This is a parody. Not the real thing.

Cheers: The Magic Bottle (M+FFF,inter,magic)
By Dr. Bone: Who sez: Ya Gotta Be an Adult to Read the Story Below.

It had been a busy convention week. Sam had had to call Diana back to help
Rebecca run the bar. At the close of business on the first day Rebecca and
Diana both noticed an odd bottle of purple liquid hidden in the corner of
the bar. They asked Sam about it.

He poured them all a beer except for him taking a club soda, and he told
the regulars the story. Back in the early eighties, before they came in, a
beautiful blonde woman came into the bar. She was down on her luck saying
she was a genie that had been punished for living with a mortal by having
her powers removed for a year. All the memories of her were wiped out from
her friends, somewhere in Florida. So I employed her as a waitress for a
year, and she was great. I even had a thing for her.

One year and a day after I hired her she quit. She left me as a present this
bottle with the warning to be very careful who drinks out of it. I turned
around and she disappeared. I had my friend on the force look into her and
there was no record of her ever being there.

"Oh I am scared." said Lillith in a deadpan voice.

"You see this wax pen mark I made on the bottle, that is to mark it so I know
nobody poured a drink out of it by mistake. Like Wendy O'Neil."

"Wendy O'Neil? Wasn't that the waitress who I replaced?" asked Diane.

"She took a nip of it on a dare and it wasn't pretty. She tore off all her
clothes and fucked everyone in the bar that night. Some cops showed up but
there was no report as she took care of them too. As a matter of fact you
see those scratches in the bar? They are from her too."

"I always wondered where they came from. Oh! This is nonsense. If that
bottle was so dangerous why don't you throw it out?" said Diane trying to
be logical.

"Well you never know when you might need it. For let's say a woman health

"Oh Sam! You are so full of it." said Diane.

The next week was hectic as could be until that Saturday, when the convention
closed and everyone went home. Cheers would be closed that night except for
the regulars, and the guys would be at a game and come in later.

Diane kept eyeing the bottle, finally she took it off the shelf and went to
the back room where Lillith, Carla and Rebecca were. "Girls lets prove Sam
wrong again." she said as she poured the strange booze out into cups for all
the ladies present.

"I don't know." said Carla, who believed in such things. But eventually she
drank down the contents of the bottle along with all the others.

"Mmmmm! Smooth and fruity but with no real bite. I guess another myth bites
the dust." said Diana as the other women giggled.

Sam and the men plus one of the basketball players came back from the game
for a round of private shots in the back. When Sam heard the noise. "Oh! No!"
he said.

The men ran to the back room. The men could not believe the sight that
greeted them. All the women's clothes were in a heap in the corner on the
room and the women were in a naked, tangled mass licking each others pussies
fingering each other's cunts.

"Sam! You were right! What can we do!" said Diane as Carla licked her pussy
and shove a finger up the blonde's asshole.

"Well, Diane I guess you have to let it run its course, about twelve hours."

"Dibs on Carla!" said Cliff taking off his pants.

A half hour later Carla was still riding Cliff's cock telling him that she'd
kill him when this was over but in the meantime could he slap her ass harder.

Sam fucked Lillith while Fraiser fucked her face. Diane got it from the black
basketball player, who she kept saying she was not trying to contribute to
the myth of black with big...until Norm put his cock in her mouth to the
applause of everyone.

Woody worked his cock in and out of Becca's soft asshole. And that was the
just the start of the orgy that lasted through the nigh.

The next day they all agreed not to speak of what had happened. Sam asked her
where the bottle was, Diane smiled and said she had poured it down the drain.

Sam said it was for the best. After he left him and Norm made the room smile
by showing the grape juice they had filled the bottle with, and that they had
transferred the magic juice to another container, which they hid in Sam's
major league trophy.

"Might just spike the punch at the holiday party."


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