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Authors note: This story takes place in Season 4.

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Chuck: Practice Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

"S, so... are we going to... you know... practice now?" Ellie stammered.

Sarah smiled softly, "Is that what you want?"

Of course it was what Ellie wanted. Ellie hadn't been able to stop thinking about it, or Sarah, since last night. All the small talk had been nice, friendly, relaxing, and the wine had relaxed Ellie even more, but she wanted to be butt fucked by Sarah Walker again. She wanted to be a anal whore again. To be Sarah's bitch.

Part of Ellie felt like screaming yes, but all she could manage was a gentle nod of her head.

Sarah smiled. She knew she shouldn't push Ellie at this delicate stage of their relationship but she just couldn't help herself, "Just so we're clear... what is it you want to practice?"

Ellie blushed and then said, "Anal sex. I... want you to fuck my ass. I want you to loosen me up back there so it will be easier having anal sex with my husband."

"Ok then..." Sarah said, gently taking Ellie's hand in hers, "Come with me."

Despite the fact that she officially lived with Chuck now the CIA had kept Sarah's old hotel room open and available to her in case of emergencies. If they found out Sarah had been using it as a place she could indulge in her lesbian tendencies away from the Bartowski family the consequences could be unpleasant, but not as unpleasant if Chuck ever found out Sarah was now using it as a place she intended on training his sister to be her lesbian slut. Of course the chance of getting caught was an incredible turn on, as was the idea of seducing her boyfriend's sister.

It was the most unusual seduction Sarah had ever been involved with, and considering she was a spy who had travelled all over the world and interacted with many different cultures that was really saying something. Although Sarah had to admit the scenario intrigued her as it forced her to get creative, while still slipping in something subtle like this handholding. That was something which could be easily taken as innocent, and could even be defended as such if need be, but the fact that Ellie was not only completely willing to hold Sarah's hand but be guided by her boded well for their new relationship.

Another good sign was that once they reach their destination Ellie didn't try and let go of Sarah's hand, not even letting go of it when Sarah pulled out a chest of drawers filled with sex toys.

"Oh my God." Ellie gasped as her eyes wandered over the large collection of dildos, strap ons, paddles, whips and a variety of other things which Ellie couldn't even name.

"Yesterday I just used a strap-on. At the time I thought it was for the best, and it would have been if we were only going to have one session, but now we're going to... practice for a week I think we can afford to take time, use a little variety... make sure your butt hole is nice and loose for your husband's dick." Sarah said, moving in close to whisper the last part huskily before using her hand which was still holding Ellie's to guide her friend's hand to a specific section of her toys, "For example, these are my collection of butt plugs. I was going to suggest using one before taking Devon's cock up your ass as I was confident after I stretched your ass one of these little things wouldn't be such a big deal and you could handle it on your own, but since we're going to practice again today how about we start off with one of these?"

"Ok." Ellie mumbled, marvelling over the different shapes and sizes.

"Good." Sarah said moving in a little closer, "So, which one would you like?"

"What?" Ellie questioned, too distracted by the toys to realise what Sarah was saying.

"Which of the butt plugs would you like to take in your ass?" Sarah asked firmly.

Ellie blushed, her head momentarily lowering in shame. She had been looking forward to Sarah stretching her ass out all day, she really shouldn't be taken aback so much that she couldn't answer simple questions just because the spy had offered her a little variety.

Concentrating on making a choice Ellie studies the butt plugs carefully, picking a few up for a closer look. Towards the back of the draw there are a few monster toys which Ellie had a hard time believing anyone let alone Sarah could actually take in any hole, but the ones front and centre certainly looked do-able. However, feeling adventurous, Ellie eventually chose a plug from the middle of the draw which started out small but easily ended with the same girth of her husband's cock, maybe even a little bigger.

Sarah smiled widely as Ellie passed her the butt plug, "Good choice."

Ellie waited a few long seconds for Sarah to say something else but the blonde just examined the toy, leaving the brunette to ask "So should, should I, you know... take off my clothes and get on the bed?"

"No, not yet." Sarah said, moving so she was standing behind the other woman, "First, I want you to lean forward, grab hold of the dresser and stick your ass out."

Ellie blushed slightly at the command but didn't hesitate to obey it which of course brought a smile to Sarah's face.

"Good." Sarah said, wrapping her arms around Ellie from behind and whispering in her ear, "Now, I'm going to stick this plug in your ass. As I'm doing that I want you to take a good look at my collection of toys. See if anything strikes your fancy. If something does, maybe I'll shove it up your ass next. If not I'll just strap on a dildo and fuck your ass that way. That part's up to you, but I'm going to be picking the strap on which goes up your ass. And, if you want our little practice sessions to continue, you will take my strap on up your ass Eleanor. You will let me ass fuck you can till you're cumming like a good little bitch."

It was a little risky for Sarah to be pushing her prey so much at this early stage, but she knew from their first time together Ellie loved dirty talk and being told what to do.

Luckily the risk couldn't have paid off better as Ellie softly moaned in reply, "Your bitch."

"That's right Ellie. That's what you are now." Sarah whispered, for a brief second pressing her body firmly against Ellie's, "My bitch. My good little bitch."

With those last word Sarah reached round to undo Ellie's jeans before dropping down to her knees and pulling Ellie's jeans down with her. Usually when performing this move Sarah took the underwear with her too, but she was curious to see what Ellie was wearing.

Delighting at Ellie's choice Sarah licked her lips, slid her finger up and down the tiny little thong that was digging in between Ellie's butt cheeks and asked, "Did you wear this for me?"

"Yes." Ellie blushed, "I, I was hoping you'd like it."

"I love it." Sarah said huskily, her eyes soaking in the sight before her and committing it to memory, "You should definitely wear stuff like this more often."

"I'll wear these all the time, if you want." Ellie said softly.

"Mmmm, I do like the idea of you dressing sexy for me... but you didn't come here to show me how good you look in a thong." Sarah said, slowly pulling Ellie's thong down to join the brunette's jeans around her ankles, the blonde practically devouring the other woman's naked butt for a few long seconds before she spread Ellie's ass cheeks and examined the tiny little hole which had been so gaping and open the last time she had seen it, "How does it feel?"

"Still a little sore." Ellie blushed.

"That's normal." Sarah said, her eyes locked on Ellie's ass hole, "After my first butt fucking I felt sore for days... but I think I might have a... technique which could help you. One you could maybe try getting your husband to do for you, if you like. That is, if you're willing to try..."

"If you think I'll like it, I'll try it. I'll try anything you want me too." Ellie said, again blushing a little at her words.

"Good." Sarah mumbled softly before her tongue shot out and gently slid over Ellie's ass hole.

Ellie gasped loudly in pleasure, her brain momentarily confused and searching for what was causing this new sensation. Then she realised it and blushed. Sarah was licking her ass hole. Another woman's tongue was touching her back there, and it felt good. Really good.

Ellie had never had a tongue touching her back there, but then again she never had anal sex until last night and getting a rim job quickly proved to be oddly pleasurable in the same way as butt sex, if not quite as sexually satisfying.

However feeling Sarah's tongue licking her butt hole made Ellie want to feel that skilled tongue licking her somewhere else. She literally trembled with desire at the idea of it, Ellie desperately wanting to turn around and beg Sarah to eat her pussy. But if she did that Ellie would no longer be up to pretend that she was practising for Devon and was in fact cheating on him. Deep down Ellie knew the truth of course, but she could just about convince herself to ignore it, especially when it meant she got to experience bizarrely wonderful pleasure like she was experiencing now with Sarah's tongue gently licking her ass hole.

Sarah had been expecting Ellie to offer up some sort of protest as she really was pushing things, but not licking Ellie's butt hole last time had been difficult enough and Sarah just knew she wouldn't be able to stop herself this time.

She had been confident that she could talk Ellie into it, but despite initially gasping and tensing the brunette doctor quickly relaxed and even gently pushed her ass back against Sarah's tongue.

At first Sarah continue to go slowly, but no matter what she did Ellie only moaned in pleasure. As a result Sarah was able to give Ellie a passionate rim job, her tongue sliding all over that puckered hole, even trying to push inside it with some success. Sarah even spat on Ellie's ass hole and the other woman didn't say a word.

It didn't seem like much but again Ellie was willingly submitting to Sarah, letting the blonde spy do whatever she wanted to her ass. That was very promising, and very much a turn on for Sarah. The taste of Ellie's ass hole was also very much a turn on, Sarah becoming completely lost in licking the other woman's ass hole for several long minutes. Then she reluctantly pulled away and, after briefly considering trying to come up with an excuse why she could lick Ellie's pussy but deciding as much as she wanted to she shouldn't push things too fast, asked, "Ellie, could you lube the plug for me?"

"Wha?" Ellie groaned.

Sarah grinned, "The butt plug... could you lube it up for me? There's a couple of tubes of the stuff in there to your left. Or, you could use your mouth. Whichever you'd prefer."

Sarah got the impression that Ellie would have probably been more comfortable with the lube but to her delight from her current position she was just about able to watch the brunette bring the plug up to her lips and take it into her mouth. Of course Sarah could have sucked on it or applied lube to it herself, but she wanted to see if Ellie would do as she said. She did, another good sign, and just as importantly give Sarah a little more time to lick Ellie's ass hole, making sure to spread the other woman's butt cheeks wide so she could really dig her tongue in deep.

Perhaps because she wanted to make sure the butt plug was nice and wet, or perhaps because she was enjoying sucking on it or perhaps because she was enjoying the rim job, or all of the above, it was quite a while before Ellie finally passed the butt plug back to Sarah. When she did Sarah reluctantly removed her tongue from Ellie's butt and said, "Thanks."

With that Sarah shoved the toy into Ellie's ass, almost the whole plug disappearing into the brunette's butt before she even realised what was going on.

When the inevitable gasp and tensing happened Sarah was ready, immediately stopping in her tracks and allowing Ellie a chance to get use to the sensation. Thankfully Ellie relaxed pretty quickly and offered up no form of complaint, encouraging Sarah to slowly push the rest of the butt plug into Ellie's ass.

Feeling her ass swallowing the base leaving only the little handle sticking out Ellie sighed in relief that she had taken it with no problems and more than little bit of arousal given for the first time in her life she now had a plug up her butt.

However Ellie soon found herself gasping in surprise as the toy was suddenly moved halfway out of her ass hole only to be thrust back in. The process repeated itself over and over again, Ellie shocked how much pleasure she was getting from Sarah using such a small toy to fuck her ass.

"Your ass looks really cute with a plug in it." Sarah said, almost sounding casually.

"Th, thanks." Ellie moaned, not really sure what to say.

"Reach back and grabbed the plug." Sarah instructed, letting go of the toy, "Practice sliding it in and out of your ass."

Sarah was expecting to have to explain why but to her delight Ellie just reached back and essentially started fucking her own ass with the butt plug. She did it slowly at first, but quickly sped up until she was butt fucking herself like a wanton anal whore.

After a few moments of watching this Sarah took a calculated risk. In one swift movement Sarah stood up, spun Ellie around, grabbed hold of her hair in one hand and held Ellie's hand which was on the butt plug firmly in place with the other. Sarah then very firmly said, "From now on that butt plug is yours. Consider it a gift. Whenever you come to see me to get that little ass hole of yours stretched out you will have that butt plug in your ass hole. If I call you to tell you I'm coming to see you, or tell you to come and see me, you will have that butt plug in your ass hole. If I drop in on you for a surprise visit I expect to find that butt plug in your ass hole. In short, the only times that butt plug won't be in your ass hole from now on is when I'm fucking your ass or your ass hole is gaping too wide for the butt plug to fit. You will do this because I own your ass. Until you give it up to your precious husband your ass is mine, so what I say goes. Do you understand me slut?"

"Yes Mistress." Ellie blurted out, immediately blushing in embarrassment.

"Mistress..." Sarah parroted softly, a little grin crossing her face, "Is that what you'd like to call me Ellie?"

Ellie blushed even more than before, but after a pause softly said, "It... it seems appropriate."

"I like it. Please feel free to call me Mistress, or Mistress Sarah, as much as you want." Sarah said, letting go of Ellie's hair and sliding her hand down to the brunette's boobs so she could gently play with them, "Maybe if you're good I'll tie you up and give you a spanking too. Or better yet, maybe if you're bad I'll tie you up and spank you. Make you my little sub. Would you like that?"

Again Ellie blushed, clearly looking ashamed, but replied with a soft, "Yes."

"Yes what?" Sarah enquired.

Blushing yet again Ellie replied, "Yes Mistress."

Sarah smiled, "Good little sub. Now, while making sure not to lose that pretty little plug, I want you to strip for me. I don't want your clothes getting all sweaty again."

Before Sarah could finish her excuse of why she wanted Ellie to strip the brunette doctor had already practically torn off her shirt, her bra quickly following before she kicked off her shoes and her jeans and panties which until now had remained puddled around her feet.

"Get down on your knees." Sarah ordered, smiling as Ellie wordlessly obeyed.

Then Sarah slowly removed her own clothes, loving how Ellie looked up at her with such love and devotion. This made Sarah smile again. Training Ellie was proving much easier than she anticipated.

Once she was naked Sarah reached into the open draw, pulled out one of her strap-on dildos and then told Ellie, "This is a little bit bigger than the cock I ass fucked you with last night. A little bit thicker too. Do you think you can take it?"

"Yes Mistress... I'll take whatever you give me." Ellie said softly.

Sarah smiled, almost tempted to put Ellie's words to the test, but instead just held out the toy and said, "Strap the cock I'm going to fuck your tight little ass with around my waist."

"Yes Mistress." Ellie gulped, holding out the straps for Sarah to step into. When Sarah did Ellie pulled the harness up and fastened it around the blonde's waist.

"Good, now lube it up for me." Sarah said, holding out a tube of lubricant, and as Ellie took it and began applying the slippery liquid to the shaft the blonde told the brunette, "When I've spent a couple of days stretching your ass out we might try you just giving me a blow job, but for now we'll stick to the lube. Besides, from what I remember last night it's not like you need any practice sucking cock."

Ellie blushed as she remembered how last night ended, "Are, are you going to make me do that again?"

"Every time." Sarah said firmly, confident that she could talk Ellie into it if she protested but again the brunette didn't say a word. Instead Ellie just continued stroking her hand up and down Sarah's strap-on, the blonde waiting until it was well covered in lube before asking, "Was there another toy you decided you wanted to try before I fucked your ass with this big cock?"

"I... I was a little bit distracted Mistress." Ellie blushed and lowered her head.

Kneeling down slightly Sarah cupped Ellie's cheek and chin so she could gently pull the other woman's gaze up to meet her own, "Was there at least something you can remember liking the look of? Or maybe something you were curious about?"

"Erm... there were these things, like a dildo but covered in balls." Ellie replied, blushing again.

"Oh, you mean one of these?" Sarah grinned, reaching into the draw and pulling out one of the bigger models of what Ellie was describing, "You want to try taking one of these up your ass?"

"Yes Mistress." Ellie said, her eyes now locked on the toy.

"Well, then first you've got to take that butt plug out of your ass." Sarah said, watching as Ellie blushed, reached behind her and slowly did as she was told. Before Ellie had the chance to drop it Sarah said, "Good, now clean it for me."

It took a moment for Ellie to realise what she was being asked to do. When she did Ellie looked a little apprehensive but she closed her eyes and obediently took the butt plug into her mouth and began sucking her ass juice off it. As she got used to the taste of her own ass Ellie slowly opened her eyes to see Sarah smiling happily at her, that sight making Ellie's heart skip a beat.

After just watching the ATM fun for about a minute Sarah picked up the tube of lube and squirted a generous amount on the anal beads, taking care to make sure every inch was well coated while never taking her eyes off Ellie sucking on the ass flavoured plug. Then, about a minute after she was sure the beads were well covered in lube, Sarah gently took the butt plug, handed Ellie the anal beads and said, "Get on the bed and see how many of these you can stick in your ass."

For a brief moment Ellie hesitated, then she did as she was told. Ellie did pause to wonder how she should position herself, but she quickly guess that Sarah would want her to stick her ass in the air for her so it would be easier to see the beads sliding in and out of her ass hole. It did make for quite the awkward position for Ellie to see what she was doing, meaning there was a little trial and error before she lined the first bead up against her back door.

Either because of the lube or the stretching done by the plug, or possibly both, the first bead slid into her butt hole fairly easily. The second was more difficult, but it was the third one that had Ellie hesitating. It didn't stretch her ass hole as wide as Sarah's strap on had done last night, but it was close, and for a woman who only had anal sex once sliding the bead all the way in was something of a chore for Ellie. And the fourth bead seemed impossible.

Giving up on adding the fourth Ellie began fucking her own ass with the toy, mostly just pushing the third bead in and out, forcing her ass hole to stretch open over and over again. As that feeling became oddly pleasurable Ellie increasingly pulled it out almost all the way, then all the way, but never pushing more than three of the beads into her ass hole.

Sarah watched this displayed lustfully for a while, but eventually asked, "Would you like me to take over?"

"Yes Mistress." Ellie moaned softly, happily letting go of the toy and letting her hand drop down by her side.

Although Ellie was sure that that position gave Sarah the best view of her sticking the beads up her butt her wrist have got very sore pumping the toy in and out of her ass so she was grateful for Sarah's offer. Also Ellie's previous sexual experience taught her that something done by someone else would feel a lot better than doing it herself.

Quickly proving that last theory to be correct Sarah grabbed hold of the handle at the end of the beads and began pumping it in and out of Ellie's pooper, the brunette moaning loudly from the increasingly pleasurable anal sensations.

From her angle Sarah was able to fuck Ellie's ass pretty hard with the toy. She also was able to experiment with it a bit more, pulling the beads all the way out of Ellie's back door and then pushing them back in at various speeds. Sarah even got close to pushing the fourth bead into Ellie's rectum, the blonde spy stretching the brunette doctor's tight little butt hole wider and wider with every thrust. Eventually to Ellie's amazement the fourth slipped in, causing her to gasp out, "Oh my God!"

"Good girl, one more to go." Sarah said softly as she began pulling the fourth bead back out, helping to prepare Ellie's ass hole to stretch wide enough to take the fifth and final bead.

"No. No more. Please Mistress, I can't take it." Ellie whimpered softly.

Sarah bit her lip and considered just moving on to using her strap on, but she couldn't resist at least trying to get the last bead into Ellie's back passage.

"Ellie, you want to please your Mistress, don't you?" Sarah asked.

"Yes Mistress." Ellie whimpered.

"Well, your Mistress would be very pleased if you took the whole of her toy into your ass." Sarah said, feeling a little bad for playing this card, but not enough to make her stop, "In fact, it would make her very proud of you. You want your Mistress to be proud of you, don't you Ellie?"

"Yes Mistress." Ellie moaned softly, and then after a short pause added, "Ok... I'll try and take it. Just please, give me more lube."

Sarah grinned wickedly, "Ok."

With that Sarah lent forward slightly and spat onto Ellie's dildo filled butt hole, making the brunette gasp and tense in surprise, but then quickly relax and offer up no form of protest, silently accepting Sarah's saliva as lubricant.

Again this was a small thing, but all these small little acts of acceptance seemed to point to one wonderful thing, that being Ellie was a natural submissive. The fact that it was Ellie who had suggested that she called Sarah mistress pretty much confirmed that, but with each new act of submission Sarah found herself imagining a fully trained Ellie kneeling before her mistress's feet and how much fun it was going to be getting there.

Concentrating on the task at hand Sarah spent significant time pulling the fourth bead out of Ellie's ass hole and pushing it back in. Then to relax the tight back hole, and to give her a chance to give Ellie's butt a little more lube, Sarah started pulling all four beads out and then pushing them back in, pausing only to admire the way Ellie's back door remained ever so slightly open and of course to spit into it whenever it began to close.

After spending a long time preparing Sarah began to try and push the fifth bead in. It was very slow going, Sarah taking her time and listening to Ellie's groans very carefully, spitting onto the stretched wide shit hole whenever the brunette sounded in too much pain.

Eventually using this technique Ellie's butt hole opened wide enough to take the last bead inside it, Ellie letting out a cry of pain and pleasure as her ass swallowed the entire toy, Sarah quickly beaming, "You did it! You took all five beads up your ass. Oh Ellie, I'm so proud of you!"

Ellie just moaned softly and remained with her face buried in the covers, just lying still as Sarah spent a few minutes playing with her well stuffed shit hole.

Sarah delighted in repeating her earlier process, not just loving the sight of Ellie's butt hole stretching to let the beads slide in and out of her, but the fact that Ellie had submitted to this without complaint. Another wonderful little act of submission. However the more Sarah played with Ellie's ass hole the more she wanted a different act of submission.

"Ellie, would you like me to use my cock?" Sarah asked softly, "Would you like me to use my big strap-on cock so I can stretch out the deepest part of your ass and give you a nice hard butt fucking?"

"Oh yes, please Mistress Sarah, fuck my ass with your big cock!" Ellie whimpered.

"Well then... flip over onto your back. Pull your legs back with your hands and hold them there." Sarah ordered, loving that Ellie didn't even hesitate. Then Sarah reached down and in one swift movement pulled the bead covered dildo out of Ellie's ass and then pressed it against the brunette's lips, "Good, now suck my toy clean of your nasty anal juices. Once it's spotless you can beg to take my cock up your ass."

The moment Sarah ordered Ellie to clean the dildo the young doctor went to work. When Sarah finished her second sentence Ellie's enthusiasm skyrocketed, the brunette sucking the cock hard and fast, making sure not to let go of her legs and risk displeasing her mistress.

Smiling at the obedience Sarah helped out, moving the toy up and down, this way and that, making sure Ellie could get her mouth around every little part of it.

When all of her own anal juices were off the dildo Ellie removed her mouth from it and quickly began begging, "Please Mistress Sarah, fuck my ass! Fuck my ass with your big cock! Stretch out my ass! Stick your cock in my butt and fuck it hard and deep! Butt fuck me hard! Fuck my ass hard, make it all stretched out and loose! Please Mistress Sarah, fuck me, fuck oh OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!"

Ellie moaned in pleasure as her still stretched ass hole easily accepted the first few inches of Sarah's strap on, the female spy tossing the anal bead dildo aside in favour of concentrating on pushing the dildo strapped around her waist deep into the brunette's bowels.

Once her strap-on had slid in deeper than the beads Sarah slowed down, still firmly pushing forward while doing her best to concentrate on both Ellie's stretching ass hole and the look on the other woman's face. Sarah found both those sights intoxicatingly beautiful and did her best to continue to watch them both as Ellie's butt hole stretched wide enough to excerpt inch after inch of the long thick shaft.

Part of the reason Sarah was studying Ellie's face was to check that her friend wasn't in too much pain. It wasn't easy as a Ellie's face was awash with different emotions, but Sarah was trained to read even the slightest expression, and she had ass fucked a lot of women in this position, so she had become an expert at telling if the woman she was fucking was in too much pain or not. Ellie definitely wasn't in too much pain, but she was still clearly still getting used to the sensation of having her ass stretched so Sarah was gentle with her, sliding her strap on into her friend's back passage more slowly and gently than most of her previous conquests.

However as much as Sarah tried to concentrate on how Ellie was feeling she couldn't help getting distracted. After all Sarah loved watching another woman's ass hole stretching open to accept her strap on inside it, and Ellie was so opened and exposed in this position it was impossible for Sarah not to more than occasionally glance downwards. The position also seem to encourage Sarah's eyes to wander all over her friend's beautiful body, something Sarah at least feel a little less guilty about after she had the dildo fully embedded in Ellie's butt and the other woman was softly moaning as Sarah began gently sodomising her.

Ellie's moans grew louder as Sarah skilfully butt fucked her, seemingly loosening the brunette's tight back passage with every well timed thrust, any small amount of pain Ellie was feeling just melting away and being replaced by pure pleasure. Pure, overwhelming pleasure which turned Ellie into a loudly moaning anal whore.

Part of Ellie felt she should be ashamed, or at least a little embarrassed. Not only was she shamelessly moaning in pleasure as another woman fucked her in the ass, but she was holding herself open like some kind of hooker or porn star. She certainly never felt this exposed while in this position before, but somehow holding her legs open like this made Ellie feel like she was on display. And yet displaying herself for Sarah seemed so erotic, especially given the lustful gaze Sarah was giving her.

It was intoxicating having such a beautiful woman like Sarah staring at her like that. It made Ellie feel so good, so wanted. And... there was just something about the whole position which made Sarah seem so powerful, so in control. Ellie had never been in such awe of another woman, and as Sarah continued gently pumping in and out of her ass Ellie felt an overwhelming urge to please this woman... this goddess. Her mistress.

Ellie was awoken from her dreamy thoughts when Sarah suddenly broke the silence that was between them, "A lot of guys only think of the doggy style for anal sex. It's very effective for deep, hard thrusting, and it is my favourite position. However there is something to be said for spreading yourself open like you are now. I always like displaying myself like this for my partner. But I really love it when a woman is doing it for me, pulling her legs back and giving me her tight little butt hole, surrendering herself to me. And to watch the expressions on her beautiful face as I'm fucking her. I love that."

There was a tiny pause and then in a small voice Ellie said, "I'm glad I'm pleasing you Mistress."

"Oh, you are. You're a good bitch." Sarah said softly, loving how Ellie blushed but looked pleased with herself at the same time, "But personally, I find it a little difficult to administer a deep, hard fucking in this position, so I was wondering if you'd mind if we changed positions slightly?"

"Ok, what..." Ellie started, trailing off as Sarah suddenly stopped fucking her ass and gently moved down so the blonde was laying on top of her, their bodies seeming to melt together like they were made for each other.

"Wrap your legs around me." Sarah ordered, her tone so gentle Ellie barely realised she had been given a command, especially as obeying it felt so right, so natural, and especially as it caused Sarah to smile and add, "Good bitch."

Ellie gasped in pleasure as Sarah began slowly butt fucking her again. At first Sarah just used these short, slow thrusts in and out of Ellie's ass, but eventually the blonde began slowly pulling more of the dildo out of the brunette's bowels and then thrusting the fake dick all the way back into Ellie's rectum at an ever so slightly faster speed. It wasn't much, but it was the beginning of Sarah teasing her ass, the spy driving Ellie crazy with thrusts of varying speed.

Of course each thrust had Ellie moaning like a cheap anal whore. It also had her clinging tightly to the blonde haired goddess who seem to be having a lot of fun sodomising her.

This had always been Ellie's favourite position because she had loved to look her lover in the face, to share the intimate moment with them, and even to see the look of pleasure on their face. Oddly enough this act did feel intimate, if not romantic, and Ellie had never been happier to see a look of pleasure on someone's face.

Briefly Ellie wondered if she should be so invested in Sarah's happiness as she was, but she quickly pushed those thoughts aside for more important things. Namely the pleasure she was receiving from the strap on dildo pumping in and out of her pooper, and more importantly the fact that by surrendering her ass hole to this goddess she was pleasing her.

"You're beautiful Ellie." Sarah said softly, gently stroking the other woman's cheek.

"You too." Ellie gasped softly, "You're so beautiful Mistress."

"Thank you." Sarah smiled, "I know you like getting treated like a little whore, but in this position, I prefer to make love to a woman's ass hole. I know that may sound a little weird, but it makes for a nice change of pace and really helps loosen up a tight little butt hole like yours and gets it ready for a hard, deep fucking. It also allows for a little intimacy. I don't know what Devon does in this position when he's fucking your pussy, but there's something intimate which I could do now which I very much love to do to another woman. I love it as much as butt fucking and pussy eating. I would love to do it now, if that's ok with you. Just to show you how your husband should treat you in this position, of course."

"You can do whatever you want to me Mistress." Ellie said dreamily.

Rather than responding with words Sarah simply smiled and then slowly lowered her head. When her lips were inches away from Ellie's she stopped, giving the other woman the chance to protest. When she did not Sarah closed the gap, pressing her lips to Ellie's in a gentle kiss.

At first Ellie didn't respond, leaving Sarah to just gently caress her lips against her friend's. The blonde had learned long ago to hide her nervousness when absolutely necessary and she did a good job of it at this moment. Still, considering she had talked Ellie into letting her fuck her up the ass with a strap on dildo Sarah was confident she could talk the brunette doctor into a make out session if need be.

Fortunately it didn't come to that as after a few long seconds Ellie began gently returning the kiss which slowly built up in passion and intensity until it was almost a struggle for Sarah to continue methodically sliding her strap-on cock in and out of Ellie's ass. However Sarah was too much of an butt fucking pro for that to happen, the blonde even taking pride in the fact that no matter how distracting the kiss became she kept fucking Ellie's tight little shit hole, Sarah adoring every little moan she squeezed out of her bitch.

Ellie had dreams about kissing Sarah all day. In fact she had dreams about kissing Sarah ever since she met the beautiful blonde. She just never imagined when she did finally get to kiss Sarah there would be with a huge dildo pumping in and out of her ass hole.

Other than the fact that the other woman was butt fucking her this is very much like a fairy-tale kiss. There were sparks, butterflies, fireworks, everything Ellie had ever imagined and more. Everything she had with Devon, and more. And that was even before Ellie opened her mouth to allow Sarah's tongue to enter. When that happened their tongues touched Ellie felt like she melted away, like she was consumed by the more dominant woman.

For a while it was heaven, Ellie surrendering her mouth and tongue to Sarah's, and surrendering her ass to Sarah's strap-on, and becoming lost in the pleasure. But that pleasure soon began to build up, Ellie feeling herself approaching orgasm, feeling it get closer and closer until it felt like just a tiny bit more speed would make her cum. However Sarah seemed content with fucking Ellie's ass at this continuous slow and steady pace at which the more Ellie thought about it did seem to resemble lovemaking more than fucking. But Ellie wanted to get fucked. She wanted to get her ass fucked hard, fast and deep. She tried to pull away so she could beg like a little anal whore for a nice hard butt fucking, but Sarah refused to end the kiss.

Getting desperate Ellie began wantonly thrusting herself up into the dildo, impelling her own ass hole upon it to try and make the ass fucking harder. This made Sarah chuckle softly into the kiss and then finally break it, "Do you want something Ellie?"

"Please fuck me Mistress! Fuck me hard!" Ellie whimpered, "Please fuck my little ass hole as hard as you can. Please, I need it. I need it so bad. Please fuck my ass hard and make me cum!"

"You wanna cum?" Sarah asked challengingly, and then when Ellie eagerly nodded her head the blonde grabbed a tight hold of the brunette's hips and rolled them over so suddenly Ellie was on top, "Then make yourself cum. Bounce your hot little ass on my cock and make yourself cum bitch!"

There was a pause as Ellie looked unsure of herself. Then just as Sarah was going to offer to switch their positions back Ellie gently lifted herself up, pulling a few inches of strap-on dick from her ass hole, and then dropped back down, once again impaling her butt hole down on the full length of the shaft.

For a little while Sarah just watched this lustfully, her eyes roaming over Ellie's wet pussy, her bouncing boobs, and of course her beautiful face which seemed a wash of pleasure. However after a while Sarah got tired of how slowly Ellie was ass fucking herself on the cock, the blonde spy reaching out and roughly smacking the other woman's butt before yelling, "Come on, harder. Harder. You said you wanted it harder, so fucking ride that dick! Show me how much you love it. Better yet, tell me. Tell me how much you love my dick in your tight little ass hole!"

"I love it Mistress, I love it!" Ellie moaned as she began slamming her ass up and down a little more forcefully, "I love your big dick in my ass Mistress Sarah. I love my Mistress's big dick inside my ass!"

"That's because you're a little anal whore now aren't you slut?" Sarah growled, delivering a few hard strikes to Ellie's ass, subtly encouraging the brunette to move faster, "Aren't you?"

"Yeeeeeeesssssssss! Oh Mistress Sarah, you're so right. I'm a nasty little anal whore now. You made me a nasty little anal whore." Ellie moaned, the little spanking Sarah was giving her having the desired effect of making her shamelessly slam her shit hole on Sarah strap-on, "Ooooooooh, ooooooooh, ohhhhhhh Mistress, I love it up the ass! Mmmmmmmmm, I love it up the ass because you've turned me into an anal whore! Your anal whore! I'm your anal whore Mistress Sarah! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, oh Mistress Sarah, for the rest of this week my ass is yours, which makes me your anal whore! My ass is your property, mmmmmmm, so I'm your butt slut! Ohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddd, I'm yours Mistress Sarah! I'm your bitch I'M YOUR BITCH MISTRESS SARAH! I AM MISTRESS SARAH'S BITCH!"

A few more words tumbled from Ellie's mouth but they were barely coherent, the brunette doctor clearly more focused on slamming her ass hole up and down on Sarah's cock like a woman possessed by a shameless anal whore.

To see Ellie acting so wantonly was an incredible turn on for Sarah, but not as much as watching the other woman shuddering climax on top of her.

Sarah loved watching her lovers cum. It was such a moment of vulnerability, passion and pleasure that Sarah almost loved as much as her own orgasms. Speaking of which, she was pretty close to a nice hard climax herself. Unfortunately Ellie chose that moment to slow down to a lazy pace which didn't suit Sarah at all.

"Don't stop!" Sarah ordered, brutally slapping Ellie's ass just to make sure she got the point across.

Unfortunately the blonde had to deliver a few more, but eventually Ellie started increasing the pace of the bouncing again, quickly moving herself back up to full speed and making herself cum again.

This time Ellie continued sodomising herself, relentlessly pounding her own ass to climax after climax, unknowingly bashing the stimulator inside the strap-on harness into Sarah's clit and causing the blonde spy to have a very pleasant orgasm of her own. However shortly after Sarah came Ellie began slowing down again, and no amount of hard slaps to Ellie's ass could convinced the brunette to continue the butt fucking.

"Keep going!" Sarah commanded.

"I can't." Ellie whimpered tiredly.

The next thing Ellie knew she was lying on her back with her legs bending all the way up to her chest, Sarah's bodyweight practically crushing her and yet it was the blonde's eyes which really drew her attention. There was just something so primal in Sarah's eyes, like she was a predator about to pounce on her prey. It was intoxicating, Ellie wishing this lioness would just pounce already and do whatever she wanted with her.

Ellie got her wish, Sarah slowly beginning to slide her strap on in and out of the young doctor's shit pipe, gradually picking up the pace with every thrust until Sarah was butt fucking Ellie at the same steady pace she had been using before. Then Sarah began fucking her ass harder, and harder, and harder, until Ellie was once again screaming joyfully.

It quickly became very clear Sarah was done making love to Ellie's ass hole. If anything Sarah seemed intent on ruining Ellie's ass hole, pounding it so hard and deep that the up until yesterday virgin hole would be stretched out and loose the rest of Ellie's life. However in her delirious state having forever gaping butt hole seemed like a small price to pay for Ellie as long as it meant her beloved mistress would keep fucking her ass and making her continue to cum in the most powerful climaxes of her life.


Given that Ellie's cum was squirting out of her like a geyser at this point, soaking both their stomachs and even breasts in hot girl cream, Sarah couldn't exactly hold Ellie to her word. However Sarah hoped those words were directly from Ellie's unconscious and the brunette doctor really did want to be the perfect lesbian bitch because that was exactly what Sarah wanted to turn Ellie into.

Sarah wanted to train Ellie to be her submissive lesbian sex slave. She wanted Ellie at her beck and call at all times. She wanted to teach Ellie to worship her body with her mouth and tongue, to suck her tits, to lick her ass, and most of all to eat her pussy. Oh how Sarah wanted Ellie in between her thighs hungrily lapping away at her cunt. She wanted to taste the sweet treasure in between Ellie's thighs too. And she was going too. Sarah was going to make Ellie be her submissive lesbian sex slave, the perfect lesbian bitch. No matter what it took Sarah was going to have the perfect boyfriend in Chuck, and the perfect lesbian bitch in Ellie.

Under this mind-frame Sarah savagely slammed Ellie's shitter through climax after climax, the poor brunette writhing in ecstasy underneath her until just like the night before the overwhelming pleasure caused Ellie to black out.

Also just like the other night it was difficult for Sarah to stop herself but she was just about able to do it, pulling out of Ellie's ass in one quick motion as she lifted herself up and off her tired bitch.

Ellie's legs, which had been resting against Sarah's shoulders for a long time now, fell limply back down to the bed, the sudden weight on the brunette's well fucked butt causing her to groan and roll over onto her side. This gave Sarah a good view of her handiwork, Ellie's ass cheeks red and sore from the little spanking she gave her while the once tight hole between those cheeks was now left gaping open.

After just staring at Ellie's gaping ass hole for a little while Sarah heard the other woman groaning softly, the blonde taking that as a invitation to walk round and press the tip of her strap-on against the brunette's lips.

Slowly Ellie's eyes blinked open, first looking at the dildo, then up at Sarah, then back to the dildo. Then Ellie closed her eyes, parted her lips and took the toy into her mouth, tasting the deepest part of her bowels on the fake cock.

Sarah grinned as she watched Ellie sucking the butt flavoured strap-on cock, taking as much as she could into her mouth and then when she tried and failed to take it down her throat lifted her head so she could slide her tongue up and down the shaft. After the first time she reached the base Ellie opened her eyes and looked up at her mistress with this wonderful little look of devotion, Sarah never losing eye contact as Ellie finished cleaning the dildo of all her ass juice.

When she was finished Ellie just looked up at her mistress, awaiting her next command.

Sarah smiled. This really was going to be easy. And fun.


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