Characters are based on the NBC sitcom Cheers. No infridgement is meant.
This is simply for the pleasure of the reader. It includes Mind control,
oral sex, anal sex, lesbians and other perversions. If these things offend
you please do not read any further. On the other hand, if this is your cup
of tea, enjoy yourself.

Cheers: Frasier's Revenge Part 2 - Sammy's Surprise (m/f,mm/f)
by DW Lust

Sam was working hard as the bar was packed. What he had noticed was the fact
that Rebecca looked really hot today. Actually she looked rather sleazy.
Usually she dressed very conservative and business like. Today she was
wearing a tight black leather skirt, black nylons, a see through black satin
blouse and three inch black pumps. What he thought was even odder was the
fact that she continually flaunted her body at pretty much every man, and
even every woman. Sam was definately turned on, as he usually was by
Rebecca, but today even more so. Today she looked like a slut. In other
words, she looked exactly like the type of woman he usually fucked. Cheap,
submissive, easy, a whore. "Rebecca grab me another box of ashtrays" asks
Sam. Rebecca quickly drops what she was doing and goes into the office.
Thirty seconds later she is back with the ashtrays.

"Here you go," says Rebecca as she hands the ashtrays to Sam.

'Odd' thought Sam, 'What the hell is up with that. Since when as she ever
done something I asked?' Sam drops an astray and asks Rebecca "Rebecca,
could you please grab the astray I dropped." Rebecca smiles, bends over and
wiggles her ass. To Sam's surprise Rebecca is wearing garters.
'Interesting' thinks Sam. Rebecca goes back to work. Sam thinks to himself
'This may be the day that I get that bitch in the sack.' Sam walks to his
office and calls "Rebecca may I see you in my office."

Rebecca quickly quits talking to Norm and walks into the office as she wiggle
her ass. "Yes, Sam."

"Sit down," demands Sam as Rebecca sits on the couch and crosses her long
legs. Why are dressed so provocative today?"

"Oh no reason, I just like the attention I get from it," Rebecca replys with
a coy smile.

Sam walks over and says "Rebecca you look tense, why don't you let me give
you a massage."

"Yes, that would be great" replies Rebecca.

Sam moves behind Rebecca and rubs the back of her neck. Sam trying to push
his luck further says "I reaally can't do a good job with that blouse on."

Rebecca gets up and says "I guess I better take it off then." As she
unbuttons her blouse to reveal she is braless.

Rebecca sits back down and Sam continue to rub her back and then slowly
slides his hands to Rebecca's breasts. "Hmmm," moans Rebecca as Sam takes
both tits into his manly hands. Sam slides down to Rebecca's feet and takes
off Rebecca's left shoe and begins to massage her foot.

"Hmmm" sighs Rebecca.

Sam takes off the other shoe and massages her toes one by one. Rebecca is
extremely turned on by this as he continues to rub his hand up her nylon
covered legs. Rebecca actually spreads her legs to give Sam easy access to
her cunt. To Sam's surprise, Rebecca is not wearing any panties. 'That slut'
thinks Sam as he dives in and starts eating Rebecca's dripping wet pussy.

Rebecca moans loudly and pushes Sam's head deep into her cunt. Sam sucks on
her clit while he begins fingering her. Rebecca begins to buck her hips
onto his face and finger and screams "Oh master, that feels so good. Fuck
your slave with her tongue and finger."

Sam looks up confused 'Master/slave'. Sam goes back and continues his
cunningless until Rebecca reaches a tremendous orgasm.

Sam gets up and demands "Rebecca, come over here and suck my cock." Rebecca
quickly gets on her knees and unbuckles Sam's belt. After having a little
trouble getting Sam's pants off she quickly engulfs Sam's cock into her
mouth. She sucks him slowly as she treats his cock very tenderly. "Deep
throat me Rebecca" demands Sam as he grabs her head and shoves his prick deep
into her mouth. He begins fucking her mouth at an extremely fast pace. "Oh
yeah Rebecca suck it." he moans. Sam, wanting more than just a blow job,
says "get on the couch, on your knees, I'm going to fuck you from behind like
a dog"

Rebecca quickly follows the demand and gets on all fours and spreads her
legs, so her master has easy access. He walks up behind her and places the
head of his cock at the entrance of her fuck hole. "Beg me Becky".

"Hmmmm, Sam please shove your cock in my cunt, fuck me hard and fast, treat
me as the slut I am. I am Becky- a cheap, easy, whore, who will do anything
to have a cock in her slutty cunt. Please just shove it in, please,

Sam, realizing that his long time dream to fuck Rebecca is coming true,
slides his cock into her waiting cunt. Rebecca begins bucking her hips back
onto Sam's cock as Sam watches her fuck him. "Oh yeah, do I feel good
master, does my cunt feels good on your fuck stick?"

Sam cannot believe that Rebecca is saying this. "Oh, yeah, slut. You fuck
like a whore, like a cheap slut." Rebecca gets turned on by this and begins
to buck faster. "You want it up the ass bitch?"

"Hmmm, oh yeah. Fuck my ass. Take my anal cherry. Shove your hard thick
cock up my shit hole."

Sam not needing any encouragement, puts his cock at the entrance of her anal
hole. "Fuck you are tight slave." says Sam as he slowly shoves the first
inch of his cock into Rebecca's ass.

"Hmmmm" moans Rebecca as she tries to push back onto Sam's prick. Rebecca's
push back and Sam's cock slides all the way inside her ass. "Oh yeah master.
That feels so good. Your cock up my ass. Rebecca loves a cock in the ass.
Rebecca wants to please her master. Please fuck Rebecca harder, fuck
Rebecca's ass."

Sam begins pumping his cock into her ass faster as her shit hole begins to
loosen up. "Oh yeah slut. You have a tight fucking ass. Play with
yourself, rub your clit slut."

"Yes master," replies Rebecca as she slides her left hand down to her cunt.
"Hmm, fuck me, fuck me, ohhhhh my god I am going to cum master" screams
Rebecca as she reaches yet another orgasm.

Sam looks at his slut and says "you need some double penetration don't you

"Yes, please use me any way you want, Becky is your slut."

Sam opens his office door and calls in Norm and Cliff. They both walk into
the office and see Rebecca naked wearing only a garter and stockings on the
couch. "What the hell" says Cliff.

"Rebecca here wants to tell you something guys" replies Sam.

"Cliff, Norm, Take off your clothes so I can take your dicks in one of my
holes. Hurry, I need your cocks," pleads Rebecca as she shoves a finger up
her cunt and begins to fuck herself.

Cliff and Norm quickly take off their clothes as Sam lays on the couch and
demands "Bitch, ride my cock." Rebecca eagerly jumps on his cock and in one
motion takes Sam as deep into her moist hole as it can go. "Norm, fuck her
ass and Cliff fill her mouth with your cock."

Norm walks behind Rebecca and places his massive thick cock at the entrance
of Rebecca's just fucked ass; meabwhile, Cliff shoves his little cock into
Rebeccca's waiting mouth. Sam demands "Becky, beg Norm to fuck your ass."

Rebecca quits sucking Cliff's thin prick to say "Norm please drive your cock
into my slutty ass, fuck my shit hole as Sam fucks my cunt. Use all three
holes. I am your guys whore..." screams Rebecca as she takes Cliff's cock
back into her mouth. Norm pushes his cock into her ass. Rebecca orgasms on
contact as Norm's enormous cock reaches places that have never before been
reached. Rebecca rides both Sam and Norm as she sucks Cliff's cock. After
about ten minutes of heavy, fast fucking Sam pushes Becky on the floor and
begins to shoot his cum all over her body. Norm and Cliff follow as they
cover the cheap whore with their semen. Rebecca moans loudly as she rubs
the sperm all over her body.

Carla, who had been in the backroom during the whole humilation of Rebecca,
smiles and thinks of many new ways that she too can make Rebecca her sex


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