Chrono Trigger: To Far Away Times

Chapter 1 - A Strange Happening

Crono couldn't beleive his eyes at the sight that spread out before him.
Although he had seen the construction for the Millenial Fair often from town,
he hadn't really paid much attention for fear of spoiling the splendor before
it was assembled.

He found it hard to concentrate on one thing as he carefully made his way
around the various tents and stands set up in the square. Some kids brushed
passed him, as oblivious to his presence as he was to theirs. In one corner
was a long tower with a bell on the top, most likely a test-your-strength
game. To the opposite, a large tent with a sign that said "Haunted House --
This Way" emitted strange sounds every once and a while. The splendors
stretched all the way to the edges of the forest, with a mysterious robot
head towering over the trees in the distance.

"Get out of the way!" A heavy voice shouted suddenly. Spinning around, Crono
found himself facing a charging knight in a rusty brown suit of armor. His
sword was sheathed at his side, but that made little difference with the
amount of momentum he was carrying. Forcing himself back to reality, he
snapped to action and dove out of the way a split-second before the huge
figure toppled over the spot where he had stood in a desperate attempt to
slow himself down.

As he clutched the nearby wooden fence for support, he felt two more people
rush by behind him followed by one bouncy little fellow who darted right past
as if nothing had happened. Turning his head, he could see a small orange cat
racing to catch up with the pack.

"Ah, shit." Muttered the soldier, who had stopped a short distance away. He
stared off down the path at the other racers, who were now hopelessly ahead
of him. "No win for Steel Runner this time around..." he said with a chuckle.

Crono look around him and gulped at the sight of the large racetrack that
meandered around the fairgrounds. And he had blindly walked right into it.

"No harm done!" chimed the Knight, as if sensing Crono's feelings. "It's not
like it matters to me. You might've disappointed a couple of the spectators,
though." he added, pointing to the crowd of ticket-holders shaking their
fists at the knight and their lost money. "Just be a little more careful,
kid." he finished before running off to a nearby tent to prepare for the next

Taking the advice to heart, Crono quickly walked towards the other side of
the fairgrounds, hoping to find a quieter space to decide what he wanted to
do first. He sped past the weapons shop and looked both ways before crossing
the racetrack again which separated him from Leene's Bell.

His previous encounter quickly forgotten, Crono absentmindedly stared up at
the towering structure, which stood at least 10 feet taller than he. The
large bell hung silent, awaiting it's next use by the townspeople. He sat
lost in thought for only a few seconds, however, before he was rocked
violently by a second collision in as many minutes.

"Shit, no time..." he thought in the split second second before he lost
his balance. With no time to steel his body for the impact, he immediately
doubled over and smashed into the hard groud. Still carrying momentum, his
head snapped over the rest of his body and struck the stone pathway hard,
leaving him lying prone on his back.

Whatever had struck him this time had also followed him on his downward
plunge. No sooner had he come to rest then his assailant plopped down right
on top of him. Opening his eyes to try and catch a glimpse of his assailant,
Crono instead saw the most beautiful sight of his brief life -- two bountiful
breasts staring right at him.

Sweet-smelling lady's perfure wafted past his nostrils, confirming what he'd
already guessed. He'd not only been hit with 100 pounds of flesh, but also
with cupid's arrow. Eyes as wide as saucers, he couldn't beleive his good
fortune at the eyeful he was getting!

The woman's chest was resting flat on his own, pushing the twin globes
slightly out of their restraining robe. She wore no bra, thank goodness,
giving her admirer an unobstructed view of her exposed treasures.

A slight groan emitted from the girl, and she gently lifted herself up on her
hands. As curious as Crono was to identify her, his eyes were treated to a
new feast. Now free to obey the laws of gravity, her robe had dipped low
enough for him to see her entire naked chest! Tiny pink nipples capped the
perfectly spherical mounds, and they swayed gently back and forth in tune to
their owner's light breathing.

"Like what you see?" an annoyed voice said. Snapping out of his trance, Crono
focused on the face that had just spoken to him. Her long, blond hair was
tied in a quick ponytail nestled on her left shoulder. The complexion of her
skin was truly magnificent, as if this sparkling vixen had bathed in scented
oil. And at the center of it all, two large, beautiful, green eyes stared at
him with all the splendor of cut emeralds.

"Wow..." he whispered unconsciously in genuine amazement of her true beauty.
Unfortunately, the woman had naturally assumed he had spoken of the wonders
normally concealed by her clothing, and her sarcastic smile turned to an
outright frown.

"Yeah, I'll bet," she muttered, pushing herself up and out of the way of
Crono's roaming eyes. More for indignant effect than anything she smoothed
her robe over her front and reached behind to re-tie the string tighter.
Looking down at the boy who was still blindly staring up at her, she huffed
and extended her hand to him, helping him reach his feet. "I'm Marle." she
quipped. "The girl you just bumped into."

"What?" Crono stammered, taking a step back in the process. "But you were the
one who was..."

"Oh no!" Marle interrupted, feeling around her neck. "My pendant! It's gone!"
Gone too was her attitude, as she immediately dropped to her hands and knees,
combing the square for her lost trinket.

At first, Crono's eyes followed her cute little butt as she wiggled around on
the ground. The silky white robe she was wearing clung duitfully to her small
cheeks, leaving little to the imagination. Insight, however, came quickly to
the lad, as he thought of the debt this wondrous beauty would owe him were he
to aid her... Images of bouncing titties and tight pussies filled his
thoughts as he joined the maiden in the treasure hunt.

It did not take long for so dedicated a mind. Crono found the golden locket
carefully concealed by some tall grass at the edge of the path. Snatching it
up, he scuttled over behind the searching girl, getting one more close-up
view of her rear before gently looping the pendant over it's owner's neck.

Feeling the familiar weight of her family heirloom, Marle spun around on her
knees and embraced her benifactor tightly. "Thanks!" she exclaimed. Then, to
Crono's great surprise, she wiped the smug grin off his face by locking his
lips to hers and giving him a long, passionate kiss.

Once the moment was over, both of them were left staring curiously at each
other, unsure of how to get out of this awkward, but certainly not altogether
unpleasant situation. Marle managed to break the tension by emitting a soft
giggle and brushing a stray lock of her hair from her face.

"You know," she said. "I still don't know YOUR name..."

Crono's blank stare turned to a smile as he found a subject that, quite
frankly, was a little more his speed. "Oh, I'm just Crono." he replied
without thinking.

"Just Crono?" Marle added with a laugh. "Why, what else could you be?" Her
happy face belied the future tale which would soon unfold and set his name
in the history books.

* * *

Crono remained a perfect gentlemen for the rest of the afternoon with his new
acquaintance. He was nearly at a loss to stretch the entertainment the whole
day, for his companion rushed from event to event constantly, as if not even
the wonders of a Millenial Fair could stem her attention span. She laughed
with him in a soda-drinking contest as one too many forced a burst of cola
from his nose. Then, over at the strength-testing tower, she cheered louder
and louder until he finally hit the bell.

And that was just the beginning. There were so many things to do, Crono's
mental map of the fairgrounds blurred into oblivion as they rushed from
corner to corner jousting with big robots, shrieking at the haunted house,
and even betting a few gold on the races. And Crono, ever the opportunist,
wanted to look his best by trying extra hard to impress her. He had led a
lost kitty to her owner, refused the old man who had tried to buy the
golden pendent, and waited patiently whenever she needed to recharge her
oft-depleted energy reserved with some candy. By the time dusk began to
creep over the skyline, he was walking arm-in-arm with his girl, her head
resting softly on his shoulder. A passerby would most likely have mistaken
them for longtime lovers.

Marle could see it happening that way too. Although she hadn't yet revealed
her true identity and the cloaked life it held, she felt pretty condfident
her actions had expressed her deep desire for a relationship. "And I think
he's the lucky boy who just might get a shot at what's in my pants..." she
thought with an inner smile.

Then, with all the tact of an incoming freight train, Crono shattered what
chance he had for making it with this blond bombshell. "You know..." he
started. "My friend Lucca has a booth all the way in the back."

Marle rolled her eyes to no one in particular. "Oh really?" she asked,
feigning interest.

"Yeah!" Crono added, detecting what he thought was excitement. "She's into
machines and stuff. Like that big robot we fought over there. She made that."

"Must be some girl..." Marle mused, becoming more disgrunted as the
conversation progressed.

Running his free hand through his hair, Crono thought for a second before
continuing. "I can't beleive I forgot about it this whole time. She was
pretty much the reason I got up so early to come here. Just can't understand
what came over me..."

Marle giggled at that last comment. "Silly me," she thought. "He's so cute
when he's confused. Like a puppy. I don't think I'll have to worry about any
competition as long as I keep him close."

"What?" asked Crono with a smile. "What's so funny?"

"Oh nothing!" she replied, silencing his thoughts with a quick peck on the
cheek. "I was just thinking to myself. So, let's go see this friend of

Chapter 2 - Secret of the Forest

Lucca's section of the fairgrounds was quite out of the way, set all the way
in the back alone by itself. Apparently the city council hadn't thought much
of the crowd-drawing power of her "matter displacement" device, or hadn't
understood it. Either way, she was sitting on one of the two platforms
looking very dejected as Crono and his girl approached. Upon seeing her best
friend, she immediately perked up.

"Oh Crono!" she exclaimed loudly. "Where have you been, I thought you were
coming right over!" She seemed quite frightened at his tardiness, and
obviously hadn't even seen his lady friend standing next to him.

"Um..." he stammered. "Sorry, Lucca. I got kinda busy." He was now turning
bright red from embarassment. The purple-haired scientist peeked at Marle
from the corner of her eye, her suspicions confirmed.

"I see..." she quipped, making not the slightest effort to hide her disdain
for this newcomer. "I'm sure he already told you," she added, extending her
hand to Marle. "I'm Lucca. GENIUS extraordinaire." She looked to the sky and
covered her mouth with her hand, as if to shy away from any praise and

"Charmed." Marle said flatly, and curtly shook hands.

Inside, Lucca's brain was turning somersaults. Her mental capacities were
obviously much greater than the physically superior blond girl. With a sly
grin, she quickly figured out how to get this rival out of the picture.
"Marle..." she cooed gently. "No one else is willing to try my new
teleportation device. Why don't you show Crono how brave we ladies are and
give it a whirl?"

Marle was aghast in horror at the thought of stepping into this strange
machine, but her hesitation allowed Lucca to steer the frightened girl over
to the transportation pad and dash away towards the operating panel.

"Crono..." she pled. "Are you sure this thing is safe?" The pod was already
starting to sparkle with energy.

"Of course!" he replied with no thought whatsoever. "You'll be fine." As
soon as he finished, the twin pods were encased in a bright flash of light.
The entire crowd shielded their eyes, and were amazed to see the girl had
actually traveled from one transporter to the other! A flurry of applaude
greeted Marle as she appeared. Then, as if she had been confident all alone,
she did a quick curtsey and flashed Lucca a devilish wink. Unbeknownst to
her, however, her golden locket had begun to give off a faint glow...

"Well, I'll be damned, it worked." Lucca muttered to herself. Then, seeing
Marle rush over to the other side again for a repeat demonstration, she knew
her plan had not failed. Now she could get some quiet time with her man while
this bimbo was off in her old self-centered world. "Let's go, Crono." she
snapped, dragging the dazed boy away by the ear into the forest surrounding
the fairgrounds.

She worked herself up as she trampled deeper into the woods, amid yelps and
complaints by her obedient follower. "How could he!" she mused silently.
"After all I've been to him, and he just forgets about it because of some

After they had walked in quite a ways, and were well out of sight of the
fairgrounds, she let go of him and pushed him roughly up against a nearby
tree, leaning on it with both hands surrounding him so he could not duck
away. "So, do you have something going with this floozy?" she demanded.

Finally realizing the reason for her sudden outburst, his face fell into a
convincing sigh of relief. "Of course not." he said, looking deep into her
blue eyes. "She doesn't mean anything to me. You're the one I love, Lucca.
I'll always love you."

Tears began streaming down the girl's face and she dove into his arms in a
loving embrace. "I'm sorry..." she sobbed. "I'm sorry I doubted you." Crone
gently rubbed her back in sympathy as she got the last bit of tears out.
"It's just that I got so frustrated when you didn't come and then I saw her
with her hands all over you."

"I was just being a nice guy." he lied. "She was alone, and wanted someone
to walk around with. She's not even my type. Way too self-centered."

Seeing that even Crono had been able to match her abilities in perceiving
Marle's true self, she was convinced his motives were sincere. Standing
straight up, she allowed him to escape. Her eyes fell, staring at the ground
while she shuffled her feet, not exactly sure how to proceed from here.
Taking the first step, Crono gently took his hand and brushed the tears away
from her pretty face. "I know you're only jealous because you don't want to
lose me. And beleive me, I'll never let a hottie like you go." With an impish
grin, he deftly squeezed one of her breasts through her thick shirt.

"Oh..." cried Lucca, the soft moan washing away the last of her sorrow. "So,
you still wanna do... what you came here to do?" Eyes wide, Crono nodded
slowly. "Okay then," she sniffled. "You don't mind if I leave this on..."
she started, pointing to her jacket.

"Whatever makes you feel comfortable." responded Crono, knowing full well
how self-conscious she was about her breast size.

"Well then," Lucca said after a deep breath. "Come on in..." Stepping back,
she unbuttoned her shorts and tucked her hands in her panties, sliding both
of them to the ground in one swift motion.

Her pussy was covered with liberal amount of purple muff. Scattered amongst
the hairs were small droplets that could only be her escaping juices.
"Hmm..." said Crono as he ran a hand through the patch. "You were really
waiting for this, weren't you?"

"You bastard!" she replied in half-jest. "Since this morning! I've been so
hot, waiting for you..." Smiling, Crono took his other hand and hooked it
around her neck, dragging her into his body for a deep kiss. Lucca was one
step ahead, however, as she grabbed his face with both of her hands and
thrust her tongue against his own. As both of their heads ran swimmy with
passion, Crono spun his lover around so her back was now to the tree, and
could support the lewd action which was about to unfold.

Lucca tore herself away from the frantic tongue-dueling and opened her eyes.
"Don't make me wait any longer." she panted. "Please... now!"

Happy to oblige his partner, he unsnapped his own pants and lowered them to
the ground. Both of them stared as his long penis quickly freed itself and
rose to its full height.

"Would you like the honors?" he asked. Without a word, Lucca grabbed the
pulsating member and placed it at the entrance to her womb. Feeling himself
slide into place, he wasted no time in slipping it in her. Although the two
had made love at least a hundred times, Lucca was still a developing girl,
and remained just as tight as the first time she had let Crono penetrate her.
She always liked him to go in easy at first, and then pick up the pace once
all the way in.

Jerking her hips from side to side, she slowly pulled his cock into her
waiting hole. The walls of her wet passage throbbed in protest at the large
invader, put she paid no need. Soon, the shaft was fully inside her. Both of
them had watched the process, never quite getting over the amazement of
watching her pussy stretch to accomodate such a large object. As Crono looked
on, Lucca ran her hands over the bulge in her lower belly, knowing what it
was inside of her. She tentatively squeezed her crotch muscles, watching his
tool bounce from the stimulus. Looking back up at him, she giggled at the
playful moment in the midst of such a serious frame. Getting back to
business, Crono silenced her laughter with another kiss as he pulled out a
bit for another thrust.

* * *

The teleportation device was very exciting and fun to try out, and Lucca's
father Taban sent Marle through a dozen times before she felt the novelty
beginning to wear off. Besides, after twelve straight trips through the air,
the crowd was eagerly waiting their own turns at the machine. After a final
bow totally devoid of humility, she stepped off the pad for the last time
and ambled over to where Crono and Lucca were.

When she actually looked at where her friend had been standing minutes ago
however, he was of course, gone. "Geez, some people just can't handle not
being the center of attention." she thought, letting the irony of the
situation slip right past her. Turning to Talan, who was quite busy setting
up the device for another run, she asked where they had gone. Her only
response was a quick shrug before another blast of light rocked the scene.
She scanned the crowd, wondering if any of them had seen where Crono had
run off to. A single man had heard her question and made his way towards
her. The look in his eyes was one Marle knew well. He obviously thought she
was a VERY attractive person.

"They went off that way." he said, nearly falling over himself as he pointed
towards the thick forest that surrounded them. "TOGETHER. Right after you
finished talking to them." Marle narrowed his eyes. Not at him in particular,
but he was scared enough that he night have offended her that to back off.

"The nerve of him!" she huffed out loud. "He doesn't know what he's throwing
away for that flat-chested bitch!" she added silently. Fuming, Marle stomped
off into the foliage after them.

* * *

If the longtime couple had been doing anything other than engaging in noisy,
passionate sex, they would have noticed a girl making all sorts of racket as
she pounced through the forest. Under her heavy feet, twigs snapped and
leaves crunched, but none of those sounds reached either Crono or Lucca. In
fact, Crono had just decided it was time to speed things up. After a few
short minutes of light thrusting, his partner was becoming like putty in his
hands, using just enough strength to hold herself up and the rest to
repeatedly contract her wet tunnel. With Crono's heavy panting and Lucca's
moaning, it was hard to ignore how mutually pleasurable this little action
had to be. Taking advantage of the trance-like state his lover was entering,
Crono took his lover completely by susprise and pulled all the way out before
slamming back in as hard as he could.

Lucca let out an scream as she was penetrated in the deepest reaches of her
innermost places, nearly doubling over from the fantastic feelings that
coursed through her body. The commotion also startled Marle, who hadn't yet
discerned the source of the odd sounds. When the last tree that stood between
them was cleared, Marle's mouth dropped open at the scene. The sweet,
puppy-like boy she had come to known all afternoon was now a completely
different person, grunting and heaving as he ceaselessly pounded his cock
into Lucca's hungry pussy.

At first shocked, her confused feelings quickly turned from anger at the
"witch" who'd seduced her sort-of boyfriend, to Crono. "He had no right
letting me on like that when all the time he was planning on screwing that
goofy scientist." she thought angrily. Unable to think clearly, she turned
away from the erotic scene only to find that the boy from the crowd had
followed her!

"What are YOU doing here?" she demanded, back to her old bossy self. The boy,
however, was far too engrossed in watching Lucca's glistening folds flutter
as a rock-hard dick pistoned in and out. Marle stood there with her hands on
her hips until he managed to tear his eyes away from the action going on mere
yards away to the girl he had chased through half a mile of forest to see.

"I'm sorry..." he stuttered in response. "I just wanted to see what was going
on, that's all."

Meanwhile, Marle's mind was racing for ways to get back at the boy who's
toyed with her heart. She had an idea, but it wasn't going to be easy.
Turning her annoyed frown into a coy smile, she started sizing him up.
"What's your name?" she demanded.

"Uh, it's Fritz." he replied. "But how can you ask me something like that
when this... this..." he trailed off, pointing to the two lovers.

Marle quietly placed her hand over his mouth. "This... is your lucky day,
Fritz." She said in the sexiest voice she could muster. While he stood there
trying to figure out what she meant, Marle had dropped to her knees and begun
to open Fritz's fly. As he was noticeably aroused from the scene before him,
his own member was by now fully erect. As she lowered his pants to the
ground, it sprung out, bouncing off her nose before coming to rest pointed
squarely at her lips. "Well, allright then." she said with a smile. "I see
you don't waste any time." With that, she opened her mouth wide and slipped
it over his penis.

She'd never done anything even remotely like this, of course. But Crono had
made her so angry, she was blinded by rage into doing anything to make him
feel jealous. It was much harder than she thought, and her first attempt made
her nearly gag. But she was a quick learner, using her tongue to coat it in
a slick sheen of saliva and thus make it easier to take in. She didn't even
try to go down all the way, figuring she was being nice enough as it is
anyway. He should enjoy what he's getting.

Fritz, however, couldn't care less about how far she was willing to go. All
that mattered was that this was the happiest day of his life! First, seeing
sexy Lucca moaning and writhing while she got her pussy plugged. Then, out
of the blue this magnificent beauty starts blowing him! It was almost enough
to make him want to shoot his load right there, but he also didn't want this
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pass by so quickly.

Forcing himself to think of mundane tasks, like stocking the shelves in
his dad's store in Truce, or setting up the tent at the fairgrounds, or a
gorgeous, big tittied young girl wrapping her sweet, tight lips around
his... "No!" he thought to himself. "I've gotta hold out!"

"Hey," called up Marle after a pause. "Could you kinda sit down now? My knees
are starting to hurt..." Fritz happily obliged, settling down on a nice rock.
His stiff cock bobbed up and down before Marle could grab hold of it again
and return it to her hot orifice.

* * *

Meanwhile, Crono and Lucca were still going at it hard and fast. "Geez,"
thought Crono. "If I keep this up, I'm gonna blow before she gets off. He
leaned in to his love, pausing to get a close up look. Her eyes were glazed
over again from the constant mind-blowing pleasure. He was so close he could
feel her heavy breath on his cheeks as she moaned when each thrust came home.
"Do you wanna do it on the ground now?" He asked softly. Lucca moaned louder
in agreement. "Good." added Crono. Then, leaning over so his lips were right
at her ear her whispered, "So I can take you from behind like I know you love

"Oh, Crono!" cried Lucca softly, turning to him. "You're so dirty!"

He jammed himself completely inside her again, not wanting to risk breaking
their fleshy bond while they changed positions. Grabbing Lucca in his arms,
he gently slid the two of them down the tree and onto the forest floor.

"Oooh..." sighed Lucca as her bottom touched down. "It's cold, Crono. Hurry!"
She wiggled her but halfheartedly on the cool grass.

Continuing on, Crono lifted her right leg in the air and moved it over his
head. Lucca took the hint and rolled over onto her stomach, leaving her
crotch still impaled on his cock. As he began to move in and out of her once
again, Lucca propped herself on her hands and knees, rocking back and forth
as they fucked. Letting her head drop, she looked at the scene upside-down,
watching his tool slam deep inside her and bulge in her belly.

* * *

As hard as he tried, Fritz could not hold out forever against Marle's gentle
ministrations. He also has the dual stimulus of watching Lucca's sweet,
purple snatch get repeatedly assaulted while she had absolutely no clue he
was there. He was going to cum soon, but he knew if he didn't say anything,
she would probably have to swallow it. The thought excited him to the
breaking point, and he reflexively started stroking her ponytail. Sensing
what was about to happen, Marle pulled off his wet cock, leaving her right
hand on the shaft to continue stroking. With her left, she snapped the
buttons off the top of her robe and let it slide down halfway, exposing her
beautiful breasts.

His hands grasped desperately for her shapely mounds, and one groping limb
barely found it's target as the tinglings reached a crescendo. Giggling as
she felt him hang on to her boobs in support, she closed her eyes and awaited
the torrent she knew was forthcoming.

While giving a blowjob to a town commoner was rather unusual for a princess
of the Guardia throne, Marle was still a lady at heart, and cum-streaked hair
was not something she wanted to deal with. Still stroking Fritz's long tool,
she pointed it towards her chest just as the first spurt emerged. It landed
square in her cleavage, but the others followed no such trajectory, landing
every which way. On her breasts, her nipples, and even her robe. Some had so
much force they blasted clean over her shoulders and into the underbrush
behind her. With the warm fluid splattering all over her, Marle loosened her
grip on Fritz and his cock flew back to it's natural state -- pointed
straight at her face.

When it was all over, there wasn't a single uncovered part of her body that
didn't have semen on it. She fell back in horror, wondering how she was going
to explain this.

* * *

Crono had built up a tremendous amount of stamina and willpower from all the
practice he'd had, but even he had a breaking point. Without breaking stride,
he leaned over again, resting on her back. "Are you ready?" he asked her.

"I thought you've never ask..." she panted. "Make me come!"

And with that sign, Crono let loose, powering into her with such force her
vaginal walls nearly tore from the impact. His mind raced, conjuring up the
dirtiest thoughts he could in order to make this fuck one to remember.
Memories of past encounters flooded through his mind. Sneaking into Lucca's
house in the early morning to wake her with a surprise fuck, doing it in the
town square in the middle of the night while the village was asleep, and
especially their first time... a magical union amongst the stars when then
finally expressed their true feelings for each other.

That last one was it. It always was. Once Crono started reminiscing back on
their first encounter, it sealed his fate. Bucking back and forth like a wild
animal, he pushed in as far as he could go and fell over onto Lucca. She let
herself collapse onto the ground as his spasms brought her own climax to a
head. Screaming at the top of her lungs, she came at last, mixing Crono's
juices with her own.

Both of them stayed motionless for the duration of their mutual orgasm, their
bodies merely shuddering as an anticlimax to the violent forces which had
brought them to this state. Completely spent, Crono rolled over, bringing his
love with him. She lay on her back on his, their organs still intertwined.
Her legs were spread out lewdly with absolutely no desire to cover herself as
the proof of their love ran seeped out of her and onto the forest floor.

"Christ, Lucca." uttered Crono, softly rubbing Lucca's butt. "I think you
scared the animals with that."

Lucca could only smile and murmur approval as the wonderful afterflow
overtook her consciousness.

* * *

The inevitible discovery of each other was greatly sped up at the sound of
approaching footsteps. Fritz, Crono, and Lucca were too spent to have any
sort of conscious thought. Marle, however, was more worried about people
seeing her then getting her own release. Hearing people coming, she stood
up and tried to run off. In her haste, however, she could not get her
balance, and tumbled backward into the clearing a short distance from where
Crono and Lucca were resting.

Approaching flashes of bronze confirmed her most awful fears, and soon
soldiers of the Guardia army burst onto the group. Their thick helms
fortunately shielded the princess from the obvious sneers at catching
their majesty in such a compromising position. Of the four, two broke
off to tend to the princess while a third grabbed a very disoriented
Fritz and dumped him uncerimoniously into Crono and Lucca, who were
beginning to stir.

One of the princess' escorts approached the fourth man, who was standing off
to the side in a position of authority. He spoke low, but Marle was still
able to make it out. "Do you want to bring the wagon out here?" he asked his
superior. "The King might not like it if he found out we dragged his daughter
through the town... like this." he added, pointing to the unmistakable

Laughing, the Sergeant waved his hand at the soldier. "You don't have to
worry about that." he responded. "I'm sure his majesty will be so angry at
what we found her doing, nothing we could do could possibly compare." He
whispered the next bit to his subordinate, who nodded in agreement. She
hadn't heard what it was, but Marle knew enough about the soldiers from the
warnings her attendants had often given her. The squad members would likely
be in for TWO promotions if they could inform their comrades about the
precious sight that was able to march straight into Guardia castle -- the
virgin princess' fabulous bare breasts.

A sudden scream pierced the air as Lucca came to and saw six mysterious
people gazing at her naughty bits. She sat up and reached for her shorts,
but a nearby soldier stepped lightly on her hand, shaking his helmeted head.
"You walk as you are!" he growled. Lucca let go of her garments and shied
away, curling her feet up to hide her naked treasures.

"Let's do this quickly, men!" barked the sergeant. Immediately, the two
guards holding the princess started off towards the fairgrounds. They hadn't
gone more than two steps when one emitted a loud yell and fell to the ground.

Releasing his grip on the guard he'd just tripped, Crono leapt to his feet
and yanked his pants up, which were luckily still around his ankles. "Just
what do you think you're doing?" he demanded of the sergeant.

Letting loose another chuckle, the man smiled inwardly at the puny boy's
courage. "Very well," he said. "I'll tell you. We're returning the princess
back to the castle and arresting the rest of you for kidnapping and rape."

"What?" he exclaimed, realing quickly how extraordinarily bad this seemed.
"She wasn't even with us!" he stammered. "I don't even know how she got

The fallen soldier had risen up now and struck the boy with the blunt end of
his sword. "That's for assaulting a soldier of the Guardia army." he grunted,
spitting onto Crono's prone form.

"Easy, corporal." warned the sergeant.

"Anyway," continued the corpral, changing the subject. "We have several
eyewitnesses who saw you with Nadia all day. You are SO dead."

Realizing the futility of struggling further, Crono offered no resistence as
the sergeant came over to personally escort him. Marle, or Nadia... whoever
she was, was a few feet ahead of him, and he could hear Lucca and that
strange guy being dragged behind him. "Now look what she's gotten me into..."
Crono thought.

Chapter 3 - Courage and Pride

"Dammit!" Marle thought. "I can't beleive this!"

The day hadn't gone well at all. As soon as her father heard she was
carousing not only with a street commoner, but with *three* people in total,
including a GIRL, he absolutely lost it. His voice was so choked with rage,
the guards whisked each of the four criminals away and out of His Majesty's
sight before he said something he would regret. They separated the boys and
girls in different cells of the castle's dungeon, and although she knew where
she was, she hasn't a clue about Crono, or the other boy. She knew her father
was not one to make rash decisions, and tried to convince herself this as
merely an inconvenience. Surely he would understand as soon as she got a
chance to explain the situation.

Her gaze roamed off into space, trying not to focus on the assortment of
torture devices strewn through the room, no dobut in disuse for centuries.
She happened to glance at Lucca, who was chained by her hands to the low
celing, like Marle, only on the opposite wall. Marle snickered inwardly at
the little tart, whose naughty bits were still on display to the world.
The princess had been able to at least cover her boobs with the tatters
remaining on her robe, but Lucca had been forced to leave her shorts and
panties behind. Just about everyone in Truce had seen her wet, purple muff,
and the telltale remains of her recent activities running down her legs.

As she looked further at the bound girl, faint traces of remorse started to
surface in the princess's conscience. Sure, she's been fucking a boy Marle
liked, but she could hardly be faulted for that. And having to parade through
town like that... must've been embarassing. "Come to think of it..." Marle
thought. "She hasn't said a word or even looked at me since the guards left.
I hope she's okay."

Of course, Lucca was not okay. She and Crono had done it so many times it
was as common to her as eating breakfast, but the shock of not only being
discovered, but being embarassed in front of all those people was too much
for her. She hung limply by her wrists, staring blankly at the ground,
hoping the blonde-haired girl couldn't see the silent tears streaming from
her face.

The sounds of heavy footsteps interrupted both girls' thoughts as someone
descended the stairs outside the cell door. They were at the very bottom of
one of Guardia's three towers, and it took an eternity for the clanking
soldier to make its way down. "It sounds funny..." Marle thought offhandedly.
"Sounds like alot of them coming. I wonder what's up..."

With a defeaning creak in the silent room, the door flew open, sending tiny
streams of dirt falling from the stone ceiling. The Captain of the Guards
stood in front of a large group of eager-looking soldiers, including the
sergeant from before. "Ladies," he began. "We have a winner!"

Lucca just sighed to herself as Marle looked on perplexed.

* * *

Crono lay down in his cell, his hands raw and chafed from trying to pry the
rusty door off it's hinges. Unfortunately, it was much sturdier than it
seemed. As he looked at his aching hands, he suddenly heard footsteps coming
down the hallway. Stiffening up, he rested against the wall and shoved his
arms in his pockets, putting on his most apathetic look possible. "I'll be
damned if I'll let these guys pin this on ME!" he groused angrily.

"Hey, twerp!" A guard barked, kicking the metal door with a loud clang. "His
Majesty was kind enough to send a priest for you."

Crono's ears perked up. "What's this guy getting at?" he wondered.

"Better take advantage of your last rites before you get executed tomorrow."
the soldier snicked.

The spikey-haired boy's heart dropped like a stone. He knew he might be in
trouble for all this, but this was the first time he realized just how
seriously King Guardia was taking this. Nearly quaking, he looked over to
the outside, and was surprised to see a familiar figure in a blue robe. He
was the old man from the weapons stand at the fair, his expression hidden
behind thick, black glasses. "What the..." thought Crono.

Before he could ponder this stranger any further, the old man loosened his
robe and let it swing open. At his side was a gleaming blue sword, hanging
gallantly from his belt. The lumbering prison guard was busy trying to
unlock the door, and had his back turned to his soon-to-be assassin. Without
warning, the blade leapt into its masters hands and slid between the guard's
plate-mail, piercing the unwitting soul through the heart. With not so much
as a gurgle, the armour-clad bully fell to the floor with a loud *thunk*.

Acting quickly, the weapons dealer snatched a set of keys from the corpse's
gloved hands, jamming each of the keys in the door before one finally
clicked, allowing the door to swing open.

"Well, come on boy!" he ordered, surprised the lad was still sitting down on
the ground. "Can't you see this is a rescue?" Encouraged by his gruff tone,
Crono sprang up, nimbly stepping over his fallen captor and into the dungeon

"Take this!" the man muttered, tossing a broadsword from the ground into
Crono's path. The boy caught the blade mid-flight, flourising it wildly in
an attempt to show just how helpless he wasn't.

"You may have talent, but you still needed me, didn't you?" The old man
chimed in, as if reading Crono's mind. The boy stopped, and guiltily turned
to face his savior.

"You're the man from the fairgrounds." Crono finally said. "But why would
you risk yourself to come save me?"

"The name's Melchoir." the swordsmith replied, still bent down examing the
body. "I'm a good friend of Taban. As soon as he found out his daughter was
here, there was no stopping him from rescuing her." He paused. "And you,
too." he added with mock annoyance. Melchoir finally found what he was
looking for, lifting a necklace from the guard's neck. A large master key
dangled from it.

"And if we don't hurry up and get out of here, all my work will be for
naught." the old man said. Jamming the key into his pockets, he grabbed
Crono's arm before speeding back the way he came, the poor lad trailing
helplessly behind him.

* * *

The pair hadn't gone far when a soft voice from the middle of a long block
of cells called out Crono by name. The boy stopped suddenly, peering into
the darkness.

"Crono, it's me!" the girl cried. "You gotta get me out of here!"

"Eileen?" the boy replied incedulously, recognizing the voice of his
childhood friend. "How did you... what are you doing here?"

"Uuuugh!" the girl said flusteredly, moving closer to the iron bars so Crono
could get a clear look at her. "I tried to plead with the King to let Fritz
go, but he threw me in here instead! Now hurry up and open the door before
the guards see you!"

He quickly obliged, snatching the key from the unsuspecting Melchior's pocket
and popping the door open. Immediately he was greeted by Eileen's long, curly
red hair swirled in front of him before her bright face smashed into his with
a deep kiss. Dropping the key in surprise, he held onto the girl tightly so
her momentum wouldn't knock him over.

"Hey, over here!" interrupted another voice from the adjacent cell. Melchior
grabbed the key from the floor and shifted over to unlock Fritz as well.

"Thank you." the redhead said with a grin after breaking off. She leaned in
close to him, whispering in his ear. "I owe you something special, honey."
she cooed, smiling even more deviously.

"Eileen," Crono stumbled. "You know I can't."

Her face fell flat and annoyed. "I wasn't going to fuck you..." she quipped.
"Just a *small* reward," she continued, back to her seductive self. "And I
won't tell Lucca if you won't."

"But here?" Crono shot back, actually thinking over the offer.

Eileen gently took one of Crono's hands from behind her and pressed it to her
green shirt, feeling his heart jump sharply as his fingers wandered over her
concealed bosom. "Once we get out of here, Lucca will have you wrapped around
her little finger." she said slowly. "And you won't get a chance to play with

Still embracing the stunning beauty, Crono craned his back back to see a very
annoyed Melchior glaring at him. "Do we, um.... have some time?" he asked
swimmily, blinded by the large mounds pressed into his handa.

The swordsmith sighed and shook his head in despair. "Five minutes." he
relented. "After that, they'll come looking for us."

"That's enough!" Eileen chimed in excitedly as she dragged Crono back to the
dark corner of the cell. Peering over his shoulders, she shot a dirty look at
her brother and shifted her eyes over. Fritz got the message and wandered off
down the hallway. Melchior did likewise in the opposite direction, preferring
solitude instead of awkward silence with Fritz if he was going to have to
listen to the two of them go at it.

* * *

"First thing's first." Eileen said, dropping to her knees. "My present to
you, hero!" Her hands went straight for the boy's pants, gingerly unbuttoning
them as the underwear beneath tented steadily with Crono's growing erection.

The outer garments dropped to the floor, and Eileen licked her lips, red as
her flaming long hair. She hooked two fingers in the waistband of Crono's
briefs, sliding them down his legs as his penis flew past her face to point
straight up in the air. Grasping it with both hands to bring it down to her
face, she paused to look at Crono's eyes, transfixed on her.

"I've always had a crush on you..." she said sweetly before licking the
entire underside of his shaft. Crono buckled at the feeling, unprepared for
her teasing. His hands felt antsy, so he gently ran his hands through her
curly locks as she darted her tongue around his stiff pole, coating it in
saliva. Finally, she gave him blessed relief by puckering up and swallowing
his penis in one gulp.

Her skilled lips wrapped eagerly around his hard shaft, massaging all sides
as she plunged it into her mouth. Crono could feel his balls churning
already from her expert tongue and stared at the wall, trying to prolong this
magnificent gift by distracting himself. As she duitfully sucked him, she
took his hands from her fiery mane and placed them at the neck of her shirt.
Then, she pulled her upper clothing down to her waist, daintily removing her
arms from her sleeves and freeing her breasts from their confinement.

Crono wasted no time in feeling her bountiful chest. Since Lucca usually kept
her shirt on when they made love, it was always "touch but don't look." He
reveled in the feeling of seeing her ample chest quiver and sway with each
touch of his fingers.

And Eileen knew it. Slowly withdrawing her lips from his slick penis, she
gave the bulging head one last suck, nearly forcing Crono over the edge. Her
hands made their way up to his hips, edging him over to a wooden bed attacked
to the wall. He got the idea, sitting down and wondering what was coming

Grinning broadly, Eileen took her large breasts in her hands, thrilling
herself with the show she was putting on. Her eyes locked on Crono's, she
lowered her head and lovingly licked the vee between her breats. When her
mounds were sufficiently wet, she scooted over to the seated boy, rubbing
her boobs together in anticipation. As Crono watched with utmost interest,
the girl let his engorged member slip in her cleavage, shaking with extreme

Wanting to actually DO some titty-fucking before it was too late, Eileen
thrust her breasts up and down, stimulating Crono's cock from all sides.
She was at it for no more than thirty seconds when this hitherto forbidding
technique conquered Crono. Grasping her hands in his, he helped her pump his
shaft as he erupted violently in the air, his cum splashing all over her
face and breasts. The readheaded vixen just giggled, lapping up all that was
in her tongue's reach before going down on him one final time to stem the
tide from his pole. When her succulent lips emerged, his shaft was
exquisitely clean.

"Oh, yeah!" panted Crono, immensely pleased. Eileen could only smile at how
happy her body made people. She wriggled back into her shirt, pulling it over
her head momentarily to use it to clean her face, not at all minding letting
his seed soak into the fabric.

"Now..." she said, matter-of-factly as she tucked his deflating member back
into it's home and re-buttoned his pants. "Won't you be a gentlemen?"

"What do you mean?" inquired Crono, his face still red.

"You can't just leave a lady hanging, Crono!" she replied, standing up close
next to him. She lifted her matching green skirt, revealing a pair of white
panties with a large wet stain on them.

"What!?!" exclaimed Crono. "I thought you said you didn't want to..."

"Uuugh!" Eileen cried, frustrated. "Just finger me..." she added slowly,
taking one of his hands and slipping it through the side of her underwear.
Her glistening red pubic hair peeked out, much to Crono's delight. He's
always suspected, but still, seeing was much better.

He gingerly placed a finger up to her wet hole, unconsciously thinking he had
time to really make this good. But Eileen knew better. "Fuck..." she thought.
"He'll never get me off doing that, and I need to come!" She grabbed his limp
wrist and jammed it in her as far as it would go, his tiny digit finding its

"Ohh..." she panted, her bright face breaming. "That's nice. Keep... oh
yeah!" Crono caught her off guard as he deftly flicked another finger into
her steaming channel, ramming them into her with increased tempo.

"So you like it hard and fast?" chided Crono, really getting into this.
Eileen nodded her head furiously, her red locks bobbing up and down. The
oy took his other hand and slipped it through the other side of her moist
panties, finding her sensitive nub by experience. Slipping her another
surprise, he took her clit in his fingers, pressing lightly on it to emit
a great cry of pleasure.

"Oh God, yeah!" Eileen grunted, the sharp spike making her feel as if she
was about to let loose a waterfall from her cunt. "Oooh, that's it!" she
continued, nearing her own climax. "Harder! Faster!"

Crono did not want to displease the lady, so he upped the stakes the only
way he could think of. He let go of her clit and pumped her slit with both
hands, alternating thrusts so her sopping snatch was being bombarded by four
different fingers. In no time she was howling as her body started coming. She
fell forwards, grabbing the wall for support in the knick of time as her gash
poured our liquid, fully soaking her panties and even dripping into the

After it was over, her face was as flushed red as her hair. She gently pulled
Crono's hands out of her overloaded pussy, bringing them to his lips. He
licked her juices off his fingers as she apparently suggested, pleased at the
taste, but sorry he had to spoil his palette with honey other than Lucca's.

"And if you ever want to taste me again..." Eileee trailed off, sliding her
wet panties off and stepping through them. She held them up in front of them
before leaning over and depositing them in his pocket. "Of course, you know
where to go if you want the real thing, though." She lifted her skirt again,
giving him an unabashed view of her naked vagina, before quickly ruffling the
material over herself with a wicked grin. Crono just returned the grin and
sat up, following his newest conquest out to the hallway.

* * *

Finally able to leave, Melchoir hustled the group out of the dungeon,
climbing up their tower to the midpoint, where long stone bridges connected
the three spires behind the castle. He scanned the facade below him for only
an instant, his sharp eyes quickly finding an easy path down the outside of
the tower. The three kids behind him followed their rescuer's bidding, slowly
descending over the edge and down the fifty-foot cliff. Crono's grip was not
as sure as the others, and he almost slipped on serveral occasions, but he
forced himself to keep going until he felt his feet come to rest on the
sweet, grassy ground.

Collapsing onto the soil, he broke out into a cold sweat, allowing himself
to shiver at the amazing feat he'd just forced himself to endure. "No time
to rest, now." said Melchoir, pointing off into the distance. We've got to
rescue the girls!"

"What happened to them?" inquired Crono, rushing to his feet to follow the
old man.

"They're locked in another dungeon." the swordsman added. "Taban is going to
save them, but he'll need our help! Turning to Fritz and Eileene, he thought
for a second. "You should go home now. I don't want you involved any more
than you have to be." The two nodded in agreement, Fritz pulling his sister
as she leaned over to give Crono farewell kiss, her eyes trailing his as she
fled off into the forest towards Truce.

Crono steeled his face as he bolted to catch up with the old man, already on
his way. Hell, if this was going to be a rescue mission, he might as well
look the part for his girl!

Chapter 4 - A Shot of Crisis

"And just what the hell do you mean by that?" Marle quipped to the Captain,
annoyed he was letting her languish here.

"There you are with your high and mighty tone." the Captain droned. "Just so
you know, you've been disowned by His Majesty. You're no more than a common
girl now." Marle's prissy face dropped at that comment, even though she still
didn't beleive it. "And tomorrow you're to be executed along with those other
hoodlums, for disgracing the Guardian throne."

"You can't be serious!" she stammered, nearly shrieking. While she stood
there, lost in a mixture of betrayal and anger, two of the smaller guards
emerged from the doorway, keyrings held tight in their hands. As she looked
at their smiling faces, they quickly unshackled her arms, freeing the
ex-princess from her bondage. Knowing the futility of trying to squeeze past
the group of soldiers, she simply stood there, rubbing her aching wrists.
Composed, her guise returned to its natural, annoyed state. "So why are you
unchaining me now?" she demanded.

The Captain let out a deep roar at the comment. The poor, sweet blonde girl
had absolutely no idea what was in store for her. Out of the corner of his
eye, he sneaked a peek at her companion, head hung low and motionless since
they arrived. "She's gotta be the smart one." he thought. "She knows what's

In a flash that surprised everyone in the room, the captain grabbed Marle by
her hips and tossed her onto his shoulders. Dismayed, the girl had no choice
but to hold as the Captain marched her around the room, finally seeming to
settle onto something to drop her onto. She felt her behind smack down on
something hard and wooden, and she quickly realized what it was -- one of
the "racks" used to torture prisoners by stretching them. Today, however, it
was going to get a much different use.

She wiggled halfheartedly as the Captain tossed her roughly onto her back.
Before she could protest, the two soldiers with the keys appeared behind her
and whipped her frail arms into an arm and a leg restraint each, so she was
laying sideways on the contraption, with her legs dangling off the edge.

"Do you remember when I said we had a winner?" The Captain said to her with
a manaical grin. Marle nodded slowly in fear. "Well, it was me. I'm going to
be the one that takes your precious cherry!"

Marle gasped as the weight of what was happening slammed into her guts like
a hard punch. She frantically tried to escape her new bonds, but that only
served as fodder for the soldiers' laughter. The Captain got to work quickly,
grabbing her dress and pulling it towards him, easily ripping the makeshift
knot Marle had tied at the top. With little effort, he tore the fabric in two
down the front, flinging it off her body and into a dark corner of the room.

Thinking quickly, Marle tried to attack the man with her only unbound limbs.
Her forgotten legs lashed out cruelly at the Captain, catching him off guard
with a swift blow to the helmet. The soldier stumbled back, now enraged at
his beautiful prey. On her next swing, he grabbed both of her now-bare feet,
her slippers having escaped her in the stuggle. Sliding in close, he nestled
both her slim legs against his sides, holding them in place with his elbows.

Now in control again, he rougly grabbed her panty-covered butt and lifted her
crotch up to his face. Marle winced not only from the unwelcome groping, but
also from the awkward position which placed her entire body weight on her

"Mmm..." the possessed man sighed, taking a deep breath of her pussy. Marle
shut her eyes as he opened his mouth, taking the delicate white garment in
his teeth and slowly pulling it off her legs, allowing her body to come to
rest on the rack again.

The other soldiers were already crowded around the scene, soaking in the
sight of their former majesty's wonderful bare breasts. This new glory,
however, quickly drew their attention. Marle's lightly fuzzed pussy slowly
came into view as her undergarments were removed, dry as the wood she rested
on. Still, that did not stop the gawking subordinates from feasting their
eyes on her long-hidden royal body.

Marle moaned unconsciously as the Captain trailed a finger up and down her
slit, now completely resigned to what was about to happen. Nothing the man
did now was going to arouse her, however, and her pink, rubbery labia
quivered helplessly as thought it new of the burning that was about to come.
Staring blankly at the ceiling, she didn't even bat any eye when her captor
ceased his touch to step back and disrobe. His breastplate and mail pants
slammed onto the floor, followed by the rest of his clothes.

Although she did not want to see what was about to happen, she would have no
choice. The Captain motioned for his subpordinates to lift her head so she
could see herself being deflowered. His massive cock loomed menacingly near
her virgin passage, hanging in midair as its owner let the terrified girl
watch. Then, unwilling to delay his reward any longer, the Captain placed his
palms on the wooden rack, leaning forward to let the head of his member
gently press against her bare quim.

"I've been waiting so long for this day." he whispered softly before pulling
back and ramming into her with precise accuracy. His thick shaft shot into
her innermost places like a hot poker in her unmoistened tunnel, plowing
through her sacred barrier and coming to rest deep inside her belly.

At first, the bound princess could only feel an intense burning. She screamed
as his cock slid into her, trying desperately to back away from it to no
avail. Without wasting time, her forced lover began furiously pumping in and
out of her tight, hot tunnel. The girl's royal blood, which had for sixteen
years protected her womb from her lustful protectors, now served as
lubrication for the man raping her.

"Ahh! Ahh!" the blonde girl cried in pain as her innards were relentlessly
stabbed by this long invader. Small tears formed in her eyes as she realized
the splendor of her first time was being taken from her in such a way.

"No, please!" she sobbed. "Oh, it hurts!" The man ignored her pleas,
completely lost in his own world. Each time he slammed into her, it felt as
if his member was parting steel instead of her fleshly vagina.

"Damn, you're tight!" grunted the soldier, pausing a second only to push
in with full force and drive himself even deeper inside. Marle would have
probably wallowed in her sorrow for much longer had the eager Captain not
suddenly reached his peak from this sudden action.

With a loud bellow, he grabbed her shoulders and leaned on top of her,
pounding her sensisitve muff with all-out vigor. Her intense cries of
protest were muffled as the man shoved his tongue into hers, greedily
sucking her mouth and tasting her salty tears. This drove him on further,
and he began pulling all the way out before slamming back in again.

Marle felt as if her tender slit was going to rip apart under this forceful
bombardment, but it was almost over. Breaking off his kiss, he smiled at her
crying face. "Here it comes, princess." he panted, immediately emptying his
load into the horizontal girl's awaiting pussy. Numerous blasts flowed into
her, most being soaked up by her dry vaginal walls, but a few strong squirts
made it all the way through and seeped into her womb. The horror of becoming
pregnant from this escaped both of the lovers. The guard didn't care, and
Marle was too disoriented to think.

At last spent, the oozing cock slid out of her, greeted with a chorus of
cheers from the other soldiers, who could now take their turn. Marle sobbed
uncontrollably as the Captain forced her legs open, displaying her abused
slit to the roomfull of prying eyes. "Was so tight I thought she'd squeeze
my dick off!" he roared with glee. When he finally left her alone, she
attemped to close her aching legs to hide the evidence of her first fuck,
but was unable to keep her worn limbs in any position for too long. Before
she knew what was happening, another guard had already removed his own
clothes and thrust his own shaft into her now-slick passage.

She sat there, motionless except for the bouncing her body made each time
the guard's hilt smacked into her tender vagina. Her tears were slowing now
as Marle realized the futility of resisting anymore. "Untie her so we can
all see!" she heard the sergeant's voice pipe above all the others. Her new
molestor slid all the way in, leaving her feeling full and stretched as her
arms were coaxed out of their restraints. She felt herself lifted up, and
reflexively hugged the guard so she wouldn't fall. They both made their way
to the ground, the soldier on his back and Marle lying on top of him, still
impaled on his cock.

"Go on girl!" barked the seated Captain from a corner of the room. "Ride
him!" Unwilling to risk defying them, Marle slowly got up on her knees and
started thrusting up and down on the meaty pole, surprised how quickly she
had gone from being raped to actively fucking her own captors. She let out
a moan as the shaft slid in deep, her full breasts bounding seductively up
and down. She wasn't sure if it was still pain or not, but the princess
found herself moving perceptively faster and faster and panting with

Realizing suddenly that her eyes were closed, she opened them to get a view
of the cheering crowd, and was aghast to see Lucca's limp form on the other
half of the chamber being rougly groped by a group of soldiers. Apparently
the ones on the end of the line didn't feel like waiting, and were going to
have to get off in someone before they bust.

The soldier below her suddenly stiffened and emitted a cry, grabbing her
jiggling mounds as Marle felt the now-familiar tingle in his pistoning
member. With an inner smile, she gently squeezed her folds together, causing
the pulsating cock inside her to erupt violently, coating her soft tunnel
with another helping of sticky fluid.

In the midst of all this forced sex, she found a little relief in knowing she
could control her attackers. It was short lived, however, as the spent guard
lifted the petite beauty off him, freeing her cum-dripping slit. She was
quickly handed off to another soldier, who laid her on her back and
immediately thrust his waiting penis into her sopping hole. Without thinking,
she wrapped her arms and legs around this new lover, her hips moving with a
mind of their own.

Marle moaned as the soldier's cock sparked previously unawakened levels of
pleasure, her vagina coated in enough sperm to finally throb hungrily with
each thrust. Her face was red and flushed while she panted heavily. "Oh...
Oh..." she cried, becoming more aroused by the second.

"Mmm, yeah." the soldier grunted between thrusts as he penetrated her
roughly. "I think she's starting to like it!" Marle only gripped him tighter,
the pounding in her body reaching a crescendo. She hated herself for loving
this, but there was no stopping her body's need for what was about to happen.
Her fingers started turning white from grasping her mate so hard, both legs
locked in a deathgrip on his back. From behind them, the few remaining
soldiers watched with anticipation for their own turns as the princess' body
finished servicing her current partner. With a grunt, the soldier on top of
her emptied himself all over her crotch, her tight cunt simply unable to hold
any more.

"Ahhh!" Marle cried with intense relief, feeling something wonderful sweep
through her. "This must be it..." she thought, referring to her impending
orgasm. Suddenly, she felt as if she was flying, the only part of her body
with any sensation was the four inches of her pulsating vagina.

By the time it was over, her lover had already disengaged, and she was
desperately trying to catch her breath. Marle was so lost in the afterglow,
when the next soldier cuddled up to her and pointed his member towards her
juicy snatch, she could only open her legs wider to allow him easier access.

* * *

Lucca, however, was still locked in her woeful mindset, not knowing her
lovely body was calling out to the soldiers to be released by a mind-blowing
orgasm. After watching the Captain blow his seed in the blond beauty on the
other side of the room, a few soldiers decided not to wait. Three of them had
descended on her frightened form, tearing off her vest and shirt while she
cried softly, feebly trying to force their invading hands off her.

After undoing her shackles and lowering their new prize to a seated position
on the ground, Lucca stopped struggling and relaxed as one of them spread her
legs. Her purple hair parted way, revealing an already-glistening slit. "So,
got wet watching your little friend get stuffed, did ya?" teased her captor.
"Well, you're next!" With that, he shoved a wiggling finger into her dripping

"Unnngh!" she cried suddenly, snapping her head forward to see what was
going on. Although she and Crono had done it literally hundreds of times,
she couldn't recall him ever fingering her. It wasn't entirely unpeasant,
but she had to remember what was really happening to her.

"No..." she said unconvincingly, trying to keep from panting as he violated

"No?" came a voice from her side. She turned her head to look, and another
soldier immediately shoved his tongue into her mouth. Lucca tried to mumble
a faint response, but was silenced as her lips intertwined with his
automatically. Another man began rubbing her small mounds with both hands,
kneading them dilligently as her pulse quickened.

Seeing his victim was losing her will, the one at her pussy took his hand
out of her and quickly undressed, tossing all but his helmet to the side.
Then he rolled her over on her side, snuggling up close for what Lucca knew
would come next. The other men holding her broke off and began disrobing as
well as she felt the stiff penis beside her poke at her folds. Using one
hand to grab her behind and pull her onto his shaft, he unmasked himself
with the other. To her horror, it was the sergeant who had discovered her
in the forest. Gasping, she could do nothing as he placed both his hands on
her tiny butt, pulling her closer to him until the head of his penis pierced
her tight labia, allowing the entire monster to sink inside with relative

Lucca moaned heavily as his meat filled her tummy, bringing the
all-to-familiar feelings back to her gaping hole. "I'm sorry, Crono..." she
thought, ashamed at feeling any pleasure from being raped. The two hands
massaging her butt were soon joined by two more wandering palms which came
up from behind her and squeezed her nipples gently, while the man
manipulating them let his shaft slap playfully on her buttcheeks.

"No..." she protested halfheartedly to her new assailant. "Not in there...
I've never done it in... mmmph!" Her words were silenced by a third soldier
who had kneeled down by her face and was slowly feeding his member into her
mouth. Her eyes nearly exploded out of her head as she frantically tried to
learn how to deep throat him before she choked.

While she was distracted, the guard behind her seized his opportunity.
Spreading her smooth butt apart, he lined his cock up to her puckered hole
and slammed into her unsuspecting body, prompting another round of sobs from
the girl as her last remaining virginity was taken from her. The pain was
momentary, fortunately, and in no time she was bobbing her head and bucking
her hips back and forth while she rode the three shafts, unable and unwilling
to do anything else.

* * *

The fuckfest continued for hours, the group of soldiers resting between
their conquests before the sight of these poor girls in the throes of orgasm
compelled them to have another go. Since the guards doing the princess didn't
want to waste a precious load in anywhere but her rosy pussy, Marle got to
take her time, rocking gently as each man fucked her, climaxing herself on
every third or fourth cock. She didn't seem to mind at all pausing as her
gaping tunnel openly invited another man to fill her up, picking up precisely
where she left off the moment another shaft plunged deep inside her.

Lucca had no choice in her own style of coming, though. Although it took some
time for the triple assault to really do anything for her, when her first
orgasm finally arrived, she came like a banshee, flailing wildly as she tried
to jam herself into all three shafts. Her forceful screaming vibrated along
the pistoning cock in her mouth, causing it to uncontrollably spew cream
right down her throat. Her pussy and ass contracted tightly with her climax,
allowing the other two soldiers to deposit their sperm inside her as well.
Spent, she collapsed into a sweaty pile, moaning lustfully and totally at
their mercy.

After that, the purple-haired girl got a break. Now that every man had gotten
off at least once, there simply weren't enough stiff rods to pleasure more
than one of her orifaces at a time. The awful thoughts of being "raped" were
long faded away now, and she enthusiastically positioned her body as the
soldiers asked.

First she sauntered over to a sitting soldier, his penis proudly pointed at
the sky. He grabbed her hips, lowering her love hole to his eager shaft. Her
slit dripped nectar all over him, anticipating another wonderful time. At the
last second, he surprised his young nymph, pushing her foward into his lap
and plowing his cock straight into her butt. It definately came as a shock to
Lucca, but a pleasant one nonetheless. In no time she was bouncing her petite
rear into him, sighing while she used her hands to fondle her breasts and

And after quite a few fucks on her back, Marle was ready for a change of
pace, diddling her clit nonchalantly as her new love knelt down and flipped
her around. His rough hands swept over her bare buttcheeks, wiping away the
dirt that had accumulated from sitting on the dungeon floor. Then he lifted
her crotch in the air, spearing her puffy mound skillfully as it came to the
height of his cock. Marle knew instinctually what to do, moving on her hands
and knees to brace herself for doggie-style sex.

It went on like that for some time. No words were spoken as the guards and
girls alike fulfilled their most primal desires. Lucca felt a second hot wad
of cum flow into her butt, and was quickly hustled off to the rack, where
another eager man jackknifed her over the platform and plowed her pussy from
behind. Marle erupted in a symphony of moans as another orgasm took her, only
to be forced up against the wall moments later as another eager cock took
advantage of her.

Lucca got off real good from her current man, grunting and heaving as he
poured another load of cum into her purple-clad hole. And thankfully, too,
since her next two partners sought pleasure from her experienced mouth,
leaving only her busy hands to pleasure herself with. Just as she finished
her second blowjob, she caught sight of the princess slide off the wall
onto the floor again, sperm dribbling out of her overused slit before
another rushed over to take her in that position.

There's no telling how long the teenage beauties would've kept on servicing
the squad of guards, or which group would even give out first, if not for a
newcomer to the scene. Unbeknownst to the soldiers, who were obviously far
too busy screwing the daylight out of their charges, another guard slowly
opened the cell door and made his way to the unused back of the room, looking
quite of-out-place with his suit of armour still on.

By now, Lucca was on the rack again like Marle had been at first, with her
delicate feet up in the air. Someone was plowing away in her tender passage
while another rubbed her pert breasts, eagerly awaiting his turn. "Oh, oh."
the girl moaned. "I'm coming!" The newcomer shuddered softly at the sight of
this girl writhing in pleasure, turning away quickly to look at Marle, who
was busy riding another shaft as she tongue-kissed her next-in-line.

The stranger finally managed to wrench his sight away from this disturbing,
if also highly erotic scene, to focus on the task at hand. He took a small
device from a cloak draped around him, pointing it at the far wall and
watching the readings fluctuate. He knew his actions would not go unnoticed
for long, so he hurried his calculations as quickly as possible.

But he was already discovered.

"Hey!" barked the man thrusting into Lucca. "What are you doing?" He stared
at the stranger only a few seconds before his girl's tight folds worked their
magic. His concentration broken, he came messily inside the grunting female,
his shaft eventually poking out and spraying her pubic bush with his seed.

That was all the time the spy needed. Whisking out a beeping, disc-shaped
piece of metal, he slapped it onto the wall and rushed over to the rack,
lifting up a very limp Lucca with one hand. With the other, he grabbed one
of Marle's arms and tore her away from her own vigorous mating, shuttling
the two naked vixens rougly into the corner and diving down on top of them.

The real guards stood perplexed at this strange turn of events, but they did
not do so for long. A brilliant plume of smoke suddenly filled the room amid
a blast of rending stone. Those that were standing were immediately struck
with debris, and collapsed to the ground in pain. The others were too blinded
by the dust to even move, and watched helplessly as the figure in the corner
got up with a girl under each arm, carrying them through the freshly-made
passage outside.

* * *

Throwing his head to the side to allow his helmet to slide off, the mystery
guard revealed himself to the men waiting outside. Just as Crono and Melchoir
had hoped, Taban had predicted everything perfectly, and his rescue operation
was a success, emerging right where he told them he would. So far, so good.

"GATO HELP." added the huge metal beast standing next to them, the reason
the group had been able to break through the castle wall. Sensing impending
trouble, the bronze-clad robot lumbered over to the gaping maw of the dungeon
tower, wedging his body into the hole amid cries from the trapped soldier

"They're probably more concerned about losing their toys than anything." said
Melchoir grimly, the first one to actually realize the duo had been quite
violated. Crono caught on quickly after the swordsman's comment, his eyes
wandering over his love one's body in shock. She was covered in sweat and
come, both her own and stranger's. As Taban swiveled to make sure the
soldiers could not follow them, Crono could clearly see the man was holding
a daughter freshly fucked. The white goo flowing from her purple flower could
be nothing else.

Rage came swiftly to the boy, and before either Melchoir or Taban could stop
him, he stepped quickly over to where Gato stood, drawing his pilfered sword.
Melchoir watched on in amazement as Crono's anger flower through his body,
becoming strength. With a dazzling display of swordsmanship, he hacked
brutally into the thin gaps between the robot's body and the stone, his blade
finding its target each time. The aim was deadly and true, and those soldiers
who persisted in chasing after their prized prisoners cried in dismay as they
were hacked to pieces. It did not take long for the few remaining in the room
to quickly disengage and flee back up the stairs, much to Crono's displeasure
at not being able to finish them off.

He turned around, his chest heaving with rage. Taban and Melchoir said
nothing -- clearly he had done nothing wrong in their eyes.

"Quickly," Taban uttered, breaking the short silence. "We must be back to
Truce." He looked under both his shoulders, since he'd had no chance yet to
make sure the girls were unharmed. Satisfied they were okay, if only a little
unconscious from their ordeal suddenly catching up to them, he turned to
Crono, already walking ahead with Melkor. "Can you help me carry her?" he
called out, referring to the princess.

Crono rushed back, and grabbed Lucca from his arms instead. Taban did not
reply. Although he knew his daughter would need consoling when she awoke,
he realized her lover would probably be able to to better than he would.
And after all, he'd known about his daughter and Crono for some time, and
approved. The muscular father brought the sleeping Marle to his shoulders,
trying to be as gentlemanly as possible, but unable to carry her without
touching one of her private areas.

Lucca stirred for a moment as Crono held her like a baby in his arms. Seeing
her true man's eyes, she sighed contently and rested her head on his blue
tunic. Her own eyes shut before she could see Crono's. She had never seen him
cry, and didn't want to. But she could feel the teardrops falling on her
naked body, trying to cleanse it of the sin she'd just committed in liking
what was done to her. "Why... me?" she thought before unconsciousness took

Chapter 5 - Good Night

The group was well inside Guardia forest before Taban suggested they stop
for the night. The long way that took them around the guarded road by way of
the wilderness was slow-going, and he knew they would not be able to get to
the town until tomorrow's midday. That brought the risk of being spotted as
they trekked across town to find a safe place. Therefore, the father had
suggested they halt in the darkness and rest until the next evening, when
they could sneak into a friend's house under cover of darkness and arrange
transport to Porre or even Medina across the ocean. It was no use denying
the fact -- they were certainly wanted criminals now.

He had seen to dressing the girls and restoring a small bit of their dignity
as soon as they had entered the dark eaves. Marle was glad in Melchoir's
heavy, bluish robes. Lucca had taken her father's vest and used it to cover
her top. Crono's shirt served a makeshift upside-down set of shorts, the
obviously loose hem tied around her waist with his neckerchief while her legs
poked through the too-large arm holes.

Taban had noticed right away how her purple fuzz was clearly visible through
the neck hole. Trying hard no to stare at his little girl, he poked two holes
in the collar with a pocketknife and threaded the opening together with a
pair of shoelaces. Now at least the two of them looked halfway decent. "My
poor baby..." he thought to himself.

Luckily for the maidens, they remained asleep for quite a few hours, their
minds languishing through nightmares while their rescuers carried them along.
It was a grueling task, but with short breaks every hour or so, Crono and
Taban found themselves able to endure the burden while Melchoir alternated
between scouting out up front and guarding the rear of their march.

Now they were seated on the forest floor, utter blackness surrounding them.
The sword dealer had managed to coax a small fire to provide enough light to
see by, a necessary evil since it increased their chance of being spotted.
Melchoir went back into the darkness, scrounging up more tinder for the tiny
blaze. Crono and Taban lay on their backs, feeling their aching muscles throb
in protest of the day's exhaustive effort.

The men were all tired, but the ladies were unfortunately wide awake now,
and all alone with their thoughts. Lucca rolled over as soon as she became
conscious, a few feet from where Crono had placed her. His arms welcomed her,
knowing she would need to come to him eventually. She buried her head in his
chest, feeling his arms pet her soft purple mane as she sniffled. They were
far enough away from the others that her whispers wouldn't carry, and she had
to say something to him... anything.

"I'm so sorry, Crono..." she sobbed softly, feeling her hot tears stream out
of her eyes. "The things they did to me..."

Crono grabbed her tight, muffling her cries with his body. Without even
glancing at her, he told her what had been on HIS mind the entire trip.
"I... took care of them." he replied.

"What do you mean?" Lucca inquired coherently, her mind distracted from her
troubles by this odd remark.

"I killed them." Crono answered, still in disbelief of what he'd done. "Every
one of them." he continued flatly. "I made them pay." he said the last remark
forcefully, as if his actions had needed justification.

"Thank you." said Lucca, as if a great weight had been lifted from her soul.
"They... what they did... I had no choice... they made me... like it." The
truth came in gasps from her mouth, almost like an apology.

"Don't ever say that." Crono interrupted. "It's not your fault. And I'll find
some way to fix it." Lucca cried releived at her man's baseless words. "But
how?" he pondered. "How can I undo the past?"

* * *

He didn't have long to think about the seemingly solutionless problem, for
the cogs of fate were turning for our hero in ways hidden from even the
mightiest of seers. At the End of Time, a wizened old man named Gaspar was
about to unwittingly be born into a role that would intertwine his fate
with the five people resting in the forest.

Deep within the earth, a lifeform had been waiting for 65 million years for
an opportunity like this. Although his vast alien brain had been able to
foresee many possible outcomes from his repeated meddling in the surface
world via the time gates, none of his plans had yet to come fruition. But
this finally seemed to be the one. It was time for Lavos to reverse the
cruel twist of fate that kept him trapped in this molten prison.

Crono and the others sat by, woefully clueless as universe they inhabited
suddenly screamed in horror before being violently obliterated. They didn't
even know that their old selves had been brutally erased from existence only
to be recontructed instantaneously as the great river of time simply changed
course to flow down another path. The alien beneath them had been the first
of this planet to change the course of time. Although nature had decreed the
humans above would soon be captured and executed by the rapidly arriving
Guardian Army, it could not could stand against one with the power to
manipulate destiny. The world would have continued on in relative peace and
harmony for the remainder of its days, but not now. Their lives came with a
horrible price that would soon be discovered.

"I hear something." Melchoir said suddenly, leaping from his spot and
covering the fire behind him with a kick into the dirt. "Dammit!" he cursed,
hearing the faint sound of trotting hooves in the distance. Drawing his sword
would be pointless. Even with the element of surprise, it was not likely he'd
be able to defeat an armored rider. And who knew how many of them were

"Let's get going." Taban noted grimly, lifting Marle gently by the arm and
coaxing her into a standing position. "Can you run?" he asked, hoping for an

"Yes." she replied softly, brushing off her backside unconsciously from
laying on the forest floor. She peered into the night around her, lost as
the others were in deciding which way to flee. "I think I see a lake..."
she offered helpfully, pointing off towards the mountains at the north end
of the continent.

"Well, I'll be damned." Melchoir replied, gazing into the blue haze that now
clearly stood out along the background. "Whatever it is, we might as well
heal for it instead just sitting here. Let's go." His hurried decision
spurred the group, sending them off crashing through the forest towards the
mysterious object.

Crono led the way, with Lucca limping beside him quickly. "It's really
bright..." he pondered silently as he approached the source of this blue
haze. "What the hell could it be?" As if heeding his thoughts, a sglowing
blue sphere seemed to leap out at him from the darkness. Instinctually he
jammed his heels into the dirt, spying a large hole in the ground looming
before him. The others rushing from behind followed suit, momentarily
perturbed by his sudden halt. But only for the moment before they sighted
the object that had captivated the lad.

The blue ball sat hovering motionless in the center of a large depression in
the earth. The soil around it was loose and smooth, looking neither natural
or artificial. Simply as if a great force had taken a large portion of the
earth and made it disappear. It was almost as mysterious as the shimmering
globe above it, silently illuminating the surrounding wilderness.

"Whatever it is, it can't save us..." Lucca sighed cynically, looking away.
The approaching thunder was getting louder, and the men drew their weapons
one by one, turning to face their unseen foe. None of them noticed Marle
clamber down the embankment as if entranced, craning her hand to see the
bright object above her. Little did she realize her pendant was beginning
to glow softly in the presence of this long-awaited reunion. While the
others fought back the fear that gripped their bodies, the pendant and its
owner stood tranquil in a sea of aqua, as if they were the only things on
the great planet.

When the green stone on her chest was close enough, it sprang to the
mysterious object above, suddenly unable to resist the calling of the
timestream. It all happened so fast, not even a single thought sprouted
in the space between the gemstone touching the outer edges of the gate
and when the five humans found themselves sucked into the void between
the worlds.

Consciousness seemed to draw out in all of them, as if there actually was
time to pass in this river of traveling souls. When they materialized
instantaneously on the other side, they all crumpled to the ground, feeling
as if they'd been asleep for a thousand years.

At the same time, an old man seemed to appear before them along with these
strange surroundings, although he of course had been standing still the
entire time. Now he had a pointedly excited expression on his face.
"Melchoir?!?" he nearly shrieked in exultation. "Oh, I thought I'd never
seen you again!" Before the weaponsmith knew what was going on, he was
picked up off the ground embraced by the stranger. His mind worked slowly
as it returned to life after eons of disuse, but the name came to him after
a few seconds.

"Gaspar, old friend!" he exclaimed, returning the hug at the realization of
who this was.

* * *

The explanation took the better part of two days. It always did. Whenever
someone stumbled through a rip in time and ended up here, Gaspar would warmly
welcome them to his abode, and spend however long as was needed to acquaint
them with the knowledge he had discovered. He had been, after all, the first
human to experience time-travel. That he knew of, anyway. There could have
been others who had come to this place before him, but he would never know.

Crono and the others naturally had an unending number of questions once they
had been given the quick version of what had happened, so Gaspar bade them to
come out of the timegate "corral" and into the main part of his home. It was
merely a floating platform drifting ceaselessly through the universe,
decorated with various trinkets that had accompanied other lost travelers.
But it was home. There was alot to talk about too, so they might as well get
as comfortable as possible.

He bounced wildly from subject to subject for hours, waiting for someone to
ask about his favorite story. When Taban finally wanted to know how the guru
had arrived here, he launched right into the tale, excitedly recalling how
he had been tinkering with something called the Mammoth Machine, which the
beloved Queen of his sky city had built as a gift to the poorer people of the
era. He was disappointed to later find out from a previous visitor that that
heathens below had violently rebelled against their providors soon afterward,
destroying the kingdom of Zeal and casting the world into a dark age which
had still not been healed 13,000 years later in their time.

When Melchoir sensed it was time to change subjects, he did just that. "So
how'd you make this place?" he queried.

"It was the wood that really jump-started the project." Gaspar began,
sweeping his arm around to the collection of oddities surrounding him. "Some
poor guy building the Guardia bridge around 590 or so suddenly saw a gate
appear mid-span, and the fool touched it. Took him and half the bridge with
him. After that, I had solid ground to walk on. Much better than floating
around, I'll tell you. Though it took awile to get used to gravity again."

"The rest came in bits and pieces." he continued. "Although the lamp was
especially useful. Came along with some girl from the 2900's. The glowing
crystal in there will supposedly never wear out. Guess I'll be able to
actually test that out, eh?" He gave a little smile, obviously pleased
with himself.

The rest of the conversation was just as intriquing for his students, with
Gaspar jumping from story to story, infusing it with his own memories. He
had accumulated a large amount of information from those who had come
through a gate after him. Enough to bestow knowledge on the group that could
change the world.

"That's fascinating..." trailed Melchoir, soaking up every intricate detail.
"So what happened to the others?" he asked innocently, disappointed to see
his friend's jubilant expression suddenly fade out.

"They all left me." he replied bluntly, shaking his head. "Couldn't stand the
loneliness, I suppose. They went and mad cast themselves out into the abyss.
Now they'll wander the ceaseless void forever..." his voice trembled, after
all this time still stunned at the fate they'd brought upon themselves. "I
could hear could hear their screaming for days afterward." he added grimly.

"That's terrible!" Marle exclaimed in her sweet, girlish voice. Crono felt a
sweet pang of happiness stab into him, releived the recent happenings were
forgotten, if only for a little while. Even Lucca was hunkered down on the
platform with the others, listening intently to Gaspar's story. He scooted
over and placed his hand on his beloved's back as the old man went on,
wincing as she shuddered momentarily.

"I'm sorry." she whispered to her beloved. "I guess I'm still a little
jumpy." Crono smiled as she leaned her head on his shoulder, the two of
them returning their attention to the guru.

"You seem to have heard a lot of the world's history." he interrupted, trying
to get back into the conversation. "Can you tell what happened to the King
all of a sudden?" Marle's eyes fell to the floor, realizing there was no
reason for her to get angry at his comment. Daddy had been ill for some time,
and she knew it.

Gaspar smiled, eager to extoll to these eager minds the secrets of the
universe which had been useless to him for so long. "Well, that story's a
couple hundred years in the making." he started, the details of Guardia's
history coming to him swiftly. "A man came once from a little after your
time, 1000, right?" Taban nodded. "Anyway, it seems your Chancellor and his
successors have been possessed by a demon named Yakra since the middle ages.
Nasty fellow. One he gets discovered in a few centuries, there will be a
horrible battle before Porre comes and liberates the kingdom." He finished
the last sentence quickly, fighting an irrational fear that some of the
details may have escaped him.

"Well, that's it!" Lucca exclaimed, the first full sentence she'd uttered
since arriving. Her brilliant mind was largely unaffected by the recent
events, and it had been trying to grasp an elusive notion for some time now.
Finally, it had dawned upon her. "If we know what's going to happen before
it does, we can change everything!" she said with a broad, almost giddy smile
at the realization of how much power they could wield.

"I thought about how wonderful that we be, at first." The guru remarked
wistfully. "But there's no way to get back..."

The logic of his argument reached Lucca before the realization of meaning.
"Of course!" she mused in her head. "I imagine if they could get back, he
wouldn't be here, and the other visitors would have gone back, and..." Then
it hit her like a blow to the gut. "Oh my God. We're stuck here too."

"It's really a shame." Gaspar continued with the resignation of someone who's
accepted a great loss. "We could accomplish so much with this knowledge."
Suddenly, Lucca's mind sparked again. That elusive thought was only the tip
of her prowess. She knew she could find a way out of this. She had to.

"From what Marle said, our trip something to do with her pendant." Lucca
returned. "Is that what opens these time gates?"

"Precisely." the guru replied, eager to get back to being the center of
conversation. "It must be made from dreamstone, a popular mineral used as
money in my time. Seems that when this stone charged by an electrical field,
it reacts with the time gates and makes them visible. Personally, I'm
surprised no one's ever come by with something on them that could produce
just a watt of power." he chuckled slightly at the irony of this situation.

"I can do it!" she blurted out suddenly, grabbing the green stone from the
floor where Marle had placed it during their dialogue. She stood up excitedly
and grabbed Crono, dragging him over to the guardrail Gaspar had built so he
wouldn't accidentally fall off his home and careen out into space. She stared
out into the void for a second, then turned to her man. "Please tell me you
have *it*..." she pleaded quietly, cuddling close to him.

Crono knew exactly what she was talking about. His girl hadn't been
inventing gadgets for long when she realized electrcity's true potential as
a sexual device. After she perfected the vibrating gizmo, (and a LOT of
"experimentation) she had given it to him so she wouldn't be tempted to use
it without him. Not that he had said anything of the sort -- she just felt
it'd be rude to invite her boyfriend to enjoy her body if she was going to.
He had surprised her with it on more than one occasion, since then and
usually carried it with him when he knew he was going to see her.

"Of course." he muttered, matter-of-factly, looking behind him to make sure
the curious onlookers couldn't see before reaching into his pants and pulling
the small, pink device from an inside pocket. Lucca hadn't made it large
enough to screw herself with, much to Crono's relief. It was just to "jump
start things" as she usually put it. Only two inches long and no larger than
a finger, Crono usually forgot he was carrying it.

"We're in luck, baby!" she said almost erotically. The sorrow she had been
carrying for so long had completely vanished now, as she was back to her old,
confident self. She unscrewed the end of the small pink phallus and cast the
plastic shell off into space where it would never be seen again. In her hands
was the motor that would rescue them. "Let's go back and show everyone." she
announced, giving him a peck on the cheek.

When the duo returned, Lucca brusquely turned a deaf ear towards the group's
questions about what they had been talking about. She showed the contents of
her palms to her seated friends and then brought them together with a
triumphant flourish. Marle's pendant flashed a brilliant green momentarily
as the whirring device made contract, then returned to its previous luster.
"Whenever you're ready." she quipped to the princess with a wink, tossing her
family heirloom back.

* * *

After that, it didn't take them long for them to going. Before long, they
were back at the edge of the platform, staring longingly at the portal
Gaspar had told them would lead to the middle ages. They were so busy
patting themselves on the back and talking about how noble a cause they
were undertaking, no one noticed the old guru pull Crono off to the side
and start talking to him.

"You know, there's a problem with all of this." the man sighed, sounding like
he'd been keeping something from them the while time.

"Oh?" Crono replied disinterestedly, not really paying attention. He was
sure the old guy was going to say something about being careful not to muck
up history too much or they'd destroy the universe or something. He'd had a
passion for fiction when he was a boy, and even in 1000 ad, there were
already enlightened artists who conceived the thought of travelling through
time. Of course, actually doing so was another matter entirely.

"I haven't been entirely truthful about where that portal leads." Gasper went
on. "You see, the nearest gate to your time without going any further leads
to 580 ad."

"What's so bad about that?" Crono inquired, still not really understanding.
Gaspar sighed again.

"I'm sure that the man from the future said Yakra appeared sometime in the
600's." he said. "Being as generous as possible, that means you'll have to
stay there for at least twenty years before you can do anything. You'll
almost be Taban's age by then." Crono's heart sank. "But that's not the
worst part of it. The longer you stay there, the more likely you'll change
something. However good your intentions are, it could have dire consequences.
I guess that's always been the price of all this knowledge -- not being able
to use it. Well, until now."

Crono barely batted an eye. "I could do it." he replied slowly. "I could hide
out and not talk to anyone."

Gaspar shot back just as quickly. "Can you vouch for everyone else?" he
responded. "Can you guarantee that you'd only be able to stop this war and
then simply wait to die?" Crono arced a puzzled eyebrow. "That's right, the
other you in 1000 ad will be living the life you have forged for him. You
will not be able to return. None of you will."

"I have to risk it..." Crono trailed off with an uncertainly that scared him.
He didn't really know what would happen. Maybe he would just wink away as
soon as he stopped Yakra. But he was willing to make that sacrifice. For his
friends. At least for the ones that would be created the moment he altered

"I see I can't stop you." Gaspar said weakly, giving up. "So godspeed." He
gripped the lad on the shoulder, knowing exactly what the boy had planned.
"Do it now, before they see us." Crono simply nodded and rejoined the group.

In the confusion, he playfully snatched the pendant from Marle's hands as
the four talked, pretending to examine it closely. Slowly, he slid over the
edge of the conversing group, where the girls were. Leaning over to his
purple-haired girlfriend, he whispered a choked "I'm sorry" before stepping
back. Lucca was the only person looking besides Gaspar when Crono thrust his
hand into the portal, vanishing suddenly before their eyes.

Gaspar looked over to where there had been people seconds ago. Now, there was
just emptiness. That Marle and Lucca, Taban and Melchoir no longer existed,
and would never again. Their only testament to life had vanished the momment
Crono stepped through the portal. All that was left of their lives was an old
man, wondering what he was doing staring at the useless time gates.

But as the old man stared blankly into the space where Crono had bravely
volunteered to end his life in another time to save his friends, he suddenly
became aware of a nagging memory very much like the one that had recently
trouble the now-deceased Lucca. He felt as if there was something terrible
that could only occupy his every waking thought. So why couldn't he remember

His mouth dropped open sharply as a name rolled around in his skull.
"Lavos..." his brain chanted, as if teasing him. "How could you forget?"

Gaspar had lost a lot when Crono disappeared. Though he of course would never
know, there has been an illuminating lamp from the future standing beside him
a minute ago. It was gone now, because the bright, hopeful future that had
produced it had vanished away just like the four adventurers left behind
here. The girl who wandered into the time gate in the year 2900 had brought
Gaspar something much more dreadful. A story passed down of dreadful fires
that scarred the planet and reduced civilization to the same rubble as it had
their cities.

"That sure was terrible!" he muttered in the vast, impenetrable blackness,
mimicking Marle's earlier comment. He wondered what he should do. Eternity
was turning out to be a very long time.

"I hope someone shows up soon." he remarked. "It's getting pretty lonely
here." He gazed off into the void, wondering how long it would be before he

Chapter 6 - Peaceful Days

A low humming sound broke through the normal peace of the Dendaro Mountains.
Animals, birds, and fish alike scattered as a blue sphere displaced the calm
air above the earthly spire, depositing not one, but THREE humans into the
churning waters near the waterfall. Unbeknownst to any of the time travelers,
the time portal had managed to catch the girls into its vortex before they
would have winked out of existence like Melchoir and Taban. Crono however,
was far too busy trying to keep from drowning to discover this right now.
The swift current and roar of the falls drowned all three adventurer's senses
as they were cast wildly into the calmer pools below.

Marle swam lamely to the water's edge, her disorientation at having been
cast millions of years into the past a definite crutch. Seeing the muddy
shore, she grabbed hold fiercely, lest the gentle waves carry her back out
and force her tired body to repeat the process. As she lay on the grassy
earth, catching her breath, she noticed another figure flop exhausted onto
the ground a feet from where she was, panting just as hard. "What happened?"
she inquired breathlessly, knowing who it must have been. Lucca shot a
glance at Marle, who had already pulled herself all the way up onto her
back, before replying.

"I think we got sucked in..." Lucca replied, hauling herself further onto
the grass and turning over like her companion, her wet chest heaving
sensually in the cool air. The two of them said nothing for several minutes,
still reeling from their battle with the water. Lucca broke the silence with
an unusual remark. Wherever Crono was, he wasn't *here*, and she had some
private business to tend to.

"I'm about to be unladylike, Marle." she blurted out, realizing this was the
first time she'd actually spoken to the blonde girl directly throughout their
whole adventure thus far.

"What?" Marle started to reply, but stopped herself right there. She heard
the unmistakable sound of clothes ruffling and saw Lucca moving about from
the corner of her eye. Marle wasn't a genius, but she figured it out pretty
quick. The two of them were due for a well-deserved bath.

Marle turned her head again, and caught a glimpse of the other girl's petite
bottom as she wobbled on the hard ground in her bare feet, using both hands
to keep balance. At last Lucca seemed to find a quiet enough spot of the
water, and sat down on the edge. With a little shove, she slid her naked body
into the pool, shivering noticeably as she was enveloped by the cold depths.

"That looks like a really good idea." Marle thought, getting up to join her
friend. The princess loosened her robe as she walked, letting her only
covering fall to the ground beside Lucca's two shirts. Marle couldn't help
smiling as she strutted over to the water, absolutely nude. Her body reacted
without thinking to her erotic thoughts, the creamy cheeks behind bounced
seductively in tune with her stride, and the two magnificent nipple-capped
breasts above swayed back and forth.

"Geez, no need to get excited." Lucca mused to herself as she watched the
young seductress entered the small cove opposite her, the red nubs on Marle's
chest as pronounced and hard as her own. The blonde girl plopped down on the
ground beside the water and let her feet dangle over the edge. Her legs were
splayed wide apart, giving the purple-haired youth an unobstructed view of
Marle's exposed snatch.

"What's she doing?" Lucca said to herself frazzledly. She realized she
had been washing her crotch, and removed her hand hurriedly, hoping Marle
wouldn't see the motion or her embarrassed blush. The princess didn't.
She was too busy grabbing her knees and leaning forward with a loud,
muscle-stretching sigh. Lucca's heart jumped inexplicably as she saw two
large, beautiful mounds swing sexily in front of her, free of the
constraints of gravity.

Marle, of course, had no idea the repressed feelings she was awakening in her
bathing partner. She was simply enjoying her open nudity. After all, she'd
spent nearly her entire life under guard at the castle. If she'd tried
walking swimming naked in the Guardia river, her precious box would've gotten
plugged by the horny guards much sooner, she thought with an inward smile. A
humdrum expression on her face, she reached over and scooped a little bit of
fluid from the pool into her outstretched hand. Then, with a flick of her
wrist, she poured the cold liquid over her sticky pussy, her labia quivering
from the change in temperature.

Lucca tried to ignore the flashes in her loins, but her fingers betrayed her,
running through her underwater bush and feeling the heat emanate from her wet
snatch. Her mouth creaked open slightly to allow her tongue to emerge and run
across her lips. "Oh no..." she thought. "What's happening to me?"

Her mind wandered back to their ordeal at the castle -- Marle bouncing up and
down as a huge cock pumped into her. Marle moaning as a stiff prick held her
against the wall and slammed into her red folds. Marle holding her lover
tightly to her body as she was drilled on her back. All the while the sexy
scientist wished the guards would ask the two of them to make love instead,
giving her a respite from the dirty, stabbing cocks that invaded her body and
deposited evidence of their forced entry. And into the arms of a beautiful

Now as she watched the princess wash her most private area, Lucca could deny
her feelings no longer. She had to make love to this sexy goddess and cleanse
both of their bodies from that awful rape. Her heart fluttered at Marle
suddenly looked over at her, an uncomfortable expression on her face. Lucca
felt as if her thoughts were suddenly exposed, and she gasped audibly.

"Hey, Lucca." Marle started sweetly. "Could you come over here a sec?" The
princess didn't move as her companion eagerly swam over, kneeling in the
water and trying not to stare at the inviting yellow flower in front of her.
"Um..." she continued, obviously embarrassed. "Could you see if my... thing
is still there?" her face was delightfully innocent, and Lucca couldn't bear
to give the answer she already knew.

"Let me check." she panted, hoping Marle couldn't detect the excitement in
her voice. She lifted her hands up, parting the blonde's legs to allow her
head to snuggle up right next to the thin slit. Lucca wondered why she hadn't
noticed before, but her partner's dripping sex was partially shaved, no doubt
by disinterested handmaidens. There was only a triangle-shaped puff atop her
bare cunny. "Those lucky girls!" she thought with a grin. "Always getting to
look at something so beautiful. I'll bet every man in the kingdom would give
their right arm to see this. And me too..." She smiled into Marle's gaping
hole, unable to believe her good fortune.

"Okay, just relax now." Lucca instructed, bringing her hands to the inviting
labia in front of her. With an innocent "Oh!" from their owner, she gently
spread the fleshy lips apart and peered into the warm canal. It was certainly
an interesting sight. Although Lucca had played with herself once in front of
a mirror, this was a much closer look. She'd always thought her cunt was a
wide open tunnel, but it looked much tighter from here. "I wonder how they
all fit in here..." she wondered, recalling the multitude of cocks that had
recently visited this holy place.

Lucca extended a pointed digit into her partner's sopping depths, making
Marle cry out loudly. "Unngh! Can you see it yet?" she moaned, feeling the
probing finger sloshing around inside of her.

"Sorry." the scientist condoled. "You're not a virgin anymore." she added,
feeling no sign of the princess' obviously taken cherry. Withdrawing her
finger reluctantly from the warm passage, she looked up at the curious
female above her. "So, how many times did they fuck you?" she asked
curiously, pulling off her glasses. They were understandably fogged after
being in the cold air for so long and then coming near Marle's warm sex.

"I lost count after ten." Marle replied sullenly. "After awhile, I just kept
coming. I thought they were going to make me pass out!" Marle decided not to
mince words either. After all, she was sitting naked while she was letting
another girl look up her pussy and finger her. Why not be frank? Besides, it
felt good to talk about it to someone. Lucca had Crono, but she really had
no one...

"Well, they really pumped it into you." she commented, raising a sperm-coated
hand to Marle's gaze. "And there's a lot more in there."

"Oh no!" the princess wailed, shooing the girl between her legs away. "I've
got to wash it out more!"

"Don't worry..." Lucca cooed, grabbing the shore for support as she licked
her lips again. "I'll clean it for you." Before Marle could even think about
the offer, she felt a slithering tongue bury itself in her gooey hole.

"Oh, Lucca!" Marle moaned unabashedly. Then she gained a slight bit of
composure. "I really don't think we should be doing this..." Her growing
panting and dripping folds, however, told another story. Lucca licked the
bare labia in front of her for another few seconds, feeling her lover
squirm from the pleasure before she stopped and looked up.

"Marle..." she asked in her most sexy voice. "Have you ever felt something
so right?" Lucca ran a finger gently up and down the princess' reddened cunny
for effect, teasing the pulsating nub. And it worked. With a gentle sigh,
Marle relented, falling onto her back and spreading her legs as far as she
could stand. Her sacred place opened magically, as if offering the tasty
flesh inside.

Lucca wasted no time in digging in, bringing her lips right to Marle's nether
orifice for a passionate kiss. Her petite nose sank into the tiny blonde
puff, inhaling the womanly scent the curly hairs emanated. "Mmm..." was all
Lucca could muster as she ate, the princess' girl honey completely
overpowering and purifying the nasty spunk still inside her womb.

The prone girl was far too busy panting and groaning to wonder how she
tasted, however. All she could do was arch her back repeatedly as an outlet
to the tremendous feelings coursing throughout her entire body. "Yes!" she
screamed in passion. "Don't stop!"

"Good thing I have no intention of doing anything like that..." Lucca
murmured, her words muffled by the juice-coated flesh in front of her. The
soft appendage that protruded from her lips lashed Marle's clit with renewed
vigor, causing the aroused blonde to erupt in an intensified bout of cries.

"Oh yes!" Marle exclaimed, grabbing the dirt with one hand and one of her
breasts in the other. "Oooh... it's so good!" Her face contorted in an
near-painfully happy expression, watching as her controless hand shamelessly
fondled her hard nipples right in front of her. The pleasure was so
overpowering, her brain felt like it was being stirred inside her head. She
was powerless to stop the munching scientist, even if she wanted to. "Ungh!"
she grunted softly. "Rrrmph! So... Ohhh! close... Unnnhh!"

Lucca didn't hear it. But she didn't need to, either. Marle's gushing pussy
was all too indicative of what was about to happen. The purple-haired girl
watched in fascination as the slick hole began contracting tightly from the
impending orgasm. With an impish smile, she extended her tongue all the way
and gave the bouncing clit a few sharp pokes. Marle grunted theatrically and
raised her flushed face so he could watch herself. "Do it!" she panted.
"Make me coooooommmmeeee!"

And with that, she did. HARD. The princess' tight pussy throbbed excitedly
as her clit received a barrage of stimulation from the scientist's tongue and
relayed the wonderful sensations to her brain. Marle was really in overdrive
now, her puffy labia fluttering wildly with glee as she poured forth her
honey. Lucca was barely able to swallow the flood of goo seeping from her
womb before it ran down Marle's bare thighs.

"Did you like that?" Lucca cooed, finally looking away from the princess'
beautiful drenched flower once it stopped moving.

"Yes..." Marle panted, letting her head fall back to the earth. She lay there
for a few moments, breathing heavily. One hand still lay on her breasts,
massaging the large mounds unconsciously as they heaved with their master's
purring. "I really needed that."

"Good..." Lucca hinted seductively, standing up in the shallow water. Her
small breasts, although still damp, had mostly dried off from being out of
the water, but her submerged pussy had been flooded the entire time. As she
rose, her matted bush clung to her wanting slit, making it appear like a
delicious plum nestled between her legs. "Because now it's my turn."

Marle's mouth hung open as Lucca stepped forward, letting her downy lips come
into contact with Marle's, the two nether folds mingling in their forbidden
kiss. "Ooh, that's great..." the scientist moaned, feeling the blonde tuft
below tickle her sensitive spot. Encouraged, Lucca began sliding her hips up
and down into the other girl, rubbing both cunnies together. "This is what I
must look like when Crono fucks me..." she thought, looking down at her prone
mate rolling her head with the renewed pleasure her tender cunt was

"Look at her..." Lucca muttered to herself, smiling half-annoyed at the
moaning princess. "With my hairy muff, she's probably going crazy. But I'm
never going to get off with her little bush!" She let loose a little whimper,
the blonde hairs on Marle's shaven pussy barely fulfilling her. "Looks like
I'm going to have to up the ante here..." she continued in her head, flashing
the entranced princess a devilish snicker.

With a subtle motion, Lucca began rubbing her grinding her sex into Marle's
faster and faster, the two dripping organs heating up considerably as the
friction increased. "Oh!" the prone blonde cried out as she felt her loins
begin to burn with a lustful fire. "Slow down, it's too fast!"

Lucca would hear nothing of it. "No way!" she grunted, thrusting herself
repeatedly at her feminine lover. "This is great!" She jovially squished her
wet organ against Marle's, her breasts the only thing that would've convinced
any onlookers there wasn't a big, fat pumping into the sexy blonde. She could
feel sweat beading on her lower back and chest, warming her breasts and butt
even in the cool mountain air. Marle seemed to resign herself to the
gratifying torture of her overused slit, moaning even louder as she lifted
her legs to allow Lucca to get in even closer.

Now that both of their thighs were together as well as their crotches, their
lubricated rubbing skin only increasing the good feelings that swept over the
girls. "Oh my..." Lucca sighed out loud. "I didn't think it would be this
good!" Her knees felt weak, as if she would collapse unless she used all of
her concentration to remain standing. It certainly couldn't match Crono's
loving cock pummeling her quim, but it was better than those disgusting
soldiers violating her.

She couldn't believe it, but after only a few minutes of heavy clit-dueling,
her orgasm suddenly sneaking up on her. "Oh Marle!" she moaned, falling onto
her partner's sweaty body. The princess picked up right where the sexy
scientist left off, wrapping her long legs around Lucca's tight behind and
pulling her closer and she thrust her shapely hips into the purple flower on
top of her. All without missing a beat.

It was Lucca who was at the mercy of her body now, flailing helplessly on top
of her mate, their breasts mashing erotically together while she spewed forth
dirty grunts. "Ugh, ugh ugh!" she panted as cracks of pleasure rocked her

Marle took the initiative, feeling she owed her friend for such a satisfying
orgasm before. Placing her hand on the nape of her lover's neck, she gently
shifted Lucca's gaze to her inviting green eyes. "I'll do it now." she
coaxed, referring to the feverish pussy-thrusting. "You just come your brains

Lucca was too far gone to object, letting herself finally go at hearing that.
Just as her pink hole began spewing it's honey all over her lover, she felt
mouth being guided into Marle's for a deep kiss. Without thinking, she let
her tongue wander into her friend's lips, reveling in the smooth, creamy
flesh that was so different than what she was used to. She brought her hands
to the princess' cheeks, pulling herself closer to seal their oral bond and
muffle her escaping groans. Marle did the same, completing their loving
liplock as her own slit began spraying its juices for the second time.

Once the girls were both in the throes of orgasm, the rubbing tapered off
into tiny thrusts as the twin lovers strained to prolong their mutual
pleasure. At last, their thrashing came to a sweaty halt. The females too
spent to continue fucking for the moment, they disengaged their happy lips
to allow the panting built up inside of them to explode in a flurry of quick

"Oh my God!" Lucca shrieked, near tears from how beautiful the experience had
been. "That felt like... like..."

"Like what?" asked Marle, gazing into the blue sea of her partner's glazed

"Spectacular!" she whispered excitedly, giving the princess another quick
peck on the lips. "Like my very first time all over again."

"Oh!" Marle said with a grimace, turning away embarrassed. "Don't remind me."

"Hey..." Lucca replied reassuringly, running her nose through Marle's mane.
"At least they weren't doing it in your butt or making you suck on it." she
added playfully, taking a gentle finger and running it over Marle's soft
cheek. "Although I can see why, with such an irresistible *thing*."

"Stop it!" teased Marle, embarrassed.

"Come on." Lucca pleaded in a sexy voice. "Didn't you feel something when you
saw them take my clothes off?"

"Maybe..." Marle stuttered. "A little."

"Don't lie..." the scientist warned. "Your body doesn't..." she slid her
sopping wet snatch over Marle's bare cunny, eliciting a surprised moan from
the blonde girl. "And neither do I. How I wish I could've done it with you
first and showed you how great sex can be, but I had to settle for just
watching. But what a show..." she giggled at that last sentence, her mind
wandering through the sexy sights of yesterday.

"Allright, allright!" Marle conceded, trying to dodge the gentle thrusts at
her sensitive bits. "I just wished they would've made us... do it... instead
of them. So I'd still be a virgin. I'm not gay or anything."

"Neither am I!" chuckled Lucca, releived that her mate was merely unsure
of herself. "But what we just did felt good, right?" She nestled her small
breasts into Marle's, rubbing their nipples together. "REAL good?"

"Yeah..." the princess sighed, lost in pleasant memories.

"Good." finished the scientist with a smile. "Because you came twice already,
so you owe me one!" Pushing herself up with her palms, she slowly pulled her
sticky cunt from Marle's and crawled forward, leaving a slimy trail along the
girl's body as she made her way towards the other end. "Now I want you to
lick me as good as I did you!" she yelled behind her, dangling her dripping
womanhood above Marle's surprised face.

"But I don't know how to..." the princess started to protest, but was quickly
smothered by the approaching mass of flesh, hair, and juices. All she could
do was eagerly lap at the come that began pooling on her face as Lucca held
her crotch steady on top of the blonde girl's mouth, a huge grin on her face
as she rocked her cunt back and forth.

"That's it!" she panted. "Keep going!" Marle was too busy trying to gulp
down Lucca's juices to actually use her tongue, although it was good enough
if the moaning coming from above was any indication. At first, the princess
has no real idea how to really please her mate. She kept kissing the red
folds in front of her as if they were a boy's. Then she remembered the
infinite pleasure derived from the slippery tongue that had pierced her own

Experimentally, she opened her lips and flicked her fleshy organ into Lucca's
quivering pussy. A rewarding moan encouraged her to continue, so she thrust
herself deeper into the scientist, continuing the ministrations on the
outside with her lips. "If she wants it that bad..." Marle thought to herself
impishly. "I'm gonna give it to her!"

With little resistance from her heaving partner, the princess grabbed Lucca's
waist and slowly started rolling over, giving the sexy girl enough time to
notice. The two lovers turned slowly, not daring to break their erotic
melding of mouth and mound. Soon Lucca was on her back, with Marle on top
lapping away in this easier position. The purple-haired beauty took advantage
immediately, wrapping her slender legs around the head snuggled in her lower
depths. Everything in her body felt like it was about to melt -- even her
cute little toes wiggled furiously from the direct stimulation.

"Almost there..." Lucca panted, feeling her orgasm flare up as quickly as
before. And not a moment too soon, for Marle's inexperienced orifice had
found the tiny red clit below her purple muff. The scientist gasped in
horror as she felt like she was about to pee out her entire bladder, to
be releived seconds later when the only thing to emerge from her dripping
snatch was more fragrant girl-cream, which the princess swallowed as
eagerly as she could muster, making quite a mess of both of them.

She came lasted a long time compared to the earlier magnificence. Not as
violent, and more like a release she hadn't been able to achieve before.
Lucca simply laid back and signed contently as her body drained the last
bit of juice into Marle's awaiting lips. She passed out for a few moments,
waking up to find Marle on top of her in the reverse of their previous
orientation. "Yum..." she said, gingerly swapping come and saliva with her
prone partner. The young girl only moaned softly as they locked lips again.

* * *

Lucca quickly fell asleep in Marle's lips, exhausted from the day's double
fuck. The princess couldn't bear to disturb her, so she let herself drift
into unconsciousness as well, their hot bodies radiating womanly scent as
they napped amongst the distant sounds of falling water and chittering
forest creatures.

When the scientist finally stirred, she awoke to find Marle lying on her
side next to her, rubbing her petite breasts. "You're all sweaty." she
commented warmly. "Want to go back in the water together?" Lucca agreed,
of course, and the two hopped back into the cool mountain river to wash
up. They passed the time not only cleaning their own bodies, but exploring
each others as well. They soon discovered a willing partner is a much
better model for learning about your own anatomy than a mirror could
possibly be.

After they finished, Marle got up and sauntered over to the pile of wet
clothes, bringing them over to the water hole and spreading them out on the
warm grass to dry while Lucca playfully swatted at her butt cheeks. Jumping
back in with her friend, she swiftly jammed two fingers in the purple cunt
in retaliation, smiling as Lucca grimaced in pleasure before pulling her
lover close for another kiss.

"If I'm going to be trapped four hundred years in the past, I couldn't have
asked for a better companion." she said truthfully, gazing into her mate's

"It's going to be some life..." Marle replied with a laugh. She would've said
more, but a large shadow suddenly loomed over both of them.

"A little early to be counting me out, don't you think?" said Crono, looming
over the naked girls with his hands on his hips and a broad smile.

Chapter 7 - The Hidden Truth

"Crono, you're here!" Marle explained, completely forgetting what she
*wasn't* wearing. Clothes, of course. She leapt out of the shallow water and
onto the ground, hugging her hero tightly as her wet breasts soaked into his

Lucca just smirked from her wet abode, making no effort to cover her body
seeing that the blonde wasn't. "We didn't really know what happened." the
scientist explained. "I'm had guessed that we got pulled in the portal with

"But you weren't sure." Crono finished, placing his hands on Marle's wet
back and gently stroking her smooth flesh nonchalantly. "So you went ahead
and started the fun without me..." The princess realized what he said, and
suddenly backed away, making a halfhearted effort to cover herself for
modesty's sake.

"How long... were you watching?" she squeaked ashamedly, feeling her slit
begin to burn at the mere thought.

"Long enough to see the two of you go at it." Crono replied with a wide grin.
To prove it, he reached over and gently pulled the hand that was covering her
pussy over to his crotch. Marle gasped slightly at the hard flesh concealed
within, emanating as much heat as her own aroused loins. "And as much as I'd
love to, I wouldn't want to ignore my girl."

He turned to Lucca, by now standing up in the pool and watching the lust
flare between the two of them. Her slightly annoyed look vanished instantly
when her boyfriend turned to her, extending his hands out. She reached over,
and he pulled her up and onto the shore in one powerful bound, right into his
arms. He smashed his lips into hers almost forcibly, but she didn't mind in
the least, meeting his thrashing tongue with her own thrusts while they
exchanged saliva. "Crono..." she panted when the moment ended. "Please... do
me now!"

She ground her crotch into him brazenly, letting her desire take control of
her body. "I know how you don't like waiting..." he teased, gently lowering
her to the ground where she had orgasmed not more than half an hour ago. Her
naked cunt glistened of its own accord now, hungrily awaiting the pleasure
her previous encounter had been but a mere prelude to.

As soon as she was on her back, Crono quickly tossed away his shirt and knelt
down in front of her, guiding her bare feet to his shoulders and pointing
them at the sky. Lucca grabbed her legs as she watched him unbuckle and drop
his pants to the grass, his majestic rod unfurling itself as it was freed,
pulsing and bobbing wildly before her. Marle scooted over and knelt down
opposite of Crono, intent on watching what was about to unfold as her hand
drifted slowly down to her cunny.

Wanting to make sure she was wet enough, Crono slid his member along Lucca's
slit, her lubrication quickly coating both of their organs while the girl
purred with anticipation. When he was ready, he pointed himself to her deep
channel and sank all the way inside her without a word. He had been hard too
long watching these beauties get each other off, and had absolutely no
patience to take it slow.

"Unnnhhh!" erupted from Lucca as she felt the wonderfully familiar cock
plunge into her, filling her private place with a fantastic feeling. Her
entire body rocked back and forth on the soil as her man slammed into her
tight snatch with such force that even her small breasts bounced seductively
over her chest. "Uh uh uh!" she cried out even louder, immensely happy he
was taking the initiative and letting her simply absorb the sensations.

Marle, meanwhile, was not about to let them exclude her. This was clearly a
game for two, but that didn't mean she couldn't play her own! As she took in
the erotic scene in front her, she dipped her nimble fingers into her
dripping sex, wincing slightly as her tight passage opened wide to
accommodate her probing digits. It felt weird to be masturbating now, after
being introduced to so much sex in the past few days. But her faithful touch
would keep her hot and ready for when the two of them were done.

If Crono had continued his frenzied pace, he would already be coating his
lover's insides with blasts of cum, but he had managed to slow down since his
initial onslaught. Lucca moaned softly as she received the gentle thrusts she
loved so much, watching his hard pole slick with her juices repeatedly enter
her wetness. His hands now wandered over her petite boobs, rubbing the
sensitive nipples he so rarely saw as Lucca simply panted, so absorbed in her
own pleasure to not even care how small her tits were.

"Mmmph! Mmmph!" Marle groaned, unwittingly distracting Crono from his girl as
the boy's gaze wandered to the princess' splayed labia. Her nether lips were
quivering furiously as their owner held them apart with her pointer and ring
fingers while her middle plunged deep inside her warm depths. Combined with
her other hand fondling her large breasts, this was her favorite technique.
It had served her well through many lonely nights locked in her castle, when
she had turned to staining her bed with love fluids to break the monotony of
royal life.

And now Crono was looking at a sight no other person had ever seen before --
the princess of Guardia pleasuring herself. Her flushed face rocked back in
forth while her eyes remained tightly shut, unable to gaze on the lovemaking
duo in front of her for fear she would start coming uncontrollably and end
the wondrous sensations. When she dared to peek out a little bit, she
immediately saw Crono's transfixed stare at her, and burst into a smile at
him finding her show so attractive. Her rosy visage, bright with happiness
was what really pushed him over the edge. Dimly he could hear his lover
beneath him calling out.

"Oh God, Crono!" Lucca screamed as she started coming, her tight vaginal
walls squeezing the invader inside her. Timed perfectly, Crono's cock began
spurting his pent-up seed inside his girlfriend, grunting emphatically as he
continued pummeling her body while he orgasmed. When the two of them were
finally spent, Crono collapsed onto her, both of their sweaty bodies rubbing
together slightly as his tool spasmed it's last juice into her purple-clad

"Oh, oh, oh!" yelled Marle, calling Crono's attention once again to her naked
form. Watching the two of them climax was more than enough to fuel her own
orgasm, unabashedly fingering herself as the feelings swept over her exposed
slit, mere inches from the boy's face. Overcome by her naughty desires, she
slid her other hand down to her pussy, rubbing her wrist furiously over her
tiny clit.

In no time at all, she was wailing like a banshee, staring at her shaven
snatch while it poured forth its honey before Crono's eyes, dripping fragrant
goo onto the soft grass. Even though he had just exploded into Lucca's hot
box, he felt no weariness entering his body as he watched this beautiful
maiden perform her most private act in front of him. Then, as quick as it
began, Marle slowly fell back into the cool shore, her hands still embedded
in her juicy channel.

Crono couldn't help himself. He had to experience her sex as well. Looking
back down to his girl, he planted a quick kiss on her puffed lips to awaken
her from momentary unconsciousness. Lucca stirred, gazing lovingly into her
man's eyes. "You're still hard..." she whispered. While they were both young
and virile, this was still a wonderful rarity.

"You won't mind if I take care of her, too..." he pleaded, referring to the
blonde teenager in front of them.

Lucca rolled her eyes in mock disgust. "It wouldn't be fair." she said
softly. "To be stuck in the past without a man... I'll just have to share
you." She sighed, relenting willingly. "Screw her brains out." she added
with a devilish smile.

Happy to get the eager approval of his mate, Crono pulled out of her, his
stiff member running through her purple fuzz and depositing a mixture of
their love juices. He rose up onto all fours, lumbering towards Marle like
an animal in heat. Being half-unconscious, like Lucca had been, the princess
didn't even notice until he was right on top of her, panting heavily at her
vulnerable treasures. She opened her eyes in surprise, ecstatic that it was
her turn now.

"Are you ready?" Crono asked politely, knowing what the answer would be.
Without even a word of assent, Marle wrapped her arms around his neck and
pulled herself up, sucking on his tongue the second their lips touched.
She leaned to the side while Crono struggled to carry her weight, and they
rolled over so that she was now on top, her sweaty folds tightly against
the straining cock underneath her. The voluptuous twin mounds on her chest
pressed against Crono's pecs as the two of them explored each other's

"Don't worry." she said breathlessly as their lips parted. "I'll do all the
work." Crono watched on with delight as she sat up, her cute little butt
resting on his thighs while her bare box flirted with the stiff rod mere
inches from her naked womb. After a few breaths to prepare herself, Marle
sat up on her knees, sliding back a little bit until her sopping vagina was
directly over his cock, which was now pointed right where it wanted to be,
still coated in his cum.

The princess obliged, holding herself up by placing her hands on her
lover's stomach while she slowly slid the massive object inside her
recently-deflowered tunnel. Although she'd recently had a flurry of lovers,
her vaginal walls were still as tight as ever, and she found herself
hard-pressed to continue at a rate that didn't feel uncomfortable. Slowly
Crono's member slid into her warm depths, every tiniest motion forwards
producing a gentle squeak from the blonde girl as the full feeling expanded
in her.

"She's lucky I already blew a load in sweet Lucca..." Crono said to himself.
"Otherwise I'd really be banging her!" He smiled at the thought of this girl
flailing helplessly as his prick slammed into her as hard as he could muster.
"Soon..." he thought, consoling his anxious loins as they waited for the

It took nearly a minute, but soon Marle had the entire tool buried inside her
tight little snatch, a broad grin of accomplishment on her face as she looked
at her filled cunny. "It feels so nice!" she said, feeling noticeable pangs
of pleasure as Crono tightened his groin muscles, causing his member to pulse
inside her.

"Okay, I'll go now..." Marle said innocently, as she gingerly made her way
through what was for all intents and purposes, her first lovemaking session.
She rocked her hips gently, pulling about halfway off of the rock-hard shaft
before sinking back down to the hint, Crono's red tuft at the base of his
shaft making her hairless labia appear like a natural redhead's. "Oooh, it's
so good!" she moaned, happily bouncing up and down as her bountiful tits
swung every which way.

"It'll feel better if you do it harder..." Crono hinted, pleased she liked
to talk during sex.

"Harder?" Marle questioned, moving her gaze from the slick piston plowing
into her to her lover's eyes.

"Here, I'll show you..." Crono instructed, smiling as Marle waited to see
what he meant. On her next thrust, he waited until she had pulled nearly off
of him, then raised his crotch to meet hers midair, spearing her deepest
reaches skillfully.

"Ooohhhhhhhh!" Marle fluttered, feeling an intense blow in places not even
the soldiers had gone. She nearly doubled over, her small arms barely
sustaining the weight of her upper body as she continued to ride him. "I
think you hit my cervix..." she groaned, slamming into him even harder.

"Did you like it?" Crono teased.

"Yesssssss!" she hissed, tuning him out to focus on the fucking. Her pelvic
movements were moving faster now, the hilt of Crono's dick pounding against
her slit with such force the puffy lips were turning red. "Oh, Crono!" she
panted, her mind dwelling only on the friction on her crotch. "I love you!"

"Then you'll have to share him with me!" Lucca commanded, suddenly stepping
over the mating couple, her hands moist with both her and Crono's fluids
from "watching" her boyfriend plug the pretty princess. Marle let go of
Crono, rising straight up. In front of her was the purple bush she'd gotten
rather acquainted with these past few hours. Knowing instantly what her
friend wanted, she grabbed Lucca's creamy butt cheeks and pulled her close,
lapping at the gooey mess in front of her mouth.

Lucca's dripping sex had the feminine musk she could already smell, but also
a new flavor. Feeling a slimy substance mixed in with Lucca's nether flesh,
she suddenly remembered watching Crono's cock bulge as he emptied himself
into his girl minutes before. Marle began to lick even harder, feeling
immensely turned on at the thought of his seed entering her body from both
ends. The scientist above her appreciated her fervor, calling out Marle's
name softly as she felt another climax rapidly approaching.

Crono, too, could feel his loins churning as the princess' glorious passage
stimulated his cock from all sides. He looked up from the fabulous sight,
and discovered the action going on above him -- his girlfriend hugging
Marle's head to her sweaty body as she got eaten out. "This multiple partner
thing isn't so bad as long as she wants women!" Crono thought, watching as
the petite princess continued to fuck him.

Knowing he couldn't hold out much longer, he knew he had to say something.
Shooting in Lucca was one thing, but he didn't know if Marle wanted him to
do the same to her. "Ugh!" he grunted, feeling Marle's vagina clamp around
him viciously. "I'm almost there..." he said. "Do you want to pull out?"

"No!" she shot back, pausing her tongue-washing of Lucca for a second, her
fingers filling the void her mouth left. "Put it in me! Fill me up!" She
clenched her slick walls again, watching Crono jerk into her as his rod
began spraying her womb with his cum. She continued squeezing her fleshy
lips together, wanting to make this real good for her lover. At the same
time, she felt her fingers suddenly awash in girl-come as Lucca creamed
all over her hands, yelling out she came.

The princess moved her mouth to Lucca's slit, eager to swallow the water
that was flowing down her legs, but she suddenly felt her pussy explode with
pleasure, soaking her lover's body with honey. In all her hurry to make her
friends happy, she had neglected her own body, which retaliated with a
powerful, surprise orgasm. The whole world dropped away, and she sat there
helpless as her legs and mouth worked instinctively to keep Crono and Lucca

Joining the longtime lovers in the "falling asleep after great sex" club,
Marle awoke a few hours later, still on top of Crono with his dick wedged
in her. Lucca was on top, her warm cunny dripping all over her rear end.
As she stirred, she realized Crono was awake already, watching her sleep.

"I didn't want it to end yet..." he started, explaining his reason for
waiting patiently for the girls to arise.

"Don't worry." Marle soothed, caressing his cheek with her hand. "It never
will..." She sealed the three adventurer's fate with a kiss, her mind reeling
with love for her newfound friends.

* * *

The sad news Crono had to break to the girls once they pondered their
situation was the truth about where they were. Twenty years before they could
attempt to alter time, and they couldn't risk coming into contact with anyone
from this period. Marle and Lucca took it pretty well. After all, if they
were going to be stranded away from society, at least they had a virile man
to keep them happy.

With Crono's brawn and Lucca's brains, they were able to erect a decent
shelter on the mountaintop. Marle proved to be quite the marksman, and as
soon as the trio perfected a homemade bow, she became the primary source for
their food. Birds, animals, and fish all fell before her keen eye to become
the night's dinner. Crono's continually improving swordsmanship allowed him
to take on the larger animals, to use their pelts for clothing, and chop down
trees for improvements and repairs to their home. Lucca's amazing brain was
kept busy inventing basic necessities out of the limited materials on the
mountaintop, and never ceased to amaze anyone, even herself, with a new

When the group exhausted the amount of things to achieve on their isolated
habitat, they began making nondescript trips to Dorino and Porre every few
months, trading pelts and food preserved in sea salt for things they could
not readily make. Always one person at a time, they were ever careful not to
disturb the delicate timestream as they procured items such as metals and
woven clothing. Lucca had eventually managed to create gunpowder from the
bat droppings in a nearby cave and some sulphur deposits. The world's first
rifle came in quite handy for taking down bears and wildcats, whose hides
always fetched a good price in town.

And of course, there was more sex than any of them could've anticipated.
Truth was, there wasn't much else to do in the Dendaro Mountains. Through
the long years, Crono dutifully kept his ladies satisfied every night,
savoring each girl's different feel. It was a simple, yet dignified
existence, and though they became quite good at keeping busy, they never
forgot why they were here.

So one day when Crono came back to the home after an excursion, a large red
beard framing his middle-aged face, he announced the time had come. The
villagers told tales of a strange monster that had appeared in the forest
far west of Guardia Castle, with the power to poison the minds of the
soldiers and drive them mad with hate for their countrymen. The three
adventurers knew their the time had come to act before the beast managed to
get to the king. With a heavy heart, they bade farewell to their life here,
which had been as long as the time they had spent in the future.

When they crossed into their homeland for the first time in twenty years,
albeit burdened with the passage of time, they resisted a strong urge to
visit Truce, boldly trekking westward, towards the strange structure
supposedly rising out of the forest floor.

Their timing was perfect, as luck would have it. When Crono's massive arms
cast open the doors of the cathedral, Yakra was on the altar in his true
form, epicly proclaiming the downfall of humans to his servants. The demon
saw the intruders immediately, but it was certain doom for the others.

Lucca and Marle swept to the sides, blocking all escape while they drew
their weapons. A metal click suddenly alerted the gathering before Yakra
could mutter even a word. As soon as the goons had turned around, the
scientist fired into the crowd, slaying one of them before bending down
to reload. Marle was just as deadly, her practiced arms whirling arrows
from a quiver and through her bow like water. Crono's blinding sword
lashed cruelly into any who managed to escape the wood and metal barrage.
In no time, it was over.

All except for the boss monster, the reason for their coming here. Without
pausing, the girls unloaded their salvos into the beast as it lumbered
towards them, rolling along the stone floor in an attempt to crush them
under its mass. The human were far too quick, however, and Yakra began
firing quills at the unsuspecting adventurers, striking each of them before
Crono decided to end the battle.

Bravely charging forth, he leapt up and impaled his blade into the demon's
back, withdrawing as the monster slashed the air in an attempt to catch him.
On the ground again, the swordsman swung wide, then pushed off the fresh
wound and spun over, making a gash on the other side. As Yakra at there
dazed, momentarily disoriented by the double attack, Crono struck the fatal
blow, stabbing straight ahead into its soft underbelly. The beast roared up
on its legs, exposing itself to arrows and gunfire as it screamed in a

All three were smiling in victory as the end came. As Yakra fell to the
ground, the last breath of life escaping his body, the future was suddenly
rewritten. No longer would the Mystic lord Magus wage war through his
descendants four hundred years hence with this menace defeated. But changing
the future had come with a price, one that Crono, Marle, and Lucca had

As the beast left the world of the living, so did the heroes that slew him,
winking out of existence as their entire being, while necessary for their
future selves, ceased to exist. Although their bodies were gone, their
actions had remained. And while everything that had come through the time
portal vanished along with them, the objects that had been made since

That is exactly what Queen Leene discovered when she happened upon the
cathedral, days after being separated from her guards in a monster attack.
As she rummaged through the piles of clothes and weapons, she chanced upon
something long and solid in a woman's robe. It was a yellow phallus, quite
curious to look at. "It almost looks like a..." she thought, the words
trailing off as her proper upbringing refused her to even think the word.
As she waved it about, it suddenly came to life, pulsing as was its
intended purpose. In shock, she let it fall to the ground, the vibrator
Marle had invented smashing into unrecognizable pieces. But not without
leaving it's mark...

Leene shivered as the tiny motor fell out, sending a slight shock through
her body as it hit the floor. Her green pendant, handed down by the Queens
of Guardia for as long as time could recall, glowed faintly through her
thick garments undetected.

And the cogs of fate turned in a wholly unanticipated direction...

Four hundred years later...

"No way!" Marle exclaimed. "Throw the switch!"

Lucca did, smiling as the blonde man-stealer was about to be stunned by her
genius. The transporting pod was encased in an odd blue light, something that
had never happened in any of the test runs. Crono and Lucca watched in horror
as a bright blue sphere behind the machine suddenly appeared, drawing the
pendant at Marle's neck to it.

As the princess screamed, trying desperately to escape the gravitational
forces, she yanked the green stone off her neck and cast it away, but her
momentum was already carrying her towards the abyss, and she fell inside
the light before the pendant could arc it's way back. The sphere vanished,
leaving only the jewelry behind.

While the commotion ensued, Lucca adjusted her glassed to make sure that
had really happened. Satisfied that it had, she turned to her man, just as
shocked as everyone else was.

"Well I'll be damned." she said sarcastically. "It worked."
_ _ _

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