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Community: Community College Experience Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

Britta Perry reached into her bag and slid her hand over her Taser as subtly as she could. Which probably wasn't very subtle at all, but nobody seemed to pay any attention to her so it probably didn't even matter. It was just comforting is all, considering she was a at least mildly attractive woman travelling alone at night through a dimly lit part of town which had a well learnt reputation for being the most dangerous, and certainly most sleaziest, place in probably the whole state. Honestly as she turned down her third offer of 'a little something-something', whatever that was supposed to be, Britta couldn't help but wonder how anyone could actually live here, let alone a sweet, innocent 19-year-old college student.

Then Britta had to blush as she remembered her friend Annie Edison wasn't as sweet and innocent as she had originally thought she was, and she was more than partly responsible for whatever innocence Annie had possessed being taken away, Britta being reminded of that as the image of Annie's head in between her legs flooded her mind. Of course that image was a memory and it was only making Britta's need for her friend's touch grow, the blonde picking up speed as she finally made it to Annie's apartment building.

It just so happened to be on top of a sex store, and not the type of woman-friendly type stores which could help you discover your sexuality, or at least Britta didn't get that impression from the outside as she found herself giving a polite smile to a chubby guy in a trench-coat before rushing past him and up some graffiti filled steps to the sanctuary of her friend's home. Once at the door Britta immediately knocked, hard and rapidly, although her dodgy surroundings was only part of it. A big part of it was she was genuinely worried that given the dodgy surrounding something had happened to dear sweet Annie, so Britta was overwhelmingly relieved to see the brunette open the door and smile at her with her big bright eyes.

"Britta, I-." Annie began.

"Annie, you're ok!" Britta exclaimed, her relief evident but short lived, "Why didn't you answer your phone?"

"I-" Annie gulped, "I... would you like to come in?"

"Sure." Britta said, grateful to get out of the dimly lit corridor.

Once Britta was inside her apartment and she had securely locked her front door Annie took a deep calming breath and then turned to the blonde with a small smile, "Can I get you anything? Coffie, maybe? I have some juice drinks, but no alcohol. I considered trying to get Jeff to buy me something, but... well, you know, he'd just be all gross Jeff Winger, making jokes and asking questions, and I wasn't sure it would even be that appropriate, you know, all things considered, and... erm, I can make you something, if you want. Do you want something?"

"No I'm good." Britta said, which was kind of a lie, but to be fair she was feeling the same kind of awkwardness Annie was. Still, she didn't risk her life coming here to make small talk, so she pushed herself to add, "Well actually, there was something..."

"Oh." Annie mumbled, and then as Britta obviously struggled to find the words prompted her, "What is it?"

"I, I just..." Britta stammered, before relaxing and telling herself she was being ridiculous and then adding forcefully, "Where were you? Why didn't you answer your phone?"

"Oh." Annie softly murmured while looking down, almost casually adding, "I, I turned my phone off."

"Why?" Britta asked forcefully, and then when Annie shrugged followed up with, "Where were you?"

Forcing herself to look Britta in the eye Annie asked, "Were you expecting me to be somewhere?"

There was a long moment of silence and then Britta stammered, "Well, you know."

"Do I?" Annie questioned, and then after another long moment of silence added, "We never talk about it."

"That's because there isn't anything to talk about." Britta said dismissively, and then when Annie gave her a look added, "I mean, I thought we had an understanding."

"We did. We do. It's just that..." Annie trailed off, searching for the right words, "I wanted to double check what that was."

"We're fuck buddies." Britta shrugged, and then when Annie pulled a face Britta added, "I mean we did agree to keep this casual, right?"

"Yeah. We did. Casual. Super casual-ish." Annie agreed, trying and dismally failing to sound cool, "Because this is no big deal right?"

"Right." Britta nodded.

"Ah-huh, then why are you here?" Annie questioned.

Britta frowned, "Because you didn't show up at my apartment as normal, and you didn't answer your phone."

Annie smiled, "You were worried about me?"

"Yes... but any half decent person would worry about someone under those circumstances." Britta said.

"Is that all?" Annie asked.

"Well." Britta began, and then seeing the look on Annie's face quickly added, "Fine, I was worried about you. Like, probably more than anyone else in the study group, if it had been one of them. Not that I'm screwing any of them, well there was Jeff, but that's over now, I swear, and I know you said you can take care of yourself, but God damn it Annie, you shouldn't be living here."

During Britta's little speech Annie could feel her smile growing and growing and growing until she was beaming ridiculously wide, "So... what you're saying is... I matter to you? That if something did happen, you'd be upset?"

"What the hell are you on about?" Britta frowned.

Her smile quickly fading Annie said flatly, "Answer the question."

"Questions." Britta said, emphasising the 's' at the end before sighing, "Yes and yes, you matter to me and if something did happen to you I'd be upset. Now please stop tempting fate and tell me what's going on? Is... is this a prank? Is Jeff going to jump out with a camcorder?"

"No, no, no, NO! I swear, it's just you and me, and I would never do that to you." Annie interrupted firmly, before taking a deep breath and forcing the next few words out, "The thing is... I think about you. Like, all the time. You're the last thing I think about when I go to sleep, and the first thing I think about when I wake up."

"That might be because you've been sleeping in my apartment." Britta said dryly.

Ignoring her Annie continued, "I think about you when I'm eating, when I'm brushing my teeth, when I'm studying, when I'm in class... whenever we're in the same room I count the number of times you look at me, and I try not to spend too much time staring at you, and I know this is freaking you out, it's freaking ME out, but... I've never felt this way before."

"It's just a crush. It will pass." Britta said dismissively, not looking Annie in the eye.

"I, I don't think it is... but I want to find out." Annie said firmly, not allowing her nerves to get the better of her for once, "I wanna go on a proper date with you. See if we could, you know, work as a couple. I mean sure, it might be a disaster, but so far it's been really, really great. Awkward sometimes, but always great. I like being with you, and you must like it too, otherwise you wouldn't be here. You like me. You... like-like me. And you're addicted to my sweet loving."

Despite herself Britta laughed as Annie wiggled her eyebrows and did a ridiculous little dance at those last words, the blonde allowing them both to enjoy the moment and even murmuring, "Dork."

"You love it." Annie beamed, quickly going pale as she realised she'd mentioned the L word, "I mean, you like-like it... erm, like it? You know what I mean."

"I do." Britta confirmed, getting serious, "But we can't do this Annie."

"Why not?" Annie asked, briefly impressed with herself that she only sounded a little petulant, before she concentrated on adding, "And don't lecture me about the group or our age difference again, because I'm perfectly ok with dating in secret for a little while and if our age isn't an issue for sex why should it be an issue for dating?"

"Our age difference is always an issue Annie." Britta pointed out, "And it's easier to get caught dating than it is casually hooking up."

"Well, age has never been an issue for me and why do we have to care what the group thinks. They're our friends, they should be happy for us." Annie pointed out.

"Well age IS an issue for me, and do you really want to hear all the jokes Jeff and Pierce are going to make if they find out about us?" Britta asked, her voice getting louder.

"We are running the risk of that now!" Annie pointed out, her voice also getting louder, "And you don't look that much older than me. It's like... you could pass for my slightly older sister."

"Oh please." Britta practically yelled, "The last time we went out as friends the bouncer thought I was your mother."

"He was an idiot!" Annie yelled, "You're gorgeous. And I don't care what people think. I thought you said you didn't either?"

"I LIED!" Britta practically screamed and frustration.

There was a moment of silence as both women caught their breath, then Annie step forward and softly asked, "Couldn't we just try? See where this goes? It's just that... you make me so happy."

"That's because we're just fucking." Britta said softly, "If we tried anything else we just ruin it. I'd ruin it. It's what I do."

"I wouldn't let you." Annie said firmly, stepping into Britta's personal space, "We'll probably fight a lot, but it would be worth it."

For a moment Britta almost smiled, then she almost whimpered, "But I'm not good enough. I'm not good enough for you."

"Says who?" Annie asked.

"Says everyone." Britta protested, "Or they would, anyway. I'm bad, Annie. I'm rotten to the core. I'm the worst. I try not to be but I fail over, and over, and over again. You know that. You laugh about it behind my back with everybody else."

"Not anymore." Annie said, wishing she had a better response.

Ignoring her Britta continued, "I'm 30, Annie. 30! I'm a 30-year-old community college student who hates marriage, is not that good with kids and my best years are definitely behind me. You... you have so much going for you, and I don't want to be the reason you don't get everything you deserve."

"I don't care what you think I deserve." Annie said softly, wrapping her hands around the back of Britta's neck and pulling her closer, the older woman wrapping her hands around her waist instinctively, "You're who I want. And there's nothing you can say to change that, because you make me happy."

Despite herself Britta smiled, "You make me really, really happy."

Annie smiled, and rested her forehead against Britta's, "So... will you go out with me?"

There was a brief pause, then Britta mentally said 'fuck it' and smiled, "Yes."

Smiling brightly back Annie leaned forward and kissed Britta softly but passionately, the two Greendale students just standing there for a long time with their lips caressing each other's. The moment seemed perfect, albeit for the annoying voice inside Britta's head telling her she should take it back and make it clear to Annie they couldn't be together. As that thought made her sad, and she refused to 'Britta' the moment for Annie, Britta did her best to shut off her brain and concentrate on just kissing the other girl.

For her part Annie found that quite easy, at least at first. Which was a relief as she had been a ball of anxiety all day long with the last couple of hours being near unbearable, and now she was relaxed as could be in the arms of the woman she was falling for. That last inescapable truth freaked her out a bit, but it was also thrilling, that and the passionate kiss really starting to affect the 19-year-old.

Feeling uncharacteristically bold Annie slipped her tongue into Britta's mouth, the blonde clearly surprised for a moment before she began to caress the brunette's tongue with her own. Which in turn caused Annie to stop momentarily, the poor teen a little overwhelmed by what she was feeling. Then she started practically fighting Britta's tongue with her own, the kiss becoming hard and rough to the point where both girls had to pull away for breath.

Annie's first instinct was to apologise for being so forward, and she opened her mouth to do so, but instead she mumbled, "Is, is it ok if we get naked now?"

For a moment Britta just stared at her, then the blonde grinned at her, "Absolutely."

Despite herself Annie let out a little squeak of nervousness when Britta grabbed her shirt and began pulling it over her head. Then, upon seeing the look on Britta's face, Annie quickly lifted her arms up so the blonde could remove the offending item and set it aside, the brunette bravely copying the older girl and helping Britta out of her shirt. The process was repeated as they stripped each other in something which was almost a tradition now, which didn't make it any less awkward or mildly funny when a stupid piece of clothing got caught or just refuse to be removed, Annie and/or Britta almost ruining the mood several times as they tried to get each other naked.

Luckily all it took was a look at the other to get them back in the mood, the two Greendale students exchanging several kisses which ranged from extremely gentle to extremely rough in an attempt to relax each other and keep things running smoothly. That was the same reason they hesitantly kissed some parts of each other's exposed skin, ignoring each other's 'lady parts' for now as to not jump the gun or anything. Annie was also dully aware of Britta guiding them to the bedroom, not that she had any complaint about that, especially not the part where she found herself lying on her back with Britta lying on top of her and kissing her passionately while their now naked bodies rubbed so wonderfully together.

After what felt like an eternity of passionately making out Britta broke the lip lock once and for all, well at least for now, so she could place kisses all over Annie's pretty face. First the corner of her mouth, then her cheek, then her forehead, then the other cheek, and so on, Annie giggling in a tone which suggested she found this cute and maybe a little ticklish, which was what Britta had been going for. Then she homed in on the younger girl's neck and suddenly Annie wasn't giggling anymore. No, she was too busy moaning happily as Britta kissed up and down her neck while gently caressing her big boobs, getting Annie ready for what came next.

Then when Britta tried to move lower Annie suddenly cried out, "Stop."

Her eyes going wide Britta jumped back and apologetically asked, "Why? Did I do something wrong? Did I-"

"No, no, no... that was great, it's just that..." Annie trailed off, struggling to find the words, "I, I was just wondering if we could try something different?"

Britta raised an eyebrow, "Like what, exactly?"

"Like... a... a, a 69." Annie blurted out, her cheeks now bright red.

Immediately Britta's expression softened, the blonde briefly scolding herself for acting so negatively and making Annie upset, before she quickly smiled and said, "Sure. But trust me, you're going to want to be on top. Not that being on the bottom isn't fun, but... well, you'll see what I mean."

As she said all this Britta had gotten into position on her back and waited expectantly, hoping Annie wouldn't ask questions about what she had just said. Even saying it had made her blush a little, especially as saying that gave her a very vivid vision of what was most likely about to occur. See, Britta might be faking the whole having previous 'lesbian experience' thing, but she'd done a 69 or two with some guys and well, considering that experienced taught her that the person on top rubbed their junk into the face of the person below them, it was better that she was the one biting the bullet at the bottom. Although the idea of Annie's 'junk' rubbing against her face was not exactly an unpleasant thought.

Just then Britta realised that there had been a long pause, so she refocused on Annie and apologetically asked, "Sorry, did you want more foreplay?"

Annie blushed again, "No. I, I'm good."

There was another pause and then Annie hesitantly moved around so she was more or less in the correct position, the brunette making it the correct position by lowering her junk down onto Britta's face. Which was possibly the worst nickname for something so pretty, and more importantly tasty, Britta briefly scolding herself for even thinking such a thing. Then Annie's pussy was pressed against her mouth and all that mattered was licking it.

That was exactly what Britta did, her mind thankfully shutting off as she concentrated on lapping at the other girl's cunt with long slow licks, starting at the bottom and making her way to the top to tease Annie's clit. This earned her a series of joyful moans and Annie shifting on her face, the feeling unlike anything Britta had experienced before. It was so much better than that one time she had let a guy go on top during a 69, Britta deciding she would be content if Annie never actually completed the 69 and just rode her face all night long.

Most of the time Annie was good at multitasking, but there were exceptions. Apparently Britta's tongue on her cunt was one of them as the second she felt that soft wet muscle caressing her private parts Annie let out a long moan and totally forgot what she was doing. It just felt so good. Britta licking her pussy always did, but there was something about this position which was extra thrilling. Annie had imagined it many times, even before their first kiss, but once again her imagination hadn't done justice to the actual experience.

She was literally sitting on another girl's face. Pressing her sex against a member of her own sex's mouth. Sandwiching Britta's head between her bed and her pussy, forcing the woman she had fallen for to eat her out. Of course there was no forcing involved and Annie was trying really, really hard to keep her weight on her knees so she wasn't hurting Britta, the thought of even giving this wonderful woman discomfort unbearable for her. Not that Britta was complaining. No, she was reaching up to grab Annie's butt and press her downwards onto her mouth, the nerdy brunette once again letting out a long moan as the rubbing of her cunt against Britta's face added even more stimulation.

It was that of all things which made Annie relies she was being selfish. After all she was the one who suggested the 69 and here she was just sitting on Britta's face like a selfish rhymes with Witch. Well, to be fair Annie had fantasised about doing this very thing, and actually getting to do it was thrilling, but it didn't seem right when she could so easily return the pleasure. She just needed to act like a big girl and not some scared prude, the type of which would struggle to even admit she was attracted to girls, and just do it.

So she did. Slowly and cautiously Annie Edison lowered herself so she was laying on top of her good friend turned lesbian lover Britta Perry in the classic 69 position, her face inches from the other girl's pussy. She then took a moment to enjoy the smell of it, and how wet it looks, then she stuck out her tongue and slid it over Britta's downstairs lips. Immediately she was rewarded by Britta moaning into her sex, which caused wonderful vibrations which in turn made Annie moan in pure joy.

Much to Britta's delight this process was repeated over and over again, Annie quickly settling into giving her pussy a slow, gentle licking while the blonde struggle to do the same for the brunette. Not that Britta wasn't loving her latest chance to lick Annie's delicious pussy, because she was, so very much, but by now the younger girl's cream was flowing steadily down onto her face and pretty much directly into her mouth, making the older girl insane with need.

Simply lapping gently at Annie's cunt wasn't enough, Britta wanted to tongue fuck her lover. She wanted to tongue fuck her so bad, but she didn't think Annie was ready for that. After all this was the inexperienced 19-year-old's first 69 and wasn't used to both giving and receiving pleasure at the same time, so Britta needed to be the experienced mentor she should have always been for Annie and ease the other girl into it. Not overwhelm her too soon and thus distract her from returning the favour.

That thought process sounded selfish, and it kind of was, but in a way it wasn't because if Annie got distracted there was no way they would both cum at the same time and Britta found that super sexy. Maybe even a little romantic. Well, as romantic as covering each other's faces in their cum could be. The point was this was something Britta wanted them to do together as a team to help solidify their new relationship, or possibly just to strengthen the one which had been slowly developing for weeks.

Luckily instead of spending ages just gently licking her pussy Annie slowly increased her tongue work until she was laping away just as frantically as Britta was, both Greendale students' mouths glued to each other's cunts so the majority of the other's cream slid directly down their throats and into their bellies where that heavenly cream belonged. Once they were at that stage Britta cautiously added suction into the mix, and when Annie immediately started sucking her pussy lips in turn the blonde knew it was so on.

Annie tried her best but it felt like it was impossible to keep up with her experienced girlfriend. If that's what she was... what they were now to each other. But there she goes being distracted again, something Annie found more problematic than ever. From her perspective it took forever for her to start sucking Britta's pussy lips in return, and when the other girl shoved her tongue into her womanhood it felt like an eternity before Annie was polite enough to return the favour. And ok, so that was partly because she was busy having a wonderfully hard orgasm, but in her mind that didn't excuse her selfishness.

Unfortunately no sooner had Annie recovered from her first climax than the soft wet muscle which had invaded her pussy, which had then been removed properly so Britta could swallow her cum, re-entered her and started to fuck her, that skilled little tongue thrusting in and out at an ever-increasing pace until Annie was forced to cum again and again and again.

Even when Annie returned the favour took a half a dozen tongue thrust to make Britta cum, making the brunette briefly depressed. Had she lost her touch? Did Britta not like what she was doing to her? Was the potential of a real relationship really that much of a turn off for the blonde? Then Annie forced these thoughts and any others aside so she could concentrate on swallowing Britta's cum, then more importantly make her lover cum again, something she became so desperate to do she eventually cheated by adding her fingers into the mix.

Britta just stuck to using her tongue and mouth, but it was more than enough to keep Annie on her high as she frantically fought to keep conscious enough so she could continue fucking the other girl even though she became overwhelmed by the blissful sensations she was feeling. And to her credit she managed to make Britta cum several times, and be rewarded for that with a heaven like no other she'd ever experienced before as she was constantly cumming at the same time cum was squirting onto her face and down her throat, the delicious liquid so plentiful the inexperienced Annie didn't have a hope of swallowing it all, and she was so lost in her paradise she didn't even care.

Despite her previous experience with 69 positions Britta wasn't in any way ready for another woman cumming on her face. She had been looking forward to it ever since she got comfortable with the idea that she liked having lesbian sex with Annie, but the idea of this seemingly innocent 19-year-old rubbing her orgasming cunt against her face and actually experiencing it were two very different things. Sure, Britta loved every second of it, and she could never swallow all of Annie's cum anyway, but still it was overwhelming.

When Annie finally rolled off of her, leaving the two Greendale students to gasp for breath, Britta had no regrets. Sure, they didn't cum together the first time, but that had been a wonderful accident and they had orgasmed simultaneously plenty of times after that. Also the feeling of Annie's orgasming cunt rubbing against her face while she herself was creaming around this wonderful girl's fingers was something Britta was going to crave now for the rest of her life, the blonde actually considering suggesting they do it again the second they regained enough energy to at least try.

Britta wasn't so sure that was going to happen as she was so exhausted she could happily pass out right here and now, but apparently Annie had other ideas given the way the brunette slowly turned around and got back on top of her. When their sweat and cum coated bodies were pressing against each other again, this time face-to-face, the two girls stared into the other's eyes for a moment, then their lips met in a needy kiss, sharing the taste of each other's cum and rubbing their private parts together in a way which quickly restored at least some of their energy.

After what felt like an eternity of making out Annie broke the kiss and panted, "I want to try something else."

Smiling softly up at her lover Britta murmured, "Ok, what?"

Biting her lip Annie replied, "I... I think I'd rather show you, but you have to promise not to get mad, ok?"

Not liking the sound of this Britta raised an eyebrow but promised, "Ok."

For a second Annie hesitated, then she pecked Britta on the lips and rolled over onto her other side so she could fish something out of her top drawer, deciding to mumble with her back to the blonde, "You, you know what kind of store I live over, right? And like, the name of it?"

Britta thought about it momentarily, and then gave a half smile, "Annie, if you wanna use a dildo, that's fine. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact I'd be proud of you for wanting to expand your horizons as-"

Britta trailed off as Annie turned back around so she was facing her, a strap-on dildo in her hand, the nervous brunette quickly adding, "You promised not to get mad, remember?"

"I know." Britta sighed, trying to live up to that promise, "And I'm not, but don't you think a strap-on in lesbian sex-"

"Promotes the heteronormative agenda? Glorifies masculinity? Promotes some super disgusting idea like that every lesbian secretly wants to be a man or just needs a good dicking?" Annie offered, correctly guessing what Britta was thinking from the look on the blonde's face, "Because I don't think that way Britta, and I don't really care who does. This isn't because I want a man more than you, or want to turn you into a man, or any nonsense like that. I want YOU Britta, no one else. I want you to fuck me with this, thrust in and out of me with your hips, your whole body laying on top of me, your eyes staring into mine as you take me and make me yours."

Bowled over by Annie's little speech Britta just stared at her lover for a few long minutes then smiled, "Been practising that, have you?"

Annie returned the smile with a small one of her own, "A little. But I mean it."

"I get that." Britta sighed, "But I'm still not sure about this."

There was a brief pause and then Annie offered, "How about we try it just this once, and if you don't like it I promise I'll never ask again."

Annie of course broke out those big Bambi eyes of hers, making it impossible for Britta to resist, "Fine, just this once. But no one ever hears about this."

"Ewww, no. I mean yes. I mean, God Britta, what makes you think I would talk to anyone about our sex lives?" Annie asked accusingly.

"I don't know." Britta shrugged, "Most women talk about sex, and-"

"Britta! We aren't most women." Annie said as she lifted Britta's feet up so she could slip the harness over them and up the blonde's legs.

"You can say that again." Britta grumbled as she lifted her ass so Annie could bring the strap-on up to her waist and secure it firmly in place.

Ignoring her lover Annie grabbed onto the dildo and said, "I want to try something, ok?"

Britta was going to point out that Annie had already said that, but she never got the words out because almost immediately the seemingly innocent 19-year-old wrapped her lips around the head of the dildo and began noisily sucking on it. Which under normal circumstances Britta would have found appalling, and everything Annie promised this wasn't, but God dammit it was so hot. It was so fucking hot to have this girl who she still thought of as innocent sucking a cock firmly attached to her waist, her pretty mouth soon beginning to bob up and down on it while Annie's big baby blues glanced up at her pleadingly.

Besides, after about a minute of sucking on the dildo Annie momentarily pulled her mouth away from it and made a extremely good point, "I, I know how this looks, but... I just kind of thought it would be hot. And we need to get it a little wet anyway, so why not this way?"

Annie then waited a few seconds for Britta to complain as she imagined she would when planning this out, but instead the blonde remained uncharacteristically silent. Not that Britta was a total chatterbox, but Annie had figured she would have something to say about receiving a blow job courtesy of a false manhood. However as Annie was in no hurry to argue she decided to take Britta's silence as consent... which sounded a bit icky, but the other girl could definitely stop her if she didn't want her to continue.

So Annie wrapped her lips around the dildo again, waiting until she was bobbing her mouth up and down a good portion of it before once again looking up into Britta's eyes for any objection and happily finding none. That continue to be the case even as she lowered her lips further down on the man-made cock, pushing it first to the back of her mouth and then even a little into her throat. She of course choked and gagged something fierce, but she'd never done this before and it was kind of a turn on.

That was the whole reason she was doing this, plain and simple. It was a turn on. Annie wasn't exactly sure why, and she knew it would have been easier just to get Britta to fuck her with a handheld dildo, but the second she had seen the strap-on in Dildopolis she just couldn't get the image of Britta fucking how with this thing out of her head. She also couldn't get the image of herself sucking on the toy first, and sometimes after, Britta fucked her with it, and even though she couldn't quite fit it all in her mouth like she imagined she was still able to use her tongue to make the lower half of the toy cock nice and wet.

Once Annie was sure there was nothing she could do to make the dildo more wet she removed her mouth from it, nervously looked up at the other woman and mumbled, "Fuck me. Please Britta... fuck me with that thing."

Annie then turned over so she was lying on her back with her legs slightly spread so Britta could get in between them. Unfortunately unlike Vaughn Britta hesitated a little, those few seconds feeling like hours until the blonde finally lifted herself up and kneeled in front of her. There was then another agonisingly long hesitation, and then Britta totally made the weight worth it.

Britta bit her lip. Annie looked so beautiful like this. Beautiful and vulnerable, things between them becoming more nervous and awkward the longer Britta just stared at Annie. Rushing into the position really didn't help, neither did lining up the dildo which seem to be more complicated than it should be. Then Britta connected with her target and pushed forcefully forwards, forcing the saliva covered tip of the toy into Annie's womanhood which seem to open up like a flower and except the fake cock inside it with surprising ease.

Although it looked easy Annie let out a loud cry, Britta immediately stopping and carefully studying the other girl's face. Britta felt she'd got pretty good at reading Annie's mood but now she was completely drawing a blank, and she had no idea whether that loud cry was from pain, pleasure or both. Perhaps the worst part of it was Britta just couldn't seem to form a simple sentence, like 'are you ok' or 'do you want me to stop', meaning she just stayed there like a gormless moron while Annie concentrated on relaxing.

After what seemed like an eternity Annie softly squeaked, "Britta... please... more... mmmmmm, it feels so good."

Britta exhaled in relief. She had no idea she had been holding her breath, or any idea when Annie's welfare had come to mean so much to her. It was a reminder that this girl had sneaked passed whatever walls Britta might have put up to protect her heart and she really was falling for this beautiful teen. As such she continued to do everything she could to make sure this was a good experience for Annie, including but not limited to slowly pushing a few inches of the dildo into Annie's cunt and then beginning a slow thrusting motion, officially beginning to fuck sweet little Annie Edison.

Of course Britta had fucked Annie in a variety of different ways, all just as valid if not more than using a penis to do it. But, despite herself, Britta found there was a certain thrill to pumping the large object in between her legs in and out of Annie's love box. She couldn't really put it into words but Britta was sure she would be obsessing about it for days, weeks, and months to follow. Possibly even years, or the rest of her life. But right now she just tried to concentrate on giving Annie pleasure, something which was proving ridiculously easy to do.

Annie wasn't sure what she had been expecting when she had purchased the strap-on. Well, she had expected an argument from Britta, and that she could talk the stubborn blonde into this, however she wasn't sure she had accurately predicted what it would feel like. She wasn't sure it was even possible to predict this, as just like sex with a man words didn't quite do justice to it and you just had to experience it. And oh boy, was Annie experiencing being fucked by a strap-on wearing girl right now.

It wasn't a super comfortable at first, and the penetration itself felt really weird, but at the same time there was a noticeable amount of pleasure, and once some of the dildo was inside her Annie was eager to see what it would be like to have more inside her. To have to verbally say that made her blush, but it was so worth it to get more of the dildo, and shortly after that Britta began to fuck her. Officially fuck her with that big fake dick, Annie strap-on fucked by another girl for the first time in her life. Not that it would be the same if Britta wasn't attached to it.

The thought of doing this with another girl who wasn't Britta still made Annie squirm. She just wasn't emotionally ready for that, and she wasn't sure she ever wanted to be. She didn't care about labels or experimentation, and she never really had. She just wanted Britta. She had been attracted to Britta, both in terms of how she looked and her personality, and along the way Annie had fallen for the other girl, and she didn't care that she was another girl, she just wanted to be with her in every possible way.

To have Britta in this way... or perhaps more accurately to have Britta have her in this way was beyond thrilling, especially when their bodies were once again pressing together, officially announcing every inch of that dildo was inside her. Every inch of Britta's dildo was inside her. Every inch of Britta's cock was inside Annie's pussy. It didn't matter that the cock wasn't made of flesh, in that moment it felt more real than anything that had ever been inside Annie before, and still she wanted more. She wanted Britta to fuck her, something Annie felt like she needed more than anything else, so much so that she was willing to ask for it.

"Britta... please... fuck me." Annie weakly mumbled, slightly blushing as she did so.

In response Britta smiled softly and then leaned down to give her a gentle kiss. Seconds, maybe hours, later Britta broke the kiss, stared into her eyes with another gentle smile on her face and then slowly slid her hips backwards, Annie moaning softly as some of the strap-on was pulled from her cunt. Then Britta pushed it back in just as gently, establishing a steady rhythm which resulted in the full length of the dildo being buried in Annie's pussy with every in trust, thus making the sex so much more intense.

Although it didn't feel like simple sex, or crude fucking, it felt like beautiful love-making, the type of which Annie had always dreamt about but never experienced until her relationship with Britta. It was why she was so sure she could talk Britta into a proper relationship, because sure, most of the time they had awkward, frantic, needy sex, but there were times like this where everything else just melted away and it just felt like it was the two of them. Britta would stare into her eyes just like this and Annie wouldn't think, she would know that Britta had feelings for her, that knowledge making the experience so much better.

Seemingly of their own accord Annie's legs wrapped around Britta's waist and her arms wrapped around the other girl's torso, embracing the woman she loved as they continued to make love. Which may Britta smile softly again before giving her another kiss, the whole world falling away as the two Greendale students became lost in switching between kissing and just staring at each other while Britta continued to pump Annie's pussy at a slow but steady rhythm which made the brunette feel like she had found heaven on earth.

Then, what felt like several lifetimes later, Annie felt a slowly building need within her core taking over and suddenly she was crashing back down to earth as pleasure was almost completely replaced by a burning desire to cum. If Britta continued like this maybe she could cum, but Annie wanted more. She loved having Britta make love to her, but she wanted the other woman to pick up the pace of her thrusts and pound her into orgasmic bliss. Annie just hoped she could ask for that without ruining the mood.

"More! Harder! Fuck me! Oh Britta please fuck me! Fuck me! Oh God it feels so good. Soooo goooooddddddd mmmmmmm, fuck me! Fuck me Britta! Fuck me harder! Fuck me like a man!" Annie begged, the look on Britta's face making her realise the mistake, "Not that I want a man, ohhhhhhh, but, mmmmmmm, I, I... ooooooooh Britta please, give it to me harder. I want you to fuck me harder. I want you to make me cum. Please, ooooooohhhhhh, I want you, mmmmmm, only you, I... I, oh God Britta, I want you to fuck me hard and make me cum!"

Britta just stared blankly at her lover for a few minutes and then she said, "Fine Annie, you want me to fuck you like a guy, I'll fuck you like a guy."

The sad part was that Britta knew what Annie meant. Or at least she thought she did. After all, Annie Edison didn't have a mean bone in her entire body. Well, everybody did, Britta supposed, but Annie would not be deliberately mean to her, not now, and all the brunette had intended to do was beg for a harder fucking. And to be fair, Britta was taking Annie like a man, and despite herself Britta was getting a noticeable thrill out of that. But to hear these words made Britta feel inadequate, like this really was just experimentation for the 19-year-old and as soon as it suited her she would go back to boys.

Pushing her fears and doubts aside for the moment Britta concentrated on giving Annie what she had begged for, slowly yet firmly picking up the pace until she was giving it to Annie 'good and hard', the other girl at first clutching onto her for dear life and then suddenly beginning to pull Britta into her and push her own body up to meet her with every thrust. This totally took Britta off-guard because when she was on her back she just laid there like a 'dead fish' and let the guy do all the work, although she found it an incredible turn on and when she got used to it she started fucking Annie even harder.


Her ears perking up Britta smiled, "Girlfriend?

Annie looked nervous, like she was going to take it back. Instead of reassuring her that was what Britta wanted too, regardless of whatever happened later, Britta simply increased the pace even more, resulting in an indescribable look on Annie's face and in her eyes. Britta knew that her girlfriend was cumming even before the younger girl let out a deafening scream, the thirty-something woman just enjoying that look in the other girl's eyes and on her face before she silenced that ear piercing noise by kissing Annie again.

Somewhere in the back of her mind Britta was aware that she was cumming too. That the dildo ramming into her clit with every thrust and the undeniable mental fuck that was taking another woman in this way had caught up with her and she was experiencing an orgasm which wasn't as powerful as some of the ones that Annie had given her but was still surprisingly satisfying. However she pushed past that orgasm and the ones that followed so she could concentrate on what really mattered, making Annie cum, Britta managing to do that over and over again until finally it until she had an ounce of energy left and she collapsed in exhaustion down onto the other girl.

Britta lay there for what felt like a long time, and then suddenly lifted herself up so she could remove the dildo as gently as possible from Annie. Unfortunately, and perhaps inevitably, Annie made some guttural noises of discomfort during this followed by a particularly heart-breaking cry when the toy was removed completely, Britta awkwardly struggling to remove the harness so she could concentrate on guiding Annie underneath the sheets and then snuggling up with her.

When the other girl was lying in her arms Britta softly murmured, "So... girlfriend, huh?"

"Yeah, about that..." Annie mumbled weakly, too tired and embarrassed to even look at Britta, "I, I was like, delirious, and I know it's too soon, and-"

"Well, we have been unofficially together for quite a while, and I do like-like you and all, so... what the hell?" Britta murmured, waiting until Annie was looking at her with those big eyes of hers before asking, "Annie... will you be my girlfriend?"

Smiling ridiculously wide Annie squeezed the blonde with all her might and practically squealed, "Oh Britta yes! Yes, I'll be your girlfriend! Let's be girlfriends! Oh Britta!"

If Britta had more energy she would have kissed Annie. As she didn't she settled for hugging the other girl tightly to her, both Greendale students slowly relaxing in each other's embrace and falling into a much-needed rest. Sure, inside part of Britta was still panicking because she had gone from desperately trying to keep Annie at arms length to jumping into a lesbian relationship with her, but that part of her was drowned out by the overwhelming happiness she felt knowing Annie was hers.


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