Cheers: Sam Settles Down Part 1
by KHenne ([email protected])

Chapter 1

Sam Malone the ex-Red Sox relief pitcher was talking with the guys from the
bar, Norm Peterson and Cliff Calvin. The guys had come by the bar early
today. They were going to the afternoon Red Sox game. The day went by quickly
for Sam.

The next day just after opening a couple came into the bar. The male left to
pick up something they forgotten. The lady told him, "Hurry we don't want
miss our flight."

Sam asked the lady if she want something to drink. She ordered a club soda
cause she wouldn't be there that long.

The hours passed and the male never returned.

Carla the waitress asked Sam, "What's up with the bimbo over there?"

Sam asked the lady her name. "Diane Chambers," she answered. She was waiting
for her fiancee to return they were going to the islands to get married.

Sam told Diane, "If you want to put your suitcase in the office cause the bar
is getting crowded."

Carla tried to make small talk with Diane but she didn't answer and read her

At 8:00 p.m. Diane asked Sam where the phone was to call the airlines to
change the flight to tomorrow. She called the airlines and was shocked to
find out her fiancee and his ex-wife went to the islands.

She left the bar that night upset. Sam offered a ride home when the bar
closed in a few hours. She thanked him for the offer. Diane went home to
figure what job she could get since she quit her teaching assistant job to
marry the professor.

Sam always liked long legged woman and Diane had nice long legs. He was
dreaming about Diane as Carla was giving him his weekly blowjob. The two of
them had been having a relationship since Sam's drinking days. She had worked
for Sam for the last 8 years. He was a fun drunk, as Carla liked to call him.

Sam offered Carla $50 one night to blow him. She needed the money after work
they went into Sam's office. They made out for a few minutes on the couch in
his office. Carla dropped to her knees and took Sam's 8 inch cock into her
mouth. She sucked him good and deep. Carla took his load into her mouth and
swallowed it. She took the $50 and told Sam, "I'll see you tomorrow."

The last 6 years Sam had been clean. One night Carla was hustling her ass
off. A gentleman asked her out, a good looking guy. She accepted the offer of
coffee and a ride home. Just before closing time the guy's pager went off. He
answered the beep and told Carla I have to go there is an emergency at work.
He left her horny and alone.

She had a plan. She was schueduled to give Sam his weekly blowjob tommorrow.
He would not care if they switched nights. Sam agreed to this without
question. Carla easily seduced Sam. They were making out hot and heavy. She
started to give a hand job. She cleared his desk and told Sam, "Fuck me

Sam fingered Carla's hot pussy. He lined up his cock to Carla's hot pussy.
As he entered her pussy his cock felt like he was trying on a old baseball
glove. Her pussy was soft and wet. Carla's pussy gripped Sam's cock and
teased him. Sam moaned, "Holy shit" as he reached the bottom of her sopping

They fucked in a fast pace Carla moaning "Sammy is king!"

They reached orgasm together and Sam dropped his load into Carla. Sam's
orgasm made Carla's more intense.

Chapter 2

Diane came back the next day to the bar cause she had forgotten her wallet.
Sam found her wallet and put it behind the bar. He handed her the wallet she
checked for ID and credit cards and money all was there. Sam offered a job as
a waitress at the bar. Diane told him she wasn't sure if she could do the

Carla came by with a drink order Sam starting pouring and got confused. He
asked Carla what she ordered. Diane gave the order back to Sam properly. They
looked at each other and Sam asked if she could start today. Carla was
helpful getting her started. The kindness lasted about 2 hours and Carla was
yelling at her. She had taken one of Carla's tables by mistake.

Sam had not told her about Carla at all. Sam and Diane started dating after 6
months of her working there. There was a sexually attraction between them Sam
thought. Diane thought Sam was a good looking fellow who had to much of the
me attuide. He was also easily sexually aroused. There was a lot of talk
about his womanizing.

The first time they made out Diane was shocked by how good Sam kissed. They
made out for about 30 minutes when they finished Diane was very turned on and
sopping wet. Sam unzipped Diane's dress and had her bra unhooked already.
Diane told Sam "I dont have a lot of experience."

Sam kissed her gently and told her, "I will be gentle." He went down and ate
Diane to two screaming orgasms. Sam entered her sopping pussy slowly. He
worked himself himself in and out a little faster with his 8 inch cock. He
heard Diane moaning "Yes, fuck me!"

Sam reached his fast speed and was slamming Diane's pussy. Diane was saying
"Yes, fuck me harder."

Sam slowed down and repostioned himself into a pushup postion. Diane wrapped
herself around Sam tighter. She reached organism again with her screaming
"I'm cumming again!"

Sam fucked her for another 10 minutes. Diane was in ecstasy she had never
been fucked like this in her life. They climaxed together with Diane
screaming "Here comes another one!"

They collasped into each other arms and slept for the next 2 hours. Diane who
was pissed off awoke Sam. Diane asked him, "How could you not wear a condom?"

Sam told her I don't want my penis to look like a bank robber. My dates are
usually on the pill or diaphram."

Diane told him "I will start using the pill."

The next few nights she gave blowjobs to Sam. The first one was an
embrassment she could not swallow fast enough and most spilled out. She got
better the next few nights.

Chapter 3

A few months later at the bar walked in a real country boy named Woody Boyd.
He ordered a beer and make small talk with Sam. Sam watched this young man
talking to himself. He asked if Woody needed to talk. Woody told Sam he was
looking for a job as a bartender. Sam saw a strong young man and had manners.
Sam tested Woody on drinks he knew them all.

Sam was bouncing between Carla and Diane. He met with Carla in the office
cause she wanted answers. Sam told her, "I' m seeing Diane and we have to

Carla wanted to know what he saw in Diane. Carla was jealous of Diane and
decided to make her life hell. She was nasty to Diane for the next 2 months.
Diane let the anger built up in her slowly.

One night it came to a head. The two of them started a fight in the bar. Sam
and a few others had to seperate them. They glared at each other. Sam told
them sit down after work and settle this. Carla and Diane sat down over
drinks. She kissed Diane quickly on the lips. Diane looked as Carla sipped
her drink. They made small talk with each other.

Carla got up and sat on Diane's lap and kissed her deeply. They made out
for a few minutes and Carla got up and pulled Diane to Sam''s office. They
stripped down and got comfortable on Sam's couch. Diane lied down on the
couch Carla lowered her cunt to Diane's mouth. Diane had never been with a
women before but it wasn't that bad at all. Diane licked Carla's pussy
slowly and increased her speed. Carla's pussy got wet quickly. Diane held
onto Carla's body while licking her cunt. Carla was moaning and saying "Yes,
Diane right there!" as she ran her tongue across her clitoris.

Diane licked Carla for another 10 minutes who had another intense organism.
Diane licked up every drop. They made out afterward for a few minutes. Diane
sat up and moved to the edge of the couch and raised her legs back. Carla
dropped and licked Diane's moist pussy for 15 minutes. Diane came very hard
and grabbed Carla's head and forced it deeper into her pussy. They dressed
quickly swore to each other no one would ever know about this. The ladies
finished there drinks and departed.

Chapter 4

A few hours later Diane came to work with a massive hangover. Carla came to
her and said, "Hi buddy" and slapped her on the back. Diane pushed her away
and told her talk softly.

Sam looked at her grinning and asked, "What's wrong, Diane."

Sam mixed a drink for Diane and told drink this. She asked what is in it Sam
told her to just drink it. She drank it and asked for her apron and went to

A few hours later Diane told Sam, "I'm going home. I'm sick."

Sam tells Woody "Please, take Miss Chambers home."

Woody took Diane home as she got out of the car she got dizzy. Woody picked
her up and got her into her apartment and to the bedroom. They made out
slowly on the bed. Diane had her legs wrapped around his back and they were
dry humping. Woody got up quickly and told Diane "I have to get back to

She stood up and dropped her dress to the floor. Diane took two steps to
Woody and told him, "You can't go back with this swelling in your jeans."

She dropped to her knees pulled down Woody's jeans and stroked his 6 inch
hard on. Diane licked the head and then deep throated him for a few minutes.
She sucked him off for about 10 minutes. He gave her a 1 minute warning and
he shot three big loads into her mouth, which she swallowed easily.

Diane got up stripped off her bra and panties and asked Woody to make love to
her. Woody was embrassed by Miss Chambers nudity. He dressed quickly and went
back to the bar.

Sam asked Woody if Diane said anything to him on the ride home. He told Sam
she was quiet. He could not look Sam in the face cause he had gotten a great
blowjob from his girlfriend.

A few nights later Woody was cleaning up with Carla. Sam was in the office
working on the books. Woody went into the pool room to clean up. Carla went
into the office with Sam. She stripped quickly and told Sam, "Fuck me

Carla cleaned off his desk and jumped on it and laid down. Sam dropeed his
pants lubed up and mounted Carla quickly. Sam could not believe how wet Carla
was already. He quickly got into a rhythm. Sam was slamming Carla's pussy
like a piston on a racecar engine. Carla was moaning quickly and pulling her

Woody came out from the poolroom and heard Carla moaning. He quickly went to
the door and listened. Woody got a hard on from listening to Sam and Carla
fucking. He heard Carla stating she was cumming and Sam blew his load. He
knocked and walked into the office to get some bottles for the bar. Woody had
a shocked look on his face looking at them.

Carla asked, "What are you looking at famr boy." She looked down and saw he
had a hard on. Carla told him, "Drop your pants and fuck me." Carla assumed
the same postion and told Woody, "Fuck me in the ass."

Woody quickly fingered Carla's sopping pussy and stuck a finger into Carla's
ass. It slid all the way in and slowly withdrew it and added a second finger.
He slowly fingered Carla's asshole. Carla yelled at Woody enough with the
fingers "I want your cock in my ass now."

Woody lines up his cock to Carla's asshole and gently enters her ass. He was
fucking her nice and slow. Carla tells him, "Fuck me like you mean it!"

Woody looked at Sam, he tells him "Give it to her!"

Woody slams Carla's ass hard he built up speed and Carla was moaning, "That's
it farm boy fuck me!" Carla tightned up her ass which grabbed his cock like a
vice grip.

They fucked for about 10 minutes and Woody told her, "I'm cumminnggg!"

Carla moans to fill her up and Woody drops 4 loads into her asshole. Woody
pulled out and was amazed he had no shit on his cock. Carla was getting off
the desk after putting a butt plug into her ass. Woody asked Carla "Why did
you do that?"

Carla told him, "To keep your cum in me till I get home." Carla tells them
"Next time I want both of you at the same time."

Chapter 5

Cliff was the bar know-it-all he was a walking trivia bank. He read a lot and
picked up little known facts. He needed a date for Postal Servives formal
dance. Cliff was not smooth around women at all. He was telling Sam about the
dance. Sam listened with 1/2 ear about it cause Cliff seems to rattle on. Sam
had an idea he would allow Diane to go with Cliff. Cliff thought Diane was
tops as far as looks go in the bar.

Sam spoke with Diane about it. Diane had reservations about it how would it
look. Sam told Diane, "I am giving you permission." He knew Cliff would not
touch her.

The dance was nice and Diane looked beautiful and Cliff was a perfect
gentleman to her. At the end of the night Diane would allow Cliff to kiss her
goodnight. Cliff was nervous about kissing Diane goodnight. Cliff also had a
raging hard on which Diane noticed. She kissed Cliff cause he was afraid to
move due to his hard on. She also decided Cliff should walk her to the door.

As they said there good-byes Diane reached down and rubbed Cliff's hard on.
She told Cliff I can fix this. They went to her apartment and she gave Cliff
a blowjob. Cliff blasted 4 large loads into Diane's hot mouth. She told Cliff
that was to help you and for being a gentleman tonight.

Diane dated Sam for a year and the breakup was real bad. Sam was glad for the
breakup he was tired of being put down by her. Sam had changed Diane into a
somewhat of a slut. Diane was very hurt over the breakup. She went away for a
rest in a facility. There she met a Dr. Fraser Crane a psych Dr not her pysch
Dr. Diane left the facility and started to date Dr. Crane. While they dated
Diane was happy. The first time they made love Frazier was gentle with her.
She had turned back into her old self and fell in love with Frazier. When
Diane left Frazier at the alter she disappeared into a convent in Europe.

Chapter 6

The mother superior talked with her and help set her up as a maid for the
convent. She watched the nun's work hard. They were a young bunch the group
had been together for about 3 years. The mother superior had taught each nun
what she expected from them. She had been a nun for 27 years. She was 50
years old and had been a mother superior for 10 years. Diane felt a closeness
to her.

A nun called Diane to report to the mother superior office. She had been
caught drinking by another nun. Diane was told, "You have violated one of our
rules and you must be punished."

She was taken to a basement level. She entered the room with mother superior
she was told someone will be here in a few minutes. Diane could not see
anything in the room it was pitch black. She stumbled around the room and
found the light. The light went on and she saw it was in a torture chamber.

The door opened and 2 nuns entered with a leather face female. The female had
5 inch heeled boots that came up with thigh. Her face was covered except for
eyes, nose and mouth. Diane was scared now the nuns grabbed her and stripped
off her maid outfit and thrown onto the table. Diane was handcuffed to the
sides her mouth filled with a leather ball with straps going across the

The nun on the right side lathered her up and the other ons shaved her bald.
The leather face one told them get her ready for me. The nuns each sucked a
breast and fingered her ass and pussy. Diane orgasmed twice from the
fingering and fisting she got. The leathered face person came in with a 12"
strap on dildo.

Diane was moved to the bed in the corner. She had her hand tighted to the bed
post and her legs held apart by the nuns. She entered Diane's pussy slowly
her pussy opened up by the massive cock. Diane's pussy was slammed hard by
the dildo. The nun's released her legs which went up to leather face
shoulders. Diane started to enjoy this by moaning "Yes, fuck me harder!"

Diane was fucked by the leather face nun for 30 minutes. When she left the
other 2 nuns brought over a dual headed dildo for her. They each got off
numerous times as Diane made out with both of them. She awoke a few hours
later in her own room.

She had to get dinner ready for the nun's. When she went to the kitchen the
nun was dressed in regular clothes. She took Diane out to the hall to have
dinner with them. All the nun's were dressed in cilivian clothing. The mother
superior told her, "I hope you will stay with us a little longer."

She spent another 2 months there and slept with every nun including mother

When she returned to Boston she was a different woman. Diane went to Cheers
to see Sam. She realized that Sam was the man for her. Frazier had met a
fellow Dr her name was Lillith Stern.

A few weeks went by and Frazier asked Sam and Diane to come to dinner. He
told them that he and Lillith were living together. The dinner and drinks
went well. The after dinner activities came to a halt after fraser let it
slip that he and Diane lived together. Lillith got pissed off and ran into
the bathroom.

Diane went into the bathroom to talk with Lillith. Lillith never had a close
female friend growing up. She always put school ahead of friendship and then
work. Lillith never knew how beautiful she was until Diane told her that
night. She knew Frazier would say it but that was just to get laid she
though. She though Diane was a somewhat intelligent person who seemed to want
to befriend her. Diane apoligied to her saying she presumed that Fraser had
told her about them.

The woman stared at each other intensely for about 3 minutes. Diane took 2
steps towards her leaned in and kissed her. She took Diane's kiss and slowly
opened her mouth. There tongues played a slow teasing game and sped up. They
kissed deeply for 10 minutes.

When the kiss ended they looked at each other. Diane dropped to her knees and
Lillith's skirt droped. She gentle pulled aside Lillith's bikini briefs and
fingered Lillith who was moist. She kissed and licked Lillith inner thights
and pulled down her briefs. Lillith has a small trimmed bush. She seperated
the lips stuck her tongue into Lillith's pussy. She gasped as Diane's tongue
touched her hot pussy. Diane ate Lillith out to 2 intense organisms. Lillith
had never cum like that in her life. Afterward they fixed each other up and
walked out chatting about food. Sam and Diane departly shortly afterward.

During the next few days both masturbated with intense orgasms thinking about
each other. Lillith called Diane at home a week later and setup a date for
the next night. Diane makes dinner and they make small talk. They share
washing the dishes and gently touch and rub against each other. Lillith takes
Diane hand and they walk to Diane's bedroom. Lillith slowly strip Diane and
then does a striptease for her.

They sit on the bed and kiss deeply. Lillith pushes Diane down on the bed and
goes down on her. She kicks and kisses Diane pussy. She eats Diane out to 3
screaming orgasms. Diane can't believe how good Lillith ate her out. Lillith
tells Diane this is my first time I have ever done this. Diane tells her you
are very good. She tells Lillith you are almost as good as Sam. A few weeks
later Diane leaves and goes to write a book. Sam goes out and sells the bar
to a big corporation.

Chapter 7

The corporation that bought the bar makes a lot of changes to the bar. The
place brought in a manager to run it. The woman whom they sent over was a 33
year old who was a business manager specialist for a top Fortune 500 company.
She stood 5' 9" tall had chestnut brown shoulder lenght hair and had a 38D
chest. Rebecca Howe was a head turner with her beauty. Woody had fantasties
of Rebecca while he jerked off. Norm and Cliff had hard ons watching her move
around the bar.

Sam came back to the bar after his boat sank. He walked in and the place was
not the way he left it. Sam walked up next to Fraser and Woody talking and it
took a few minutes to realize Sam was back. Carla came running and threw
herself into his arms. He asked about the new boss Carla told Sam "She was a
mean bitch."

When Rebecca came into the bar Sam and her exchanged looks. Sam got a instant
hard on looking at Rebecca. She was turned on by his looks. He went into the
office and asked for a job. Sam filled out the application and gave it to
Rebecca. He told her, "If there is anything he could do for her and to her it
would be his pleasure."

Sam hits on Rebecca daily. He tells her "I'm the best for you."

Rebecca tells him "I am going to marry someone who can make me rich. I have
worked for this."

Sam laughts at her and tells her your not Princess Diana.

The next few weeks she sets her eyes on Woody. She had a plan to seduce him.
He had a hard time hiding his hardon around her. One night when they were
closing up Rebecca walked by and rubbed Woody's cock. She looks at Woody who
is embrassed.

Rebecca drives Woody to her apartment. She leads him into the apartment and
they kiss deeply. Rebecca goes back to her college days when she was known as
backseat Becky. She strips down quickly and gets into bed. Woody strips and
joins her in bed. Woody eats Rebecca's bald pussy to 2 screaming orgasms.

They relax for a few minutes. Woody mounts Rebecca wet pussy. She gasps as
Woody cock fucks her pussy. He fucks her with passion for 15 minutes. He
tells Rebecca "I'm cumminggg!"

Rebecca tells him, "Yes, profesor cum with me."

They make love one more time that night. They shower up around 9.00 a.m.
Rebecca drops the soap Woodie grabs Ms Howe's hips and plunges deep into her
ass. Rebecca cums about 5 minutes after Woody had dropped his load. They kiss
deeply afterward and tell each other. "Thank you I needed that."

When they get to work that day both of them are relaxed and have a glow about
them. Sam figured he finally slept with Kelly. Rebecca walked in about an
hour later and she has the glow about her. Sam cannot believe that Rebecca
finally got laid.

Kelly walked in about 2 hours later and she doesnt have the look. She is
upset about something Sam asks her if she wanted to talk. He takes her into
the office. Kelly tells Sam she needs work experience to complete a class and
she has none. Sam tells her, "She can work here as a waitress."

Kelly hugs Sam tightly and thanking him saying, "I will do wahtever you

They look at each other and kiss deeply. Sam breaks off the kiss after a few
minutes and tells her, "You can start today if you want."

Kelly leaves the office and tells Woody about her new job. Woody is happy for
her he tells her, "That we have to keep there relationship professional."

Carla helps Kelly get started. She shows her which tables on hers. She is
checking out Kelly for the first time. Carla decides she will work on a slow
seducation of Kelly. She cons Kelly into giving her tips to her. Kelly turns
out to be a decent waitress. Kelly only works till 11p.m. because of her
school schedule. She tells Rebecca and Sam she will work Friday and Saturday
till closing. They tell her thanks for the information. Sam offers a ride
home she declines saying telling him Woody was taking her home.

A few nights later Kelly is in the bathroom when Lillith comes in about 2
minutes later. Kelly asks her a question about Sam. She asks if she found
Sam attractive. Lillith tells her, "I don't look at Sam to long cause he
turns me on so much. There are times when I make love to Fraser in my mind
its Sam. Those nights I cum with unbelieveable intensity."

Kelly tells her, "Thanks I though I was the only one to find hin sexually

Lillith tells Kelly, "If you ever need to talk I'll be here."

The end of Kelly's work experience comes the next Saturday. Kelly is
emotional about leaving. She has learned a lot about work and people. Kelly
walks around the bar before closing time and thanks a few people who made her
work easier. She kissed Norm and Cliff and brought them a beer. She hugged
Carla and told her she was the best waitres in the world. Rebecca told her to
sit and have a drink and relax the remainder of the night.

Sam calls her into the office for her paycheck. Kelly sat of the sofa in the
office and made small talk. Sam walked over with an envelope. Kelly takes it
and reaches up and unzips Sam's pants. Sam undoes his belt and helps Kelly's
hand. Kelly gave Sam a hand job and takes his cock into her mouth. Kelly
sucks Sam's cock for 10 minutes. Sam is in heaven this girl can suck cock
with the best of them. Sam tells Kelly "I'm cumminggg!" and blast 3 loads
into her hot mouth.

Kelly tells Sam, "Thanks for the job it was fun working working here."

They were kissing goodbye when Rebecca walks in on them. Rebecca is sort of
shocked by the sight. When Sam and Kelly break the kiss off they look at
Rebecca who is confused by the sight. Kelly turns and kisses Rebecca for a
minutes and walks out. She asks Woody where is Carla. He tells her in the
pool room. She goes back to say goodbye to Carla properly. Carla is covering
the pooltable. Kelly tells Carla "We need to say goodbye properly."

Carla jumps on the table and Kelly comes in and kisses Carla slowly and deep.
They break the kiss off about 3 minutes later. Kelly walked out to Woody and
gets a soda. Carla finished up her work and went home and masturbated hard
thinking of Kelly.

Chapter 8

Lillith's bachlorlette party was fun according to the reports she recieved.
She had been drinking shots of tequila with beer chasers. She walks into
Carla's kitchen and see's Rebecca. Lillith walks over and tells Rebecca thank
you for giving me this party. Lillith gives Rebecca a long hug and they look
at each other. Lillith leans in and kisses Rebecca who opens her mouth and
accepts her tongue. They make out for 2 minutes.

Lillith tells her I need more beer and walks to the refrigerator. When she is
going back to the party she ask Rebecca if she wants to spend tomorow night
with me. Rebecca is turned on by the request. She had seen her at the bar but
doesn't really know her. She ask Rebecca to be her maid of honor because
Fraser has asked Sam. Lillith though they were a good looking couple. When
she was leaving the party she said goodbye to Carla in the bedroom.

They made out for a few minutes and things started to get out of control.
Lillith had to fix herself before leaving the bedroom. Carla had Lillith
pantyhose and was licking the crotch of them. Carla told her, "If you ever
drop the egghead we could have fun together."

Carla could not believe how hot Lillith's pussy was it was sopping wet.
Lillith had felt Carla's finger in her pussy and he felt Carla's breast while
they made out.

At the Crane's wedding Rebecca got buzzed and became horny. Lillith told
Rebecca nature calls and they started out to the bathroom. She didn't make
it and told Rebecca, "I just peed myself."

They go into the bathroom and Rebecca removes Lillith panties rinses them out
and put them back on Lillith. Rebecca tells her, "It felt good didn't it."

Lillith tells her, "Not to bad."

Rebecca tells her, "We could try golden showers next time we hook up."

They go upstairs and outside to air dry her panties. They made small talk as
they walk around outside. Lillith tells Rebecca, "Thank you for being such a
good friend to me." Lillith tells Rebecca, "Whenever I get a buzz on lately I
start thinking about woman."

"If I was offense at all at the party I'm sorry," Rebecca tells Lillith.
"I wish I could jump you right now I'm so horny."

Fraser has been watching his bride and maid of honor talking. He tells Sam,
"I would love to screw Rebecca today she looks so hot."

Sam leads him back to the reception for some coffee.

That nightafter the wedding the gang made the way back to Cheers. Sam pours
coffee for everyone. Rebecca excuses herself and goes home. Carla tells Sam,
"I need to see you in the office."

Cliff and Norm go into the poolroom.

In the office clothes are flying off as Sam and Carla make mad passionate
love. Sam fucks Carla with long hard strokes for about 12 minutes. They cum
within seconds of each other.

Sam walks out of the office about 10 minutes later. He tells Norm Carla wants
you in the office. Carla tells Norm, "Get over her and fuck me in the ass you
big stud."

Norm strips quickly and grabs Carla onto his lap. She moans a little as
Norm's cock opens her ass. Carla rides Norm 9 inch cock all the way down. He
fucks her hard and deep for 15 minutes. Norm groans to Carla "I'M CUMMINGGG!"

As she is screaming Norm, Carla's finger had played with her clit until she
gets herself off. Carla cannot she came so hard again after Sam. They clean
up and Carla tells Cliff you are driving me home. Cliff tries to make small
talk with Carla. She tells him shutup and pull over by the park. Carla give
Cliff a blowjob that he would remember forever.

Chapter 9

The next day Sam walked into the office to get a bottle of scotch and more
pretzels. He goes and gets the items and starts to walk out. There is Rebecca
and another women making hot and heavy on the couch. Sam gets an erection
watching them. He asks them, "If they need help".

Rebecca breaks off the kiss and tells Sam this is not what it looks like.
Rebecca introduces her sister Jessica to Sam. She tells Rebecca he liked what
he saw. Jessica is more beautiful then Rebecca and tells her, "He defintely
like what he saw. We have not spoken in 3 years and just settled our

The 3 of them have dinner that night at Rebecca's apartment. Jessica is 5'
10" and 130 pounds. She is bisexual and teases Sam all night with looks and
touches. Rebecca is trying not to laugh at Sam. She has watched this before
her sister is a tease. When Jessica leaves after dinner she gives Sam the
address and the key to her hotel room.

Sam meets her later at her hotel room. They make love twice and she gives a
Earth moving blowjob. He drags himself into work late showing exhaustion.
Woody tell Sam it is slow go to sleep in ther office if I need you I will
wake you.

Rebecca comes into the bar about 2 hrs later. She walks into the office and
see Sam asleep on the couch. She awakens him who tells her "no more tonight".
She hits Sam and asks him if he slept with Jessica. Sam tells her very little
sleep happened last night. Rebecca is furious with her sluttish little

Rebecca has not been bisexual since her college days. She had gone to spring
break in Fort Lauderale her junior year. Rebecca had a year long relationship
with a classmate her senior year. They became party animals and sex slaves on

Rebecca tells Sam to come over to her apartment around 8:00 p.m. that night.
He arrives a few minutes early. Rebecca is wearing a dress that barely covers
her ass greets Sam. She has on midthight boots and black stockings. He goes
into the apartment and Jessica is masturbating openly in the bedroom. Rebecca
tells Sam to sit in the chair in the living room.

Sam follows the order. Jessica walks out of the bedroom a few minutes later.
She walks over to Rebecca and the kiss deeply for a few minutes. They quickly
tie Sam to the chair and gag him. Rebecca slowlystrips in front of Sam who is
enjoying the show. Jessica disappears and returns with shaving cream and a
razor. Rebecca lies on towels that are placed on the floor. Jessica shaves
rebecca bald and then eats her to a strong organism. Jessica walks over to
Sam and looks at his groin area. Sam has cum in his pants. Rebecca takes a
picture of Sam accident.

The girls take Sam into the bathroom and shave him bald. They put Sam in the
bathtub and both give him a golden shower. Sam showers up and leaves the
apartment. They tell him this gets out about us and the picture goes to Norm
and Cliff. The girls shower up and make love all night long.

Chapter 10

A few weeks later the bar has a fire that is suspicious to the fire
department. Sam rushes over to see what's is left of his bar. The bar has
severe damage to the office and the poolroom area the rest has smoke damage.
Sam is nearly in tears over this.

Norm, Cliff, Frasier and Carla come in the next morning. The fire marshall is
sure the fire was electrical in nature. Everyone is speechless at the sight.
Carla and Sam hug and start crying. Sam regains his composure and tells them
at least no one was hurt. Rebecca comes in around noon and see the bar
damage. She asked Sam what happened. He tells her the fire marshall thinks it
was electrical it started in the office.

Rebecca cleans up and helps sweep up. She leaves after 2 hours and goes to
the bank. Rebecca cleans out her saving and checking accounts and cashes some
bonds. She gives Sam the envelope and tells him, "I might have dropped a
cigarette into the garbage can."

Sam cannot believe what he is hearing from Rebecca. The supervising fire
marshall report comes back stating electrical in nature. Sam gives the
envelope back to Rebecca and tells her, "I cannot leave you broke. You will
become my love slave you will do whatecver I want and with whomever I want."

Rebecca looks at Sam and tells him she loves him. They go back to his
apartment and make hot passionate love 3 times.

Rebecca makes out a schedule out of when she will be his slave. She tells Sam
I will be in the morning and be available in the afternoon for your pleasure.
The bar get rebuilt in about 2 months time and Rebecca has a busy schedule.

A few days later after the grand reopening Frasier and Lillith come into the
bar. Lillith is 5 months pregant and asks where Rebecca is these days. Sam
tells her she is working half days. She goes to the payphone and calls
Rebecca at home. They make plans to meet the next day for lunch.

Lillith has cut her hours down drasically. She has been getting sick in the
lab. Sam tells Frasier about his arrangement with Rebecca. Frasier loves the
idea he also tells Sam that it be seen as pimping Rebecca out. Sam tells him
neither of is are getting paid. Frasier calls Rebecca and sets up something
for 2 days from now. Lillith is overjoyed about being pregant and lets a few
guys touch her belly. Sam tells her do that in the office. Lillith has a
regular meets her in Sam's office.

Cliff goes into the office and Lillith is sitting on the couch. She stand up
and shows Cliff where to touch her. He feels the baby move and he is like a
big kid. He talks to her stomach and she tells him to stop it. Cliff becomes
a stuttering fool now.

Lillith sits back onto the couch. She reaches up and unzips Cliff's pants.
Lillith looks at cliff and asks, "Do you want me to stop?"

He shakes his head no and she lowers her pants and underwear over his raging
hard on. Lillith licks her lips and takes in 3 inches of Cliff 6 inch cock.
She moves her head back and forth with increased speed. Lillith knows he is
ready. She sticks her moist middle finger into Cliff's asshole. He comes
harder and longer then ever before. They fix each other with no words spoken.
Cliff goes out and buys a round for the bar.

Norm goes into the office a few minutes later. He gets the best blowjob of
his life from Lillith. She is only one whoever deep throat him. She tells him
in about 5 minutes after you leave can you have Woody bring me in a club
soda. Woodie goes into the office with 2 large club soda's for Lillith. She
accepts the drinks and gives Woodie a kiss. She willingly accepts his tongue
as they make out by the desk. Lillith breaks offf the kiss about 5 minutes
later. She looks at Woody and tells him, "I need you inside of me."

Lillith sits on the edge of the desk and Woodie peels off her sopping wet
panties. He gently enters Lillith and pulls back and goes in slowly. Lillith
tells him, "I'm ok keep going."

He increases his speed and Lillith is holding onto his shoulders. They fuck
for another 10 minutes like this. Woody tells Llillth, "I'm cumminggg!"

Lillith's orgasm starts seconds after Woody organism. Woody drops 4 loads
into Dr. Stern. She is biting her arm from screaming out. When Woodie pulls
out of Lillith there was a gasp from her. They clean up and Lillith tells
Woody, "You are very good maybe we can do this again sometime."

Woody kisses her goodbye and tells her, "Sure, I would like that."

She comes out of the office about 30 minutes later. She departs with Frasier
shortly afterward. He asks her do you feel better now. She tells him, "Yes,
but I wish Sam came in there."

Frasier tells her there always next week. She asked him did you set a up a
date with Rebecca. He looks at her and tells her yes.

The next day Lillith meets Rebecca for lunch at a resturant near Rebecca's
apartment. They exchange small talk duing lunch. The ladies proceed to
Rebecca's apartment and watch a video. Lillith sits on the couch and Rebecca
sets up the video. They have glasses of soda and pretzels. Rebecca drops the
soda all over herself. Lillith gets towels to soak it up for it stains.
Rebecca strips off her blouse and bra and Lillith stares at her breasts for a
few minutes. Rebecca puts on a tee shirt and sits back down. Rebecca asks
Lillith what is it like to be pregnant. She takes Rebecca hand and places it
on her stomach she feels the baby move.

The ladies gently gaze into each other's eyes. Lillith leans over and kisses
Rebecca who kisse her back hard. They break off the kiss a few minutes later
and get up and walk to the bedroom. Rebecca lowers her bald pussy to
Lillith's mouth. Lillith eats her to a screaming organism. Rebecca asks
Lillith, "I didn't know you were bisexual."

Lillith tells her, "I've wanted this since the wedding shower."

Rebecca kisses her and walks over to the dresser and gets her strapon dildo.
Lillith switch to a doggie postion. Rebecca tells her, "If it hurts tell me I
don't want to hurt the baby."

Lillith shakes her head and closes her eyes. Rebecca lubes up the dildo and
Lillith's body. Rebecca fucks Lillith hard for 10 minutes and has Llillth
moaning. "Don't stop till I cum!"

She last another 5 minutes she tenses up and is tearing at the sheets as her
organism rakes her body.

Chapter 11

Norm is sitting at the bar reading a newspaper enjoy his beer. It is late
near closing time Woody and Kelly have a fight and Kelly goes running out of
the bar in tears. When she didn't return in 30 minutes Woody asked Norm to
watch the bar. Kelly comes back about 10 minutes later. She is crying and
asked Norm where Woody is. He tells her out looking for you. She runs to
Norm and buries her face in his chest and cries. Norm calms her down in a
few minutes.

She tells norm you are so nice and kisses him softly. The kiss becomes more
passionate and lasts about 10 minutes. Norm was very aroused he grabs Kelly
and brough her into the office. Kelly removed her panties which are soaked
and asked "What postion do you want me in."

He bends Kelly over the desk and she asked about protection. Norm doesn't
have any so Kelly tells him "fuck me in the ass then. Norm lubes her up on
with some beer. He fucks her for 15 minutes as Kelly has two strong orgasms.
Norm finger increased the speed on her clit as he blows his load into her.
Kelly had never had a guy as big as Norm in her ass before she felt great.
They dress quickly and are having a drink. She asks Norm, "Is there anything
I can do for you?"

Norm tells her you just did she laughs and said no I mean it. He looks at
her and says "If you want you can pay off my bar tab."

She tells him sure no problem.

Woody comes back to the bar 20 minutes later bleeding and bruised. A car
while looking for Kelly hit him. They closed up the bar and Kelly drove
them home.

The next day Kelly comes into the bar around 2 p.m. and asks Rebecca how
much is Norm bar tab. She tells her $2500 Kelly writes a check for it.
Rebecca wonders why Kelly is paying off Norm bar tab. Kelly asks, "How
well do you know Norm?"

Rebecca tells her, "I dont know him that well."

Kelly tells Rebecca that Norm is a very nice man who helped me after I had
a fight with Woody.


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