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This story mostly takes place during the season 2 episode, 'Chuck vs. the Fat Lady'.

The lovely ladies in this story are Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker & Jordana Brewster as Jill Roberts

Now, enough talking.

Let's make it showy!

Chuck: Sarah Vs The First Love (FF, cons, toys, anal)
by Smrtguy85

She should have been used to this by now. How many times in her life did she have to feel this sense of disappointment, anger and hurt? How many times did she have to suffer through the betrayal of someone she trusted?

It took her until she was immersed in her CIA training for Sarah to realize how much her father's cons were all about the profit and not about her, but that didn't stop her stomach from eating itself in sorrow. Her best-friend Carina, as much as they loved each other, had left Sarah to fend for herself if the reward was worth it on a few occasions.

Those times weren't as bad, as Sarah knew that Carina knew she was leaving Sarah in an easily survivable situations and that softened the blow, but the mere thought of her closest friend leaving her for the right price sent chills through her every time.

It didn't matter that this time she was just on the side-lines of the betrayal this time. The brunt of the shattered trust fell on Chuck's shoulders. But Sarah, being closer than she should be towards her asset, felt the entirety of Chuck's pain as if it was her own. Not to mention she felt her own pang of personal betrayal considering... what happened.

Now Sarah was standing with Casey in the main room of Castle, the secret operations base built beneath a cover frogurt shop the CIA had created, sitting in front of the main monitor, both of their attention on the screen.

Displayed in the image was a woman strapped to a chair in the middle of an otherwise empty room. Her head was bent down toward her chest, making it impossible to see her face through her long hair, but Sarah and Casey didn't need to see her face to know who she was.

Jill Roberts. One time serious girlfriend of Chuck's now an enemy agent who betrayed her country and was now about to go away for a long, long time.

Jill had been Chuck's first big girlfriend, easily his first love, before she broke up with him back in Stanford and sending him into a downward spiral that put him in the motionless rut that he had called his life before Bryce sent him the Intersect. But after a chance run in a few days ago and a few spy related misunderstandings, Chuck and Jill were back together and Chuck was happier than Sarah had ever seen him.

There were a few bumps mostly centering on Chuck having to hide his spy life from his old-new beau, but once Chuck told her the truth, for the most part, everything seemed to happily fall into place.

Unfortunately that was when Jill sprung her trap.

Jill revealed herself as an agent of Fulcrum, an organization that desperately wanted its hands on the Intersect in order to fulfill their deadly ambitions. She pretended to get herself and her partner caught in order to gain access and control of Castle. Then they would not only get back the names of Fulcrum agents undercover in high raking positions throughout the CIA, NSA, and FBI that Operation Bartowski recently acquired, but also to use the computers to find Bryce Larkin, the man who sent Chuck the Intersect in the first place, who Fulcrum mistakenly believes to be the Human Intersect.

After a few close calls against the Fulcrum agents, Operation Bartowski, as well as the unlikely assistance from the Buy More manager Big Mike, was able to secure and arrest Jill and her partner, with Chuck finally able to put Jill in the past after he saw her almost kill Sarah.

Now Chuck was up in the Buy More, trying to take his mind off of things with his friend Morgan. He would be back in time to see Jill taken away but right now he needed space from the heartbreaking world of international espionage.

While Sarah wanted to try to help and comfort Chuck, she knew he didn't want that right now. Besides, she needed to be in Castle now. Mainly because she was ordered to be there by General Beckman, but partly because she needed an urgent matter of her own taken care of.

"How does someone do it," Casey questioned with a grunt, still looking at the restrained figure on the screen.

"Do what?" Sarah inquired. She was half listening, gathering up the nerve to ask her own question.

"How does someone like her," Casey responded, indicating Jill with a nudge of his chin, "an All-American girl, a Stanford graduate and a doctor, get involved with scum like Fulcrum?"

Sarah couldn't help but wonder the same thing, something that Chuck had resolved to not dwell over in fear it would drive him mad. Jill was raised by a loving family, had an active childhood including girl scouts, sports, and various clubs in school. She never had any contact with anybody who could be considered deadly until...

"The must have gotten her at Stanford," Sarah answered. "We know that Fulcrum is recruiting from all over the country through colleges. They must have cornered her, promised to help her somehow, they asked for one in return and it just snowballed. We've seen it before."

A grunt was Casey's reply.

Ignoring her partner's lack of communication, Sarah pushed forward with her own question. "Listen, Casey, could I have five minutes alone with her?"

Casey glanced up at her, eyebrow cocked in amusement. "Going to let her know how you really feel about her treatment of the luckless wonder?"

"No, I just need to ask her something," Sarah explained rather vaguely. "And I need you to do something for me. Call it a big favor."

Casey didn't respond, so Sarah asked her 'big favor'.

"I need you to turn off the camera," she said rather quickly, before hurriedly adding, "I know that this breaks all protocol and is against all rules, but I need to talk to her, but it's about a private matter not a national security one, so I think it would be okay if you just let this one slide and - "

"Yeah whatever," Casey cut her off than proceeded to do just what Sarah asked and turned off the camera in Jill's cell. Sarah was astonished at how quickly her partner acted and it must of shown on her face because when Casey turned back to her he gave a sigh of exasperation and explained, "Look, I don't care that you have to whine about how cruel Dr. Roberts was to your boy toy, just don't rough her up too much."

That wasn't exactly what Sarah wanted to talk to Jill about, but rather than look a gift horse in the mouth, she said, "Thanks John. I'll only be five minutes" and left the room.

As Sarah traveled the short distance between the main room and Jill cell, she tried to psych herself up for this.

'Come on Sarah, you need to do this. You know how important this is. She's just one woman and she's strapped to a friggin' chair. What can she do?'

That was the problem though. Sarah knew what Jill could do with the information she had and it made her flesh crawl just thinking about it.

When Sarah reached Jill's cell she was able to see what had been displayed on the monitor in main room in the flesh. Jill actually looked more pathetic than she did on the screen. Someone of her intelligence and beauty strapped to a chair and just whiling the seconds away until her punishment is dealt just seemed wrong, but it was what she was asking for by betraying her country.

Sarah quickly plugged in the passcode and the door opened allowing Sarah to enter the small room. The door slid shut when Sarah was inside.

Jill didn't look up when Sarah entered. Sarah knew she wasn't asleep just that she preferred to stay uninvolved. She had refused to speak to anyone since Chuck placed her under arrest and avoided eye contact as much as possible.

"Jill," Sarah began, feeling no reason or desire to beat around the bush, "I need to ask you something."

No response.

"Keep in mind that no matter what your answer is it won't help your case," Sarah continued. "You're still going to jail for the same length of time."

Jill still said and did nothing.

Not wanting to prolong the stimulating conversation, Sarah finally got to the point.

"I just need to know something. It's a yes or no question and a rather simple one at that." Sarah took a calming breath and, after confirming for her own personal ease that the camera in the corner was indeed powered down, asked the question that she needed to know the answer to.

"Will you tell anyone?"

* * *

Four Days Earlier

Knock, knock, knock.

"Jill, please open the door."

The hotel hallway was otherwise silent save for the knocking and pleading currently taking place outside one of the rooms, a silence that the occupant of the desired room was taking part in.

"Jill, please. I want to explain," came the next plea.

Sarah knew she was overstepping her bounds as Chuck's handler but she couldn't just sit around and do nothing while Chuck was so impatient to apologize and come up with some way to convince Jill to forgive him. So Sarah volunteered to go in Chuck's place, figuring it didn't matter if Jill hated Sarah as long as she found a way to forgive Chuck.

"Explain what?" an incredulous reply asked through the door. "What other explanation could there be for the two of you stripped to your underwear soaking wet in a hotel room?"

Sarah's felt a flash of triumph. She had been standing here knocking for almost 5 minutes without so much as a "Fuck you" thrown at her and now she was getting curious, albeit angry, questions.

"I'll tell you if you let me in. I don't want to have this conversation through a door," Sarah insisted.

She thought she heard a sigh before the sound of a lock being undone preluded the swinging open of the hotel room door.

Sarah was greeted with the sight of a very annoyed and angry Jill Roberts. She was clad in a fluffy white robe that went to her ankles and her long hair went half-way down her back. Even though she stood a few inches lower than her, the fury that was undoubtedly directed toward Sarah seemed to make her bigger.

But Sarah could read the tell-tale signs all women knew to know that while Jill's face was a mask of anger, she had just recently been crying. Her eyes were slightly red and puffy and the sleeves of her robe had spots of wetness on them indicating Jill had just wiped her eyes before answering the door.

"Can't you just leave me alone? I'm only in town for a few days, why can't you just let me be," Jill asked, the hurt and anger all too evident in her voice.

"Because Chuck cares about you and wants you to know the truth," Sarah simply stated.

Jill was now standing with her arms crossed giving Sarah her best withering glare. "I already know the truth. I saw the truth with my own eyes and even heard it after Chuck broadcasted it," she argued.

Sarah didn't know what Jill meant by 'broadcasted it' but she brushed it aside and pushed on.

"What you saw I'll admit looked very bad, but there was a reason for it. Just please let me explain," Sarah implored.

Jill looked wary. "Why isn't Chuck the one trying to beg my forgiveness? He's already left me about a dozen messages."

"He wanted to, but I thought it might be better if I tried first. I don't really care if you hate me so I have no reason to lie about this" Sarah explained, figuring that she might as well tell the truth about everything since she was here.

"Oh wow. That makes me feel so much better, thanks for coming Sarah," Jill mocked as she moved to shut the door but was stopped by Sarah's hand.

"Look, I'm sorry if that sounded to blunt, but I figured you deserved the truth about everything," Sarah explained. "Now please, will you let me come in so we can talk?"

If possible, Jill now seemed even more wary than she had before. "Why do you need to come in? All you wanted to do was tell me what happened today, so tell."

Sarah shook her head "No" and clarified. "It has to do with my job. I can't just talk about it in the hallway."

Jill knew the truth about Chuck's life, so Sarah was sure Jill knew she wasn't talking about her oh-so-important job at the local Orange Orange.

Jill still looked apprehensive, but the logical side of her seemed to win over the angry side this time as she nodded her head in understanding.

"Yeah, I guess you can't really be having discussions about national secrets in the middle of a hotel," Jill conceded as she stepped aside to let Sarah in.

"Thank you," Sarah told Jill as she entered the room. It was a standard hotel room with a bed, night stand and bathroom on one side and a desk, dresser, closet, and TV on the other. In fact, given the stature of the hotel and the party Jill had been traveling with, the room was actually better Sarah's apartment. The petty portion of her felt kind of rankled at this, but she quickly got over it to focus on more important things, like the reason she was here.

Sarah moved to stand in the middle of the room than turned to face Jill, who still had her arms crossed and not looking too pleased at the fact that Sarah was now in her room.

"So what did you want to tell me," Jill asked, all too ready to show the blond woman the door.

But Sarah, despite having nothing else on her mind the entire trip over from Castle, found her attention on something else at the moment.

The door to Jill's bathroom was ajar with the lights on. Lying in a rumpled heap on a chair sat a fluffy white towel. From her position in the room she could see in the reflection of the bathroom mirror that the shower curtain was moved to the side, away from the wall that held the controls to the shower.

Sarah's mouth went dry as the implications of everything her eyes were telling her along with the fact that Jill was standing in a bathrobe led her to one conclusion.

She obviously couldn't tell but Sarah was willing to bet a lot that Jill was wearing a robe and nothing else and she was wearing only that because Sarah had interrupted her right before she entered the shower. The idea that the only thing standing between Sarah's eyes and Jill's nude form was a very loose fitting bathrobe was almost as tantalizing a thought as the one swimming thorough her head of Jill standing under the spray of her shower, water streaming down her hair and body, making her lightly bronzed skin shiny and wet. Sarah had to restrain herself from letting out a moan of lust.

She had always loved shower sex. She got off so hard at the idea of getting in something that was designed to make you clean and fresh and just getting as filthy as possible. She loved being on her knees with a hard cock or soft pussy in her mouth feeling the pressure of the water on her head as she made her lover wetter than any shower could. Or being pressed against the slippery walls and getting slammed from behind by fingers or a cock, real or rubber, as her lover whispered filthy promises in her ear.


Sarah's eyes whipped forward to Jill. "Say what you're going to say and get out," Jill snapped. She hadn't taken too kindly to Sarah daydreaming in the middle of her room when she just wanted the tall blonde to leave as soon as possible.

"Right, sorry. Was lost in thought there for a second," Sarah apologized, the blush spreading on her cheeks showing how embarrassed she felt at being caught.

"Now Jill, what you saw today wasn't Chuck and I in the middle of a tryst," Sarah began, getting to the reason she had stopped by tonight: fixing Chuck's relationship.

"Oh, then, what was it?" Jill asked. "What other reason would I find the two of you alone in a hotel room soaking wet in your underwear?"

"Well," continued Sarah, "you know that we were on a mission today too - "

"Too find secret information not to fuck!" Jill shouted.

"We weren't fucking!" Sarah shouted right back, getting a little tired of Jill's paranoia and interruptions and decided to just get to the point instead of having to fight off Jill's anger. "We thought we were dying!"

This shut Jill up. Her brow, which before was scrunched up in irritation was now relaxed, all anger in her body deflated like a popped balloon.

"Dying? Why were you dying?" inquired Jill, her voice now full of concern.

"We weren't actually dying, we just thought we were" Sarah cleared up. When Jill still looked confused Sarah continued. "We found the information we were looking for, but it was locked in this box. When Chuck opened it sprayed the both of us with gas. Casey and I thought it might have been some kind of toxin, so Casey went to get a containment unit while Chuck and I - "

"Needed to decontaminate yourselves," finished Jill, a look of dawning realization washing over her face.

"Right, we thought we were in danger," Sarah carried on, thankful for the first time that she knew Jill that she was a doctor.

"So you got out of the contaminated clothes and got in the shower to wash away any chemicals that might have been on your skin," finished Jill, the anger that had been with her since the moment she first opened the door long gone and replaced a giant smile. Any doubts that Jill had about Chuck's fidelity were extinguished. "And when Chuck opened the door?" Jill asked, thinking she knew the answer but wanting to hear it anyway.

"We thought it was Casey," Sarah answered. "We didn't even think that it could have been someone else."

"Of course you didn't," agreed Jill. "I can't imagine what I would do if that were me. I think I would have just crouched into a corner and cried," she laughed.

"I'm sure you wouldn't have," scoffed Sarah. "From what Chuck's told me about you I'm sure you would have done just fine."

Jill smiled at the complement before gasping in shock.

"Oh my god! I can't believe how mean I've been!" cried Jill, wringing her hands in worry and began to pace the room. "I've been so rude to you, I'm sorry!"

"It's fine," Sarah insisted, brushing off Jill's apology. "It was a rather bad thing for a girlfriend to walk in on."

Jill stopped pacing and laughed at that and said, "Yeah, I don't know how many other relationships could survive finding your boyfriend in his underwear with a busty blond," before reverting back to her worried, regretful bluster. "But it's not just you! I've been cold to Chuck too. He's been calling me all day and I've been ignoring him every time, listening to his messages asking to talk and explains, but I was too stubborn and angry to call back."

Sarah let Jill expound on her guilt for about thirty more seconds before grabbing her arm and stopping her track around the room.

"Jill, this is Chuck you're talking about!" Sarah explained while stroking her robe covered arm in comfort, as if telling her that the sun was hot. "He's not the kind of guy to break up with someone over a simple misunderstanding. "

Jill looked slightly ashamed as she turned her face away from Sarah's gaze and said, "I know that. Chuck's a great guy, but I know how much I hurt him when I broke up with him and I'm just worried."

"Worried about what?" asked Sarah. "Worried that he's going to get payback and hurt you?" She couldn't keep the disbelief out of her voice because the thought of Chuck intentionally hurting somebody he cared for like that for some petty revenge was like imagining a boring Captain Awesome or a respectable Jeff and Lester.

"I know, I know, that's not the kind of guy Chuck is," Jill conceded. "But I couldn't help it. That phone call I got before I came to your room didn't help much either."

"What phone call?" Sarah inquired, truly confused at this. When did Chuck have time to call Jill?

"I don't think he meant to call. It was probably one of those pocket dial things," expounded Jill. "But when I picked up the phone it was Chuck talking about needing an hour to have sex, how exhausted he was and wondering why your knees weren't hurting." She felt her face flush as she told Sarah all of this but that was nothing compared to the shade of red that had washed over Sarah's face.

She could now clearly remember when all of those things were said and thought she would die of embarrassment as all of the things she and Chuck said that, taken out of context, could easily be misinterpreted.

"Oh my god, I can't believe you heard that!" Sarah exclaimed mortified. "We were crawling through the air ducts Jill, I swear. We weren't doing anything else. You have to believe me!"

"I do believe you Sarah," Jill reassured the other woman. "I just didn't know what to believe then coupled with what I saw in your room..." she trailed off, the rest of her sentence unnecessary.

The two of them stood there, not really sure what else to say.

Sarah supposed she should leave now. She had done what she told Chuck she was going to do and Jill seemed perfectly understanding now. She should let Jill get back to her shower, call Chuck and tell him not to worry any more.

But she didn't want to. As much as her mind was telling her to leave, another part was trying to give her every reason to stay; a part that hadn't made itself known to Sarah since that night in a sandwich shop a couple months ago.

Sarah was pulled from her thoughts when Jill said, "I want to thank you Sarah."

"That's not necessary," Sarah insisted, removing her hand from Jill's arm.

"But it is," Jill asserted. "You didn't have to come out here tonight. You could have just left this between Chuck and me, but you showed how lucky Chuck is to have such a caring person in his life." Now it was Jill's turn to be comforting as she brought her hand up and placed it on Sarah's shoulder causing a shiver to trail down the blonde's spine.

"N-no problem," Sarah stammered. She wasn't usually one to trip over her own words, but she always stumbled a bit when she was attracted to someone that she knew she shouldn't be. But right now Jill was just too tempting. The brunette was making her thinks nasty thoughts Sarah so wanted to fulfill but knew she shouldn't. She had to get out of their before she did something she regretted.

Abruptly jerking from Jill's grasp, Sarah looked over at the clock on the nightstand and said, in a wildly transparent voice, "Oh look at the time. 9:30 already? I should really get going. I haven't closed down the store yet."

That was partially true. While she had left her cover job at the Orange Orange to come here, she asked Casey to cover for her, promising she would make it up to him later somehow. But Jill didn't need to know that.

"Oh! Okay," responded Jill, rather taken aback at the suddenness of Sarah's announcement. Not sure what to do with the hand that was formerly resting on Sarah's shoulder, she used it push her hair back behind her ear and shoulder, exposing her neck.

"Yeah, I'll just let you get back to whatever it is you were doing and I'll see you later," Sarah said in a hurry moving toward the door, fighting off the urge she had to just nibble at the flesh Jill had just exposed to her horny eyes.

"Sarah," Jill called out as Sarah's hand grasped the door handle. "Are you alright?" she asked, genuinely concerned.

"Of course," Sarah said in a voice that she knew was clearly flustered. She looked back at the smaller woman and saw the alarm at Sarah's abrupt actions in her eyes but she didn't have time to worry about mollifying Jill's concern. "I'll see you tomorrow," she added before opening the door and stepping out into the hallway, having the sense to shut the door slowly so not to disturb anyone else.

Sarah slumped against the door, her hands behind her back, trying to force her libido down.

It's not like it was news to Sarah that Jill is a smokin' hottie. She noticed that the first moment she met Chuck's first love. She had just never been in a room alone with her for such a long period of time, much less when Jill was nearly naked. If Sarah hadn't already had one of Chuck's ex's as a notch in her bedpost it would be much easier to ignore the pull she felt towards Jill.

But the last time was different. Lou, Chuck's old ex-girlfriend, wasn't the product of Sarah wanting some pussy and taking it. She was ordered by General Beckman to get close to her to find out if she was friend or foe.

There's no such reasoning with Jill. If she was just a normal girlfriend of Chuck's Beckman might have given the order again, considering the great job Sarah did with Lou. But Jill knows about Chuck's spy life. She helped them out of a jam that would have resulted in the deaths of not only Chuck and Casey but numerous civilians a couple days ago. And while it's true Jill doesn't know Chuck is the Intersect, she still hasn't had any negative reaction to Chuck's spy life.

Sarah couldn't help but smile when she thought of Lou. That had been such a hot night. She made Casey make a copy of the disc they recorded of the shop camera's and brought it out whenever she felt overwhelmingly horny and Carina was unreachable for some hot international phone sex.

She never saw Lou again after the next morning. The woman stopped by Sarah's prior cover job and asked what had happened the night before. Sarah just told her the two of them had a few drinks, Lou a few too many, and Sarah took her home.

It wasn't long after that Chuck and Sarah shared a passionate kiss which resulted in Chuck's feelings to resurface and he had to break-up with Lou.

Since then Lou had expanded her shop, leaving her Burbank store and moving to the OC to man a bigger branch. Sarah used the resources at her disposal to follow up on Lou since she moved, to make sure her forgotten night with Sarah didn't cause any harm.

Quite the contrary, actually, much to Sarah's surprise, Lou had in fact started up a relationship with another woman, some girl named Summer. Apparently even if she believed her hook-up with Sarah was just a dream it made a giant impact on Lou's life.

Shaking her head to forget about Lou (for the moment, anyway) Sarah forced herself to forget any thoughts of passion she felt towards Jill. She and Chuck's relationship could be permanent, and with no sign of the Intersect leaving Chuck's brain anytime soon that meant Sarah would have to be around her as well.

Sarah would just have to put Jill in one of the rare columns of women that she wanted but could never try anything with. It shouldn't be too hard of a task. After all, she already saw one of those every day when she stopped by the Bartowski's.

All ready to put all of her lust for Jill behind her, Sarah started to walk away when she noticed something.

The door handle hadn't returned to its regular closed position. It was jammed still pointing down, which meant that the door wasn't locked.

Sarah's heart was pounding in her chest. Jill's door handle getting stuck right when Sarah was contemplating whether or not to have sex with the woman was too much of a coincidence to ignore.

Her desires overriding her morals Sarah pushed open the door a crack, slowly, afraid that any sudden movements would snap the handle up thereby locking her out. She listened for any sound that would indicate Jill was in the main room and when the only sound that greeted her ears was the rushing water from the shower, Sarah opened the door fully and entered the room again.

Sarah closed the door as slowly as she opened it as to not attract Jill's attention and when the door was shut (and the lock firmly in place) the first thing Sarah did was slip off her sneakers. She couldn't risk them and any noise they might make on the floor alerting Jill.

Still not believing that she was doing this after convincing herself this was wrong, Sarah hesitated in about what to do next. Did she strip down to her underwear and lie in bed, does she stay full clothed and try for a straight out seduction like she did with Lou, or does she get fully nude and join Jill in the shower.

The thought isn't even finished sounding off in her mind before Sarah began ridding herself of her clothes. She didn't know how much longer Jill would be in the shower so she didn't dawdle. She had only changed her top and tossed on a jacket when she left the Orange Orange so it didn't take long for her leather jacket and red shirt to be discarded to the floor. They were quickly followed by her bra and the orange hair band that's part of her uniform she hadn't bothers removing before. Standing topless in Jill's room wasn't enough though, so it took no time at all for her to push down her khaki pants and panties in one swoop, shucking them off on top of her jacket before whipping her socks off leaving herself bare.

Giving her body a brief sweep in the mirror, Sarah moved as delicately as she could to the bathroom door. As she got closer she thought she could hear Jill singing over the rush of the shower but that was fine to Sarah. Anything that could keep Jill preoccupied long enough for Sarah to enter the bathroom without detection was fine with her.

Gradually pushing the door open, Sarah was trying to think of the best thing she could say to Jill that was sexy yet non-threatening when she heard something that threw all thoughts of sex from her mind.

Now that the door was open Sarah could plainly hear that Jill was definitely not singing. In fact she was as far off from singing as one could get. Sarah couldn't hear the entirety of what the bathing woman was saying over the sound of the pouring water and her own distractions, but what she did hear was more than enough to get the point across.

"-uck! Yes, right there baby. Right there! I'm so close!"

Sarah thought she was going to be sick. She had never been more disgusted with herself. Here she was about to slip into the shower with another woman, when the woman was frigging herself thinking of her boyfriend. Her amazing, loving boyfriend who Sarah cared immensely for as well and would never do anything to hurt.

'I can't do this. I've got to get out of here' Sarah thought, her mental decision and regret she was feeling caused her to instinctively cover her body with her arms even though Jill didn't know she was there. She was just about to go put her clothes back on when, once again, she was stopped right in her tracks, this time by the next words out of Jill's mouth.

"Fuck me Sarah! Get your fingers deep in me! I need to come around your fingers baby!"

Sarah could feel her jaw slacken and hang open in shock but it didn't stay their very long.

Her surprise at hearing Jill masturbating, not to thoughts of her loving boyfriend, but to Sarah changed everything. The confidence that had shrunk away when she first heard Jill's words came stampeding back and it brought friends. Sarah's pussy, already pretty wet from the constant thoughts of fucking Jill, now felt nice and damp when Sarah reached down to stroke herself.

Licking the evidence of her arousal from her fingers, Sarah gave no more hesitation and opened the door.

She counted on Jill being too lost in her own self-pleasure that she would not notice her door opening and her assumption was correct as Jill continued her frenzied babbling without missing a beat as Sarah approached the shower curtain.

"Almost there, Sarah! So close. I'm gonna cum! Gonna cum!! Please make me cum!!!"

"If you insist," said Sarah, pushing aside the curtain, revealing the woman it was concealing to Sarah's lust filled eyes. "But only because you said 'please'."

"SARAH!!!" Jill yelled, half out of surprise, half from ecstasy. Her body was jerking against the wall which she was resting against, her hips thrusting up and down with her hand fused between her legs. Sarah's sudden presence, however, made Jill remove her fingers from where they were buried, but that seemed to make the situation worse as the sensation of her fingers being removed from her pussy seemed to extend Jill's pleasure.

Sarah allowed Jill to come down from her high, taking her sweet time in raking the woman over multiple times with her eyes.

Jill's legs were shaking from the battle she seemed to behaving with her body to stay standing and, while they weren't as long as Sarah's own, they were definitely two lovely specimens Sarah longed to pay lavish attention to. Sarah couldn't see the mound perched between them because Jill was coming down from her orgasm was staring to panic slightly and tried to cover herself. What she could make out was a definite lack of hair. Whether it was all gone or just groomed Sarah couldn't make out.

Her tits, while obviously much smaller than Sarah's own pair, were still a good healthy B-cup. Maybe they were bigger than Lou's, but she would have to get her hands on them to really make sure, a comparison Sarah would be all too happy to make, including seeing if her pointy brown nipples were as sensitive as her previous female lover.

Jill's hair was plastered to her forehead and neck from the water, her already long bangs stopping right above her eyebrows, making her seem much angrier than her eyes told Sarah she was. The two brown orbs were currently wide with confusion and lust, staring up at Sarah, with Jill utterly lost for words.

She quickly found them quickly though.

"Sarah! What are you doing here?! You left. I know you did so how did you get in? Were you listening at the door the whole time?! How dare you! Just because you're a spy doesn't give you the right to - not that there was anything to listen to! I was just...just..."

"Relaxing?" Sarah helped, as she stepped into the shower. When the warm flow of water met her skin she let out a moan of satisfaction, her nipples hardening to points at both the temperature and Jill's attempts to hide her lust. Sarah than began moving closer to Jill, whose small, cramped shower now seemed like a runway with how long it took Jill to back up against the wall.

"Yeah, relaxing," Jill agreed, willing to say anything to keep Sarah off her as long as possible.

"Do you often relax while moaning another woman's name," teased Sarah as Jill finally ran out of room to back up, though the fact that she hadn't jumped out of the shower yet gave Sarah hope. "Or, a better question," Sarah added, placing her hands lightly on Jill's wrists from where they rested over her goddies, "do you often relax while moaning my name?"

"Th-that wasn't y-you," Jill stammered, the proximity of the buxom blonde making it hard for her to concentrate on what she was saying. "That was an... that was another Sarah and - don't!" Jill's half-hearted plea cut across her weak excuse as Sarah moved Jill's arms to her side, fully exposing the brunette's body to Sarah's starving eyes.

Doing this proved at least one thing to the NSA agent: Jill was as baby bare down below as Sarah was.

"You shouldn't cover up a body this beautiful, Jill," Sarah cooed as she held Jill's arms to her sides. She didn't have a tight grip on them, just enough to let Jill know she wanted them there, but Jill could easily break free if she wanted, which Sarah was delighted to see she didn't even attempt to do. In fact the only protests Jill's body were giving off were the one's coming out of her mouth, and they were so feeble Sarah knew she didn't mean them.

"I certainly hope you enjoyed yourself, Jill, because I'm about to make you feel even better," purred Sarah as she pressed her body against the smaller girl, her back now getting the brunt of the falling water. Both women groaned in delight and closed their eyes at the contact, Sarah's bigger pair of tit's flattening Jill's, with both sets of nipples rubbing against each other. Sarah managed to wriggle her left leg between Jill's and let it rest their there, not wanting to move it just yet. When Sarah opened her eyes she saw Jill looking up with the smallest trace of resistance left in her. All she needed was one last push and she would be sent tumbling down the precipice Sarah was putting her on.

"We can't do this," said Jill, making Sarah mentally roll her eyes. Jill was giving voice to the small bit of conscience that was still floundering in the ocean that was Sarah's lust filled mind that Sarah was able to overlook at the moment. "This is so wrong. What about mmppffhh!!"

Jill's words were muffled by the strong lips that had pressed themselves to her. Sarah didn't want to hear any more excuses (especially the kind that made sense) and shut the smaller woman up with a way that never failed to work.

Despite her last second protests Jill eagerly fell into the kiss Sarah had planted on her, almost instantly opening her mouth granting Sarah access, an offer the blonde took at once, thrusting her tongue inside to be greeted with Jill's own.

The two women moaned into each other's mouths as their tongues stroked and danced together. Confident that she had Jill now, Sarah released Jill's wrists from her light grasp and brought the right hand up to cup and stroke Jill's face as they explored each other's mouths and her left hand gripped Jill's hip.

Jill was the more forward of the two. Already immensely aroused by her previous orgasm she didn't want to wait for Sarah to go through the motions of exploring her body; there would be time for that later. She just wanted the blonde to fuck her.

So skipping the rest of the delights Sarah's body presented to her, Jill's hands shot down to grab Sarah's ass. Jill ignored the moan this elicited from the blonde and used her grip on Sarah as leverage to thrust herself down so Sarah's thigh was now firmly planted against Jill mound.

"Fuck!" Both girls shouted at the contact. Sarah knew what Jill wanted and gave it to her right away. She began sliding her leg between Jill's, rubbing the sensitive flesh pressing against her.

"Oh god," Jill panted, unable to continue kissing Sarah.

"Fuck, Jill! Your cunt is so fucking hot I can feel it through the water," Sarah growled, her hands disengaging from their previous positions and reaching around to take hold of Jill's firm ass.

Jill smirked up at Sarah and moaned "You're not so bad yourself." To prove her point, Jill removed one of her hands from the death grip it had on Sarah's ass and shoved it between Sarah's legs and thrust two fingers right in to Sarah's sopping hole.

"Fucking shit!!" Sarah yelped, the abrupt insertion of Jill's slim digits making Sarah halt in her pumping leg.

She was quickly reminded to get back to work, though, when Jill reared back her free hand and brought it down to Sarah's full ass and commanded, "Don't stop, Sarah! Fuck me while I'm fucking you!!"

Sarah didn't often find herself taking orders from civilians, but she made an exception this time and got back to the task at hand: getting Jill Roberts to cum all over her thigh.

"Fuuuuuucckkk," Sarah moaned as Jill's hand continued to pick up speed with every thrust of Sarah's thigh, which made Sarah even more determined to get Jill off quicker, causing her to move faster as well until the two women got each other rising in a circle of passion, each one working harder to receive that sweet reward.

"Your cunt is so fucking tight," Jill growled, her head dipping down to get her mouth on Sarah's tits. This caused a slight discomfort in her neck, for while Sarah may be taller than her new lover, the closeness of the two bodies made Jill have to bend her neck in a stranger fashion than she was used to. But Jill certainly wasn't complaining as her mouth captured the right nipple between her lips. She sucked and flicked the little nub until it seemed on the bursting point before switching over to the left, trailing the path with her tongue. She took a slight detour when she reached the valley of Sarah's cleavage, giving it a quick vertical swipe, before finishing the trip and attacking the destined nipple.

All the while she never stopped pumping her fingers into Sarah's continually damp snatch.

"God damn it, you're good." Sarah panted through gritted teeth, as Jill hit a particularly sweet spot inside her. "You've definitely done this before."

"Of course," Jill responded, barely removing her lips from the diamond cutting tips. "I was in a sorority," she finished before giving one last lick to Sarah's nipple then lifted her head to kiss Sarah.

Both women were now moaning feverishly into each other's mouth, Sarah sliding her tongue into the shorter woman's to begin another fight, though this one isn't as passionate as the one lower. The pink organs clashed in the Jill's mouth as Sarah, unable to keep a safe balance on Jill and stay standing at the same time, reluctantly removed one of her hands from Jill's ass to place it against the wall. If Sarah wasn't so preoccupied at the moment she would have been ecstatic to see the red nail marks she had dug into Jill's cheek.

As it was, Sarah was too focused on thrusting her leg as fast and hard as she could against Jill's cunt and the two fingers pisnoting like a steam engine between her own. Now that she only had one hand on Jill's ass, she gripped the girl even harder than before, practically yanking Jill to and fro on Sarah's slippery thigh.

"FUCK!!" Sarah shouted, disengaging their kiss as Jill decided to spice things up a little and began twisting her fingers as she pumped, causing her fingers to basically spiral whenever she plunged in. "Fuck my tight fucking cunt, Jill!" Sarah commanded. "Use my hot spy pussy and make me come all over your hand!"

"Make me come all over your amazing fucking thigh and I'll make you come all over my hand," Jill compromised, loving the feel of Sarah's walls starting to clench on her fingers. It was starting to make it harder to penetrate, but that just motivated Jill to fuck her even faster.

"Deal," agreed Sarah. She had made many compromises and deals in her life as a spy, but none more rewarding than the one proposed just now.

Now more determined than ever to get Jill off, Sarah decided to use the trick she knew would make the good doctor lose it.

By now both women were soaked head to toe from the water. They had barely paid any mind to the streaming liquid, as the two were too focused on the tasks at hand, but now Sarah was all too aware and glad it was there.

Knowing she was close to her release, Sarah moved as fast as she could so the two of them could come together. She let go of Jill's other ass cheek, which was similarly marked as its twin, but instead of having join the other hand on the wall, is slipped in between the two supple ass cheeks, finding Jill's crack.

Jill shuddered and her already fevered moans which Sarah knew meant she was close to release (she had been with too many women in her life to not know this tell-tale sign) became even louder as Sarah's index finger trailed down to meet Jill's drenched pussy, still fused to Sarah's thigh. But instead of dipping in to help frig Jill's already stimulated pussy, it trailed back up the path it came before the real target.

Jill gasped as Sarah's finger poked her asshole. She grinned up at Sarah and asked "What do you think you're going to do there?"

Sarah answer was to lean down and lick up the stretch of Jill's neck. She traced Jill's jawline with her tongue before reaching her ear and whispered in a husky voice, "I'm going to fuck your hot little ass, that's what I'm thinking."

"Mmmmmmmm," Jill moaned as Sarah slowed her pumping leg but compensated by pressing harder on Jill's back hole. She didn't penetrate, but it was enough to get Jill's already revving engines to kick into overdrive. "That's what I thought. And who said you could fuck me back there, hm?" Jill asked, her voice just as husky and lustful as Sarah's.

Sarah pulled away from nibbling Jill's ear to look her in the eyes. Once she had those big brown orbs locked onto her own blue pair, Sarah answered.

"I did," she snarled, and without further ado, she pushed her finger in.

"AHHHHHH FFFFFFFUCK!!!" Jill shouted as, not only was Sarah pumping her finger in and out of her ass (only up to a knuckle; Sarah's didn't want to hurt her) but Sarah really began to give it to Jill's pussy, grinding her thigh as hard and as fast against the pink lips and clit pressed against it as she could, finally sending Jill over the edge. "FUCK MY ASS SARAH!!! FUCK MY TIGHT FUKCING ASS WHILE YOU GET YOUR LEG COVERED IN MY CUUUUUM!!!"

It would have been so easy for Jill just to rest her body back against the tiled wall to let this goddess ravage her body and steal all of her cum, but while Jill was many things, a selfish lover wasn't one of them. So, halting her twisting technique in Sarah's pussy, she instead placed her palm flat against Sarah's clit and tried to pump her fingers as fast as she could while grinding palm as hard as she could against the hard nub pressing against it.

"OH SHIT!!! FUCK YEAH!!!" Sarah cried. The double stimulation of her pussy and clit from one hand proved to be too much for her body to take. Add to that the tight suction surrounding Sarah's finger and convulsing pussy and Sarah Walker was now one happy cumming woman.

"HERE I CUUUUUUUUUMMMM!!!" Sarah shrieked her hollers echoing off the walls to join Jill's as her pussy clamped down on Jill's fingers, keeping them frozen in place inside her as her cunt covered them and the rest of her hand in her sticky cream.

Sarah and Jill stood there under the barrage of the cooling water, their faces buried in the other woman's neck, as the last of their cum escaped their bodies. Only when they were satisfied they had drained everything they could from their partner did Jill remove her hand from Sarah's pussy and Sarah took her finger out of Jill's ass; Jill's legs unclamped from around Sarah's, allowing it to join its partner down on the floor.

When both women's limbs were disentangled from the other, Sarah pressed her body completely against Jill's, wrapping her arms around her back and enveloping the doctor's lips in another kiss.

Jill reached up to wrap her own arms around Sarah's neck, threading one of her hands into the blond hair resting there, unnecessarily keeping Sarah's mouth fused to hers. Their tits were pressed together once again, their nipples rubbing, adding sparks to the already regenerating flame inside both women.

When they finally broke away for air, Sarah leaned her head down to rest her forehead against Jill's and said, "Wow."

Jill's eyes were shut, trying to get her breathing under control, but was able to respond with, "I know." She opened her eyes to look at Sarah. "Let's do that again."

Sarah licked her lips in response, Jill's eyes following the teasing snake as it traced around those lips that were plump from frenzied kissing.

"If you insist," Sarah agreed, wrenching one of her hands free from behind Jill to shut the water off. "But let's do it somewhere softer. We don't need to be all wrinkly."

"Great idea," complemented Jill as she watched Sarah step out of the shower. She paid particular attention to the blondes' ass as she reached over to pick up a few towels from the rack.

Sarah sensed Jill's eyes on her so, wanting to tease the girl before fucking her again, 'accidently' dropped the towel.

"Oops," feigned Sarah, looking over her shoulder to Jill, who was still in the shower, her eyes not even trying to look up from Sarah's fully displayed butt, "Clumsy me."

Sarah s-l-o-w-l-y bent over, in her so important search for the towels that were one inch from her hands, yet seemed so hard to find. Sarah kept roaming her hands over the floor, all the while swaying her hips back in forth.

The rustle of the shower curtain was the only warning Sarah received before she felt those warm hands on her ass again. Jill's hands seemed to be trying to map out every inch of supple flesh they could find as her voice cut through the fog that had swamped Sarah's mind, "You're such a fucking tease."

"Tease? I'm not teasing any one. I'm just trying to get the towels," playfully defended Sarah, finally grasping the ever elusive towels and standing up straight. She turned around, regretfully causing Jill to stop touching her ass. She held one of the towels out to Jill and said, "Found them."

Jill smirked and grabbed the offered towel. But instead of using it to wipe down her own body, she started to dry off Sarah.

Quickly deciding that this way was a much better way of getting dry, Sarah began repaying the favor.

For the next few minutes, Sarah and Jill made quite sure the other woman was bone dry everywhere except the one place that mattered: they spent more time than usually necessary cleaning around and on their tits and nipple; they actually did the opposite of their goal and made the other girl wetter when they rubbed the towels in between each other's legs.

When both of them were so keyed up that they had pussy juice leaking down their legs, Jill dropped her towel and asked, "Why don't we take this to the other room?"

Not surprisingly, Sarah approved of this plan.

Clasping Sarah's hand in her own, Jill pulled her out into the main room and shoved the taller woman on the bed. This caused Sarah's tits to bounce and jiggle, as she threw her hair out of her face, leaving her body bare of all obstructions to Jill's heated stare.

"What are you waiting for? Get over here and fuck me," demanded Sarah, although the playful smile on her face showed she wasn't being mean. "I've given you two orgasms while you've given me one. I think you owe me."

Jill was just about to join the busty blonde on the soft bed, when Sarah's words fully registered. Something wasn't right with what Sarah said.

"Wait, what do you mean 'you've given me two'? We both just got each other off, they were one a piece," asked a confused Jill.

"Yeah, they were," conceded Sarah. "But you rubbed one out before I joined you, while shouting my name. That's my point."

The cocky grin on her face just made Jill want to either smack it off her or lick it, she wasn't picky.

Smirking at the woman's playful arrogance, Jill countered her claim.

"Okay, blondie, let's get a few things straight," began Jill, approaching the bed where Sarah was sprawled and waiting for the talking to end and the fucking to begin. "One: I did all of the work before you barged in, so that point should really go to me." While she was saying this, Sarah reached out with her legs to wrap them around Jill's hips, pulling her closer to Sarah's needy body. This caused Jill to stumble a bit. "B... no, Two, I didn't even know we were taking points, so that's not really fair. Three, or C, I already told you, I wasn't thinking about you, but about another Sarah. And, coming at a very low four or D, the thought of this other Sarah wasn't very important, seeing as it was my own fingers doing all of the work. Sarah was just background noise in my mind. SO even if I was thinking of you, which I wasn't, it wouldn't have mattered at all."

Throughout Jill's defense, Sarah just laid back on her elbows, her legs wrapped securely around Jill, listening to the brunette's playful denial. Now that Jill had finished, Sarah began stroking the small of Jill's back with her foot, making her shiver in pleasure.

"So if it wasn't me you were fucking yourself over, who was it?" inquired Sarah, reaching her arms up to pull Jill down, so she was now resting on top of Sarah.

Jill moaned at the feeling of their bodies pressing together again, and said the name of the first other 'Sarah' she could think of in her lust clouded mind.

"Mmmm, Sarah Michelle Geller. I've always had a huge thing for her. Fucking Buffy has been one of my favorite fantasies," half-lied Jill.

While it was true that Jill had lusted after the famous actress for years now, it of course was the Sarah that was stroking her hand through her hair that Jill had been imagining fucking her earlier. But it was so fun to string her along.

Jill had hoped that this false confession would send Sarah into a mini-rage and get her to start fucking her again, because at this point Jill was just aching to touch feel Sarah's tongue or fingers on her pussy. The finger in her ass earlier hadn't been enough and she wanted more.

What she hadn't expected was the triumphant smile to cross Sarah's face, as her hands moved away from Jill's hair and back to attach themselves to Jill's perky breasts.

"Well, in that case, maybe I should just get on my phone and call her over for you," an ecstatic Sarah asked. "She always loves eating my pussy, so I'm sure she'll love eating yours."

Jill was looking down at the smug grin on Sarah's face in disbelief. The feel of Sarah's hands squeezing and kneading her tits became an afterthought as she processed what Sarah had just said.

"You're joking," Jill insisted, while knowing that Sarah really wasn't. Her face was too sincere to be lying.

Even she wasn't that good.

"I'm not," Sarah promised. Jill let out a low moan as Sarah lightly pinched her nipples as well as the images of the two Sarah's filtered into her mind's eye. "I've fucked her hard so many times that all it would take would be for me to call her up, tell her to come to me and she would ditch that husband of hers at once and run to me."

Sarah put her hands on Jill's ass and pushed her up until Jill's tits were hovering right over her mouth. She gripped both small orbs in her hands and reached up to get her mouth on her left breast.

"Oh fuck!" Jill groaned as the feeling she had been craving, Sarah's mouth on her body, was finally being fulfilled.

Sarah sucked and nipped at every inch of flesh the dangling flesh offered her before attacking the sharp pink nipple in the center, the mouth free tit being squeezed and groped with equal fever.

Pulling her mouth off the pink skin, Sarah hissed up, "Wouldn't you love that? Sarah Michelle Geller naked on your bed? Her hands on your tits, her tongue in your mouth, before getting on her knees and fucking that sweet cream out of your soaking cunt with her amazing mouth? All the while I'm sitting in the corner, fucking myself and then joining in, making you the meat in a blond Sarah sandwich." She left the tantalizing possibility hanging before getting back to Jill's chest, this time going for her right tit.

"Yes! God yes, I love it," whimpered Jill. The feel of Sarah's mouth on her breasts plus the picture in her mind of Sarah Michelle Geller eating her pussy while Sarah Walker fucked her ass was making Jill's already moist labia an extra coating of wetness.

Sarah loved the effect her story was having on the other woman. Her eyes were shut, enjoying the warm cascade of Sarah's words and hands.

Of course, every word of Sarah's was true. She and Sarah Michelle Geller and hooked up quite a few times over the years and Sarah knew that she had screwed the famous slayer to so many screaming orgasms that she really would drop everything to do it again.

They had met in 2001 when word got to Washington that a former Iranian assassin that had escaped the killing lifestyle and had escaped to America years ago was now a target for assassination himself. This wouldn't have been something that would have gotten Sarah involved, because even then her skills were too good to waste on assignments that weren't of the utmost importance.

But when word reached the NSA that the Iranian had information regarding plots to kill top US politicians, they immediately sent Sarah to make sure of his safety and to bring him to a secure location.

Sarah had learned that the man had changed his name and was now working as a stunt coordinator in Hollywood. In particular, he was working on the Scooby-Doo movie down in Australia.

So, one flight to the down under later, Sarah had found herself working on the set of the movie, with her cover assignment being a runner for the main actresses, Sarah Michelle Geller and Linda Cardellini. Since all of the actors worked extensively with the stunt crew, this gave Sarah ample amount of time to find her target.

But while she was there she couldn't help but think about Sarah. Like Jill, she had always been a big fan of Buffy, and couldn't help thinking what it would be like to join the slayer in her trailer for some 'line-reading'.

Long story short, Sarah caught the bad guy before he could kill the target, said target was now in witness protection and agent Walker found herself about to say goodbye to Scooby-Doo.

On her last day before she left, however, she finally got her wish.

After giving everybody the excuse that her sister had fallen ill, Sarah was saying good-bye to a bunch of the cast and crew who had been friendly to her when she was asked by the object of her affection Ms. Geller if she would like to have a farewell drink with her.

Naturally Sarah agreed, and she spent the next few minutes just talking with the famous TV star. They chatted about family, school, the movie, Buffy, and men.

Finally, when Sarah could no longer find an excuse to stay with her host any longer, she made to leave, only to find two soft lips pressed against her own, giving her every incentive to stay.

It turned out that famous Sarah Michelle Geller had a thing for women as well, and while she mostly stayed loyal to her then fiancÚ and Scooby-Doo co-star Freddie Prinze Jr., she just couldn't stop thinking about making love to Sarah.

Needless to say, Sarah Walker and Sarah Michelle Geller found out they had a lot more in common that night than sharing the same first name and they made sure that when they parted ways the next morning that they had swapped numbers as well as spit.

Often when they called each other they would be on the other side of the world, either due to spy work or movie stardom. But a few times a year, they would happen to be in the same city at the same time. And those times always ended up at near the top of both women's list of 'Best Sex of the Year'.

But right now her focus was on the lovely woman whose tits were in her mouth.

Wanting to give Jill one last image to think of before forcing Jill to get between her legs and got to work, Sarah pulled away from Jill to say, "And once we have worked you over so well, the both of us can strap-on some nice big cocks and fuck both of your dirty little holes."

"Ohhhh yeahhhhhhh," moaned Jill, her hands coming up to play with Sarah's own set of tits.

"Mmm, some one likes that idea," admired Sarah. "You like thinking about that, don't you, Dr. Roberts? Yeah, you like thinking about bouncing your hot pussy on my hard cock while Buffy the Vampire Slayer slams her big prick up your tight ass, because you're a hot little slut who loves it up the ass!" To emphasize her point, Sarah took one of her hands away from Jill's breasts and used it to deliver a sharp smack to Jill's ass.

This broke Jill. She couldn't take one more second of not getting fucked. All of the hot words and tit play couldn't give what Jill what she needed, so she had to take it for herself.

She jerked away from Sarah's mouth and hands. She wiggled out of the tight hold Sarah's legs had on her hips and shoved Sarah so that she was now flat on her back.

Sarah was taken aback by Jill's sudden burst of enthusiasm. She wanted to be fucked first, and was about to tell Jill as much when she was thoroughly distracted.

Jill climbed up Sarah's body, ignoring everything until she was perched above the blonde's mouth, facing away from Sarah, than shoving her hips down.

"Mmmmmm fuck yes!" sighed Jill as she was immediately greeted by firm hands on her hips and, most importantly, a wet tongue on her pussy.

Any thoughts of going first and points were thrown away as soon as Sarah got her first taste of Jill's pussy. She did a first swipe of the entire length, gathering up the tasty liquid that clung to the pink lips and drinking them down.

But as always, one lick was not enough. It was quickly followed up by a second, than a third, than Sarah stopped counting and concentrated solely on the treat being presented to her.

She dragged her tongue all over the fleshy lips of her lover's labia, the juices flowing down her throat only to be replaced by more. It was a never-ending cycle that Sarah relished.

Jill's pussy was just as yummy as she had hoped. And when she sucked the labia lips into her mouth, Sarah was greeted with an even greater sample of the flavor.

Sarah didn't know how she could have gone so long without eating pussy. Before she had fucked Lou she had gone through an achingly lengthy bought of pussy drought. One year without eating some hot slut out. One year three months and 26 days, to be exact.

Or, as Carina liked to put it, the Bryce Larkin era.

Sure, Sarah had Carina every now and then, but, no matter how much Sarah loved Carina's cum, it hadn't been enough. And it wasn't exactly a challenge to get Carina to spread her legs for her. All Sarah had to do was walk in a room and Carina was already half-way naked.

Her usual plethora of women who loved her tongue like Sarah Michelle Geller were never around or free to have some fun and Sarah hadn't stooped so low as to pay for sex. Besides, with a body like hers they should be the ones paying.

But now, between Lou and Jill, Sarah was hoping things were starting to look up for her in Burbank. Whether or not she did anything with Jill after tonight (and she really hoped she would, despite her conscience yelling at her from the back of her mind), Sarah was determined to never go so long without feeling the touch of a woman.

Even more determined to get the hot cream waiting for her, Sarah doubled her efforts on Jill's cunt.

Meanwhile Jill was reaping the benefits of Sarah's redetermination to her love of women. Her long hair was hanging from her head, swaying back and forth as her body shook from the tremors Sarah's tongue was sending through her body. She was keeping herself from falling face forward onto the mattress with her arms, gripping the sheets whenever Sarah hit a particularly sweet spot.

"Ooooh, Sarah, baby, you know how to fuck that pussy," Jill complimented through moans. "Your tongue feels so fucking sweet in me! Eat up my hot, nasty juices and make me cum! Make me cum and I promise I'll do the same to you!"

'You're damn right you will,' thought Sarah, not wanting to pull away from the pink lips she was attacking. Sarah could feel her own hot juices sliding down her ass to pool in the bed sheets.

Sarah was torn between the choice of either getting Jill of quickly or taking her time with the perky brunette. On the one hand, the faster she got Jill off the quicker Jill will want to return the favor; on the other hand, she didn't know if she will ever get another shot with Jill so she wanted Jill to really remember her and Sarah knew that the more effort she put in making Jill cum was more time Jill would want to spend between Sarah's legs. Plus Jill's pussy cream was so fucking delicious she wanted to swallow as much as she could before she got the big prize.

'Huh, that really wasn't that hard a choice,' mentally shrugged Sarah.

Jill couldn't get enough of Sarah's tongue. It had been so long since she had been with a woman that it was common for her to fuck herself thinking about every hot female in her life. So naturally she would do so over Sarah. The woman was just so pants soaking hot. And now she was sitting on Sarah's face, riding that slick tongue as it plunged her most private of depths.

Sarah mapped out every inch of Jill's lips with her tongue before sucking them into her mouth. She tugged on the sweet flesh, creating the hottest mewling sounds from the mouth above her.

When she finally had enough of teasing the woman, Sarah took one of her hands off of Jill's hips to help spread her pussy lips open, giving way to her small entrance. Wishing she had thought to bring her strap-on so she could really loosen that hole up, Sarah pushed her tongue into Jill's wet pussy.

"Fuck yeah! Get your tongue in my cunt, Sarah!" Jill shouted as Sarah's tongue slid through her drenched folds and began to fuck up into her humping pussy. "A slut like you must love the feel of my hot cunt against your tongue and mouth! Shit, this is what you wanted all along wasn't it? You didn't come over to get me forgive Chuck; you just wanted me to spread my legs for you! Well, Agent Walker, mission fucking accomplished!!" Jill accentuated the last three words by slamming her hips down harder on to Sarah's thrusting tongue, causing a fresh gush of juice to drip into Sarah's salivating mouth.

This wasn't true at all, but Sarah was too far gone in Jill's taste to even contemplate correcting her. Instead she locked eyes with the humping doctor and nodded her head a 'yes' as well as mumble "Mmmmmmhmmmmmm," into Jill's humping folds, which only added to Jill's pleasure.

It was a sign of how far these two women were in their ocean of lust that the mention of Chuck, the man both women seemed to be immensely infatuated with, didn't slow down either one for a second. Jill's mind was to wracked with what Sarah's wicked tongue was doing to her body and Sarah was too busy trying to get her off to care about Chuck Bartowski right now. There were more important things to concentrate on.

Like Jill's hard clit which had peeked itself out from its hood and was just begging for attention. Attention Sarah was all too happy to give by removing her tongue from Jill's slit and dragged it up to meet the swollen clit waiting for its turn.

When Sarah gave the hard button a hard swipe, Jill's entire body bucked.

"YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS," she howled as Sarah started giving her clit a quick assault with her tongue. Jill's body shot up from the contact and when the initial burst had transformed into a never ending series of bursts she found her body now falling backwards.

Jill quickly moved her hands back to brace herself on the mattress and now she was hovering with her back over the rest of Sarah's exposed body. When she looked down her body Jill was able to clearly see her own perky tits shake from her humping body and look directly into Sarah's piercing blue eyes as her tongue did the most wonderful things to her clitoris.

Sarah's sweaty blonde hair was plastered to her forehead and she had her hands fused to Jill's shaking ass cheeks as she thrust herself down onto Sarah's mouth.

But as hot as Sarah found the sight of Jill's bouncing tits and the feel of her pussy slapping against her face, Jill's constant moving was making it quite difficult for Sarah to keep up a steady rhythm in her current position. Having to constantly move her head up and down to keep her mouth on Jill was starting to hurt Sarah's neck.

Not wanting to seem like a wimp, however, she couldn't just ask Jill. Instead she took a different approach.

Borrowing a move Jill used on her in the shower, Sarah kept her tongue on Jill's clit as she lifted her right hand away from Jill's ass and brought it down with a loud SMACK!

"FUCK!" Jill shouted as Sarah repeated the slap with two more. "Do that again!"

Sarah chuckled and spanked Jill three more times. Jill gasped in joy with each smack.

"I knew you would like that. A girl like you who likes getting fucked up the ass always loves getting spanked" leered Sarah, wrenching her mouth away from Jill's dripping honey long enough to get her point across. "Now stop moving that hot ass of yours so I don't break my neck and I can make you cum!"

Wanting nothing more right now than to cum all over Sarah's face, but not being able to find the strength to keep her body from responding to the pleasure the blonde was causing, Jill thought of a compromise.

When Jill's body had stilled, resting her pussy right over Sarah's face, Sarah said, "That's better," then got her hands back on Jill's ass and pulled her down to her waiting mouth.

Sarah's lips this time wrapped themselves Jill's clit and sucked it, slapping the nub with her tongue as she did so. This time her hands were keeping Jill's pussy right on her. She didn't want this cunt to leave her lips for any reason other than oxygen until she had claimed her prize.

Fortunately that's just what Jill wanted as well.

Sarah knew just how to treat Jill's pussy with enough passion and skill to keep her on the fast track to release but never giving her enough to give Jill what she needed.

That's not to say that Jill didn't love the teasing treatment Sarah was dispensing on her, of course. Sarah's mouth was doing things to her cunt that very few lovers in the past ever did.

Jill's clit jumped and throbbed with every lick and suck Sarah applied to it. And when pushed two fingers into Jill's needy cunt, Sarah moved away from her clit to resume licking the rest of Jill's dripping snatch and she left her clit as hard as a cock in her wake.

"Shit, your fingers feel so good in my tight cunt!" Jill's words were now flying from her lips in between large huffs of air. "Squeezing out more of my juice for your amazing mouth to drink up! Licking my soaked cunt raw and sucking my hard little clitty! You're going to make cum all over your hot fucking face!"

Sarah kept her fingers pumping as she pulled away from Jill to join in the dirty talk. "You like me sucking the cream out of your tight little cunt? Does Doctor Roberts want to cum all over my pretty face and make me slutty and sticky?"

"I can't make someone a slut when they were one to begin with!" shot back Jill, who, unable to hump Sarah's face due to the vice like grip on her ass, settled for grinding her pussy against Sarah's fingers and mouth, getting as much of her cream on Sarah's skin as she could.

"Oh I'm a slut am I?" asked Sarah playfully as she increased the speed of her pumping fingers. "Who's the one who loves getting her ass spanked and fucked? Who's the one fucking herself thinking about another woman when they have a boyfriend? And who's the one with three fingers shoved up their twat begging to cum?"

Jill looked slightly confused at the last part. She looked down between her shaking tits at a shiny-faced Sarah, one sharply-defined eyebrow raised in wonder. "I don't have - "

The rest of her confused statement was ripped from her lungs when Sarah sharply yanked out her soaked two fingers and quickly plunged them back in, this time joined with a third.

"FFFUUUCCCKKK!!!" Jill shouted as Sarah hammered up into the drenched cunt above her. "Fucking shit, Sarah! Fuck my fucking slit and make me cum all over your slutty face!"

"See: begging. And what does that make you?" asked a smug Sarah, loving the sensation of her fingers parting Jill's wet walls again and again. "Tell me, Jill or I won't let you cum!"

The look on her face told Jill that Sarah was being 100% serious. Promising herself she would get Sarah back for this, Jill submitted to the blonde's demand.

"It makes me a dirty little slut! Begging for you to make me cum when I have a boyfriend makes me a dirty little cheating slut!! Now, please Sarah! Make me cum!!" begged Jill, her hands gripping the sheet's so hard she was afraid she might rip them.

"No," said Sarah. Her fingers were now frozen inside Jill's pussy, not moving an inch.

She was so loud and clear there was no mistaking what Jill had heard, even over her own heavy breathing and thumping heart.

"What?!" whined Jill as she tried to thrust her hips down and get Sarah's finger's moving again, but to no avail. "What do you mean 'no'!"

"I mean no," Sarah answered calmly, her face expressionless, "begging for another woman to make you cum when you have a boyfriend doesn't make you a slut."

Jill was about to angrily whine "Why not?" when Sarah cut her off with a wicked grin and one sentence.

"It makes you a fucking whore!"

And with no further ado, Sarah smashed her face in between Jill's legs, her fingers coming to life again by slamming up into her cunt.

"AHHH FUCKKKKKK!!!" Jill screamed as her pussy was now experiencing feelings it hadn't felt in years. She had three fingers rapidly pistoning inside her with a tongue licking every square-inch of pussy it could. "I'M A WHORE!!! I'M A GODDAMN FUCKING WHORE!!! JUST MAKE ME CUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM!!!" Jill howled as she received her wish.

Sarah's fingers immediately left the confined space of Jill's clenching cunt walls and were replaced by a pair of famished lips, eagerly awaiting their feast. And feast they did as Sarah drank down squirt after squirt of Jill' yummy cum.

The one thing Sarah hated about shower sex was that, unless you were on your knees with your head between your lovers legs, you could never experience the taste of your partner's cum. It would always get washed down the drain before you could properly taste them off of fingers or a cock.

There was no such problem here. Sarah licked and sucked every drop of the delicious honey and savored them all. Everything she missed tickled her skin as it spread on her face and down her chin and neck.

Jill, meanwhile, had been unable to keep herself up any longer. The moment her orgasm hit, her arms gave out on her and she was now lying on top of Sarah's front, her head in between Sarah's long legs, with Sarah's tits poking her lower back with their diamond hard nipples. Her face clad in an expression of vast satisfaction.

When Sarah had finally licked every drop that she could from Jill's pussy, the brunette rolled herself off of her lover. She turned her body around so she could lie down next to her and immediately pulled Sarah into a scorching kiss.

Sarah moaned into Jill's mouth as her tongue slid over Sarah's lips, gathering up the cream that remained. And when Jill's hands reached up to stroke Sarah's tits, her moans increased.

"Mmmmm," moaned Sarah as she pulled away, a string of saliva extended between their panting lips. "My turn."

Sarah broke away from Jill hands and moved to the head of the bed. Laying down on the pillows, Sarah spread her legs slightly in anticipation of Jill's body.

To Sarah horror, however, Jill, instead of crawling in between her legs to play with Sarah's body, she was actually getting off of the bed.

It took a few seconds for Sarah to fully comprehend that Jill was no longer on the bed with her and her aching need. Once the realization set in, Sarah shouted, "Hey, where do you think you're going? Get back here and fuck me!"

Desperate for some relief that Jill was for some reason not going to give, Sarah stretched her left hand down and started rubbing her pussy while her right began to squeeze and pinch her tits.

Jill smirked over her shoulder at the needy blonde as she approached her bag by the closet and laughed, "Does big bad Agent Walker have a problem?"

"You're damn right I have a problem!" snapped Sarah. Her busy hands were helping to alleviate her arousal, but she knew they couldn't compare to Jill's fingers or tongue. Her anger dissipated somewhat when Jill bent over to reach into her bag, sticking her ass into the air. She made a show of it her captive audience by swaying it back and forth as she searched for her mystery item. Sarah's eyes followed the entrancing dance of Jill's cheeks, fully aware that the two of them had now switched places from when Sarah had done the ass teasing in the bathroom, and perfectly fine with the transfer of power.

She was just about to call out to Jill again when Jill exclaimed to her bag, "There you are!"

Jill stood up again and turned around, keeping the item behind her back. Despite Sarah's anger at being left in the lurch like this, she was extremely curious as to what Jill was hiding.

Jill approached the bed again, taking her sweet time, fully enjoying the sight of Sarah's hands pinching her nipples and rubbing vigorously between her legs.

"Are you feeling okay, Miss. Walker?" asked a fully serious Jill. The lewd smile on her face had been replaced by a worried frown.

Sarah glared at the brunette hard. This normally would have made a person start to tremble a bit as they tried to appease the angry spy so she would spare them, but Jill just took it in stride.

"What the fuck are you talking about? Stop screwing around and fuck me already!" glowered Sarah.

She was starting to get really pissed now. If Jill didn't stop fucking with her, Sarah was going to grab the smaller girl and shove her between her legs.

However, when Jill placed her hand on Sarah's forehead and said, "Wow, you really are burning up here! Don't worry though, Miss. Walker. Doctor Roberts will make sure to take really good care of you." All the anger evaporated on the spot.

'She wants to play doctor!' thought an excited Sarah.

Of course Sarah knew that Jill's doctorate wasn't in medicine, but she wasn't about to complain about inaccuracies. Not when the possibilities that lay ahead were so good.

Slowing down her hands, Sarah put on her very best innocent girl voice and said "Well, Doctor. I do feel kind of bad."

"Well, however bad you might feel, Miss. Walker, I'm sure I will be able to make you feel much better," comforted Jill. Her free hand that "checked her temperature" was now replacing Sarah's hand on her tits. She stroked the supple flesh that was now pink from Sarah's own eager hand as she said, "After all, I did bring my special equipment." She then showed Sarah what it was she got from her bag.

It certainly wasn't a stethoscope.

"Wow," marveled Sarah as she took in the 7 inch purple vibrator clutched in Jill's hand. "Are you sure this will make me feel better, Doctor Roberts?" asked Sarah, looking up at Jill with wide eyes.

Jill just continued to smile and brought the vibrator to Sarah's breasts. "Trust me, Miss. Walker. I've had many patients before you swear by this method. The all told me they never felt better after I used it on them."

Sarah moaned in response as Jill switched the tool on to its lowest setting and pressed it against her right nipple.

Jill nudged Sarah and the moaning woman complied with the unspoken request by sliding over a few inches on the bed. This allowed Jill to climb onto the bed again. She pressed her body up against Sarah's as she rubbed the humming shaft in her hand all over Sarah's large tit.

Jill's mouth was now against Sarah's neck, licking and sucking on her pulse point. She could feel her lover's pulse beating the conga against her tongue. "How are you feeling now, Miss. Walker?" inquired Jill. She had barely removed her mouth from Sarah's skin to ask her obvious question so her breath on Sarah's damp skin caused Sarah to pant even harder.

"I'm feeling - oh - much better now, Dr. Roberts," gasped Sarah. She was finally getting the relief she had craved and, while Jill wasn't at her pussy yet, Sarah knew it was just a matter of time now.

"I'm so glad," said Jill. She moved her toy over to pay attention to Sarah's other big boob and brought her mouth up from Sarah's neck to hover them over Sarah's panting lips. "After all, I live to make my patients happy."

"You're doing a great job of it, doc," moaned Sarah before Jill closed the distance between them and the two of them fell into another hot kiss.

Jill's tongue plunged into Sarah's willing mouth, swapping spit with the busty blonde as she slowly began to travel the length of Sarah's sweat coated stomach with her vibrator.

"Damn, Sarah! Your whole body is wet for me!" gawked Jill as she broke character and allowed her gaze to fully take in the sight of the sweaty sheen that covered Sarah's skin.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're amazing," scoffed Sarah with a roll of her eyes. She finally moved her stroking hand away from her wet folds to make way for Jill's. "Just fuck me and make me feel better!"

Jill remembered that she was supposed to be treating her "patient", so with a cough, she slipped back on her doctor voice and said, "Don't snap at me Miss. Walker. I'm trying to help you. If you don't cooperate, then I'll just have to punish you."

Sarah's mind flashed with images of her bent over Jill's knee, her ass red from Jill's hard smacks. Those pictures were so good Sarah almost wanted them to happen.

But while a little kinky domination might be good for later, right now what she needed was a good, hard fuck.

So Sarah stuck her lip out into a pout and looked up at Jill through her eye lashes and said, "Please don't punish me, Dr. Roberts. I'm sorry I snapped. I just want you to make me feel better so much! Please make me better!"

Jill relented. How could anybody stand up to Sarah Walker when she looked like this: naked and sweaty, bug tits with hard , pink nipples heaving with each of her deep breaths, legs spread to fully expose her wet, pink slit and bare skin, while looking at you with the most innocent-yet-lustful eyes one could imagine. Fuck missiles and guns. All wars would end if everyone got a chance to fuck Sarah Walker once.

"Yesssssssss," hissed Sarah as, at long last, Jill rubbed her vibrator against her wet lips.

"Does that feel better, Miss Walker?" cooed Jill, her hand dragging the toy up and down the length of Sarah's pussy. "Do you like me special tool against your special hole?"

"Fuck yes! I love having your tool on my pussy!" moaned Sarah. She was finally feeling the pleasure she wanted but, like always, it wasn't enough. "More!" growled Sarah. "Give me more! Please! I need more!!"

"Welllll," said Jill, pretending to consider the matter, "I normally wouldn't go much further with this treatment on a new patient but, since you said please..."

Jill didn't need to finish her sentence, as her intentions were made quite clear when she began to push the toy into Sarah.

"OH FUCK YEAH!!! FUCK ME!!!" Shouted Sarah as Jill pushed three inches inside with the first thrust.

Jill continued to pump her toy in and out of Sarah, but Sarah was unable to voice any more of her pleasure as Jill decided to shut her up with a kiss.

But even the restrictive powers of Jill's lips and tongue weren't enough to completely muzzle her jubilant lover.

"Shit Jill!" moaned Sarah between kisses. "Fuck me with your hard cock! Get deeper in me baby! Fuck me deeper!! Fuck me harder!!!"

Sarah knew she could take Jill's toy. Her hole's had been stretched open by Carina's toy's so often they were practically the strap-on's second home. She tried to tell Jill all this without using her words, and to Sarah's delight, Jill proceeded to show her understanding by putting two more inches inside and turning the power up.

"AHHHHHHHHHH SHITTTTTTTTTT!!!" yelled Sarah, her hips rising to meet Jill's pumping hand, making her big tits shake and jiggle. They were so enticing that Jill had to get a taste of them and leaned down to get her mouth on Sarah's right tit.

"Yeah! You like sucking my big tits while you fuck my wet cunt?" asked a wild-eyed Sarah.

"Fuck yeah, I do," answered Jill, removing her mouth from Sarah's now saliva covered boob before latching onto the hard nipple that capped it off and giving it a light nibble with her teeth.

She had assumed Sarah would be into having her tits roughly played like this and was proven correct when Sarah gave a loud yell of pleasure.

"Little slut likes me biting her nipples!" taunted Jill, as she switched to Sarah's left breast.

Jill's pumping hand was starting to get sore from the awkward angle, so she switched hands. With her right hand now free she brought it up to roughly squeeze Sarah's right tit as her mouth licked and kissed her left one.

"Such big fucking tits for me to play with. I can't get enough of them!" she growled as Sarah arched her back off of the bed, trying to get more of the toy in her and to give Jill more of her chest to play with.

"Play with my tits, Doctor! Play with my tits and don't ever stop fucking me!" yelled Sarah as Jill bit down on Sarah's nipple. Sarah's juices were seeping from her cunt, soaking Jill's hand and providing even more lubrication for her toy.

"That's it, slut! Take Dr. Roberts' big cock in your hot cunt! Let me make you feel better!" encouraged Jill. By now she had the entire plastic toy buried inside Sarah. She resisted the urge to crank the power all the way up. Jill wanted to save that for the grand finale.

Speaking of which, as much as Jill loved playing with Sarah's amazing tits (and did she ever love it!) she wanted to play with Sarah's pussy even more. She didn't want to waste all of the blonde's cream on her hand, toy, and sheets.

So Jill yanked her mouth away from Sarah's bountiful bosom, afraid that if she stayed any longer she wouldn't be able to stop herself. Moving back up to give Sarah another tongue filled kiss, Jill maneuvered her body so that she was now lying in between Sarah's spread legs.

Her hand was still pumping vigorously in and out of Sarah's hot box, but now that she was level with it, Jill could clearly see the juice shining all over the purple shaft and Sarah's splayed thighs. It looked like a much more scrumptious version of the Sarah's sweat.

Sarah could feel Jill's hot breath on her thighs as she scooted her face closer to the junction between Sarah's legs.

"Oh god Jill, I need your mouth on me! I need your tongue fucking me with your toy! Please Jill! Please fuck MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Sarah screamed as Jill obeyed her pleas and attached her lips to Sarah's clit.

The throbbing little key to Sarah's pleasure looked too inviting for Jill to ignore any longer anyway.

Jill kept up a steady rhythm on Sarah's pussy, pumping in with her vibrator as she licked up Sarah's clit, pulling out when she licked down. It was a combo that put Sarah even deeper in the pool of her desire.

"Oh fucking fuck Jill! Suck on me hard little clit! Just like that you little whore! Suck my hard clit while you fuck my hot twat with your hard cock! Your mouth is like fucking magic! Slurp up my hot fucking cream with your wonderful tongue!!"

Jill was doing just that. She was drinking down every bead of girl cream Jill fucked out of Sarah. But she now wanted more. And since her toy was blocking most of the flow of Sarah's juice there was only one thing to do.

Yanking the toy out with a squelch, Jill replaced it with her tongue, shoving it as far as she could reach. She was greeted with a flood of Sarah's taste on her tongue and the walls of Sarah's cunt clamping down on her.


Sarah's hands were pressed to the back of Jill's head, keeping her firmly trapped against Sarah's sopping cunt. By now her chin and nose were covered in a slight glaze of pussy juice as Sarah was bucking against Jill's face, smearing herself on Jill's features. Not that Jill minded. She loved feeling Sarah's wet juice against her skin. It made her feel like a slutty painting.

Jill jackhammered her tongue into Sarah's cunt, licking everywhere she could. Jill hadn't fucked a woman in years, yet her skills hadn't left her in all that time. It was like riding a bicycle. Only this was one ride Jill didn't want to end.

Sarah knew what a dom and what a sub were in the world of sex. She knew that a lot of her one of lovers in her life would call her a dom, always being in control, forcing her lovers to do what she wanted. She was never too forceful. She never used whips of forced the men and women to call her mistress or anything like that, it was just her nature. Sarah was sure that if Lou remembered her night with her that Lou would definitely think of Sarah as a dom personality. Sarah couldn't help it. It was just her nature to be the one calling the shots during the majority of her fucks.

But if someone were to talk to Carina, they would get a very different account.

She would go on about how much Sarah begged for her tongue; how Sarah got on her knees and sucked off her cock so she could pound her pussy with it; how Sarah would spit in Carina's ass hole than lick it out just because Carina told her to. Of course Carina would conveniently leave out all of the times Sarah made her do the same things.

When she was with the right person, Sarah knew when top just lay back and let the pleasure wash over her. Carina was absolutely one of those people and so was Jill, it seemed.

She knew just how to lick her pussy. She wasn't a first timer like Lou, doing what she hoped would be nice and then repeating the move when she got a positive response. Jill knew exactly what to do and was positively gung-ho about it.

Jill removed her tongue from Sarah's depths, only to press it to Sarah's clit again.

Another series of obscene words and grunts flew from Sarah's mouth as she was once again experiencing the euphoria of Jill's tongue treating her clitoris like a cat playing with a toy. She batted the pink nub back and forth in her mouth and, when she felt Sarah really needed it, Jill got it in between her teeth and lightly tugged on it.

"FUCK!!! Shit Jill, your so fucking good at eating my cunt! I'm going to cum soon, baby! I know how much you want my fucking cum and you're gonna get it soon!" promised Sarah, as her legs wrapped themselves around Jill's back. She rubbed her feet over Jill's sweat drenched back as her fingers got a tighter grip on Jill's hair. Not too hard; Sarah wasn't so far gone that she wanted to pull the woman's hair out.

Jill loved how close Sarah was forcing her into her pussy. Between Sarah's hands and now her legs, Jill would have been in real trouble if she actually didn't want to be where she was. Fortunately for the good doctor, there was nowhere she wanted to be right now than where she was lying between Sarah's legs with her face pressed against the blonde's dripping cunt.

As Jill gulped down Sarah's heavenly girl juice, she kept in mind the weapon she was still wielding. The brunette was still holding onto the vibrator in one hand, as she still wanted to use it on her lover, but her other hand was free to do whatever Jill wanted it to do. Which now included dragging it over Sarah's juice cover folds, gathering up as much of the liquid as it could on her fingers.

Jill left Sarah's tender clit to recommence tongue fucking Sarah's tight pussy. How her pussy was still so tight despite her previous claims, Jill had no idea, but she certainly wasn't complaining.

With Sarah moaning her supreme delight at Jill's busy tongue, Jill wrapped her vibrator wielding arm around Sarah thigh, so she could bring it down and touch it to the pulsing love bud resting at the top of Sarah's cunt.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKINGGGGGGGGGGGGG SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!" squealed Sarah. The double stimulation to her cunt and clit sent her hips flying off the bed. If Jill wasn't being so securely held to Sarah's body she would probably be on the other side of the room right now.

Sarah was so close. Jill's thrusting tongue and her magical toy were playing her body like a master violinist. She knew just what string to pluck and it was sending Sarah soaring.

She knew she was close and tried to hold off as long as she could. She didn't want this pleasure to end and reality to come crashing down on her. She needed to stall her orgasm for as long as she possibly could.

Of course, no sooner had she thought this than it became infinitely more difficult to do as a third stimulant was added to her brimming volcano of passion.

While Jill was feasting on the cream she was drawing out of Sarah from her tongue and toy, her free hand was still getting her fingers as wet as she possibly could. Given the fountain of juice Sarah was providing, this wasn't that difficult of a task.

So once Jill surmised her fingers were as soaked as they could be, she finally moved them lower to their final destination.

Sarah was too lost in the fog of pleasure to fully comprehend where the path Jill's hand was tracing toward, but she quickly got with the program as Jill's index finger began tickling Sarah's ass hole.

She didn't have time to respond before Jill quickly pushed the finger past the wicking starfish and straight in to Sarah's warm ass.

"AHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHH!!! FUCK MY ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! FUCK MY ASS AND MY CUNT YOUR DIRTY WHORE!!!" shrieked Sarah before her ability to speak was wiped from her and was only left with garbled moans, groans, and screams.

Making a mental note to remind Sarah who the real whore on the bed was, Jill happily fell into her rhythm: with every inward thrust of her tongue into Sarah's clenching cunt, she would pull her finger out of Sarah's ass; likewise, every time her tongue pulled back, her finger would lodge itself deeper in Sarah's anus; all the while her vibrator was adding its pleasant hum to the sounds of Sarah's shrieks and moans and the sound of Jill's tongue against Sarah's cunt.

Pretty soon, though, the never ending attack of her to her nervous system proved to be too much for Sarah to handle. Everybody had a breaking point and Sarah's was when Jill's finger bottomed out inside Sarah's ass and she could feel it try to wriggle around.


Jill's tongue eagerly received the tidal wave of cream she had been striving for. Sarah's cum gushed from her cunt, shooting down Jill's throat. Jill tried her best to contain it all, but she had been out of the game for a long time now, so her rusty skill's allowed some cum to leak from her mouth and trail down her chin.

In spite of that, Jill didn't think she had anything to be ashamed about as the steam of cum finally seemed to die down. But Jill wasn't done. Not quite yet.

Sarah couldn't believe what she was feeling. The triple stimulation to her entire nether region had launched the biggest orgasm Sarah had in the longest time. It had easily eclipsed the one she received from Lou, but instead of savoring the treat, Jill was on her way to recreating it.

Still, Sarah couldn't find the will or strength to stop Jill. How could she when she was still reeling from the high of her orgasm and on her way to a second one at the same time?

So she just lay there as Jill's tongue licked deeper, her toy stroked fiercer, and her finger pounded harder. Her voice, momentarily drained from her shouting, could only give soft encouragements.

"Ooooh, fuck, Jill! You're fucking me so nicely, baby. I just came all over your face and already you want more! Well keeping fucking my holes like this and you'll get just that! More cum for your slutty mouth!" Sarah promised in a husky voice.

The grip on Jill had slackened so that Sarah was now stroking the soft brown hair now as she looked down at those soft brown eyes, brimming with lust for Sarah's body.

Already Sarah's body was primed for her next release. The steady pressure in her holes and on her clit were all adding up to one last explosion.

Jill felt Sarah's body tensing up again and pulled away from Sarah's simmering cauldron of cum to hiss up, "Cum for me again, Sarah! Your cum tasted so fucking good in my mouth that I need more! Cum from my fingers in your ass and tongue in your cunt! Feed me more of your sweet honey!" demanded Jill as she stuck her tongue back in the wet snatch before her.

"I'm gonna cum! You're gonna make my horny little slit cover your face in my cum again! Going to get you all sticky! MAKE ME CUM!!!" cried Sarah, the volume returning to her voice as her release drew closer once more.

Jill smirked against Sarah's cunt as she put the final pieces of the puzzle together to make Sarah cum for a second time.

She removed her finger from Sarah's ass, letting the cool air brush over her wet digit and Sarah's surely open hole, before lining up a second finger and pushed both against Sarah's ass. At the exact same time, Jill at last switched her vibrator to full power and pressed it as had as she could to Sarah's clit.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDD!!!" roared Sarah. Her body spasmed and flailed from the strength of the orgasm that racked her entire being. Her tits were bouncing and jiggling wildly as her voice finally lost all strength and the only sounds Sarah was able to emit were whimpers of bliss.

Her drained body finally collapsed down on the bed. She was taking in deep, rasping breaths. Her eye's fluttered shut as she lay there and allowed the aftershocks of her ecstasy washed over her body.

She barely felt Jill's body climbing up her own, kisses being planted as she traveled north. When Sarah could finally feel Jill's own labored breathing against her shoulder, Sarah opened her eyes and turned her head to face the shorter woman.

Jill's lips, nose, chin, and bits of her cheeks were coated in the light glaze of Sarah's cum. Sarah lent forward to kiss those cream drenched lips, only to feel two fingers placed against her own pair.

Knowing instantly what Jill wanted to do, Sarah opened her mouth and allowed Jill's fingers to slide inside. Sarah wrapped her lips around the digits and moaned at the taste of her own ass. She loved tasting her ass off of someone else, it didn't matter if it was off of fingers or cock, it always sent a naughty rush through her body to know she was doing something so kinky. Even now, after back-to-back two bone aching orgasms, she felt her nipples harden again.

Jill saw her excited nips as well, but was smart enough to see that Sarah couldn't take another session right now. Not that Jill was any better. She felt just as drained as Sarah did. She may not have come twice in a row, but she had cum enough to make anybody need to rest.

Once Jill's fingers cleaned of every last drop of Sarah's ass, Sarah removed them and completed her earlier interrupted journey and kissed Jill.

Both women were greeted with the combination of Sarah's cum and ass, as the taste that lingered in Sarah's mouth united with the taste all over Jill's lips. That taste only increased when their tongues connected.

After a few heavy minutes the two panting women broke their kiss. Sarah looked up at the woman who had given her so much pleasure, and could only think of one thing to say.

"Three for three. Now were even."

* * *

Present Day

"Will you tell anyone?" asked Sarah.

Jill didn't answer.

This pissed Sarah off. She didn't have much time and she didn't want to waste them talking to a wall. She needed an answer!

"I asked," Sarah started again, not bothering to hide her anger, "will you tell - "

"I won't," cut off Jill.

Sarah was surprised at that answer. She had been expecting Jill to taunt her, to brag about how she had this big secret over Sarah, to use it to get some kind of advantage or favor.

"You won't?" echoed Sarah, unable to keep the surprise from her voice.

Jill finally peered up at Sarah and locked eyes with her captor. "No, I won't," repeated Jill calmly. "What happened between you and me will stay just that: between you and me."

Sarah couldn't believe her good fortune. Not having to worry that Jill was going to go blabbing to General Beckman or anybody was a huge weight off her shoulders. She just hadn't considered Jill would be so cooperative.

'Too cooperative', thought Sarah. Jill hadn't hesitated to reassure her. Was she playing some angle? What she hoping to get some kind of better treatment because she played nice with Sarah's demand?

"Why?" asked Sarah, her arms crossed and her eyes set in a fierce glare. "Why wouldn't you tell anyone? Even if I didn't know the truth about you, it would be big news to my superiors if they found out that - "

"No it wouldn't," cut across Jill again. Sarah looked livid that she was interrupted twice now, but Jill didn't seem to care as she continued. "Your General Beckman would care that you got freaky with some chick, even if I did betray you. As long as you didn't blab about any state secrets or anything, nobody in Washington would give a damn and you know it."

Jill gave Sarah a look that said quite clearly "Tell me I'm wrong" but Sarah couldn't. Jill was right and they both knew it. Beckman wouldn't give it a seconds thought once Sarah confirmed she hadn't compromised anybody's safety.

"You still haven't told me why you aren't going to tell anybody!" pressed on Sarah, who was getting tired of running around the answer. She just wanted to hear the truth and get out of the room as soon as she could.

"Because of the same reason you won't," answered Jill.

Sarah's eyes widened in surprise. Of all the reasons she had thought Jill would have given, that was certainly the last.

"What, Chuck?" asked Sarah, a serious note of disbelief in her now raised voice. "You won't tell anyone what we did because of Chuck?"

"Who's the one person who would be actually hurt if he were to find out about the two of us?" an irritated Jill answered. "Chuck of course! If he found out that the woman he was dating not only betrayed him to Fulcrum but also fucked the woman he was in love with, who knows what damage it would cause."

Sarah let Jill's words sink in. Once again, Jill was absolutely right. Chuck's reaction was the sole reason Sarah had wanted to talk to Jill. It was bad enough for him to have to deal with Jill's betrayal, but Sarah's different yet no less painful betrayal would be completely devastating to the man.

After a few seconds of Sarah standing there, eyes still locked with Jill's, Sarah began to laugh.

It was a low, mocking chuckle, directed right at the bound woman sitting in front of her.

"Nice try, Jill," laughed Sarah. "Even if everything you said was true, the last thing I'm going to do today is believe you actually care about Chuck." Sarah turned to leave, having gotten the information she had sought.

"But I do," called Jill, her voice desperate and rife with turmoil. "I know you don't believe me, and you have every reason not to, but it's the truth! I do care about Chuck. Before all of this, I truly did love him. A part of me still does, and I just want to make sure he'll be alright. That's all I ever wanted, despite what you think. He means so much to me and - "

This time it was Jill who cut off, but not with words. It was with a loud SMACK and a sharp sting on her cheek. Jill's hair was flung over her face as her head jerked to the side from the strength of the slap.

Sarah was standing over the still form of Jill, her breath ragged and tears beginning to form in her eyes. She had never hated another woman more than she hated Jill right now.

How dare she talk about Chucks feeling like that! How dare she speak as if she had the right to care about him! Who did this piece of trash think she was?

Her hand stung from the impact with Jill's face, but she paid it no mind as she used it to pull Jill's head up by her hair.

Jill gave a hissed "Ow!" at the pain in her head, but Sarah ignored it as she used her free hand to grab Jill by her face, her fingers digging into her cheeks, forcing the traitor to her in the eye.

Sarah's got her face close to Jill's and snarled, "Don't you EVER talk about Chuck like that ever again! You don't deserve to care about his FEELINGS! You don't deserve to talk about loving him!" Sarah let go of Jill's hair to rear her hand back and slapped Jill again. "You're a foul, rotten, double-crossing, traitorous little piece of shit that never deserved Chuck to begin with!" Another slap. "I'm sorry I ever met you, never mind fucked you!" Slap! "If I knew what you were then I would have shoved my whole fucking fist up your ass!" Slap! Slap! Slap! "And I'm going to make sure that you rot in jail for the rest of your worthless life!"

With one final stinging slap to each of Jill's red cheeks, Sarah let go of Jill's face only to grab her throat instead. Squeezing firm enough to make it harder for the prisoner to breath, but not enough so she would pass out, Sarah said in a dangerous whisper, "Here's what's going to happen. In two hours, your escort will arrive to take you away, but before that happens, Chuck is going to want to say goodbye. He's going to want to move on with his life and for him to do that, he'll need closure. But, let me make this very clear," Whispered Sarah in a very low, but deadly voice, "if I ever find out that you tried to get in contact with him in ANY way," she emphasized by tightening her grip, causing Jill's face to begin to turn red, yet her eyes never left Sarah's, "I. Will. End. You."

And with that promise left floating in the air, Sarah spat in Jill's face then shoved the woman back onto her chair, where she slumped into a sobbing, heavy breathing mess.

Sarah stormed from the room, locking the door behind her and entered the main room where Casey was still sitting, writing up some report.

"Done in there," grunted Casey without looking up.

"Yeah," muttered Sarah. She brushed past Casey and entered the armory. She need to let off some steam now, and letting off a few rounds in the shooting range seemed just the trick.

Sarah heard a low whistle from Casey and knew he must have turned on the camera to Jill's room. "You really let her have it, didn't you Walker," asked Casey with a tone of admiration.

"Yeah I guess," brushed off Sarah as she loaded her weapons.

"You screwed her, didn't you?" said Casey. It was a statement, not a question.

Sarah didn't answer. She just stuck five rounds of ammo in the back of her pants and picked up her weapon.

Once she was finished and headed toward the firing range, Casey called after her, "First Little Miss. Subway, now Benedicta Arnold. You're getting further with the geek's women than he is."

Sarah ignored him. Casey knowing the truth meant nothing. She trusted her partner and knew he wouldn't blab. Instead she entered the firing range, looking forward to blowing off the heads of a couple of dummies, all of which Sarah would be imagining to look like Jill's



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