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Authors note: This story takes place in Season 4.

Keywords: Anal, BDSM, FF, Oral, Rim, Spank, Toys

Chuck: Practice Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

When Ellie heard the sound of the door to her bedroom opening she kept her head down like the obedient sex slave she had become.

As with every other time it happened she briefly worried it was someone other than her mistress. Chuck, or Morgan, or Casey would all be horrifying, and while if it was her husband Devon she could probably convince him she was waiting naked for him, explaining away her being on her knees as getting up from some kind of exercise and she was simply wearing a butt plug to help prepare her to eventually take his big dick up her ass, but that would mean she wouldn't get to please her mistress, something which was more important today than any other.

Thankfully the door was softly closed and locked, whoever it was obviously unsurprised to see Ellie on her knees without a stitch of clothing on. Shortly after that a pair of long beautiful legs strolled up to her, Ellie swearing she had been given the honour of kissing those high heels before.

Finally hand slid into her hair and stroked it affectionately, an extremely familiar voice murmuring, "Hello Ellie, are you ready to submit to me?"

"Yes Mistress Sarah, I want to be yours completely." Ellie replied quickly and truthfully.

Sarah smiled, "Lift your head up."

Once her pet had obeyed Sarah slowly stepped forward, positioning herself so that her crotch was pressed directly against Ellie's face.

As was always the case Sarah became increasingly aroused as her time with Ellie grew closer so she had no doubt the woman could smell her excitement through her clothes. Hell, Sarah felt like she could smell it herself.

After allowing Ellie to smell her arousal for a few long seconds Sarah asked, "Is this what you want Ellie?"

"God yes Mistress Sarah, more than anything." Ellie quickly replied.

"And what exactly is it that you want?" Sarah pushed.

"Your pussy Mistress Sarah, I want to eat your pussy." Ellie confessed, happily elaborating as she looked up into the eyes of the woman she was so desperate to please, "I want to bury my face in your womanhood and worship you like the goddess you are. To lick you, to suck you, to fuck you with my unworthy tongue like the cunt starving lesbian you have turned me into. For you to cum in my whore mouth. I, I just want to please you Mistress. To be your personal pussy licker. A mouth and tongue for you to use for your pleasure. That's what I want. Please give it to me. Please? I want it so bad. Please Mistress Sarah, let me eat your beautiful pussy."

Sarah beamed with pride. Ellie had become such a good pet, so wonderfully eager to please her mistress and embrace her new role as Sarah's bitch. And God knows those submissive little words made Sarah want to pull down her short skirt and panties, tighten her grip on these beautiful brown locks and shove Ellie's face as deep as it would go into her dripping cunt. However a good Dom knew when to show restraint, and now was one of those times.

"I may give you that privilege, if you really want it." Sarah said softly.

"I do Mistress." Ellie said quickly, "I want to eat your pussy."

"Then you must first earn it." Sarah said firmly, moving over to the bed, sitting down on it and then patting her lap, "This time we shall begin with a spanking."

"As you wish Mistress Sarah." Ellie said softly, crawling over on her hands and knees with her head down, quick to place herself over her owner's knee once she reached her destination.

"Good girl." Sarah murmured softly, taking a moment to admire the ass she had become so obsessed with spanking and fucking. Immediately her eyes were drawn in between those full cheeks, a smile crossing Sarah's face as she saw something that was expected but nevertheless welcome and worthy of slight praise, even if it was only in the form of an acknowledgement, "I see you remembered to wear your butt plug."

"Of course Mistress Sarah, my ass needs to be loose and ready to take whatever you want to give it at a moments notice." Ellie said softly as she felt her butt cheeks being gently pulled apart so that her mistress could get a better look at her plug filled ass hole, "And I hope you will take the time to use it for your pleasure. You know how much I love being your nasty little anal slut, don't you Mistress?"

"That I do." Sarah agreed, before giving Ellie's ass a hard smack, "But do not try and manipulate me into giving you what you want slut! I'm the Mistress here."

"Yes Mistress, absolutely Mistress, I wouldn't dream of undermining your authority Mistress." Ellie quickly insisted before adding, "I was just trying to please you Mistress Sarah, I swear, but if you want to spank me longer and harder for my insolence so be it. Or don't. The decision is yours. Always yours. I am nothing but your unworthy slut."

Sarah smiled. Ellie had learned her lessons well, embracing her submissive side and becoming a perfect little sub. Or at least perfect once her training was complete. First though Sarah would remind Ellie who was the mistress and who was the bitch in the easiest way possible.

"Yes, you are nothing but my unworthy slut. My bitch. Now shut up and take your spanking." Sarah ordered as she raised her hand, bringing it down on the final word and then quickly repeating the process.

As Ellie had been a good bitch Sarah kept the spanking reasonably gentle, using enough force so that the brunette would definitely feel it while using just over half the strength she was capable of. Ellie's firm little ass cheeks still jiggled hypnotically and very slowly turned first a light then a dark shade of pink under the assault, but Sarah stopped long before they reached the crimson red she had occasionally beaten Ellie's ass too.

Considering the number of spankings she had given her slave Sarah was confident Ellie would know the difference and be grateful for it. More importantly she would understand that this was what she got when she was good. A small amount of pain followed by a large amount of pleasure, as opposed to a large amount of both. Constant reminders of that helped keep a sub happy and well trained, two things Ellie was proving very much to be.

Of course the quick, gentle spanking was not just for Ellie's benefit. At least not for her physical benefit. After all people wandered into this home at seemingly all hours of the day so spanking Ellie here at any time, no matter how sure Sarah was that no one was going to be here, was an incredible risk. Hell, doing anything here was a risk, but that did give it a certain extra flair. Besides, Sarah deeply wanted to fuck Ellie in the bed which the brunette doctor shared with her husband. Not only would it be a total rush but it would help solidify Sarah's dominance over Ellie, something the blonde spy was determined to do.

Ellie was all for helping her mistress solidify her dominance over her. In fact there wasn't anything she wouldn't do to make that happen, and receiving spanking seemed like such a trivial thing now compared to the debauchery she had submitted too. After all this was the woman who owned her ass, Ellie submitting her forbidden hole to this dominant blonde and allowing her to use it as a fuck hole whenever she wanted. And Ellie's actual fuck hole, the one she was supposed to save for her husband, was also Sarah's to do with as she pleased. As was Ellie's mouth. Or at least it soon would be.

As Ellie was eager to complete her submission to Sarah she was glad the spanking turned out to be brief, although there was a twisted part of her which wished the blonde had been harder on her. That her mistress had beaten her ass so red she wouldn't be able to sit down for hours, something Ellie was becoming used to thanks to the constant spankings and ass fuckings she was taking an emotionally she loved it. She loved it when her ass hurt because it was a testament to Sarah's dominance over her.

At the same time the sensible part of Ellie was very grateful the spanking was brief and gentle as with every blow her ass hole and anal walls clamped down around the butt plug stretching them open. It was a sharp, painful sensation which in some ways felt worse than the blows to her butt which was easily ten times worse when the spanking was hard. And truthfully when it ended Ellie didn't even think about begging for more. Not when what came next was her final submission to her mistress.

"Ok, now that your ass is nice and pink I want you to kneel before me." Sarah ordered, watching as her pet quickly got into position and then taking a moment to admire the pretty sight of the other woman on her knees before adding, "You may look at me."

Again Ellie obeyed without hesitation, the two women locking eyes for a few long seconds before Sarah slowly reached out, cupped her slave's face and gently guided her forwards while she lent downwards.

While Sarah delighted in doing all sorts of perverted things to her slaves she was not a cruel mistress and was sure to occasionally show them tenderness. This was one of those times, Sarah kissing Ellie as gently yet passionately as she could. Unknowingly pleasing her mistress greatly Ellie returned the kiss with just as much gentle passion, the two women quickly becoming lost in the tender sign of affection for several long minutes. Then Sarah broke the kiss and smiled down at her bitch.

"Remove my top Ellie." Sarah whispered softly, lifting her arms to help the removal of the garment before she added, "Now my bra."

The first command Ellie obeyed with ease. The second, not so much. Which to be fair wasn't entirely surprising as so far Sarah had always been the one to remove her clothes during their encounters and unless Ellie had done a extremely convincing job of lying to her than the young doctor had never been in a situation where she had needed to remove another woman's bra before. However while she struggled Ellie persisted, and to her credit not only did she eventually succeed but she managed to avoid ruining the moment as so many of Sarah's previous conquests had by breaking out into laughter.

Not only did Ellie not laugh but when she finally removed the bra she stared at Sarah's breasts with the appropriate amount of awe and lust which told the spy that the other woman was indeed ready to become her pussy licker. Or at least her tittie sucker.

With that in mind, "Ellie, suck them... suck on your Mistress's breasts, mmmmmmmm yes, good girl."

To Sarah's delight Ellie didn't hesitate, the brunette quickly leaning forward and taking the blonde's right nipple into her mouth. There was a brief hesitation after that, but maybe Ellie was just allowing Sarah to enjoy the feeling of her lips wrapped around her nipple. As it was the first time Sarah decided not to push the issue, especially as it wasn't long before Ellie completed the command by beginning to gently suckle on Sarah's nipple, causing the blonde spy to moan loudly with joy.

It was by no means fake but Sarah was mindful not to hold back in the name of gently encouraging Ellie. She also did this by cupping the back of Ellie's head and pressing her more firmly against her right breast which succeeded in making the brunette suck harder. However Sarah was unable to make Ellie move to the left breast just by gently tugging on those brunette locks, proving that for certain commands a more direct approach was necessary.

Luckily Sarah was pretty sure her fuck slut was ready for that, "Ellie, move to my left nipple! Mmmmmm, oh yes, that's it, good girl. Good little tittie sucker. Harder! Suck on my tits harder you little wannabe dyke. Good, now use your tongue. Use your tongue to make me feel good, mmmmmm oooooohhhhhh yesssss, that's it Ellie, mmmmmm, you're such a great tittie sucker. Mmmmmmmm, a nipple sucking slut. You like this huh? That's good, because you're going to do it a lot from now on. Mmmmmm yes, if you're going to be my bitch Ellie then your mouth and tongue will have to be available to me at all times, willing to do anything to please me. Remember that Ellie. Remember that while you're sucking on my tits you beautiful woman."

Ellie didn't need reminding as she had been thinking about it all week. It had been hard to think about anything else, Ellie struggling to concentrate at work and at home with Devon because she was so preoccupied thinking about submitting herself completely to this blonde goddess. In fact after thinking about it over and over it was somewhat a relief to be distracted by Sarah's perfect tits, all other thoughts emptying from Ellie's head other than those that directly involved sucking on these beautiful globes of flesh.

In the past Ellie had thought that some women's breasts were mildly appealing, but she had never quite understood the fascination until she had met Sarah Walker. Then again perhaps even then she wasn't truly appreciating them, not like she was doing right now as she desperately tried to remember everything she ever liked being done to her.

That included kissing the soft supple flesh around the nipples in between lengthy licks and sucks to those most sensitive areas and constantly changing the force of those licks and sucks. Ellie even tried a few things outside her comfort zone, like gently biting down on Sarah's nipples, the effects luckily causing her mistress to cry out joyfully rather than scold her so she continued doing it, while of course concentrating on the licking and sucking.

All too soon Sarah softly ordered, "Get on the bed. I want you on your back looking up at me."

Ellie didn't want to stop worshipping Sarah's tits but she wouldn't dream of disobeying her mistress. So reluctantly she removed her mouth from the blonde's left breast, got up and got onto the bed as instructed. Then Ellie watched as Sarah slowly removed the last of her clothes, got onto the bed and crawled up the brunette's body like a predator stalking its prey.

When they were face to face Sarah gently kissed Ellie on the lips, then slowly moved herself upwards so that her wet pussy was hovering over the other woman's mouth.

Sarah stayed as still as a statue for a few long seconds, then reach down to rub her pussy lips, letting Ellie watch her for a few more seconds before then finally asking, "Do you want this?"

"Yes." Ellie said softly.

There was a moment of silence, and then Sarah said softly but firmly, "Beg for it."

"Please Mistress Sarah, please may I have the privilege of eating your pussy." Ellie began begging without hesitation, "Please? Please may I have the honour of using my mouth and tongue to pleasure you my beautiful Mistress? I swear I'll do whatever I can to make you feel good. To make you cum. I'll worship you with my mouth, fuck your pretty pussy with my tongue, whatever it takes. I want to be a good little lesbian slut for you Mistress Sarah. I want to be your lesbian slut. Your personal pussy licker. To truly and totally become your bitch."

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Sarah grinned as she lowered herself ever so slightly down, just enough so her pussy was inches away from Ellie's mouth.

It was a test to see whether Ellie would realise she had permission and take the initiative to reach up and willingly take her first taste of pussy instead of being force-fed it. Ellie passed with flying colours, quickly lifting her head and sliding her tongue over Sarah's downstairs lips. Then rather than trying to decide whether she liked the flavour or not Ellie immediately licked Sarah's cunt again, and again, and again, establishing a slowly but steadily which soon had Sarah moaning joyfully.

For a few long moments Sarah maintained that same position, forcing her lesbian sex slave to strain her neck to get at her pussy, the other woman putting up with this discomfort to please her. It was intoxicating, but eventually Sarah awarded Ellie for her obedience by slowly lowering herself down further so that the brunette's head was resting against the bed sheets with the blonde's wet centre gently pressed against the married woman's mouth, Sarah making sure to keep most of her weight resting on her legs so she wasn't putting any unnecessary strain on her pet. Again Ellie was obedient, wordlessly allowing herself to be pushed backwards while continuing to lick Sarah's pussy. In fact Ellie began licking Sarah's cunt more eagerly than before, increasing her mistress's pleasure like a good pussy pleaser should.

This made Sarah smile widely, recognising this as a sign that Ellie was becoming more comfortable in the role of a pussy licker and no doubt learning to love the taste. Sarah had seen it many times. In fact there were few things that could compare to giving a previously straight girl her first taste of pussy, Sarah's tasty twat slowly turning them from hesitant lesbian virgin to ravenous rug muncher. And sure, Ellie wasn't quite the blushing lesbian virgin Sarah was used to dealing with at this stage and the blonde spy found she missed the first few cautious licks most of her other conquests had given her cunt but there was something to be said for the brunette's eager tongue work.

At that very moment Ellie wrapped her mouth around Sarah's pussy lips and began gently sucking on them, eagerly swallowing the spy's girl cream as Sarah moaned joyfully. And that wasn't all the blonde did. No, she grinded her cunt down onto Ellie's face, mostly unintentionally but Sarah knew there was a part of her that wanted to smother this woman with her pussy until she came, marking this bitch as her bitch with her cunt cream in the process.

Sarah was so horny she knew it was only a matter of time before she would practically need to do just that, so she decided to hurry things up. Besides, as the dom it was only appropriate that she should be telling her sub what to do, "My clit Ellie, mmmmmmmm, lick my clit. Ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeessssss, mmmmmmm good girl, just like that. Mmmmmmm, maybe a little slower? Oh yes, mmmmmm fuck that's good... now faster, ohhhhhhhh fuck yes, good girl Ellie, oh fuck! Mmmmmmm yes now suck it, suck my clit ooooooooohhhhhhhhh Gawwwwwd yes, oh Ellie, you're pleasing your Mistress. You're pleasing your Mistress soooooooo goooooooddddddd!"

Ellie's heart fluttered at those words, a blissful feeling washing over her at the knowledge she was doing what was now most important to her. More important than anything, even her beloved husband. She was pleasing her mistress. Giving this Goddess of a woman pleasure exactly how she wanted it.

Of course Ellie had fully intended to lick and suck Sarah's clit eventually as while she had never eaten pussy before as a doctor the brunette had an advanced knowledge of the human anatomy, and where to... find certain parts of it. Not that you needed a medical degree to tell you the benefits to clitoris stimulation during heterosexual and especially lesbian sex, or that the clit was the only part of the human anatomy that was exclusively for pleasuring it's owner. However while Ellie had been saving clitoral stimulation for making Sarah cum it was so much sweeter to do it because her mistress told her too.

Which was exactly why Ellie was thrilled when Sarah started giving her other orders, "Now lick my pussy again! Mmmmmmm yeeeeessssss, just like that, long slow licks, ohhhhhhh yessssssss! Yes! Mmmmmmm, now harder! Faster! Ooooooohhhhh yesssssss, slower, slower, mmmmmmm, faster, ohhhhhhh, slower, ooooooh, faster, slower, faster, slower, now back to my clit, ooooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk! Fuck yes! Mmmmmmmm God! Now, mmmmmm, I want you to fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue! Shove your dyke tongue in my pussy you nasty lezzie bitch! Fuck me, yes, oh, oh fuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk meeeeeeee ooooohhhhhh!"

Ellie quickly and obediently followed all of Sarah's commands until she ordered her to fuck her which briefly confused the young doctor, because surely that's what she was doing now? Fucking her? Then she felt stupid as Sarah made it crystal clear what she wanted, Ellie quickly trying to make it up to her mistress by slamming her tongue as deep into the blonde's pussy as it would go and then immediately beginning to thrust it in and out. Sadly because of the overwhelming thrill of having her tongue inside another woman's cunt for the first time those first few thrusts were slow, almost lazily so. Fortunately Ellie quickly got her wits about her and began slamming Sarah's pussy as hard as she could, determined to make her mistress cum.

Once Sarah managed to start talking again it became clear that wouldn't take very long, "Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssss, ohhhhhhh fuck, fuck me, yes, good girl, oh Ellie! You're doing such a great job Ellie! Mmmmmm, you're such a good girl. Ohhhhhhhhh, you're such a great pussy pleaser! Mmmmmm, oh Ellie, I'm going to baptise you Ellie. Baptise you in my cum. Mmmmmmm oh fuck yes, mmmmmmm, I'm gonna cover your pretty face with my cum, mmmmmm, fill your mouth and stomach with it, and then you'll be mine. You'll be my slut, my whore, my bitch, whatever I want you to be you'll be because I'll fucking own you! I'm, I'm going to own you Ellie! Completely and utterly! So, ooooooooh, so you better stop, ahhhhhhhh fuck, you better stop if you don't want to be my bitch because, oooooohhhhhhhh Ellie, mmmmmmm, you're about to become my bitch forever, yessssssss, gonna make you my pussy eating little bitch, mmmmmmm, make you my own personal little rug munching dyke who'll dropped to her knees and eat my pussy whenever I want, whenever I want, and, ooooooooohhhhhhh yesssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, Gawwwwwwwwd yeeeeeeessssssss, and you will never, ever deny me, because I'm going to own you! You're going to be my lesbian sex slave Ellie! A fuck toy for me to use whenever I want! Oh God yes, tongue fuck me you little dyke, oh fuck, oooooooohhhhhhh yesssssss I'm cumming, I'm cuuuuummmmmmiiiinnnnggggg!"

Shortly after Ellie began hammering her tongue in and out of Sarah's cunt as hard as she could the blonde spy began grinding down on her face so hard the brunette could barely breathe, and the air she was taking in was so thick with her mistress's sent Ellie felt like she was breathing in pure Sarah Walker. If Ellie was honest despite facing the danger of passing out or worse it was heaven, especially as when combined with taste and sight her mistress pretty much consumed her entire world.

That feeling only grew stronger when Sarah came like a fountain, somehow something even more heavenly than the blonde's pussy juice pouring down Ellie's throat and directly into her stomach. Once she realised it was Sarah's cum Ellie was instantly addicted, the brunette doctor swallowing as much of the ambrosia as she could before returning to her frantic tongue fucking in the hopes of getting to swallow more of that amazing liquid. Ellie soon got her wish, her wonderful mistress 'baptising' her face over and over again in cum.

Both women completely lost track of how much the brunette made the blonde cum, the only difference being while Ellie felt like she could spend the rest of the night, and perhaps the rest of her life, worshipping at her mistress's altar like this Sarah longed to fuck her brand-new, fully broken in bitch. Or at least be conscious enough to praise her new pet for an amazing job at eating her pussy.

So, admittedly somewhat reluctantly, Sarah found the strength to lift herself up and then down so that she was lying on top of Ellie, the spy not hesitating to kiss the other woman the first chance she got. In fact having the pleasure of tasting her own juices on Ellie's lips and tongue only made Sarah more eager to kiss her new bitch, the submissive brunette unsurprisingly only too happy to welcome the dominant blonde's tongue into her mouth and immediately beginning to worship it with her own.

Sarah allowed Ellie to worship her tongue for several moments as she probed it deep into the brunette's mouth. Then without warning Sarah broke the kiss and grinned down at the cum coated woman underneath her, "So my little dyke, how did you like your first taste of pussy?"

Considering how eagerly Ellie had eaten Sarah's pussy the question wasn't necessary, but the brunette doctor understood her mistress wanted to hear the truth from her lips, something Ellie was only too happy to do, "It was amazing. I loved it. I love the taste of pussy, because I'm a dyke whore. I'm a pussy loving lesbian slut who needs to be fed delicious pussy and be fucked up the ass every single day. Please Mistress Sarah, please tell me that now you have cum in my dyke mouth and all over my lezzie face that I'm now yours completely. That I'm your personal pussy licker. Your anal whore. Your bitch. Because that's what I want to be Mistress. Sarah Walker's bitch."

"And you are." Sarah said softly, sliding her finger around Ellie's lips, "The second I came in this cute little mouth and you swallowed my cum you became my bitch. Well, I suppose technically you already were, that when I shoved my strap on cock up your ass and took your anal cherry you became my bitch, but now you're officially mine completely. Now I've covered your pretty face in my cum I've marked you as mine. My property to do with as I please."

"Oh yes, thank you Mistress. Thank you for marking me as yours." Ellie beamed, quickly adding, "I'm going to be such a good bitch for you Mistress Sarah, I swear. Please do whatever you want to me!"

"Well then, how about we celebrate your complete submission to me with a little butt fucking?" Sarah grinned as she moved back slightly, "Bend over bitch! I want you to stick that pretty ass of yours in the air so I can fuck it."

"Oh yes Mistress, please fuck my ass!" Ellie exclaimed happily as she flipped over onto her stomach and then pushed her knees up so she was in the requested position, "Please fuck the slutty little ass you own! The slutty little ass you fucked and made yours. Mmmmmmm, fuck me Mistress Sarah, fuck me the same way you fucked me the first time. Fuck me in the ass! Fuck me in the ass just like you did the first time when you made me your bitch to celebrate my complete submission to you Mmmmmmm, ass fuck me Mistress Sarah. Please, I want you to ass fuck me so bad. Please, I'll do anything. Anything for you Mistress Sarah. Like... spread my cheeks! Would you like me to spread my ass cheeks for you Mistress Sarah?"

"No, just shut up and let me enjoy your cute little butt." Sarah ordered as she pulled Ellie's butt plug out and quickly sucked it clean before tossing it aside and burying her face in between Ellie's ass cheeks.

While the clearly delirious Ellie had been blabbering Sarah had already used her lightning quick reflexes to go over to her bag and grab the biggest dildo in her collection, strap it around her waist and get back into position behind her target. Now she was attacking the target with the same skill she showed in her job, only with twice the level of enthusiasm, Sarah's tongue sliding over Ellie's ass hole half a dozen times before the brunette took a brief break to kiss the beautiful flesh surrounding it before going right back to that tiny hole.

Ellie's ass was a thing of beauty and Sarah could happily spend hours just giving Ellie a long drawn-out rim job, however while there was part of her which still wanted to spend a long time licking ass Sarah was overwhelmed by the need to pound ass. So after only about five minutes of eating Ellie's ass Sarah sucked greedily on one of her fingers, spat on her bitch's back door and then forcefully pushed her finger into the brunette's butt.

The small penetration caused Ellie to cry out joyfully, Sarah smiling proudly as her slut clearly wanted to beg for more but held her tongue, Ellie proving once again what a great sub she would make. Of course Ellie was already a very good sub, but while she was now thoroughly broken in it would take a while to fully train her, something Sarah was definitely looking forward too. For now though Sarah concentrated on thrusting her finger up and down, side to side, and of course in and out of Ellie's tight little hole, butt fucking the other woman at a slow but steady pace, making sure the brunette doctor's ass hole was thoroughly stretched out before the blonde spy added another finger.

Sarah repeated this process until she had all four of the fingers on her right hand in Ellie's slutty ass. Normally at this stage she would pull her fingers out and replace them with her strap on, but... while Sarah still really wanted to pound Ellie's ass there was more than one way to do that, and the blonde was feeling adventurous.

So after spitting on her thumb, and then on Ellie's butt hole, Sarah slowly but forcefully press that lasted digit against her bitch's back door and softly murmured, "Ellie, do you think you can take your Mistress's fist up your ass?"

Ellie went a little pale. This was not something she'd ever thought of doing, but there was nothing more important to her than pleasing her mistress so her hesitation was only brief.

"I'll, I'll try Mistress." Ellie whispered, before quickly correcting herself, "I mean I will Mistress Sarah! I'll do anything for you."

Sarah smiled softly and gently started pushing her thumb into Ellie's ass, "We'll see... if it's too much you WILL tell me, and we will stop, but I promise you Ellie, sooner or later you will take my fist up your ass!"

There was a shiver of joy which ran through Ellie's body at Sarah's words which actually made it easier to take the blonde's thumb into her ass. The rest of Sarah's hand proved to be much more of a challenge, Ellie crying out and clenching both her teeth and the bed sheets several times as her ass hole struggle to stretch around her mistress's knuckles. Luckily her mistress was slow and patient with her, constantly pushing her hand back and forth so Ellie's butt hole wasn't under constant pressure as well as continuously licking and spitting on that already widely stretched hole.

After what felt like an eternity Ellie finally felt her back door open wider than ever before, the stretching sensation causing her to cry out. Then she cried out again as she felt her mistress's whole hand sliding into her ass, causing intense mix of pain and pleasure.

"Good girl Ellie!" Sarah softly praised, "You took the whole of your Mistress's fist up your slutty little ass! Mmmmmmm, I'm so proud of you."

"Thank you Mistress." Ellie beamed happily.

"And you're going to keep making me proud by letting me fist fuck your dyke ass, aren't you Ellie?" Sarah asked, already slightly twisting her fist around inside the brunette's bowels.

"Yeeeeeesssssss! Ohhhhhhh Mistress Sarah, use my dyke ass for your pleasure!" Ellie moaned joyfully, "Fist fuck my slutty little ass like the lesbian whore I am! Mmmmmmm, fuck me, ohhhhhhh fuck me Mistress Sarah! Please fuck my slutty little ass with your beautiful fist! Destroy my butt hole! Oh Mistress Sarah!"

Ellie kept begging for more mostly to please her mistress. Certainly that was the reason she kept going for so long, while not really registering what exactly was coming out of her mouth. However that didn't mean she was lying. Far from it, she wanted more of the heavenly sensations she was experiencing, first with the kinky mixture of pain and pleasure, and then of the pure pleasure which seemed to overwhelmed her body.

Sarah had told Ellie all the sordid details of her previous experiences with women so the brunette doctor knew this was something her lover had done many times before and it showed, the blonde spy's movements quickly causing Ellie to relax so all she could feel was pleasure. That was when Sarah really started pounding Ellie's pooper with her fist, switching from gently turning her hand to sway and that inside the brunette's butt to pulling far enough back so that Ellie's butt hole was stretching around Sarah's knuckles with every thrust. That was more than a little uncomfortable at first, but Ellie was too busy moaning joyfully to pay much attention to it.

Ellie wasn't sure how long Sarah fisted her ass. In some ways it felt like hours, in others it felt like minutes. All Ellie knew that was one moment it felt like her ass hole was the CIA agent's new punching bag, the next her back passage was clamping down hard on Sarah's hand and she was cumming with the wonderful intensity she could only get from her mistress. It was the type of climax which caused her cum to literally squirt from her cunt, that squirt quickly followed by more as Sarah effortlessly made her cum over and over again.

Then all of a sudden Sarah was slowing down, much to Ellie's dismay, the brunette eventually letting out a loud cry as the blonde pulled her fist out of her ass hole. Ellie then groaned with pleasure as she felt something else pressing against her back door and easily pushing its way inside. Knowing instantly it was Sarah's strap on Ellie stayed as relaxed as possible as the shaft slowly but steadily entered her forbidden passage, the dildo easily making its way through the area the blonde's fist had stretched out before finally running into slight resistance. It was nothing Sarah couldn't power through of course, however the dominant spy slowed down the speed of her entry, giving Ellie plenty of time to get used to inch after inch of strap on cock making its way up her butt.

Sarah even gave Ellie a distraction by bringing the hand which had just been up her ass to her lips and softly murmuring the word, "Clean."

Without hesitation Ellie moved forward ever so slightly, stuck out her tongue and slid it up Sarah's index finger before taking it into her mouth and softly sucking on it. Knowing her mistress was watching Ellie tried to make her task as slow and as sexy as she possibly could, the young doctor taking each of the spy's fingers and then her thumb into her mouth, slowly cleaning them one at a time before moving down beside her tongue over the back and then the palm of Sarah's hand. Every so often Ellie would let out a soft moan of pleasure, not simply because she was trying to please her mistress but because over the past two weeks of submission Ellie had genuinely grown to love the taste of her own ass. Plus at that moment her ass was slowly being filled with dildo, a sensation which was more pleasurable than painful thanks to Sarah's slow, steady thrusts.

Before Ellie was done cleaning the CIA agent's hand Sarah's thighs came to rest against her butt cheeks meaning the big dildo was now fully embedded within Ellie's bowels. Then, once her hand was thoroughly cleaned and Ellie had been given a few moments to adjust to having the full length of the cock buried in her butt, Sarah started slowly pulling inch after inch of dildo from the brunette's ass hole, causing Ellie to moan mostly from the pleasure she knew was coming rather than the weird mix of it and pain she was experiencing. That continued to be the case for the next few minutes as Sarah pushed the dildo back up her butt and then began thrusting in and out of her butt hole. Then Ellie's moans turned to pure pleasure.

Maybe it was the earlier fisting, maybe her ass hole was becoming more accepting of its role as Sarah Walker's personal fuck hole, or maybe Ellie was just excited to truly become Sarah's bitch, but whatever the reason the pain seemed to fade quicker than ever before which left Ellie feeling overwhelmed by pleasure, and eventually overwhelmed by the need for more of it.

Ellie tried to fight it, tried to just allow her mistress to ass fuck her at the slow speed she wanted too like a good bitch should. However Ellie wanted a rough butt fucking so bad it was almost painful, and even though she knew it wasn't her place Ellie started begging, "Ohhhhh Gawwwwd fuck me! Fuck my ass! Harder! Oh God, please Mistress Sarah, mmmmmmm, fuck me! Fuck my slutty ass harder! Ass fuck me on the bed I share with my husband! Mmmmmm, I'm such an anal slut Mistress Sarah. A wanton anal whore. Mmmmmmm, your whore. Oh Gawwwwd, I love taking it up the ass for you Mistress Sarah! I love taking it up the ass for you on the bed I share with my husband! Oooooohhhhhhh mmmmmmm yesssssss, fuck me in the ass in the bed my husband fucks me!"

"In the bed your husband fucks you while you think about me you mean." Sarah grinned.

"Yeeeeeessssss, oh Mistress Sarah, I think of you when I'm in this bed! Only you! Mmmmmmm oooooooooh, oh, even before when, oh, when I'd only just met you I used to think about you when my husband fucked me, or when I was touching myself, mmmmmmm, but now I think about it all the time. Ohhhhhhhhh Mistress Sarah, you're all I think about! Oooooooohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd Mistress Sarah, I used to dream about you fucking me, mmmmmmm, you letting me eat your pussy, oooooooh ahhhhhh yessssss, being your little lesbian plaything, ohhhhhhhh Goooodddddd, and now I am! I'm your little lesbian plaything! I'm yours! All yours! Oooooooohhhhhhhh I can't believe I'm finally yours! I can't believe I'm finally your bitch! Mmmmmm oooooohhhhhh, I'm finally your fully broken in lesbian bitch!"

"Yes you are." Sarah agreed, "You're my bitch Ellie. I own you. Every part of you belongs to me now, especially this little ass hole which is exclusively mine, right?"

"Oh yes Mistress, oooooooohhhhhhhh yessssssss, my ass hole is exclusively yours! I swear I'll never let my husband fuck my ass because it's yours! Mmmmmmmm, my ass is all yours!" Ellie promised.

"Good, now keep begging me to fuck you like the anal whore you are and I'll make you cum!" Sarah said, already beginning to pick up the pace of the butt fucking.

Seemingly with every thrust the pace got harder which made it a struggle for Ellie to talk, but she did her best to form coherent sentences for as long as she could, "Oooooooohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd Mistress Sarah, mmmmmmmm oooooohhhhhh, please fuck me and make me cum! Fuck me like the anal whore I am and make me cum! Please, mmmmmmmm, I'm begging you, ohhhhhhhhhh, fuck me in the ass like the anal whore I am and make me cum! Make me fucking cum with a big dick up my slutty ass! Mmmmmmmm ooooooohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd Mistress Sarah, fuck your anal whore Mistress Sarah! Fuck me in the ass like a whore! Mmmmmmmm, I'm nothing but your whore Mistress Sarah! More than Devon's wife, mmmmmmmm, more than anything else, ooooooooh, I'm your whore! Mmmmmmm ahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, I'm your anal whore, I'm your ass slut, mmmmmmm aaaaaahhhhhhhhh, I'M YOUR BITCH MISTRESS SARAH! I'M YOUR BITCH AND I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME IN THE ASS AND MAKE ME CUM LIKE A WHORE! FUCK ME IN THE ASS AND MAKE ME CUM LIKE A WHORE! PLEASE MISTRESS SARAH FUCK ME IN THE ASS AND MAKE ME CUM LIKE A WHORE! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKK!"

After that Ellie could barely let out two words together, and when she did they were often repeated such as 'oh fuck' and 'fuck me'. Of course when Ellie really started screaming loudly Sarah shoved her bitch's face down into the pillows, the submissive doctor obediently keeping her face buried there so that even though any coherent word continued to be perfectly audible for the dominant spy hopefully the outside world was a different story.

Sarah's rational mind screamed at her to keep one eye on the door and more importantly listen out for the slightest sign that someone was in the house or even approaching it. This had been something Sarah had been struggling with throughout this latest session of fucking Ellie, and really was an issue whenever she was having sex, however there was always something extra distracting about sodomising another woman and to be ass fucking Ellie here, in this house, in this bed, under these circumstances, was perhaps the most taboo thing Sarah had ever done which was really saying something.

What made the whole experience more thrilling was as horrifying as the reality of being discovered would be the fantasy of it fuelled Sarah on, and as the blonde finally started using all of her strength on the brunette's butt, causing Ellie to scream in ecstasy into the pillows from the now vicious rectum wrecking she was now receiving, the spy couldn't help imagine it. Imagine Ellie's husband discovering them, his wife face down and ass up while Sarah relentlessly pounded the tight little hole which had been denied him. Or Casey coming to find her for some mission only to find her ass fucking her precious Chuck's sister. Or Morgan, and/or one of Chuck's other little friends, finding her fucking Ellie's ass. Or even Chuck... no, not Chuck, but the look of disbelief on the rest would almost be worth it.

The thought of it brought Sarah to the edge of climax before Ellie, the blonde briefly reminding herself that she was still horny from fisting the brunette's butt so she shouldn't worry that she was losing her touch when it came to stamina. To prove that point Sarah effortlessly ass fucked Ellie through climax after climax. Well, maybe not effortlessly as Sarah had to dig her fingernails into Ellie's waist and grind her teeth to prevent herself from cumming, but Ellie was far too busy screaming into the pillow and soaking the bed sheets beneath her to notice.

Finally, when Sarah was satisfied that she'd squeezed a respectable amount of orgasms out of Ellie she allowed herself to cum. Of course she powered through the climax to make sure she and her bitch came several more times, but sadly it was the beginning of the end and once she started cumming Sarah couldn't stop. Over, and over, and over again Sarah came while pounding into her bitch's butt, managing to make Ellie cum twice as much to help solidify her dominance over the other woman, but ultimately it all became too much and Sarah collapsed on top of the brunette's body so that the two women ended up lying in a sweaty heap on the cum and pussy juice stained bed.

For a little while Sarah stayed still as a statue, just enjoying the afterglow of her orgasms and allowing Ellie to do the same. Then she gently snuggled into the woman beneath her, gently kissing Ellie's neck and wishing she could bite into it and mark her property. Sadly that would inevitably lead to questions which she couldn't afford to be asked.

As a consolation Sarah whispered into Ellie's ear, "Who's my bitch?"

"Me!" Ellie replied without hesitation, "I'm your bitch!"

"Good answer." Sarah beamed, kissing Ellie's cheek before suddenly pushing herself upwards and back, her strap on dildo being removed from her bitch's butt hole with a loud pop. Then Sarah spent several long moment staring at her handiwork, Ellie's ass hole remaining widely open just as it should do after a thorough fucking, the fully broken in bitch obediently spreading her ass cheeks without needing to be told so she could show Sarah just how gaping her ass hole was. Then Sarah softly said, "Clean."

Again without needing further instruction Ellie quickly turned around and swallowed the head of Sarah's strap on, the submissive brunette moaning happily as she tasted the deepest part of her butt on the fake cock.

Smiling widely Sarah brushed some hair out of Ellie's face, allowing her a better view of her new bitch cleaning her cock of all that yummy ass juice, Ellie wordlessly bobbing her head up and down for a few long minutes before lovingly looking up at her owner.

In that moment both women thought more or less the same thing, namely how happy they were and how they weren't going to give this up for anything, but at the same time they were worried what would happen if the other people in their lives found out about their lesbian affair. It was a scary thought, something which could destroy them both, but they had become far too addicted to each other to stop. Of course regardless of what happened next one thing was for sure, what they were doing could no longer be considered 'practice'.

The End... possibly to be continued under a different title.


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