Cla$$ Warfare: The 4some Sequel
by Shannon Teague ([email protected])

This story is a spin-off from the movies Class Warfare starring Lindsay
J. McKeon. During the Twister Scene & how I think the movie should of

Kristen Marshall stooped and picked up a large tote-bag from underneath
a nearby table. She just lost on purpose in the final round of twister
to Richard. She was so drunk & horny she loved that three hott guys were
near her. Richard let her lead the way, enjoying the graceful flow of
her movement through the gathered revelers. He prayed that she wouldn't
mention to Jason and Graham his lie about them being interested in each
other; he feared that if she did, his earthly days might soon be over.

As they walked, Lindsay twisted her wet hair into a sort of bun on the
back of her head, pinning it in place with a pencil that she took from
her bag.

Over near the fireplace Lindsay's boyfriend Kristen and good friend
Graham were playing poker and continued to get drunk as they swallowed
down another bottle of beer.

Two pairs of eyes turned to Richard, brows raised in question: What
exactly was going on here? Richard shrugged. He had no answers for them.
Lindsay continued, "What I really need now is some nice hot *sex*. Do
you fellows think that you could help me out?"

Richard moved fast; he had been wondering if something like this might
be what she had in mind. He took a step closer to Lindsay and slipped
his arm around her waist. She turned to him and put her hand on his
chest, looking up into his eyes.

"Sure, baby, we'd love to help you out," Richard told her. "In fact,
earlier today I noticed a clearing about a hundred yards away from here,
off that way," he pointed, "and it is only a little ways off from the
trail. With the nice moonlight we have tonight, I think it ought to do
just fine."

Jason moved to the other side of the girl and laid his arm across her
shoulders. "Lindsay, honey," he said, "I know I must be dreaming, but
I'm sure not ready to wake up yet. Let's go find that clearing."
Graham stepped back into the brush and came out with the backpack that
held everything of value they brought for the trip. "Ready to roll," he
reported. "Let's go."

Lindsay giggled. "I thought that y'all might be able to help me.
Richard, lead the way." She put her arms around the waists of Richard
and Jason, and the quartet moved off toward the trail that Richard had

As they walked, Richard let his hand slip down to rest on Lindsay J.
McKeon's tight little ass. He spread his fingers to squeeze a firm,
round ass-cheek, reasoning that since the lass had already agreed to
have sex with the three of them, he might as well sample the goodies
while they walked. Lindsay obviously didn't mind, for her slim fingers
were soon sliding down under the waistband at the back of Richard's
swim-trunks, stroking his buttocks and giving him a playful squeeze in

They quickly arrived at the clearing, an expanse of white sand about
thirty feet in diameter, and amazingly not yet occupied by any other
merry-makers. The bright full moon gave them plenty of light to see each

Richard moved into action right away, not knowing what agenda Lindsay
might have in mind but determined that he would not miss out. He pulled
her close, away from Jason, and took her in his arms. Her blue eyes
seemed to glow in the moonlight as she gazed up at him, until he lowered
his face to hers and kissed her on the mouth. Her lips opened and her
tongue touched his. She snuggled even closer, and Richard felt the hard
tips of her nipples pressing against his bare chest. He reached up with
one hand to push her halter bikini out of the way, allowing him full
contact with her naked breasts. He cupped one breast in his hand; it fit
perfectly, the nipple hard against his palm. Lindsay moved as they broke
the kiss, and at first Richard was afraid that she was pulling away from
him. Instead, she twisted her body slightly, just enough to let her
slide her free hand between them, down over the bulge of his erection.
Her fingers traced the outline of his stiff cock through his trunks,
then moved lower to caress his balls. They kissed again.

Richard felt the touch of another hand on his arm, and looked over
Lindsay to see that Graham and Jason had both stripped naked. Graham had
stepped up close behind Lindsay, and it was his hand that Richard had
felt as Graham caressed Lindsay's backside and sought out the zipper of
her skirt. Lindsay wiggled her ass as Graham unzipped her and pulled the
black skirt and white lacey Victoria's Secret panties together down over
her hips and thighs. Graham knelt to pull her clothing the rest of the
way down and off, and leaned close to dip his tongue between the cheeks
of her ass. Jason stood a few feet away, watching and stroking his hard
cock with one hand.

Lindsay pulled her lips from Richard's and whispered, "Let me suck you."
She pushed his trunks down out of the way, then trailed kisses down his
chest and stomach as she bent forward at the waist to bring her face
down to his cock. Richard ran his fingers through her hair, looking down
at her delectable body, the exquisite curve of her spine and the round
perfection of her ass, her flesh as white and creamy as milk in the
bright moonlight.

Richard's prick throbbed with anticipation as Lindsay took it in both
hands, encircling the shaft with her fingers and toying with his balls.
He felt first her warm breath, then the moist tickle of her tongue on
the sensitive head of his cock. She licked gently all around the head,
then lower, under its rim, then in long strokes down the length of his
shaft. He groaned as her lips closed over his swollen cockhead, then
groaned again in sheer ecstasy as she slowly took the full length of his
prick into her mouth. Richard closed his eyes, wanting to concentrate on
every sensation that came from his prick. Just as slowly and steadily as
her lips had descended to engulf him, she now withdrew, sucking and
licking his pole as she did so. She continued to withdraw until only the
head of Richard's cock remained within her mouth, then slowly began
again, taking it deeper and deeper until he felt the tip nudging the
back of her throat. Again she drew back, and Richard knew that it
wouldn't take many repetitions to bring the come pouring forth from his

Richard opened his eyes and looked down.

Lindsay was standing with her feet far apart, and Richard could see that
Graham had shifted position to sit underneath her, the better to apply
his lips and tongue to her hot pussy. Jason stood directly behind
Lindsay, still stroking his cock as he gazed down at her ass. Richard
guessed that Jason was debating whether or not to stuff his prick into
her temptingly positioned pussy. Richard almost laughed as he suddenly
realized what was holding Jason back: Graham was still licking Lindsay's
cunt, and Jason was shy of shoving his cock so blatantly into Graham's

Richard decided that if no one else was going to fuck Lindsay, he would
do it himself. He reached down to grasp her body, taking a moment to cop
a feel of her titties as he did so. She felt his tug and released his
cock from her mouth, straightening up to look him in the eyes again.

"I want to fuck you now," he told her.

She nodded, breathing heavily. "Yes. Now." She stepped over Graham and
turned to face him. "Hey, stud, how'd you like to have your dick

In reply, Graham braced both hands on the ground behind him and leaned
back. His stiff rod jutted straight up from his lap. "Be my guest,

As Lindsay dropped to her knees on the sand in front of Graham, Jason
protested at being left out. "Hey, what about me?" he asked plaintively.
Lindsay smiled up at Jason and patted the sand next to the seated
Graham. "Come on down, sweetheart. I can handle y'all all at once, in
fact I prefer it that way."

Jason knelt down on the sand and Lindsay immediately reached out to take
hold of his dick with one hand, then bent to kiss the tip of it. Richard
watched for a few minutes as Lindsay sucked first Jason, then Graham,
then Jason again, keeping one cock in each hand and alternating between
them. Lindsay wiggled her ass impatiently, and Richard knelt down behind
her and ran his hand up the inside of her thigh to her waiting honeypot.

Graham's tonguing had gotten Lindsay very wet, so Richard knew that he
should be able to ease his thick prick into her with little trouble. He
knee-walked closer, bumping his abdomen up against her soft round ass,
and reached down to guide the head of his cock into her opening. Once the
head was inside her he began thrusting, slowly working his manhood deeper
with each thrust. At last he was all the way in, her cunt was completely
open to him, and he increased the tempo of his thrusting.

Richard put one hand on the side of Lindsay's waist to steady her and
keep them in the same rhythm so that his cock would not slip out of her
pussy. He reached down with his other hand to hold one of her breasts
and tease the nipple with his fingers, then leaned forward so that he
could watch as Lindsay sucked Jason and Graham. Lindsay moaned aloud
around the prick that filled her mouth, and Richard felt her pussy
squeezing him repeatedly as she came. The sensation put him on the edge
of orgasm himself, and he decided that he was ready to blow his wad. He
drove into her again and again, harder and harder, all the while
watching as Lindsay licked up and down Graham's fat prick and jerked off
Jason with her other hand.

He thought about how awesome it had felt when his own cock was in her
mouth, and then he was coming, pumping jet after jet of hot jism into
Lindsay's cunt, which tightened again around his rod as she found her
own way to another climax.

When Richard's balls were empty he remained crouched over Lindsay,
watching avidly as she switched men and took Jason deeply into her mouth
while her fingers slid up and down Graham's slick shaft. He wondered
when they would come, and whether she would swallow it or let it spurt
out onto her face.

Abruptly Lindsay sat up, releasing the two pricks and reaching back to
push Richard off of her. "God," she exclaimed, "I need both of these big
cocks inside me, right now!"

She reached into her tote-bag and pulled out a bottle of suntan lotion.
She popped the lid, then reached out to recapture Jason's tool. Aiming
carefully, she squirted a big glob of the lotion onto Jason's dick, then
rubbed it around with both hands.

"OK, Tiger," she told him. "Just sit still a minute and let me do this."
She guided Jason back to a seated position, then moved to squat over his
loins, reaching down beneath herself to take hold of his slippery dong.
Richard watched as Lindsay sank down onto Jason.

"OH, SHIT," Jason shouted. "Man, that is tight!" Richard looked again,
and suddenly realized that Jason's prick had gone not into Lindsay's
pussy, but into her asshole. He wished there was more light so that he
could see clearly what was happening -- the moonlight gave everything a
cool white glow, but the shadows were deep and dark and he couldn't
quite make out what was going on underneath Lindsay's body.

Jason started to wiggle his hips, humping his groin up at Lindsay, but
she put a hand back to stop him. "Slow down, big boy." There was strain
in her voice. "Wait 'til I've got you all the way in, then you can start
fucking." Jason stopped, and Lindsay continued to wiggle her hips,
gradually taking him deeper into her bottom, until with a final grunt
she sat down flat on his lap.

With Jason's prick fully sheathed in her ass, Lindsay leaned back
against him and sighed. Jason reached around to hold her breasts in his
hands and began to undulate his hips, moving his slick cock in and out
of her ass.

Lindsay groaned and beckoned to Graham. "C'mere, fella, I've got another
hole that needs filling."

Graham knelt between Lindsay's spread legs, pushing her back to lie on
top of Jason. He guided the tip of his prick into the opening of her
cunt, then leaned forward and drove it all the way into her with a
single thrust. He wasted no time warming up but immediately began
banging away with vigor, driving his prick again and again into
Lindsay's pussy.

At first the trio on the sand bounced and writhed like some wounded,
multilimbed animal, and Richard wondered how Lindsay could possibly be
enjoying the double penetration. But then they fell into a rhythm, with
Jason lying on the sand bumping his hips up and down, Graham lying over
Lindsay fucking her pussy at top speed, and Lindsay sandwiched between
them wriggling in time with their strokes. Richard had never seen a girl
being double-fucked before, and he found it exciting. Despite his recent
orgasm, his cock began to harden again. He fell to his knees not far
from the groaning, writhing trio and took his cock in his hand, unable
to simply sit and watch passively.

Just then Lindsay glanced his way and motioned him closer. Richard moved
up next to her. "D'ya have room for one more?" he asked, hopefully.
"Unh, yeah, ooh, c'mon, I just love to be fully plugged... OH, OH, Uh-
hunh! Come on, closer now..." She reached out to take his hard-on in her
hand, then leaned over and pulled it into her open mouth.

Richard found that with Lindsay being humped from above and below she
was unable to give him the expert blowjob that he had enjoyed earlier,
but she was apparently experienced enough at this multiperson sex to
just keep her teeth out of the way and let him enjoy the sensations of
his prick sliding in and out of her mouth. Finding his own rhythm in
concert with the others, Richard took hold of Lindsay's head with both
hands and fucked her mouth with gusto.

Jason was the first of the men to come, suddenly growling and groaning
and arching his back with such strength that he lifted both Lindsay and
Graham in his effort to ram his cock all the way into Lindsay's body.
Graham was next, stiffening and muttering, "Oh yeah, now," under his
breath as he flooded her cunt with cream. Lindsay seemed to be coming
nonstop, moaning muffled obscenities as Richard pistoned his prick in
her mouth.

Once Graham had completed his climax, he withdrew from Lindsay and sat
back to watch. Lindsay rolled over off of Jason and crouched on her
hands and knees in front of Richard. As soon as she started using her
hands and tongue on him, Richard knew that he wouldn't last much longer.
Then Lindsay cupped his balls in one hand, gently caressing them with
her fingers, and within moments the come came boiling up out of his
prick again, jetting into her mouth and trickling from her lips as she
sought to swallow it all. As Richard's dick started to soften, she
sucked and licked every last drop of jism from it.

Completely drained, Richard sat back on the sand, gazing in awe at the
insatiable sex goddess who knelt before him. Lindsay didn't show any
signs of being tired at all. Instead, she stood up and pulled her crop-
top back down over her tits. She walked to where her clothes lay and
bent to pick up her panties, then used them to wipe some of Richard's
cream from her cheek and neck. She next used the panties to clean up the
mess dripping down the insides of her thighs, then stuffed them into her

She was just pulling on her skirt when Richard asked, "Are you leaving?"
She zipped her skirt and looked down at them, wide-eyed and innocent and
not at all like a girl who had just taken on three men at the same time.
"That depends," she said. "Are you guys ready to fuck me again right

Richard shook his head in dismay. He was totally and completely
fucked-out; he knew that it would be at least a few hours before he was
ready to go again. Graham was also shaking his head, and Jason muttered,
"Fuck no, I'm half dead."

Lindsay didn't seem too surprised. "Then I guess I'd better get on back
to the party now, to find a few more big strong boys to give me what I
need. I'll see you fellas later on, OK?" With that she turned and
disappeared into the darkness.

Richard flopped down on the sand and looked up at the stars overhead.
Then he began to laugh.

The End


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