca looks at Frasier and says sheeplishly "Frasier, may I, may I, may I
suck your cock." Rebecca is getting horny and gets up and starts walking
towards Frasier. She pulls her lips towards Frasier's and rubs his cock
through his pants.

Frasier decides to toy with Rebecca and pulls back from Rebecca and says
"whoa, Rebecca what are you doing?" acting shocked.

Rebecca puts her head down and says "I-I-I don't know. I need you badly. I
have a huge craving to suck your cock. To taste your semen in my throat."
Rebecca gets on her knees and tries to unzip Frasier's pants.

Again, Frasier moves back and says "Rebecca! What has gotten into you?" At
the same time he sends her a message 'You will do anything Frasier tells you
to do. You will do anything to have his cock.'

Rebecca grabs Frasier and gets his pants down. "Frasier, don't try to fight
it. I want to suck your cock. I want you to fuck my mouth with your great
cock. Hmmm" sighs Rebecca as she encloses her exquisite lips on Frasier's

Frasier is overwhelmed with pleasure. "Speed it up Becky" screams Frasier as
he grabs her by the hair.

Rebecca is insulted by being called Becky. Back when she was young she was
kind of a slut and was called Back Seat Becky. Now here she was sucking a
guys cock and he is calling her Becky. She starts to say something, but
instead picks up the pace as she takes all of Frasier's cock into her mouth.
She thinks to herself 'I am Becky. I am a slut.'

Frasier realizing that he is about to cum in his sluts mouth tells his slave
"take your masters cum all over your face" as he shoots a hot wad of gism all
over Becky's face. Rebecca rubs the sperm all over her face and licks her
finger. "Good slut, taste my sperm." Frasier decides to permanently turn
Rebecca into a slut as he sends a new message to Rebecca 'You are a slut.
You are completely at the will of any man or woman who tells you to do
something. You will dress like a slut, a whore, a cheap fuck. Your only
purpose in life is to satisfy any person who wants to use you as the slut you
are. You will get turned on more with each demand you are given. Lastly,
you will flaunt your body and you love to tease" Rebecca smiles as she
continues to suck on her finger.


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