Cheers: Part 2 - Cliff And Diane (MF)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Boston is a town of many things, famous for the Red Sox and also the bar
where everybody knows your name. On a rainy night it is busy as per usual.
Ever since Sam Malone, a former major league baseball player hired the blonde
vixen, Diane Chambers, Cliff Claven, the resident know it all has wanted in
the worst way to get her alone. Every second he is in the bar, Cliff gropes
her slender unfucked ass. She smacks his hand away from her backside and
smiles at him. In the meantime, Cliff knows that he is going to get her
before Sam beds her down and he also wants Sam to see that he has beaten her
to it.

On that one rainy night, the bar clears out early and the coach wants to
close up. Cliff offers to do so and Diane is in the building. Coach agrees to
let Cliff help to close up and walks out the door. Diane hears to front door
close and sees that the coach has left Cliff to help her out, with Sam out of
town to visit his brother, the closing lands on who ever coach assigns to do

Cliff looks over at Diane with a twinkle in his eye; Diane nods and knows
what the twinkle is all about. Cliff locks the door and strolls over to the
sexy blonde waitress, pats her on the ass and suggests that they go to the
office. Diane and Cliff go into Sam's office and so begin the first one to
have Diane in the bar.

Cliff kisses the barmaid's lips and slides his wandering tongue in her
throat, Diane repeats the motion and reaches to Cliff's pants. Feeling his
dick harden, Diane, kneels down to get a closer looks at the mailman's bulge.
She unzips the zipper, undoes the belt and lowers his pants to his ankles,
while Cliff cannot believe that she will have him first.

Cliff stands still as the lovely lady, strokes his small, but thick cock.
Waiting until the right moment, Diane looks up at Claven and says that she
wants him to make a complete delivery to her hot box. Cliff looks down to her
and says that she can begin right now by giving him a blowjob. Being adept in
this part of sex, Diane licks his cock until she is at his balls and sucks on
each one for a few minutes. While sucking his balls, Diane strokes his staff.
Soon, the hot blonde is doing something she has only done twice before and
once to Sam and is giving Cliff and blowjob.

Back and forth she moves her head as her lips encircle the Claven cock. Cliff
moans as he places his hands on her head, Diane deep throats his dick, as she
knows that Cliff is going to have her pussy very soon. As she sucks his rod,
Diane removes her blouse and bra; Cliff is near to unloading n her mouth, as
he has never felt something so good before. Before he cums, Diane steps out
of her skirt and panties, uncovering a slightly shaven pussy. Cliff looks at
her and sees the hot patch, noticing that she is a real blonde all the way.
Diane kneels down one last time to bring Cliff's load into her mouth; she
swallows hard and informs Cliff that he will be the first to fuck her in her
life. Cliff shows surprise that the lovely Miss Chambers is still a virgin.

Cliff looks around the room for something he can use to open her ass while
he eats her pussy. Picking up an empty pop bottle Cliff places it on the desk
and slips his probing digits in Diane's pussy. Sensing that she is nervous,
Cliff tells her to calm down and he will make her fell good when it is all
over. Diane sees the bottle and tells Cliff that he can use that as a dildo
if he wishes for she has done so at night while closing the bar before. She
also tells that Norm has ass fucked her a few weeks before, so he doesn't
need to be afraid to try.

Cliff gently lies Diane down, opens her creamy white thighs and kisses his
way toward her pussy. Diane moans, as she knows that Cliff will bring her to
climax very soon. Cliff forgoes the bottle for the time being and as he eats
her pussy, he drives two fingers into her ass. Diane orgasms for the first
time with a man eating her pussy and finger fucking her ass at the same time,
she squeals to him not to stop. She turns over, puts her butt in front of
Cliff's face and says to go ahead and use the bottle. Cliff takes the pop
bottle and slides it slowly into the open hole driving it back and forth
until it is quarter way in her ass. More moans fill the room as Cliff
continues to bottle fuck the ass of Diane Chambers, removing the bottle
slowly; Cliff takes his uncovered dick and pushes it in her ass. She yells
to Cliff to go for it and don't stop until he has cum in her ass. Cliff
thinks to himself that this is one horny wench and hopes that Sam returns to
see that his love is no longer a virgin. Sweating profusely, Cliff drives one
more time and unloads in Diane's ass. He quickly places a condom on his cock
and plunges it into Diane's pussy.

Diane screams as she now has her cherry popped, Cliff realizes that he may
have hurt her and pulls out, but Diane quietly says not to worry, she is in
it no matter how it hurts. In and out goes Cliff as one time when he pulls
out, Diane reaches back and removes the condom telling the mailman that she
need to feel a load inside her cunt. Cliff tells himself that this is one
hot lady and Sam is nuts for leaving her a virgin so long. Then he remembers
that he saw Sam fucking Carla the night Diane was hired, maybe that is why
Diane has never been laid. Diane asks Cliff to pull out for a moment, as she
wants him to be on top to fuck her.

Cliff removes his dick and waits for Diane to get on her back, but she
surprises him by getting him to lie down. Diane steps over his prone body,
lowers her dripping pussy over Cliff's hard cock. She rides him and makes
him moan as her tight pussy slides down over his thick dick.

Meanwhile, outside in the bar, Sam has returned from his brother's to hear
moans emanating from his office. He investigates by opening the door and sees
Claven underneath the lady he wants to fuck as she has his cock in her ass.
Sam remembers the day she was hired that all of the men who are there wade a
side bet as to who would have Diane first. He didn't know that the mailman
would claim her cherry. It was between himself, Cliff, Norm and Frasier, he
watches as Diane gets up and gives another blowjob to Cliff.

Cliff moans as he cums over and over again, he takes Diane and lays her on
the desk, opens her tights one last time and drives his cock into her pussy.
A little blood trickles over his dick as he fucks the hot barmaid one more
time. Diane knows inside that she has helped Cliff take the bet, for she
heard the bet being made and didn't want Sam to have her first, but she knows
it will be soon. As for Norm, being a married man, Diane isn't certain if
would want to go all the way with her. Cliff shoots a load in her and as he
pulls out, he squeezes the remainder of his cum on her stomach. Diane
concludes her first sexual encounter by licking the last drop of cum from
Cliff's cock.

Sam just couldn't stay out of the office, as he has Norm in tow to
congratulate Claven for taking the bet and handing him the money wagered.
Diane says that she knew of the bet and waited to see whom she would have
alone at night in the bar. Norm tells Diane that he wouldn't have fucked her
as he is married and will not cheat on Vera. Sam wonders why he wouldn't
and then realizes that Vera has never told him of their tryst in the bar a
few months back.

The End


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