Chrono Cross: Time's Scar (mf)

"Mmmm..." Kid moaned, snuggling her petite body closer to Serge.

The young man stirred at her voice, waking to momentary amnesia until his
opening eyes caught the endless expanse of trees surrounding the two of them.
They had lain down for the night in the forest between Fossil Valley and
Termina, desiring to see the city in the splendor of daylight.

Not that it was dark by any means, however. The stars overhead provided more
than enough light to see by. Glancing over, he saw Kid's prone form lying
next to him, wrapped in his arms as she dozed. Although they had met a mere
three days ago, Serge knew she would not be bothered by his touch. One arm
was draped across her upper chest, just above her breasts. The other softly
caressed her bare stomach, slightly cool from the night breeze. Coupled
together sweetly, they lay on their sides with Kid in front of her "mate."

Moaning again, she prodding Serge with more urgency this time. Jutting her
small behind into his crotch, the blonde let him know exactly what she was
after. With a smile, Serge began rubbing her body gently, his strong hands
roaming over her delicate form. He was pleased to see tonight would be more
of the same.

* * *

It had started the very first night they were together, after meeting and
doing battle with one of General Viper's men on Cape Howl. Serge didn't think
Kid was the type of girl who opened her legs to just any guy, but by the tone
of her voice, he could tell she was extremely lonely. That night, in the
woods around Arni village, the young girl allowed him to have her completely.

Their lovemaking was quite different than what he was used to, however. His
girlfriend Leena had give up her body to him when she was only fourteen,
realizing early the need for a village girl to settle down as soon as
possible. Serge knew his redheaded beauty didn't see sex as a chore, if her
enthusiastic performance was any genuine indication. But Leena was truly a
dainty girl, and was noticeably embarrassed by her passionate transformation
while they were together in that special way.

Kid was the exact opposite. A wild tiger to Leena's gentle lamb, she had let
Serge fuck her a mere six hours after they met in the El Nido dusk. Since
then, he had felt her tight slit swallow his manhood four more times over the
past two nights. She was certainly a wild girl, but had a peculiar way of
holding her emotions back.

Every time their bodies mingled in erotic lust was done in the same fashion.
After Serge would fall asleep spooning Kid, she would wake him gently by
grinding her butt into his crotch. At first, he was understandably
dumbfounded by her sudden advances. But, peeking down and seeing her white
panties sliding down Kid's short red skirt was enough to wipe his mind of
conscious thought. In no time, he was wildly groping her breasts while his
pants mysteriously fled his waist.

Then, there was only a beautiful haze as they coupled in an increasing
frenzy until both collapsed in a sweaty heap. Sleeping briefly, the duo were
recharged in a few hours time, and happily bucked together one more time
before dawn crept over the horizon. The next morning, he found she was up and
about, already dressed just he found himself to be. A little hurt, he chose
not to mention it and continued onward with their journey without a word. The
next night, his silence was rewarded as she allowed him access to her hole
once again.

"I'm not about to complain..." he had thought, fiercely sticking his night
lover until another orgasm claimed them.

* * *

As Serge's mind raced through recent memories, he could hardly believe his
good fortune. His head neared bursting at the mere thought of touching her
again while the scent of her golden hair wafted past.

"Uhh..." Kid grunted, jolting Serge from his fantasy into the real thing.
Her gentle hands were already locked around her flimsy shorts, working at
the clasp that separated her femininity from the outside world. With
evidence of great practice, her blind hands danced over the material,
removing the barrier and unfolding the garment outwards. Grinning broadly,
Serge slid the red material down her legs before she kicked it off into
the darkness.

As the Termina boy stared lovingly at the panty-covered globes in front of
him, he was surprised to find her delicate hands slowly bringing his to her
chest. "Maybe she wants to take her time tonight..." he thought innocently
as he felt his fingers slide under her white shirt, instantly coming into
contact with the warm flesh that strained her top.

"Yeah..." Kid moaned in unwitting compliance, her half-open eyes squeezing
shut in happiness as a shock of pleasure raced through her body. Serge
thought himself rather learned in the art of breast-massaging, and was not
surprised to find his ministrations working anything less than magic. She
helped him, guiding his fingers from the other side of her shirt, breathing
out deeply each time the sensitive pink nubs were sparked alive by contact.

Deciding to go along with his mate's new style, Serge tipped his head
forward, savoring the salty sea-musk of her body. As the girl beside him
rocked back and forth in lust, he planted soft kisses on the nape of her
smooth neck, amazed at how an island girl could have such beautiful,
creamy skin. "She must not be from the Nido..." he thought prophetically.

His wandering mind was so busy pondering this wondrous vixen's origins that
he did not even notice one of his hands being led southwards until he felt
the heat of her vagina spilling out of her cotton underwear. Kid grunted and
sighed softly as she drew his hand over her warm slit a few times before
depositing him inside her panties.

Having never seen her sensitive treasures from the front, he was surprised
to discover a full flower of what must surely be blonde hair covering her
pussy. It was nearly unheard of for an island girl to go without shaving
her crotch. Of course, it would be clearly visible peeking out of the short
clothing worn year-round here. But this girl was different, as was becoming
more apparent.

All the while, his spread digits were sending Kid's consciousness past the
moons. Even distracted, his fingers curled around her dense, but kept fuzz,
dipping into her honey pot. The coarse strands around his smooth flesh were
an altogether new sensation, and utterly exquisite.

Her eyes were nearly tearing now, spilling water of happiness just as her
juicy box was. Serge could sense she was getting close to release, and
the hand wandering the cleft of her breasts could feel her small nipples
hardening quickly in anticipation of their owner's impending orgasm. He
brought it quickly down to meet its twin, pleasuring her sweet love nest
with his full efforts.

Not missing a beat, Kid flipped her tee shirt up, exposing her now-steaming
mounds to the cooler forest air. Instantly, her nubs were fully erect, but
they were able to bask in their jutting glory for only a moment before she
began to masturbate with them again.

Serge was in his groove now, using one hand to pry open her nether lips
while the other repeatedly stabbed her most sensitive spot. By varying which
fingers, and how many he used, he was able to bring her to a knee-buckling,
quivering mass in no time at all.

Her breath came in ragged spurts, vying with her vocal cord's attempt to
express her pleasure in animal grunting. Her womb was pouring forth fragrant
goo faster than the sheer garment surrounding it could take. Serge felt the
damp material rubbing against his body as they rocked together, wetting them
both with girl cream and producing an aura of flowers amongst the coupling

With one final groan, Kid erupted all over Serge's hands, her stomach
contorting violently as she came with gale force. Panting wildly, she no
longer had the coordination to pleasure her breasts, and her hands fell to
her crotch. Clasping Serge's hands, through her underwear, she joined him
in sending her body into orbit from orgasmic bliss.

After such a flurry of climaxing, poor Kid's wet slit was nearly crying out
for a break. She would not even think about leaving him unfulfilled, however,
and before she was even finished leaking, her sticky hands were busy pulling
her sopping wet undergarment down, exposing her matted bush to the forest
floor. With a gentle "uhh," she jacknifed over, giving her partner full
access to her body. Her gooey womanhood glistened, quivering with delight as
Serge disrobed nearby. For several seconds it throbbed deliciously, spilling
its juices onto the ground as it awaited the soon-to-be invader to plunge
into its warm depths.

Serge was not about to keep his girl waiting. Grasping her smooth buttocks
in his palms, he bent over to match her position as he slid inside her. She
let out a noticeable shiver as her vice struggled to accommodate his shaft,
the jerky movements only helping to fill the tight crevice. Kid threw her
head back and groaned lustfully as Serge's cock split her fertile walls
apart, sheathing itself in the tight ring between her legs.

"Eh! Eh!" The blonde wheezed as her belly was filled. After a moment's
adjustment, she erupted in a long, lust-filled "Ooooooooh!" as her vagina
was utterly stuffed. A reverberant tinge echoed through her entire
midsection as the tuft on his hilt brushed up against her sensitive red

The Termina boy stayed motionless, savoring the feel of a willing girl's
nether folds wrapped around his manhood. Kid panted softly nearby, as if the
mere effort of holding him there was exhaustive. To both of their delight,
he soon began pumping back and forth with vigor, smiling in satisfaction as
he watched her small butt appear to swallow his rod.

Kid immediately did her best to speed things up, slamming her taut behind
into the man drilling her in an effort to drive the hard prick deeper into
her pussy. The couple heaved their sweaty bodies into each other, grimacing
in pleasure as their genitals mingled.

Just as in the previous nights, Serge was dumbfounded by the sheer exquisite
pleasure of this new fornicating experience. Happily thrusting away in her
gooey hole, his subconscious mind barely registered the reason why. Leena,
although a fantastic conquest with an amazing body, had been Serge's girl
for three years now. While he wouldn't trade her tight red quim for anything,
it was exhilarating to try something new.

Before Serge could dwell on this, he found himself becoming even more
enamored with this blonde beauty. Without realizing it, he was hugging her
back as he slammed into her, his hands wandering around her to bare chest.
As if reading his suppressed thoughts, Kid jerked upwards, pulling the
magnificent piston from her body and returning both of them to the earlier
spooning position. Unwilling to completely cease activity, she allowed him
to fondle her breasts while deciding whether or not to go all the way.

* * *

Fucking alone had never been a big deal for her. Since she had first
sprouted wispy blonde hairs on her cunt, she had known her body could
be used to her advantage. Many times since her treasure hunting days
had begun, she had found herself opening her legs to get out of a
sticky situation, but had always insisted it be from behind. Somehow,
the thought of watching men violate her sacred places was greatly
repulsive, even if she secretly delighted in the rush of happiness
sex always brought. Kid had been lonely, truly lonely, all her life.
And even if she was making a mistake, it was time to take a chance.
She wanted to make LOVE tonight, and damned everything else.

"Hey, mate..." she panted nonchalantly. "Ya wanna switch it up?" Her sentence
was haggard and broken, not just from the fingers dancing over her nipples,
but the inner strength it took to commit herself to such a course of action.
Still, he liked the nonchalant way she put it.

Serge nodded softly, concealing his enthusiasm. It was going to be wonderful
to see her completely naked, he thought, as his mate swirled around in his

Her beautiful face was absolutely radiant. Hung over her sweat beaded on her
forehead, a few strands of delicate blonde hair had escaped her ponytail.
They were draped over her sapphire-blue eyes, giving the young girl a rather
mussed look. The rest of her body was in similar disarray, evoking an
irresistable sexual image. Her slender arms trembled as she held her man,
making noticeable ripples along her twin mounds. They were beautiful, creamy
cups atop her flushed chest, with erect nipples set as perfectly as brilliant

Serge's gaze lowered to her most private place, not noticing as his girl
looked away in childish embarrassment. Her thin stomach gave way to the most
lovely yellow flower he had ever seen. Framed by a well-trimmed patch of
blonde hair, it was infinitely more erotic than the fuzzy slit he had only
seen from behind her legs until now.

"Please..." Kid asked, turning her eyes back and embracing him. Her lips
nestled close to his ear before she continued. "Just stick yer thing in
me..." she commanded. Letting go, she gazed deep into his eyes to await
his response. Rockets of happiness exploded inside her as he brought his
lips to hers, their delicate tongues meeting in a furious dance. The
delicious liplock continued for nearly a minute, and when they at last
broke apart to catch their breath, Kid's mouth was trembling from the

Though he could feel the young beauty being swept off her feet by his charm,
Serge still felt duty-bound to take this slowly. Cradling her back gently in
his arms, he lowered her to the floor, watching her lithe form stare up at
him as he knelt in front of her, his firm penis bobbing with a strange
intelligence near her pulsating quim.

Watching with increasing arousal, the blue-haired boy watched as Kid used
both hands to spread her feminine legs apart as wide as possible, giving an
unobstructed view of her holiest-of-holies. Unabashedly, Kid reached over
with her fingers and spread herself apart, revealing the red beauty inside
none had ever seen.

Unable to wait any longer, Serge took this offering as his cue. By simply
leaning forward, his eager shaft jutted forward enough to pierce his lover's
fuzzy lips. Once he entered the doorway to her love, Kid removed her arms to
her knees and braced for a legendary fuck.

Sliding into her velvet vice this time was much more erotic. Watching Kid's
nubile young body twist and buck with every attempt to ease his girth into
her tight passage was delightful to behold. Seeing her let out little cries
of effort as her vagina was probed, Serge could no longer control himself.
With a rush, he stabbed forward until he was at the entrance of her womb.

Kid stared wide-eyed at the scene, seeing what she looked like impaled on a
plump cock for the first time in her life. Her thin labia was red from the
stretching, looking as it was hugging the fleshy pole that was about to
deliver her a massive orgasm. "Oi, Serge!" she cried out, gazing dreamily
into his eyes. "Time to get your arse in gear!"

Doing just that, the blue-haired adventurer began plunging his length into
her repeatedly, building into a crescendo as his lover rocked gently beneath
him, too awestruck by happiness to even moan. Her pert breasts did the
talking for her however, swaying back and forth in appreciation free from
the effects of gravity.

"Oh, it's wonderful!" Kid panted at last, a bright smile of utter bliss on
her face. She watched her wildly swinging boobs and the merging of blue and
gold in the cleft of her legs, and could not decide what was more erotic.
Laying her head back, she simply accepted the wonderful gift that was making
her feel so great. Then, she felt caressing hands on her chest and the
sensations coursing through her loins increased tenfold.

"Serge, I'm so close..." she moaned after an eternity of gluttonous rutting
had passed. And although they had barely started fucking in this position,
Serge had to agree that the erotic predecessors had taken their toll on him
as well. He could already feel the faint twinges of climax stirring within
him. Determined to make this something the blonde teenager would forever
remember, he put his all into the effort.

Speeding up even further, his cock became a blur as it slid easily slid into
Kid's slot. She was so wet by now from the combined masturbation and sex that
the fleshy tool was making audible squishing sounds as it passed through her
tight canal. "It won't be long now..." he thought, opening his eyes. He
hadn't even realized they were closed until now.

Kid was staring at him, her flushed face seemingly detached from the ravages
being done to her body. "Kiss me," she plead with uncounterable resolve. "I
want to be kissed when I come..." Leaning over, Serge took her lips into his
own, and then their united crotches went into overdrive as Serge drove
himself in still deeper. Wedging his arms under her back, he grabbed hold of
her shoulders and held there, only seeking to be as close to her as possible.

Even as the two of them passionately exchanged saliva, their act of
reproduction was coming to fruition. Kid's fleshy channel contracted
violently with her orgasm, coaxing Serge's hard rod into letting
loose a torrent of sperm inside her warmness. Their genitals weaved
a delicate dance of nature's work, feeding off each other's stimulation
in an orgy of desire.

Then it was over, and all that mattered to either of them was being
together. Nothing else could even come close, not the copious amounts of
cream now pooling in Kid's womb, or the cool breeze as it drifted over
their naked bodies like a peeking eye. Their lips fell apart as they both
lost consciousness, falling asleep cheek-to-cheek in each other's arms
under the peaceful night of the El Nido forest.

* * *

Kid rested beautifully, having an inescapable flurry of erotic dreams as her
brain sorted through the day's events. Between another romantic interlude
with her man on the beach, getting caught diddling her clit during a rest
stop on their journey, and even a reminiscence of her marauding by pirates
days, she was kept in constant stimulation, almost as if she was still really
doing it. And that was partially true, since Serge's penis still nestled in
her crack, and every so often he would tense up and tighten their embrace,
the motion manifesting itself in her dreams.

Serge's sleep, on the other hand, was not as respiteful, for his shivers were
coming from a nightmare. While his female partner dreamed of wonderful cocks
that probed her innermost reaches, Serge found his subconscious bringing to
bear things he would sooner like to have forgotten, at least for the time
being. Poor Leena, who had given up her virginity to him and been faithful
for so long. Now she was betrayed by a newcomer who just happened to have a
pussy when Serge felt like rolling around on the sand.

Over and over his conscience tormented him, asking how he would explain a
pregnant one-night-stand to his girlfriend. Repeated dreams of the redhead
beauty consoling herself in the arms of other men flashed by, until he
happened to roll his head over in a shudder of fright. His nose caught the
wonderful perfume of Kid's golden locks, immediately clearing his mind. He
dozed lightly for the remainder of the twilight.

* * *

Waking up early the next morning, he dared not to move. Not only for risk of
waking his patiently sleeping mate, but also in an attempt to prolong their
magic union. He had no need to worry. When the athletic vixen was finally
ready, he was already staring into her. With a delicious "come hither" smile,
she hugged him tightly, feeling his shaft swell up inside her belly once

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