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Chrono Trigger: Tidings Of Comfort And Joy Part 1 - With A Small TUG
by Some Random Bastard

"So how long is it gonna take to fix him?" Marle asked the beautiful
scientist, now hunched over the unassembled pieces that make Robo.

"It's not so much how long it's a question of parts. There's a lot of parts
that I simply don't have here, 65 million BC isn't the highest advanced part
of the world. I'm gonna have to go back to the future to get the parts."
Lucca said, wiping her brow. She looked over to see the surprised face on her
mute comrade Chrono.

"Well how are we gonna carry him all the way back to the Epoch? He weighs a
ton, and he's all in pieces!" Marle said, the impatient young princess was
quickly getting upset.

"Me and Chrono are going to have to go into 2300 AD and try to find the parts
I need." Lucca said, knowing this would infuriate Marle.

"What? Why you and Chrono?

"Because I know what I need and Chrono can carry it. Any other time I would
bring Robo, but now I can't so I will just take Chrono instead." Lucca said.
*They can be alone for one stinking night* she thought.

"So what, I'm gonna stay here alone?" Marle said, rolling her eyes.

"No, I will put Robo together. He will be working well enough, but he won't
be able to walk or attack. That is why we need someone here." Lucca said.

"Can't you just make the weapon work?" Marle said, putting her hand on her

"I couldn't do that without taking something he would need to see, or aim.
Trust me I'd rather leave him here armed than not, but there's nothing I can
do about it for the moment. I'll put him together so you can still be able
to talk to him if you get lonely. I'm sorry Marle, but it's all I can do."
Lucca said, starting to piece back Robo. "It'll take me maybe a half hour or
so, if you both have something to do"

"Chrono, let's go for a walk." Marle said, dragging the mute male lead by the
arm. As they walked past the beautiful Jurassic style scenery, going to their
favorite place to have sex, Marle could feel her attitude improving. She and
Chrono had been a couple for a long time, but she was always afraid Lucca
liked him too much. And besides, she never felt too save without her hero to
protect her. Finally they made it to their spot.

Chrono took her by the hip, and without saying a word(as per usual) he
brought his lips to hers in a sweet embrace. He soon busied himself removing
her clothing as he felt her slender, nimble hands working their way to his
pants. With a small tug(inside joke) she pulled his drawstring, and let
gravity do the work of pulling his pants down. Chrono himself was busing
himself getting the rest of Marle's clothes off.

Chrono took a moment to admire the nude Princess Nadia in front of him. Her
body was perfectly white without a line of tan on her body. Her hair wasn't
tied in her trademark ponytail, instead it was all let down, covering her
head and neck, with a lucky stray hair or two finding their way in front of
her beautiful breasts with small nipples. A moment was all he needed before
he knew he was wasting time. Before he had pulled his shirt over his head
he could already feel Marle's warm lips on his semi-hard cock. *Well not
semi-hard for too much longer* he thought.

Marle and Chrono had been having sex for a while now, and she knew just what
drove him crazy. She worked his tool in and out of her mouth, her long blond
hair occasionally falling down in front of her. She could feel the blood
flowing to his member, bringing it to life. Within a couple minutes of that
he was fully erect at a massive ten inches. But it wasn't the length that she
knew got her off, it was his width, he was nearly two inches thick at the
base of his penis.

Marle stopped suddenly, lying down on her back. She didn't have to say a
word; Chrono knew exactly what to do. Since they had started having sex they
always had a quid pro quo for oral sex, she would blow him if he ate her
out. They found out quick enough that they preferred to time their orgasms
together, while having straight or missionary style sex.

Chrono moved quicker than lightning towards his lover. He darted in between
her legs, his tongue quickly tasting the sweet juices from Marle. She let a
quiet moan escape her lips as he started to gently eat her out, his tongue
probing as far as he could into her tight pussy. She felt his raspy tongue
brushing up against her clit with each lap, setting her body on fire.

Chrono continued until he knew she was ready. As he pulled his head back he
heard Marle quiver in anticipation. He placed the head of his cock at
entrance to her now wet pussy, teasing her a minute before he inserted it.
Marle bit her lip as she felt his member push inside of her. He was always
big, and at first it was hard for her to fit him inside.

"OH yes!" Marle cried out as she felt the length of his enormous member
inside her. His member was already slick by her own juices as well as her
saliva, and as soon as her body began to loosen it's grip around his member
his pace quickened. As his body quickened he brought his mouth to her
breasts, sucking gently on one while playing with the other. Her nipples
were incredibly hard, and felt like each flick of the tongue, each playful
bite was a powerful blast of energy.

Marle grabbed Chrono closer, feeling his body quiver as she grabbed him by
the ass, pressing his entire shaft as far as it would fit into her. She
gasped once more before having an intense orgasm. Her body began to almost
go into seizures as her body muscles clamped down on Chrono, bringing him
into an orgasm of his own. He could feel his balls clench as several
powerful blasts of jizzum shot almost simultaneously into his lover. Marle
barely registered anything as her entire body became a facet for pleasure.

Minutes later they simultaneous collapsed on the Earth, their bodies covered
in sweat. Marle could feel hers and Chrono's juices leak from her body, but
she was too tired to take notice. As Chrono put his hand around her shoulders,
she sighed and wondered whether they would have enough energy to get back
before Lucca got suspicious. In the meanwhile...

"Mistress, I am functioning at 64% capacity. Currently travel, navigation,
and weapons systems are damaged. Core temperature at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
Energy levels functioning within required parameters. Memory banks are
undamaged. Would you like a printout?" Robo said as he finished his built in
diagnostic program.

"No thanks, that will do" Lucca said, wiping the sweat off her brow. When he
had said 200 degrees she knew he wasn't kidding, it felt like being in an
oven working on his interior. And the jungle atmosphere wasn't the most
helpful humidity wise either. "I have to go into the future to get some
repair units to fix you. Marle is going to stay here to keep you company, or
vice versa." She said, rolling her eyes and sighing.

"Mistress, why not just come an instant from the moment you leave?" Robo
said, detecting a feeling of regret in her voice.

"The Epoch isn't the most reliable thing in the world, and I'd rather be
safer than sorry. Besides, the last thing I want is to have temporal jetlag."
Lucca said, a little more shut out than usual.

"Very well Mistress. If you would like, we can perform the program we usually
do when we leave?" he said, plain as day.

"You mean HTES1?" which stood for Heterosexual Erotic Stimuli program 1.
Apparently a long time ago some dirty professor had created into Robo's
memory banks a number of sexual programs designed to please a wide variety
of different styles and fetishes. It was amazing to her when she discovered
it, quite on accident, when repairing him previously. Lucca didn't tell
anyone, on the fear that it might be revealed she had used a number of the
programs herself. "Are you sure you are up to it?" she asked.

A moment later there was a bing sound, and she knew he had run another self
diagnostic program. "Mistress Lucca I am fully capable of all H level
programs as long as they do not require excessive movement, or navigation
due to my recent injuries."

"Hmm..." Lucca considered a moment. She would be gone with Chrono for the
rest of the time, and since he was with Marle he was practically a eunuch.
*They're probably off fucking right now* she though. The real question was
time. "When will Chrono and Marle return Robo?"

"Based on the fact you said 17 minutes ago they should return in 30 minutes
as well as previous log records, I would say we have an 87% for having the
better part of a half-hour prior to their return." Robo said. "However if
their return worries you it would be entirely possible to lock the entrance
so they would be incapable of entering"

"That won't be necessary" she said, tossing off her helmet and letting her
purple helmet hair fly into the air. She literally peeled the sweat soaked
clothing from her body, feeling her body begin to become aroused by the
peeling and the humidity of the air. She watched as a small 2 by 2 inch
square metal door opened, and out came his 'penis'. She called it his penis,
but to Robo he considered it part of his normal anatomy, like an arm or foot.

Lucca walked over to the robot, since he couldn't move well at all. She
positioned herself over the member, and said "Set size to 10 inches shaft
length, 1.25 inches shaft circumference" Robo's penis almost miraculously
enlarged to her set parameters. Also from the 'head' of the penis there was
an opening which began to extrude a sticky substance, which in most respects
resembled precum.

She lowered her body on the huge phallus, biting her lips as she struggled
to get the head into her body. She was a small girl by most respects, and
despite how often she and Robo had sex, and how large she had him set his
robocock, her body stayed tight as well as her pussy.

"Initiate vibration, level 5" she said aloud, a moment later she heard
buzzing sounds from his member. Built into his penis was a vibrator setting
which worked on a number of levels, starting at the lowest 5 to the highest

She could feel her body begin to tingle as she worked more of his metallic
manhood into herself, feeling the warm humming of his penis pushing further
into her. Looked at Robo and nodded. He knew what to do, and a moment later
he brought it to level 4, almost doubling the speed. Lucca couldn't keep
her mouth shut any longer, she cried out in delicious pleasure as she
continued to bring more and more of the shaft into her tight pussy.

She looked down and saw that in the midst of all her pleasure she hadn't
noticed that his entire member was in him. Robo stopped a moment, and then
it sounded like he switched gears. Just another moment later his member
began to work its way in and out of her, humping her as best he could, his
navigation was still partially in error. "Initiate level 2" she said, her
body cringing in pleasure as the vibrations in her pussy were almost
impossible. She started panting, knowing that she was close to release.
Her body now allowed her to bounce willingly against his hump, bringing
him deeper into her with each thrust. She cried out at each forward push,
moaning as she felt her body get closer and closer.

"L-l-Ugh-Level-oh god, Level 1!" she cried out. She barely had five seconds
later before she had a mind shattering orgasm. She felt Robo let out his next
step, synthetic semen. She was speechless, being impaled by his robocock
which was shooting what felt like gallons of synthetic semen into her as her
mind was nearly ripped apart from the mind blowing orgasm. She felt like her
body was a dam, behind of which was a wall of flowing robot cum. The sheer
idea to her gave her a residual orgasm, as she felt her body slowly coming
back to normalcy. She felt her body begin to return to the planet as she took
a moment to look at her watch.

"Shit, they should be here any minute!" she cried out, pulling herself off
his member. She could feel the semen literally pour out of her. She quickly
grabbed the towel she was using before to clean off the sweat, and cleaned
up the mess they had made. She threw her clothes back on. "Robo, purify air"
she said as she fastened her helmet back on, watching as the robot worked
as an air freshener.

"Alright, get going you two, and don't take your time or anything!" Marle
said annoyed but still in a better mood. "We'll be waiting for you as soon
as you do!" she said, waving to Chrono and Lucca as they made their way back
to the future. "Now what am I gonna do?" she said to herself. Indeed what?
Oh, wait, next chapter. Heh, I think after having read that chapter I'm
going straight to hell. Oh well, at least I'm enjoying the ride. I have
said that before methinks. Nonetheless hope ya liked and email me. Next
part is the Chrono/Lucca and Marle/Robo ones, so just wait for the fun to

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