This is my first story of either erotic or non-erotic nature, so please be kind if it's not very good.

For those of you poor misguided souls who don't watch 'Chuck' who aren't aware, Sarah is portrayed by Yvonne Strahovski while Lou was played by Rachel Bilson.

This story takes place during the season 1 episode "Chuck vs. the Imported Hard Salami" and borrows some of the dialogue.

I do not own or am connected to 'Chuck' in any way other than being a big fan. If I was, I would say screw Chuck, and have Ellie be the Intersect and be hooked up with Sarah instead, with make-out sessions in place of Buy More shenanigans.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Chuck: Sarah Vs The Sandwich Shop Girl (FF,F-solo,voy,drugs)
by Smrtguy85

Sarah had not been looking forward to this part.

Well, to be completely honest with herself, she hadn't looked forward to any of the events of the past 24 hours, but the entire situation had been taken out her hands, so she just had to take it.

Having to explain to her commander, General Beckman, why she, Sarah Walker and Chuck Bartowski, regular Buy More Nerd Herder who got a computer with all of the governments deepest darkest secrets in called the Intersect downloaded in to his head and now has to be guarded 24/7 by herself and CIA agent Colonel John Casey on all the dangerous and deadly missions to save the country, and even the world, as well in his normal everyday life, which primarily included setting Chuck and Sarah up in a cover relationship to put a reason as to why she was around Chuck all of the time, had now ended their fake relationship, was easily in the bottom three of experiences she wished to have in her life.

But here she was, standing in Casey's home, staring at a screen as General Beckman finished the report that Sarah had compiled and sent. And the look on the General's face was not happy. At all.

"I don't like the idea of this break-up at all," Beckman said as she closed the report at looked up at Sarah and Casey through her monitor. "What the hell happened?"

Before Sarah could begin to explain herself, Casey beat her to it.

"She got dumped," he said bluntly.

Sarah shot the back of his head a withering glare, but spoke up to answer.

"We decided that it would be best for Chuck to date a civilian. It will help secure his cover in the event that someone I.D.'s me," said Sarah. 'There, that is a reasonable, logical explanation that should quell Beckman's anger, if not satisfy her altogether, without getting into the real, personal reasons that she wouldn't care about,' she congratulated herself.

"Yeah, because she got dumped," Casey repeated, not at all caring about the feelings and emotions that Sarah was trying to dance around.

Sarah let out a sigh of frustration at Casey's bluntness, but luckily it wasn't heard by Beckman as she went on saying, "Let me get this straight, some woman comes in off the street and starts dating the asset, and this doesn't strike either of you as suspicious?"

This actually angered Sarah a little and forced her to come to Chuck's defense. "It's not completely unfeasible; he is reasonably charming." 'It worked on me,' she said to herself. She could practically feel the eye's rolling in Casey's head.

"I've heard enough," said Beckman, and it was quite clear that she really did didn't want to hear more about the charming personality of Chuck Bartowski. "I want to know everything about this woman before she gets too close."

"How are we supposed to do that," asked Sarah. "It's not like we can just start hanging around her all of the time. I mean, a random Buy More employee and her boyfriend's ex aren't exactly the best candidates for 'People-I'm-going-to-spill-my darkest-secrets-to'."

"I don't care how you do it," snapped Beckman, making Sarah flinch at the severity. "Buy her a car, take her to Jamaica, pay off her student loans, hell fuck her yourself for all I care, I don't really give a damn. As long as you can't get arrested for it, do whatever you need to do to find out everything there is to know about this woman before she's selling Chuck's brain to the Iranians. This is goddamn national security I am talking about. Do I make myself clear," she finished with a glare so fiery, Sarah could feel the heat coming off the screen.

"Yes Mam!" Both agents sounded off, as even Casey was a little afraid of Diane Beckman when she was pissed.

"Good," said Beckman, and with nothing more to say, the screen went blank.

Sarah instantly slumped against the nearest wall, feeling as if Beckman had just ordered her to befriend bin Laden himself. 'Get close to Lou.' The idea was as foreign to her as breathing under water, and seemed just as likely.

The Lou she was think of, the Lou that they had just finished getting ordered to find out everything about, was in fact Chuck's new girlfriend, Lou Palone.

Why a mother and father would christen their baby girl Lou was the last of Sarah's problems revolving, even before Beckman's order.

There they were, Chuck and Sarah, having a fun time with the cover relationship they used for Chuck's sister and his friends. What started out as just another assignment quickly became some of the best times of her life, for while she was often fighting for her and Chuck's life in on their missions, the rest of the time, she spent hanging out with Chuck, his sister Ellie and her boyfriend Devon "Captain Awesome" Woodcombe, and Chuck's best and closest friend, Morgan Grimes. She felt closer to Chuck than she had with anybody else in her whole life. And she knew that Chuck felt the same about her.

And it was the fact that she knew that caused all of this trouble.

Having more than friendly feelings for the man she was supposed to protect was very dangerous and unprofessional. So when Chuck finally told her his feelings, how he wanted to be with her, in a real relationship with out the lies, Sarah had to lie and tell him that she didn't feel the same way, basically ending all possibility's that Chuck might have had about a relationship.

This, of course, is where Lou comes in.

Right when Chuck was having doubts about their fake relationship, Lou comes in, is all cute and flirty, and Chuck is totally smitten with her. But he can't cheat on his 'girlfriend', so he can't pursue Lou.

Unfortunately, with Sarah cementing the fact that nothing could ever happen between the two of them, Chuck decided to end the cover-relationship. He just couldn't pretend to be dating a girl with whom he is heads-over-heels in love with, and never have it go anywhere. It was just too hard. So he ended it, and now he's over at Lou's every day, having the sandwich that Lou named after him, and having make-out sessions in his car.

Sarah is now forced to watch every night as the man she really does care about go on dates with another woman.

Now Sarah is going to be forced to get close to that woman.

Sarah put her face in her hands and gave a deep sigh. 'What have I done to deserve this'

"Oh suck it up," said Casey, not even looking at her as he began putting away the briefing material that littered his apartment.

"Shut up Casey," shot back Sarah without looking up.

"I'm serious, Walker," Casey said, now looking at her, his face all business. "You were given an order. You have to do it, like it or not, plain and simple."

This caused Sarah's head to snap up. "Oh, really John, it's that simple is it? Well thanks, I didn't know it was so 'plain and simple'. I thought that getting close to my ex-boyfriends new girlfriend so I can tell if she is a terrorist psycho was going to a bit hard. But now that you've told me it's "plain and simple", I guess I'll just get over it!" She didn't even realize that she was now pacing up and down Casey's sitting room, the agitation and irritation she felt at this entire situation forcing her body to act on its own.

"Yes you will," said Casey firmly. "You will treat this like any other job. You won't let your girly parts compromise yourself any more than they already have. You are a soldier and one of the best field agents I have seen in a long time, so do your damn job." With nothing more to say to the angry blond, Casey, turned, saluted the framed picture of Ronald Reagan sitting on his side table, and headed toward the stairs. "Lock up on your way out," he called back to her.

Sarah was so angry; she wanted to either beat somebody or fuck them. She picked up her discarded coat and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her as she left, not locking the door.

Her dramatic storm out ended the instant she stepped outside.

The downside of having John live in the same apartment complex as the Bartowski's was that now when Sarah and Chuck were in an awkward stage in their friendship, running into each other outside work was now painful. Thankfully, there was no face to face contact with Chuck, but the reality was almost worse.

The blinds in the window were open, so Sarah now had an unobstructed view into the Bartowski living room; specifically the couch; specifically the two figures who were locked in a passionate embrace on said couch. And unfortunately, the two weren't Ellie and Awesome.

Strangely, the sight of Chuck and Lou kissing like they were didn't have the effect on Sarah that she thought it would. While the twinge of regret and the pull of longing to be where Lou was were still there, playing around in her stomach, it also hardened her at the same time.

She was Sarah Walker. She once fought her way out of a gymnasium full of Mexican drug dealers without breaking a bone or killing a person. She squeezed vital information out of men and women who were at the heels of Sadam, bin Laden, and Gadafi. There are parts of the world where the mention of her name caused all in the area to run and hide. She was not some heartbroken little girl who was going to have a cry in the corner because the boy she liked didn't want to play with her.

Like Casey said, she was a soldier. She was given an order, and Chuck or no Chuck she was going to do it and come out on top, no matter what the consequences.

"I'm sorry Chuck," she whispered, as she turned away from the Bartowski residence.

On her way out of the complex, Sarah made sure that Casey's door was securely locked.

* * *

Of course, just because she decided to do something, doesn't make it easy. A truth she discovered all too quickly.

After failing to convince Chuck to give their cover relationship another go, Sarah found it extremely difficult to get Lou alone. Chuck seemed to be basically glued to Lou's cute hip, and Sarah didn't dare and try and smooth up to Chuck's new girlfriend in front of his face. It would be too suspicious for her to try so soon after their "break-up".

Not to mention she had to fend off the affections of Chuck's creepy coworkers, Lester and Jeff. In her years as a spy for the US government, Sarah has surrounded herself with the vilest and disgusting specimen humanity had to offer. So how the hell these two haven't wound up in jail is beyond her. They seemed to be constantly leaping over the line that proper society deemed acceptable.

Now she was gripping Lester around the waist with her legs, in the middle of her cover job, counter girl at the Wienerluscious, correctly assuming that a frail little girl like Lester couldn't properly handle the rough and forceful sexual nature that Sarah was putting out.

Sure enough, she had just successfully drove Lester to run squealing like a piglet for Jeff, when the opportunity she's been waiting for fell into her lap.

Or, more accurately, walking by the Wienerluscious window, because at that moment Lou was passing by her window.

'Chuck is nowhere in sight, now's my chance!' Sarah tried to psych herself up for this. 'Come on Sara! She's getting away! Get over it and GET TO WORK!'

"Hey Lou!" she shouted. But it came out much too forceful and harsh, and it was shown in Lou's reaction. She practically jumped out of her skin. She turned and looked through the window, where she saw Sarah waving her to come in.

'You're scaring the girl, Walker,' Sarah scolded herself. 'Calm the fuck down.'

Lou entered the store, looking quite apprehensive about being alone with Chuck's ex-girlfriend.

"Hi," said Sarah, trying to sound as pleasant and welcoming as possible. She didn't think she succeeded very well.

"Hi," Lou repeated back, sounding and looking wary at this whole situation. "Nice to see you again."

'Yeah right,' Sarah scoffed to herself. 'There is nothing nice about this whole thing and you know it.' But out loud she said, in a much more threatening tone than she wanted to convey, "You know, he's a great guy."

'What the hell? What are you doing, Walker!?'

Lou seemed to be thinking the same thing, because when she next spoke, it was clear she had no idea why Sarah had called her in to tell her this. "Yeah, I've sort of had the same opinion so far, too."

"It's not an opinion, it's a fact," she shot back. And before she could stop herself, her mind forced one last sentence out of her mouth. "Don't hurt him."

'What! Did I just threaten her! Did I really just do that?! What the fuck is wrong with you Sarah?'

That was a question that was clearly running wild in Lou's head as well. The look on her face told Sarah quite plainly that she thought a few too many screws were loose in Sarah's head. Her eyebrows were raised in confusion and, to Sarah's horror, fear.

"Okay!" she said, quite obvious she was bringing this conversation to a quick end. "I wasn't planning on it. Thanks for the heads up."

And with one last worried look at the wiener shop girl, Lou left the store.

Sarah instantly collapsed into the nearest chair, so completely angry and confused at Chuck. Before him, she never would have acted like this to a mark. Threatening her and making it quite clear she didn't like her; these were not the tools one used when trying to withdraw information from a civilian.

She needed to snap out of this funk before something horrible happened.

* * *

When Sarah was worried about something she always did one of two things to relieve her stress.

The first option was fighting. There was no better way to let her anger at the fucked up situations in her life than to unleash all kinds of fury on some unsuspecting person. The part of Sarah that still lived in her heart, the part that enveloped her entire life before Operation Bartowski began, loved the act of violence. It loved the feeling of taking some evil peace of shit, and breaking them into a withering, whimpering baby who would beg for Sarah to either stop or to end their misery depending on how harsh of a beating Sarah was dishing out. And right now Sarah wanted that. She wanted somebody begging for her, pleading for her to end their pain.

However, the act of going out and beating people to death for the sole reason as to relieve the stress of dealing with her asset and his new girlfriend was, unfortunately, illegal. So she had to go with plan B.

Sarah was currently in her apartment dressed in grey sweatpants, a pink sports bra, and boxing gloves. Her hair was pulled up into a ponytail to keep it from flying in her face, and she was giving a barrage of devastating punches to her reliable punching bag that she had hanging from her ceiling.

Before she came to Burbank, Sarah used a punching bag often. It was the best way to relieve stress and let out her anger without getting into any trouble. It was usually once a day every few months, in between assignments, at the NSA's gym in Washington.

But then she was assigned to Burbank. Within one day of working on Operation Bartowski, Sarah had the NSA send and install a punching bag in her apartment. And did she ever use it.

Now she was dealing out a couple of swift right punches, before letting her left hand get in on the action. She was jumping around the bag, dodging invisible blows that the bag was apparently giving back.

Sarah would never admit to anybody but right now in her mind, the punching bag was changing in her mind from Lou to Chuck to Beckman to Casey. All of the people she blamed for the screwed up situation she called her life: Chuck for "dumping" her; Lou for dating him; Beckman for giving her this shit assignment; Casey for being her goddamn voice of reason. All of these people were people a very, very small part of her would love to actually punch a few times, but her common sense and conscience, as well as the simple fact that she actually cared for all of them (sans Lou of course), kept her from acting on these desires.

Usually, a good hour's work out with her punching bag was enough to completely drain Sarah of all her worries and anger, at least for the rest of the night. It would always clear her mind and calm her down, so that she would be able to clearly think about what she needed to do and how to go about it.

Sarah was just ending her second hour. Her mind was nowhere clear. She certainly wasn't calm.

With a final heavy punch that was accompanied by a harsh grunt, Sarah slammed her gloved right hand into the padding. She was breathing heavily and drenched in sweat.

She allowed her body to lean forward against the punching bag until her arms were wrapped around it, using it as support. She closed her eyes and rested her head against the bag.

'Why the hell am I so upset?'

She didn't understand it. What was it about Chuck? What was it about him that turned her entire life upside down; him and his damn girlfriend? His goddamn sexy girlfriend.

Her eyes snapped open. She was staring at her apartment without seeing anything.

"Oh no," she said. "Oh no, no, no, no, no."

That did not just happen. She did not just think of Chuck's girlfriend as sexy. She would not allow that to happen.

She whipped off her gloves and threw them aside. She stormed over to her dressing table and looked at herself in the mirror.

Staring back at her was a tall blond woman, her shoulder length hair put up into a ponytail. Her skin was covered in a light sheen of sweat, giving her a slightly shiny glow in the lights of the apartment. The pink sports bra kept her 34 C breasts safe from her violent exercise she just finished, but also made them look god damn irresistible. The bra left a tiny bit of cleavage that only hinted at the pleasures they hid. She lowered her gaze and was met with her own impossibly flat stomach that Sarah had worked on every day for the past 10 years to keep in perfect shape. Her belly button was an innie and one of the places on her body that she loved getting attention to from lovers. Her round, curvy ass rested on her long, dead sexy legs that were all covered by the definitely not sexy grey sweatpants.

There were very few things in her life that Sarah was 100% certain about; the fact that she was drop dead, stunningly sexy and that most men and women in the world would give one of their limbs to lie in bed with was one of them.

That thought brought a smile to Sarah's face. She loved her body. It was a great source of pride to be able to look in the mirror and see this supermodel-esque figure looking back at her. To think that this was the same girl who had to deal with frizzy, untamable hair and the ugliest braces in high school, who never had boys look at her longer then it took to sneer at her, made her have to pinch herself on more than one occasion.

These thoughts did what the workout could not. Sarah began to calm down and relax. Now she was heading into the second surefire thing she used to get over stress. Sex. Thinking about sex and masturbating to her most unlikely of fantasies always eased her mind, without fail. All it took was to think of how sexy and attractive Lou was, which was immensely disturbing.

It wasn't the thought of being attracted to a woman that disturbed her. That was far from the truth. Sarah loved women. She loved eating pussy, playing with tits, and kissing their soft mouths. Even before she joined the NSA, Sarah loved women. Her first sexual experience with another person was with a woman. It was when she was 17, with her school nurse. It was the kind of high school fantasy one would find in Penthouse, but it totally changed her outlook on sex. So she didn't have a problem with fucking Lou because she was a woman. No, she had a problem because she's dating Chuck, a man she's starting to have feelings for.

If Lou was just some random girl in the Buy More, Sarah would have no qualms in fantasizing about what it would be like to take her to the back to the Wienerluscious, get her on the counter, and dive right into her surly delicious pussy.

But she's not some random girl. If she did fuck Lou, and Chuck were to find out about it, she didn't want to think of the pain he might feel.

At the same time though, Sarah was thinking about last night, and one of the suggestions she had been given in dealing with Lou, "hell fuck her yourself." It was a throw away thought from a General who didn't have the time or patience to deal with this shit. But now that she's started thinking about it, Sarah just couldn't stop.

What would it be like to push Lou on that counter? To kiss her adorable lips. To squeeze that cute ass hidden from the world by those cruel pants. To cup those tits in her hands. To push her hand in her pants, cupping her panties, feeling her wetness.

A shiver ran down Sarah's spine. She had closed her eyes thinking about Lou, and when she opened them, she wasn't surprised at what she saw in the mirror.

Her nipples were rock hard. Part of the cause was the erotic images churning around in her head. The other part was the hand that was squeezing the flesh through her bra. She imagined it was Lou, her brunette hair covering her cleavage as her lips attacked her neck, one hand squeezing Sarah's tits, while the other drifted south, towards the heat that Sarah could feel even as she inched her own breast free hand downward. She walked backwards until the back of her knees hit her bed, then lay down, hey eyes fluttering shut again, succumbing to her fantasies.

Being a 24/7 watchdog of the world's most valuable computer while battling own feelings didn't leave a lot of time to seek out partners. It's been so long since she has had sex that it's no surprise that she was so willing to delve in these thoughts.

'Well, it actually hadn't been that long,' she thought as her fingers slipped inside her pants and pinched one of nipples and the same time. 'I mean, the last time I had sex was when ...'

Sarah's eyes snapped open. Her hand left their firm grip on her breasts and flew to the table next to her bed and grabbed her phone. She flew through her contact lists until she found the name she was searching for.


Just reading the name sent another throb of lust straight through her body, especially her pussy, which she had been rubbing with three fingers the entire time.

Carina and she have a long and complex history, from hurtful betrayal to mind shattering orgasms. Most of their history involved fights for their lives against insurmountable odds, only to end up in some hotel room in a foreign land, fucking the night away.

The last time she and Carina met up, Carina came into town hoping to steal an already stolen diamond from a dangerous drug dealer. But before she asked Sarah for help, Carina decided to have some fun with her.

She snuck into Sarah's apartment, covered head to toe in black, while Sarah was getting ready for a shower. Realizing an intruder was behind her Sarah made a weapon out of soap and one of her stockings and fought the intruder until they were both bruised and panting. When finally Carina's identity was revealed, Sarah was both angry that Carina had tricked her like this and happy to see her friend again.

After Carina explained why she was there and Sarah offered her teams help, Sarah had started to get ready to leave. She was stopped, however, when she felt Carina come up behind her and move her hair from her shoulder, exposing her neck.

"You were pretty skilled with that stocking," Carina purred, bringing her lips to Sarah's neck. Sarah moaned at the contact, and got even louder when Carina wrapped her arms around her waist.

"Y-You know, you've got to be prepared," stumbled Sarah. Carina always did this to her, always turned her into a wet mess that needed to be fucked. Carina was skating her fingers around Sarah's stomach, causing goose flesh to appear, her teeth coming into play as she nipped at the skin in her neck.

"Don't," Sarah said quickly.

"Don't what?" Carina asked, mouth traveling up and down Sarah's neck and collarbone while her hands were tracing higher and high, until they brushed the bottoms of her covered breasts. Her teeth were nipping up and down her neck, before she switches sides and gives that side of her neck the same treatment.

"Don't leave any v-visible marks. I don't want my team-" a sharp gasp made its way out of her mouth, cutting her off when Carina's mouth left her neck and attached to her earlobe while at the same time both hands reached up to squeeze Sarah's tits through her nightie. "Fuck, Carina."

"Don't worry, blondie," Carina reassured her as she turned Sarah around so they were facing each other. "I'll make sure your marks are completely hidden."

And with that Carina shoved Sarah onto the bed, whipped off the jacket to reveal her bare, freckled tits, with her diamonds hard pink nipples, letting Sarah get a few seconds of unobstructed view, before pouncing on top of her and smothered Sarah's lips with her own.

When Sarah and Carina finally met up with Chuck and Casey, Sarah was forever grateful for her experiences with pain she has had in her life. If it weren't for that, she wouldn't have been able to hide all of the wincing and flinching she felt every time she sat down.

Just thinking of that last time with Carina made Sarah even wetter, something she hadn't thought possible, seeing how already soaked her fingers were as they rubbed all around her pussy lips.

She dialed Carina's number and waited for her answer, never stopping her rubbing.

Of course, if she's on a mission or otherwise engaged, than Sarah would only have her thoughts and fingers to keep her satisfied.

After four rings, Sarah's hope began to fade. She was about to hang up, she heard the ringer cut off and a sultry voice took its place.

"Hey sexy, I was just thinking about you."

"Carina," moaned Sarah, as she allowed two of her fingers to penetrate the folds.

"Damn, you are way ahead of me," laughed Carina. "How many fingers are you up to?"

"T-tw-two!" Sarah panted, the combination of Carina's sultry voice and the feeling of her own fingers pumping in and out in the cramped space of her sweatpants were quickly sending towards orgasm.

"Let's make it three," purred Carina. Through the fog of her arousal, Sarah thought she heard water in the background, but she couldn't concentrate on that now, not as she entered the third fingers. Before she could get used to the feeling of her accommodating pussy, Carina said, "Feel me put my fingers in you, Sarah. Feel my fingers stretch your pretty little cunt."

"FFFUUUCCCKKK!!!" That did it. Hearing Carina talk to her like that, imagining it was her fingers pumping into her pussy, Sarah came harder than she had in weeks. She could feel the sticky juice pooling in her now ruined sweatpants as well as drench her hand, her hips bucking wildly.

"That's it, babe, cum all over my hand. Make my hand absolutely dripping. Mmmm, I just put my fingers in my mouth, tasting your amazing pussy. Do you want some to?" That was a ridiculous question with an easy answer.

"Yes! God yes!" Sarah lifted her hand from her ruined pants and panties and brought it up to her face.

"Can you smell it," said Carina. "Can you smell your pussy all over my fingers?"

Sarah was pressing her phone so hard against her ear, she knew it would be sore when she put it down, but she just couldn't even begin to care, not when she had her own pussy covered fingers placed under her nose and took a deep sniff.

"There's nothing better than the smell of girl cum is there," said Carina.

She was supposed to agree, to say 'no, there is nothing better', but knew that would be the wrong answer. Instead she said in a voice she was surprised was working, "Yes there is."

"Oh, do tell Sarah, what's better than the smell of girl cum" a knowing Carina played along?

Sarah held two of her fingers in front of her mouth and said just two words.

"The taste."

Saying nothing more Sarah opened her mouth and shoved the two fingers in, licking and sucking the cum off of the digits.

"Oh, of course, baby, how could I be so stupid," moaned Carina. "Absolutely nothing is better than the taste of girl cum. Do you like it, blondie? Do you like tasting your own cum on my fingers? Licking and sucking it off like the whore you are?"

"MmmHmm" was the only answer Sarah could give with a mouth full of her own cum.

When she had sucked every last drop of her cum from her hand, Sarah gave a huge sigh of bliss and told Carina, "That was just what I needed. Thanks C"

Sarah could hear the smirk on her friends face as she hissed back, "I've always got you need, Agent Walker. All you need to do is ask."

Sarah's already seemingly permanent smile grew even bigger at her lovers words. "Where are you? I thought I heard water in the background but I couldn't be sure."

"Because you were too busy fucking yourself while thinking about me, you mean," Carina playfully shot back. She absolutely loved teasing Sarah, whether in person or on the phone like this; she was just so easy to get riled up and feisty, even after orgasms. And when she got like that, then watch the fuck out.

Sure enough, Sarah's response seemed to come from a fully energized woman, and not someone who just had a powerful frig session.

"Damn right I was," Sarah growled, completely succumbed to her post-orgasm haze of lust. "I was too busy slamming my fingers into my soaking wet cunt, thinking about you kneeling over me, sucking my big tits, making me fucking howl, your palm pounding into my rock hard clit with every stroke." Sarah's hand found its way to her bra and wanting to feel flesh-on-flesh, quickly pulled it up, so it was resting above her freed breasts, shiny with the sweat that had gathered there from her workout session and her masturbating.

"Oh, god, Sarah," Carina sighed, stroking her own pussy lips, getting off on the erotic picture Sarah was painting for her. "I wish you were with me right now. You wanted to know what the water was baby? It's my fucking bath tub!" She heard Sarah give a deep groan and knew she had just sent her into another level of horny. Sarah loved sex in the shower and tub.

"That's right babe, I got in my nice, warm tub, getting ready, not to get clean, but to get so fucking dirty," Carina purred. "I was going to rub myself off a few times thinking of your big, bouncy tits, long, hot tongue and that delicious pussy of yours getting all wet and slippery with me in my tub as well as down in your cunt."

"Stop, Carina," Sarah reluctantly forced herself to say. "I already had my fun. Now it's your turn."

"Aahh, but why can't we both cum at the same time," teased Carina. "I love fucking myself alongside you."

Sarah's energy came back instantly hearing Carina talk like this. "I love it to, C, and believe me I'm going to have my fun as well. But now, I'm going to be the one driving. Hold on one second."

She placed the phone down on the bed and quickly pulled off her bra, tore the braid out of her hair, shaking it out all around her shoulders, causing her completely exposed tits to bounce and jiggle a bit, and quickly pushed and shuffled out of her ruined pants and panties. Once she was dressed only in her birthday suit, Sarah jumped back on the bed, scooped up her phone and asked Carina, in the huskiest voice she could muster, "I'm back baby. Did you miss me?"

"Of course I did. And where did you go, Ms. Walker," Carina asked, voice equally husky.

"Oh, just to slip into something a little more comfortable to make sure we really have some fun," chimed Sarah, her eyes scanning her admittedly outstanding naked body, wishing Carina was there to see it herself, her hand following the same path, ready to start the fun all over again.

Fifteen minutes later, the two women lay in their respective rooms, panting and catching their breath from the marathon sessions they just endured. This was just what Sarah needed. The anxiety and worries that Sarah had felt all day today was long gone. She knew they would come flooding back to her when she woke up in the morning, but now she could bask in the connection she shared with her closest friend and frequent lover.

She could just lie there the rest of the night and listen to the labored panting she could hear through the phone, but Carina ended up being the one breaking the silence.

"So, what do I owe all of these amazing pleasures this morning," Carina purred, still clearly out of it a little.

"Oh, so you're somewhere where it's morning now are you," Sarah teased.

"Oh, no," Carina gave a gasp of mock horror. "You fucked me so raw that I can't think straight. You're wicked little mouth is draining all of my secrets out of me."

"It wouldn't be the first time," Sarah shot back, lightly stroking her sweaty stomach.

"Touch‚, Miss. Walker," Carina conceded. "Touch‚. But seriously, you never call me for phone sex when you're just horny. It usually takes that plus a ton of drama and bullshit to get you so desperate to call me up. So what's up?"

This was one of the reason's Sarah loved Carina. Whenever she's not fucking the air out of her, or working her own angle on a mission, Carina always thought of Sarah's feelings and state of happiness. Parts of Sarah sometimes wondered why she wasn't in love with her. It would make things so much easier for her.

"Is it the accountant," Carina bluntly asked? "Is he not fucking you as hard and often as you want, so you've got to call up little old me to get your pussy juices flowing?"

Then she makes comments like that, and Sarah remembers. As often as Sarah wanted to fuck the shit out of Carina, she also wanted to throttle her just as often.

"First of all, he's an analyst," she shot back, her voice raising a few octaves, defending Chuck's cover title, because no one outside of her, Casey, General Beckman, NSA director Graham, and a few higher up's in the government knew Chuck's real role in Operation Bartowski, "and second of all," her voice going actually lower than her original voice, embarrassed that she was admitting this, "But yes, in a way."

"Oooo," Carina purred, clearly interested now. "'In a way?' What way is it?"

So Sarah explained the situation to Carina, leaving out key parts like Chuck being the Intersect, making it sound like she was afraid of Lou killing him in general. The whole time, Carina listened, not saying anything other than a few "Yeah"'s and "Uh huh"'s to show she was listening.

"And now I was just picturing Lou, and how fucking hot she was and thinking that maybe fucking her wouldn't be a bad idea, and only a part of me wants to do it to help Chuck, the rest of me just wants to fuck her to fuck her, but how do I fuck her and get the information at the same time without giving myself away?" Sarah finished her rant in form of a question, eagerly waiting to hear what Carina had to say. She could give some insightful, helpful advice when she knew Sarah really needed it.

"Drug and fuck her," Carina simply stated.

And other times she just fucked with her.

"Carina!" Sarah was angry now. She shot up from her bed and started pacing the room, forgetting her exhaustion for the moment. It was lucky she had drawn the blinds when she got home, otherwise she would be giving some lucky bastard the peep show of the year. "I'm being serious here! If you don't help me, I swear the next time we meet I won't fuck you at all!"

"I am helping you," Carina said calmly, not at all scared by Sarah's threat. "Drug her so you can fuck her, than when she's delirious from the drug-cum combo, ask her everything you want. Even the toughest of bastards would spill from that."

'Damn, that actually makes sense,' a thoroughly calmed Sarah thought, coming to a stop alongside her bed, sitting back down on it. "You know, that might actually work."

"Of course it will work," Carina said, and Sarah knew she was rolling her eyes. "I thought of it, didn't I?"

"And it just so happens that I might actually have the right drug for the job already," said Sarah as she rested her body on her headboard.

"Really," a piqued Carina asked? "Is my little whore turning into a little crack whore?"

"Of course not," Sarah scoffed. "We just wrapped up a mission involving Pentothal and it left us with a couple of vials."

Pentothal was a unique drug that forced it's taker to answer any and all question's truthfully, no matter how much they didn't want to. Unfortunately, it had a small side effect.

"Doesn't that kill the taker after a few hours," Carina asked?

"A full dosage without the antidote, yes," Sarah admitted. "But I don't need to use much, and if I mix the antidote in right after, the truth forcing effects still work, but it takes away any negative side effects."

Sarah could hear Carina laughing through the earpiece, making Sarah a bit annoyed. "What's so funny?"

"Oh, I was just thinking about you trying to explain to the accountant the how his freshly fucked girlfriend wound up dead in your bed!" Carina couldn't contain himself anymore and exploded in hysterics.

Sarah put her face in her free hand in exasperation, now fully appreciating even more why she wasn't in love with this woman. "Yeah, well, thanks for your help and fuck you," Sarah shot before she moved her phone away to hang up.

The split second between pulling the phone away and her thumb pressing the 'end' button and shutting off all sound from the other end, Sarah was able to make out one last contribution through Carina's on going laughter.

"That's what you said before you killed her with your pussy!"

* * *

Everything was set. All preparations were ready. The cameras that Casey hacked into in Lou's shop were all in top condition and fully functional. Casey himself was sitting in a van in the otherwise vacant Wienerluscious parking lot, sound and visuals all working perfectly. Chuck was preoccupied with Morgan in the visual center of the Buy More trying out the new Gears of War 2, a game that mysteriously, and not at all conveniently put there by friendly connections from the government, found itself in Morgan's mailbox this morning, despite not being scheduled for release for another year. Needless to say, the two of them, plus a few dozen of Burbank's other video games lovers were crammed into the severely overcrowded electronics store.

Wearing a locket containing a packet of first-rate Pentothal and the vial of antidote in her pocket, the only thing keeping Sarah from getting Lou to spill her deepest darkest secrets to her was the 20 feet that stood between where Sarah was standing on the sidewalk and the door to Lou's shop.

That, and Sarah's still lingering doubt's in what she was about to do, despite all of her years of being a spy yelling at her to get a move on.

Doubt's that were echoed by Casey's voice in her ear.

"Get moving Walker. Little Miss Subway isn't going to drug herself now is she?" The impatient voice was coming through the small, only-see-it-if-you-look-for-it ear pierce that was disguised as an ear piercing.

Sarah's response was a quick 1 fingered salute back to the van as she steeled herself and walked across the parking lot.

Sarah could hear Casey's low chuckle in her ear, followed by a "Back at you, Walker" as she approached the door and opened it with a bell chime announcing her entrance.

The shop was as big as one would expect for a popular yet not well known sandwich shop. There were two coke refrigerators next to a shelf of make-it-at-home sandwich ingredients. There were 5 tables each with 4 chairs around them. There were all sorts of rolls and pastries along the shelves on the counter. Being around 8 P.M., there were a few costumers sitting around the store. A 30-something woman was the closest to Sarah and the door, with two men who clearly were coming from the gym at one of the tables at the other end of the store, all of whom were engrossed in either their food or their phones.

Behind the counter were two people. One was a middle aged, short, slightly pudgy Italian man with very little hair up top, but plenty along his arms, and even on his chest, from the little Sarah could see peaking up from his loose uniform. The second person was her target.

Standing at about half a foot shorter then Sarah, Lou was busy storing away some sort of meat, her shoulder length brunette hair was dancing around her head as it bobbed to the song that was playing over the radio (Michelle Branch's 'Everywhere"), her sexy little lips moving, clearly singing along, but no sound coming out as to not disturb the costumers. The dimples that were so distinctive and striking were in full effect. Even in the split second Sarah was observing her, she could tell Lou was in her natural habitat. She belonged behind that counter, making the sandwiches she loved. The thought of someone as beautiful being so happy doing what she loved brought a small smile to Sarah's face.

That smile, however, did not last long. Lou, looking up at the chime of the bell, took one look at Sarah and her smile, while it didn't go away completely due to (what Sarah could only imagine) her professionalism in front of the other costumers.

"Welcome to Lou's Deli, what can I get for you, Mam," the pudgy man said, clearly not at all put off as Lou was. The fact that his eyes drifted a little bit lower than Sarah's own a few times made this all too clear.

Sarah smiled at the man, whose nametag read 'Tony', and said "Actually, I'm here to speak with Lou." She and Tony turned their attention to Lou, who hadn't stopped looking at Sarah the entire time. Normally, the thought that a beautiful woman couldn't keep their eyes off of her would be something she would bask in, usually. Hell, with the instincts and skills on full alert due to her being on a mission, Sarah knew full well that all three of the costumers in the shop were trying to nonchalantly sneak peeks at her.

However, the look in Lou's dark, brown eyes was definitely not the horny, I-want-to-fuck-you-all-night eyes that Sarah usually received from passersby's. They were full of caution, anger, jealousy and just a small hint of fear.

Pushing aside that small bit of fear she felt, Lou moved up towards her the front of the counter, lightly touched Tony's arm to signify it was alright, because he apparently saw the same look in Lou's eyes that Sarah did and did not look at all like he wanted to step aside. However, his protectiveness towards Lou did not override his respect for her, so he stepped aside, allowing Lou to face her, arms crossed in front of her chest.

"What do you want Sarah," said Lou brusquely, no hint of costumer friendliness in her voice. It was all pure business. "If you're here to try and scare me away from Chuck again, I'm just going to have to ask you to leave and to get the hell over yourself."

Sarah didn't respond to Lou's threats right away. It wasn't due to fear, though; Far from it. It was just that when Lou crossed her arms in front of her, she unintentionally hefted her breasts up. And although they were hidden by Lou's shirt and apron Sarah could tell by the lack of straps on her shoulder through her white shirt, Sarah knew the B-cup mounds of flesh were not hindered by a bra. The fact that Lou went to work without a bra led Sarah to wonder if Lou also came to work without any panties either. The mental image of Lou going full commando all day long made Sarah's own panties get a tad moist.

Ripping her mind away from the thought of lifting Lou's apron to find a tasty treat better than any sandwich, Sarah recomposed herself and said, "Actually, I did come here to talk about that, but not to scare you!" she added quickly, as she saw Lou start to get angry. "I actually wanted to apologize to you."

That stopped Lou, who now looked confused and wary.

"Apologize." The word rolled off Lou's tongue as if it were some foreign word she never heard before. Her eyebrows were arched in clear disbelief.

"Yeah, apologize," Sarah repeated. "But I was hoping we could talk somewhere a little more," her eyes moved from Lou to Tony, then she turned her head to look at the three people, all of their head's just happening to snapped back to their own business (two of those pairs of eyes, the horny part of Sarah's mind noticed, were clearly focused on Sarah's ass before they turned away; and only one of them was one of the guys) "private."

Lou stared into Sarah's eyes, as if trying to read her mind to see if this was some kind of trick, before she scanned the costumers who were trying badly to act nonchalant. After a few seconds, Lou nodded in agreement.

"Fine," Lou relented. "We can talk."

Sarah let out a sigh of relief. Part one of the plan was a success: Get Lou alone. She moved towards the entryway of the counter, but was stopped by Lou's next words.

"But, only after the shop closes; I still have work to do." She glared at Sarah as if daring her to challenge her.

Not wanting to anger Lou any more than she already had, Sarah nodded in consent, said "Okay. That's fine. I'll wait outside until you're ready."

With a smile towards Lou, and a nod of thanks towards Tony, Sarah moved towards the door, fully aware of five pairs of eyes on her back. Before she opened the door, she saw in the reflection, and was extremely pleased to see the three pairs of eyes reflected back were locked firmly on her ass.

Including Lou's.

* * *

The hour Sarah spent sitting waiting for Lou was probably one of the longest of her life. She had never been more afraid and horny at the same time in her entire life.

It wasn't fear for her life she was afraid of. She had been in much more dangerous situations than trying to fuck a 100 pound sandwich shop girl to find out if she was a threat to national security. All of Sarah's instincts were telling her that Lou was nothing more than a random girl who walked into the Buy More and fall hook, line and sinker for the old Bartowski charm. If it could happen to Sarah, it certainly could happen to Lou.

Unfortunately, she couldn't just go to General Beckman and say she thinks Lou is a good girl and could she please let it go. The reaming her ass would receive would be so severe Sarah wouldn't be able to show her face in Washington for years. So she had to do this.

No, she was afraid because despite how many times Casey and her have gone over this plan, despite how many ways they came up with to keep Chuck as far away from Lou's store as possible, Sarah was still terrified of Chuck finding out about this or, even worse, walking in on them.

The extremely horny side of her that was eagerly looking forward to tonight couldn't help but think happy thoughts about Chuck walking in on her and Lou with Lou's head between Sarah's legs. How Chuck would look shocked and confused at first, but after the girls gestured for them to come closer, he would start to undress as he joined them.

The thought of riding Chuck's rock hard cock while Lou was wrapped around her from behind, squeezing one of Sarah's bouncing tits with one hand, fingering her clit with the other, and muffling Chuck's groans and moans with her own pussy planted right on his face made her already damp underwater that much closer to being full out soaked.

This was the reason she was actually looking forward to this. Assuming Lou was actually looking to kill Chuck, too get the Pentothal to work on Lou, Sarah had to fuck Lou to lower her resistance in case she was trained to fight the serum's effect. So whether Lou was a spy who wanted to kill Chuck and sell the Intersect information she gets to cause worldwide suffering or she was an all American girl who dreamed of the picket fence, the front porch and the 2.5 kids, Sarah was getting some pussy tonight.

And if the stares Sarah received from Lou were any indication, it might not be that had to get it, drugs or no drugs.

"Snap out of it, Walker!"

Sarah reacted instantly. She jumped to her feet, all images of naked, entangled bodies wiped from her mind instantly, as possible fear for her life overrode all else, and prepared herself to fight for her life.

"God, Sarah," the exasperated voice in her ear said, "Are you a trained killer for the United States Government, or a horny fucking school girl!"

Sarah relaxed her body and sat back down on the bench she so quickly vacated. "Sorry, John." And she truly was. She needed to remember this was a mission. Just because it was a mission between the sheets, doesn't make it any less important.

Casey's reaction to Sarah's plan to basically fuck the truth out of Lou was considerably subdued.

"Huh," he grunted, "can I keep the tape?'

He couldn't.

Other than that, he had shown no unprofessional interest in the prospect of his extremely attractive partner having sex with another extremely attractive woman. At least he had in front of her; Whether Casey had done so behind Sarah's back, she was better off not knowing.

"Heads up, Sarah," Casey warned her. "Here she comes."

And sure enough, the door to the store opened and Lou and Tony emerged from the bright lights of the store and joined Sarah in the night. Sarah stood and watched as the two looked at her.

"Do you want me to stay," Tony asked, giving Sarah a very wary glance. "I'm not one to lay a hand on a woman, but I can hold her while you hit.'

Lou laughed as Tony punched his palm in an apparent attempt at intimidation. Somehow Sarah didn't feel any danger from a Danny DeVito look alike.

"Thanks for the support, T, but I think I'll be alright," she looked over at Sarah, and her lips were still curved in a devious smirk when she said, "It will just be us girls having a little chat."

With a final goodbye to Lou and a nervous glance to Sarah, Tony want to his car and drove away.

When his car had pulled from the parking lot, Lou turned to Sarah. "Come on in. It's getting cold." The surprising show of concern threw Sarah for a second, but she shook her head and entered the store. If Lou wasn't pissed enough to worry about Sarah's temperature, this might be easier then Sarah had thought.

Lou walked up to the front of the counter and turned to face Sarah. She was no longer wearing the apron, so Sarah was able to plainly see that Lou did not in fact have a bra on, as the two hard nipples poking from beneath the shirt clearly demonstrated.

"So," Lou began, getting right to it, using her elbows to rest back on the glass of the deli counter. "What did you want?"

Sarah took a breath (she heard Casey say, "Showtime") and said, "I just wanted to apologize to you for the other day. I don't know what I was thinking. I was way out of line."

Lou snorted at this. "You can say that again. When I left, I was thinking, 'Did she really say what I think she said'."

"Believe me," Sarah implored Lou, "When you left I was saying the same things. 'What did you just say? Why would you possibly say that?'"

Lou's raised her eyebrows at this. "Really," she asked in disbelief?

Sarah forced her face to look the most aggrieved she could without going overboard and said, "Yes, really. I was mortified at myself. I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am. You're Chuck's girlfriend. I'm not. I couldn't handle it, so instead of acting like an adult and backing off, I decided it would be best to act like a child."

This got Lou. She shifted a little, relaxed her body, and moved ever-so-slightly closer to Sarah. This was a good sign. If Lou was starting to listen to Sarah, was starting to feel comfortable around her, then that would give Sarah a much easier opportunity.

"I'm glad you understand that," Lou said. "I didn't want to say anything to you or Chuck, because I know he still cares about you, but if you didn't back off I wouldn't have had much choice."

Taking a chance at the much more pleasant direction this conversation seemed to be heading, Sarah moved forward and placed her hand on Lou's shoulder and gave her a comforting squeeze.

Lou tensed at the sudden contact, but didn't brush her off, so Sarah began speaking in a soft, comforting voice, "And I wouldn't have blamed you. I was just so jealous of you. I was the dumped in our relationship, not the dumpie." Lou looked up into Sarah's eye, paying close attention to Sarah's words. "I couldn't give Chuck what he needed. He wanted a future that I wasn't ready for. I just wanted to make sure that you didn't break his heart like I did."

Sarah could begin to feel her eyes start to swell. This was not a ploy to get Lou's trust. These were genuine affections and regrets that Sarah was unloading to Lou. At the end of all this, Sarah truly wants Chuck to be happy, and if he finds that happiness with Lou, then she wanted Lou to avoid the mistakes she had made, however vast a difference there was in their chosen professions.

Lou continued to look into Sarah's eyes, those beautiful brown orbs losing the anger and jealousy that had been prominent throughout their entire conversation. In their place were signs of sympathy and compassion. She covered the hand resting on her shoulder with her own, and lifted it off to hold it in front of them.

"Thank you for telling me this, " Lou softly said to her. "I never thought about your feelings about my dating Chuck. I just saw you as the hot ex that couldn't let things go. I was afraid that he would forget about me to go back to his 'one true love'."

They stood there for a few seconds, hands clasped together, looking into each other's eyes. Sarah couldn't believe how ell this was going. She could smell the perfume Lou had used this morning, lilacs, as a tear that had made its way down Sarah's cheek fell onto Lou's hand.

This seemed to knock Lou to her senses. She looked down at their entwined hands, at the miniscule tear mark that had just been made and jerked her hand free from Sarah's.

Sarah was terrified that she had just ruined the entire plan, that Lou was going to tell her to leave, but to her great relief, Lou merely moved away from Sarah, to behind the counter, seeming to want to put something between her and the blond woman, and used her shaking hands to brush her hair behind her ears. While Lou had her back turned, Sarah quickly whipped her eyes. She didn't need her emotions to screw this up even more.

Sarah watched Lou as she busied herself, trying to find reasons to keep from making eye contact with Sarah. A smirk came to Sarah's face. Lou was nervous and trying to forget the moment the two of them just shared. 'Not on my watch'

Sarah made sure Lou was occupied with washing some dishes that she knew were already washed, then looked up at the security camera hanging in the corner that Casey had tapped into and was watching from the van outside. She gave it a quick thumbs up, signifying that she was now going to make her move.

"Roger that, Walker," Casey's voice came over the ear piece. "Make sure you have don't hurt her too much."

Sarah smiled as she approached the counter and kindly said "Lou?"

Lou answered without looking up, "Yeah."

"Why don't we have something to drink. It's too tense and dramatic in here. We need to loosen up. Have some fun," suggested Sarah.

Lou looked up at this, eyebrow raised and laughed. "Fun? With you?"

"Hey! What does that mean?" Sarah asked in mock outrage. Now that Lou was laughing and teasing her, Sarah was not going to let her slip back into awkward silence. "I can be fun."

Lou rolled her eyes at Sarah and said, "Yeah, right, okay."

Sarah put her hand on her hip and played along by challenging the laughing sandwich girl. "Well, why don't you get out the booze and we'll see how fun I can get."

Lou was still chuckling as she moved to the door to the backroom, "I'm going to need to get more than what I have in order to make you fun. Hold on," and with that small request, Lou disappeared through the door.

Alone for she didn't know how long, Sarah took this opportunity to get an update from Casey, as well as to remove the Pentothal packet from her locket, putting it in the pocket with the antidote.

"Casey," she whispered as to not draw attention from Lou, "are you there?"

"Where else would I be, Walker," a gruff Casey responded. "When are you getting to the good stuff, it's boring in here?"

"God, you're such a pervert, Casey," she shot back as dignified as a whispering person could. After a few seconds, she spoke again, even quieter than before, trying to save said dignity. "And soon, she's getting drinks now. I should be able to slip it in."

She heard a rumble from behind the door disappeared and knew she didn't have much time. "Quick," she started again, "what the update on Chuck?"

"Hmpf," he grunted. "Captain America is still parked in camp geek. He won't be leaving anytime soon."

She gave a sigh of relief and said, "Good. Tell me if he-" She shut herself up when the door opened again, and Lou came through, holding a bottle of whiskey in one hand, and clutching the rims of two glasses in the other.

"Tony's favorite end of shift tradition," Lou beamed, shaking the whiskey. "Take a swig to wash away the bullshit of the day, go home and bang the wife." At Sarah's raised eyebrow, Lou added with a shrug of the shoulder, "That last part is for him only."

"Sure," Sarah said, thinking of a way to embarrass Lou and potentially lower her inhibitions more. "Like you don't go around Burbank, searching for a hot piece of ass in a short skirt to take home to play 'Bang the Wife' with," she teased, taking the bottle and glasses from Lou who reacted the way Sarah hoped she would.

Lou blushed and playfully shoved Sarah, laughing while she said, "God, Sarah, shut up! That's so not me at all. I don't like women like that!" She wasn't very convincing with the way she wouldn't look Sarah in the eye and how she played with the hem of her shirt.

Using this moment of embarrassment to her advantage, Sarah poured the two glasses (as slowly as possible, of course), quickly took out the Pentothal from her pocket, opened it, and poured a small portion of it into one of the glass. By the time Lou looked back up she only saw Sarah holding out a glass for her, which she took with a "Thanks". But when she took the glass from her, their fingers brushed against one another's.

Lou's eye shot up to look at Sarah, who just threw back a knowing and rather lustful look had Lou squirming in nervousness. Nervousness about what, Lou didn't want to think about too much.

Sarah raised her glass and said, "To bridging friendships." Lou looked rather wary as she raised her glass as well, repeated "To bridging friendships," and clinked the glasses.

Sarah took a small sip, not wanting to cloud her own judgment, but Lou, confused by this strange feeling that seemed like arousal, emptied the whole thing.

When her glass is empty, Lou slams it down, somehow not breaking it, and tells Sarah, "More."

A little surprised, Sarah poured a second glass and, seeing that Lou had her eyes clamped shut, still reeling from the intensity of her drink, slipped the antidote in.

"So Lou," Sarah said as casually as she could, handing Lou the drink, who took a much more conservative sip then her last, "tell me about yourself. Have you always wanted to be a sandwich maker, or was this your second choice."

Lou's eyes were dilated a bit, a sure sign that the Pentothal was kicking in, as she answered, "Oh, yeah, I've always wanted to do this." She took another sip of her drink and continued, "I've loved putting things together and making people happy with my creations, but I wasn't good with machines and clothes, but I was good with food, so I went to culinary school, got my degree a few years back, opened this shop not long after, and here I am."

"And thank god for that," Sarah said, not trying to hide her gaze as it made its way up Lou's exposed legs in her shorts.

Lou blushed again at this, taking another sip, but, to her own surprise, uncrossed then crossed her legs, making her feel like Sharon Stone in 'Basic Instinct', especially the way Sarah's eyes locked on to Lou's covered crotch.

Sarah could not believe what she was seeing. Lou was basically begging Sarah to stare at her hidden pussy, which Sarah did all too willingly. She could practically feel the heat radiating off her even from across the table. Knowing that the drug was in full effect now, Sarah scooted her chair so she was sitting right next to Lou. She felt the girl tense up at the close contact, but she didn't pull away, which Sarah took as a good sign.

"So, Lou," Sarah said, leaning her head closer to her, her breath brushing against Lou's neck, making the hair stand on end, "Tell me, have you ever had sex with a woman."

There it was. The cards were all on the table. Lou had suspicions, but now she knew for sure: Sarah wanted to fuck her!

And the most surprising part of this wasn't Sarah's intentions, but the fact that Lou didn't get up right away and immediately tell Sarah to leave and that she had a boyfriend and that she didn't swing go that way.

All she did was shake her head no.

Sarah moved a hand to Lou's thigh, stroking the shorts that was all that stood between her and Lou's flesh.

"Have you ever thought about it," Sarah asked her words coming out now in soft whispers as her lips were now right next to Lou's ear. The sensation of Sarah's hot breath washing over her ear and neck brought Lou to the height of arousal

Lou shook her head again, afraid that if she opened her mouth the only thing that would come out would be a moan of desire, because now that Sarah was talking about it, all she could think about was Sarah and what she would look and feel naked.

"Are you thinking about it now?" Now Sarah's other hand was lightly cupping Lou's cheek, gently making Lou turn her head so she was facing Sarah now. Lou was now presented with the undeniable proof that not only was Sarah one of the most gorgeous person she's even met but, by the way she was slowly closing the distance, this was really going to happen.

Lou finally opened her mouth to answer, and she was right in thinking that it would be desire filled moan. "Yes."

Needing no more encouragement, Sarah finally closed the gap between her and Lou and brought their lips together.

It wasn't the greatest first kiss Sarah had ever had, something she knew going in. Lou just sat there, a statue of shock. But all the same, Sarah tried to put all the passion and desire she could in to this one kiss, wanting to get Lou into this more.

After about twenty seconds that felt like twenty minutes to Lou, Sarah felt that was long enough and pulled away, not able to stop the groan of regret that escaped her throat.

"What are you doing," Lou asked through a moan when Sarah pulled away.

Sarah smirked and raised her hand to the back of Lou's neck, gently angling her head so they were looking in each other's eyes. "I was kissing you. I thought that was obvious."

Sarah couldn't quite make out what the other woman was thinking; she wasn't panicking and freaking out, which was a good sign, but she also wasn't exactly jumping into Sarah's arms either. Nevertheless, Sarah knew that she could make this happen.

"But," Lou said finally, and it was clear she was trying to find the right words to convey her confusion, "why?" was all she was able to come up with.

Sarah giggled at this, and answered, as if was the most obvious answer in the world, "Because you're hot, and I've wanted to kiss you all night."

Lou's eyes widened at this, though whether it was in fear or in arousal, Sarah couldn't tell yet. "But what about Chuck?"

'Hah! Got ya!' Sarah thought triumphantly. If Lou's first reaction was Chuck's reaction, not 'we shouldn't do this' or 'I don't like women' than that meant that there was a part of the girl who wanted this. Even drunk girls, at least in Sarah's experience, played those common cards when first approached with their bisexuality.

"Chuck doesn't have to find out," Sarah comforted the girl. "This can just be between you and me." And, taking advantage of Lou's lack of negative reaction, Sarah leaned in and kissed her again.

While her first kiss was brief and nothing more than Sarah putting her lips on Lou's, this one had slightly more pressure behind it. The hand Sarah had on Lou's neck moved to Lou's arm and was now lightly stroking it through her shirt. Sarah broke her kiss after a few minutes to get some oxygen and saw that Lou's eyes had closed sometime during the last kiss and her breathing had quickened, making her chest expand and contract in a very enticing way. Sarah was very pleased to see that Lou's shirt now clearly had two little bumps.

"Ooo, someone's enjoying this," Sarah teased. Lou opened her eyes and followed Sarah's gaze down to her hard nipples. Seeing undeniable physical evidence that she actually enjoying this seemed to spark something in Lou, for when she looked up at Sarah again, her eyes had completely changed. Where before they were hesitant and nervous, now they were engulfed in pure lust, a fact that she proved instantly by lunging her face across the distance between her and Sarah, dislodging Sarah's stroking hand and pressing their lips together.

This was not a hesitant, finding-her-way kiss of a first timer. This was a full blown, forceful and passionate kiss, with Lou bringing her hands into play. They didn't go to any of the sensitive places on Sarah's body, but her right arm wrapped around Sarah's waist and her left hand buried in Sarah's long blond hair.

Sarah was slightly taken aback by the sudden change of tune in Lou, but quickly got over it and gave back as good as she was getting, which was surprisingly good given Lou's non-experience in the realm of girl-on-girl loving.

There were so many thing's Sarah to do to this girl, her hands putting themselves back on Lou's body, one hand flying up to lightly stroke Lou's gorgeous face, the other put itself on Lou's thigh.

Doing this caused Lou to gasp in the middle of the kiss, which gave Sarah the opportunity to take this to the next level.

Lou was blown away at how good she was feeling. She had never kissed anybody like this and likewise had never been kissed like this either. She never had any lustful thoughts toward a woman before tonight, but now all she wanted was to lie down on the floor and push Sarah's head between her legs. A fact that solidified itself when Sarah decided to take advantage of Lou's aroused gasp and slipped her tongue into Lou's mouth.

Feeling that wet snake dancing with her own tongue caused Lou to moan, and she quickly brought her own tongue to life, stroking the invading organ with her own, sending both girls into frenzied moans of passion.

Lou's hand was stoking up and down Sarah's back, sending shiver's along her spine, loving how the hand kept getting closer and closer to her ass, but never made contact, always retreating back up when it got closer, as if scared of actually touching it.

Sarah's hand was traveling a similar path, but instead of stroking Lou's back toward her ass, she was instead making goose bumps pop all over Lou's barely-concealed legs as Sarah got closer and closer to Lou's pussy. Sarah could feel the heat that was radiating off of her hidden honeypot.

They sat there in the middle of Lou's empty shop, hands traveling all over each other's body, tongues dueling one another in a fight neither minded losing and running out of air due to the lack of desire to end their kissing.

But inevitably the necessity to breathe forced them to separate, the string of saliva connecting to their lips surviving as an unneeded reminder of the passion they were just indulging in. By now Sarah had joined Lou in the heavy breathing department and the two rested their foreheads against each other's, their labored breath blowing across their faces.

"That was amazing," Lou panted, seeming to have a smile etched permanently on her face.

"That," Sarah began, knowing a similar smile was plastered on her own face, "was just the beginning."

Lou showed how much she liked that promise by removing her hand from Sarah's hair and moved it to the hand Sarah was resting on her thigh. Lou winked at Sarah and moved Sarah's hand north.

"Uuhh!" Lou gasped as Sarah's hand came in contact with her clothed pussy. She couldn't believe that not only was another woman touching her pussy for the first time (her boyfriend's ex, of all people), but she made it happen.

"Can you feel it," Lou asked through a moan? "Can you feel how wet you're getting my pussy?"

"It would be hard not to," joked Sarah. "You're fucking soaked!" This was totally true. Sarah's hand was already damp as she rubbed Lou's pants into her pussy and she wasn't even touching skin on skin yet.

"Because of you, Sarah," Lou groaned as she took another giant step and moved the hand on Sarah's back all the way down to squeeze Sarah's ass. "You're so fucking hot! Even when I was mad at you I was checking your hot ass body out" she said over Sarah's own groan, which was cut off as Sarah moved to kiss her again, this time closing the distance between them completely by moving from her own chair to straddle Lou in her own.

Lou couldn't believe how forward she was being. Sarah was the experienced one of the two, yet Lou was the one making the big moves: she stared the make-out session; she brought Sarah's hand to her pussy and now she was massaging Sarah's ass. But she was loving it! She always plunged head first into any new challenge that was presented to her, putting everything she had into them, and she couldn't wait to plunge head first into Sarah Walker!

Sarah was loving this as well. How could she not? She was straddling a horny, beautiful woman, her tongue now being the one fighting off Lou's in her own mouth, her hand all over Lou's pussy stained pants feeling the softness of the delights beneath, the pressure of their two bodies close together allowing Sarah to rub even harder. And Lou now had both hands down on her ass, squeezing the flesh together, bringing Sarah to higher planes of arousal.

But as great as she felt and knew that Lou was feeling, the sensible voice in her head was telling her that this might not be the smartest place to fuck. So reluctantly breaking away from Lou's mouth, Sarah said, "We should," she was cut off by a groan caused by Lou, who, unable to kiss Sarah's mouth, settled for dragging her tongue over Sarah's long, creamy neck. Clearing her throat and trying to keep composure, Sarah tried again. "We should pro-mmmm-probably m-mo-mmmmmove to the ba-AH-ck!" She was forced to yelp when Lou pinched her ass.

Lou stopped fondling Sarah's ass and looked up at Sarah, a look of horror on her face. She whipped her head around to look at the windows, as if expecting to find her entire family pressed against it, pointing at her and fainting in disgust.

"Oh my god! I can't believe I almost had sex in front of my window!" She jumped to her feet, and would have thrown Sarah off of her lap and into her up-until-now squeezed ass if it weren't for Sarah's reflexes kicking in. As it was, she merely cause Sarah to stumble a bit. "What if someone had seen?! What If Chuck had seen?!" It seemed that not even a drunk and slightly drugged Lou could completely forget about Chuck Bartowski.

'Welcome to my world' Sarah said to herself, moving behind Lou and wrapped her arms around her waist, kissing the exposed skin of Lou's collar bone and moved slowly up her neck, getting the desired reaction by having Lou relax slightly.

"Don't" kiss "worry." Kiss "Chuck's" kiss "busy." Kiss "Let's" kiss "just" kiss "move" kiss "to" kiss "the" kiss "back." To finish the journey, Sarah took Lou's earlobe into her mouth and nibbled on her. To Sarah's surprise, this brought out a huge moan from Lou's lips, causing her to reach up and press Sarah's head to her.

"God, Sarah! What are you doing to me?!" But instead of sounding angry, Lou sounded hornier than ever.

'Looks like I found a sweet spot' a sing-song voice went in Sarah's mind. Moving out of Lou's grasp, she turned the girl around in her arms, making them face each other. Saying nothing else, Sarah leaned down to kiss the girl, letting it last a few seconds, before breaking away and looking down at her.

Lou was biting her lip, looking up at her soon to be lover, and Sarah could tell that their wasn't going to be any more tying to back out of this. Smiling, Sarah took Lou by the hand and led the willing girl to the door that led to the back.

Pushing open the door, Sarah saw that the room consisted of a refrigerator in one corner next to an oven along one side wall, a wall across from her that was all condiments and bread and all ingredients that Lou and her fellow sandwich makers used, a long table used to make sandwiches when the store was so busy they couldn't do it all up front, and the other side wall that was a door that led to an office. She also took notice of the camera hanging in the corner, which was the reason Sarah didn't worry about moving the fun back here.

Not wanting to wait any longer, Sarah turned around, picked Lou up and placed her on the table.

Lou was surprised at the strength and speed it took to put her on the table so fast, but her shock was completely chased from her mind when Sarah grabbed the bottom of her shirt and started to lift it up. Lou acted instinctively, completely lost to her lust, and raised her arms allowing Sarah to remove her shirt, which was thrown to the floor, instantly forgotten as Lou's nipples impossible became harder at the longing Sarah was shooting their way.

When Sarah memorized the beauty of Lou's tits, she lurched herself forward, slamming her lips into Lou's, their tongue's automatically shooting out of their mouths and meeting in a frenzy. Sarah's hands joined in on the fun, reaching up to cup Lou's boobs.

"Oh god," Lou moaned into Sarah's mouth, relishing the feeling of Sarah's hands playing with her boobs.

"Yeah, you like that Lou, don't you" Sarah growled, squeezing all over the B-cup tits, pushing her palms into the diamond hard nipples. "You like me playing with your tits? Squeezing these small, beautiful boobs of yours?"

"Yesss!" Lou hissed, eyes shut, as she rested her head against the wall.

"Then you'll really love this," Sarah said, and Lou didn't need to open her eyes to see what she did next, but did so anyway, not wanting to miss the sight of Sarah's wet lips wrap around her right nipple.

"Oh shit!" panted Lou, bringing her hands up to the back of Sarah's head to keep the twin pleasures of her nipples from the pinching and needing of her left breast and the suction and tonguing on her right breast going, which switched after a couple of minutes, so Sarah now was sucking the left tit and fondling the right.

This was easily the best sex Lou had ever had and she was only having her tits played with! She was already halfway to orgasm and she's barely had any stimulation to her pussy.

As if she was some kind of mind reader, Sarah's boob free hand, which had been occupying it's time by stroking Lou's thighs, now began retracing its earlier path up to Lou's pussy. Only this time it bypassed the hidden lips, bringing a groan of disappointment from Lou's throat.

Hearing this, Sarah detached her mouth from Lou's spit covered tits and looked up at Lou's face from between her boobs with an evil grin on her face.

"Aahh, does little Lou need Sarah to stick her hand down into her soaking pants," Sarah cooed, kissing up her chest, up her neck, and now whispering in Lou's ear, nibbling the earlobe when her mouth was unoccupied. Her free hand now took up residence on Lou's tits, pinching and squeezing whatever it could.

Lou's hand was on Sarah's hand that was playing with the waistband of Lou's pants, trying to force it beneath without any success. "Please," Lou panted.

Sarah grinned around Lou's earlobe, loving the state of constant horniness she had put the girl in. "Please what?" she teased, lifting the waistband around Lou's briefly, before snapping it back down on her flushed skin.

Lou took in a sharp intake of air at this latest tease. She couldn't stand this. She needed to cum!

"Please, Sarah, I need you to," Lou begged her, unable to finish her plea from the groan that caused her to lurch her chest forward as Sarah roughly pinched her right nipple then moved to her left to do the same. She could feel her nails digging into the hand dancing along her waistband, offering such tantalizing prospects, but never moving beyond. Every few seconds she would snap her waistband, each time going just a little bit further under the pants, leading Sarah to confirm what she knew to be true the moment she first touched her through her pants: she had no panties on.

"'Please, Sarah, I need you to' what, Lou," Sarah asked again, barely able to keep this going, but knowing it would be so worth it in the end.

"FUCK ME!!!" Lou shouted, unable to keep her desires in check any longer. "Please, Sarah, fuck my pussy! Please pound my little hole with your hot, long fingers!"

Sarah pulled her head away from Lou's ear and looked at the sweaty bangs plastered to the girls' forehead, her eyes silently pleading with her new lover.

"All you had to do was ask, honey," Sarah said sweetly, as if Lou had just asked her to pass the pepper.

Before Lou could respond in anyway, Sarah had left Lou's side and was now on her knees between Lou's legs, ripping her shoes off and throwing them behind her, not caring where they landed. She didn't bother with Lou's socks, moved up to Lou's pants, whipped them down her long legs, and had them join the rest of Lou's clothes on the floor.

Sarah took a second to take in the beauty that was the vision in front of her: Lou sitting on a table in the backroom of her store, tits and nipples covered in saliva red from the rough treatment they received, long legs slightly spread, allowing Sarah to see the pink, slightly parted lips of Lou's pussy, a small strip of black hair all that remained above her mound.

"You are so beautiful," Sarah said softly, relishing the blush that appeared on Lou's face. And with that, Sarah gently lifted Lou's right leg and started placing a long trail of kisses up towards the simmering boiling pot that was Lou's cunt, making her squirm even more. When she met the junction point where legs met pussy, Sarah took a split second, thinking she would do the same to the left leg before getting to the main attraction, but now that she was there, facing the shining, pink petals that smelled so musky and was just pulling her in. Adding to that, Sarah honestly didn't think Lou could take anymore teasing.

So, abandoning the teasing all together, Sarah spread Lou's long legs, looked up at Lou's eager face and said, "Hold on tight," before leaning down and kissing Lou's pussy.

There was an instant reaction from both parties: Lou obeyed Sarah's order's and latched her hands into Sarah's hair, her legs locking around Sarah's shoulders, shoving Sarah's face as far into her pussy as it possibly could. Not that Sarah needed anymore encouragement, as the moment her lips came in contact with Lou's pussy, she found herself famished for her cum.

Her tongue was now flying all around Lou's delicious pussy, slurping up all the juices she found only to be instantly replaced by the flowing river that Lou's pussy seemed to have turned into.

"Ooooohhhhhh ggggoooodddddd," Lou moaned, her hands in danger of ripping out Sarah's hair. "Sarah!!! You're eating my pussy soooooooooo fucking gooooooooooood!!!! Don't stop! Don't stop!! Don't fucking stopppppp!!!"

'I'm not stopping until I have your cum in my mouth' is what Sarah would have said if she had the ability or the desire to stop tonguing this pussy. She felt Lou's clit against her nose, but was deliberately ignoring it as long as she possibly could.

"Your tongue, your fucking tongue, it's fucking magic, it's so amazing," Lou panted, her breathing ragged and uneven. "YOU'RE GONNA KILL MEEEEEE!!!!!" she screamed as Sarah decided to up the ante and inserted a finger into her snug cunt.

"Not yet, baby," Sarah groaned, allowing her jaw a break for a few seconds and letting her fingers have some fun. "Not yet you hot little bitch. You can't die until I make you cum all over my fucking tongue and hand." She put in a second finger, pushing her walls farther apart, stretching her open. "You have such a tight pussy, Lou! Such a tight fucking cunt! Do you want me to stretch it? Do you want me to stretch open your hot, slutty twat?!"

"Yeess!" she moaned. "Stretch it open, Sarah! Stretch open my pussy with your amazing fingers!!"

Sarah knew she could only put so much in Lou's pussy without either hurting her or making it so she would feel it in the morning. At the same time, Sarah knew she could take one more.

Leaning her head down to get back to Lou's pussy, Sarah opened her mouth and incased the whole Lou's opening in it and sucked, drinking all the juice that had formed since she last left it that hadn't made its way down Sarah's arm, staining her sleeve or dripping down onto the table below, all the while pumping furiously into Lou's hole with her two fingers.

That made Lou absolutely howl in pleasure. How one person can make her feel this way, Lou couldn't comprehend. But if she could help it, she was going to try and feel it as much as possible.

Getting back to the normal licking Sarah had used before, she started to ease her third fingers in alongside her first two. She knew this was going to be uncomfortable for Lou, so she set out to make it as painless as possible.

Fortunately, her idea of 'painless as possible' was a very pleasurable one for both women. She moved her second hand, which she had been using to pinch and stimulate her own nipples, and brought it up to join her face and fingers at Lou's pussy. But instead of using it to stimulate the already pleasure filled pussy lips and hole, she moved it slightly north and pinched Lou's clit between her fingers.

"Aaahh shit!!" Lou yelled, her hips bucking from the never ending pleasure Sarah was giving to her pussy.

Wanting to feel the little love button in her mouth, Sarah moved her lips from Lou's labia to wrap them around Lou's clit, replacing the now missing mouth on Lou's pussy with even harder pumps of her fingers.

"OOOOHHHH GOD!!! Fuck my pussy hard with you fucking fingers and suck my hard little clit!!!! Fuck my sluttly little pussy!!" Lou hollered.

"Yeah, that's what I'm doing," Sarah growled, pulling her glazed lips from Lou's clit long enough to say. "I'm fucking this little pussy the way a slut like you loves it. I'm making it mine!!" And Sarah dived back in sucking the clit back in her mouth and batting it around with her tongue never slowing down on her finger fucking.

"It's yours Sarah, all yours, just make me cum!! I'm sooooo clooooooooose" Lou would have agreed to sell her first born child right now as long as Sarah made her cum.

'I'll make you come alright' Sarah promised to herself, her mouth to occupied with Lou to verbalize her thought.

Knowing exactly what she needed to do to make Lou cum all over her, Sarah took her pinky finger, the one not currently buried in Lou's pussy and traced it down Lou's ass crack. When she reached her goal, she lightly prodded the little starfish resting there.

This, as it turned out, was one stimulation too much.

"OHHHHHHHHH FFFFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK," Lou shrieked, the combination of Sarah's three fingers slamming in and out of her, quickly rejoined by Sarah's mouth as she didn't want to miss her prize, and all of Lou's pain was nonexistent, the tongue that was now just beating Lou's pussy lips all around, and the pleasure from her clit setting her whole nervous system on fire, shooting her in to the stratosphere as she rode her orgasm all the way back down to join her limp and useless body.

Lou hadn't had many giant orgasms in her short life, but she has had a few, so she knows the sensation and the aftershocks. That was nothing like anything she felt before. That was the greatest orgasm she had ever had. In fact, it was so good, it seemed like it was still going, despite how exhausted Lou felt.

When she regained control of her eyelids, Lou managed to crack them open, that little excursion too much effort than she wanted to exert right now, and saw, to her supreme shock, a blond head still bobbing up and down on her pussy.

"Sarah?" her voice sounded hoarse and strained. "What..."

Sarah looked up from the pussy she was still eating and moved so that Lou could see her entire face. "Well, look whose back. Have a nice nap?"

The exhaustion and drained feelings that had been settling in on Lou disappeared instantly at the sight of Sarah's face. The lower half of her beautiful face was covered in cum. Some of her long, blond hair was plastered to her cheeks, and when she spoke, Lou could see some of the cum he had just scooped up on Sarah's tongue. Sarah's dazzling blue eyes shown even brighter when they looked at Lou from a face half smeared in her cum.

Lou could feel the drool pooling up in her hanging mouth, but she couldn't get over the sight of this beauty covered in her cum enough to care.

Standing up, Sarah lifted Lou's limp hanging legs and moved her around so she was lying completely flat on her back on the table. At this gentle man handling, Lou finally broke out of her stupor and spoke, her voice slowly coming back to normal, asking her the question that was first on her mind.

"What about you?"

Sarah smiled at her and bent over to kiss Lou, slipping her tongue in, allowing the brunette to taste her own cum combined with Sarah's spit. Lost in the passion of the kiss, Lou brought her hand up to cup Sarah's cheek, feeling the sticky cum that was left there.

Breaking the kiss, Sarah turned and grabbed Lou's wrist with one of her hands and brought it to her lips.

Lou's eyes rolled as the sight and sounds of Sarah treating her fingers like cocks got her libido in full force once again.

"Mmmmm, your cum is so tasty." Sarah moaned, moving from her freshly cleaned ring finger and moved to her middle one. "Like oranges," she said, before starting to take the long digit in her mouth, working it like a cock, bobbing up and down on it until she got every last drop before moving to the next one.

Once Lou's hand was clean of all the cum, Sarah bent over again so her face was hovering over Lou's.

"You made me quite a mess," in a low, husky voice, "Why don't you clean it for me before I fuck your face."

Blushing furiously at the prospect of both licking Sarah's face clean of her own cum and then to eat Sarah's pussy herself, Lou quickly got over her embarrassment when she pulled Sarah the rest of the way down and instantly started licking Sarah's face.

"Oh yeah, baby, lick my face clean," Sarah encouraged, her eyes closed to savor the feeling of this little hottie licking first her left cheek clean then moved to down to her chin. "First you got it all dirty spraying me with your yummy cum and now you're making me all clean with your starving tongue. How does your cum taste babe? Is it good?"

Lou was so into licking Sarah's nose now that all she could say to respond was "Mmmmm hmmmm."

When Lou could no longer taste any cum on the face above her, Lou finally pulled away. The sight of Sarah's face covered in her spit, while not as arousing as seeing her covered in cum, but it certainly got her racing blood pumping even harder.

Sarah touched her now cum clean face, as if inspecting it, and when she was satisfied, she beamed down at Lou.

"Good job, honey. You did such a good job that I think you deserve a reward," she winked at Lou before pulling Lou back up into a sitting position.

"I thought you wanted to fuck my face," Lou asked, her confusion and disappointment at even the prospect of not getting to taste Sarah's cunt overrode the embarrassment that otherwise would have overridden her if she hadn't just eaten her own cum off of Sarah's face.

"Oh I do, and you will so don't worry, honey," Sarah said with a comforting smile, cupping Lou's face and kissing her forehead. "But in order to fuck you," she took Lou's hands and put them on her breasts, "I need you to get rid of my clothes."

Lou knew that Sarah would have to get nude sometime tonight, but the thought of being the one actually to strip her never crossed her mind. But now, with Sarah's big tits in her hands, feeling the soft flesh that lay hidden by a thin layer of fabric, the thought of not being the one to free her lover of her clothing was borderline insulting.

Leaning in to kiss, Sarah again, Lou took a couple of seconds to play with the soft orbs she had in her hands. Even through the layers of blouse and bra Sarah could feel the weight and size of the two tits in her hands.

The desire to feel these amazing things with nothing separating them from her flesh flooded her, and without preamble, not even bothering to break her kiss, Lou, in a flash of pure lust, ripped the blouse open from the front, buttons pinging and clanging around her on the table and the wall.

"Wow, someone's eager," Sarah chuckled as Lou reaches around her back to fumble with her bra strap. Having never had to take off a bra off of someone else in a situation like this, Lou was taking longer than it usually would to take her own off, but she was determined to get it off by herself.

Finally, she managed to unhook troublesome lingerie, and threw it on the floor, Sarah's breasts which jiggling slightly from their freedom. Lou sat there for a few seconds, just taking in the wonderful sight of a topless Sarah, her big tits with their hard rosy nipples capping them off like cherries on ice cream.

"Go on," Sarah purred, loving the lustful stares Lou was giving her breasts. "Touch them. Get your hands on them."

Having Sarah's permission seemed to make the difference, because the moment the words left Sarah's lips, Lou lunged forward, her hands latching onto them, squeezing them, loving the feel of the soft flesh.

"Yeah, Lou, that's it," Sarah cooed, her eyes closed in relish. "Squeeze my big tits. Play with them."

Lou felt so naughty right now, sitting in the back of her store, stark naked and holding her boyfriend's ex tit's in her hands, molding and squeezing them together, making cleavage that any man or woman would kill to get lost in, an idea that Lou was in complete agreement with as the desire to be even naughtier rushed through her.

With that in mind, Lou placed her lips on Sarah's right tit and started kissing all over it, her tongue coming out to lick the flesh whenever it wanted to play, hopping over to the left one when she covered every inch she could, except for the nipples.

"God, Lou! You're moth feels so good on my tit's baby," hissed Sarah, her fingers entwining themselves in Lou's hair, guiding her head to the nipple in the center of her boob. "Now, get your tongue all over my hard nip- AH," she yelped as Lou proved she didn't need any more instruction as she wrapped her lips around Sarah's point. She battered around the little ball of flesh with her tongue, moving her hand to Sarah's unoccupied tit to make sure it wasn't lonely.

"Damn, Lou, you sure you've never played with a pair of tits? Because you are fantastic!"

Lou felt emboldened by Sarah's complement and when she moved to suck and play with Sarah's other nipple, her hands lowered themselves to Sarah's pants, unbuttoning the top of Sarah's jeans and unzipping her.

In order to fully remove Sarah's pants, Lou reluctantly had to remove her face from Sarah's chest, making sure to give one last kiss to each of her nipples, promising herself she would return.

"That's right, Lou. Now get on your fucking knees and strip me. Get me naked, baby," Sarah told Lou, and she didn't hesitate to comply as she slid from the table and kneeled in front of Sarah so she could be face-to-cunt with Sarah's soon-to-be-exposed pussy.

Not wanting to delay the point any longer, Lou grabbed Sarah's jeans and pulled them down till they were bunched around her shoe covered feet. She was greeted to a pink thong with the front now a brilliant shade of red which also made the material a tad transparent, allowing Lou to see the lips of Sarah's pussy, telling Lou once again how turned on Sarah was for her, as the desperately horny blond was about to remind her.

Not being able to stand the sight of Lou on her knees in front of her pussy juice soaked thong, Sarah grabbed Lou's head and shoved it forward.

Lou barely had time to gasp in shock at the forceful way she was introduced to Sarah's pussy, but she quickly got over it as her nose was swarmed with the musky scent of pussy and her gasping mouth was planted on the see-through panties, giving her her first taste of another woman's pussy. And it was magnificent.

"Aaaaahhhh, ffffuuucckkkk!" Sarah gasped, removing one hand from Lou's head and lurching forward to rest it on the table, keeping her hunched over the girl as she didn't even wait to push the thong aside, instead wanting to get as much of this scrumptious juice in her stomach as possible and just sucking it through the fabric.

Lou was instantly hooked on the taste of Sarah's pussy. She had thought it would be too gross, but she was now making Sarah revel in her change of heart as she finally got tired of the bothersome fabric separating the two sets of lips and pushed the thong aside, placing her hands on Sarah's ass, massaging the flesh that lay beneath.

"Fuck, Lou! You are a natural at this," Sarah groaned as Lou's virgin tongue tested itself out by just swiping wildly at every millimeter of flesh it could find. "Eat my fucking pussy with your virgin mouth! That's it, baby, show me how much you love the taste of my pussy! Make me cum!"

There was nothing Lou had ever wanted in her life more then to make Sarah Walker cum. Her mouth was being flooded with Sarah's juice and with every drop that made its way to Lou's stomach she wanted more. And more was just what she received.

Feeling bolder from the panting and moaning that were being drawn from Sarah's northern lips and the juice seeping from her southern pair, Lou decided to try something new.

The entire time Lou was licking Sarah's pussy, she had felt the hole just lying there, acting like a siren calling to her. Lou had put off long enough, but now she wanted to succumb to the song.

Reluctantly removing her hands from Sarah's ass, Lou used her fingers to spread open Sarah's lips. Doing this exposed not only the inviting hole she was going to fuck, but the pink clit swollen with arousal perched above it, begging for attention.

'Later,' she mentally promised the love button.

"What are you doing down there, babe," Sarah purred, knowing just what Lou was going to do, but wanting to tease her some more? "Are you going to fuck me? Are you going to stick your little pink tongue up my horny little fuckhole? Are you going to shove it in me and wiggle it around in there?"

"Fuck yeah I am!" Lou growled.

"Then what are you waiting for, get going!"

No more words necessary, Lou pushed her tongue against the opening that had more than enough lubrication.

"Ooohhhhh ssshhhiiiiitttt," Sarah moaned, that wonderful tongue making its way in to her pussy. "Fuck me, Lou! Fuck my hole with your tongue!"

Lou needed no more encouragement then that and proceeded to push her tongue in and out Sarah as fast as possible. She reached as far as she could with every thrust, wriggling around to touch every luscious spot it could. How had she gone this long living without eating pussy? This was amazing! It felt like her senses had died and gone to heaven: the feel of both Sarah's sweaty ass in Lou's hand and the clenching of Sarah's pussy around her tongue, as well as the way Sarah's hips bucked against Lou's face, helping her tongue dig deeper; the pussy pressed against her face causing the musky aroma to flood Lou's nose; the amazing sight that greeted Lou when she looked up and saw Sarah hunched over, tits dangling and bouncing from her bucking hips, eyes clamped shut as the pleasure coursed through her; the absolutely filthy words that were pouring from Sarah's lips became the most beautiful music she had ever heard; and of course the greatest meal Lou had ever experienced pressed to her face.

"Oh goddamn it Lou! Keep fucking me! You're going to make me cum all over your cute face! Your tongue feels good in my hot little cunt! Do you like feeling my hot twat pressed against your face?" Sarah asked, opening her eyes to look down at the kneeling woman. The only response Lou could give with her mouth full of pussy was, "MmmmHmmm!"

"Ah fuck!" Sarah shouted, the vibrations of Lou's muffled answer sent ripples through out Sarah's body. "God, baby, you are amazing! Don't stop! Don't fucking stop!!"

Stopping was the last thing Lou was going to do it. She was going to make Sarah cum and she was going to love it.

But still, there was one more part of Sarah's pussy that needed attention. But in order to do that, Lou was going to have to remove her mouth from Sarah's pussy. She didn't want to do that, but Lou knew Sarah would end up thanking her, not to mention cum all over her.

First thing though, Lou was tired of the fact Sarah wasn't naked yet. Plus they would get in the way of what she wanted to do next so those bothersome panties just had to go. But not wanting to stop fucking Sarah, Lou could only see one way to get them off without removing her face.

Faster then she thought she was capable of, Lou reached her hands to the front patch of fabric that had been resting on Sarah's thigh this whole time, and ripped them clean off of Sarah's now fully exposed body, throwing them aside, then instantly removed her mouth from Sarah pussy.

"What are yo- HOLY SHIT!!!" Sarah's protests were drowned out by her own screams as Lou wrapped her lips around Sarah's clit and had shoved two fingers in to her now empty pussy. "AAAHHHH YYYYEEEESSSS!!!! SUCK MY CLIT!!! FUCK MY CUNT!!!!"

These instructions were completely unnecessary, but Lou loved hearing Sarah's voice shouting her pleasure so she did everything in her power to get more.

Her lips were a vacuum on Sarah's clit, batting it around with her tongue every time her fingers disappeared inside Sarah. She actually had a small orgasm from the sensations of both her clit and pussy being assaulted but couldn't tell Lou as her voice was now just a series of grunts and groans.

Fortunately Sarah's gushing pussy was able to tell Lou what her voice couldn't but Lou allowed those juices to soak her hand and land on the floor, because she had a feeling that Sarah's next orgasm would be even bigger and she didn't want to stop now and slow it down. She wanted Sarah to cum and she wanted to be big. She wanted to be able to tell whoever her next female lover was (because of course there would be more) that on her first time she brought a beautiful woman to two orgasms.

All focus now squarely on getting that desired cum, Lou really want into over drive on Sarah's pussy, the only sounds that could be heard in the room were Sarah's screams, the wet smacking sounds of Lou's fingers and lips playing with every inch of Sarah's pussy and clit.

"I'M CLOSE LOU!!!!" Sarah shouted, forcing herself to make coherent sounds. "I'M SO FUCKING CLOSE!!!!!"

The moment she had been working towards right in front of her, Lou pulled her fingers from Sarah's pussy and bit down lightly on her clit.

She barely had time to move her lips back to Sarah's pussy before Sarah clamped her hands in Lou's hair, screaming, "HERE I CCCCCCUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMM!!!!!" And Lou's mouth was flooded with the greatest reward she had ever received. Better than any of the cum she had sucked from guys before, better than Sarah's pussy juice, even better than her own cum.

She fought admirably, trying to gulp down as much of the mouthwatering liquid as humanly possible, not caring about anything else not even breathing. Nothing else was remotely as important as drinking down what this goddess had to offer.

When the reservoir of Sarah's cum had finally come to an end, Lou extracted herself from Sarah's legs, falling back to rest against the table behind her. She could feel the cum she had failed to swallow on her chin and neck, as well as the juice that had coated her fingers earlier.

Sarah knelt down next to Lou, and, never having been able to get over the sight of a woman covered in her own cum, gently grabbed Lou's head and brought her into a kiss. There the two exhausted women sat, lightly making out, too tired to be to passionate with each other beyond mild tonguing.

But while Lou was ready to fall to the floor and sleep for the next week, Sarah still had a job to do.

Pulling away from Lou and her Sarah stained lips, Sarah gently shook Lou. "Hey, Lou. Can you hear me?"

Lou nodded and gave a soft "MmmHmm." Sarah knew she had a very small window before the cocktail of drugs, drink, and cum sent Lou to dreamland, so she quickly yet firmly asked, "Who are you? Are you here for Chuck? Do you want to hurt him?"

Lou managed to pull herself out of her stupor long enough to look at Sarah as if she had just asked if she had seen the alien at the gas station. "What are you talking about," Lou mumbled, barely able to stay conscious any more.

Sarah let out a huge sigh of relief, the weight that had been pushing down on her shoulders since Lou walked into her life had disappeared in an instant. Patting Lou tenderly on her shoulder, she pulled Lou into her allowing her to rest against her chest. She smiled at the feel of Lou's head resting against her breasts. "Nothing. Don't worry about it. Just rest."

Lou obeyed almost immediately. All Sarah could hear from the woman was her soft, peaceful breathing as she finally surrendered to her body's desire and fell into a peaceful slumber.

When Sarah was totally sure Lou was out of it, she said, "You got that Casey?"

And in her ear, Sarah heard Casey grunt, "Loud and clear, Walker. Mission accomplished. Good job."

Hardly believing she had gotten out of this without hearing something perverse from her partner, she was about to ask Casey to bring in some clothes so they could redress herself and Lou, take her home, and play the whole night off as a dream the next morning, he said, "You and Chuck need to break-up more often. I could get used to this."



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