Disclaimer: This is not only a work of fiction, it's a work of fiction about
fictional characters. In fact they're cartoons. So if you're bothered by my
taking sexual liberties with them you're more mentally disturbed than I am,
which takes some doing. So go get professional help instead of bugging me or
Dr. B

Note: I'm making all the Old School Princesses somewhere in their late 20s.
And I've played around a little with what happened after they all went to
live happily ever after.

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Codes: FFF, AU, cons, fetish (foot), drugs, oral

Cinderella/Gargoyles/Sleeping Beauty/Snow White:
Chaos' Game 6 - Meetings and Abductions
by Tricksterson

"Well, thank God that's over," said Cinderella, preceeding her fellow
queens and members of the "Prince Charming Sucks!" Club into the lounge room
adjacent to the conference room they'd just come from. "I need a drink."

* * *

The seeds of the club had been sown when Aurora's father had paid a state
visit to Snow White's kingdom and seen a portrait of his daughter's husband
in loving embrace with Queen Snow. When he asked who the man in the picture
was he'd been told that it was *her* husband. The following audience had been
enlightening and interesting for all. So had the gathering of armies that
followed. Charming's response to the invasion had been to scream like a girl,
grab the fastest horse he could find and make out for parts unknown never to
be seen again.

Things became even more complicated when it was revealed that Charming had
yet a third wife and that since she was his first she was also his only
legal wife and the heir to the kingdom he'd fled. A meeting of the three
women managed to prevent war and they had become first friends then lovers.
Trimonthly meetings had been decreed to manage the affairs of the federation
of kingdoms they effectively ruled jointly and the meetings were always
topped off by a threeway fuckfest after business had been concluded.

* * *

"Get one for me honey while you're at it," said Snow White, plopping down on
a setee and kicking off her shoes.

"Aurora?" asked Cinderella.

"None for me thanks," said Aurora as she sat at Snow's feet and started
rubbing them.

"Oh, bring me my sugar bag too, will you Cindy?, said Snow White as she
relaxed under the foot massage and undid her bodice. After pouring herself
a glass of wine and another for Snow Cinderella took out a waxed pouch and
brought the lot over to the couch where she sat down next to Snow. By now
Aurora had gone beyond mere massage and was licking the sole of the raven
haired queen's foot, making her giggle.

Eyes glittering in anticipation Snow opened the pouch and took out a generous
pinch of the white powder that she had recieved as a gift from a king of a
country far to the south and now imported at considerable expense whenever
one of the conferences was due. She sprinkled it over her tits and turned to
her fellow queen who was now nuzzling her neck.

"Enjoy." Cinderella immediately responded by licking the white powder off her
royal lover's tits.

Aurora looked up from sucking Snow White's toes. "Can I have some too,
Mistress?" While she could be quite imperious at court in private the young
woman enjoyed playing the submissive.

"Strip for us first," Snow said. The submissive blond stood up and pushed
down the straps of her pale blue gown, letting it fall to the floor, leaving
her dressed only in a dark red corset and silk stockings. While she did this
Cinderella got between Snow's legs, addressing herself not to her feet but
to her skirts, pulling them off and then burying her face in the lushly dark
furred cunt between her pale white thighs.

Aurora offered her breasts, poking out of the pushup bra built into the
corset to her dark haired lover and started to play with them. Snow leaned
forward and sprinkled more of the white on her sub's tits and snorted it
off then took one pink nipple in her mouth. However she leaned a little too
forward and sprawled giggling on the thickly rugged floor.

Cinderella glared at having her carpet munching broken off like that but
shrugged. They always wound up on the floor eventually anyway. She took this
opportunity to strip off her own clothes before rejoining her friends.

Snow White had planted her crotch firmly onto Aurora's face and was wriggling
ecstatically. Cinderella got down on all fours, pulled off the blond sub's
stockings and started licking her way up her legs.

* * *

If the room the three Queens were in had had a window even their present
activities would have come to a halt. As it was the castle guards were
transfixed as for a few brief seconds a sun shown in the sky even though it
was well past sunset. They would have been even more astonished if the bright
and sudden light hadn't blinded them and kept them from seeing what flew out
of it.

It was Demona, armed and ready for a Queen hunt.

* * *

Oblivious to their danger the three royal friends continued with their
menage. Snow White had leaned over the bodies of her lovers and had a finger
going in and out of Cindy's butthole. The fingers of her free hand raked the
back of her blond lover as waves of pleasure racked her body.

"Oh fuck yes, Rory! Yesss, such a goood girl!" After cumming she moved off
her fellow royalty and moved behind and under Cinderella where she lost no
time sending her tongue up Cindy's joy tube while her finger continued to
work it's way on her asshole.

Meanwhile Aurora was enjoying the tongueing her fellow blond was giving her.
"Oh yes, Mistress Cindy! You're soooo gooood to meeee!"

At first, when the wall blew in the three of them just thought they were
coming. In fact the combination of startlement and fear triggered a threeway
orgasm, leaving them helpless as the batwinged form of Demona swooped through
the hole she'd made with her laser cannon. None of the promiscuous royal trio
could do more than twitch as she scooped them into nets and said the spell
that opened the dimensional portal just as the castle guards came in leaving
them to wonder why the demon had stripped their liege ladies and left all
their clothes behind.


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