Characters are based on the NBC sitcom Cheers. No infridgement is meant.
This is simply for the pleasure of the reader. It includes Mind control,
oral sex, anal sex, lesbians and other perversions. If these things offend
you please do not read any further. On the other hand, if this is your cup
of tea, enjoy yourself.

Cheers: Frasier's Revenge Part 6 - Lilith's Orgy
by DW Lust

Lilith wakes up next morning and realizes she is handcuffed to the bed. Her
legs are also spread wide apart and tied to the bed posts. She tries to
remember the past nights events and slowly they come back to her. Seeing
Frasier fucking Rebecca's ass, sucking Frasier's cock while Rebecca fucked
her with a dildo, eating Rebecca, getting raped in the ass by her supposed
husband and then forced to be Rebecca's slave while Frasier taped hours of
humiliation including sucking Rebecca's ass, being double fucked by two
plastic cocks, while sucking a butt plug that was just in Rebecca's ass
moments earlier. It was all so shocking, so disgusting, yet she loved every
minute of it.

A door opens and Rebecca comes in dressed in a black leather outfit. "Good
morning slave, how are we today?"

"Fuck off."

"Bad slave, you need to be punished for that." Rebecca walks over to Lilith
and pinches Lilith's breast.

"Oh that hurt."

"I'll ask again, how are you today?"

"I'm fine."

"I'm fine what?"

"I'm fine mistress," replies a dejected Lilith.

"Are you ready for today's games?"

"Yes mistress," says a worried Lilith.

"Boys come on in," calls Rebecca. Lilith looks in dismay as Norm, Cliff,
Sam, Paul and Carla walk in. "Lilith beg these men to use you."

"I-oh please Norm let me suck your prick, Sam stuff my box with your cock,
Cliff..." Norm drops his pants and shoves his prick into her mouth before
she can finish. Sam climbs onto the bed and places his cock at the entrance
of Lilith's dry pussy. Without any foreplay, he pushes forward and rips open
Lilith's cunt. Lilith attempts to scream in pain, but Norm will not let
Lilith take his cock out of her mouth. Rebecca drops to her knees and takes
Cliff's cock in her mouth.

While Carla, horny from watching the action, reluctantly says "Paul, drop
your pants." Paul obliges and Carla takes Paul's tiny cock into her mouth.
Lilith's pussy, now well lubrictaed, his dripping from the pounding of the
great Sam Malone. Norm pulls out his cock and shoots a load of cum all over
Lilith's chest. Cliff leaves Rebecca's mouth and replaces Norm's cock in
Lilith's mouth. Sam slides his cock out of Lilith's cunt and in one motion
slips his tool into Lilith's ass. Carla stands up, grabs the bed post and
bends over and says "Paul, fuck me now." Paul goes behind Carla and easily
slides his small penis into Carla's extremely well used cunt. Cliff, not
used to having his cock sucked, doesn't last long and shoots a load of cum
all over Lilith's face. Rebecca quickly gets on the bed and straddles
Lilith's face. Lilith begins lapping at her mistresses' cunt. Sam pulls out
of Lilith's ass and shoots a load on Lilith's tits. Paul pulls out of Carla
and gets on the bed and shoves his cock into Lilith's tighter cunt. Carla
sighs as Paul's tiny cock didn't even come close to bringing her to climax.
She looks around and see Norm and Sam are both soft. She looks at Cliff and
sees his cock ready for more. She calls "Cliff, come over here and fuck me."

"So now you want the all Ciffenizer, hey? Why don't you beg?"

"Just get over here Clavin before I come over there and rip your head off,
and I don't mean the block on your shoulders." Cliff comes over and slides
his cock into Carla's cunt. "That's it Clavin, fuck me hard, fast and deep."
Paul close to cumming pulls his cock out and shoots his load on Lilith's
chest. Rebecca, still straddling Lilith, bends over and starts licking the
cum off Lilith's chest. Frasier walks in and sees that Lilith's main two
holes are not occupied. Frasier gets on the bed and shoves his cock into his
wife's ass. Rebecca close to a climax, begins to rub her pussy up and down
on Lilith's face. Carla screams as she reaches an orgasm, brought on by
Cliff. Cliff then slides out of Carla's loose box and places his cock at her
ass. Slowly he penetrates Carla's ass. "Oh ya, fuck my ass Clavin. Fuck it
hard." Clavin's cock is swallowed by Carla's ass and he then begins to go
in and out as fast as possible. Frasier doesn't last long in Lilith's tight
ass as he pulls out and shoots yet another load of cum on Lilith. Rebecca
catches some of it in her mouth and eagerly continues to lick the rest of
Lilith's chest. Sam hard again, goes to Carla and says "Get on the floor and
straddle my cock. Cliff get behind her and fuck her ass, while I fuck her
twat." Soon Carla has both her holes filled and soon all three are filled as
Norm shoves his cock into Carla's mouth. Rebecca continues straddling Lilith,
but drops her face down so she can return the favour. Soon she is licking
Lilith's well fucked cunt. After a couple minutes of Carla sucking Norm's
cock, he gets up and gets on the bed and shoves his huge cock into Lilith's
pussy. Lilith's screams are muffled by Rebecca's pussy. Rebecca continues
to lick Lilith's clit while she is fucked by Norm. Carla screams as she
orgasms from the double fucking. Moments later, Cliff shoots his load into
Carla's ass and slides out. Carla then begins to ride Sam with reckless
passion, taking him as deep inside her as he can go. Norm continues pounding
Lilith as she continually cums all over his cock. Norm close to cumming
pulls out and shoves his cock into Rebecca's mouth and cums inbetween her
lovely lips. Carla pulls off Sam and jerks him off until cum starts shooting
out and Carla eagerly takes as much of Sam's cum as possible.

Slowly the gang get dressed and leave, leaving Lilith in the same position
she was when the morning began: naked, hancuffed to the bed and legs spread
wide apart, the only difference is her cunt is aching, her ass is sore and
her chest and face are sticky.

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