Characters are based on the NBC sitcom Cheers. No infridgement is meant.
This is simply for the pleasure of the reader. It includes Mind control,
oral sex, anal sex, lesbians and other perversions. If these things offend
you please do not read any further. On the other hand, if this is your cup
of tea, enjoy yourself.

Cheers: Frasier's Revenge Part 4: Kelly Learns The Ropes (m/f,mm/ff,mc)
by DW Lust

Sam and Woody were talking about sex when Frasier walks into the bar. "Kelly
won't have sex in any position other than the missionary way," complained

"If you want I can get Rebecca to satisfy your needs," replies Sam.

"Miss Howe?" replies Woody.

"Yes, she seems now only to willing to do anything I please," replies Sam.

"Sam, what have you and Rebecca done," asks Frasier.

Woody goes to serve a customer while Sam tells Frasier about the last couple
days. Frasier then responds by telling Sam about his experiment and the
reason why Rebecca had become the submissive whore that she had become.

"So, you can make any woman become a slut," asks Sam.

"Sure, it is actually quite effortless. A few subliminal messages are sent
into her head and before you can blink, the woman has become acceptable to
any sexual act."

"Wow, so have you used it on anyone else?"

"No, not yet. I plan to do it on Lilith soon. I want my revenge."

"Hmmm, why don't you do Woody a favour? Turn Kelly into a hell cat in bed."

"Ya Sam, that is a good idea. I can continue to test my experiment and help
Woody at the same time."

"While your at it why don't you send that blondee over there a message that
for me."

Frasier laughs and says "Sure, in about ten minutes she will be all yours."
Sam smiles and heads to the office. After Frasier sends a command to the
cute blonde, he says to Woody "Hey Woody, why don't you and Kelly come to my
place for supper tonight?"

Woody replies "Sure, I'll give Kelly a call to make sure nothing else is up."
Woody founds Kelly as Frasier sends a second command to the blondee. Sam
returns and Frasier winks to him as Sam heads over to the blonde chick.
Woody gets off the phone and says "We can make it? What time?"

"About 7, I gotta go and get ready then, see ya tonight."

"Sure thing Frasier," replies Woody. Frasier heads for the door and sends a
last message to the blonde woman as he looks to see her following Sam into
his office.


Frasier goes to a woman's lingerie shop on the way home and bought some sexy
things for Kelly. Things that Woody probably had never seen on a woman
before. He then headed home to prepare the meal.


Frasier had also ordered Rebecca to be at his place at 6:30 and to dress in
a specific attire: No panties, no bra, black garter, black stockings and a
one piece dress that showed her great body off.

Rebecca showed up at 6:30 on the nose and was dressed as told by Frasier.
She was now a complete slave to any person and followed orders without

"Becky on your knees and suck my cock," demanded Frasier. Frasier figured he
better get rid of a load early so he could last longer later tonight when it
mattered. Rebecca quickly got on her knees and undid Frasier's pants. She
had little trouble taking Frasier's cock in her mouth as she swallowed it
whole and continued to deep throat his cock. Frasier looked at the clock and
realized he had enough time to fuck his bitch. "Becky, get on all fours, I
am going to fuck you from behind." Rebecca, getting horny, gets on all fours
and eagerly waits for a cock to get into her dripping cunt. Frasier slides
the dress up her ass and quickly enters her pussy. Frasier fucks her fast
and hard as Rebecca has problems maintaining her balance as Frasier's cock
slides deep into her. Frasier realizing he is going to cum pretty soon pulls
his cock out of Rebecca and says "Becky beg me to shoot my load on your

"Hmmm, please cover my face with your juices. Spray your slut with your cum."
Frasier jerks his cock off and sprays his cum all over Rebecca's face.
Rebecca eagerly takes it on her and gets as much as possible as she can in
her mouth. "Hmm, you taste sooooo good," says a still horny Rebecca.

Frasier slides his pants back on and says "Now go upstairs and get yourself
looking respectable. You must act like a normal woman during supper until I
tell you otherwise, understand."

"Yes master," replies Rebecca.

"Slut, remember to call me Frasier while Kelly and Woody are here."

Rebecca shakes her head yes and heads up the stairs to the bathroom to
freshen up.


7 O'clock comes around and Kelly and Woody show up. Both are surprised to
see Rebecca there. Supper comes and goes as Frasier sends a couple commands
to Kelly. First he sends a command 'That she is extremely horny right now.'
A second command later suggested that 'She will do anything that Frasier or
Woody tells her to tonight'. As supper ended Frasier sent a third command to
Kelly 'You will go upstairs and go to the bathroom. You will change into the
outfit that is in the bag on the sink. You will not be embarrassed by the
outfit, rather you will want to turn on Woody. You will wait in the bathroom
till I call you to return. While up there you will masturbate yourself.'

As the gang put the dishes into the kitchen Kelly says "Excuse me please, I
have to go to the washroom." Frasier smiles and watches Kelly had up the
stairs and into the bathroom. Frasier, Rebecca and Woody end up in the
livingroom and are discussing the bar as Frasier tells Woody "Woody, you were
complaining about Kelly being lame in bed. What if I could change that."

Woody looks confused as he says "What do you mean?"

What if I told you I could make her more submissive. More eager to do as you
want her to?"

"Woody looks at Rebecca and then Frasier not sure what to say. Frasier
realizing Woody's confusion says "Want a demonstration?"

Woody still wordless shakes his head yes slowly. Frasier looks at Rebecca
and says "Rebecca tell Woody what you are?"

Rebecca without any emotion tells Woody "I am a slut. A whore. A piece of
meat to be used. I love a cock in my mouth, my cunt or my asshole. I am a

Woody is taken back by the harsh language Rebecca. "Miss Rebecca what has
gotten into you?"

"Don't call me Miss Rebecca, call me slut, whore, tramp, bitch, dyke."

Frasier smiles and says "Woody, I have the power to control woman. I can
send them subliminal messages that take away their will power and make them
do as I say. I can do the same to Kelly. Actually, I already have."

Woody says "What do you mean?"

"Kelly is upstairs in the bathroom dressed in a slutty outfit. When she
comes down she will do anything I say. I don't want to do anything sexual to
her, this is a present to you. I will give her the command to be your slave
tonight, and forever if you wish. She will then do anything you say."

Woody again is speechless. Frasier decides it is time to bring Kelly out and
calls "Kelly come downstairs please."

A couple seconds later Kelly opens the door and begins to come down the
stairs. Gone are the conservative outfit she came in, instead she was
wearing a sexy lingerie outfit. A white bra, white garter, white stockings,
with matching satin white panties. Woody's mouth drops as he stares at his
beautiful wife. Kelly gets to the bottom of the stairs and waits looking at
both Frasier and Woody.

Frasier says "Kelly, tonight you want to please your husband don't you."

"Yes," replies a shy Kelly.

"You want to do everything he says, don't you."

"Yes," replies a still shy Kelly. Frasier notices that Kelly's panties are

"Rebecca come over here and show Kelly how to suck cock." Rebecca gets off
the sofa and walks over to Frasier, gets on her knees and unzips Frasier's
zipper. She takes Frasier's deflated cock and slips it into her mouth.
Frasier moans and says "Kelly come close and watch how Rebecca sucks my
cock." Kelly comes close and gets down on her knees as well. Woody watches
in disbelief as his wife looks eager to watch Miss Rebecca suck Mr. Cranes
cock. Frasier looks at Woody and says "You see Woody, woman like to be told
what to do. They love to please. You just have to get past the false
feminism that most woman try to hide behind. Do you want Kelly to suck your

Woody continues watching Rebecca suck Frasier's cock and realizes that he is
extremely horny right now. Woody hesitates and then says "I have always
wanted to have Kelly suck my cock, but she said it was gross."

"Well tonight she will think it is the best thing in the whole world and will
do it with great enthusiasm. Kelly do you think you can do the same thing to
Woody that Rebecca is doing to me?"

"I don't know," replies Kelly.

"Let me rephrase that. You want to suck Woody's cock. You want Woody to
tell you to suck your cock. You will get hornier every time your mouth goes
up and down your husband's prick. Now tell me you want to suck your
husband's cock!"

"I want to suck my husband's c-c-cock," spurts out Kelly quietly.

Frasier says "You can do better than that. Seductively ask Woody if he wants
his cock sucked."

Kelly looks at Woody and says in a particularly sexy voice "Woody, do you
want your wife to take your penis in her mouth."

Woody can not belief his ears as he undoes his pants and says "Yes Kelly,
come over here and take my penis in your mouth."

Frasier says "Woody, woman get off more when you talk dirty to them and treat
them like sluts, don't they slut?"

Rebecca takes Frasier's cock out of her mouth and replies "Yes master, all
woman love to be treated as whores, makes us feel useful." Kelly goes over
to her husband and slowly, and awkwardly, takes her husband's cock into her

Frasier tells Rebecca to take a break and slide out of her dress. Frasier
watches as Kelly tries to take Woody's cock all the way into her mouth.
Frasier sends a message to her that she will ignore the gag feeling' Kelly
begins sucking her husband's cock a little faster after the last command and
is obviously getting quite horny as her pace picks up. Frasier tells Rebecca
to slide under Kelly's partially spread legs and lick her pussy. Frasier
sends another command to Kelly 'You like having your cunt licked, regardless
by who.' As Rebecca positions herself under Kelly, Kelly helps Rebecca get
her panties off and Kelly sits her horny pussy onto Rebecca's cunt. Woody is
a little shocked when he sees Rebecca sucking his wife's pussy, but didn't
really care much, he loved the feeling of having his cock sucked. Kelly
moans loudly as Rebecca sucks her clit and even to Frasier's surprise Kelly
screams "Eat me bitch, oh yeah," Kelly begins to rub her cunt all over
Rebecca's mouth.

Frasier sends a command to Kelly 'You want to swallow your husband's cum.
Beg him to cum dow your slutty throat.'

Kelly quits sucking Woody's cock to say "Woody, are you about to cum. Please
let me taste you. Shoot your hot load of sperm down my throat." Woody grabs
Kelly's head and pulls her back onto his cock and begins to pump his cock in
and out of his wife's mouth. Woody grunts as he shoots his load deep down
his wife's throat. Kelly continues sucking Woody's cock as she swallows
every drop of cum from her husband's large penis. Woody finally pulls out
and falls back on the chair. Kelly smiles at her husband as she says "That
tasted good honey. Oh yeah, you slut, I'm cumming again." Kelly orgasms on
Rebecca's face and collapses to the ground.

Frasier asks Woody "What do you think?"

That was so hot Mr. Crane."

"Call me Frasier."

"Sure thing Frasier. I never thought Kelly had that in her."

"Oh that was nothing. Depending on what you want she will do a lot more.
She will fuck you, fuck other men if you want her to, she will take it in the
ass or she will make it with another woman."

Woody smiles as he finally realizes the power he know has. No longer is
Woody the simpleton he usually is, he is a horny man who liked the idea of
being in control. "So if I tell Kelly I want to see her make it with
Rebecca, she would do it."

"Sure, go ahead tell her."

"Kelly, do you want to please me."

"Of course Woody. I will do anything for you."

"Would you go and suck Rebecca's cunt for me."

"Oh sure, I would love to suck Rebecca's cunt for you." Kelly crawls on her
knees and spreads Rebecca's nylon covered legs and quickly dives her head
into Becky's cunt. Rebecca moans as Kelly's tongue touches Rebecca's horny
pussy. Woody watches and grabs his cock, which is already rebuilding
strength. Rebecca reaches for her purse and pulls out a large black
vibrator. She hands it to Kelly who takes the toy and in one stroke shoves
it into Rebecca's cunt. Kelly realizing that Rebecca is loving the cock in
her cunt takes it out of Rebecca's cunt and says to Rebecca "Do you want me
to fuck you with this big black toy. Do you want me to ram your pussy with
this thick plastic cock?"

Rebecca screams in agony "Please put it back in me, please fuck my slutty
cunt with that hard cock." Kelly shoves the cock back into Rebecca's cunt
and then begins to pound Rebecca hard and fast. Rebecca screams with
pleasure as she says 'Suck my clit, please." As she grabs Kelly's head and
pushes it down onto her cunt. Kelly responds my sucking Rebecca's clit deep
into her mouth. Rebecca comes on contact and begins bucking her ass up and
down to in perfect rhythm to the vibrator. "Put it in my ass," demands
Rebecca as she turns around and spreads her ass cheeks to give Kelly full
access to her shit hole.

Kelly completely into the lesbian action slides her tongue into Rebecca's ass
to get it wet and then places the toy at the entrance of her anal entrance.
Rebecca pushes back onto the fake penis at the same time as Kelly pushes
forward. In seconds the whole ten inches of the huge black cock is inside
Rebecca's ass. Woody is extremely turned on my the show and gets up and walks
behind Kelly. "Kelly I am going to fuck you from behind."

Kelly turns to look at Woody and says "Oh please hurry, get that massive cock
in me. I need to be fucked bad." Woody doesn't disappoint as he shoves his
cock into Kelly's dripping cunt. Kelly moans and begins to fuck Rebecca's ass
even harder as she gets pounded hard herself. Frasier watches happily as the
conservative Kelly begs to be fucked by Woody. Frasier realizes he too would
love to fuck Kelly, but not without Woody's consent he decides.

Frasier asks Woody "Would you like to fuck Rebecca?"

Woody replies "I don't know, I am a married man."

"It is up to you Woody. If you want to fuck Rebecca just tell Kelly you want
to and she will not mind."

Woody looks at Rebecca get fucked up the as by his wife and thinks to himself
Why not'. Woody then pulls out of his wife and says "Kelly, move over I want
to fuck this tramp."

Kelly moves over and says "Don't fuck her cunt, it is too tight, put your
cock in her ass."

Woody is surprised by the sexual words of Kelly, but decides she is right.
Woody places his cock at Rebecca's ass and says "Ok slut, fuck my cock with
your ass." Rebecca complies to the demand and begins bucking her ass on
Woody's cock.

Kelly slides a finger in her cunt and looks at Frasier who is rock hard.
Kelly, completely horny, crawls over to Frasier and says "Let me suck your

Frasier looks at Woody who is preoccupied and then says "Sure thing whore.
Suck my pecker." Kelly smiles and eagerly takes Frasier's smaller cock into
her mouth. After taking a bigger cock in her mouth earlier, she had no
problem taking Frasier's full cock deep into her mouth.

Woody looks over and sees his wife sucking Frasier's cock. He then says
"Kelly, let Frasier fuck you."

Kelly gets all excited as she quits sucking Frasier's cock and gets on top of
him and drops her cunt onto his cock. She then begins riding him, her nylon
legs, rubbing up and down his. Frasier unhooks Kelly's bra and throws it on
the floor and then grabs her beautiful tits and holds on tight as Kelly rides

Woody realizing he is close to cumming pulls out of Rebecca's ass. Rebecca
turns her head to Woody and says "Put it back in."

Woody replies "I'm going to cum soon."

Rebecca bucks her ass back onto Woody's cock and takes it back into her ass.
"Good, I want to feel you shoot your load in my ass. Just don't stop fucking
me." Woody then continues to pump his cock in Rebecca's ass.

Kelly watching the action on the floor, gets off of Frasier's cock and says
"I want it up the ass too." Kelly gets on her hands and knees and waits for
Frasier. Frasier gets off the couch and puts his hand in Kelly's pussy. He
takes the juices and rubs it at Kelly's anal entrance. He slowly slides a
finger into Kelly's ass. Kelly moans slightly as her horniness takes away
the pain that should occur.

Woody's sperm explodes into Rebecca's ass and Rebecca screams with ecstasy as
she comes for the umpteenth time.

Frasier places his thin cock at Kelly's ass and very slowly pushes. Kelly
moans louder with each push, and after much effort, Frasier's cock is all the
way into Kelly's never fucked ass. Frasier, still going slowly, moves his
cock in and out of Kelly's tight ass. Rebecca grabs the black vibrator and
crawls over to Kelly and Frasier.Rebecca goes behind Frasier and kisses his
ass and begins licking the anal entrance. Frasier is a little shocked by
this and he begins pumping his cock faster into Kelly's asshole. Rebecca
then slides down and kisses Kelly's soles of her feet. Rebecca slowly slides
her mouth up Kelly's stocking covered legs till she reaches her thighs.
Rebecca places the toy at Kelly's cunt and slides it in. In only a few
seconds all ten inches of the toy is deep into Kelly's cunt. Woody smiles
as he watches his wife get double fucked.

Woody walks over and places his deflated cock in front of his wife's only
unfilled hole. Kelly smiles as he looks at her husband and says "Do you
like your new slut wife?"

Woody returns the smile as he says "You are the best looking slut-wife in the
world. Now take my cock in your mouth." Kelly opens her mouth and takes her
husband's cock back into her mouth. Woody smiles even more as he looks at his
wife with all three wholes filled with cock. Frasier pulls his cock out of
Kelly's cunt and shoots his loud on Kelly's naked back. Rebecca keeps
fucking Kelly's cunt as she repositions herself so she can lick the sperm of
Kelly's back. Woody pulls his cock out of his wife's mouth and sits down.
Rebecca and Kelly reposition themselves and both dive into each others cunt.

Frasier goes over to Woody and says "Well what do you think?"

"Man this is the best. But I want my wife to be normal most of the time."

"She will be. She will only be a cock hungry slut when you tell her to be.
Otherwise, she will be her normal self. The only difference you will see is
she will be horny more. I think you can live with that."

Woody laughs and says "Yes, I think I can live with that. What about

"Well she too acts normal in public. If you want you can have her come over
on occasion, so you can have a threesome."

"Yes, that would be a good idea. I love watching those two make it with each
other," as Woody watches his wife and Rebecca still sucking each others well
fucked pussies. The two horny sluts change positions as they place their
cunts together and start bucking their cunts together. Their nylon legs rub
against each other as both girls bring each other to an earth shattering
orgasm. Rebecca still horny, grabs Kelly's foot and shoves it into her
pussy. Kelly smiles and begins moving her foot in and out of Rebecca's
pussy. Kelly takes her other foot and places her nylon covered foot at
Rebecca's mouth. Rebecca opens her mouth and sucks on Kelly's toes.

Woody says "yes, we will have to have her over for dinner soon."

Frasier laughs as he goes to the kitchen and grabs two beers.


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