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COACH: A Real Screaming Eagle

By Uncle Mike

Christine had spent several days preparing for this moment.
It had taken time to find just the right cheerleader outfit, for
example. And digging up that old copy of Playboy featuring "The
Girls of the Big Ten" had meant rooting through the stacks in
some used-book stores, enduring the leers of the men around her
in the dirty-magazine sections. And she had to pick just the
right day, when the team didn't have a practice so there'd be no
one around to bother them.

With a trench coat wrapped around her, she made her way
through the corridors to Hayden's office. Quietly she opened the
door a crack and looked in. Great! Hayden was at his desk, the
Playboy held up in front of him. He'd found it! This was going to
be perfect, she thought as she slipped in silently and locked the
door behind her. Padding across the floor in her sneakers, she
locked the door to the locker room as well.

Then she turned to face Hayden and let her coat fall to the

Christine had what you could describe as a perky body: small
but well-stacked. The outline of her firm breasts and erect
nipples were plainly visible as they stretched the tight red and
white jersey taut. Her hair was drawn back into a ponytail, fully
exposing a fresh face that made her look much younger than she
really was. A short, pleated red skirt ended several inches above
her knees, showing off legs shapely even without the help of
high heels.

Hayden must be really absorbed in that Playboy, she thought;
he hasn't even moved since I came in. Well, I know how to get
him in action.

Shouting "Gimme an F!" as loud as she dared, Christine
whipped up her top, exposing her breasts. That should get his
attention, she thought. "Gimme a U!" As her top came down she
narrowed her vision to the desktop; she'd practiced this move
many times but it still was tricky. She had to watch nothing but
her target or it could be a disaster.

"Gimme a C! Gimme a K!" she shouted as she took three quick
steps forward and launched herself into a tumble and roll.

"Gimme an M!" She came out of the roll a few feet from the
desk and launched herself into the air.

"Gimme an E!" She landed on the desktop in a perfect split,
her skirt flying up around her to expose her cunt. It was already
gleaming with her juices; she'd masturbated with a vibrator on
the way over to the campus.

"What's it spell? FUCK ME!" Again she whipped the sweater up
over her head, putting her tits right in Hayden's face. Vaguely as
she had done her routine she had been aware of him rising from
the desk. She giggled. Hayden had been ignoring her lately, but
this should get a rise out of his cock. She felt like a silly little
girl, but a silly little girl who was about to get the fucking of
her life, she thought.

Sure enough, she felt strong hands on her breasts and a stiff
cock already prodding at the entrance to her cunt. This was
perfect, she thought, the perfect Valentine's Day present. Hayden
would never forget this moment.

The cock pressed into her, popping past the outer lips and
sinking into her lush wet tunnel. "Ohhhhhh, yesssss!" she sighed
as it filled her. "God, Hayden, you've never been so big!"

Slowly she lowered her sweater. As she did, her eyes
widened in shock.


The cock in her wasn't her boyfriend, Hayden, the coach of the
Screaming Eagles. It was Dauber Dybinski, one of his players.

"Uh, hi, Christine," he said genially as his huge cock pressed
in and out.

"What ... unnnnggghhh ... what are you doing here?" Christine's
lithe body shook under the hammer blows of his fucking. Wow,
she thought, for a dumb jock he fucks like a god.

"Coach asked me to pick up his mail today," the blond giant
explained. "I saw your note inside the Playboy. The one where
you told Coach to meet you here? So I told him to go to lunch
with Luther. Uh, I hope you don't mind?"

Even as he asked, Dauber was lifting her off the table and
hoisting her into the air, then dropping her so that she was
completely impaled on his shaft.

"Oooff! I, ungh, ooooooohhhhh! Yes! I mean, no, I don't
miiiiinnnnndddd!" Words like "cradle-snatcher" came to mind,
but she ignored the thoughts as she concentrated on the
incredible feeling in her cunt. "Fuck me, you big stud!"

Dauber handled her like a doll, hoisting her up and down as
his thick eight inches spread her labia wide and drilled her.
Christine's tits jiggled and shook as his pounding drove her
closer and closer to an orgasm like none before.

Almost effortlessly, Dauber then pulled her off his shaft and
spun her in midair, catching her neatly around the waist and
impaling her again, with one of his hands quickly sliding up to
maul her breasts. Christine was having the thrill of her middle-
aged life as the beefy young man smashed into her eager cunt
again and again.

"My God, Dauber, if only I'd known! You're hung like a stallion
and you fuck like a god! Yes, yes, yes!" She shouted in delight as
the massive cock stretched her cunt to the limit, slamming into
her deeper than any man had before. Her ponytail became undone
under the frantic motion as Dauber lifted her up and dropped her
down onto his prick, sending her hair flying.

"You're sure tight for an old ... I mean a mature ... you're sure
tight, Christine," Dauber mumbled as he continued his

Again Christine was feeling close to cumming when Dauber
shifted position, laying her face-down on the desk. Twisting her
to lie lengthwise, he mounted the desk himself and plunged his
thick pole into her cunt a third time. Rockets went off in her

She could take no more. With an unintelligible scream she
came, bucking and gyrating as her sweat coated the desk. Her
juices poured out, dripping down the sides of the desk and
forming a puddle on the floor.

Still Dauber kept up his assault, showing a stamina Hayden
had never had. In and out his cock drove, rubbing her labia raw. In
no time at all she was cumming again, her body shaking with
tremors. And again. And a fourth time, one after another,
orgasms blending into one another in an unending cascade of

"Oh, my God!" she screamed. "Oh God, oh no, oh yes,
aaaAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Fuck me more! I can't stand it! Fuck me
MORE! Slam my cunt with that rod! HARDER!"

Dauber's cock grew even larger and he knew he would soon
have to let go.

"Uh, I'm gonna shoot, Christine," he grunted. "Get

It was like a fire hose was set off inside her cunt. Dauber's
cum rocketed into her, quickly filling her up. Christine lost all
control in a final blazing orgasm, her head smacking into the

It was many minutes before she regained control enough to
become aware of her surroundings. The room was filled with the
musk of their rutting and Hayden's desk was awash in their
sweat and secretions. Dauber was in the chair, not even
breathing hard. The glory of youth, Christine thought.

As she dressed, Dauber opened the windows and the doors to
air the place out, then wiped down the desk.

Christine slipped back into her trench coat and put her arms
out to the young man. He swept her up, and her light peck on his
cheek turned into a passionate, tongue-entwining kiss. She could
feel her cunt melting again, but there was no time; Hayden
would be back soon with Lester.

"I've got to go now, but ... thank you, Jeff -- I mean Dauber,"
she said, pushing him away. Dauber let her go reluctantly.

"Will you ever, uh, do it with me again?" he asked, sounding
incredibly shy and insecure for such a sexual master.

"I'd like that," Christine said with a smile. "Call me ... next
time Hayden goes to lunch."


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