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Chuck: The Bartowski Family Secret Part 2 (MFF,oral,F-dom,cons)
by BW ([email protected])

Sarah stared agog at the scene.

"Chuck, get out." she commanded, with one finger thrusting towards the door.

Ellie and I just froze as Chuck bundled some clothes and made for the exit. I wasn't sure if Sarah was angry or just shocked. She stood there in her Wienilicious outfit, all short skirt and knee high socks, she was breathing heavily and steadily. It made her cleavage heave up and down. My cock began to stiffen once again, from just watching her stand there before us.

My dick was now fully erect and still with my cum and Ellie's juices. She was still on all fours invitingly in front on me.

Sarah couldn't help notice my huge member standing to attention.

"You." she said sternly to Ellie. "Suck that thing clean."

Ellie was probably as surprised as I was over the command, but she still turned around without question and planted her lips over my cum soaked bell-end and started to suck it cleaned. She worked her tongue down the shaft, cleaning up the mess, until every last drop was gone.

I glanced across to Sarah and she had slipped her hand under her skirt, inside her panties and was rubbing her clit as she watched us. Due to her assignment it had been a long time since she'd had any sort of sex, and she was so angry with Chuck that she was going to abuse this situation that she had discovered.

"You two are going to do exactly as I tell you." we both were watching her now.

Our silence acknowledged that we did, but to be honest she didn't need to tell us, she only needed to ask.

"Ellie," Sarah slid off her panties, and sat back on the sideboard lifting her skirt. "You are going to stick your tongue in my cunt, and you." she looked across to me. "Don't even touch yourself."

I was amazing, yet absolute torture at the same time. I watched as the beautiful, dirty brunette squatted down in front of those slender open legs and thrust her tongue violently into Sarah's pussy. Caught in the moment and without being asked, Ellie pushed two, then three fingers hard into Sarah's cunt. Sarah was so tight, that Ellie had to really push hard to stretch her open, slamming three fingers deep and hard as she licked around the clit. Sarah sighed and panted. The noise of her alone was enough to make me want to cum, not even touching my raving hard on. As I knew how dangerous this girl could be. Sarah began to shudder and cum, convulsing in pleasure. She then pushed Ellie back, shoving her down roughly onto the bed. She pulled apart her legs and began to lap at Ellie's sweet pussy. Her inexperience with a woman showed, she lapped like a dog at a bowl. Ellie didn't mind having that lithe young blonde eat at her pussy anyway, was enough to drive her wild.

"Oh God, just fuck her." Ellie gasped at me. I expected a harsh reaction from Sarah, but all she did was lift the back of her skirt up over her ass, and continue to push her tongue deep inside Ellie's hole.

I took this, at last, as an invite. Sarah's cute little ass bobbed in front of me, a tuft of real blonde hair poked out from under her pussy. I took my bulging cock in hand and pushed the head against her soaking wet pussy. I ran it over her clit, rubbing my dick up and down. Pushing the head only just inside her forcing her open a little. She twitched with pleasure, she was in no mood for teasing. Sarah in a sudden, sharp motion, pushed backwards onto my cock. She took its full length, up to the balls, in one hard stroke. Her tight pussy clenched hard around with straining dick. Sarah let out a yelp. My cock was thicker than she realised and she'd never taken something so deep and so hard before. Ellie smiled, and shoved back on Sarah pushing her deeper down on my shaft. She gave a long sharp gasp, which was muffled by Ellie's tongue entering her mouth. They kissed passionately, their hands running through each others hair, exploring each others bodies. At the same time, Sarah rocking back and forward , jamming down into my crotch. She was soaking now, her cum running down over my balls, I ran my finger into her cum, and bought it up to my lips. The taste was intoxicating, I couldn't hold myself much longer.

"I'm going to cum," I whispered in her ear. Sarah clenched her pussy tight on me, and I almost came that second. But she quickly slide off, and turned round, thrusting her lips over my cock, and taking my length into her mouth as far as she could. She gagged. My hips bucked as my cum shot inside her throat. Ellie as naughty as she was, held Sarah's head in place as my load emptied again and again. Her eyes widened, as she choked on me. spit and saliva bubbling from her parted lips. I stopped, and Ellie released her.

Sarah sat up, her eyes were starting to tear. She let her tongue hang out and my cum spilt out of her mouth, dribbling down her chin. Ellie leaned in and licked away the excess. She then kissed the salty cum from Sarah's mouth. She sucked out the cum and then lent to me and spat it into my mouth. I then gladly kissed it back to Sarah, her soft tongue exploring my mouth for every last drop.

"You can go now." Sarah now said to me, suddenly cold again. "We have unfinished business." She turned back to Ellie, and the two kissed again, and began to roughly finger fuck each other.

I lingered, but Sarah, glared at me and shouted "Go!"

I gathered my clothes and dressed as I left, I passed Chuck sitting dumbfounded on the couch and headed next door.

"Tell me you're getting this." I said and I walked in the front door.

I was greeted with the site of Casey sitting there cock in hand, watching the feed from our hidden cameras live. "Of course, I fucking taping these too." I starred at the two girls on screen and knew, that those videos would bring back some amazing memories for a long time to come.


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