Cheers: Part 1 - Sam and Carla (MFF)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Boston, a bustling city in the New England area of the United States of
America, a city with tons of history and a bar where everybody knows your
name. A place called Cheers is the setting for a group of friends and
patrons who love this bar enough to return many times over.

Sam Malone, a retired baseball star, who left the sport due to his drinking
problem, runs this bar and his main waitress is a little spitfire of a woman
named Carla Tortelli. She is the head waitress and trains the new ones, but
after Louise left, no one was hired to replace the one who blew Norm more
times than Sam felt her lips around his cock. Hell even Cliff Claven got his
share of blowjobs from the former waitress.

On this day Carla is her usual punchy best as she begs Sam to hire someone
new very soon. Carla follows the owner into his office to continue the plea
for a replacement; she even gets on her knees to beg, which is a first for
this little lady. Sam clears his throat, tells Carla to get off her knees,
unless she will top off the plea for a new waitress by blowing him as hard
as her mouth can go. Carla is no adverse to this kind of action as she
unzips Sam's pants and licks the head and balls for a little while, before
she grasps the hard member of her boss to stroke it for a short stint. Sam
smiles broadly as the little spitfire is pleasing him better than even he
expected. Carla gurgles as her drool soaks the medium length dick of her
boss, she looks up and says she has wanted this to occur for a long time,
but he was always fucking other better looking women. Sam smiles and says
that she could have said something sooner; he would have enjoyed the treat.

Carla is now getting so hot that she removes her shirt and bra to hopefully
cool off, knowing that she needs Sam inside her to end this over heated
feeling. While she gives Sam what might be the hottest damn blowjob he has
received, Carla undoes her jeans and slides her hand inside to grope her
nearly dripping pussy. Again she opens her eyes looks up, backs away and
tells Sam he had better interview some of the ladies she had lined up through
her personal look see. Sam hopes he will have a blonde to interview, for he
hasn't laid one in along while. Carla is squeezing the load over her perky
tits and wipes in the cuz.

Sam reaches down, pics her off her knees and lowers her jeans to a surprise,
this little spitfire has the thickest patch of hair surrounding her pink lips
that Sam knows that it will be different from all the clean shaven women he
has had. Sam quickly begins to enjoy the furry cunt of his favorite waitress.
He knows he has fucked many, but even though, Carla and he never took a trip
on the Sammy train, he has wanted her badly. Eating ferociously, Sam hears
Carla whisper for more and that she wants him in her ass. Alas just as Sam is
about to pummel her cunt, Norm knocks and says that the first interviewee is
here. The two would be lovers pull on there clothing and kiss one another,
before Carla walks out to usher the first lady in. As a dream happens for
Sam, the first is Diane Chambers a willowy blonde woman with a education that
is beyond what any in the bar had gone to, including Sam.

Diane walks in, Carla winks to Sam and returns to her job. Sam looks over his
possible new waitress with zeal and knows that only one applicant has been in
over the last three weeks. Diane looks over her new boss, licks her lips and
thinks that this job could be fun, since her boyfriend walked out on her.
While Sam's back is turned, as he retrieves her resume, Diane undoes her
blouse to the lower art of her cleavage. She knows in her heart that some men
would consider her attractive with medium sized tits at best. Sam turns to
her, smiles gleefully as he sees a set of boobs that are mouthwatering enough
to have right now.

The interview goes on for five to ten minutes, Diane answers the questions
of her and as she gets ready to leave a little disheartened by the turn of
events, she wonders if the job is hers. With her back facing Sam, Diane
becomes more daring; she turns back to him sharply, rips open her blouse
and asks Sam if she is hired. Sam's eyes nearly pop out as he walks towards
his new waitress and kisses her lips while massaging her breasts. Diane
grope Sam's pelvis region, as a hard-on greets her grasp. Sam tells her the
job is hers under one condition, she must reveal every inch of her body to
him right now. Diane doesn't waste time thinking about it; she slides stealth
fully out of her clothes. And let's her hands do more talking. Unzipping his
pants, Diane asks if he has interviewed other women for the job. Sam nods
that she is the only one thus far, but he isn't expecting anyone else. She
pulls out his already sticky cock, from Carla's earlier blowjob and begins
to work on one of her own. Again Sam's dick is being loaded to cream the face
of a lover. He notices that Diane is an expert at the art of deep throat and
enjoys every second of the sexual fun. Sam cums quite hard, Diane gurgles and
swallows the hot load and then stands up to accept whatever Sam has in store
for her.

Sam gently seats the new waitress, widens her white creamy thighs and eats
yet another pussy, not realizing that Carla watches from the door. Diane
moans as Sam makes her orgasm many times over and then he rams his dick deep
in the gaping pussy before him. As he fucks the blonde bitch he tells her she
is hired and that she will start as soon as she can clean up after they are
done fucking. Carla writhes in ecstasy as she watches Sam's cock do it's
masterful work on a new pussy. At this time she has had enough and takes her
clothes off as she enters and locks the door to Sam's office. Knowing that
Woody is manning the bar, Carla squats over Diane's cum-stained face and begs
her to eat. Seeing no way out the erstwhile blonde vixen eats the hairy box
of her head waitress. Carla looks down at Diane's pussy and sees that she is
not totally blonde as the very pussy that Sam fucks is covered in dark hair
as well. Carla moans and gets off on Diane's face while Sam cums on her

The two horny ladies kneel down and give Sam a double blowjob. With his cock
still quite hard his lovers bring more jism from his manhood. As cum covers
both faces, Carla licks Diane's lips and chin and returns the sexual favor.
Noticing that Carla is bent over, Sam drives his dick inside her ass. Diane
gasps at the site, never experiencing the position before. Carla squeals at
Sam to do the same to Diane, it won't be a full welcome until she feels the
length of his dick in her ass. Not certain about doing this, Diane realizes
that it must be in her own interest to fulfill the wishes of her boss or be
shown the door. Diane bends over in front of a willing Sam, Carla slides in
front of Diane with her thighs open to have her pussy eaten while Diane gets
ass fucked. More moans fill the dimly lit office as Sam rams and retreats
while fucking this new waitress. Carla is smiling and knows that Diane will
be somewhat of a pushover to get things done in here. Her first task will be
to lick the crack of Cliff Claven. She snickers as she welcomes the idea of
having passionate love sessions with her and Sam. Sam cums in Diane's ass
backs away and announces that everyone should return to work. He tells Diane
to go home, change and return for work at three in the afternoon.

Diane smiles, as she has been welcomed into a new job better that she
expected. She also knows that sex will be a part of this workplace. A place
where everybody knows your name.

The End


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