Note: This fic contains dickgirl/male sex, oral sex, and anal sex, and also
gay sex in the second chapter. It stars Serge, Kid, Nikki, and Korcha from
the awesome Squaresoft rpg "Chrono Cross". I don't own any of these
characters though, nor do I own the license to "Chrono Cross". Squaresoft
owns it, so don't sue me Square because I have no money.


NOTE: when you see this "......" in the story it means Serge is speaking. I
did this to make it like how he communicated in the game.

Chrono Cross: A Special Night In Guldove Part 1
by Swordsaberster ([email protected])

Serge stepped out of Orhla's bar and started heading back to the small hotel
where he and his friends were staying for the night. He yawned to himself as
he walked along the wooden bridges that made up the mostly Demi-Human town of
Guldove. He liked the small town. It reminded him, to some extent, of his own
home village of Arni, with the smell of the ocean water, the sound of the
waves and the pale light from the full moon and starry night sky that seemed
to make the ocean water shimmer and also illuminated the town.

He stopped walking and sat down at the edge of one walkway, letting his legs
dangle over the edge while looking out at the ocean, the sight of the blue
ocean making him feel relaxed. Serge sighed, feeling surprised at how warm
out it was considering it was ten o'clock at night. He tugged off his boots
and socks and placed them to the left of him, then lifted his shirt over his
head and placed it with his shoes. The warm night air felt very refreshing
against his smooth bare chest and he laid down on the walkway looking up at
the stars while thinking to himself. It was strange, because even though he
and his friends faced danger every day, he was enjoying their journey. It was
exciting, they were helping some people, and traveling all over the world.
Both worlds for that matter. Serge enjoyed the journey for another reason
though: Kid. She was amazing. From the moment they had met each other, Serge
knew that Kid was special. She was pretty, definitely cute, funny, tough, and
very confident in herself. She was the friend Serge had wanted for all his
life, and now he'd found her.

Serge felt a gust of cool wind blow over him as he kept staring up at the
stars while still thinking of Kid, when he heard someone walk up behind
him. The person leaned their head over into his line of sight and Serge
immediately realized who it was.

"Oi mate! I'm startin' to wish ya wore an outfit like Korcha's!" Kid joked,
and smirked as she looked at Serge's nice looking exposed upper body. She
knelt down and stoked his little hardened nipples with her pointer and
middle fingers, making Serge blush and gasp in response. "Awwww, the wind
make yer nipples a little stiff Serge? I'll help warm 'em up a bit." Kid
said giggling, trying not to just break out in laughter. Serge on the other
hand, began to blush even more at what was happening to him and tried to
keep from getting aroused so he wouldn't be even more embarrassed. Kid then
stopped and as Serge sat back up she sat down right next to him, still
giggling, and took off her shoes and socks, showing Serge her adorable
little bare feet. "So what're ya doin' out here anyway?" She asked him.


"Just relaxin' and lookin' at the ocean, huh? Kinda funny, I was bored so I
decided ta do the same thing." Kid said and stretched her arms while yawning.
"Not ta mention I needed ta get away from Korcha fer awhile since he wouldn't
stop hittin' on me. I dunno how he thinks there's even a chance that I'd
marry a dork like him! Oi'! I mean, even though he's kinda cute, I'd probably
go nutty if I did! Heh heh...I don't mind lookin' at that nice lookin' body
of his though....I mean ya see how tight his little bathing suit is? It sure
don't leave much ta the imagination, know what I mean? I ain't gonna be
surprised when that thing goes and snaps right offa him....not that I would
mind seein that though..heh heh.." Kid told Serge, who was feeling
surprisingly turned on by the mental images Kid was giving him and began
squirming a little bit as he felt his penis begin to become slightly aroused.
"Ya know, the only other guy who dresses as weird lookin' as Korcha is Nikki.
I really dunno know why in the hell his music is so popular though, it just
sounds like a buncha crappy noise, right?" She asked Serge, who was relieved
that Kid had switched topics which made him begin to lose his arousal.


"I'm glad ya don't like his music either, or I woulda had ta shove ya into
the water! Heh heh heh....I betcha all those girls that go ta his concerts
don't even go there ta hear him play though, just to watch him dance around
in nothing but a pair a boots and those tight leather pants. I'd even go ta
one a his concerts and put up with the music just ta watch that, even if it
is kinda creepy that he wears that makeup. Oi! I kinda think he ain't even
interested in girls, ya know? Just by how he acts I can tell he probably
fancies boys..Heh heh heh, ya should probably try not ta bend over when he's
standin' behind ya mate! Ya might get something pokin' at yer arse! Korcha
should be worryin' about it even more cause the only thing he's got
protectin' his arse is that little g-string a his, and there's no way that's
gonna stop Nikki from..Serge? Are ya ok, mate? Yer face is all red, and ya
keep fidgitin and breathin' heavy, and..."

Kid suddenly stopped talking. While Kid was speaking Serge had been trying
his best to stop himself from getting hard, but it was no use because the
more Kid talked about Nikki and Korcha and him, the harder his penis became.
Serge then saw that Kid was looking down at his lap with her eyes shocked by
what she saw and her mouth wide open , at the tent in his shorts with a wet
spot at the top of it. Serge continued to blush, convinced this was the most
embarrassing thing that ever happened him. Kid suddenly smirked and laughed

"Oi Serge! Yer gettin' pretty excited hearin' about those guys' bodies and
Nikki doin' Korcha from behind! Well, what do ya know? Ya know I fantasized
about ya havin' sex with other boys but I never thought that ya actually
swung that way! Ya really are gay though!"Kid yelled out through her
laughter, but Serge immediately started explaining himself to her.


"Huh? Oh, ya like girls too, not just boys? Heh heh heh..Well, I dunno...I
think yer gonna hafta prove ta me that ya like girls..." Kid told him in a
sultry tone and smiled at him. They looked at each other for a moment, then
Serge put his arm around Kid's waist then leaned in close and kissed her on
the lips. Kid kissed back, and as she did she put her hand on the bulge in
Serge's shorts and squeezed it. As the two continued their kiss their tongues
met and they tasted each other. When they finally broke the kiss, the two
teens kept looking into each others eyes, Kid's cute bare foot began to rub
against Serge's foot, and she was still squeezing his bulge.

"Serge, before ya ask me ta hop into bed with ya, there's somethin' that
ya should know about me. I'm kinda different from other girls," Kid said
cautiously to Serge who looked slightly confused, so she took his hand in
hers. "Ya see, I really AM a girl, but I've kinda, sorta got somethin'
extra.."She said and as soon as she finished speaking, Kid placed the boy's
hand under her skirt where Serge felt something that he'd never heard of
any girl having between her legs.

Serge's head snapped downward and looked but he couldn't see it because Kid
was pressing her legs together, hiding it from his sight, like she had been
doing in order to stop it from becoming hard since she started talking about
Nikki and Korcha. Kid shifted positions so that her whole body was facing
Serge, then took a deep breath as she lifted up her skirt and spread her
legs wide open, exposing her enormous, limp, circumcised cock which slapped
down onto the wooden walkway, it's head glistening with precum. Serge looked
almost more shocked than Kid had when she noticed that he was getting hard
from her talking about Korcha and Nikki. He had never thought it was possible
for someone to have such a huge cock, especially not a girl! Kid's smooth
penis was a little more than eight inches long, about one inch wide, with a
large pink head at the end of it and a normal sized ball sack at it's base,
which covered the entrance to her vagina.


"Huh? How did I keep this huge thing hidden under me skirt without anyone
seeing it before? Well, when I was little me Auntie Lucca asked this
doctor friend of hers ta create a pill that would make me dick disappear
temporarily. I gotta take one of 'em everyday so it don't hang outta me
skirt and scare kids. Lucca taught me how to make the pill, so I never
hafta worry about runnin' out of em'." Kid explained to Serge who didn't
look at her but kept staring at her penis.

"Look mate if ya don't wanna be with me cause a this then I understand but-
Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh...." Kid stopped speaking and moaned in pleasure as
Serge gently started to stroke her dick with his hand, starting at the base
and rubbing it until he reached the tip. Once her genital began to get
harder, Serge squeezed it and looked up at Kid who had begun breathing
heavily and the two smiled at each other.


"Oi, I love you too Serge." Kid replied, and the new lovers both leaned in
and gave each other a quick kiss on the lips. Kid suddenly hopped up and
grabbed her shoes in her hands. "Meet me at our hotel room, mate. I'm gonna
give ya a night yer never gonna forget!" Kid told Serge who stood up, then
turned around and bent over to pick up his shirt, shoes and socks. Serge
gave a little gasp as he felt Kid give his butt a little squeeze and a pat
as he was bending over, he heard Kid giggle and turned around to see her
running off as fast as she could towards the hotel.

With the rest of his clothes in hand, Serge ran towards the hotel to meet
the girl he loved. As he neared the hotel though, he was passing by a couple
townspeople and his pants and underwear fell down, exposing him to the
people. He quickly pulled them back up and started running again as some of
the people laughed at him and the others made mock cat calls. Kid was
probably laughing herself silly, Serge realized she had undone his pants
while she was groping his dick without him noticing. It didn't really matter
much to him at the moment though, as he ran into the hotel towards the room
he and his friends had rented. He rushed into the room which had candles lit
inside it allowing Serge to see.

Kid was sitting on the bed next to the window, she was completely naked but
she still had her hair up in that little strange ponytail style way she
usually wore it, and her penis was fully erect. Serge grinned as he stared
at her very sexy, very naked body and his dick instantly began to perk back
up. He felt so hard he thought his penis was going to burst through his

"Like what ya see, love?" Kid asked as she grabbed her big cock with both
her hands and gave it a squeeze. Serge nodded and Kid let out a chuckle.
"Then what're ya waitin' for?! Lose the clothes and hop in bed! Leave the
bandana on though, ya look cute with it on.," She taunted. Serge threw
down his shoes and socks, then took his shirt off again. He decided to
tease Kid a little bit, so he turned around and bent over as he slowly
slid his shorts down to expose his tight butt to the blond haired girl.

"Has ta be kinda embarrassin' for ya that I've got a bigger cock than ya,
huh?" Kid quipped while pointing to his erect six inch long penis, and she
and Serge kept smirking at each other. Serge walked over to the bed she was
laying on then they both put their arms around each other in a loving
embrace as Serge leaned in and kissed her. As they kissed, Serge began to
grope Kid's butt with his right hand and her breast with his other. Kid
moaned and decided to give Serge a little fun too, rubbing his chest with
her left hand and with her right hand she gave him a little spank on his
butt. Serge broke the kiss with a gasp from both the feeling of Kid's hand
smacking his ass and because of how surprised he was at her aggressiveness.
The two lovers began breathing faster as they felt their hard cocks rubbing

"Oh Serge." Kid heaved in between breaths. She moaned again as Serge licked
her right breast, his tongue tracing circles around her nipple several times.
He put his mouth on her tit and gently sucked on it as he pinched the nipple
of her left breast. Kid then felt him begin to kiss and lick further down her
body to her navel, which he then began to lap at with his tongue. Serge had
always liked her cute little bellybutton, and enjoyed licking it while Kid
let out short little giggles from his tongue tickling her. Then Serge lifted
Kid's legs and gave her little left bare foot a kiss before kissing down her
thighs. He lifted her sac up to uncover her wet pussy and licked at it
slowly, tasting the blond girl's snatch, then pushed his tongue inside her.
Kid was moaning and panting furiously between each moan from the pleasure
that she was barely able to speak.

"*pant* *pant* arse... *pant* *pant*..Lick... *pant* arse..
*pant* *pant*.." She barely heaved out. Serge complied and withdrew his
tongue from her pussy and she lifted her legs back further giving her lover
access to her small, creamy skinned butt. Serge parted the girl's asscheeks
to see her little pink asshole, then sort of cautiously (it is his first
time licking an asshole) gave it a lick. He then licked it again and again,
enjoying the flavor of her little hole.

"OHHH! Serge! More!" Kid yelled while writhing in pleasure. Next Serge
pressed his tongue against Kid's rectum and pushed it into her tight hole.
The feel of Serge's tongue inside her anal entrance pushed Kid over the
edge. "Oiii! I'M CUMMING!" She screamed and her love juices gushed out her
pussy on to the bed. Once Serge pulled his tongue out of Kid's butt hole
and Kid's orgasm passed, Serge looked at the girl he loved and saw her
smiling back at him. The smile soon became a smirk though as Kid pulled
Serge close to her and grabbed his cock, squeezing it.

"If ya think yer gettin' off without suckin' me dick yer wrong," She told
him arrogantly. "But right now, I'm gonna have my fun with ya." Then Kid
instantly leaned in and kissed Serge hard for a moment before breaking the
kiss and licking his cheek, and started licking her way down his body. As
she licked downwards she tickled his right nipple with her tongue, then
began sucking on it as she tweaked his other nipple with her hand. She kept
licking down his stomach but stopped to tease Serge's bellybutton a bit
with her tongue, just as he had done to hers. Finally Kid reached Serge's
penis which was still standing fully erect, put her hand around it and
looked up at the anxious looking Serge as she started to lick and suck on
his smooth balls, eliciting small grunts and moans from him. She then
stopped and Serge looked down at her.


"Course I'm gonna suck yer cock mate, but I'm only gonna do it if ya suck
mine at tha same time." Kid replied then laid back down on the bed on her
side. Serge nodded and laid down next to her in the 69 position so Kid's
huge genital was in front of Serge's face and his was in front of her face,
then both of them began to lick up and down each other's penis. Serge was
slowly licking at Kid's shaft and tasted her precum as he licked the tip of
it. Finally, he took her dick into his mouth and tried to get as much in as
he could without choking. He was loving the taste of Kid's cock and all
feelings of doubt about what he was doing vanished. Kid on the other hand
was sucking on Serge's penis as best she could the moment she took it into
her mouth. She slid his entire six and half inch dick in mouth and kept
sucking him, her tongue stimulating it even more as it went in and out of
her mouth. Soon Serge couldn't hold it anymore and began to pant and grunt
in pleasure as he came inside of Kid's mouth, which she swallowed, then
pulled her genital out of Serge's mouth. He turned to look at her, seeming
confused because he hadn't made her cum yet.


"Sorry Serge, but I wanna wait ta cum until the end. Now turn around and get
on all fours," She said to him, and Serge simply shrugged his shoulders and
got down on his hands and knees. He felt Kid spread his asscheeks apart,
exposing his tight little adorable anus. "Awwww, ya got the tightest, cutest
hole I've ever seen on a guy mate," Kid remarked. She blew on it lightly
and Serge shivered from the feeling of her cool breath against his virgin
entrance. Serge slowly began panting again which instantly became faster
and were accompanied by several short moans from him as Kid started to lick
at his rectum. Her tongue lashed at his asshole relentlessly. Kid loved how
Serge tasted and couldn't get enough of it, and soon she pressed her tongue
against the boy's puckered hole and began to force it inside of him. She was
much more forceful though than when Serge had done it to her. She didn't take
it slow or gently, just pushed her tongue as far inside him as she could and
did it as hard as she could. Serge's butt hole had tensed up from the feeling
of something entering it, but that didn't stop Kid who slid her tongue in and
out of Serge's anus for several minutes before she pulled her tongue out and
Serge was able to relax the muscles in his ass. As he lay there breathing
heavily, Kid whispered in his ear, "We ain't done yet mate. Ya ready ta get
fucked for real?" All of a sudden Serge felt something BIG press up against
his opening, and before he knew it Kid had pushed the entire head of her cock
into his asshole and he let out a cry of both pleasure and pain. "Oi, tight
fit." Kid said.


"Ya don't think it'll fit? Well it will if ya'd just relax the muscles in ass
Serge. I swear, it's like yer holes' tryin' ta choke me cock!" Kid replied as
she pushed another two inches inside of Serge. A bead of sweat rolled down
Serge's face as he tried to adapt to the feeling of having a cock up his
butt. He knew he couldn't stop Kid from doing this so he did the only thing
he could and relaxed his ass muscles like she said as he cried out again. And
anyway, Serge started to think he didn't want Kid to stop what she was doing.
Serge let out yet another cry as Kid added another two inches inside his

"Betcha thought you'd be the one doin' the fuckin', huh Serge?" Kid asked him
and smiled as she rubbed his asscheeks. "But ya take cock pretty well., so
let's see if ya can handle the last three inches of me cock all at once!" And
with that Serge let out another cry and tears of pleasure rolled down his
face from the feeling of Kid pushing the rest of her eight inch cock up his
ass. "Yer gonna love this part mate. Trust me," she said to him confidently,
then slowly began to fuck him. Kid banged Serge in his anus at a steady
pace and in a way that she slid her penis almost all the way out of Serge
before pushing it all back into him. This made him grimace, but by now he was
enjoying the feeling of Kid fucking his butt and didn't want it to stop. Kid
gradually thrusted her dick into him faster and faster which made both shout
loudly in pleasure. Their balls kept slapping together as Kid pumped Serge
even harder. "Oi, I knew ya'd love gettin' fucked, now it looks like I got me
own little bitch ta fuck," Kid said fake-mockingly and gave Serge a hard
little slap on the ass. Serge didn't care though, all he could feel right now
was Kid's giant boner endlessly pounding at his asshole. Finally, the two
lovers just couldn't hold it anymore.

"Oi Serge, I'M CUMMING!" Kid screamed and Serge screamed with her as they
both reached their orgasms. Serge's cum sprayed out from his cock onto the
bed and the floor, and Kid shot her load of warm cum into Serge's ass. She
pulled her softening cock out and let out a small laugh when she noticed
she had cum so much that it was actually seeping out of Serge's hole. Kid
sat up against the wall and after a few moments Serge moved to sit next to
her. His butt felt sore the moment he sat down, but he just decided to bear
it as he put his arm around Kid who put her arms around him and leaned on
him. The two lovers stayed in their embrace for a few minutes, then Kid got
up and quickly threw on her clothes.


"Don't worry mate, I'll be back in no time," She said and walked out the
door. When she returned a few minutes later, Serge was surprised to see
Korcha and Nikki walk in with her and he quickly moved to grab a sheet so
he could cover up.

"Relax Serge, they're just here ta have some fun with ya, and I get a free
show!" Kid told him happily.


"Whaddya mean ya don't like guys? Ya got pretty hard when I was talkin' about
'em earlier, and besides, I know ya wanna have 'em fuck ya," Kid replied to
Serge, who noticed that Korcha and Nikki had finished removing the last of
their clothes, then both walked over to the bed and they flung the sheet off,
exposing him and chuckled a little as they sat down on the bed next to him.

Here's where the first chapter ends. Look forward to the second chapter!


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