This story is ONLY for adults, or those who have fooled everyone and been elected to public office.

This is a work of fiction. As in not for real.

Chuck: The Bartowski Family Secret Part 1 (MF,MMF,reluc,oral,anal,voy,inc)
by BW

I can't believe that anyone would accept this as truth, but then I've learned not to underestimate the level of stupidity so prevalent today in society.

So lets deal with a few hard truths now, and get them out of the way.

A there is no easter bunny.

B Santa Claus... another fake

C this is the letter that follows B unless the alphabet is being recited by a retard, or a certain president.

D this a cool bra size

So in short, this story is the product of my overworked mind and right hand.


It is however, MINE! MINE, MINE, MINE!!! ALL MINE!!! Not your's, but mine.

You can read it, but do not post it anywhere without my permission.

So forge on dear reader, and let perversity overcome all...

I was in Chuck's room I was searching for the Intel, but as far as he knew I was just another employee at the Buy More. As I heard people coming, I hid myself in the cupboard, and peered carefully through the slats in the door.
Ellie led Chuck into the bedroom by the hand, "Awesome won't be back for hours." she whispered.

"Thank good, it's been way too long El."

He put his hand on the side of her face, stroked her on the cheek and then kissed her tenderly on the lips.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I knew the siblings were close, but I never imagined they were this close.

As they kissed more passionately Ellie, slipped her hand inside his pants and felt his cock grow. She got down on her knees, unbuttoning him, releasing his dick. Then she pushed her sweet lips over his bell end and started to work down on it.

"No," he said firmly and pulled her up to his face again, kissing her.

"I've waited so long to get you to myself, I just need to be inside you."

He pushed her back on the bed, she hurriedly slipped off her panties and hitched up her skirt, revealing her glistening bald pussy. My own dick was now throbbing hard in my pants, and I found myself stroking it as I watched. Chuck was now penetrating his sister in front of me, she gave out little sighs of ecstasy as he thrusted into her pussy.

Just then I stumbled as I hid and fell forward out of the cupboard into the middle of the room. I stood and tried to compose myself, but my flies were open and my cock stood proud for them to see.

Ellie stretched and pulled the sheets up around her, Chuck just stood there stunned.

"It's not what it looks like." all three of us said at once.

"Look, I just hid when you came in, I wasn't expecting this."

"And your cock." yelped Ellie pointing.

"Well, I could help myself, seeing this." I gestured to the two of them.

"Look" said Chuck "You can;t tell anyone."

"Please." injected Ellie.

"Don't worry I won't break your dirty little secret, as long as you let me in on it?."

They looked at each other, then at my huge standing erection.

"I've never been as horny, as watching you two fuck."

"Ok" said Ellie, "I'll do whatever you want,"

She adjusted herself onto all fours, atop the bed. Facing me, seductively biting her bottom lip. I beckoned Chuck to get behind her, and he slid his dick into her pussy doggy style. I stood in front of her and let Ellie run her tongue in circles around my head. Chuck thrusted her forward and she slid my cock deep into her mouth, i pushed my hips in motion against theirs feeling her gag down on my dick.

"I bet Ellie's pussy tastes so sweet" I moaned, she pulled of my dick.

"It tastes great off of Chuck's dick" Ellie smiled, turned around pulling Chuck's dick out of her soaking cunt and running her tongue along its length like a lollipop.

"You try."

She offered me the cock, Chuck looked unsure, clearly he'd never been with a guy. Ellie's eyes looked so longingly, yet so naughty. She clearly loved everything that was so forbidden about sex. I knelt on the floor as he sat on the bed. I then put my mouth around him, I could taste Ellie's sweet pussy as I ran my tongue around his cock, now thrusting gently into my mouth. As i did so, Ellie had moved behind me she roughly pushed a finger into my arse as I sucked off her brother. The feeling was intense, I almost gagged with surprise.

"Chuck's too polite to fuck his sister in the ass." Ellie put on a sad disappointed face, "But i don't think he'll worry about hurting you."

"Look I don't know." he interjected. But she cut him down with a look.

"Ok" I said, "but want to fuck your ass."

"I have a virgin asshole, all my men are too prim to take it." She sighed, absently stroking both our cocks. "..but ok, you first."

I bent over the bend and raised my ass in the air, Ellie spat on my tight asshole, a lubed it gently with her finger.

"Wait... I want to lick your asshole as he fucks me."

"You want to lick my asshole" she said, already positioning herself on all fours on the bed in front of me. "Excellent."

She pulled apart her cheeks, an inch from my face. To reveal a smooth pink little asshole, it was so tight it barely opened as she stretched with her hands. As in lent forward, I felt the head of a cock press against my tight wet anus. I circled the tip of my tongue around the opening of her hole. She let out a sweet little gasp. At this moment he thrusted, his dick pushed deep into my arse, the pain was dull and the pleasure intense. I shove my tongue right up Ellie's asshole. We moved in motion together me tongue fucking her ass, in sway with the rape of my arse.

I don't think I could take the pain much longer, when thankfully Ellie couldn't take it anymore either.

"Fuck my ass, I want you're dick up there now!"

Chuck pulled out, the release almost made me cum, but I was holding out. I stood to bring Ellie's ass to my waste. At the same time Chuck had moved round to allow Ellie to suck my ass off his cock, which she started greedily.

I pushed my finger inside her ass, as a tester. She wasn't lying, she was so tight, enveloping my finger. I wasn't sure I'd manage it fit my cock inside her.
I then eased the head of my cock into the opening of her ass. Ellie squealed a little, I hesitated a little, she garbbled something with a cock still in her mouth it was hard to make out. Ellie, then coaxed me with her hand to continue.
I just pushed hard a slid deep inside in one motion, Ellie let out a moan of pure ecstasy. She sat back down onto my shaft, I pulled on down onto me, so deep, up to the balls. Her changed in position, put her cunt on full display to her brother and she pulled his cock down towards her. She then pulled it into her pussy, as I continued to stretch her anus. All three of us, pushed our bodies so close to each other, our breath, our heartbeats in sync. I could feel his cock, inside of her pushing, from the other side. As my throbbing cock started to jerk inside of her. At what felt to same time, Chuck's hips jerked too. Both of us unloading hot wads on cum inside of her. Ellie screamed. I pulled out, to watch my cum dribbling out of her battered and sore ass.
At this very moment the door swung open, Sarah had barged in alerted by the scream.

She was greeted with the sight of Ellie naked and exhausted still astride her brother, with me standing behind her now semi erect cock, dripping my own cum.

What happened next, I shall save for another story.


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