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This is the third entry in my "Sarah vs." series following "Sarah vs. the Sandwich Shop Girl" and "Sarah vs. the First Love."

While it's not necessary to read the other two stories to know what's happening here, I would still greatly appreciate it.

This story, as all in this series do, stars Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker and guest star Tricia Helfer as Alex Forrest. It is based on the second season episode 'Chuck vs. the Pink Slip.'

I hope you enjoy.

Chuck: Sarah Vs The Break In Protocol (FF, bd, nc-cons, unif, toys)
by Smrtguy85

With a soft ding, the doors to the otherwise empty elevator closed, leaving an exhausted Sarah Walker closed off from the rest of humanity, for the next 30 seconds at least. But they were 30 seconds Sarah relished to have.

She slumped against the back wall of the climbing car, savoring the thought of her quiet room and the soft bed that awaited her there. After the last 48 hours, there was nothing Sarah wanted more than to flop down on her bed and not wake up for the next week. But Sarah knew her rest would only be a few hours at most. By then the information she had asked for would be uncovered and it would be back to work.

Still, a few hours rest was more than plenty for the wiped CIA agent.

It wasn't the usual physical fatigue that Sarah experienced after missions this time. As a matter of fact, she barely felt any of the soreness in her muscles that she usually did after a completed mission. Truth be told, she barely did any physical exertion this time. She didn't even get a chance to fire her gun. It was one of the more unusual ends to a mission she had ever experienced in all of her years on the job. It's not every assignment that ends by bad guy getting caught because he was too busy laughing his ass off while high on laughing gas.

No, for this mission it was all of the mental and emotional turmoil that had drained Sarah of her energy. Her job as handler to human Intersect Chuck Bartowski almost came to an end because of the very reasons Sarah had been afraid of.

The unusual and against the books relationship she and Chuck shared had always scared Sarah and she had tried with every fiber of her being to keep their relationship purely professional. And while the two of them haven't done anything physical with each other (not for a few months, anyway, Sarah thought with a blush as images of a warehouse, a giant crate, and lips on hers forced their way to the front of her mind) it was quite clear to Sarah that Chuck was in love with her.

Despite the fact that Chuck had never actually used the dreaded 'L' word, it was basically implied in every conversation they had. And while that was bad in and of its self, the absolute worst part was that Sarah knew she felt the same way.

Sarah had fallen in love with Chuck.

While she was still coming to terms with this fact and everything it could mean if she every admitted it to the Nerd Herder, Sarah couldn't lie to herself about the fact merely thinking about how she loved Chuck made her closer to being giddy than she had ever been in her whole life.

But admitting it to herself and admitting it to Chuck or anyone else she worked with we're two completely different matters entirely.

After all, the mere thought that there might be a more than professional relationship between the blonde beauty and her asset caused her superiors in Washington to initiate what they called a "49B". Who knows what might have been done if the suits in D.C. knew the truth about Sarah's feelings.

A "49B" was basically an assessment of Sarah and her relationship with her asset. Another agent was sent to temporarily take Sarah's place on her team and if this agent deemed that her feelings for Chuck were more than professional and were actually an endangerment to the mission than Sarah would be replaced by the agent permanently.

Sarah had tried to play it cool and show everyone that she was professional, that there was nothing between her and Chuck other than friendship and that being relieved of her role as Chuck's handler would be only seen by her as a simple reassignment, but in actuality, it scared the shit out of her.

Being forced to leave Chuck right after she allowed herself to admit she loved the man was something that ate away at her soul every second.

But fortunately with the help of a near disastrous mission, Chuck and Casey, it had been determined by General Beckman that while the relationship Sarah and Chuck shared may be unprofessional, it actually was beneficial to the team and, therefore, the country. Her caring for Chuck in a more than professional manner practically assured that there was nobody better suited for the job of protecting him from harm than Sarah Walker.

And now her would-be-replacement, agent Alex Forrest, was on the plane back to Washington that, up until a few hours ago, was meant for Sarah.

"Miss? Miss?"

Sarah snapped out of her thoughts to see a woman entering the car, holding the door open.

"Is this your floor?" the woman asked.

Sarah shook her head clear of the last 2 days and said, "Yes, thank you."

Nodding in thanks, Sarah walked past the woman and out onto her floor.

Of course, even though she wanted to forget all of this 49B business, there was still one last thing related to the past few days that she needed to take care of. The information that Sarah was so eagerly waiting for was on the forefront of her mind.

This was something she just had to do. It was a long shot and it may have been the stupidest thing Sarah had ever done, but she had to take this risk. It was for Chuck, after all.

As Sarah reached her room, the only comforting thought she could think of was that at least no one had known what she did.

Sarah had barely opened the door a crack before she instantly knew something was wrong. The air that had escaped the confinement of the room when the door opened was far too cold. She had lived in this room for almost two years and had comeback from missions at all hours of the day, in the warmest and coldest of weather, but never had the room been this cold on a return trip, even in the middle of winter.

She quietly pulled her gun out and slowly opened her door, her gun leading the way.

The reason for the unusual cold was apparent the moment Sarah stepped inside. One of her windows was wide open, the chilly breeze that was usually kept out given free rein on cooling everything Sarah owned.

Sarah also quickly knew some had opened it and who. Not because Sarah always shut the windows whenever she left her room, or because all of her years of experience were telling her that was the only explanation, but because the one responsible was standing right in front of the opened window.

"Put your hands up and move away from the window," Sarah ordered, her gun aimed square at the woman's back.

The woman gave no sign that she heard Sarah's command.

"Put your hands up and move away from the window!" demanded Sarah, firming her grip on her weapon, ready to pull the trigger if forced to.

Fortunately she didn't have to go that far, as the intruder made herself known.

"You just couldn't obey a simple instruction, could you Walker," the woman finally said, her voice a mixture of amusement and disdain.

All anger in Sarah vanished on the spot, only to be replaced with even more confusion. She knew that voice. It was a voice that she had reluctantly gotten to know over the past few days.

"Forrest!" a stunned Sarah exclaimed, her gun arm losing slack, though not dropping. What the hell was Forrest doing in her apartment? The last Sarah had heard her potential replacement was on her way back to Washington.

Forrest finally turned around to face Sarah, giving her the chance to fully take in what the older agent was wearing.

Forrest was clad in the most unusual outfit Sarah had seen her in in the 2 days Sarah had known the dirty-blond agent. She was wearing a long white coat that ended just past her knees, showing that the woman's legs were covered in long, black leather high-heeled boots. Her coat was wrapped to her body by two belt-buckles attached to sashes, giving Forrest the illusion she was wearing a robe.

But most peculiar was that Forrest had chosen to don a pair of black sunglasses, despite it being 11:30 at night, with the sun nowhere to be seen for the next few hours.

The look on what Sarah could see of her face telling her quite plainly that Forrest was pissed at her. Really pissed. What for, she had no clue, but that was the least of Sarah's worries at the moment.

"What the hell are you doing here!? How did you get in my room!?" Sarah demanded.

"Oh please, Walker. I've been at this job three years longer than you," said Forrest with, what Sarah could easily tell even through the dark lenses, an exasperated eye roll. "The better question would be how is it that you've been living here for two years but you only use the locks that came with the room."

"I -" began Sarah only to be promptly cut off.

"Forget that, though. I didn't come here to talk home improvement." Forrest took her glasses off and gave Sarah a scrutinizing glare. "Tell me, Walker, do you think we're stupid," continued Forrest in a curious voice.

"What? Do I think who's stupid?" asked Sarah, her frustration rising as Forrest refused to answer her questions.

"Me. Us. The CIA. The NSA." listed Forrest. "Do you think that little of us? Did you honestly think we wouldn't find out?"

If Sarah wasn't so ticked at Forrest's refusal to answer her, she might have been able to see what it was Forrest was trying to say. As it was, her ignorance showed its self once again as her anger got the better of her.

"Forrest! Either tell me what the hell you're doing here and why, or so help me god I will throw you out myself," threatened Sarah, moving closer to the other blonde, showing quite plainly she was ready to back up her threat.

She had barely advanced on agent Forrest when the woman finally explained what she was doing here. Unfortunately, her reason stopped Sarah in her tracks.

"What am I doing here? Well, let's see," began Forrest, feinting thoughtful concentration. "There I was on my way to the airport, ready to head back to Washington and back to a real job, instead of playing babysitter to your pet agent, when all of a sudden I got a call from General Beckman. It seems somebody from the Burbank operation base used the CIA database without permission. Apparently they were searching for some guy called Stephen Bartowski. Do you have any idea who could have possibly done this?"

Sarah's throat had gone dry. Her heart was beating the conga in her chest. She was caught. The gig was up. How could she have been so stupid?

"Well, Walker. Do you have any clue who would be so stupid as to use the database despite having been told the day before what would happen to that person if and when they were caught?" barked Forrest, the anger and contempt palpable in her voice.

All of the anger that had been surging through Sarah's body had vanished again. It had now been fully replaced by worry and regret.

Of course Sarah knew who had done it. It was her. She had illegally used government equipment to do a nationwide search for Stephen Bartowski.

She didn't regret what she had done. Chuck had wanted to know where his father, the aforementioned Stephen Bartowski, was and why he had abandoned his children ever since he had walked out on him and Ellie when they were younger.

He had come to Sarah, asking if he could possibly use the resources of the CIA and NSA to find any information he could. But Forrest had overheard Chuck's request and given the same answer Sarah had been prepared to give.

The answer was a resounding no. If Sarah or anybody used the CIA database for personal use, they would be fired immediately and could possibly be arrested and brought up on charges of misusing government equipment.

But during the brief hours that Sarah had been relieved from Operation Bartowski Sarah had decided to risk it and began a nationwide database search for Chuck's long lost father.

The system didn't come up with an immediate response, positive or negative, and having not heard anything for the past few hours, Sarah could only assume that wherever Stephen was hiding himself away from the world, it was deep. But she would eventually have the info she needed and be able to give Chuck the answers he had been longing for, for better or worse.

At the time it had seemed worth the risk. After all, helping Chuck find his long lost father was the least Sarah could do to help the man she cared so much for. But now her actions seemed to have caught up with her and now she had to face the consequences.

"I'm waiting, Walker," an impatient Forrest demanded, her arms now crossed in front of her chest, glaring at the shorter blonde.

Sarah sat down on her bed, placing her gun down next to her, looking down at the floor but without seeing it.

Gulping down the fear for her job and freedom she felt rising in her throat, Sarah came clean without looking up.

"It was me. I did it," confessed Sarah.

"Of course you did," sighed Forrest, rolling her head slightly along with her eyes this time. "And I guess you just decided that my warnings about your job and freedom just meant nothing, as long as Bartowski knows where his daddy dearest is."

"Basically," admitted Sarah, looking up at the judgmental blonde, feeling bolder now. "I knew the risks but did what I had to do to help Chuck. I'll always help Chuck, whether I get paid to do it or not."

"Even at the risk of your job?" asked Forrest, not looking the least bit impressed by Sarah's passionate defense.

"Even at the risk of my life," swore Sarah, glaring at the standing blonde.

The two of them stood there looking into each other's eyes for a few seconds before Forrest broke the gaze by putting her glasses back on.

"Well, that's all well and noble, Walker, and would totally convince me to let you off the hook, you know if I was a giant, wimpy pussy like Bartowski. But the fact of the matter is that you broke protocol and, in doing so, broke the law. And now I have very satisfying duty to punish you," stated Forrest, walking over to a bag sitting next to Sarah's dresser that Sarah hadn't noticed before. Her concentration had been completely on the supposed stranger in her room, but Sarah knew that Forrest must have brought it since it wasn't hers.

"'Punish me?'" Sarah repeated. She knew that there would be some kind of punishment for what she did if she had been caught, but she was still surprised and, honestly, scared as to what that meant. "What's going to happen? Am I fired?"

The thought of being fired from the CIA terrified her. Not just because of Chuck, although that was a big worry, but because Sarah wasn't sure what her life would be without it. She had been a spy since she was 18. It was the only life she had ever known outside the times with her father. She had seen and done so much in this time that Sarah didn't know if she would be ever able to fully adjust if she all of a sudden found herself in the real world. Hell, she had been going by the name 'Sarah Walker' longer than she had her real name that was starting to except that 'Sarah Walker' was her real name now.

"If you were any other agent on any other mission, absolutely," confirmed Forrest, who was now lifting the bag up onto Sarah's vanity stand. Looking at Sarah through her reflection in her mirror, Forrest elaborated. "But seeing as how we just went through an episode showing that Bartowski seemingly can't chew his cereal without you there to walk him through it, General Beckman decided to give you a pass and let you keep your job."

Sarah let out an immense sigh of relief. Her job was safe and she could stay with Chuck, the two things she wanted more than anything.

However, despite her relief at her secured employment status, Sarah had worked for these people long enough to know that they never just let somebody off the hook like this. If she wasn't going to be fired or arrested, she knew she was going to have to answer for her error somehow.

As if reading Sarah's mind, Forrest turned around to face Sarah to say, "But Beckman wanted to remind you that she doesn't condone her agents flagrantly breaking the law whenever some geek with a crush tells them a sob story about how much he misses daddy, so she decided that you still need to be punished. And she assigned me the oh-so-pleasurable duty to see that it is done right," she finished with a smile that didn't suite her tough, no-nonsense, by the book and protocol life style. It actually gave her very striking face a look of danger.

Sarah's relief was now tainted with apprehension. Forrest was in charge of her punishment? She didn't know the woman very well and vice-versa, but Sarah knew she hadn't made a great impression on the older agent in the brief time they worked together. Sarah's seemingly constant breaking of procedure when it came to Chuck, the way she seemingly put his feelings before the mission, greatly clashed with Forrest's professionalism and strict adherence to protocol and procedure. So to hear that the woman standing in front of her was in charge of making her pay for breaking the law gave Sarah a much greater sense of anxiety than someone like Casey would inspire.

Turning her back on Sarah once more, Forrest reached inside her bag for something.

"So, what are you going to have me do?" Sarah reluctantly asked. She knew that it was best to get whatever humiliating and/or painful punishment out of the way, if it's even something that could be accomplished in one night.

Forrest seemed to be ignoring Sarah as she pulled something out for her bag. It was a hat of some kind, but Sarah couldn't tell what, only that it was blue with a black rim.

It almost looks like...a policeman's hat. But it can't be. What would she be doing with something like that? Sarah assured herself as Forrest answered Sarah's previous question.

"Well, Walker, for starters you can get up and put your hands against the wall," said Forrest in a tone that started off as light and conversational for someone as professional and serious as Forrest could ever get it but ended in a hard, commanding tone.

Sarah thought she must have heard wrong and was about to ask Forrest to repeat herself, when her ability to speak was rendered inoperative.

Forrest had turned around again and as she did she removed her coat and let it crumple to the floor. If Sarah had thought her initial outfit was unusual, she now considered it a regular church going ensemble compared to what had been hidden under it.

Agent Alexandra Forrest of the NSA was standing before Sarah wearing nothing more than the sluttiest excuse of a police uniform Sarah had ever seen. Her shirt was less a shirt and more a bikini top with sleeves. The skimpy material had four buttons but only one was in use at the moment, causing Forrest's ample braless cleavage to strain against the small plastic circle keeping them in check.

The shirt, for lack of better term, ended right below the button forming an upside 'V' of fabric as it guided Sarah's eyes down the vast amount of beautifully smooth skin of Forrest's stomach, stopping only when it reached the black leather skort clinging to the curves of her hips that was fastened around her waist.

The only reason that Sarah knew the heart-stopping, panty moistening outfit Forrest was wearing was supposed to be a stripper's idea of police uniform at all were the words, 'Police' and 'Officer Naughty' stitched over Forrest's right and left boobs respectively, the packed gun holster on her hip and the cap on her head with a knock off police badge adorned on it.

If Sarah was a cartoon character, this would be the moment when her jaw would fall all the way to the floor and her eyes would pop out of their sockets. But seeing as she was flesh and blood, Forrest just had to settle for the pleasing sight of Sarah's dropped jaw and eyes wide in surprise. This had been the absolute last thing Sarah had ever expected to happen. She wouldn't have been more surprised if Forrest had taken out a gun a put a bullet between her eyes.

Sarah would've had to have been completely blind or a gay man to not notice and appreciate the very appealing figure that Forrest had been blessed with. With piercing blue eyes, defined cheek bones, a chest to rival Sarah's and what was truly an ass that won't quit, she had defiantly drawn the eyes of one Sarah Walker, a woman who had more than her fair share of ladies for lovers. But Sarah had put Forrest away on her shelf of 'Pure Fantasy Women' in part because of Forrest's strict adherence to protocol and rules made it seem that she would never lower herself to cavorting with co-workers unless she had been ordered to, another part being that Forrest's position in her brief stint as part of Operation Bartowski was to decide if Sarah was professional enough to stay and Sarah couldn't risk any possible come-on she might have otherwise attempted on the beautiful blonde in case they were seen as unprofessional.

But now, as the woman Sarah had deemed 'Pure Fantasy' the moment they met stood before her with half of her skin showing, all Sarah could think of at that moment was 'Fuck protocol'.

Unfortunately, her preoccupation with the delicious flesh show she had just been unexpectedly treated to left Sarah's brain empty of most other thoughts... including any such thoughts of obeying the command she had been given.

"Walker! Did I not make myself clear!" snapped Forrest, advancing on the stunned blonde.

"Huh?" was the only reply, as Sarah had just snapped out from her lust induced trance and had only just allowed Forrest's words to sink in.

Too little too late, as they say.

"'Huh!' Is that all you have to say, Walker?" barked Forrest, as she grabbed Sarah by the hair and yanked her up to her feet. Ignoring the yelps of pain from her woman in her hands, Forrest continued. "If I didn't already know you weren't a real blonde I would say you really are as stupid as they say most of you bitches are. I guess that's all just you, isn't it?"

"Forrest, what the fuck!" yelled Sarah. Her shock over Forrest's revealing attire had numbed her instincts and allowed the other woman to get the drop on her. But now the shock was gone and replaced instead the by pain in her scalp and anger at Forrest.

She swung her left arm up, breaking Forrest's grip on her hair and punching her in the face with her right fist. Forrest stumbled backwards a few steps, allowing Sarah the opportunity to get some space of her own.

"Nice arm, Walker," said Forrest, reaching up to touch her now bleeding lip. "It's not often that a perp gets a shot on me. But I'm totally going to make you regret that."

Forrest advanced on her again but Sarah was the quicker of the two. She scooped up her discarded gun from the bed, but Forrest had expected the move and, before Sarah could properly raise the weapon, she found it knocked from her hand with a well-placed kick from the scantily clad agent.

But Sarah didn't let her lack of weapon discourage her. While her skills with firearms were highly regarded amongst her peers in Washington, it was in hand-to-hand combat that Sarah truly shone.

However, today just didn't seem to be her day, as the next punch Sarah threw at the taller blondes head was easily caught.

Using the momentum of Sarah's punch against her, Forrest spun her around, twisting the trapped arm behind the smaller woman's, and pinning her against the nearest stretch of bare wall, pinning her against it.

"What the hell has gotten in to you, Forrest? Have you completely lost your mind?" asked Sarah, struggling to free herself, only to find her other arm pinned as well.

"No, I'm perfectly sane," calmly answered Forrest, pressing her body against Sarah's back. "I'm just trying to pin down a perp whose resisting arrest."

Sarah squirmed and flailed to escape, but try as she might, it seemed that Forrest was the stronger of the two. Besides, now that she felt the assertive woman's body against hers, the woman's barely contained breasts pressed against Sarah's exposed back was making her resistance falter slightly (she had dressed herself in a backless halter top, thinking, for some odd reason, that she wouldn't be feeling a pair of tits pressed against her today).

Forrest sensed Sarah's resistance fading, and decided now was the time to really pounce.

She pressed her lips against Sarah's ear and growled, "You've been a naughty fucking girl, Walker." Sarah's struggles lessened as Forrest took her earlobe in her mouth, lightly nibbling on it, causing her to shudder in arousal. "Breaking the law to help your boy toy; striking an officer of the law; resisting arrest; threatening me with a gun. You've broken so many laws and now it's time for you to pay."

"How?" asked Sarah in an embarrassed but lustful whisper. She couldn't believe she was actually succumbing to whatever twisted idea of punishment that Forrest was insisting on enacting, but the arousal that had started to bubble up inside the moment Forrest opened her coat was now starting to overwhelm her. She was still struggling and resisting, but that was mostly instinct after years of fighting for her life.

"By doing everything I tell you to do," answered Forrest, punctuating the command with a lick of Sarah's neck. Sarah shuddered at this sensuous feeling.

"Everything?" asked Sarah.

"Everything," confirmed Forrest. While Sarah was still adjusting to the unexpected sensations of Forrest's advances, she didn't realize that one of Forrest's hands had released its grip and was now reaching around her back to get the next tool in her plan for punishment.

"Naughty, law breaking sluts like you need to learn their place in the world, and they need dedicated officers like me to put you there," said Forrest. "And that place," continued Forrest, pulling out a pair of handcuffs and snapping it around one wrist, "is in chains."

"What are you -?" started Sarah, but was cut off by the other click of the cuffs, fully securing her arms behind her back.

"FORREST!!" screamed Sarah, tugging at her now bound wrists, but, naturally, the metal didn't give way. "Get these off right now!"

"Tut, tut, tut," sighed Forrest, her hands, now free of Sarah's arms, dancing up and down Sarah's sides. "I can't do that. I'm a proud officer of the law. I can't go breaking protocol like you would and let a dangerous felon like you go just because you asked. That wouldn't be right," she finished with a chuckle.

Now that Sarah's hands were restrained, her head now took their place on the wall as her body's upper support. She was looking over her shoulders, her eyes a fusion of fear and desire.

"Why are you doing this? If you wanted to fuck me all you had to do was ask?" asked Sarah, hoping now that her resistance was broken and that her shameful truth was revealed, that she indeed wanted to fuck Forrest and still would despite her forceful method of seduction, that her captor would dispense of the role play and release Sarah so they could fuck on equal ground.

No such luck, as Forrest had been looking forward to playing with a shackled Sarah Walker too much to put a stop to her fun now. Of course she had seen how willing Sarah would have been to a little tumble in the sheets. The eye fucking she had received from the other blonde ever since they first met told Forrest it wouldn't take much more convincing then, "Hey, let's fuck," to get some fun.

But Alex Forrest was too much of a professional to jump into bed with someone whom she was supposed to be investigating and evaluating. Plus, Sarah's own unprofessionalism when it came to her asset and overall palpable dislike of Forrest's presence made it quite clear that while the two women might have thought the other was the hottest piece of ass in the state, they would never get along enough to actually fuck.

So when Alex was recalled back to D.C. she had thought that would be it. Then Beckman called her and Alex knew she had one last shot.

Not only would she be able to fuck Sarah Walker, something she had wanted to do long before she had met the other woman, but Alex would be able to put the self-assured bitch in her place.

So, after a quick stop to change into the stripper outfit she had used during the mission, Alex made a beeline for Sarah's apartment complex. And now she had the woman literally in the palm of her hands, moaning at her hands touching her body.

Forrest's answer to Sarah's question was much less involved and much more in character.

"Because I am not some cheap slut like you, Walker, who'll spread her legs for every set of big tits or big cock," scolded Forrest, once again tugging Sarah's hair back so she could look in the woman's blue eyes, loving the moan Sarah fought to keep buried but still managed to escape her throat. "Remember, I'm not here to fuck you, Walker. I'm here to discipline you," said Forrest, letting go of Sarah's hair, allowing the trapped blonde to once more press her forehead to the plain wallpaper that decorated the room.

Forrest returned her hand to Sarah's side but didn't keep it or the other one their much longer.

"Now, before I take you in I've got to make sure you don't have any weapons on your person," said Forrest, the harsh tone of her voice now one of complete seriousness and professionalism.

Any ideas of professionalism that some foolish person might have had flew right out the still open window when Forrest's hands shot up and give a more than professional squeeze to Sarah's breasts.

Once more, a moan forced its way from Sarah's throat as Forrest's hands and fingers worked their magic on Sarah's clothed tits. They weren't forceful or hurtful, but they also weren't gentle. They were the hands of a person who wanted to get all over the skin Sarah was hiding.

"And what do we have here," asked Forrest, acting like she was just some barely interested beat cop as her fingers found the two hard nipples poking through Sarah's halter top. Ignoring the gasps and moans coming from the restrained blonde, Forrest continued to pinch and lightly tug on Sarah's hardened flesh as she continued her game. "Two barely concealed and very dangerous weapons. These things could easily put someone's eye out, Walker, and you were just going to stand here and let me hurt myself, is that what this is Walker?" asked Forrest, fake anger once again in her voice.

When Sarah didn't respond right away, Forrest pinched down hard on her nipples.

Sarah gasped in pain as Forrest didn't let up on the pressure on her sensitive points as the in control blonde continued.

"I asked you a question, you fucking tramp! Were you hiding these little weapons hoping to hurt me?" Forrest let go of the tortured nipple, giving Sarah a brief second of relief before pulling as hard as she could on Sarah's nipples, stretching out her captive's tits. "Answer me!" She ordered over Sarah's second gasp.

"No! No, there not weapons I swear!" hurried out Sarah.

"Then what are they?" asked Forrest, her lips now right next to Sarah's ear, pressing her body fully against Sarah's and not letting up on the pressure on Sarah's tits.

Sarah, tired of acting the submissive victim in Forrest's kinky little game, decided that this would be much more fun if she played as well. Grinding her ass back into Forrest's crotch, she answered, in the sexiest voice she could muster, "They are my rock hard nipples, officer."

Forrest was much less successful than Sarah at suppressing her moan of desire. Pushing past the moment of weakness she responded to Sarah's playfulness by growling into Sarah's ear, "Are they now? Well, my horny little slut, I guess I will just have to see for myself, now won't I?"

And without waiting for a response, Forrest gripped cups of Sarah's halter top and yanked them down.

Sarah didn't even try to hide her moan of delight as her tits bounced and jiggled slightly from their sudden freedom, only to come to another sudden stop when Forrest's hands resumed their previous explorations - only this time nothing stood between the women's flesh.

"Fuck!" both women groaned at the meeting of their skin. Sarah couldn't get enough of the other woman's wandering hands as they explored the soft flesh that was Sarah's chest and Forrest absolutely relished the feeling of having these magnificent delights to play with.

"Oh, yeah, these things are definitely dangerous," said Forrest, her fingers finding Sarah's nipples, pinching and rubbing the pink nubs. "I'm going to have to get a closer look at these things later."

Forrest kept a firm hand on Sarah's chest, going back and forth between the two, not denying love to either, as her other hand made its way down Sarah's body.

"Now I just got to check the rest of you, make sure you're not hiding anything under here," said Forrest, making it very clear what she meant by 'here' as she stroked Sarah's covered ass cheeks. "I'll give you one thing, Walker. For a law breaking slut, you defiantly have a kick-ass body."

"T-thanks," stammered out Sarah, loving the feeling of Forrest's hands on her body. She certainly knew how to treat Sarah's tits, giving her the right combination of pain and pleasure just when Sarah needed it. And now with Forrest touching her ass, getting so much closer to the hot pussy just lying beneath the fabric of Sarah's khaki pants, Sarah knew she wouldn't be lasting much longer before she was begging Forrest to really touch her.

Forrest got her even closer to the breaking point when she moved her hand around and shoved her hand right up against Sarah's covered crotch, spreading Sarah's legs apart to make space.

"Oh my god!" groaned Sarah, her head snapping back from the wall at the exquisite feeling of Forrest stroking her through her pants.

Forrest was stroking up and down on her pants, grinding the seam of them right up against Sarah's dripping lips and hard clit. This caused Sarah's already dampened pants to get an even fresher batch of moisture.

When Sarah snapped her head back from the wall, she actually unintentionally moved her whole body with such force that it caught by Forrest by surprise, forcing her to take a step back. Now, Forrest's body was what was keeping Sarah standing instead of the wall, a position that forced their bodies closer together than ever before. Even in her lust fogged mind Sarah could make out the two small bumps against her bare back that could only have been Forrest's nipples.

"Whoa there! Where do you think you're going," asked Forrest with a laugh, as Sarah squirmed in her grasp in their new position. "There must be something down here that you don't want me to see if you're trying to escape like this."

Forrest then removed her hand from Sarah's chest to help unbutton Sarah's pants. "This much heat and wetness merely from one woman's pants is very suspicious. I need to check it out in a more... hands on fashion."

Forrest griped the zipper of Sarah's pants with her right hand, lowering it as slowly as possible as her left hand continued to stroke Sarah's pussy through the material blocking her hand.

"Gonna get these pants open, shove my hand in them, and get a feel to see if there is anything you're trying to keep from me," purred Forrest into Sarah's ear. She then proceeded to lick and nip at Sarah's exposed neck. "And if I find something," said Forrest between licks of Sarah's reddening skin, "I'm going to have to make you pay for lying to an officer."

But even with Forrest's lewd promise ringing in her ear, Sarah wasn't finding the relief she was hoping for.

Forrest was unzipping her pants as fast as molasses going uphill in the snow. Each click of the metal sliding down seemed to take much longer than necessary and Forrest even slowed down her rubbing on her pants, torturing Sarah with the promise of release, but never giving her the down and out fucking that Sarah had thought was inevitable once Forrest had made her intentions clear.

Sarah could see it clearly now. She now knew what Forrest's choice of punishment was going to be. Forrest wasn't simply going to cuff her and "force" her to have sex; while that would have certainly gotten Sarah's attention and been fun for both women, that wasn't the point of tonight.

Forrest wanted to make Sarah suffer. She wanted Sarah to feel the dark side of extreme arousal. She was going to work Sarah to the brink of ecstasy, only to yank her back again. She was going to force Sarah to break down and beg for orgasm, for her to promise to be a good girl and promise she would always follow the rules.

The natural fighter in Sarah wanted to rebel, to throw Forrest off of her and somehow take control of the situation; there were few lovers that Sarah allowed to dominate her in bed and, under normal circumstances, she would never have permitted Forrest to be the one in control.

But what Forrest was doing to her body was too good to ignore for a little thing like pride. The pleasure Forrest was promising her with ever dirty word in her ear, hand on her pussy and mouth on her neck was all the trust Sarah needed and she was willing to lower herself slightly by begging if that led to what Sarah needed.

Did that make actually her the slut and whore that Forrest's crooked cop character was calling her?

'No, of course not!' her mind emphatically derided. She was just in desperate need to come and Forrest was willing to give her what she wanted as long as Sarah did what she said.

Sarah ignored the voice in her head that told her that was exactly what a slut and a whore were.

Forrest had pulled her zipper down as far as it could go ('Finally,' thought Sarah) and, without any preamble, held her pants open with her left hand and shoved her right hand down them, cupping Sarah's soaked panties.

"Fuck!" shouted Sarah, as Forrest rubbed all over the silk fabric, pushing it and her fingers against the soft folds of Sarah's pussy.

"Oh, yeah, Walker, all of this heat and unusual amount of wetness screams at me that you're hiding something down here," Forrest growled in Sarah's ear, the sensation of feeling Sarah's slippery pussy and her radiating heat through the thin protection of her underwear seemed to amp Forrest's arousal up almost as much as Sarah's.

Forrest took Sarah's earlobe in her mouth, nibbling on it as she used her husky voice to growl, "I'm going to get right in here and search as far as my fingers can go. I'm going to dig deep and search as long as I can."

"Yeah! Search me," panted Sarah. Her wrists were struggling against their bonds, trying in vain to free themselves to help her role-playing lover provide a thorough search. "Get your hands all over me and search me! Put your fingers in my pussy and search as long and deep as you want!"

When Sarah felt Forrest pull aside her panties with one hand and tease her lips with the fingers on her other, Sarah dropped the charade and asked for what she really wanted.

"God, Forrest! Please stop teasing me and fuck me!"

This was the wrong thing to say.

Sarah didn't know what happened next. One moment she was standing against Forrest's barely clothed body, her fingers just about to push inside her to give Sarah what she wanted, but now Forrest's coma inducing body had pulled away from her.

Before gravity could enact itself on Sarah's unbalanced body and send her crumbling to the floor, Sarah felt rough hands shove her body, forcing her to spin around so she was now facing Forrest's upset face, which was amplified by Forrest's opaque glasses.

"Wha -" Sarah began to ask before Forrest's temper cut her off.

"'Fuck you?!' Who the hell said anything about fucking you?" snapped Forrest, her face so close to Sarah's that Sarah could feel flecks of spit land on her face. "I'm not out here trolling for some cheap piece of ass to help get her rocks off! I'm here to do my job and punish dirty little law breakers like you!"

Half an hour ago, if anybody got in Sarah Walker's face and yelled at her like Forrest was now, she would be introducing her fists to that person's face and/or stomach. She never allowed anybody to talk down to her like this unless they were her superior officer. And while Alex Forrest might have a few more years under the belt than Sarah did, she was no way in a position, job wise, that would save her from Sarah's wrath.

But this wasn't half an hour ago, and now all Sarah could think of was how close she had been. If she had only kept the role-play up, she would be fast track on her way to one hell of an orgasm. Now, because her libido couldn't keep its self in check, who knows what torture Forrest would put her through before giving Sarah the bliss of a nice, hard cum.

"I was just about to do my job and search your filthy little cunt for anything you might be trying to hide from me, but because you can't seem to remember your place here, I'm going to have to remind you," ranted Forrest.

Before Sarah could ask what that meant, Forrest once again pushed on Sarah's shoulders. This time, however, she was forcing Sarah down, a force that Sarah had no choice but to comply with, now knowing what was going to be asked of her.

Now on her knee's, Sarah was eye level with Forrest's leather skort. This also put her dangerously close to those two marvelous stems that were lucky to call themselves Forrest's legs. They were as immaculate as the rest of Forrest's body was sure to be, the only difference being that Forrest was actually allowed to show these gems off in public in all their glory, unlike her covered tits, ass, and pussy.

Despite how upset Sarah was at now getting her release, she now longed to get her mouth all over the gorgeous objects half hidden in the boots.

"Eye's up here, Walker," snapped Forrest.

Sarah ripped her gaze away from Forrest's creamy thighs to look up at the woman towering over her. Somewhere between Sarah getting on her knees and Forrest drawing her attention back up to her face, Forrest had ditched her glasses all together. So now Sarah was able to lock her own blue eyes with the blue ones of her soon-to-be lover.

"I swear, you're just as bad as those pigs at Dr. Faithful's little shindig the other day," said Forrest with a roll of her eyes, breaking character herself for a moment. "Can't keep your eyes or your hands to yourself. Although you seem to be excelling at the hands one," added Forrest with a brief glimpse at Sarah's bound hands.

'Dr. Faithful's little shindig' was the bachelor party that Chuck had thrown for his future brother-in-law, Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcombe. The party had actually just been a diversion so Chuck could swipe a tool Team Bartowski needed to complete a mission. When Chuck's original plan looked like it wasn't working, Forrest improvised and crashed the party as a stripper in a police uniform.

The same uniform she was standing in front of a kneeling, partially undressed Sarah in.

"Although I have to cut them some slack, I guess. After all, a body like mine must be very hard to ignore" conceded Forrest. "The same can be said for yours as well, Walker," admitted Forrest, her eyes feasting on the kneeling Sarah, with her big tits hanging out of her top and her nipples standing firm at attention, the white flesh still slightly red from Forrest's earlier rough treatment.

"Ahem!" coughed Sarah. As much as she liked knowing her body brought lust to Forrest, there were urgent matters to attend to right now that could be accomplished by talking.

"Oh, yes. Where was I?" a slightly flustered Forrest asked, shaking herself from her gaze. One glance at Sarah's needy eyes gave Forrest the reminder she needed.

"Right," said Forrest, her voice steeling up again. "I need to remind you your place. You can't just ask hardworking, protocol following, honest cops like myself to fuck you just because you can't keep your legs shut," she reprimanded.

She looked down on a Sarah, whose body was now trembling with palpable to arousal, with a harsh glare before she broke out a very lust filled smirk and said, "It's your job to fuck us."

Reaching down to her belt buckle, she unsnapped it and through the leather strap to the side.

"Normally I would ask you to do this part yourself, but seeing as you're all tied up at the moment," said Forrest with a triumphant glance at Sarah's cuffed hands, "I'll just have to do it myself."

Sarah brushed aside the taunts Forrest was throwing at her, preferring to focus on the woman's hands as they unfastened her skort. Hooking her thumbs in the waistband, Forrest slowly pushed it down.

Inch by glorious inch, Sarah was treated to the tantalizing sight of Alex Forrest fully exposing her pussy to Sarah's hungry eyes.

And what a lovely pussy it was. Forrest had trimmed her bush down to a small landing strip that told Sarah that Forrest was as much as a natural blonde as she was. As Forrest stepped out of the black leather, tossing it aside to land on her long forgotten coat, Sarah could see the glistening pink delight that lay between Forrest's legs.

"You know what to do," said Forrest with a bored tone of one asking a stranger about the weather, not telling a handcuffed NSA agent to eat her pussy.

Sarah did, of course, know what to do.

Knowing she would never get free and fucked herself unless she did what Forrest wanted, Sarah ignored the throbbing need in between her own legs and lunged forward, closing the gap of few inches that lay between her lips and Forrest's drooling pussy.

Both women moaned in pleasure as Sarah's mouth instantly found Forrest's clit. Sarah wrapped her starving lips around Forrest's hard pleasure bud and began to suck on it.

"Fuck, Walker!" gasped Forrest as Sarah worked her magic on her. "I knew you would be good, but I didn't know you would be so good so fast. Oh my god yes, fuck me!"

Sarah mouth curved into a smile around Forrest's clit. For someone who was talking so much shit only a few seconds ago, Forrest was very quick with her praise. Sarah couldn't wait till her hands were free and she had a huge orgasm of her own. The moment Forrest let her guard down, Sarah was going to pounce.

Forrest thinks she's so tough now, thought Sarah, but let's see how tough she is when I strap-on my cock.

But before all of that could happen, Sarah had a job to do first. And a job she was very eager to do, at that.

Sarah had switched to flicking Forrest's clit around with her tongue now, a switch in tactic that Forrest very much approved of, judging by the increase in her moans and filthy language.

"Oh, shit Walker! Eat my cop pussy! Get your tongue all over my hard little clit and my dripping cunt! Yeah this is where you belong, isn't Walker? On your knees eating a hot juicy cunt! This is why you want to stay here with the dweeb, right? Not because his little nerd charm swept you off your feet, but so you can have all the smokin' hot bikini babes a little slut like you could want? So you can eat their fucking bimbo cunts as much as you want to eat mine! FUCK!!!" shouted Forrest in surprised pleasure, her head snapping back causing her hat to fly off, as Sarah took a small little bite on Forrest's clit.

Sarah had done this as a bit of small payback for Forrest's wild and inaccurate assumptions and to hopefully get her to shut up.

In that regard, she failed miserably. Once Sarah got her tongue back onto Forrest's clit, soothing any pain that might have lingered from her playful bite, Forrest started to laugh through her moans.

Looking down at her lover, Forrest had a dangerous gleam in her eyes as she said, "So, you like it a little rough, do you Walker? That's good to know."

Sarah tried to shut out the profane encouragements showering down on her and concentrate solely on the task at hand. Sarah liked dirty talk during sex as much as the next girl, but Forrest was starting to get obnoxious.

Since her hands were trapped behind her back, Sarah had a more difficult time sticking her tongue into Forrest's pussy than she usually would have, but she sincerely enjoyed the "challenge" of sliding her tongue between Forrest's folds to get at the hole buried beneath them.

After a few hard jabs, however, Sarah was able to thrust her tongue in and out of Forrest in a steady rhythm. Every few thrust's Sarah would stop her tongue in Forrest's dripping gash and wiggle it around inside Forrest's clamping lips.

"Fuckkkkkkkkkk," moaned Forrest as Sarah's tongue thrust itself in her pussy. "Oh, fucking shit! Damn Walker, use that hot tongue! Eat my fucking wet cunt with your whore mouth! Swallow my sweet juices down your slutty throat!" demanded a forceful Forrest, gripping Sarah hard by her hair and jamming her face deeper into her pussy.

Now by nature Sarah wasn't a submissive person. Far from it, she always tried to be in control of every part of her life, whether it be personal, professional, or sexual. She never allowed people to just walk over her and control her, with the obvious exception of her superior's in Washington. In fact the only person Sarah ever gave up control to in bed was Carina, but that was mainly because of Carina's "No means yes" attitude and Sarah's strange inability to deny her redheaded lover anything. With every other of Sarah's lover's, she was the one who called the shots, whether a long time partner like Bryce, or one-time flings like the majority of her female lovers.

But Forrest had made it very clear from the word go that she was the one calling the shots and there would be no arguments. And while Sarah was actually enjoying Forrest's sweet taste and forceful grip, she didn't want to make this a recurring habit.

Sarah was now thrusting her tongue as deep as it could burrow in Forrest's pink, hoping to get her forceful lover off as quick as possible. Normally Sarah would try to give her lover as much pleasure as possible for as long as she could, for both of their benefit, but the metal cuffs and the way they were forcing her arms back was starting to hurt.

So, with the promise of a creamy orgasms to drink down and the removal of her metal bindings, Sarah used all of the skill she had picked up in her years between pretty ladies legs and focused on bringing Agent Alex Forrest to the strongest orgasm she ever had.

Removing her tongue from Forrest's clenching cunt, Sarah wrapped her lips around her stiff clit and began to suck.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK!!!" shouted Forrest, her knees starting to buckle from the near overwhelming sensations washing through her body. Her hips were thrusting into Sarah's sucking mouth with her hands digging into Sarah's hair, thrusting her willing captive's face deeper into her wetness with every shove. "You are one talented little slut aren't you? You know how to work a pussy like a pro! But then again I FUCK!" yelped Forrest as Sarah stopped sucking on her clit only to replace the suction with slaps of her tongue. "Right there, Walker! Fuck my hard fucking clit!"

Sarah smiled around Forrest's clit. Forrest was right in that she was a pro when it came to pussy. She could manage a cock like a master as well, but men were much easier to get off than women. All it takes to get most men off is a few sucks of hard dick and a lustful stare up at them. For women, Sarah really had to work for her goal. She had to find the right spots and the right amount of pressure for every different girl she fucked. So to hear this take-no-shit woman praise her cunt eating skills was a major achievement.

But Sarah's smile was wiped clean away with the next words tumbling out of her trembling lover's mouth.

"But then again," continued Forrest, her word's interspersed with sharp gasps, "I knew you were (gasp) a fantastic cunt lapper (gasp) even before I met you (gasp). I don't know how many (gasp) times I've watched your tape. It (gasp) gets me off every time."

The ease in which Sarah escaped the grip Forrest had on her head told both women how into all of this Sarah was and how unnecessary the standing woman's hands were in the first place.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" demanded a horrified Forrest, her beautiful face, which had just been a mask of pure ecstasy and euphoria, was now wrenched into one of outrage and anger at her "slaves" unexpected pause in work. "Get back in there, slut! You haven't made this Officer cum all over your whore face!"

But Forrest's orgasm and how close she was to it was the farthest thing on Sarah's mind at the moment, despite how important it had been to her just five seconds ago.

"What tape?" asked Sarah, a sense of fear like she hadn't felt before coursing through her veins.

The look of anger on Forrest's face shifted to one of joy. "You mean you don't know?" she asked, not even trying to keep the joyfulness out of her voice. "It's only one of the most popular video's circulating around our little club."

Sarah's stomach was now churning like it always did when she was about to hear news she knew she didn't want to hear.

"What. Tape?!" Demanded Sarah fiercely, not at all caring that she couldn't look any less dangerous right now, with her hands trapped behind her back and her lips and chin covered in a shiny glaze from Forrest's pussy juice

Forrest couldn't help but laugh. She had always wondered if Walker had ever found out about the little leak that had occurred in the NSA, and now she had the answer.

"Oh, it's nothing," teased Forrest, bending down to brush some of Sarah's disheveled hair behind her ear, only to have Sarah wrench her head away. "Just a little video that's made its way out of the NSA and on to practically every agent's computer. And you're the star. You and that sandwich shop hottie."

Forrest didn't need to say anything more. Sarah knew exactly what she was talking about.

A few months ago she had a mission that involved sleeping with a girl named Lou, Chuck's girlfriend at the time, in order to get information. Sarah had known a planted camera had recorded the activities, she had even asked for a copy herself to enjoy at home, but she never expected that it would ever be seen by people not directly involved with Operation Bartowski.

Sarah wouldn't have been more gobsmacked if somebody had lit her hair on fire. A video of her and Lou? And it has been seen by most of her fellow agents in Washington and all over the world? A well of fury surged throughout Sarah's body.

How could this have happened? What piece of shit snuck through the NSA secret files to find it? Who would want to humiliate her like this?

"How did this happen?! Beckman told me it would never be seen by anybody else! Who's responsible! I'll kill them!" demanded Sarah, moving away from Forrest to try and stand up. To do what exactly, Sarah honestly didn't know, but she knew it wouldn't be pleasant for anyone.

"Whoa, hold on, where do you think you're going?" asked Forrest, placing her hands on Sarah's shoulders to keep her in place between Forrest's thighs. "You aren't done here."

"Are you out of your mind, Forrest?" snapped Sarah, actually struggling now to remove herself from Forrest's firm grip, but failing due to her lack of full use of her arms. "Let me go! I'm in no mood for this shit anymore!"

"And what are you going to do if I let you go? Go and beat up all of Washington?" derided Forrest, loving the sight of Sarah squirming and muttering protests. "The cat's out of the bag now, Walker and has been for a while now. It sucks, I admit, but there's nothing you can do about it."

Sarah was so full of hate at this moment: hate for the bastard who handed out her tape like candy on Halloween, the tape that was made for national security purposes; hate for the perverted assholes who got themselves off over her and Lou's night of passion; hate towards Beckman for failing to keep her promise; hate for Forrest, who has admitted to watching and fucking herself to the video, and who was forcing Sarah to continue this game; but, most of all, Sarah hated herself.

She hated herself because the first emotion Sarah felt when Forrest told her about the leak wasn't anger, even though that quickly became the dominate emotion. No, the emotion Sarah first experienced had been arousal.

The thought that people she had never and would never meet had seen her naked and fuck another woman, much to Sarah's embarrassment and shame, turned her on immensely. She could picture men whipping out their cocks and jerking themselves off until they erupted all over themselves because they wished they could slide themselves into one of Sarah's hot holes. She could see women shoving their hands between their legs and fucking themselves with fingers and toys, wanting to be where Lou was and slurp down all of Sarah's delicious juices for themselves.

Sarah could also clearly see Forrest spread out on her bed, her computer screen covered with the images of her and Lou exploring each other's bodies, playing with her body, her eyes glued to the screen and her cries and moans joining those emanating from the computer speakers.

Despite how truly angry she was and how violated she felt at her invasion of privacy, Sarah couldn't help but feel a smile tug at the ends of her lips. A smile that Forrest spotted and pounced upon.

"Holy shit! You really are a slut, Walker!" laughed Forrest. "You like that don't you? You like knowing people are watching you and getting their rocks off over how hot you are?"

"No!" protested Sarah in what must have been the worst lie she had ever told in her life. She could hear how high pitched and feeble it sounded and knew that Forrest wouldn't buy it for a second.

"Yeah, right Walker," mocked Forrest with a small eye roll. "Your little cunt must be dripping even more just thinking of all the cum that's been wasted thanks to you and what's her name."

Sarah was about to angrily tell Forrest "what's her name's" actual name when Forrest most easily took her mind off her troubled mind by reaching down and rubbing between Sarah's legs.

"Ahhhhhhh," gasped Sarah as Forrest stroked her wet, fleshy lips.

"Oh yeah, we've got a soaking wet little cunt down here," said Forrest, well aware that her hunched over position brought her face closer to Sarah's. She brought her lips to but an inch away from Sarah's own and whispered, "This is a cunt that wants to be fucked. Do you want me to fuck your cunt, Walker? Do you want me to make you cum?"

Sarah mentally cursed how easy Forrest had distracted her from her anger over the tape, but Forrest's magic fingers on her pussy were leaving no resistance left in Sarah.

"Yes, I want you to make me cum! Please make me cum!" begged Sarah, her eyes wide open and locked onto the pair hovering inches above, hating how Forrest was just teasing her when it would be so easy for the dominating blonde to shove those fingers into her.

Forrest stuck her tongue out and licked Sarah's upper lip. "Well to bad."

Snatching her hand from between Sarah's legs, Forrest let go of the kneeling blonde and walked over to Sarah's bed. Sitting down on the bed Forrest said, "You have to earn it remember? I think you've forgotten what tonight's been all about. You've been a naughty, law breaking tramp and you need to prove to me that you're worthy of letting go. And you haven't helped your case when you stopped fucking me when I was so close to cumming all over your whore face to whine about your little porno so," Forrest spread her legs, showing Sarah her pink pussy lips glistening with juice and saliva, "if you want those hand cuffs off and me to forgive your break of protocol, get back to work!"

Sarah was still angry over the whole leaked video fiasco, but right now her raging arousal was winning the fight over her temper, so she quickly obeyed Forrest's command.

Sarah shuffled on her knees the few feet between her and the bed where Forrest was displaying herself. Her knees were burning from the roughness from her carpeted floor and she knew she would feel them in the morning, but right now that didn't matter. Tasting Forrest's cum and then cumming for herself was all that Sarah cared for right now.

Both women were now eager for Sarah to make Forrest cum for their own selfish reason's so once Sarah was positioned back between Forrest's legs, Forrest didn't hesitate to grab Sarah by her head and shove her back to where she belonged: with her face pressed right against Forrest's soaked twat.

Sarah reacted instinctively and extended her tongue, resuming her interrupted task of eating Forrest's pussy. She didn't hesitate to just start licking those dripping pink lips, drinking down the moisture that had built there. Sarah was delighted to find that the juices she had drunk down were instantly replaced by more.

"Fuck yessssssssss," moaned Forrest as Sarah licked the length of her pussy again and again. "Keep it up, Walker! Keep eating my hot cunt like the talented little porn star slut you are and I'll cum all over your pretty face! And then," she added, tilting Sarah's head up slightly so that Sarah was now looking her straight in the eyes but still tonguing her splayed snatch, " then I might forgive you and make you cum like the good little bitch you are!"

Seeing as how Sarah had juice leaking down her creamy legs like a hose someone didn't turn off all the way, she was truly desperate for the orgasm Forrest was teasing her with. She began attacking Forrest's clit in earnest, not showing the throbbing bud any gentleness. She wanted Forrest's cum and she wanted it now.

Knowing that Sarah wouldn't be leaving the pleasurable comforts between her legs anytime soon, Forrest removed her hands from Sarah's head. Wanting to add more to the surging pleasure from Sarah's tongue, Forrest removed her top and threw it aside, fully freeing her tits, which had been bouncing and jiggling wildly from within their prison from Forrest's thrashing body.

"Oh shit, Walker! I'm close! I'm so fucking clooooooooooooosssssseeeeeee!" shrieked Forrest, taking a firm grasp of her bouncing tits, adding to the hurricane of pleasure coursing through her being.

Sarah could felt a gush of liquid spurt from Forrest and knew that her lover was indeed just moments away from a huge release. Knowing her lover was just a few seconds away, Sarah removed her mouth from Forrest's clit, instead clamping her mouth around Forrest's soaking snatch and began sucking the yummy lips of her labia as hard as she could.

"OH FUCKING SHIT!!! I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna CUMMMMMMMMMM!!! AHHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" howled Forrest, as met the sweet release she had been working towards all night. Her right hand stayed fused to her chest, gripping her tit so hard it hurt, while her left flew down and pressed to the back of Sarah's head keeping her in place.

Sarah barely felt the unnecessary pressure, however, as she was fully engrossed in the job of licking up and swallowing every drop of Forrest's cum that she could. And with her experienced tongue she was quite successful, with only a few streaks of cream escaping her mouth's clutches and landing on her chin and nose.

"Well," sighed Forrest, falling back on the bed and wiping some hair that clung to her sweat coated forehead out from her eyes. "You certainly are a talented little whore aren't you?"

Sarah straightened herself up so that Forrest could get a good look at her from where she knelt between her smiling lovers legs. Forrest's smile grew even wider when she got a good look at Sarah's sweaty face with her nose, lips and chin shining from the little cum she had failed to swallow.

"I've had lots of practice, Officer," answered Sarah, hoping that using playing up to Forrest's role play after giving her the massive orgasm the older agent had been striving for would finally agree to taking the cuffs off and, more importantly, return the favor and give Sarah her own aching release. "Please, Officer, could you take these cold things off?" She shook her wrists behind her back, making a soft jangling sound of metal against metal. "I want to touch you while you fuck me."

This sounded like a very reasonable suggestion to Forrest.

"I think you earned your freedom," said Forrest, rolling away from Sarah and off the bed.

Her trip off the bed lasted all of one second as her shaky legs failed to hold her up right and sent her back down to the bed. Sarah saw this and couldn't stop the laugh that escaped her lips. "I guess I was better then you thought."

Forrest's head whipped around to glare at the laughing blonde.

"Laugh while you still can, Walker. Because it's my turn now and I'm not going to be as gentle as you were," warned Forrest, who had a much more successful second try at leaving the bed.

She walked over to the bag she had left on the table and reached inside.

Sarah, who had taken Forrest's place by lying on the bed, was not-so-patiently waiting for her lover to return. While she could do much self-pleasure with her hands neutralized behind her back, she was doing the best she could by squeezing her thighs together, trying to relieve the pressure. But when she saw what Forrest pulled from her bag, it stopped her in her tracks.

"Holy shit," gasped Sarah, her eyes locked on the 9 inch black strap-on dangling from Forrest's hand.

"What's the matter, Walker? You're not scared of a little bit of plastic, are you?" teased Forrest as she stepped into the leather harness, loving how fixated Sarah was on her not-so-little toy.

While it was true Sarah hadn't been expecting Forrest to pull this out of her little bag of tricks, it also wasn't Sarah first time with a plastic dick either. Shaking herself out of her stunned stupor, Sarah said, "Unlock these cuffs and I'll show you how scared I am, Officer!"

Forrest laughed at Sarah's bravado. "Oh yeah, I'm glad you decided to be a law breaking slut. You're just so fucking eager!"

Forrest secured the straps around her waist. Once the plastic was safe and secure around her hips, Forrest picked up the keys to the handcuffs.

"Since you've been such a cooperative and accommodating little law breaker, let's get those nasty things off you," said Forrest, walking over to the bed. The completely natural way in which she walked with that hard plastic hanging from her hips told Sarah that this was far from the first time that Alex Forrest had adorned her miniature weapon.

Sarah watched the plastic bob and bounce with each step and could feel her juices dripping down her ass crack to soak the bed sheets. She couldn't wait to feel that hard shaft pound into her.

When Forrest reached the edge of the bed, she held up the key and gestured for Sarah to approach her. Eager to rid herself of these damn cuffs once and for all, Sarah got back onto her knees and shuffled over to Forrest. She tried to turn her back so Forrest could see the metal cuffs, but Forrest placed her hands on her hips and forced Sarah to face her.

"If you think I need to see a pair of cuffs to unlock them, you severely underestimate me, Walker," said Forrest before closing the distance between her and Sarah and kissed the younger spy.

Sarah moaned into Forrest's mouth as the two women pressed their bodies fully against each other's. Sarah loved feeling Forrest's big, all natural tits squashing into her own hefty pair. Of all the women Sarah and been with since she first arrived in Burbank, Forrest easily had the biggest rack of them all and Sarah loved feeling a pair of tits against her own that her own didn't immediately dwarf.

Sarah moans fused with Forrest's when the standing woman opened her mouth and allowed Sarah to stick her tongue inside and rub against her own.

But by far what set both women off the most was the feel of Forrest's plastic dick in between their slick, sweaty bodies. When Sarah's body was pressed against Forrest's the two smooching agents inadvertently sandwiched the strap-on between them, forming a cock sandwich with the two sweaty stomach and pair of toned muscles acting as the most succulent bread.

Wanting to shove her forever hard dick into the hot cunt pressing into her body, Forrest wrapped her arms around Sarah, grabbing her wrists. This brought even more contact between the two lover's sticky bodies, making the moans being shared much more passionate.

Forrest broke the kiss, not moving to far though, pressing her forehead to Sarah's. A strand of saliva remained connected to the women's lower lips, needlessly reminding them of the messy make-out session they just enjoyed.

"I love tasting my cum on another woman's tongue," panted Forrest, snapping the strand.

"So do I," agreed Sarah, whose breath was just as frantic. "Now, are you going to show me how talented with cuffs like you said you are, or are you just going to make me squirm. Because I want to taste myself off that cock, and I'm not going to do that with these things on."

Forrest shuddered at the thought of Sarah with her amazing lips wrapped around her dick, cleaning the shaft of her juices.

Tossing aside the idea of just throwing Sarah back on the bed and fucking her ragged, Forrest calmed herself and, with a smile so smug it should be illegal, Forrest held the key between both of their panting mouth and said, "Close your eyes and count to four."

Sarah raised her eyebrow at the odd command, but acquiesced all the same. Closing her eyes, she began to count, "One...two..."

Before Sarah could get to three, however, she heard the all too familiar click of a handcuff lock and, before she could wrap her mind over her now freed hands, she was greeted with the sight of Forrest dangling the metal bindings from her finger.

"Told you," bragged Forrest, before tossing the now useless metal away.

Sarah knelt there for a second, totally surprised at the speed and talent of Forrest's hands, before quickly getting over it and doing the thing she wanted to do the moment Forrest locked her hands together.

There was a loud SMACK as Sarah's hand came in contact with Forrest's face.

Forrest's head snapped to the side, her hair flying in front of her face as Sarah growled, "That was for cuffing me."

Forrest turned her head to face Sarah again with a grin on her face that, with her hair draped across it made Forrest look much scarier than she actually was.

Grabbing the grinning woman by the face Sarah added, "And this is for making me enjoy it so much."

She then gave Forrest a big, passionate kiss, shoving her tongue as far down Forrest's throat as it could reach.

Forrest moaned at how aggressive Sarah was being. As much as she loved holding the power in bed, when she met the right partner she was more than willing to give up the control. And Sarah Walker had so far proven to be more than up to the challenge.

But she wasn't going to give up without a fight.

Breaking the kiss, Forrest grabbed Sarah's shirt beneath her hanging tits and tore it down the middle. Sarah shrugged off her ruined top and got to work on ridding herself of her pants.

Forrest decided to help by shoving Sarah back onto the bed. Sarah fell back, her tits bouncing slightly as she reached down to push her pants and panties off. Forrest helped by tugging them off and finishing the job of making both blondes naked as the day they were born, except for Forrest's boots and one other important exception.

An exception that Sarah was eyeing hungrily like a starving man eyes a freshly baked ham.

"God, Forrest, fuck me! I need to cum and I want to feel that cock in me!" solicited Sarah, spreading her legs and rubbing the needy set of lips that lay in the middle.

Forrest just stood there at the end of the bed, stroking her fake dick like it was real, enjoying the sight of Sarah rubbing herself in front of her. But before Forrest fucked the needy blonde, she needed to make sure that Sarah knew who was in charge.

Placing herself between Sarah's splayed legs, Forrest reached down and removed Sarah's hand from her pussy and replaced it with the head of her dildo. She didn't push it in, just placed it against the hot, slick flesh, teasing Sarah with the prospect of penetration but never following through.

"Oh you bitch," Sarah half laughed, half cried as her body instinctively responded by bucking forward to try and forced the hard plastic into her. Forrest anticipated this act and moved her hips back in response, but kept constant contact with Sarah's cunt lips.

"I'm not the bitch here, Walker," whispered Forrest harshly, before pressing her body down on top of Sarah's, squashing her tits into the pining woman's, their diamond hard nipples clashing like miniature swords and kissing the whimpering woman. "You are!" she declared after breaking the kiss. "Look at you, trying to get my cock inside your slutty little cunt because you just need to cum!" Forrest pulled her body away and resumed her previous position of kneeling between Sarah's legs. She gripped her rubber dick and moved it so that she was rubbing the length of the black rubber against the wet cunt, triggering even more desperate moans from Sarah's panting lips.

"Beg for it, Walker! Beg me to fuck you! Beg me to slam my big dick in your wet, fucking cunt!" ordered Forrest, getting her dick covered in Sarah's pussy juice.

Sarah would have killed a man at this point to cum, so an insignificant thing like begging was more than worth the price.

"Fuck me, Forrest! Take my slutty law breaking pussy and make it yours!! Slam your giant fucking dick into my sopping wet cunt and make me scream!! Make me fucking howl, Forrest!! Make me cum all over you big, black cock!!! Just FUCK MEEEEEE YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!" Sarah's begging became garbled shouts of passion as Forrest gave in to Sarah's filthy pleas and pushed her dick inside Sarah's sticky folds.

Forrest sank the first five inches of her rubber dick into Sarah's pussy before pulling out. She built up a steady rhythm of slowly going deeper with every thrust, giving Sarah the deep fucking she craved.

"Yeah, shove that cock in me," Sarah moaned, her hand reaching up to wrap around Forrest's neck, pulling her down on top of her. Forrest had to bend over in order to kiss her lover and keep up the pace of the fucking, but it was worth the mild discomfort to feel Sarah's gasps of hot breath against her cheek with every thrust. "Stab that hard cock in my law breaking twat! This is what I deserve! A big fucking dick fucking my brains out! OH SHIT!!!" yelled Sarah as Forrest made a push and plunged another two inches into her. "YES!!! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!!!" she screamed as her bucking hips finally slapped against Forrest, telling her what her stretched pussy already knew: that every inch of Forrest's 9 inch cock was buried in her.

Forrest's own moans as the nub on the inside of her harness rubbed against her clit were drowned out by Sarah's screams. She had been ignoring the sharp pleasure that coursed through her with every downward plunge and concentrated solely on giving Sarah the fucking she so desperately desired, but now that she had bottomed out in Sarah, every slam of her hips sent an even bigger jolt of ecstasy burning throughout her body.

She didn't allow this to slow her down, though. Far from it, her own juices seeping from beneath the leather harness and down her legs actually made Forrest go faster.

"OH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!" hollered Sarah as Forrest pounded away mercilessly between her legs. Forrest was now kneeling up right and was holding Sarah's legs spread open at her side, giving Forrest more room to plunge.

Both women's tits were bouncing wildly on their chests. Sarah's, due to her flat angle on the bed, could actually slapping her in the chin if a particularly hard thrust from Forrest hit her just right. Sarah reached up from where her hands were clawing at the bed sheets and began to roughly grope Forrest's bouncing jugs.

"Yeah, you whore!" growled Forrest, her naturally deep voice now a husky snarl. "Play with my big tits! Play with my big fucking tits while your whore cunt swallows my big cock!!" commanded Forrest, who removed one of her hands from Sarah's leg and swung it upward, slapping Sarah's bouncing ass.

"Mmmmmmmmm yes!" moaned Sarah as her free leg wrapped around Forrest's waist, inserting the strap-on deeper into her.

This was the reaction Forrest had been hoping for.

"Oh, yes, I knew a slut like you would love getting her big ass slapped!" laughed Forrest, smacking Sarah's round butt four more time.

"FUCK YES!!!" screamed Sarah at the rough treatment her rear was receiving. "I love having my ass slapped! Hardly anyone ever does it!!"

"Well, I'm not anyone," panted Forrest, proceeding to slap Sarah's ass three more times. "I can spank your ass just like I can fuck your greedy little cunt: better than anyone else!"

As if to prove her point, Forrest pulls her cock out of Sarah. Before Sarah had a chance to protest the abrupt halt to her fucking though, Forrest told her, "Hands and knees, Walker."

Sarah was moving to the ordered position before her name had left Forrest's lips. She turned over and placed herself, not quite on her hands and knees, but elbows instead. She looked over her shoulder to watch Forrest as she drank in what Sarah knew to be a glorious sight. While Sarah has obviously never had firsthand experience facing her own splayed ass and pussy from behind, she had many lovers express their deep, lustful desires for her curvy backside. Plus Sarah has had many chances to admire plenty of women's asses herself before she fucked them with her own strap-on.

Wanting to give her lover more incentive, Sarah shook her butt and said, "Come on, Officer. I was so close! Fuck me so I can suck my cum off your night stick!"

Her teasing earned each of her ass cheeks a sharp slap, but Forrest got back into position all the same. Scooching up so her cock was once again rubbing its length against Sarah's sodden gash, Forrest reached down with one hand to grip her cock while the other held on to Sarah's ass.

"Prepare for the fucks to end all fucks, Walker," boasted Forrest as she once again pushed her cock inside her lover. This time, however, there was no gradual insertion. Once Forrest was sure the head of her cock was surely in her moaning lover, Forrest slammed the entire length in Sarah with one thrust.

"FUCK!!!" howled Sarah, her whole body lurching forward from the force of Forrest's body. Her hanging tits bounced clear off her chin as she tried to recover from her empty pussy all of a sudden being filled to the brim.

There was no time for recovery however, for as soon as Forrest made sure she didn't do any permanent damage to the younger woman, she resumed the fast paced fucking she had put on pause before.

"AHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" cried Sarah as Forrest furiously hammered away at Sarah's sopping pussy.

The room was filled with the sounds of animalistic sex: flesh slapping against flesh as Forrest's hips slammed into Sarah's shaking ass; Sarah's screams that would switch from fevered moans to the filthiest words imaginable depending on how much her exhausted voice box could produce; Forrest's own moans which began to pick up as time went on; and of course the wet, squishing of Sarah's cunt as Forrest's cock sheathed and retracted itself from the soaking wet folds.

Remembering one of the reasons Forrest switched the fun to this position, she quickly added another sound to the cacophony by swinging one of her hands away from their death grip on Sarah's hips and bringing it down on Sarah's ass.

"Oh god yessssssss," groaned Sarah as her eye's rolled back in her head from the sharp sting of pleasure. "Spank my naughty ass!" she encouraged. "Punish me for loving your big, hard cock!"

Forrest didn't need to be told twice. As her hips canted back in forth into Sarah's greedy juice box, she brought her hand down again on Sarah butt and then repeated it again and again.


Forrest would switch hands after every few spanks to spread the tough love over both of Sarah's luscious cheeks. And all the while Forrest pounded away at Sarah's loosest hole. After a few minutes of her barrage of spanks, Sarah's ass now had a bright pink hue.

Then Sarah felt something that she had longed to feel all night. After being built up to the boiling point all night, Sarah could feel her orgasm mounting within her. Her eyes were clenched tight in exquisite ecstasy as she began to shove her hips back faster to drive Forrest deeper inside her, trying to bring her long awaited release into reality.

"Oh god, Forrest!! I'm gonna cum!!" squealed Sarah over the din of their noisy bodies.

"Yes, cum for me!" Forrest urged, draping her body on top of Sarah's, pressing her own tits into Sarah's sweaty back, her nipples feeling like nails on a chalk board they were so hard. Forrest then reached up and grabbed Sarah's dangling tits, squeezing them and using them as a point of leverage for her to slam harder and harder into Sarah, swiveling her hips and moving the cock inside her, wanting Sarah's cum all over her dick as much as Sarah did. "Cum all over my big black cock!! I want you to taste yourself over every! Single! Inch!" she gave hard, echoing slams into Sarah to punctuate each word, shoving the nub harder into her own clit at the same time she finally succeeded in pushing Sarah over the edge.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! HERE I CUM ALL OVER YOUR FUCKING COCK!!! ALEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!" howled Sarah. Her hips stopped slamming back to meet Forrest, stopping with every inch of the black rubber buried inside as her orgasm soaked it further.

And Forrest found her own release at that same moment. The overwhelming pressure on her clit combined with the unexpected pleasure of Sarah shouting out her first name broke the wave that had been building in her.

"FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK SARAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" shouted Forrest as the leather strap covering her pussy was flooded with her cum.

The two women knelt there on the bed, connected by the rubber and leather on Forrest's hips, their bodies trembling as their orgasm's accompanied one another to their peaks. The grip Forrest had on Sarah's tits was almost brutal, but the lower blonde hardly felt it as she came down from her overwhelming high.

Finally, after both women had let loose every drop of cum that they could, Forrest pulled her dick out with a messy squish.

Sarah wanted to just plop down on the bed and finally get that sleep she had been seeking when she first entered the room so long ago, but knew she couldn't. She had one more job to do and she was looking forward to it as much as Forrest was.

Forrest showed how eager she was by hurrying around to Sarah front end, where she was still miraculously holding herself up by her elbow, and grabbed Sarah by the head.

"Don't pass out on me yet, Walker," ordered Forrest, emphasizing Sarah's last name, telling Sarah that the time of first name usage had passed. "I still have a mess for you to clean up."

Sarah stared longingly at the 'mess' presented to her. Every inch of plastic jutting from Forrest's hips was covered in shiny liquid. It gave off the musky smell of her cum, a smell that Sarah was very familiar with.

Not wasting another second that could be used to clean dick, Sarah grasped the swaying toy by the base and sucked the head of the phallic shaped plastic into her mouth. She instantly groaned at the welcome taste of her own cum as it was sucked off the toy and swallowed down.

It was clear, though, that Sarah wasn't going to be able to set her own pace here. Forrest had a firm grip on Sarah's hair and when Sarah started to take more of the black shaft into her mouth, Forrest shoved her face forward.

Sarah choked and gagged at the sudden invasion of her mouth. Spit was falling from her mouth as she tried to adjust to the unexpected amount of dick in her mouth, but her years of sucking dick kicked in and she began to bob her head on the four inches of cum flavored cock.

"That's it, Walker. Suck my big cock. Suck it clean of your slutty cum and get it deep in your throat," instructed Forrest, pressing more on Sarah's head, pushing another inch down her throat before yanking her mouth off the toy.

Sarah took in great gasps of air as the spit covering her chin showing just how sloppy this blowjob was. After Forrest was sure Sarah had enough air to keep her from passing out she said, "Now you're going to take all of this down your throat like a good little whore, and you're going to love every depraved second of it."

Sarah looked up at her dominating lover with a playful gleam in her eye and said, "Make me."

"Oh, I'll make you," laughed Forrest. She took a much firmer than required grip of Sarah's hair and pulled her head forward. "I'll make you choke on my goddamn dick!"

Sure enough when Forrest stuck her toy in Sarah's she shoved about five inches in in the first thrust.

Sarah's gag reflex kicked in and tried to push the invading rubber out, but Sarah fought it down. It's not the first time she's taken a huge cock down her throat and it certainly won't be the last.

Now Sarah was the one forcing the toy down her throat. Forrest let her take over as she actually didn't want to hurt the younger agent, but kept up the stream of filthy encouragements.

"Yeah, that's it Walker. Take my big dick deep. Suck it all the way down. Taste yourself all over it and know that this big cock was just in your loose cunt!"

When Sarah sucked down seven of the nine inches the lack of oxygen forced her to back off for the moment. She stroked the cum and spit covered dick, spreading the wetness and resolved to take the entire thing this time.

So, with one last deep breath Sarah plunged her mouth back onto the giant toy and swallowed back up the seven inches she had previously conquered. Exhaling the air she had been holding through her nose, Sarah made the final plunge down.

Sucking and licking up the last bit of the cum that lingered on the previously untouched last inches, Sarah closed her eyes as the amazing sensation of a cock descending down her throat.

Only when her lips came in contact with the leather straps of Forrest's harness did Sarah stop pushing. She had just sucked down all nine inches of Forrest's incredible toy and was enjoying the feel of her throat muscles trying to adjust to the unnatural entity.

Finally, Sarah felt Forrest tug on her hair and she slowly dislodged the dick from her gullet. With her job finished at last, Sarah collapsed down onto the bed, her face landing in her soft pillows and her tits squished and pressing out from under her.

"Good job, Walker," patronized Forrest, stroking Sarah's hair it what Sarah might have called a loving gesture, but she knew better. This was just as close as Forrest could get to intimacy. "I've seen for myself before tonight that you definitely knew how to work a pussy, but I only had rumor and speculation about your talents with a cock."

Lifting her head slightly Sarah locked eyes with the infuriating woman and smirked. "So? Did I live up to your expectation, Agent Forrest?"

Forrest let out a small laugh, looked up and down Sarah's sweat glistening body and said, "If this were a real cock, it would have shot its load the second you wrapped you lips around it."

Sarah chuckled and rested her head down. Now that the fun was over she was ready for her well-earned rest. And as she felt her shuffle off of the bed, she thought Forrest felt the same.

A thought that was immediately scraped when she felt soft hands on her butt, spreading the cheeks.

Sarah's eyes shot open, all tiredness forgotten for the moment as the implications of Forrest's actions were all too clear.

"What are you doing?" demanded Sarah, the outrage in her voice easily apparent, yet Forrest ignored it, lowering her face to Sarah's ass. "I thought we were done? I thought you said I had earned my forgiveness!"

Forrest paused in her descent to her target between the spread cheeks and looked up at Sarah. She tried to shift her face to show a mask of anger, but couldn't keep it up over the desire that flashed in Sarah's eyes at the thought of where Forrest was headed.

Forrest just smiled at the woman and said, "No forgiveness is earned from sluts like you without a good ass fucking." And, without another word, Forrest extended her tongue and licked Sarah's asshole.

A loud moan escaped Sarah's throat as her face fell back down on to the pillow and her hands gripped the sheets again.

"This is going to be a long night," Sarah said to herself as she felt Forrest begin to push into her most sensitive hole.


When Sarah opened her eyes the next day, she knew right away that she had slept in way too late.

The sun seeping in through the drawn curtains was too high in the sky to have risen any time recently and the noise from outside was far too busy to be any time before noon.

Sarah wanted nothing more than to just sleep away however much of the day there was left and worry about insignificant things like work, Chuck and food later, but she knew there was no real choice in the matter.

With great reluctance, Sarah lifted her head high enough to see over her pillow and confirm the time was 3:16.

'Yep. Way too late,' thought Sarah, not really caring one way or the other about the time, but knowing the other people in her life certainly would.

It's not really a surprise to Sarah that she was lost to the world for so long. Whenever she had truly mind blowing sex it usually knocks her out for a good 10 to 12 hours. And her night with Alex Forrest was certainly one doozy of a night.

As Sarah rolled out of bed, ignoring the ringing phone next to her clock that was no doubt either Chuck or Casey wondering where she was (and Sarah was betting every weapon that she and Casey owned that it was Chuck), she remembered the last thing she had been aware of last night before she passed out was Forrest's huge nine inch cock slamming in and out of her ass. At that point Sarah's ass had been the source of so many orgasms they all started to blur together and Sarah was barely able to remember glancing at the clock in the midst of her thrashing and noticing the time had read 2:18 when Sarah lost consciousness.

Sarah's journey to rejoin the rest of the world was put to an immediate halt when Sarah tried to step out of bed.

"Ouch!" Sarah moaned in pain as a sharp ache from her ass ceased any idea of walking for a while. Sarah should have known better than try and walk after the night her ass had endured. Even after all her times with Carina, who took great pleasure in worshiping every part of her body but particularly her most private hole, Sarah still felt massive soreness the night after.

She knew from her times with Carina that now that she was awake the discomfort would fade enough for her to get up and join her friends out in the world. It wouldn't be completely gone and Sarah knew that after the lengthy pounding her rear end went through last night that it would stay with her all day, but Sarah has become an expert at hiding any discomfort her ass might provide her throughout the day.

As Sarah lay in bed waiting for the pain in her butt to lessen enough for her to get up, she found herself absolutely not surprised to find her room lacked any and all signs that another human being had been there. Forrest's discarded police uniform, her jacket, bag, and any other item that might have belonged to her, as well as their owner, Alex Forrest herself, were gone. And, if Sarah were to guess based on all she knew of her latest lover, she had up and left the moment Sarah had slipped into her cum induced coma.

"At least you were nice enough to cover me up," said Sarah to her long gone lover as she pulled the sheet and blanket fully over her that, to the best of Sarah's knowledge, she had last seen flung to the floor in hasty passion. She had even closed the window, Sarah noted, looking at the closed glass.

She had never expected Forrest to stay the night and, quite honestly, was glad she hadn't. Sarah didn't know what she would have said to the woman that she had no feelings toward other than "You fuck nice." What would she have said? 'Thanks for fucking my ass so long and hard that I can't stand up'?

No, Forrest being gone was for the best.

Sarah sighed in exasperation as her phone went off again. She really didn't want to answer it, but she knew whoever it was (Chuck) wouldn't leave her alone until she did.

So, Sarah stretched out her arm, groping the area she knew her phone was, not bothering to raise her head from the soft comfort of her pillows.

When she finally found the quiet ending device, she picked it up and with a turn of her head saw that the personalized picture she programmed confirmed that it was indeed Chuck, surprise surprise.

Resigning herself to answering the dozen questions that she knew Chuck would ask, Sarah answered the call.

"Hi, Chuck," croaked Sarah, hiding how much of a bother she found this and pretending she had been looking forward to his call.

"Oh, Sarah, thank god you picked up! I've been calling you all day and thought you were in danger. Where were you?" asked Chuck, his voice full of concerned relief.

"I'm fine Chuck," she reassured her cover boyfriend. "I've just been sleeping all day."

"You've been sleeping?" asked a confused Chuck, not sure he heard his handler right. "But it's a quarter past three, why were you so tired? Are you sure you're alright? Do you need me to come over? What did you do last night?"

Sarah could just picture Chuck's eyebrows arched in confusion as her ran out of the Buy More to come to her surely much needed rescue.

Despite her initial annoyance at Chuck's relentless calling, Sarah couldn't help but smile at just how worried Chuck had been for her. All thoughts of Alex Forrest flew from her mind as she laughed at the endearing attempted helpfulness from the man she loved.

"I'm fine, Chuck, I promise. I just had a headache last night and took some medicine that must have knocked me out for a longer time than I planned. And no, they didn't hurt me," said Sarah, answering the question that she knew Chuck was about to worriedly ask. "So please, don't bother coming over, I'm just about to get in the shower and head to Castle and I'll stop by the Buy More, okay?"

She knew Chuck wanted to argue some more, wanted to personally come over and drive her and take care of her. And while Sarah found that sweet and romantic, she knew she would get sick of his treatments real fast.

So, with a sigh of defeat, Chuck conceded, "Alright Sarah. If you say you're alright, then I believe you."

"Thank you, Chuck," said Sarah, rolling her head over on the pillow, swapping her phone to her pillow-less ear and hand. "So, are Casey and General Beckman pissed that I'm AWOL? What have I missed?"

Chuck began to tell her what exactly her partner and her boss had thought of her disappearance today, but Sarah unconsciously shut him out when she saw something in her room that shouldn't be.

On her beds left side table, resting against the lamp, were two items that Sarah had never seen before. One was a big manila envelope and, on top of it was a smaller, plain white envelope with the words "Me First" written on it.

Ignoring Chuck, who had for some reason started describing the hard times he and Morgan had faced with some war video game, Sarah reached out and grabbed the two envelopes.

Shifting her body slowly, Sarah lay on her side, opening the smaller envelope rather difficultly since she could only use one hand. When she had succeeded, she found a letter inside.

Pulling the letter free from its confines, Sarah began to read it:


Thanks for being such a cooperative prisoner last night. It really made your punishment much more enjoyable. Next time you decide to break protocol and help your little boy toy by breaking the law, make sure you call me beforehand so I can be there to put you in your place again.

A. Forrest

P.S. What you were looking for is in the other envelope. You're lucky that General Beckman decided to throw the geek a bone.

Sarah frowned at the post script. While Forrest leaving a note was very thoughtful and made Sarah think better of the long gone blonde, she didn't understand what Forrest meant by 'what she was looking for'.

Rolling her eyes at the clich‚ of spies being frustratingly secretive, Sarah put down Forrest's note and moved to the bigger envelope.

With Chuck still talking about who knows what in her ear, Sarah slipped her hand inside the envelope and pull out its contents.

Its contents happened to be a series of photographs. All of them were of a little silver mobile home in the middle of nowhere. Sarah didn't know why Forrest thought these pictures of a mobile home would be considered throwing Chuck a bone, until she reached the last photo.

There, exiting the diminutive home was a man Sarah had seen many times in Bartowski family photos. He had definitely aged in the many years since he had abandoned his family but there was no mistaking Stephen Bartowski, long lost father to Chuck and Ellie.

Written in the corner against the blue sky of the photo was an address and coordinates that Sarah knew would lead her straight to the man whose search led Sarah to last night's activities.

"Chuck," said Sarah, cutting across his ramblings, her voice filled with excitement.

"What's wrong, Sarah? Do you want me to come over after all?" asked a concerned Chuck, not at all perturbed by her accidental rudeness.

"No, stay where you are," ordered Sarah, successfully rolling out of bed, all pain and discomfort forgotten. Reuniting Chuck with his father overrode any pain from meaningless sex could cause. "I'm coming to see you."

Without explaining further or even saying goodbye, Sarah ended the call, throwing the phone down next to the pictures of Chuck's father.

Picking up the letter Forrest had written Sarah walked to her dresser. She opened a drawer and pulled out a box of matches. She wasn't a smoker but she did use candles and that was the purpose for most of her matches. But today Sarah had another use for them.

Entering the bathroom, Sarah lifted up the toilet seat. She pulled out a match and lit it with a strike against its box. She then proceeded to light the letter on fire.

She held the burning paper for as long as she could before dropping the smoldering letter into the toilet.

Sarah was sure that as well intentioned and helpful that General Beckman and Forrest were in giving Sarah this much wanted information, they wouldn't want a paper trail leading this breach of protocol and law breaking back to them. So, with a last glance at the half burned, fully ruined paper, Sarah said, "Thank you, Alex," and flushed.

Turning away from the disappearing paper, Sarah turned on her shower, and prepared to reunite Chuck and Ellie Bartowski with their long lost dad.

The End


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