Welcome to the fourth chapter in my 'Sarah vs.' series. It's been a much longer time since my last update than I planned, but that's life, isn't it. It just keeps getting in the way of all the fun. I promise to get the next story up faster.

This time the girls in question are, as always, Yvonne Strahovki as the titular Sarah and guest star Kristen Kreuk as Hannah. It takes place after the episode 'Chuck vs. the Fake Name' for those of you interested.

Have fun now.

Chuck: Sarah Vs The Third (FF, toy, anal)
by Smrtguy85

"Walker, can I have a word with you?"

Sarah looked up from the report she was determined to finish up before the night was over. Standing in the archway leading to the hallway stood Daniel Shaw, the temporary leader of Team Bartowski.

"Sure. I'll be right there," said Sarah before turning her attention back to her report. She quickly scrawled out her signature at the bottom of the file before flipping the folder closed. Standing up Sarah allowed herself a few seconds to stretch out her muscles and work out a crick in her neck before joining Shaw in his makeshift office. She had been catching up on the one thing a CIA agent has in common with actual employees of a real Orange Orange: paperwork. It came as no surprise to Sarah to discover the amount of reports she had to file once she actually sat down to do this tedious work. Her annoyingly constant busy life always kept her from doing the grunt work she was supposed to do. She had only completed about 1/3 of the work when Shaw approached her.

Sarah still didn't know how to feel about being alone with Shaw. Casey had left about half an hour ago leaving her and Shaw by themselves in the Castle base. It had only been yesterday that Sarah had kissed her team leader and she still didn't know what to do about it or what Shaw wanted.

What she did know for sure was that she needed to talk to Shaw about this, but she was scared. Not scared of Shaw, but scared of putting herself out there again.

Sarah had entrusted her heart to three men in her life and each time it ended in too much pain for Sarah to stand: first her father, then Bryce and of course Chuck. And while she had no idea if she even wanted to get as close to Shaw as she had those other men, the idea of even attempting to was frightening. But still, Sarah always strove to remain as professional as possible. Sometimes she failed and allowed her emotions to take control (she tried everything she could to not think about Prague, but of course failed miserably) but she swore that today, at the very least, she would be at her utmost.

So, putting her worries about yesterdays kiss and all their many possible implications that might have stemmed from it aside, Sarah strode away from the table, crossed the main room and entered the small room that used to be just storage for weapons but now also contained a desk and a computer, all the things a commander of a secret joint CIA/NSA operation needs to do his job. Behind the desk sat Shaw, his hands folded neatly over his lap, eyes closed in what looked like some sort of meditation.

Sarah, not believing Shaw to be a believer in the ancient practice, simply knocked on the archway, rousing him from his stupor.

"You wanted to see me, Shaw," reminded Sarah, entering the room and approaching the desk.

Shaw's brown eyes traveled up to meets Sarah's blue ones. With the growing familiarity the two have been sharing these past few weeks, Sarah expected some kind of sign that he was happy to see her, but there was no trace of happiness on his face. But he also didn't look angry. He didn't have any sign of emotion on his face. He was just Shaw.

"Yes, thank you Walker. I know I interrupted you from important work, and I apologize for that. Once were done here, you are more than welcome to pick up where you left off," said Shaw, still not giving away any feeling.

"Thanks, but it's just paper work. It will always be there for me to pick up from," explained Sarah, still not sure what this was about.

"Be that as it may, it is still important work. But I didn't call you in here to talk about paperwork," said Shaw, still not giving away any emotion even after that small attempt at a joke.

"I figured as much," said Sarah.

"Right," remarked Shaw with as little of a laugh in his voice that was humanly possible, but it was nice for Sarah to see. It most likely meant that whatever reason Sarah was here for it wasn't serious.

"Now, Walker, as you know I have been here for many weeks now and have been given, by order of general Beckman, full access to everything related to Chuck Bartowski, the Intersect and this entire operation," started Shaw.

"Yes, I know," said Sarah, not sure why Shaw was telling her stuff he is well aware she knows, but not about to interrupt just yet.

"Then you also know that part of my responsibility as leader of this team is that I need to make a thorough inspection of this entire facility. I need to know every inch of this place, every nook, every cranny, every secret hiding spot so I can prepare for any and every circumstance that might possibly occur," continued Shaw.

"Right," agreed Sarah, still not seeing where this was going.

"But you can understand how, considering how consistently busy we are around here with all of our missions and time spent on the more important aspects of our job, that a simple inventory of Castle might have fallen to the back burner on my list of priorities," said Shaw, continuing his long explanation.

"I can understand that, yeah," agreed Sarah, who was starting to get a bit annoyed at Shaw's round about way of getting to the point.

"Good. Well I've been slowly going around here when I have the time. Just checking each room, all the spots I know of and using the technology I have available to me to sniff out the hidden rooms and compartments that bases such as this tend to come with" said Shaw.

"That's actually really smart," complemented Sarah, hoping that Shaw would get to the point so she could finish her work and get some sleep.

"Thank you, Walker. Your opinion means a lot to me," he said with a gracious nod to Sarah. "So far," he continued, "I've thoroughly checked the main room, the weapon vaults, the interrogation rooms, the bathrooms, and the shooting range. I only have a few rooms to go, and I hope to finish them before the end of the month, but today I was able to completely search the training room," said Shaw, speaking with the same monotone, business like voice he had used throughout this entire conversation, but from Sarah's point-of-view, he might as well have bellowed the last two words at her.

"The t-training room," stammered Sarah, praying that she had heard wrong but knowing that she hadn't. All thoughts of paper work and sleep were wiped from her mind.

"That's right, the training room," confirmed Shaw, pretending that he didn't recognize the shift in Sarah's attitude. "And you would imagine my surprise when I found something completely abnormal hidden in one of the secret compartments."

'Oh shit! He found it! Oh god he found it! I'm a fucking idiot! How could I be so stupid!?' Sarah mentally panicked. Swallowing down her fear and embarrassment, Sarah instead answered, "I would imagine it would be very surprising, sir."

"Indeed," was all Shaw said as he reached down behind the desk and pulled up a gym bag. Just an ordinary gym bag, but one that caused Sarah's blood to run cold.

"Oh god!" groaned Sarah, not bothering to hide her mortification and burying her face in her hands. How could she be such a forgetful, sloppy idiot? She's better than this!

"At first I thought it might be some sort of weapon or explosive, and I was about to call in Chuck in case I needed him to flash and disarm it," explained Shaw.

"You didn't did you," panicked Sarah, snapping her head up, sending her hair flying, but not caring at all how deranged she might look or sound. All that mattered was that Chuck didn't find out what was in that bag. Nothing, not Shaw, not her job, nothing mattered as long as Chuck didn't know. 'He can never know,' she told herself.

"No, Walker, I didn't," affirmed Shaw. "The bag was too light and the feel wasn't right for any kind of explosive that I knew of. Plus, I found it hard to believe that if an enemy agent had breached the base that they would take the time to hide a weapon of some kind in a secret compartment in the training room instead of somewhere that might have done more instant, lasting damage. So, with all logic telling me that what ever was in the bag had to benign, I opened it."

As if feeling the need to demonstrate his words, Shaw then reached up onto the desk and unzipped the bag, spreading open the flaps so that Sarah could get a clear, unobstructed view of what had known to lay inside.

There it was. Lying there, staring up at Sarah like a snake waiting to pounce on its unsuspecting prey, it came back to bite her in the ass. Resting on a couple of towels as if they were pillows lay a leather harness attached to a 12 inch, life like, flesh colored dildo.

It was Sarah's favorite strap-on and it was sitting next to a bottle of lube in a bag on her mission commanders desk.

A painful silence engulfed the room as Shaw continued to look at Sarah who couldn't take her eyes off the plastic toy, as if expecting it to jump up and start berating her for being so sloppy.

All Sarah could think about beneath her mortification and fear of Shaw's response to this flagrant disregard towards keeping her personal life separate from her responsibility was the reason why her favorite sex toy had been hidden in the base's training room in the first place.

A few months ago, before Shaw had been assigned to their team, Sarah was in need of a major pick-me-up. Her relationship with Chuck was at its all time lowest and she didn't know what to do other than ignore the problem, which hadn't been working so far. So, as girls always did when they were feeling low and needed someone to confide in, she called up her best friend, Carina.

To Sarah's immense disappointment, Carina didn't pick up no matter how many time Sarah called that night, which usually meant she was on a mission somewhere and would be out of contact for an unknowable amount of time.

Upset that she didn't have someone to vent about Chuck with, Sarah prepared to go to bed miserable and upset when she heard a knock on the door. Sarah slipped on a robe to cover her barely dressed figure (she had been only wearing a tank top and a pair of panties) and opened the door.

"You called, blondie," greeted a smug Carina before grabbing Sarah by the robe and pulling her into a smoldering kiss. Needless to say, they didn't get to much talking that night.

After a night of passionate fucking, Sarah felt a little better but still really wanted to talk. So she told Carina everything about what happened between her and Chuck: how Sarah had realized that she truly did love Chuck and wanted to be with him; how she offered to run away with him so they could be together out from the eye of the CIA/NSA; how Chuck went off for some special training with General Beckman to be a better, full fledged agent (the truth was he needed to work with his newly downloaded Intersect and learn to use it properly, but Carina didn't know about the Intersect in the first place, so Sarah stayed silent about that) and he promised to meet her in Prague so they could run away and be together; how Chuck showed up only to tell her that he couldn't run away, that he needed to be an agent; how Chuck single handedly made her feel the kind of love Sarah had convinced herself she would never be able to feel only to shatter her heart and her belief in love all in the space of two minutes.

Carina let her friend talk her heart out, listened to her friend's heart breaking story and her recommendation for cured heart ache was a rather simple one: "Get dressed, Sarah. We need to party," she had said before leaning up and kissing Sarah, before rolling off of the bed.

Sarah had to wait until after the corresponding mission involving Carina's arms dealer fake fianc‚e until Carina was able provide any substantive help with her Chuck problem. Most unusually for Carina, her help came in the form of a recording showing Chuck admit that he chose becoming a spy over her because he loved her so much and he wanted to do everything she taught him what being a spy meant: use the skills he had to help people.

Sarah had been moved. She now fully understood why Chuck did what he did and, despite how hurt she had been then and still was now, she could find it in her heart to forgive him. And Carina was to thank for this change of heart and mind.

Well, logically, there was only one way to thank Carina for her help. So while Carina was still waiting around Castle for her next reassignment from Beckman, Sarah rushed home, grabbed her strap-on and a tube of lube, and hurried back to an otherwise empty Castle.

When she found Carina waiting around, before she could even say "Hey" Sarah grabbed her and dragged her to the training room. Sarah shoved Carina inside, pushed down her pants and panties, pulled on the leather harness and said in a voice dripping with desire, "You better get on you knees and give me the sloppiest blowjob you can, bitch, because this is going right up your ass."

Carina smiled down at Sarah from the height advantage her heels gave her. "Make me."

Sarah licked her lips at the prospect of 'forcing' her beautiful friend to give her ass up to her big dick. She reached her hands up to Carina's shoulders, answered with a husky "As you wish," and proceeded to push Carina onto her knees, lining up her face with her cock.

Afterwards, after Sarah had rewarded her friend for her help by fucking her in all of her holes, the two of them lay on the mats that covered the floor of the training room. They were shining head-to-toe from a glowing sheen of sweat. The strap-on was sticking up from Sarah's crotch like an perverse flagpole, it equally covered in a combination of saliva, lube, cum, and ass juice.

"Carina, you have an amazing ass," said an exhausted Sarah. Carina, who was curled up into Sarah's side, idly stroking Sarah's sweaty stomach, smiled up and said "And you, Agent Walker. have an amazing cock and rack," before leaning down and kissing the soft flesh of Sarah's tits, causing goose bumps to pop up all over and Sarah's nipples to harden into stiff peaks once more.

Their post coital cuddle session wasn't to last however, as a horrifyingly familiar voice called out.

"Sarah? Sarah are you still here?"

"Chuck!!" exclaimed a horrified Sarah. She leapt to her feet, running around the room, snatching up her clothes. Carina, on the other hand, just laughed and calmly got to her feet. She picked her
clothes up at a decidedly slower pace than Sarah, partly because she didn't care that much about Chuck catching them, partly because Sarah did quite a number on her ass. Carina knew she wouldn't be doing any dodging and rolling today. But Carina knew how much Sarah wanted to keep this part of her life secret from Chuck, so she put a little more effort into getting her clothes back on.

When both women were fully clothed once more, and they could hear Chuck's voice getting louder as he approached the room, all that was left to take care of was the toy dangling from Sarah's hand.

Looking around for a place to stash it for the time being, Sarah spotted a gym bag hanging from the wall. Rushing over, Sarah shoved the toy inside, completely disregarding the items inside, zipped it up and hurried over to shove it in a secret compartment hidden beneath a tile in front of one of the weapon shelves. Just as she stood up and hurried over to join Carina in the middle of the room, Chuck entered the room.

"Hey Sarah, Carina. I was looking for you," he said, smiling at the women, but mostly at Sarah, naturally.

"Looks like you found us, Chuckles," said Carina.

"What are you doing here, Chuck? I thought you had gone home?" asked Sarah, brushing some hair from her face.

"Yeah, I did, but I remembered I forgot something here. What were you two doing? Why are you all sweaty?" asked Chuck, his eyebrow raised in confusion.

"We were just having some girl-on-girl fun, Chuck. Just like we always do when we're alone," answered Carina as if she were explaining something simple to a child.

Sarah turned to her friend/lover, her eyes widened in horror, silently promising her a very painful, excruciating death the likes of which the redhead had never imagined. Chuck was likewise shocked, although he reacted, not in horror and threats, but like most men did when they heard implications like that. He blinked rapidly, his eyes moving back and forth between the two extremely gorgeous women standing before him, his mind already lost to the images Carina's words planted.

"We were sparring, pervert!" Carina exasperatedly explained with a roll of her eyes as she made her way to the door. "Men! Get your mind out of the gutter, Bartowski." Carina bumped shoulders with Chuck, causing the Nerd Herder to softly cry out, "Ow." Chuck turned back to Sarah, and both of them shared a look of extreme relief.

"Sparring," they both said together with feigned laughter.

Sarah had since become so fully immersed in the complications that their enemy, an organization called The Ring, created, as well as the sudden appearance of Shaw in her life and her budding feelings for him that her hidden toy was wiped completely from her mind. Or so she had thought.

"Do you want to explain yourself, Walker," asked Shaw, still acting like there's not a sex toy sitting on his desk, his voice unchanged. In a move that shocked even herself, Sarah shook her head and said "No, sir. I don't."

Sarah sat there, looking down at her hands wanting desperately to be anywhere but here. Shaw just sat behind his desk one hand on his arm rest, the other on top of his desk, watching Sarah sit in silence, his mind moving faster than anyone would think just by looking at him.

Then, in the second surprising move in the past minute, Shaw said, "Okay."

Sarah's head shot up again, her face a mask of shock and confusion. "What? What do you mean 'okay'?!"

"I mean, okay, if you don't want to tell me that's fine. This isn't a threat to national security, so I have no reason to order you to fully explain yourself. Your personal life is just that: yours. I would like it to stay out of Castle, this is true, but other than that, it honestly doesn't matter to me who you see socially, as long as it doesn't break any protocol," explained Shaw quite calmly.

Sarah didn't know what to say to this. She never imagined a superior of hers to be so forgiving and understanding about something as unexpected and blatantly sexual. Especially seeing as she had just kissed this particular superior less than 24 hours ago.

"You... you're sure?" asked Sarah.

She didn't want any misunderstandings, but she also didn't want to push her luck.

"Quite sure, Walker," reiterated Shaw. "Just make sure nothing like this happens on base again."

With that, Shaw stood up and handed the bag to a now also standing Sarah. She took the bag without saying another word. With as much dignity as she could muster considering she wanted to just evaporate on the spot from humiliation, Sarah reached into the bag to take one of the towels and place it over the toy, as if she were hoping the cloth would act as some kind of shield and erase its existence from Shaw's mind.

"If you would like to go home now, I don't mind. I will clean up the paperwork and you can finish it tomorrow," suggested Shaw.

"Yes, thank you," said Sarah with a curt smile. "That would be great." Sarah turned to leave. She walked right past the table full covered in now seemingly unimportant paperwork, not caring that they needed to be put away. She didn't care if this looked like she was running away from Shaw, because that exactly what she was doing. She just wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible.

"Oh, and Sarah," called Shaw as Sarah reached the end of the hallway leading to the Buy More entrance of the base.

Sarah stopped grudgingly. She knew that what Shaw needed to say had to be important, or he wouldn't have used her first name. She turned around reluctantly, really wanting to leave but knowing she had to stay a few seconds longer. "Yes, sir," she said with a forced smile.

"I meant what I said. I really don't care," said Shaw with a smile, the first genuine show of emotion Sarah had seen from him all night.

The implications of what Shaw just said were obvious. He was almost blatantly telling Sarah that he doesn't care that she likes women, that he still cares for her and any feeling that were there last night haven't changed because of this abrupt discovery. Sarah felt an equally genuine smile spread on her face at Shaw's reassuring words. She might not know what kind of future, if any, she wants with the stoic CIA agent, but she was glad to know she hadn't ruined things with him completely. The next few mission briefings might be a bit awkward, but that would fade away eventually and hopefully everything would be back to normal in a few days.

Sarah walked the familiar path down the pathway the CIA installed underneath the Buy More. She ascended the stairs that would eventually lead to the exit. It was unusual for them to use the Buy More entrance this late, when everyone in the store was gone and the store closed, but it was their only option at the moment. The other passage way that led to the secure NSA planted Orange Orange was usually their primary mode of entering and exiting Castle, but the door seemed to be on the fritz at the moment. It only seemed for some reason it only acknowledged Shaw. Every time her, Casey and Chuck tried to enter through it locked down the entire base. Luckily Shaw lived in the base and was there 24 hours a day so he was able to shut it off before it call any unnecessary agents arrived, but it was still a pain in the ass.

It was easy to pass off why Chuck and Casey would be coming and going from the Buy More staff room: they work there. But Sarah was just seen as Chuck's ex-girlfriend. She didn't have any reason now to be in the Buy More when Chuck wasn't unless she was buying something. And Sarah didn't want to have to buy some electronic device she would never use just to do her job. But Sarah had seen Morgan, the current Buy More manager, lock up and leave earlier, so the store was currently empty. Reaching the door that led into the Buy More, Sarah typed in her security code in the console next to the door.

"Recognized: Sarah Walker." the computerized voice said as the door slowly opened, revealing the all to familiar bland staff room with its green and yellow boarders along the floor and ceiling. Sarah exited the pathway into the room and pushed the door shut, which from this side was made to look like a section of lockers.

Then, just as the door started to slide into place in its spot in the wall, Sarah heard it. The all too familiar click-clack of heels on tile floor. The sound was close, coming from the front door, meaning whoever this woman was she wasn't that far from entering. Sarah had three, maybe five seconds top to decide what to do.

She looked at the door she had just entered the room through. It was now firmly secured in place and looked like a plain old wall of lockers, indistinguishable from the rest of it's metal brothers. There wasn't enough time to open it, slip inside and close it without whoever this late worker was. Sarah looked around the room at the two other normal doors that entered into the room. No, once again she didn't have time to get to either door, open it, slip through and close it with out being detected. Could she hide on top of the vending machines? Their was enough space up their and she was small enough to completely hide herself if she scrunched up enough. But again, she just didn't have time to climb up there, whether she used the tables of just scaled the machine herself, without making too much noise. This left her with one option.

When the door finally swung open, the mystery woman found Sarah crouching under one of the tables in the room.

"What are you doing here?" asked a very surprised Hannah with an accusatory tone in her voice. Sarah was just as surprised to see Hannah as the girl was to see her, but she ignored her own curiosity for at the moment.

"I'm sorry! I know I'm not supposed to be here, but I forgot my gym gear," explained Sarah holding up the bag she had just picked up, after throwing it under the table so she could feign picking it up in the first place.

"Yeah, you're right, you aren't supposed to be here," shot Hannah, arms crossed in front of her chest and not at all happy to see Sarah. "How did you get in here?"

Sarah gulped. She wasn't worried, but she needed to act it to fool the angry woman who honestly caught her red handed somewhere Sarah wasn't supposed to be.

"Well, you see," began Sarah, adding a nervous tone to her voice to add to the effect, "I used to date Chuck and they haven't changed the security in the back since then and - "

Hannah cut Sarah off with bitter laugh. "Yes, Sarah, I know the history between you and Chuck very well, thanks. It's one of the things we have in common now," she added harshly.

"Yeah, I heard about that,' said Sarah with true pity in her voice. She had honestly felt bad for both Chuck and Hannah when she heard today how he ended it with her the night before. "Look Hannah, I know you probably don't want to hear this from me but I'm sor-"

"Yeah, you're right, I don't want to hear it from you Sarah!" spat Hannah, looking much angrier than Sarah had ever seen her in the weeks that she and Chuck were together. "Now please, just leave. I'm not going to call the police on you because that would mean I have to stay here longer when I just want to leave."

Sarah was surprised. Hannah seemed to really be pissed. 'What happened between them' she wondered to herself, not for the first time today. She had never seen a woman so pissed because of Chuck who wasn't in handcuffs. 'It must have been bad' she thought as she nodded at Hannah's request and moved to walk past her.

The back room of the Buy More wasn't that large of a place. So there wasn't that much space separating Sarah and the pretty and pissed brunette standing by the door, but it felt to Sarah much longer than the six steps it took to reach the other woman. She took her time looking at Hannah. Really look at her. Sarah hadn't had too many opportunities to see Hannah in the brief weeks the olive skinned beauty had been in Chuck's life. There was the time in the museum, but both her and Hannah were just recovering from near death so Sarah couldn't get a real impression of her. But other than that, Sarah didn't really want to be around Hannah.

It was very petty, she knew it, but she had been jealous. This girl just shows up randomly on a plane to Paris, follows Chuck back to Burbank, and just like that they're dating. It couldn't have been that easy for Sarah and Chuck. No, that would be too fair. So Sarah had kept her distance and watched Chuck try to juggle his budding relationship with a girl he really cared for and keep his life as spy a secret. She felt sympathy for both as they equally suffered as the mounting responsibilities Chuck gained kept him from her.

Now it was over and the woman Sarah barely knew, the woman she had burned with jealousy over, had fantasized about stealing Chuck from, stood before her with an mask contempt that was surely hiding the pain and hurt she was feeling, staring right at Sarah.

When Sarah moved past Hannah to exit the room, she stopped. She knew she should just continue on her way, that Hannah was literally nothing to her. She was the now former ex-girlfriend of the CIA/NSA asset and spy-in-training who just so happened to be the man Sarah herself fell for and got hurt by. She owed Hannah nothing and could leave this building to never think of her again.

But Sarah had been Hannah only a few months ago. Her heart had been shattered and she had been angry beyond belief. She took her anger out on Chuck by being cold and distant to him because her job was to be around him, but Hannah couldn't do that. She was just going to be angry and sad for a time. And while Sarah was sure that was how most break-ups went, this wasn't most break-ups. This was breaking up with Chuck Bartowski, one of the most sincerely sweet and kind men Sarah had ever known.

"Hannah," said Sarah, turning to the other woman as her resolve to do this solidified, "do you want to talk?"

Hannah's eyebrows rose and her eyes widened in confusion. She quickly got over the suddenness of the question however and let out a small laugh, "Do I want to talk? With you?" she asked with unrestrained disdain.

"With me, yes," answered Sarah, ignoring the harshness in Hannah's voice.

"Why would I want to talk with you?!" snapped Hannah, her eyes slits of anger.

Hannah must have realized how rude she was acting, because her eyes widened in horror and she turned away from Sarah. "Oh god, Sarah, I'm so sorry!" Hannah apologized, putting a hand over her mouth and sounding like she was about to cry. "I don't mean to be so rude. I don't know what's come over me." Hannah sat down in a close by chair and just... gave up. She didn't do anything other than slump her shoulders in despair, but Sarah could tell. Hannah simply looked defeated, broken.

Sarah moved cautiously moved over to the table, not sure if Hannah would want her to join her. But Sarah decided to risk it and sat down in a chair next to the upset woman.

"You're upset and hurt. Believe me, I know what you're going through," sympathized Sarah, putting her bag down on a chair next to her. "I've been where you are."

Hannah looked up at the blonde next to her and gave her a small smile. "Yeah, I guess you have."

Sarah returned Hannah's smile. "Would you mind telling me what happened between the two of you? I only know that the two of you broke up last night," she asked.

"What does it matter what happened?" asked Hannah harshly. "It happened, it's over! It's done!"

"It doesn't matter, not really," claimed Sarah, backing off defensively. She hadn't expected such a heated response, but wasn't that surprised. "I just wanted to help. Sometime's it helps to just talk, to tell your story. Sometimes it can take some pain off your shoulders. It doesn't always help, I know, but..." Sarah paused, trying to think of what she was trying to say. She had never done this before, comforting a woman with a broken heart.

Hannah looked away from Sarah, staring off into the corner of the room, but Sarah knew she wasn't seeing anything. She then said closing her eyes with a heavy sigh, "I just want to forget it ever happened." As she said this a few tears slipped from her closed eye, trailing down her smooth cheek.

Sarah reached over to her gym bag, unzipped it half way and, with out looking, reached in and grabbed the top towel she felt. Pulling it out, she reached over and gently cupped Hannah's chin in her free hand.

Surprised at the unexpected gentle touch, Hannah gasped. She didn't fight, though, as Sarah held up her towel and gestured to Hannah's tear streaked face, indicating what she wanted to do. Hannah nodded in agreement as Sarah ever so gently wiped the salty tears from Hannah's lovely skin with the towel.

Hannah closed her eyes as Sarah applied such gentle pressure to her cheeks, clearing her face away of any upset blemishes. She had never expected to feel such softness and gentleness from someone who she had thought of as competition up until last night. She was surprised to find how much she liked it and was sad when Sarah pulled her hands away.

"No you don't," said Sarah finally.

Hannah snapped her eyes open, all pleasantness from Sarah's tender hands gone as she absorbed what Sarah had just said to her. How dare Sarah be so presumptive to tell me what I should feel!

Before Hannah could tell her off for being so insensitive, however, Sarah beat her to it by explaining herself, "You don't want to forget because, even though this may hurt now, and I'm sure it will hurt for some time, you don't want to forget because I wanted to forget."

"What do you mean," Hannah asked, anger in her voice, but there was also curiosity in there as well.

'She really wants to know what I have to say,' an amazed Sarah said to herself. She never had a girl friend who sought out her advice before. Chuck's sister, Ellie, may come to her from time to time to talk about Chuck or Awsome, but she also had other friends at work and from school who had much better advice to give.

"I mean, when Chuck ended our relationship, all I wanted to do was forget it ever happened," explained Sarah. Now she was the one who was turning away from Hannah, not wanting to look at her while she explained the details of the end of her relationship with their mutual ex-boyfriend. "Not just the break-up, but everything that led up to it: all the love I felt that seemed insignificant; how he made me laugh; the future I thought the two of us might have had."

She felt her throat begin to clench up. Not wanting to get weepy when she was trying to cheer up an all ready crying girl, Sarah forced herself to continue. "But after a few days of wishing that I had never known Chuck Bartowski, I realized that if I forgot Chuck because of how her hurt me, than I would also be forgetting all the great times we had together: How he made me laugh at the stupidest things; the times we would stay up watching movies, talking about how silly they were or listening him talk so passionately about Star Wars; how I felt more alive with him than I had ever felt with anyone else. And it was those thoughts that allowed me to move on and live my life. Because as much as he hurt me, Chuck also helped. And I thank he helped you too."

Hannah listened to Sarah's emotional explanation, fully taking in what she was telling her. 'Chuck helped me?' she thought to herself.

"How?" Hannah asked with a small voice, but Sarah heard her perfectly. "I mean, I move out here thinking that I met the greatest guy and that I finally found something. In return he avoids me half the time and than sleeps with me before dumping me the next night. While I'm having dinner with my parents. How is any of that good for me?" she demanded Sarah to answer.

"He did what?" Sarah asked in shock. "That doesn't sound like Chuck," she added, looking away trying to process this new information and figure out why Chuck would act so out of character.

Remembering what she was supposed to be doing here, Sarah forgot about trying to figure out the strange decisions of Chuck. She turned back to Hannah and said, "I can't tell you why he did that, and I'm not going to excuse it or give you some bullshit excuse, but think about how brave you've been."

This cause Hannah to scoff harshly. "Brave, yeah right," she mocked, anger back on her face as her lips twisted into another scowl. "More like how big of an idiot I am."

Sarah shook her head in defiance. She took one of Hannah's hands into hers and tried to clarify. "Just think about it Hannah, think about what you did. You meet a guy on a plane and hit it off with him. You want to start something with him, but you have to leave each other almost instantly. Instead of spending the rest of you life wondering about what could have been, you hop on another plane and track him down, because you know that this guy is special. When things are a little rocky at first, you are determined to make it work, because you know the two of you have something. You refused to let your relationship die because of superficial reasons. You fought for it instead and only now that the decision has been made for you are you giving up on it. And now you are you hating yourself. But the truth is Hannah, and this is important," Sarah emphasized, looking deep into Hannah's eyes, which hadn't wavered from Sarah's since she started talking, "the truth is that you are one of the bravest people I know. I never would have done what you did for a guy I barely knew. And if Chuck made you do this, than I say your time with him was damn well worth it, despite all the tears now. Because the next guy won't stand a chance."

She said as she reached up and wiped off more tears, this time her towel left forgotten, instead using her thumb to wipe away the falling tears.

Hannah hitched a breath as Sarah wiped her cheek and her eyes fluttered shut. She never expected to feel so safe and comforted by Chuck's ex-girlfriend. Hannah had felt nothing but contempt and jealousy for the blonde from the moment she saw her. She was the type of woman that men cheat on their girlfriends for: a statuesque blonde with curves galore and a penchant for clingy and/or short pants and low cut, revealing tops. Then she found out that Chuck had actually dated this mini-goddess and she hated Sarah even more. Hannah always secretly hated when the two would interact, but she barely said anything because she didn't want to upset Chuck, who clearly still wanted Sarah to be a friend. Plus Sarah seemed to be moving onto the Superman-wannabe Hannah had seen her with a few times.

But now Sarah was sitting with her in the back room of the Buy More, comforting her and telling her such amazing things. Hannah couldn't help but feel guilty about her earlier negative thoughts about this woman, who clearly was a nice, loving person.

"Thank you, Sarah," Hannah said, reaching up and placing her hand over Sarah's stopping her from wiping away now non-existing tears. The two sat there for a few seconds, hands clasping each others, before Hannah moved Sarah's hand off of her face. "You've really been a big help. And you were right."

"About what," asked Sarah, not wanting to pull her hands away but fearing the all to familiar sparks she was feeling in her chest, deciding that it would be for the best. As gently as she could with out coming off as rude, Sarah disentangled her hands from Hannah's resting them on her lap, but not leaning away from Hannah, silently telling her that she was still listening to whatever Hannah had to say.

Hannah was slightly disappointed when Sarah pulled her hands away, but tried to mask it by running one hand through her hair. "It did help to talk about it," she said with a smile.

"Now there's what I wanted to see," beamed Sarah, pointing at Hannah's lovely smile. "Smiling, cheery Hannah is much better than frowning, grumpy Hannah."

Hannah mock bowed in response and said through her smile, "Okay but only because you asked. The moment you leave my sight, I'm going to go back to grumpy, angry mode."

"Well then, I just won't have to leave you," said Sarah with a smile, but also slightly serious. She didn't want Hannah to slip back into her sad self when they leave tonight. "Speaking of leaving, how are you getting home. You don't have access to the Nerd Herder cars anymore, right?"

"No, I had to give the keys back with my resignation," admitted Hannah with a shrug. "And Morgan was going to give me a ride home, but as completely nice as he has been to me, I didn't want to have to listen to him try to change my mind or have him hound me about Chuck."

"But your okay with talking about him to me?" Sarah asked curiously.

"I guess so," said Hannah. She took a few minutes to think before she then said, "I guess that you are more comforting to me than Morgan. Also, there's less of a chance of you hitting on me than him," she added with a laugh.

Sarah forced a laugh of her own, and said "Yeah, he wasn't being very subtle was he?" to cover up the nerves she was feeling. Truth be told, Sarah was much better with women than Morgan ever was. She had certainly been with more of them than he had, that she was sure of.

Getting off the subject of Morgan's inability to keep his eyes to himself, Sarah coughed and than said, "So, do you need a lift home?"

"Oh, no, I wouldn't want to impose," insisted Hannah.

"You aren't imposing. I offered," reminded Sarah, holding up her keys and giving them a shake. "And I'm not taking no for an answer. The last thing you need today is to take a cab home by yourself."

"Okay, okay," Hannah relented with a laugh. "Don't twist my arm."

Before either of them could say anything more, the all to familiar sound of a ringing phone jumped in between them, effectively popping the nice little bubble the two had created between them these past few minutes.

"Sorry," apologized Sarah as she pulled her phone from her back pocket. It was Shaw.

"Sorry, I have to get this," Sarah said as she stood up. Hannah followed her up and watched as Sarah made her way to the side door of the room. "Just wait a few minutes. I'll be right back."

"Take your time. I'm in no hurry," said Hannah.

"Thanks," said Sarah as she exited into the hallway and closed the door behind her.

"Yes, sir," Sarah greeted as she answered the phone.

"I thought I recommended sleep, Walker," the calm voice of Daniel Shaw said on the other end. Sarah looked up at the security camera at the end of the hallway and knew that Shaw was watching her.

"I was just about to go home, sir, when I got caught leaving. I had to come up with a reason for being here so late and then I just got lost in conversation," explained Sarah, both to the phone and the camera. "I'll be more careful in the future sir."

"I'm not admonishing you, Walker," reminded Shaw. "I just know how hard you work and worry about you getting enough sleep. You're no good to us sleepy."

"Thank you for your concern, sir," Sarah truthfully thanked her commanding officer. "I was just going to drop Hannah off at her place then head home myself."

"Very well, Walker. In that case I am about to turn in myself," said Shaw. "Have a good night Sarah," he said as kindly as he could.

Smiling up at the camera, Sarah said, "Thank you sir. Good night."

Turning off her phone, Sarah thanked whatever deities that might exist out there that Shaw's unconventional discovery of her bisexuality hadn't changed their relationship at all.

Opening the door to the staff room again, Sarah said, while looking down at the time on her phone, "Sorry about that. That was my boss. He's a real pain in the ass and call's even in the middle of the night. Now we'd better get going. It's really... really... "

Sarah's ability to speak ceased as her throat suddenly went completely dry and the bottom of her stomach dropped off as she froze in mid-step.

The gym bag was no longer resting in the chair Sarah had thrown it into. Now it was sitting on top of the table, completely unzipped, flaps spread open. Standing in front of it was a wide eyed Hannah, her mouth hanging slightly open in shock as her eyes seemed to be glued to the object that had been hiding inside it. Lying next to her feet was a forgotten towel.

Snapped out of her stupor by Sarah's entrance, Hannah whipped her head up to look at Sarah and said in a rather shaky voice, "I - I'm sorry Sarah. I didn't know what was inside. I wasn't snooping, I swear. I was just putting the towel back. Please don't be upset."

Getting over the numb shock that had over taken her body, Sarah lurched forward and clumsily grabbed the bag. "Upset!? Why would I be upset? Like you said, you didn't know what was in here," Sarah said as calmly as she could. "Besides, it's not like we're best friends or anything. I don't care that much that you know that I like women, I just didn't think that someone would find out like this," she hastily explained.

'Not again, at least,' Sarah cursed herself. That was two people in one day who had uncovered her little secret via a goddamn gym bag.

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, it doesn't matter to me," comforted Hannah who, despite what she had just said, couldn't look Sarah in the eye. She instead chose to play with the end of her skirt. "My sister is a lesbian and I know how happy she is so I can't judge you without judging her."

"I'm not a lesbian," calmly clarified Sarah. She didn't want to sound like she was insulted by the thought though, given what Hannah just divulged about her sister. "I still like men, I just also like women."

Hannah looked up from her skirt, looking Sarah in the eyes, trying to see something in them. "So... you're bisexual?" she asked.

"Yes," Sarah simply answered.

For some reason this caused the corner of Hannah's lips to curl upwards in a small smile. "Cool," she said. "And sorry I acted so weird before. I've just never seen... one of those," she gestured to the bag hanging from Sarah's shoulder," before. I know they exist and what they look like, but I just didn't expect to find it in your bag."

"Heh, I guess it's not something you find lying around is it," laughed Sarah. She couldn't believe how calm Hannah was being, and her calmness was helping Sarah from freaking out.

Well, freaking out more than she already had.

Now that the unexpected awkwardness was over with, Sarah gripped her bag firmly and said, "So, should we get going? Like I was saying before, it's getting late." She started to move to the door when she heard an unexpected answer from behind.


Sarah stopped about a foot away from the door, hand outstretched, ready to grab the door knob it was seemed to not yet grasp.

Sarah had recognized the tone in Hannah's voice. It was a tone she had used herself and heard many times in her life, and it frightened her. She didn't want to be right, but she knew she was.

Turning around to face Hannah, Sarah conflictingly felt fear and anticipation at what she saw.

Hannah was standing where Sarah had left her, behind the table they had just been sitting at a few minutes ago. Her overall appearance was the same as it had been only 30 seconds ago, before Sarah had turned her back on the former Buy More employee. She was standing in all her 5'4 stature, still dressed in the uniform of a Buy More Nerd Herder despite having ended her final shift a few hours ago: a white button down shirt, short black skirt, and black tie that made her look a mixture of adorable and sexy at the same time.

No, what had changed was her demeanor. She wasn't just standing: she was waiting. Sarah could tell just by looking at her. Her legs were shaking slightly, getting over the many nerves that were currently surging through her. Her hands were clenching into fists over and over again. But most of all it was her eyes. Hannah's eyes, normally a lovely light shade of brown, were now completely dark with desire.

Sarah fought down every dirty thought Hannah's current state was inspiring and instead asked, in as normal, calm voice, "You don't want to leave? Why not?"

Instead of answering her, Hannah chose to move around the table and slowly approach Sarah. When their was only a few feet separating their bodies, Hannah asked in a voice caked with desire, "Do you still want to help me, Sarah?"

Sarah knew what she had to do. She need to tell Hannah that while yes, she still did want to help her, right now she thinks it would be best if they each went home and got some sleep. If, in the morning, Hannah wanted to talk some more, Sarah would be more than happy to find some time in her day to get together. She should turn around, open the door and leave. She needed to leave. Her brain was screaming at her to leave, screaming at her all the reasons why what was about to happen was a bad, stupid decision.

Unfortunately, Sarah's brain was often ignored in situations like this.

"Yes," she let out in a voice Sarah was surprised to hear it was equally as desire filled as Hannah's.

Hannah closed the distance between the tow of them, pressing her body into Sarah's, causing both women to let out a soft moan of desire.

"Then please Sarah, fuck me," Hannah asked in a needy groan as she up on her toes and pressed her lips to Sarah's.

It was instinctual. The moment that Sarah felt those pretty pink lips press to her own, all thoughts of everything else disappeared. All that existed was those lips and the sexy woman they were attached to.

Hannah moaned into Sarah's mouth when Sarah began to kiss her back. She wrapped her arms up around Sarah's neck, pulling their bodies together until the only thing separating them was the thin material of their clothes.

Sarah groaned as one of Hannah's hands threaded itself into her long hair. She wrapped her own arms around the smaller girl. One of her hands stroked up and down Hannah's back while her other went for the gold and grabbed hold of Hannah's skirt clad ass.

"Oh fuck," Hannah panted with a quick separation of their mouths before Sarah instantly dove back down to reclaim those amazing lips, squeezing Hannah's ass as they were reunited.

The room was now filled with the tantalizing sounds of moans, heavy breathing and the sweet sound of lips smacking against one another. Any thoughts of tears and going home were long gone, replaced by two women who couldn't keep their hands off each other and didn't care where they were.

Sarah was completely enveloped in this petite beauty. She wanted to throw this girl on the nearest table and fuck her till her voice was hoarse from screaming so much. And luckily for her, it seemed Hannah was fully on board with this idea.

She was just about to push away from the door she was pressed against to move over to one of the tables scattered throughout the room when Hannah took the initiative.

Without any kind of warning, Hannah untangled a hand from Sarah's thoroughly disheveled hair and trailed it down Sarah's body to cup her pussy through her pants.

Like someone switching on a light, the full implications of what was happening fully hit Sarah. Snapping her eye's open, Sarah hastily shoved Hannah away.

"Whoa!" a blustered Hannah gasped as she stumbled away from Sarah. Looking up with a confused and slightly hurt expression on her face, she asked, "What? Did I do something wrong?"

Running a hand through her hair as she tried to gather herself, Sarah shook her head. "No. I mean, kind of," Sarah stammered, trying to properly explain herself.

But instead of asking what Sarah meant, Hannah got a lustful expression on her face and began to advance on the hesitating blond.

"Well then, you'll just have to show me how to do it right," Hannah purred as she reached out to lightly stroke Sarah's arm.

Hitching her breath at those soft fingers trailed up and down her flesh, leaving standing hair and gooseflesh in their wake.

"Although, I seem to be doing a pretty good job for my first time, if your shirt is any indication," Hannah added with a chuckle.

Confused as to what her shirt has to do with anything, Sarah looked down and was greeted with her two nipples pointing out through her shirt.

"It's like we're twins," said Hannah with a naughty grin. And before Sarah could ask what she meant, Hannah showed her.

Quickly unbuttoning her shirt, Hannah threw it off of her, somehow managing to keep the tie on. Underneath was nothing but a plain black bra. But when someone as naturally beautiful as Hannah was standing in front of her wearing nothing but a skirt, bra, and a tie, Sarah didn't give a damn if Hannah bought her underwear from Victoria's Secret or Wal-Mart. And their, proving her point were two clear bumps trying to break free from their cotton prison.

It took every ounce of strength that Sarah possessed to keep herself from leaning down and burying her face in the small but plentiful cleavage on display.

But Sarah knew she couldn't. Not now. Not again.

"Look, Hannah," Sarah started, tearing her eyes away from the mouth watering body that stood before her, forcing herself to look Hannah in the eyes. "As much as I would love to do this - "

"You mean fuck me," Hannah helpfully supplied with a wicked grin.

Sarah shot Hannah a glare for her unwanted clarity before continuing. "Yes, okay. As much as I want to fuck you right now, I don't think it would be a good idea right now," she said before gently reaching up to grip Hannah's stroking hand and push it off her.

Hannah's smile faltered at these words, but she didn't allow them to deter her from what she wanted.

Taking the hint at least that Sarah didn't want Hannah touching her (for the moment at least), the brunette back away from the tall blonde until she hit edge of a table.

"All right Sarah," conceded Hannah. "Why don't you tell me why fucking me is such a bad idea," she requested while shaking her hands in mock horror at the words 'bad idea'.

"And let me just say right off the bat, don't try and use the lame 'It could hurt Chuck,' excuse," she continued with as she crossed her arms in front of her barely covered chest and rolled her eyes before Sarah could begin to speak. "Because I have no intention of speaking to Chuck ever again and I know that you wouldn't tell him because you're scared that you liking boobs as much as he does might scare him off, so let's just move right on past excuse number 1 and get number 2 off of your substantial chest, shall we."

Sarah was slightly put off at how well Hannah seemed to know her and her accurate fears about Chuck, but she didn't let this throw her off. She was determined to make sure that, whatever her hard nipples and damp panties may say to the contrary, she would leave the building tonight without fucking Chuck's girlfriend.


"Okay Hannah," conceded Sarah as she stood up straight, crossing her own arms, blocking her still hard nipples from Hannah's vision. "I just think that right now you are in a vulnerable and emotional place right now. You just got your heart broken last night and, not even ten minutes ago, you were sitting over there crying over it. I don't think it's healthy or sane to just jump the person closest to you, much less have it be your first woman, who you don't even know if you're interested in," pointed out Sarah with a defiant glare on her face, daring Hannah to prove her wrong.

Hannah stood there for a few second's, taking in everything Sarah had to say. "Well, Sarah, thank you for trying to take care of me, but let me let you know that I am a big girl" she said as she spread her arms behind her and used her hands to lift herself onto the table. She was now sitting with her legs slightly parted, providing Sarah a tiny glimpse at the black panties up her skirt, leaning forward slightly, making a deeper valley of cleavage for Sarah to get lost in.

"I was upset earlier and am still upset now," continued Hannah with a pleased smile. She knew exactly where Sarah was looking. She felt kind of bad for manipulating Sarah's emotions like this, but right now all she wanted was Sarah's hands and lips back on her. All of this talking was just prolonging the inevitable and she wanted it over with fast, so she wasn't shy about using the weapons God gave her to her advantage. "But I am tired of being upset. I've been angry and hurt for the last 24 hours and now I want to feel something else. And, right now, I want to be fucked. Chuck made love to me and made me think that their was something between us and that we would be together for a long while, so now I just need a nice, hard, passionate fucking that makes me cum harder than I have in a long time. I didn't think it would be you I would be trying to get into my pants, but when I saw your strap-on and you said you liked women, it was like my prayers had been answered."

Hannah finished her passionate speech with a desperate and begging tone, giving Sarah no reason at all to doubt her sincerity in her need for to be fucked.

And, like before, if Hannah were any other woman, Sarah would be more than happy to be the one to give her the fucking she wants so much. But Sarah couldn't help but think of the two ghosts floating around in her conscience.

Chuck has had two other girlfriends since Sarah had known him, and both times Sarah had ended up fucking them. While the circumstances and aftermaths of those two encounters may have been different, Sarah couldn't help feeling guilty before, during, and after her rendezvous with the two different women.

That had been part of the reason Sarah had stayed away from Hannah. She knew how lovely Hannah was just by seeing her on surveillance camera's when she was with Chuck and didn't want to be tempted into an another illicit meeting with Chuck's third girlfriend the way that she had been with Lou and Jill. And while Hannah might now be Chuck's ex-girlfriend right now, that fact wasn't helping to erase the guilt from Sarah's mind.

It also didn't help her guilt that both of those times with Chuck's girlfriends were some of the hottest times Sarah had ever had (a fact she was ashamed to admit given who Jill actually turned out to be) with the taboo of them being Chuck's girlfriend adding a extra kink that made Sarah enjoy it even more.

Now here she was for the third time with Chuck's ex sitting provocatively before, her half-naked and begging to be fucked. Even now Sarah was feeling her resistance crumbling away.

"I'm not asking for any kind of commitment or even your number," Hannah said, finding Sarah's silence a bad sign and was now hoping to entice the blonde even more. "I just want one night of mindless pleasure. That's all I'm asking for. Just. One. Night. One night where I'll do whatever you want."

Those words did it. Sarah's eyes shot up from where they had been unconsciously been lingering in between Hannah's legs and locked on with the brunette's darker pair.

"What - whatever I want?" Sarah repeated regretfully, knowing she was giving Hannah the opening she wanted, but right now Sarah was having a hard time caring.

Hannah's devious smile turned to one of triumph. She had Sarah on the line now and wasn't about to lose her now that she was so close.

"Yes, Sarah, you can do whatever you want to me," reiterated Hannah, her eye's shrouded with lust as she reached up to play with her tits through her bra with one hand and reach up her own skirt with the other one. "Eat my pussy, spank me, fuck - OH!" she gasped in pleasure, her eyes snapping shut and her head arching back, thrusting out her chest and deliciously smooth stomach. Her hand had clearly touched herself in spots Sarah was unable to see due to the cruel blockers of Hannah's skirt and hand.

When Hannah had settled down enough , she reopened her eyes half-way, looking at Sarah through heavy lidded with dark, needy eyes. "Fuck my cunt with your cock," she continued as if she hadn't had a mini-orgasm right in front of Sarah, although her voice had dropped a bit in huskiness. "Shove your big toy as far up my cunt as it can go, I don't care. Do whatever you want to just please, make me feel good! Make me cum! Please, fuck mmmphh!"

Hannah's desperate pleas were muffled as Sarah practically lunged across the distance between her and Hannah, grabbing her slim hips, holding her in place as she slammed her lips against those of the tempting brunette.

Sarah didn't care anymore. She had tried to hold back. Every cell in her body had been yelling at her to just fuck this girl, but she held herself in check. Not anymore. She forgot about everything else. She didn't care that Hannah was about to be the third straight girlfriend of Chuck's that she had fucked. All that mattered was that their was a half-naked, gorgeously, sinfully sexy woman sitting in front of her literally begging - begging! - Sarah to fuck her until she couldn't see straight. And while Sarah prided herself on her moral compass and the sense of right and wrong most people in her line of work lose as time goes on, their was only so much that Sarah could stand.

And now that she had completely giving into the desire that her body had been crying for she was planning on making this little slut's first girl-on-girl experience to be the best fuck of her life.

Hannah got over her surprise at Sarah's sudden action almost instantly, trying to give back as good as she was getting. Sarah had trapped her upper lip in between her own and was sucking on it and sending shivers all over Hannah's primed body. Hannah moaned softly into Sarah's mouth as the in-charge blonde softly bit on her lip, giving Sarah the chance to slide her tongue into Hannah's mouth.

"Mmmm," moaned Hannah as Sarah's surprisingly long tongue made itself at home in Hannah's mouth, getting into a spirited fight for dominance with Hannah's tongue.

Not wanting this horny slut's body obscured from her greedy eyes any longer, Sarah's hands found their way up to Hannah's bra. To a newbie like Hannah, taking off another woman's bra might be an embarrassing hassle, but for Sarah, it was easy as snapping her fingers. So, within a second of getting her hand's on her partner's bra, the garment was now finding a new home on the floor and was instantly replaced on Hannah's chest by Sarah's hands.

Meanwhile, the busy hands that had been doing their best at pleasuring Hannah while doing their job of teasing Sarah to the breaking point were now attacking Sarah's shirt, trying to do the impossible and get it off over the blonde's head without breaking the kiss. Finally realizing that they would need to separate for both stripping and breathing reason's, both women ended their kiss, leaning their slightly sweaty forehead against each other.

Both women were panting now, both mouths curved into eager smiles.

"Took you long enough. Oh fuck!" moaned Hannah as Sarah gave her nipple's a playful pinch.

"Shut up," Sarah playfully shot back before leaving Hannah's tit's alone for the moment and raising her arms, allowing Hannah to peel her shirt off and toss it aside. And the reason for Sarah's so clearly defined nipples through her shirt was answered as Hannah was greeted with the drool inducing sight of Sarah's braless boobs bouncing slightly from the recently discarded shirt.

"My my, no bra," an impressed Hannah whispered as her hand's reached up to cup Sarah's sizable tits. "Someone was feeling slutty today, weren't they," she shot up to Sarah as she leaned forward to press a light kiss to Sarah's round flesh.

But as much as Sarah was enjoying Hannah's experimenting with the female form, this slow and loving approach wasn't what she had been promised.

Just as Hannah was about to kiss Sarah's tit, she felt a painful yank at the back of her head.

"Ow, what the fuck!" yelled Hannah as Sarah pulled her up until she was eye-to-eye with the blonde, her body stretching up uncomfortably on the table to do this. But before Hannah could demand for Sarah to let go of her, she was greeted with the second surprise move in five seconds.


Hannah's head jerked to the right as a pain seared itself into her left cheek.

"I said shut up!" snapped Sarah, all playfulness in her voice gone as Hannah tried to wrap her mind around the sudden change of her soon to be lover. Its place was taken by a cold, stony voice that made Hannah unnerved.

"Sarah, what's gotten into - " SLAP!

Hannah's question was cut off by a second slap to Hannah's other cheek, making the stinging pain on her face symmetrical.

"God, don't you listen? I said shut! Up!" barked Sarah slapping Hannah again, once for each word of 'shut up', although this time her target was lower than Hannah's face.

"Ouch! Ah, shit!" yelped Hannah as Sarah slapped her tits, making the small globes bounces slightly. Hannah was about to yell at Sarah to stop, but before she could get the words out, she caught Sarah's eyes. What those hard blue's were saying was quite clear: Do you really want to test me again?

So, not wanting to be slapped for the fifth time in 30 seconds, Hannah reluctantly closed her mouth.

"That's better," complimented Sarah, patting Hannah softly on the head. Hannah didn't care for this demeaning gesture, but didn't say anything.

"Now, from this point on, you will do whatever I say, the moment I say it," ordered Sarah, crossing her arms behind her back, thrusting her chest out to even more prominence. "There will be no hesitation, no objections. If you do, you will be sorry, do I make myself clear," asked Sarah, glaring down at the confused and hurt looking Hannah.

Hannah glared back up at Sarah a few seconds before reluctantly answering a defiant "Yes." She hadn't expected this. All she wanted was to be fucked and cum and forget her troubles for a few hours. She hadn't intended to unleash Miss. Dominatrix.

" 'Yes, Ms. Walker,' " reprimanded Sarah with another slap across the face, although this one wasn't as hard as the previous ones were.

"Yes, Ms. Walker," repeated Hannah through gritted teeth.

"Good," said Sarah as she stepped back from Hannah. "Now, stand up," she ordered.

Rather hesitant to follow Sarah's orders like some kind of slave, but still horny and in need of a good fuck, Hannah reluctantly stood up.

"Very nice," complemented Sarah with a whistle, raking her eyes up and down the nervous girls partially exposed. Fully aware of Sarah's eyes on her body, paying particular attention to Hannah's exposed legs still cut off by her skirt and her completely bare tits, only obscured by her thin black tie, Hannah shifted uncomfortably.

Noting Hannah's discomfort in her body language and her worried face, Sarah decided to give the girl a break.

Walking around Hannah, Sarah pressed herself into the hesitant yet horny girl's back, wrapping her arms around her front. Sarah took the sharp intake of breath that she heard as her hard nipples and full tits pressed into the silky smooth skin of Hannah's back as a good sign. Leaning into her captive's neck, Sarah also noted how Hannah leaned her head to the side without even being told to, making room for Sarah to do what ever she desired.

"Somebody likes this," hissed Sarah teasingly into Hannah's ear before pressing a kiss to Hannah's collarbone. Hannah groaned at the feeling of Sarah's lips as she created a trail up her neck. One of her hands continued their earlier job of squeezing and playing with Hannah's boobs as the other made its way down her stomach, dragging her fingers as slowly and sensually as she could.

Sarah timed when she finally made contact with Hannah's pussy through her skirt and underwear with when her lips sucked in Hannah's earlobe.

"Fuck!" let out Hannah in a husky breath as Sarah began to palm her through her skirt, which now felt like a steel wall keeping her from what she wanted most.

Now Hannah really didn't know what to think beneath the fog of pleasure she was immersed in. At first Sarah had been hesitant to do this, then she was all over her. Then came the dominating, violent mood and now she's being gentle and erotic again.

She was entering a state of confusion that was just beginning to conflict this experience that she wanted to remember the rest of her life, when Sarah whispered into her ear, "The safe word is 'trampoline'. Understand?"

Hannah turned her head to look at Sarah, silently asking if she meant what Hannah thought she did. With a reassuring smile and nod, Hannah understood. Sarah was giving her a way out of this kinky role play if she wanted it.

Returning the smile, Hannah nodded in the affirmative and said, arousal and eagerness now replacing confusion and mistrust in her voice, "I understand, Ms. Walker."

"Good," said Sarah before leaning in and giving Hannah a passionate kiss. Hannah melted into the kiss and fully relaxed into the taller woman's grasp, still enjoying Sarah's hands groping her private parts.

Giving the nipple she was currently playing with a sharp pinch and lightly biting on Hannah's bottom lip, Sarah fully pulled away from the now completely willing woman and moved around to her front.

"Now, be a good little slut and take the rest of your clothes off," ordered Sarah, moving back to the door and leaning against it, arms crossed in front of her, intentionally hefting her tits up. She stood there watching as Hannah recovered from the sudden lack of Sarah keeping her body up and quickly got tired of it, "Now!" she barked.

Hannah jumped slightly at the ferocity of Sarah's words, but quickly composed herself. She knew now that Sarah was just playing a game, and that she didn't mean to scare Hannah or actually hurt her. This knowledge gave Hannah a boost of confidence as she reached down to the bottom of her skirt and began to play with it.

"Is this what you want me to take off, Ms. Walker?" she asked in a little girls voice that didn't sound little at all coming from her lips. Lifting the skirt she gave Sarah her first unobstructed view of Hannah's panty coved pussy. Only their wasn't much covered.

Sarah almost slipped out of her tough girl persona at the sight of what Hannah had chosen to slip on today. The front of what Sarah now knew to be Hannah's thong was sheer and showed off Hannah's smooth, hairless pussy and when she turned around, the thin black strap disappeared between the twin cheeks of Hannah's luscious, olive ass.

"I wanted to feel good after that mean man made me cry last night, so I wore something that made me feel sexy" explained Hannah looking over her shoulder as she continued to hold her skirt up, loving how Sarah's eyes seemed to be stuck down on her ass, still speaking in that disturbingly hot voice. "Did it work, Ms. Walker? Did my thong make me sexy?"

Tearing her eyes from that delicious looking butt, Sarah faked a look of disinterest an replied, "No sexier than any other slut I could pick up on the street. Now stop talking and get naked.

Disappointed at Sarah's answer, Hannah continued to put on a show for her audience of one as she pushed off her skirt, shaking her hips sensually as the black cotton descended her long legs. When the skirt reached her feet, Hannah stepped out of the unneeded material and kicked it away.

Now dressed in just her underwear and tie, Hannah reached up to take off the men's apparel, only to be stopped with a shout of, "No!"

Looking over to see Sarah indulging in some relief of her own by playing with her nipples, Hannah heard the blond explain in a more controlled tone, "I want that on you still. I can always use a leash."

Shuddering in excitement at the thought of Sarah using the tie that used to help identify her as on of the Buy More's best and bright Nerd Herder as another toy in her sexual domination, Hannah obeyed Sarah's command and left the tie hanging around her neck. Turning back around, Hannah bent over to a 90 degree angle to give Sarah a much better view of her most private of parts as she grabbed the string of her thong as she began to push it off.

Hannah thought she heard a frantic rustling behind her, but thought nothing of it as she removed the last of the obstructing clothing she had been working all day in. She was being deliberately slow, wanting Sarah to take in every inch of her legs, ass, and the holes that lay between them.

Too slow, in Sarah's opinion.

Lunging away from the door, a now naked Sarah (the frantic rustling Hannah heard was Sarah quickly throwing off the rest of her clothes) closed the distance between her and the stripping woman and pushed Hannah until she was properly bent over a table.

"Not fast enough," Sarah growled as she reached down and with a quick rippp threw the torn remnants of Hannah's thong onto the table in front of the prone woman.

"Oh fuck!" shouted Hannah before she could object to the destruction of her clothes as ruined silk was wiped from her mind when Sarah stuck her hand between Hannah's legs and ran two fingers over Hannah's slit.

"You are a wet little whore," Sarah laughed in glee as her fingers stroked up and down the lips of Hannah's pussy, gathering the wetness that had been pooling in the heat for half-an-hour now.

"I am! My pussy is soaking wet! I'm a little whore who needs to be fucked! Please, Ms. Walker! Make me feel good and fuck your little whore's soaking pussy!" begged Hannah. Her hands were trying to find something to grip onto on the table, but the surface was to smooth, so she settled for making them into fists and pounding onto the table.

Sarah was relishing this. It had been such a long time since she had been this dominating over another woman. Most of her previous experiences with women had been either gentle and sweet like with Lou, wild and frenzied with Carina, or being dominated herself like she had been with Agent Forrest. Now she was able to be in control like she hadn't been in years.

She hadn't been sure if Hannah would be into it, but her lover jumped into it once Sarah gave her the option to end the game. And now she was using her power to "force" Hannah down as she finally dropped the charade and was getting to some serious touching.

But although she was loving the feel of Hannah's soft, wet pussy against her fingers and her voice crying to be fucked now, Sarah didn't want it to go like this. Not now, at least.

So, after a minute of her teasing touch all over the needy slit, Sarah removed her hand from the heat between Hannah's legs.

Hannah started to protest at Sarah's cruel teasing, but was silenced by a sharp SMACK to her ass.

"Ah!" yelped Hannah as Sarah bent over her body, pressing her tits into Hannah's back and her own naked groin into Hannah's ass.

"You will remain perfectly still and silent until I get back," ordered Sarah before she licked up Hannah's neck and blew on her ear. At the same time she ground her hips forward, forcing Hannah to feel evidence of Sarah's own arousal on her ass.

"Mmmmm, yes Ms. Walker," groaned Hannah as she experienced for the first time the feel of another woman's arousal on her body. She could only hope that this would only be a sample of things to come.

"Good girl," said Sarah, giving a final kiss to Hannah's neck before straightening up, lightly thrusting her hips forward into Hannah's ass with a moan of her own.

Quickly remembering what it was she wanted to do, Sarah reluctantly stepped away from the propped up girl and made her way to the bag that was the catalyst for this illicit tryst. Pulling out the strap-on and tube of lube, Sarah quickly stepped into the harness and pulled it up.

As she tightened the leather straps around her waist, Sarah wished their was a mirror in the room so she could take a good look at herself with her toy on. Sarah loved her body and loved the attention it garnered from men and women alike. And while she certainly never wished she had a dick for real, she loved the sight of her downright sexy ass bod with a hunk of 12 inch plastic sticking out of her crotch, ready to fuck any woman who was lucky enough to get Sarah Walker between her legs.

Stroking the plastic as if it were a real dick, Sarah turned back to her lover not-so-patiently waiting in anticipation. And the anticipation was absolutely killing her.

True to her word, Hannah hadn't moved an inch from her position since Sarah left her to simmer in her own juices, but she hadn't been able to stop her body from shaking in impatience. She had been keyed up for a fucking the moment she saw Sarah's toy lying in her bag and all of this foreplay, while fun and damn enjoyable, wasn't getting her anywhere close to satisfied. And try as she might she wasn't able to stop her legs from squeezing together to get some relief down their or from thrusting her chest against the table, dragging her rock hard nipples against the hard surface.

Sarah thought briefly about standing there for a little longer, watching this petite sex bomb try and get herself off from a table, but she wasn't that cruel. Hannah wanted this for so long now and, to be honest, Sarah really wanted to fuck her.

So, squirting a handful of lube onto her toy, Sarah spread the cool liquid all over her toys. When the permanently-erect plastic was shiny and glistening in the florescent lights, Sarah strode over to the desperately horny woman and bent over to press her lips to Hannah's warm ass.

"Oooooo," cooed Hannah as Sarah pressed kisses all over her flesh, occasionally licking or biting certain spots. "Please, Ms. Walker. I need you to fuck me. I know that makes me a dirty slut, begging to be fucked like this, but I can't stand it any more."

"Mmmm, you are a dirty slut," growled Sarah as she pressed one last kiss to each cheek before standing up straight and pressing her self against Hannah, letting the prone woman feel her toy against her heated flesh. "But don't worry. Sluts are who I like to fuck the best."

Spreading Hannah's ass open with one hand, she guided her flesh colored toy to Hannah's pussy, rubbing the tip into the wetness that flowed from the opening, adding to the lube that coated the entire shaft..

"Oh god! Oh yes!" moaned Hannah. She tried to push herself back onto the toy, wanting the plastic she had discovered what now seemed like so long ago in her now. Sarah had to much experience with fucking women to let this happen though, always moving back with Hannah to prevent any penetration but always keeping contact between the toy and the twat.

"Here we go, Hannah," declared Sarah, using her trapped lover's name for the first time since this whole thing started.

But instead of pushing into the primed and eager pussy her toy had been teasing for the past 20 seconds, Sarah moved her cock north and lightly pressed into the small hole just above Hannah's pussy.

"OHHHHH FUCCCKKKKK!!!" yelled Hannah, her body arching back on the table, tits thrust forward and hair flying back when her head snapped back in surprised ecstasy as Sarah began to push her strap-on into her virgin ass.

"Shhhhhhh," shushed Sarah, the hand not holding Hannah's ass spread gently stroking Hannah's hair and back, trying to calm her suddenly tense body down. "It'll be alright. I'm not going to hurt you," she whispered into Hannah's ear, her dominating persona forgotten as she tried to coax her lover into letting her fuck her ass. "I just want to give you something you've never had before. You've never been fucked in the ass before, right?" she asked, although she was pretty sure of the answer already.

Sure enough Hannah answered with a shaky, "No. It always seemed like it might be to painful."

Leaning down to kiss Hannah's sweaty neck, Sarah whispered, "It will be a little painful at first, I'm not going to lie. But I promise you, Hannah, that the pain will be quickly be replaced by the most amazing pleasure you've ever felt."

While Sarah was praising the greatness of ass fucking, she was keeping her toy as still as possible. She still had the head of the toy pressed against Hannah's hole, ready to either press forward or pull away if Hannah wished it.

But, just like Sarah figured she would, Hannah gave the permission Sarah had been wishing for. Looking over her shoulder, Hannah locked eyes with Sarah's and with a nod said, "Okay, Sarah. I trust you."

Touched by Hannah's trust in her, Sarah lent forward to capture Hannah's lips in a kiss. When she pulled away, she rested her forehead to the back of Hannah's head and said, "Tell me if you want to stop."

Nodding in understanding, Hannah clenched her hands into fists in nerves. She tried to keep the rest of her body as relaxed as possible, knowing it will hurt more if she's to tight.

Straightening herself back up, Sarah kept Hannah's ass spread open with one hand and held her toy lined up with Hannah's little brown eye with the other hand. As slow as she could, Sarah pushed herself forward.

Hannah's breath hitched as she felt the head of Sarah's toys fully enter her ass. The stretching of her hole felt so wrong and perverse, but it also felt good as well. There was more discomfort than pleasure right now, but the fact that she felt even a fraction of pleasure from this taboo and forbidden act gave Hannah reason to believe that she made the right decision to let Sarah do this.

Sarah waited until Hannah became used to the foreign object pushing into her asshole before she sunk another inch of plastic into Hannah's no longer virgin ass. Wanting to give Hannah's ass more time to get used to this new sensation and to open it wider, Sarah began to move the two inches of plastic back-and-forth, slowly expanding Hannah's hole.

Up top Hannah was beginning to love this mini-fucking of her ass. It was only two inches, but it was starting to feel wonderful.

Picking her body up to give some relief to her squashed boobs, Hannah rested herself on her elbows as Sarah pushed another two inches into her.

"Fuck!" moaned Hannah as she began to unconsciously rock her body back onto the always hard plastic. Sarah, noticing this and not wanting Hannah to shove too much into her before her body could handle it, took her hand off her cock and put it on Hannah's other ass cheek, trying to hold the needy woman steady.

But although she didn't want to hurt her lover, Sarah also could tell that Hannah was ready for a deeper fucking now. So, taking a tighter grip on Hannah's butt, Sarah pushed until she had 7-inches buried inside Hannah.

Hannah gasped in pleasant surprise as Sarah pushed into places that had never been touched before and creating feelings throughout her body she had never felt before. "Oh fuck yes, Sarah! You were right! Your dick feels so good in my ass! Fuck me! Fuck my virgin ass and make me cum like I've never cum before!"

"Hell yeah I'm going to make you cum," panted Sarah as she worked those 7 inches in and out of the greedy hole. "I'm going to fuck this ass like you've never imagined! After tonight you're going to love getting fucked in your ass! You're going to beg for it from every lover, but none of them will be able to fuck you like I can!"

Sarah sunk another inch into Hannah's ass, kneading the supple cheeks her dick was buried between, trying to bring as much pleasure as possible.

By now any pain or discomfort she had felt was a thing of the past. All Hannah could feel now was the unimaginable ecstasy originating from her ass. How could she have put this off for so long? Hannah had always been curious what being fucked in the ass would be like, but had always been afraid of the pain associated with it to try it.

Although maybe it was a good thing she had waited until now to try it. If someone not nearly as talented in the field of anal sex as Sarah Walker had been the first to take her anal virginity and Hannah hadn't liked it she might never have allowed Sarah to give it a try.

All that was in the past though, and the present was nothing but fun.

Sarah was getting closer to having all 12 inches deep inside Hannah and she could hardly believe it. 10 minutes ago this girl had been a complete ass virgin, and now she had 9, no wait, 10 inches inside her!

"Such a good slut! Taking my dick deep into your ass like a pro! You were lying when you said you've never been fucked here before, weren't you whore!? No virgin could take this big dick so deep without having something shoved up it before! Did you lie to me? Have you had a dick up your ass before me?" asked Sarah in between gasps of breath as the nub on the inside of the leather harness pressed into her clit with every plunge inside Hannah.

"I didn't lie!" gasped Hannah. "No one's ever fucked my ass before! But you are fucking me so good! Fucking my ass and making me love it! Making me love having a dick up my ass! Fuck it Sarah! Fuck my ass with your big cock and make me cum! Make me cum!! Make me CUUUUUMMMMMMMMM!!!"

Hannah hadn't suspected it to happen so quickly. The moment that Sarah's hips touched Hannah's ass she lost it. Knowing that she now had the full 12 inches of Sarah's huge dick buried inside her formerly untouched ass was the mental match thrown onto the gallons of fuel that had been building up inside her the moment she first saw Sarah's toy. Hannah was finally cumming and, just as Sarah had promised, it was the largest and most powerful cum of her life.

"AHHHHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK YEESSSSS!!! FUCKING CUMMING FROM YOUR DICK UP MY ASSSSSSSS!!!" howled Hannah, her small tits jiggling from how much her body was shaking.

"Yes, cum for me baby," moaned Sarah, her hips pressed against Hannah, keeping her dick trapped inside her ass. "Cum from having my dick in your tight, virgin ass.

Hannah screamed passionately for about a minute more before her orgasm ended and she slumped forward onto the table, resting her head against the hard surface along with her arms. She was panting and gasping for air, trying to calm down from the earth shattering fucking she just experienced. She now knew the pleasures of both lesbian sex and ass fucking and she wanted more.

Fortunately Sarah was on the same wave length as her. Giving Hannah time to cool down from her high, she waited as long as she thought necessary before pulling her dick out. When the plastic was half-way out of Hannah's stretched hole, Sarah shoved it all the way back in.

"Mmmmmmm fuck," moaned Hannah as Sarah started to pump in and out of her tightest hole. She hadn't expected Sarah to resume fucking her ass, but she certainly wasn't going to complain.

"Now that we've got this hot little hole of yours is nice and loose, lets really get this party started," growled Sarah as she picked up the speed of her thrusting into Hannah.

Hannah couldn't say anything in response. The only sounds she could make were rhythmic grunts and groans every time Sarah bottomed out in her ass. "Ohh! Ahh! Yes! Mmmmmm! Guhhhh! Goooooddddd! Yeeeessssss!"

Sarah's fingers clenched into Hannah's ass with every thrust forward as her clit was mashed into the hard nub every time. She was so close to her own orgasm, but she needed to hold out. She didn't want to cum before she finished with Hannah. She didn't want anything to slow down her fucking. She wanted to give Hannah's ass every thing she could.

Hannah wanted more though. She knew she was getting more than she could have asked for now, but it still wasn't enough. She was greedy for more stimulation and didn't care that it made her a slut. She just needed it.

"Fuck yeah, Sarah! Fuck my slutty ass! Make my fucking hole yours! Pound me and make me scream like the dirty fucking slut I am!" begged Hannah through ragged shouts. "Fuck my cunt to! Fuck my ass and cunt at the same time! Please Sarah! Please FUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK!!!"

Hannah's pleas turned into screams of pleasure as Sarah consented to her demands and moved one of her hands from the reddened flesh of Hannah's ass and moved it around to Hannah's front. Without any qualms or hesitancy Sarah push three fingers deep into Hannah's juicy cunt. She was so wet and slippery that Sarah's fingers sunk into her lover easier than a knife into butter in the Sahara.

Sarah couldn't believe how slutty Hannah was being. This girl had seemed so quaint and sweet when she was hanging off Chuck's arm. Now she just couldn't get enough of Sarah and now had both of her holes filled. She was an even bigger slut than Lou and Jill had been. They certainly never had 12 inches of hard plastic slamming in and out of their ass.

"Oh yeah Sarah please fuck both of my holes and make me into your little lesbian slut! That's what I want to be! I want to be your whorey little dyke bitch who fucks you and gets fucked in my slutty and loose holes by your dick, your fingers, your tongue, any thing you want! Just please don't stop fucking me! AHHH SHIT I WANT TO CUM ALL OVER YOUR FINGERS FROM YOUR COCK SLAMMNG MY ASS!!! OHHHHH GOOOOOOODDDDDDDD!!! I WANT TO SUCK MY CUM FROM YOUR FINGERS!!! I WANT TO EAT YOUR CUNT!!! FUCKING SHIIIIIITTTTTTT!!! PLEASE, MAKE ME CUUUUUMMMMMMMMM!!!"

Sarah tried as much as she could to tune Hannah's depraved screams out. They were getting Sarah closer to her own release and she didn't want that. Not yet. Not when Hannah was so close to drenching Sarah's pistoning fingers with her cum. Right now they were swimming in Hannah's copious pussy juice, but Sarah wanted more. She wanted her three fingers sticky with Hannah's cum.

"So close, baby," grunted Sarah as her cock thrust back and forth deep into Hannah. Her fingers plunged upward as far as they could into Hannah's cunt, pausing to wiggle and twirl inside the dripping slit every few upward plunges. "Almost there!"

"AHHHHHHHH GOOOOOODDDDDDDDD SARAHHHHHHHHH!!! GOING TO CUUUUUUMMMMMM!!! CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR FUCKING FINGERS!!! ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH YEEEEESSSSSSS!!!" hollered Hannah as Sarah stabbed all the way in with both cock and fingers, completely burying herself in Hannah's holes. Hannah's body spasmed and jerked on the table as her second orgasm overtook her.

Sarah let go of Hannah's ass and wrapped her arm around Hannah, pulling her off of the table and pressing her back to her own front. She held the orgasming woman as she screamed in euphoria and her own arms reached up to grasp Sarah's head, keeping her close to her.

Sarah let loose her own volley of shrieks into Hannah's neck as she finally had her own release. Her juices squirted onto the leather harness and made their way out and down her legs. Speaking of them, her legs were fighting to stay upright for the sake of both women.

When Hannah finally stopped shouting and her body stilled, Sarah removed her fingers from Hannah's cunt, raising them to eye level. They were completely soaked and shining in the light. Juice was trailing down Sarah's palm and was making its way down her arm when Hannah reached out a shaking hand of her own and pulled the cum drenched hand to her mouth.

Both women moaned as Hannah sucked her own sticky sweet liquid from Sarah's fingers. She first sucked and licked each digit individually before taking all three in her mouth at once. The natural way the shorter woman practically blew her fingers made her envious of any men who had been lucky enough to have their cocks where her fingers were.

"Save some for me," purred Sarah as she nuzzled her nose against Hannah's neck.

Hannah pretended to ignore her blonde lover, continuing to clean Sarah's fingers of her own juices. When Hannah had licked Sarah's hand clean of her own cum, she turned her head to look at Sarah and smiling a playful grin said, "All gone."

Letting out a growl of annoyance, Sarah brought their lips together and instantly shoved her tongue as far as she could reach in Hannah's mouth. She licked every where she could reach, relishing the taste of Hannah's cum mixed with the natural taste of her mouth.

When she had licked all of Hannah's sweet cum that she could from her lips and mouth, Sarah carefully began to pull her dick from Hannah's loose ass.

She went slowly and carefully, not wanting to hurt Hannah by pulling out too quickly. When the plastic was fully free of the glorious confines it had been embedded in for so long, Sarah couldn't help but admire her handy work.

What used to be a small wrinkled dot was now replaced by a gaping, red rimmed hole, clenching for the cock it had become so accustomed to. Sarah had to fight the urge that suddenly overcame her to stick her tongue inside and give Hannah a sloppy rimjob.

Hannah turned around on shaking legs, wrapped her arms around Sarah's neck, and pulled the taller woman into a passionate kiss. Sarah moaned into her lovers mouth as tongues emerged from mouths and met in a blissful reunion. Two sets of tits squished into on another, Sarah's much bigger pair dwarfing Hannah's but neither woman cared about that. All that mattered was the feel of their nipples meeting in an erotic duel that would have no winner.

Hannah's hands traveled south to grasp the leather straps of her harness, trying to undo them. Sarah smiled into Hannah's lips as the no-longer girl virgin struggled to undo the secure straps.

"Let me help with that," offered Sarah when she pulled away from Hannah's lips. Reaching down, she gently brushed Hannah's fingers away from where they were fighting a losing battle against the unyielding leather. Without looking away from Hannah's satisfied face, Sarah managed to undo the straps and pulled away from Hannah to push the toy off, throwing it on top of the bag it had emerged from so long ago.

"Much better," Hannah cooed as her left hand found its way between Sarah's legs, stroking the hot and damp lips that hid there.

"Mmmmmm, someone's getting confident," moaned Sarah as she was once again enveloped into Hannah's arms.

"It's amazing what a couple of mind-numbing orgasms will do to ones self-confidence," said Hannah as she continued to rub Sarah. Tears and regret were far from her mind now and she didn't see them coming back anytime soon.

"So, what were you saying about that ride home," asked Hannah with a mischievous grin before leaning down and taking Sarah's right nipple into her mouth.

* * *

The all-to-familiar sound of her phone's ring was what brought Sarah back to the land of the living.

With a groan of frustration at the abrupt reawakening, Sarah flung her arm out in the direction of the aggravating sound, careful not to stretch her still tired body to much. She wouldn't have answered it at all, but she recognized the ringtone. It was 'Real American Hero', the theme song from 'G.I. Joe' that Chuck programmed for whenever she received a call from Shaw.

Grasping the device, Sarah answered the phone and brought it to her ear with as energetic a "Hello" she could muster given she had just woken up 10 seconds ago.

"Good morning Walker," greeted the surprisingly happy voice of Shaw. "I hope you had a good night."

Sarah turned her head on her pillow and took in the fast asleep form of Hannah with one arm flung over Sarah's chest and one of Hannah's legs entwined with her own under the sheet and answered with a smile, "A very good night sir."

"I'm glad, Sarah. I told you I didn't care and I still don't. Whatever makes you happy," said Shaw with the brutal honesty he had become known for around Castle.

The meaning of what he was saying hit Sarah in the face with more strength behind it than anything Mike Tyson could muster. Turning her head away in a child-like way of shutting Hannah out of a conversation she didn't even know was happening, Sarah asked in a horrified whisper, "Did you see us?"

"I only saw the beginning, I swear Sarah. After that I turned the camera to your room off until I thought it was safe," explained Shaw. "I didn't feel right spying on you like that and I didn't want a tape to exist with the potential to be leaked like before. I didn't want to put you through that."

Sarah felt a rush of anger at the reminder of her humiliation.

Somehow the tape of her encounter with Lou that had been recorded for security and procedural measures had been copied and spread around the NSA and CIA. Sarah still hadn't figured out who had done it, but she was determined to find the culprit and have a long, violent conversation with him or her.

"Thank you for that, Daniel," said Sarah as she relaxed slightly. "That means so much."

"It wasn't a problem, Sarah," said Shaw with a small laugh before regaining his serious tone. "But I still need you to come in right away. We have a mission."

"Right, I'll be there as soon as I can," answered Sarah. "See you soon."

"Will do, Walker," replied Shaw before he ended the call.

Clicking the phone off, Sarah put it down as she tried to think of what to do about the sleeping girl wrapped around her.

The sleeping girl who actually wasn't sleeping.

" 'orning," croaked Hannah as she snuggled closer to Sarah.

"Someone in this bed needs to heal their voice," teased Sarah, stretching her neck down to kiss Hannah's head.

"It's almost as if I spent the night screaming," mocked Hannah in her gravelly voice, leaning up to meet Sarah's lips.

The two women had indeed spent all of last night finding ways to make each other scream in new ways. The passion that had started in the staffroom of the Buy More didn't lessen in the time it took Sarah to drive to Hannah's place if Hannah pulling down Sarah's pants and shoving her face into the blonde's pink pussy the moment the front door shut behind them was any indication.

Sarah, the unblushing more experienced of the two, had been quite shocked to discover how quick of a learner Hannah had been in the Sapphic arts. Shocked and ecstatic. She had never had such a good experience with a first timer before and Hannah was quite eager to show how much she had learned until finally the two had fucked each other out and they crawled exhausted into bed.

Pulling away from Sarah's lips, Hannah asked with a clear tone of disappointment, "You have to go don't you?"

Frowning, Sarah brushed some disheveled hair out of Hannah's eyes and answered, "Sorry. Work. Duty calls," she added with a chuckle at the truth of those last two words that Hannah could never know about.

Hannah nodded in reluctant understanding. "Of course. We can't stay in bed all day." With a wicked smirk she looked up at Sarah and said, "Unfortunately."

Shooting back her own naught smirk, Sarah said, "Any longer I here and they'd be sending in the FBI looking for us."

Not bothering to hold her sheet to her chest, Hannah sat up and crawled on top of Sarah. Leaning down Hannah brushed her lips over Sarah's and whispered, "Let them try," before giving her lover a steamy kiss.

Sarah wrapped her arms around Hannah's naked back, pulling her down on top of her, cursing the sheet that still lay on top of her because it stopped their flesh from grinding together.

Sarah almost gave into the lust in her veins that wanted to continue the festivities from last night, but the smarter head won out.

Reluctantly pulling away, Sarah said, "I have to go."

Sighing in defeat, Hannah rolled off of Sarah, allowing the blonde to sit up. The sheet fell away from her, revealing her full, round tits to Hannah's hungry eyes. She had spent so long last night playing with those beauties and it was all she could do to stop her hands from reaching out to grope the tantalizing boobs on display.

Rolling out of the bed, Sarah looked around the room for a few seconds before coming to the conclusion that all of her clothes must be in the rest of the house.

Sarah walked out of the room and picked up her far flung clothing all around the room. By the time Hannah joined her in the main room, now wearing a short pink robe, Sarah was dressed in everything but her shoes and socks,

"You're a fast dresser," noted Hannah with amusement.

"My boss is a taskmaster," said Sarah as she sat sown on Hannah's couch to slip on her socks and shoes.

There was a bit of an awkward silence between the two women as Sarah made sure everything was on properly. Both women were thinking the same thing: they were afraid that when Sarah leaves that it will be goodbye for good. Neither woman wanted that, but both were to afraid to say anything.

Sarah had never stayed in contact with her lovers before who she either wasn't in a serious relationship with or Carina, who she just couldn't say no to. She had always been paranoid about her job and getting lovers involved in her complicated and dangerous life. When she succumbed to Hannah's advances last night, she hadn't expected it to be anything more than her previous conquests: a nice, long fuck, followed by friendly words and nothing else. But now with Hannah, she was feeling a need for more.

Finally, when Sarah was ready to leave, Hannah broke the silence and blurted out, "Can I have your number?"

Sarah looked warily at Hannah. She had been both dreading and hoping for this. She wanted to give this amazing woman her number, but she was scared of the implications that might mean.

Seemingly able to read Sarah much better than the blonde agent ever suspected, Hannah rolled her eyes and said, "I'm not looking for a girlfriend, Sarah." Approaching Sarah, the earnest brunette grabbed Sarah's hands in her own and said, "I just got out of a relationship and don't want one now. All I know is that last night I had the most amazing night of my life and I don't want that to end just because the sun's up. I'm not saying I'm going to come around every other day for a booty call, but I'm going to still be living in LA and I would like to have a friend I could pop in on every now and then."

"And if this friend of yours would be okay with the occasional booty call?" asked Sarah with a naughty smirk forming in the corner of her lips.

Returning Sarah's smile with one of her own, Hannah answered, "Then I might be popping by quite frequently," before taking Sarah by the head and pulling her in for a kiss.

When she got into her car a few minutes, Sarah sat their for a few seconds thinking about what had just happened. Not just the night of sex, but about how she happily handed Hannah her phone and she was now carrying her number, listed under a false name ("I don't want you to have to answer some awkward questions if Chuck ever see's my name on here," Hannah had answered when Sarah had raised her eyebrows at the name 'Lana' she had listed her number under).

Sarah didn't know what she was supposed to think here. She had just formed the most unusual friendship of her life with a woman the man she loved had just broken up with. And she had every intension of meeting Hannah whenever they could get together.

She supposed she was happy about this unexpected development. Hannah was the first woman she had slept with since she had arrived in Burbank that their wasn't some ulterior or personal motive other than to have a good time. Seducing Lou had been a mission and Forrest had chosen sex as a perverse form of punishment for Sarah's disregard of the law. And while Sarah had fucked Jill for no other reason than she wanted to, it was revealed later that Jill only let Sarah fuck her as to get closer to her on orders from her Fulcrum commanders.

Hannah had simply been a combination of Hannah's broken heart and Sarah's adoration of Hannah's stunning body. And Hannah had been firmly adamant that she didn't want any kind of romantic relationship with her and Sarah believed her.

All that Sarah knew for sure was that when she pulled out of Hannah's apartment complex on her way to Castle and whatever dangerous mission she was surely about to embark upon, she had a smile stretched across her face as she thought about how much she was looking forward to the next time Hannah gave her phone a ring.

That will be a day Sarah is very much looking forward to.

The End.


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