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Community: Community College Experience Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Despite being one herself Britta Perry didn't really get women. Ok, so she got the basics, but there were some things which would always be a mystery to her. Top of that list was going to the bathroom together, because while it provided a moment away from men if there was one place she didn't want to talk it was there. Hell, she'd rather avoid even making eye contact with anyone in there, let alone stand around in front of the mirrors while they gossiped, touched up their make-up and fell into just about every other stereotypical trap available.

It was one of the many reasons she never really had any female friends, but maybe that was for the best as apparently Britta was incapable of having a close female friend without screwing it up. And for once she meant that quite literally, because Britta had pushed women, and men, away before in a variety of different ways, but this was the first time she had ruined a friendship with a woman by sleeping with her. Because apparently she didn't learn her lesson from sleeping with her male friends, she just had to repeat that mistake with Annie Edison of all people.

At least it wasn't entirely Britta's fault this time round. After all, Annie was the one who had suggested they have sex. Insisted on it. Practically broke down Britta's door because she wanted to have lesbian sex with her. And before that she had kissed her, and... and been nice to her. And just been so... sweet, and pretty, and so God damn perfect and OH FUCK, she was standing in front of her!

Annie Edison had just walked into the bathroom and was now standing in front of Britta, her mouth slightly open like she was to say something except no sound came and both of them just stood there staring at each other for what felt like an eternity. Britta liked to use the bathroom during class so she would be alone, andsince Annie hadn't said more than one word to her since last week's incident Britta pretty much didn't have a choice. And despite the fact they were in the same class Britta hadn't considered Annie would follow her. After all she had plenty of chances before now, so why should this be any different? Then again maybe it was. Maybe it was just a coincidence. Maybe...

"Hi." Annie said, interrupting Britta's train of thought.

"Hi." Britta said, pretty much completing every conversation they'd had over the last week.

Then Britta tried to leave only to have Annie move to block her way and then mumble, "I need to talk to you."

Avoiding the urge to gulp Britta replied, "Sur, sure Annie. What do you want to talk about?"

Despite trying not to Annie blushed and lowered her gaze momentarily before forcing herself to look at Britta and blurt out, "I, I... I think we should have sex again."

"ANNIE!" Britta exclaimed before glancing around to double check they were alone, the fact that it was a small bathroom with all the stool doors open and thus obviously empty a cause of great relief. Not that it helped with the real problem.

"Just, just hear me out." Annie insisted, clearly flustered.

"Here? Now?" Britta questioned.

"YESSSS!" Annie exclaimed with a childish whine, the girl clearly trying to sound more mature as she added, "I, I just... I just really feel like I need to say this right now or I'm totally going to chicken out later."

It might be the best thing for them both if Annie did chicken out, but the brunette then gave her the dreaded Bambi eyes and all Britta could do was give in, "Ok Annie, but make it fast."

Nodding softly Annie tried. She really did try, but she had been preparing for this moment for an entire week and she still had no idea how she could possibly tell Britta the way she felt. Not without coming off as a total freak and scaring the other woman away. So Annie just stood there like a moron, occasionally opening and closing her mouth as if she was a goldfish, a moronic goldfish, just waiting to be put out of her misery.

"Annie." Britta prompted, trying to sound soothing but coming off more condescending. Or at least that's what she thought.

Annie thought Britta was becoming annoyed with her, which pushed her to blurt out, "I miss you!"

Genuinely touched Britta softly smiled, "Awww, Annie. I... I-"

"I know it's stupid." Annie interrupted, "I know we see each other nearly every day, but-"

"Hey." Britta interrupted, soothing her tone as she added, "I've missed you too."

Returning the soft smile Annie continued, "But... we don't talk any more. Not really. And I know why, I'm not stupid, but... when do you think we can go back to the way things were?"

Britta shrugged, "I don't know Annie."

"Weeks? Months?" Annie pushed.

"I don't know." Britta insisted.

There was a moment of silence, then Annie deliberately looked into Britta's eyes for the first time in a while and said, "So, if talking is weird, and just hanging out is, well... ermmmmm, maybe... maybe we should have sex. Because it wasn't weird. Well, it was, and it wasn't. I mean, like... at first, it was kind of, yeah, but... then it was really nice. You know?"

There was another moment of silence and then Britta softly murmured, "I know."

Feeling encouraged Annie smiled softly, "Really... well... good, because I was thinking I didn't really get the full lesbian experience, and I was really hoping maybe we could do more. Maybe not everything, but some things might be cool. And I don't think we can make things any more awkward between us, so why not?"

"Oh, I'm sure we can make it more awkward." Britta smiled, the two of them sharing a soft laugh before the blonde added, "But I don't know Annie. I don't think this is exactly normal."

"Since when have we cared about normal?" Annie pointed out, stepping closer, "I mean for a Community college this place and everyone in it are weird, including us, and I just... I really miss you, and if the only way we can hang out is to have sex, that doesn't sound so bad to me."

Despite her better judgement a lot of that seem to make sense to Britta so she slowly stepped forward and asked, "Sooooo... what were some of these other things you wanted to try?"

Annie blushed furiously, "Well, I, I... I just thought, you know... erm, I, you know, I licked you last time but you didn't, you know, return the favour, and I just thought-"

"That that you'd like me to lick your pussy?" Britta grinned, loving the way Annie blushed even more.

"Yes." Annie admitted, surprising herself and Britta.

Although that act of bravery was somewhat undermined by Annie staring at her toes while saying it the brunette was proud of herself. She was almost positive she was going to chicken out and for her to pretty much tell someone what she wanted sexually, another woman no less, was a huge step for Annie. Maybe the best part was she wasn't punished for it, Britta seeming to understand what a big step this was for Annie and positively reinforcing her bravery by, somewhat awkwardly, lifting her chin with her thumb and index finger and then giving her a soft smile.

Then after a brief hesitation Britta awkwardly moved forward and leaned in, pulling Annie towards her in the process. Truth be told Annie was probably doing most of the work towards the end, at least as far as moving herself was concerned, although that nearly led to them knocking heads like they had done a week ago. Instead they just about managed to lock lips in what turned out to be a really soft, sweet kiss, Annie's worries and doubts momentarily forgotten as she and Britain wrapped her arms around each other and kissed in the middle of the public bathroom.

Of course that led to the kiss being brief, neither one of the girls wanting to be caught. Despite this they didn't untangle themselves from each other right away, instead choosing to smile softly at each other and enjoy the moment, Annie honestly not able to think of a time she felt more content. And then of course Britta had to go and ruin it.

"It would be my honour." Britta said, inwardly hating herself for saying something so lame/dorky and desperately trying to thinking away she could take it back and rephrase it to something better. Failing that she opted for something guaranteed to distract from it, "Wanna do it here."

For the briefest of moments Annie frowned, her innocent mind genuinely confused by what Britta was suggesting, then her big eyes went wider than ever before, "BRITTA! Nooooo! No, no, no, no, NO! I can't do... THAT!"

"It would be a new experience." Britta argued.

"Yes! But, but... we can't!" Annie stated, sounding truly scandalising and yet still not entangling herself from Britta.

Taking that as a good sign Britta pushed, "We can. Public sex is so hot. As long as it's not public, public. Like out in the open. That's gross. But getting away with it right under people's noses like in a bathroom, or in a tent, or on a roof, that's way hot."

"Britta! I do not need to hear about your kinky sex life." Annie complaint, blushing as she added without thinking, "It's weird, and totally ridiculous if we're about to do it. Not here I mean, later, but not much later, you know?"

"Uh-huh." Britta mumbled in understanding as her mind searched for a way to convince Annie to let her fuck her in one of the stalls, ultimately going with, "But are you sure you don't want to just try it? I mean, everybody will be in class for at least half an hour, so you'll never, ever get a better chance to do this than right now, and if you don't you might regret it."

"If, if I do it I'll probably regret it." Annie argued, although her resolve seemed to be waning.

Wanting to capitalise on that Britta pointed out, "Maybe. Maybe you could have gone your entire life without an essential college experience and been completely happy. But wasn't the point of coming to me in the first place that you wanted to live a little? Do something naughty for a change? Something you'd never forget?"

"Welllll, yes... but... this wasn't exactly on my to-do list." Annie stammered.

"Does it matter?" Britta questioned, quickly adding, "I'm offering you a completely new and unforgettable experience. Can you really turn that down?"

Annie opened her mouth but no sound came out for what felt like an eternity, then finally she blushed and whispered, "Could... could we do it quickly?"

"Absolutely!" Britta beamed, quickly pulling the dazed brunette into the nearest toilet stall, locking the door and then pressing her friend up against the wall, "Trust me Annie, you're not going to regret this."

Britta was fully aware that particular choice of words was just asking for trouble and she totally hadn't meant to say it but now she had she wanted to take Annie's mind off it quickly. Luckily she had an easy way to do that, and by chance it had been what she was going to do anyway, namely kiss her female friend right on the lips.

This was nothing like the kiss they had just shared, or their first couple of kisses exactly one week ago for that matter. It wasn't awkward or gentle, the two of them acting like teens getting their first kiss out of the way, it was hard and passionate right from the start as if they were long-time lovers. Ok, that may have been an exaggeration, but Britta sure as hell kissed Annie with way more confidence than before and it wasn't long before Annie was doing the same or the blonde was shoving her tongue down the brunette's throat.

It would have been very easy to get lost in that kiss, especially when Annie relaxed into her arms and really started kissing Britta back, that soft girl tongue massaging her own in a way which made the blonde swoon. And make no mistake, Britta Perry didn't swoon... well, not really from kisses anyway. The point was, tongue kissing innocent little Annie Edison was intoxicating, but if Britta was going to keep her promise she was going to have to speed this up. Luckily, Britta Perry was the queen of quickies... oh man, was she glad she hadn't said that out loud.

If Annie where a guy Britta would be dropping to her knees right now, pulling out Annie's hard cock and either sucking it until she got a mouthful of cum or until she was sure the shaft was nicely lubricated for her pussy. Which momentarily put a weird image in her head, but forcing herself not to focus on it Britta tried to make herself pull away from Annie and dropped to her knees anyway. She managed the former but not the latter, her hands resting on two round soft objects which just demanded her attention no matter whether this was a quickie or not.

Still dazed from the kiss it took Annie a while to realise what Britta was doing until her shirt was bunched around her chest. She was then given a moment to frown before her eyes bugged out when Britta pulled her bra downwards, completely exposing her boobs without actually removing a single stitch of clothing. It was something Annie hadn't even realised was possible, although she supposed it should have been obvious as at least a possibility, but before she could really finished the thought or even consider complaining Britta's lips wrapped themselves around her right nipple and she was momentarily lost to the world.

It would have probably been a lot longer than that but Annie tilted her head back to moan and she ended up bumping her head on the bathroom stall wall. But despite letting out an 'owww' she didn't really complain, Annie way to lost in having another girl sucking on her breast. On having Britta sucking on her breast. Her closest ever female friend was now sucking on her breast, and it felt oh so good. So amazing. So much better than almost anything she'd ever experienced, Annie sighing contentedly as Britta began moving from one nipple to the other, going back and forth between them in such a delightful way Annie thought she would explode.

When Britta added her tongue into the mix, swirling it clockwise and anti-clockwise around her nipples mostly while those lips were still covering them, Annie let out what seemed to be a deafening cry. In reality it was quite soft, but in the silent bathroom it sounded deafening, so much so Britta gave her a look. The blonde didn't stop licking her nipples, that fact as much as the look and the sound she had just made making Annie blush.

"Sorry." Annie mumbled softly.

Finally removing her mouth from Annie's tits Britta smiled softly and whispered, "It's ok Annie, you just need to be quiet, you know?"

"I know, I know." Annie blushed, her face getting even redder as she added a few seconds later, "Please don't stop."

Giving her a evil smile, which somehow made her even more wet, Britta moved her mouth back down to where Annie wanted it. Well, where she wanted it right now, Annie blushing again as she thought where she would like Britta's mouth to move very, very soon. In fact maybe it should probably be now. After all she didn't see how her nipples could possibly get harder, or her pussy could get wetter, so as good as this felt shouldn't she ask Britta to move on? And she would. Any second now. Any second.

Much like her friend Britta was fully aware she should move on, it was just so hard. Annie's boobs were just so big and soft, the idea Britta had once thought that the monkey of the same name was cuter than these mountains of flesh seeming absurd because, well... they were just so perfect. Britta wasn't even jealous, not really, not when she could slide her mouth all over that soft flesh in a way which would make any heterosexual man or girl liking woman jealous. Yes, for once surely it was Britta who was the one to be jealous of, not this young girl who hid her amazing body beneath layers of clothing.

Of course while Britta may have got a little carried away licking and sucking Annie's big tits she did eventually convince herself to slip her fingers underneath the brunette's skirt and panties and pushed them down. Annie gave a little gasp when her bottom half was exposed but gave no form of protest so, after maybe another minute or two of tit worship, Britta finally dropped to her knees so she was face to face with another girl's sex for the first time in her life. She then hesitated, Britta unable to stop herself frowning as she examined Annie's womanhood.

As a feminist Britta should at least like the female form platonically, but she had always secretly thought that... down there wasn't that pretty. Not that guys were much better, but at least she had experience with that. This... this was new, and while she had spent most of the week thinking about what this would be like, albeit under different circumstances or at least a different setting, Britta couldn't help being nervous. Although all she had to do was look up to see she wasn't alone.

"You, you don't have too." Annie mumbled softly, sounding like she was at least twice as nervous as Britta.

"I want too." Britta answer truthfully, and then as she wanted to comfort her friend she added somewhat less truthfully, "God Annie... you're so beautiful."

Britta made sure she was looking directly at Annie's pussy when she said that, and while she didn't entirely mean it one glance up told her that her words had helped. As a future therapist that made Britta feel very good about herself, that feeling pushing her to lean forward and lick the only part of Annie Edison's body which she didn't think was beautiful. She then found herself quickly changing her mind as she tasted another girl for the first time, Britta at first taken aback and then becoming lost in lapping away at her new favourite flavour.

For her part Annie let out a tiny squeak as for the first time another girl's tongue touched her sex, that soft wet muscle pressing against the bottom of her pussy lips and then slowly making it's way to the top in something that felt like pure heaven. It was then repeated, Britta starting to lick her pussy with steady strokes of her tongue, Annie again bumping her head as she rolled her eyes and whimpered as a result of the new sensations she was feeling.

She had thought about another girl licking her pussy for so long... about her good friend Britta Perry... the bestest friend she'd ever had, licking her pussy to truly introduce her to the delights of a lesbian experience for a long time and it definitely didn't disappoint. Annie loved it, her mind going blank for a little while because of the overwhelming pleasure. Or maybe she was just overwhelmed by having another girl and/or her best friend going down on her. Either way Annie felt blissfully happy.

After a while it became a little less overwhelming, not because it became any less pleasurable but because she got used to it. Which was kind of weird, maybe almost just as much as having sex with another girl in a public bathroom. No, on second thoughts it totally wasn't, but it was still pretty weird. Not that Annie was complaining, because this was definitely a good weird. A wonderful weird. A weird she could definitely get used too. Yes, she could definitely get used to this feeling, and perhaps more importantly because of it.

Shortly after she had tossed her head back Annie closed her eyes and kept them that way while she tried to get used to what she was feeling. When she did she cautiously opened them, looked down, blushed furiously and then closed them again. Then she peaked again, Annie feeling a little bit like a cartoon in the process, but she couldn't really care about her previous actions. Not when there was a girl in between her legs. A pretty little long haired blonde moving every so slightly in time with the wonderful little licks the other girl was giving Annie's pussy. That Britta was giving Annie's pussy. The best friend she'd ever had Britta Perry was kneeling in between her legs and licking her pussy in a public bathroom, Annie becoming lost in the wonderful sight before her and the sensations which went along with it.

Britta experienced something similar, at least for a little while. The difference was while Annie seemed excited but a little apprehensive Britta was just excited, which didn't surprise the blonde. Despite proving she wasn't a total prude, or even a little bit prudish given this exact activity, Annie was still inexperienced and shy when it came to sex. Sure, last time Britta had been a little overwhelmed by the whole experience, but now finally she felt like she was in her element.

Ok, so despite what she let Annie believe she'd never eaten pussy before. That was totally out of her element, and despite this being her idea Britta had seriously panicked back there for a few seconds. Then she had licked a pussy for the first time in her life and after that everything felt easy, Britta happily lapping away at Annie's sex like she did this all the time. And maybe she should, or at least could, Britta very much liking the idea of doing this again. Especially if it was in a place like this.

It was kind of ironic, but she loved having sex in public bathrooms. Well, actually she liked having sex in public places and public bathrooms just happen to be the most convenient place to do it. And up until now the distinction had been pretty clear, she didn't want to go with girls to the bathroom because she didn't want to talk or even look at them in there, but she was all over guys in the same situation. Now she wasn't sure whether it was more ironic or not that she was having sex with another girl in a public bathroom, but she didn't care because this was so, so good. Awesome, in fact.

While the risk of getting caught was one of the things Britta found most thrilling about public sex she hated actually getting caught and if they did Annie would never talk to her again. Worse Annie would almost definitely never have sex with her again, something which was unacceptable to Britta in her current sex crazed state. So as much as she wanted to spend hours in between Annie's legs, and hoped she would soon have the opportunity to do so, Britta started doing everything she could think of to make the younger girl cum.

At first Annie didn't really notice the difference, partly because Britta was sneaky about it, and partly because she had slipped into another dreamlike state as a result of having a girl going down on her. In fact it wasn't that she noticed what Britta was doing, it was that she heard a really loud sound and was worried they had been discovered. So, her face becoming even more pale than usual, Annie listened out for someone outside the stall door, a huge blush crossing her face when she then realised the sound was coming from her.

The sound in question was so high pitched it didn't sound human, not that Annie could identify it as anything else, although the real problem was volume as if it continued they would almost certainly be caught and then Annie would die with embarrassment for acting so slutty. That was when Annie realised Britta was licking her pussy more firmly, that wicked little tongue travelling all the way up to her clit with every stroke and thus making it impossible for her to be completely quiet.

She still desperately tried to keep the volume down but it seemed to be a losing battle, especially when Britta's hands slid upwards to start fondling her boobs, the blonde's nimble fingers doing the impossible and making her nipples feel even harder than before. Then Britta started pressing her tongue against Annie's entrance, which made the brunette's entire body quiver. For better or for worse Britta didn't go through with it, instead switching back to the pussy licking for a little while before teasing her again and again in the exact same way, but Annie was sure when her friend actually did it, actually put her tongue inside her, she would pass out. Or at the very least collapse on top of Britta, Annie's legs already feeling like jelly from the constant stimulation.

Words could not accurately describe Annie's relief when she was proven wrong about that, although she was sure it had to be some kind of miracle given the feeling of another girl slamming her tongue inside her made her entire body feel like it was exploding and then whatever was left of it was melting away. Later she realised it just happen to be the most powerful orgasm of her life, but as it was followed by equally powerful climaxes it was a very long time before Annie was able to think coherently.

Britta was having the same problem as she was overwhelmed by just how much this surpassed her expectations and made her wonder why she hadn't gone down on another girl sooner. Then again were other girls this tasty? Was that even possible? Britta couldn't quite imagine it, although she didn't really spend much time trying. Not when she had Annie's pussy cream to lick up, the fact Britta wanting to get more of it being just as much a reason for her pushing her tongue inside the brunette as making this a quickie by speeding up Annie cumming.

When she did, when Britta pushed her tongue as deep as it would go inside another girl's pussy, she thought she would cum herself from the intense wet heat spasming around her tongue. Then about a second later Annie came in her mouth, Britta oh so glad her upstairs lips were pressed against her fellow Greendale students' downstairs lips because it makes the most delicious thing she ever tasted pretty much flowed directly down her throat. Well, she had to gulp a couple of times, but she barely noticed on the account of her taste buds being on fire.

On some level Britta knew that should be it. They should stop, get dressed, and head back to class before anybody came looking for them, or worse the bell rang and the room filled with other girls. But Annie's cum just tasted so good and Britta wanted more of it. Hell, she felt like she practically needed more of it, so instead of pulling away she began thrusting her tongue in and out of the other girl, slowly building up a rhythm until she was blessed with another mouthful of cum.

She did that until her mouth and tongue grew tired and was allowing some of Annie's precious cum to escape. Then, again instead of stopping, Britta replaced her tongue with her fingers, pushing two digits as deep as they would go into Annie's cunt and then quickly establishing the same rhythm she had used to tongue fuck her friend. That was when she noticed just how much noise Annie was making, Britta briefly trying to ignore it and lick the brunette's clit only to try something else when that made things worse.

Annie had closed her eyes again to try and cope with what she was feeling, so it was a real shock to her system to open them again to find Britta's face inches away from her own. It kind of made her jump, but not as much as if Britta had kissed her before she had sensed the blonde's movements and opened her eyes. As it was, she had a few moments to enjoy Britta staring at her before the other student leaned in, Annie closing her eyes and happily welcoming her friend's lips with her own.

They tasted a little weird, Annie searching her mind for a few long seconds to try and figure out what it was. When she realised the weird taste on Britta's lips was her own cum and pussy juice Annie blushed furiously, but then she quickly forgot about being embarrassed as the blonde curled her fingers inside her sex and made her cum again. That had her automatically opening her mouth to let out a moan but Britta used that opportunity to shove her tongue into her mouth, muffling the moan and making Annie's orgasm even more intense as again she was tasting herself.

Eventually the flavour went away but by then the two girls were ferociously making out while one finger fucked the other so forgive Annie if she didn't really care about that. Or about anything really. Well, not anything which didn't involve Britta, as she very much like Britta's mouth, tongue and most importantly at the moment her fingers, Annie completely lost in her own selfish pleasure. Which wasn't a problem until Britta made her realise that's what it was by guiding her right hand to her pants covered crotch and then broke the kiss to give her a needy look.

Just to drive the point home Britta whispered, "Please Annie, fuck me. Fuck me like I'm fucking you. Please? I need it so bad."

Annie briefly hesitated, not because she didn't want to do it but because she was feeling so overwhelmed by the whole situation. Then, worrying that Britta would think she was being selfish, she hurried to undo the blonde's pants, which was easier said than done when her hands were shaking from the sensation of being finger fucked. Then, not wanting to waste any more time, and honestly unsure whether she could even do it, Annie skip trying to remove the pants and whatever underwear Britta was wearing in favour of slipping her hand down in between the fabric and going straight for her goal.

Britta was really, really desperate to cum, and although she wasn't proud of it she was fully prepared to talk Annie into fucking her. That was why she didn't immediately go back to kissing her. That and if she did Annie might forget about her request, and she kind of thought it would be hot to watch as Annie Edison started to finger her.

She was right about the last part, and it was only made hotter by Annie literally shoving her hand down her pants and beginning to rub her pussy lips. What she hadn't been expecting was for Annie to barely hesitate at all, and the look in her eyes when she did it... oh, it was almost enough to make Britta cum on the spot, the blonde whimpering partly from the look and partly because it was so close to giving her the satisfaction she so desperately craved but it didn't give it to her.

Not that it took much more, Annie quickly pushing a slender finger into Britta and then giving her a few steady pumps which finally, finally gave the future therapist what she wanted. Which wasn't quite as good as what she remembered receiving from Annie's mouth and tongue but it's still pretty much beat anything from her past, all that build-up making Britta cum hard and cry out loudly.

To quiet herself Britta kissed Annie again, this seemingly innocent 19-year-old kissing her back hungrily as they continued to fuck each other to way too many orgasms. Not that Britta didn't love every single one of them, she did, but she was positive the bell was seconds away from ringing and they needed to stop this and get out of here. So, after half a dozen failed attempts, Britta pulled her hand out from between Annie's thighs and used her other hand to pull the brunette's hand out of her pants.

Annie wanted to protest but a stern look from Britta made her immediately remember why they had to stop, so instead she brought her hand up to her face and started sucking her fingers clean of the yummy girl cum and pussy juice. Britta did the same thing at almost the exact same time, leading to Annie giggling like a little girl and then quickly trying to explain herself when her friend gave her another look.

"I'm sorry... I just... you were... I'm, I'm sorry if I spoiled the mood." Annie babbled.

Smiling softly Britta replied, "I don't think anything could."

Which really was just asking for trouble.

"Britta, Annie... are you in here?" Shirley asked hesitantly in her sugar sweet voice.

There was about half a second where Annie was relieved that just before that question she had clearly heard the sound of the main door opening and Shirley entering the bathroom. Of course she didn't get time to appreciate that as she was too busy freaking out.

Luckily Britta, who clearly had way too much experience with this sort of thing, quickly reached down to grab Annie's skirt and panties and then pulled them upwards. When they had been secured in their proper place Britta pulled Annie's bra up and her shirt down, effectively redressing the younger student who was currently feeling like a stupid Barbie doll. She just couldn't help it though, because all she could do was silently freak out and pray that Shirley wouldn't look underneath the only stall door which was closed and see two pairs of feet.

No such luck, "Britta... Annie..."

"H, hey Shirley." Britta called out, wiping her face strategically with her sleeve and then opening the door and sniffling a little as she explained, "I'm sorry if I look a bit... well, you know, a mess, I'm just going through a bad break-up and I needed someone to talk too."

The smell of sex seemed unmissable to Annie, however the lie was plausible and it was clear given the look on her face Shirley wasn't sure she believed it, but would much rather accept it as the gospel truth than to give another second to the preposterous idea that it could possibly be anything unseemly.

So with a sympathetic look on her face Shirley asked, "Oh, I'm sorry Britta. Is there anything I can do?"

"No, that's ok. I talked things out with Annie and had a good cry, soooooo, I'd rather just move on." Britta said dismissively, making her way to the basins to wash her face and give Annie longer to get herself together.

"Ok." Shirley said, then added after a brief awkward silence, "I didn't know you were seeing anyone."

"I'm not." Britta said, and then very quickly added, "I mean, not really. It wasn't what you'd really call... a relationship."

"I see." Shirley said, her whole body tightening with judgement as she glared at Britta.

"Not that it was just about the sex." Britta added, aware she was digging her own grave, "I, I... I just really liked them and, and we just had so much fun and, and... and I just wish I could have a do-over, you know?"

While it was possible Britta was just blathering Annie couldn't help believe she was talking about the two of them which made her pulse race and rushed to the blonde's defence, "The, the guy was real jerk to you though. Not talking to you for a week and being all... jerkie! So... it's totally his fault, not yours..."

Shirley looked between the other two Greendale students for a moment and then said, "Annie, could you give us a minute."

"Erm, sure." Annie said, hesitant to abandon Britta but relieved that she had an excuse to leave.

Once Annie was out the door Shirley step closer and pointedly said, "Britta, I get you're going through a hard time, but I thought we all agreed to try and avoid bringing up sex with Annie."

Trying not to blush Britta stammered, "I, I..."

"And now you're in here going on and on about casual sex like it's no big deal." Shirley interrupted, "Well I hope you make it clear that there's a downside to your lifestyle. It's bad enough the things you and Jeff say in front of the study group, but in here... I just hope you kept it PG-13 for that girl. She's a delicate thing, and I don't want you setting a bad example for Annie, ok?"

"Ok." Britta squeaked weakly, blushing as Shirley stormed off leaving the blonde to her guilt for what she had just done.


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