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Summary: Takes place during Season 3 Episode 4. Don't need to have seen the episode to follow or enjoy the story. Enjoy.

Pairing: Annie/Jeff

Codes: MF, Oral

Community: Remedial Chaos Theory Reimagined
by The Chemist

"Are we sure 303 is the right apartment," Britta Perry asked her bubbly friend.

"You seriously doubt I'm wrong about this," Annie Edison replied to her rebellious friend.

"No...then again I didn't think you'd try to hook up this evening," Britta countered.

"Ugh," Annie shrieked in her high-pitch, offended tone. "And what does that mean."

"Listen, I'm not blind or naive. I get that you normally wear dresses and they look ultra-adorable on you, but tonight is different," the blonde explained.

"How so," Annie asked with a quizzical look.

"Come on Annie. The dress length is pretty damn short, I mean if you turn quickly we'll all get a good look at your panties, and that's if you decided to wear any."

"Ugh," Annie scoffed.

"And then there is the whole boobs situation..."

"Yes Britta, I have boobs. They are large, perky and have a great deal of bounce to them," the brunette mocked, giving a little jump to accentuate her point. "There isn't anything I can do about them."

"I agree with you, you literally have the perfect set of tits. Hell, a rouge monkey is named after them. What I meant was that tonight you wore a wonder-bra to really prop up those puppies, like they needed any more help in getting Jeff's attention," Britta finished.

However, before Annie and Britta could continue their conversation they heard footsteps on the other side of the door. They turned back at the entrance as they saw the door handle turn before the wooden barrier was pulled back to reveal their friends.

"Troy and Abed's new apartment!"

Both Annie and Britta were surprised and pretty creeped out by their hosts for the evening. Troy and Abed opened the door in matching black suits, white dress shirt and some weird scarf acting as a tie. However, the creepiness came from their unusual, forced, toothy smile as a greeting.

"Sweet," Annie said, being nice as always.

"Come on in friends," Troy said, really playing up his hosting duties.

The bickering girls weren't the first to arrive at the apartment, that honor went to Shirley. She had shown up 3 hours before them and had set up shop in the kitchen, baking for the evening's party. Of course they two twenty-something boys weren't a big fan of her early arrival but they were too polite to say anything to the God-fearing woman.

Annie barely had time to hand over her house warming plant to Abed when the last two guests of the evening arrived. The brown-skinned man escorted the girls to find a suitable place for the plant while Troy ushered in Jeff and Pierce into his home.

After some friendly banter and good-natured ribbing, the 7 friends settled in at the table and decided to play the classic dice game Yahtzee. However, they had only just started when the apartment buzzer went off.

"Pizza's here," Abed announced.

They all put finger to nose to indicated that they didn't have to go pick up the dinner, but they all did it at the same time. And it was at this point where Jeff suggested something that would change the course of the multiple universes...the multi-verse if you will.

The first time he rolled the dice it made Annie go get the pizza. The gang discovered she had a gun concealed in her purse because she was scared; after all she lived in a very rough part of town. Annie returned with the boxes and the gang ate, but Abed couldn't help but wonder what happened in the other timelines.

* * *

Alternative Timeline: Dice = 3

"3. One, two, three. Pierce," Jeff counted out.

Over the course of the time it took the old man who was edging closer and closer to senility, to leave the table, he had made his familiar sex comment about hooking up with Eartha Kitt. Jeff groaned, but in the back of his mind he didn't blame Pierce for always bringing it up, it was quite the accomplishment.

However, Jeff's thoughts soon went to Troy. He made a crack, or two or three, in quick succession about how young Troy was, or more how immature the 21-year-old man was. Troy didn't take it well and stormed off to join Britta in the bathroom, where the blonde helped him cope mentally.

While Pierce took an extremely long time going to get the pizza and Britta and Troy were in the bathroom speaking, Annie and Jeff headed to the kitchen. As they were sitting at the table alone, Jeff stood up, whacked his head and Annie led him into the kitchen to observe the wound.

"Oh no, what happened," Shirley asked.

The big-haired black woman was busy fussing over her pies, an activity that she could have done all night if they let her. Jeff backed against the counter near the refrigerator and stooped down so that the girl over a foot shorter then him could look at where the fan blade had smacked him.

"Minor head wound. If there is an abrasion then I'll clean it with iodine and apply ice," Annie answered.

As Annie gently combed through his perfectly gelled hair, Jeff couldn't help but stare lustfully at the younger woman. Despite being the hottest girl in the school, Annie always came off as too young to get involved with given his more advanced years on her. However, when she acted so utterly mature like she was now, there were no barriers left stopping Jeff from wanting to tear her clothes off with his mouth and make her scream his name.

"Wow. You'd make a great nurse," Jeff said, pouring on the charm.

The little brunette with the great rack was so weak when it came to Jeff. She hit all of her mental checklists when it came to men she wanted to be with. He was tall, handsome with a guarded yet good-hearted personality. He was also older than her and never gave away satisfaction unless it was earned, which made Annie constantly try to please him.

"Thanks," she cooed, feeling her panties begin to soak from just that small compliment.

"Doctor Shirley says pies are the best medicine," the older woman chimed in, bringing her individual pies over to them.

"Then I'd like to see her medical license," Jeff retorted meanly.

Shirley coming over had broken the tension and close contact between himself and Annie, but his somewhat cruel words were enough to force Shirley out of the kitchen. With his passion fueled so much right now, Jeff was no longer thinking about the reasons why he and Annie shouldn't be together. Instead he was focused on making up for lost time.

"Annie, you are really important to me," Jeff told the large-eyed girl.

With Shirley making the rounds through the apartment with her pizza, Jeff recognized the small time he had to act. Reaching out, he grabbed hold of Annie's wrist, making her meet his gaze. He could see the longing in her eyes, the love and admiration she had for him. Smiling, he pulled her out of the kitchen and into the closet immediately adjacent to them, closing the door behind them.

" scared me a little bit there," Annie said, trying to keep her voice low.

"Let me show you how sorry I am then," Jeff smiled.

Jeff met her large brown eyes then snaked his arm around her, placing his hand on her back and pulling her towards him. Her extremely large tits became pressed against the hard muscles of his well-earned abs as his other hand was placed on her chin, turning it upwards.

Annie felt her heart threatening to beat completely out of her chest with the sensual touching and close contact they were sharing. The second he leaned his head down and softly kissed her on the lips was everything she was hoping for since their first lip lock after the dance in their first year.

"Mmmm," Annie purred after he broke the kiss.

Annie was practically like a fountain between her legs as Jeff backed her up the extra foot of space they had in the tight closet and kissed her again. This time there was more passion then softness as they hungrily made out with each other, tongues massaging one another in the space created between their lips.

Jeff was the type that always liked to move forward and in the close quarters of the closet was no different. As Annie was very much responding to his advances, he let the hand that was on her back trail down the curve of her spine until it rested nicely on her pleasantly plump ass.

Jeff had stared at her ass enough over the last two and a half years to know that it was a good looking booty but feeling it made his opinion on it raise even more. He had noted that though not as perfect as her tits, it was still a very nice ass that made her skirt stick out a good distance from her back and made him want to get a much closer look.

When the busty brunette didn't have any objections to his kneading of her lovely backside, Jeff smiled inwardly while they continued to kiss. He allowed her to get use to this for a few moments before moving his free hand down from her truly beautiful face down until he was pawing one of her amazing boobs.

Annie had many impressive features, her large eyes, stunning good looks, curvy body and porcelain white skin, however, when describing or even thinking about Annie Edison the only feature that really sticks out was her incredible rack. They were rather large, especially considering her small frame, and seemed to defy gravity with their combination of perkiness and they way they would bounce in front of her. Any now Jeff Winger was finally groping them.

"Jeff, wait," Annie said.

Jeff noted that though her words were saying one thing, her body was not backing her up. She made no move to push away either of his hands from her amazing body.

"What's the matter," he asked, nuzzling his lips against the sensitive skin of her neck.

"Mmhmm...awhh," Annie moaned before pushing his head closer against her.

Knowing she was hooked, Jeff slid the hand kneading her thick ass down her short but meaty leg. Reaching the bottom of her sundress, he lifted her smooth leg up, resting it softly on the door handle as to not make any noise. His fingers gently caressed their way upwards along the soft flesh of her thigh, pushing her purple-dotted skirt up her leg as well.

"What about everyone outside," Annie questioned.

Jeff's hand was now at her panties and he could feel the warmth radiating from her sex. He was so close to closing the deal, he knew all he had to do was get the faintest of touches on her pussy and she would be his.

"Pierce will take forever getting the pizza. He doesn't trust elevators and he'll tell the pizza guy the story of him and Catwoman. Troy and Britta are probably doing the same as us in the bathroom, Shirley has baking and Abed is studying a new way of playing that stupid dice game," Jeff ranted nearly silently. "So let's have some fun."

With those final words the much taller man extended his fingers and stroked her twat through her panties. Much like he had hoped, Jeff discovered that they were dripping wet from excitement, being turned on so much by their close proximity and some quick kissing.

"Uh huh...okay," moaning at his touch.

"Thought you'd see it my way," Jeff said sensually.

Knowing time was of the essence, Jeff didn't have the chance to go slow like he thought he would the first time with Annie. Pushing the pace he slipped a finger under the band of her underwear, and noted how Annie squirmed in order to allow him better access.

The adorable coed had hooked up with guys before, but her mind was working overload right now. All her sexual zones were or are being stimulated by the ex-lawyer, feeling tingly under his touch. Even more, what really fired her up was the feeling of his denim-covered hard-on dressing against her taut stomach.

"Oh God," she moaned.

It was in direct response to Jeff working his finger under her panties, dragging his digit through her folds. She purred like a content kitten while his mouth worked over her collarbone while his fingertip dipped into her honey pot she called a pussy. It was so wet and warm, and though he'd be entering it shortly with his sex organ, he couldn't help but pin for that time to come.

Jeff put his mouth around hers to stop everyone in the kitchen or living room from hearing her increasingly noisy groans of pleasure. He also was required to hold her up as her legs turned to jelly. However, it allowed him to place both hands on her ass so he pulled his finger from inside the panties and hooked them all in the waistband. He slid them down her meaty legs and over her shoe of her foot on the door handle to free them, allowing them to fall around the ankle of her standing leg.

"You're sure we're fine in here," she asked, holding his wrist as he brought it closer to her crotch again.

"100% Annie," he replied.

Instantly the grip on his arm loosened, allowing him to move closer before easing his finger into her once again. This time he pushed in all the way, completely sinking his digit as deep into her pussy as possible. Though she had shared in the past that she wasn't a virgin, Jeff was happy to know first hand that there was no hymen present in the 22-year-old.

As she moaned into his mouth as he worked his finger in and out of her twat, Jeff used his free hand to undo his belt. He was use to the casual hook-ups so was deftly able to undo the belt, pants and zippers with only his weaker left hand, followed by pushing his boxer briefs down his long legs.

"This is amazing...oh," Annie moaned, surprised when she brushed her hand along his exposed dick.

Without thought, the intelligent girl closed her hand around his shaft and began to stroke his length. Annie had been lost in the realm of pleasure that was being caused by Jeff's lengthy finger sawing into her snatch that she was subconsciously giving the taller man a very good handjob, including tugging lightly on his nuts with her other hand.

Jeff decided now was the time to take the plunge. He continued fingering her neatly trimmed pussy as he moved his stroked cock lower, under her dress. She lost contact with his balls but he could live with that as his tool was closing in on her sex. Jeff kissed his way back up her neck before placing his lips on her mouth, prepared to catch the inevitable scream when he penetrated her for the first time.

"Fuck me Jeff," Annie groaned after feeling his bulbous tip rub along her slit.

Annie was feeling a vast array of emotions, and she figured nervousness would be at the forefront but she was pleased to know she was wrong. Being incorrect wasn't a common occurrence for Annie Edison, but with Jeff Winger's cock ready to penetrate her she was more than able to move on from it. Her overriding emotion was excitement, followed by lust.

"I need to be inside you right now," Jeff told her before kissing her again.

Annie suppressed a squeal of happiness as the man she longed for told her that he couldn't wait any longer to have sex with her. She kissed him back even harder to let him know that she was ready for him then she felt the head of his penis rummage through her slit before he lined up with her hole.

Now in position, Jeff wasn't going to wait any longer. He started to push forwards by extending his hips out while beginning to stand up from his squat position. He savored in the feeling of his unsheathed cock head spread the lips of her pussy around himself. He wished he could watch as her bright eyes widened with the initial penetration but he had to have his mouth pressed tight to hers to catch the inevitable scream that would surely bring the entire gang to their closet.

"Oh my God," her moan muffled into his mouth.

Annie had a good idea that the initial penetration wasn't going to be the most comfortable feeling in the world. Despite the fact that her pussy was gushing from excitement, it was still the thickest cock she'd ever been with slicing into her box.

However, the early discomfort only lasted a few seconds, aided in large part to the more experienced man that she was clinging to. He too realized that Annie would have a tough time taking him inside her for the first time so once his head was poked into her he began making short shallow thrusts into her. The hope was to get her as stimulated as possible without stretching her out too much by forcing more of his lengthy tool inside her.

"You're so tight," he groaned before resuming kissing her.

Jeff allowed another half-minute of this before he heard Annie's breath become shallower and moans more frequent. Feeling the muscles in his strong thighs begin to flex, the lanky man pushed further inside her tight snatch and managed to get half his dick into her. Jeff still couldn't see her face but he knew she was fully engrossed in their tryst as her gasps were now deeper moans of pleasure.

"So big," she moaned, kissing him back.

He may have been stretching her pussy wider than ever before, but Annie couldn't get enough of it. She was effectively being Jeff's fuck toy for the following few minutes, standing on one leg as the taller man stroked his entire length into her tight snatch. That was until Jeff grabbed her meaty leg that was resting on the door handle and placed it around his hip.

The large chested brunette loved the feel of the new angle that Jeff's cock was driving into her stretched cunt. Out of instinct, once her leg was around his powerful hip she pressed her shoe-clad heel against his firm backside.

Jeff couldn't help but smile at the little coed getting hyped by the occasion, actually trying to make him fuck her harder. Of course, the ex-lawyer was a man of the people so he gave Annie exactly what she wanted. He pulled back against her resistance, building up more potential energy then he drilled deeper into her than he or she could have expected.

"Mmhmmm...awhhh," she moaned into his mouth once again.

While a quickie in the closet of her best friends' new apartment wasn't exactly the way Annie imagined hers and Jeff's first time, she wasn't going to complain about them finally getting together. Especially since the way it had gone so far, with Jeff fucking her tenderly yet firmly.

With each thrust up into her waiting and slippery twat, Jeff looked down and watched as her impressive tits bounced up within her low-cut dress. He was pleased that the intelligent girl eventually realized what Jeff was doing and clued in that she needed to be quiet, allowing the older man to roam her neck with his lips.

"You like it just like that," Jeff asked, though her body language spoke loud and clear.

"Uh...huh," Annie quietly moaned.

In a move that almost caught Jeff by surprise, Annie lifted her other leg to settle around his powerful waist. The tall blonde realized in time as he supported all of her modest weight as he felt her hands lock behind his neck. Jeff knew that she wasn't very heavy and that they were both getting close to their orgasm, despite only 5 minutes of fucking, but he wanted to preserve energy so he leaned forward to use the wall to share the load.

The close quarters and added weight equaled Jeff pressing his muscular chest firmly against hers with her back pressed against the wall. Her large boobs felt like heaven as they compressed against him, allowing him to even feel her pokey nipples through the thin material of her dress.

"I can't go much longer," Jeff claimed.

As much as he could have liked to spend all night in the tight confines of the closet with Annie, his cock gliding in and out of her warm furnace, he knew that wasn't an option. They had to make this quick, hence why they fucked at such a blistering pace that left his in-shape legs starting to fatigue.

"Keep going," Annie begged of him.

Annie had been on cloud nine for the first time their lips had touched that night, not to mention when they started to fuck. She would have been pleased just hooking up with him, but she was nearing her orgasm and it would make her life to know that the man she pined after for 2 and a half years had made her cum during a quickie in the closet.

Jeff gritted his teeth and put his tiring legs out of his mind as best he could. He pressed his lips tight against hers and felt her icy calm melt as she moaned as they kissed, knowing it would be muffled. His cock continued to pierce her twat, too much of their delight. Though he could be considered a selfish person in life, Jeff was actually a selfless lover, having brought Britta to many orgasms even if it meant he didn't.

Needing a distraction, Jeff took the hand from in her silky hair and dragged it down her short but curvy body. He went all the way down to under her dress before migrating back up, over her taut stomach to the cup of her bra. He pushed underneath it and closed his hand on the parts of her bare flesh of her tit that he could grasp with his hand. Her nipple poked the center of his palm, making him look forward to the next time they hooked up where he could see her naked.

"Jeff I'm close," Annie said, her voice getting a little loud.

Jeff felt the gorgeous coed press tighter against him, making him piston his cock up into her pussy even harder. He gently yet firmly squeezed the soft flesh of her tit again then rotated his free hand to find her clit from between her soft thighs. It put his wrist at a horrible angle, but he didn't think it would be needed for long.

With pressure now on her clit and a stiff cock drilling her pussy, the combination was a perfect effect. Annie's breathing became more ragged then it already was, Jeff even noting that her body was beginning to stiffen. He knew that she was probably undergoing her orgasm, given the shouting that she was doing in his mouth, but he diddled her clit for another 30 seconds to make absolutely certain.

Once certain that she was done cumming, Jeff pushed her up and off his throbbing cock and let her settle straddling back on her feet. Being young and very načve, there was no chance Jeff would risk cumming inside her since he wasn't sure if she was on the pill and wasn't going to risk knocking her up, despite how hot she was.

His cock settled between her legs, naturally slipping in the crack of her ass. Jeff wasn't able to grab his cock but he was already in the process of cumming. With Annie still shaking and trembling from her intense orgasm, her meaty booty engulfed around his tool and provided the only stimulation the taller man needed, with her great ass sliding along his shaft enough to maintain his own completion.

"Huh...yes," he groaned.

With another loud grunt and fingers now digging into the soft flesh of her greatest, and largest asset, he cum. They could both feel his cock pulsing as jet after jet of cum erupted out of his tip and splashed against her big booty, with the odd streak extending all the way up to land on her back between her shoulder blades.

Annie still didn't trust her legs to stand on yet so she leaned back against the wall of the tiny closet. She felt the cool glaze of his cum smear against her ass and back with her dress, then realized she wore a sweater so that the rest of the gang wouldn't see the marks on her clothing.

"Was it good for you," Jeff asked after kissing her again, this time much softer.

"Amazing," Annie replied, still in shock.

They smiled and chuckled lightly as they straightened out one another clothing and stealing the odd kiss. Annie still felt jittery, a combination between her orgasm and finally getting with Jeff Winger. She felt so hyped up that she didn't know how she would get to sleep that night, and then realized she could get caught up on so much extra reading.

"We better get back out there, I think I heard Pierce come back in so we have an opening," Jeff said.

Though both of them would have rather stayed in the closet with the other, they both knew that it couldn't happen. Jeff made sure the panties of Annie's that he slipped into his pocket didn't look like a big bulge before opening the closet quietly and smoothly. With all eyes on Pierce over at the front door, the lanky Jeff stepped out, dragging Annie with him as they joined the rest of the group.

* * *

Alternative Timeline: Dice = 6

"6. One, two, three, four, five, six. Britta," Jeff counted out.

The leggy blonde knew she couldn't help it so she got up and left the roundtable. In her absence she missed the forced story about Pierce hooking up with some old lady on an airplane and Shirley getting up to check on her pies. She also missed Jeff standing up and smacking his head off the rotating ceiling fan.

"Jeff," Annie shrieked. "Let me check you out in the bathroom."

Jeff held the spot on his head where he was hit while the much smaller and younger Annie Edison led him to the end of the hall into the bathroom. Out of habit, the brunette locked the door behind herself as Jeff took a seat resting against the sink.

"You make a good nurse," Jeff commented after Annie spewed out what was wrong with him and possible treatment options.

"Thank you," Annie blushed, meeting his gaze.

"It's the truth," he reinforced, making googly eyes at her.

"Actually I had to apply a tourniquet the other day when I guy got stabbed outside my apartment," she said excitedly.

"What? Annie you got to get the hell out of that apartment," Jeff scolded.

"You don't have to treat me like a kid anymore, remember," she replied, thinking back to their growing up conversation during the Model U.N. debate several weeks ago.

"Yeah but I can't help but worry about you Annie. You're very important to me," Jeff told her.

The older man fought the urge to look down at his shoes like he normally did when talking about more grown up matters with the much younger girl. Tonight was different, he had seen a more mature streak in Annie and he wanted to explore that new side of her.

Looking at her in the eyes had the desired effect he was after. He could immediately see something twinkling in her large, beautiful big eyes as she stared not only back at him, but into his soul. Standing very still, he could see her cheeks redden again followed by the short girl licking her lips, preparing them for a kiss he imagined.

He had her and they both knew it. With him sitting perched on the sink, it drew him at the same height as the standing big-breasted girl. After a few more seconds of eye contact, they both seemed to lean towards one another at the same time. Jeff was worried that at the last moment she would stop or say something awkward to ruin the moment so he closed the distance rapidly and planted a kiss on her lips.

Jeff knew that they didn't have much time together alone in the bathroom before their presences would be missed. Britta had gone for pizza and unless the pizza guy was gorgeous she would make barely any small talk, pay and come right back up. That left them maybe 5 minutes and that's if they weren't interrupted before then.

That left the tall man with only one real option. He would make out with the hottest girl on campus for as much time as they had, maybe some over-the-clothes action but he would leave enough to want more. At the end of the night he would offer her a ride him, or thinking back to where she lived, he would offer her a nightcap at his condo.

"Man he's smooth," Annie thought to herself.

She had no clue that checking his head wound in the bathroom would lead to him putting the moves on her, yet here she was with her heart melting and legs turning to jelly. There was also the matter of her pussy becoming wetter by the second, soaking her panties in the process.

The gorgeous girl felt his left hand run up the back of her head, wrapping his fingers around threads of her silky hair while crushing her lips harder against his. With each passing second their kissing became more frenzied, a mess of tongues and lips with passion Annie had never experienced before.

"Take your shot Winger," he told himself.

He placed his right hand on the curve of her low back, a position out of the friend zone, right above her impressive ass. Pausing only for a second, he glided his large paw downward onto her curvy booty and gave it a firm but comfortable squeeze and waited for her reaction.

"Mmhmm," she moaned through their kiss.

She was sad when his lips broke away from hers, actually whimpering over the loss, but he didn't go far. Instead he simply moved his mouth to kiss along her jaw before cascading his lips down onto her neck. Jeff found the greatest sensitivity around the pulse point of her neck so he focused on this area and listened for the sexy series of moans escaping Annie's mouth, all while he continued to grope her thick backside.

To her credit, Annie wasn't going to just be a passenger through all this and let Jeff dictate things. The horny brunette moved her right hand down from rubbing through his blonde hair to over his powerful chest. Because of her anatomy classes she could enjoy tracing the muscles out, his well-developed pec muscles then through his ribbed abdominals, easily feeling his 8 pack through his tight-fitting dress shirt.

Knowing she was totally into their tryst, Jeff upped his game even more. While still pawing at her lovely ass cheek, he took his free hand and placed it on her ribs. The second point of contact elicited a moan from young Annie, but that wasn't where he wanted to be. Running his hand up, he used it to cup her heavy, large breast over top of both her purple cardigan, dotted sundress, and bra.

"My God these are amazing," he commented into her ear.

"Mhmm," Annie moaned again, his fingers massaging her sensitive boobs, magnified by the intensity of his kissing.

Jeff was surprised once again as Annie wasn't done. As he kneaded the supple assets of her booty and tits, and she rubbed his chest, got her free hand into the game as well. Snaking it between their horny bodies, the brilliant coed moved down over his belt to rub the tented denim beneath.

"Ugh...yes," he sighed, stopping his kissing of her neck and collarbone.

She smiled brightly and proudly, as with a single touch she was able to stop the self-proclaimed 'ladies man' dead in his tracks. She repeated her move once again, rubbing her palm over his hardness while trying to grasp his cock through the pants with her dainty fingers.

They did this dance for another minute, both pawing at the areas they found most desirable. Jeff had pushed himself off the sink, towering above her tiny form as he bent at the knees to keep in contact, including his lips with hers again. However, he had time to think and knew that this couldn't go on much longer. And then he parted to giggle.

"Why are you laughing," Annie asked him, suddenly feeling self-conscious like she had done something so absurd.

"Well it's taken us nearly two and a half years to finally decide to hook up and all we can do is the build-up. We have to re-join the party in minutes," Jeff said, shaking his head.

"'re right about that. But we aren't leaving empty-handed," Annie replied after a second of thought.

"What do you mean," he asked quizzically.

"We've waited all this time, I'm sealing our newfound romance with a blowjob," she told him confidently.

Everything about her last sentence caught Jeff by complete and utter surprise. Not only was Annie throwing herself at him, but she had demanded to give him oral sex in the bathroom of some of their best friends, including the guy she pined over for her high school career. Hell, he didn't think the innocent-looking Annie Edison knew what a blowjob was, let alone feel confident enough to perform one in the washroom under a time crunch of all places.

"The gang thinks we came in here so you can check me out, we don't have much time," Jeff said.

Despite his words, Jeff was already leaning back against the sink. Deftly his hands went to his belt and unhooked the leather strap before getting the rest of his fitted pants undone. He didn't have time to pull them down his long legs before Annie leaned against his strong chest and began to kiss him once again.

"Are you telling me that we don't have time for me to suck your penis," Annie whispered into his ear.

The moment was a perfect mixture of old Annie and new Annie. The brunette whispered it to him with her face in his neck so that she didn't have to see his reaction in case he reacted unfavorably. Old Annie was confident but bashful, unable to handle rejection so she hid it. New Annie had a taste for Jeff's desire so she was more sexual, offering to blow him with their friends 10 feet away.

Jeff smiled then dropped his pants to expose his extremely health sized, 9 inch cock. Annie continued nuzzling into his neck as her hand wormed down between their sexy bodies until it reached her destination. Finding his hardened cock, the smart coed made a light fist with her fingers and stroked his entire length.

"My God you're huge," Annie exclaimed quietly but in full amazement.

Annie was still marveling at Jeff's impressive manhood when her subconscious kicked in. First her eyes glanced down to confirm what her tactile senses were describing in detail and she could now verify with her vision how massive his cock was. She began sinking to her knees in front of his semi-standing body, large eyes never leaving her prize. If she wasn't off in her own world then the brunette would have heard the man she sought for 3 years moan when her soft palm and delicate fingers picked up the tempo of her handjob.

Annie glided her fist on his cock a few more times before allowing her hand to finish her stroke on his member before letting it rest at the base so that her skin was touching the trimmed patch of pubic hair he had. Jeff watched as her eyes began to close the closer her head got to his lap until finally her mouth slightly opened.

"Oh God that's good," Jeff grunted as Annie's full lips contacted his tip.

Annie had given blow jobs in the past, but she could count on one hand each time she had done one. She tried to not think about how many times a girl's mouth had been on Jeff's knob, but it was unavoidable. She felt anxiety boiling in her chest at the thought of it and could feel her breathing becoming more labored.

Jeff didn't know why his sexy vixen had stopped with her lips only encircling his crown, but when he looked down he could see creases in her forehead. He had known the gorgeous co-ed for long enough to know that she must have been thinking nervously about something, and he was sure that something had to do with her being on her knees with his dick in her mouth.

"Mhmm yeah Annie. Your mouth feels so warm," Jeff groaned encouragingly.

Jeff's encouraging words seemed to break Annie loose from the negative loop of self-doubt going on inside her head. She was snapped out of her anxiety altogether when she felt Jeff's hand reach down and bundle up the loose strands of hair from around her face and hold them above her head, out of the way.

"I can do this! He chose me over all those other girls for a reason Annie Edison," the adorable girl told herself.

Jeff realized his subtle support had its desired effect instantaneously. Annie's lips, which were just clamped around his bulbous head now began to descend further along his dick until they passed over the ridge that bound his head and shaft. The brunette went down a little further, getting the next inch of his cock wet with her spit before she retracted back up. He let out a groan as she glided back over his sensitive skin then she stopped with her lips barely touching the topmost part of him.

Jeff looked down at her beautiful, youthful face with her bright big eyes and noticed a smile cross her face. She allowed herself to pat herself on the back for another few seconds as she was pleased that she made Jeff groan his appreciation during a sexual act. It was something she had fantasized about on many occasions but now it had actually come to reality.

Annie reattached her lips to his pecker and descended back down, much to Jeff's approval. This time the studious co-ed got another inch into her mouth before she slid back up his pole, but rather than pulling her lips off of him altogether she stopped at his crown before bobbing back down.

"Oh yes Annie," Jeff grunted.

Annie managed another smile but this time without her mouth leaving his long member. She continued to take him into her mouth deeper and deeper until finally his bulging head poked against the back of her mouth. She quickly suppressed the urge to gag due to the contact with her soft palate then promptly removed his spit-covered penis from that far inside her.

"Gllkkk," Annie murmured.

The sound of the sexually immature girl gagging on his cock and spitting more saliva onto his hardened member really turned Jeff on even more. The near gag had temporarily stopped Annie from taking that much of him into her mouth so she bobbed at the top of his cock for awhile until Jeff subtly hiked his hips up from the sink to meet one of her swallow bobs. Annie took the hint and began to glide her lips further down his dick until he was almost at the spot against her throat then she stopped short and pulled him away.

The younger girl was now truly finding her groove as Annie was starting to pick up the pace. Jeff watched on from above as her head moved quickly up and down his shaft, leaving a trail of saliva that shined in the artificially lit bathroom. She surprised him when she began to use her hand, which was just holding his cock at the base, to stroke the portion of his fat 9-inch knob that wasn't currently filling her mouth.

"Yeah keep going...just like that," he told her through hushed tones.

Annie heard his words but decided to change things ever so slightly. She rose back to the top of his member and pulled her lips from his spit-covered tool altogether. She ignored his groaned disapproval as she bent further down and tossed her long brown hair over her one shoulder. Jeff was surprised by her altering her successful pattern and though he was initially irritated at her pulling her mouth of his cock, he soon forgot all about that.

With her new lower position, Annie brought her mouth close to his dick so that he could feel her hot breath contacting his tool, making shivers course up his spine. Her heavy breathing was soon swapped with her tongue as its broad surface covered the side of his meaty stick and she began licking her way to his tip in one long, slow trip. When she reached the top she popped his tip into her mouth and gave it a quick suck followed by a bob down his shaft to take half of him into her mouth then repeated her licking on the other side of his fat pole right after.

This time when Annie returns to sucking his shaft she stays there, content to glide her lips along the diameter of his pole over and over. Jeff welcomed her new tactic but was glad to have her hot mouth back to bobbing its way up and down his dick just like before. He had now extended his head back so it rested on the mirror behind him with his closed eyes facing up at the ceiling as the large-chested girl brought him closer to his orgasm.

Jeff had been given thousands of blowjobs in his life so he knew several concrete facts about them. First of all, he knew for a fact that he needed to cum soon. The curvy brunette with the great tits was surprisingly great with her mouth and was on the verge of draining him within 10 minutes on her knees, no small feat in Jeff's opinion.

Secondly, he knew that he needed to warn Annie of his pending orgasm. Given the bubbling in his balls, Jeff realized he had reached the point of no return and had seconds before his seed would be released.

"About to cum," Jeff warned.

The warning was now known and it was up to the energetic brunette what she wanted to do after this point. It clearly wasn't her first time going down on a guy, given her skill and lack of hesitation to initiate the oral sex session, but Jeff didn't know what she would do. Her analytic mind would surely identify all the things she could do with his load, from swallowing, spitting to even getting him to cum in a tissue, which would really suck for Winger.

"Cum where you want," the bright-eyed girl told him.

Jeff understood that it was degrading to cum in a woman's face, hell Britta had told him that enough times. Hell, he only got to do that once with the petite blonde, and that was in the shower so clean up was nice and easy and it cost him his birthday wish. There was just something so empowering and sexy about covering a girl's face in spunk, especially so when it came to Annie given how beautiful a face she had.

"UUGHHH," Jeff grunted.

Annie's eyes were barely shut by the time the first strand of cum erupted from his tip. With expert precision the streak shot across the brief distance between them and splattered against the brunette's forehead, luckily none landing in her hair. Annie barely had time to feel the white spunk sliding down her skin towards her right eye before the next spurt of Jeff's juices on the bridge of her nose, starting on one cheeks and extending to the other.

Jeff's aim and the amount of population pudding he was able to shoot drastically began to decline. The third jet was only half as much as the first two, but still was a healthy amount that landed on her chin. It dripped down onto her left tit, which was where the last small streams of cum landed.

When he finally finished and opened his eyes, his vision fell on the sexy sight he may have ever seen. Before him on the floor was one of the prettiest girls he'd ever known with her bright-eyed face covered in his spunk. The beautiful bookworm from her knees was giving him a look that conveyed that she was seeking his approval, which was fitting with her personality.

"Annie...that was...amazing..."

"AWWWHHHH," a male voice screamed out.

"Quick, tissue," Annie asked Jeff.

The taller man reached out beside him and pulled free a few cotton squares from the box and handed them to the kneeling girl. Annie accepted them and hastily wiped off her face of Jeff's spunk, feeling the thick goo slide around her skin before being lifted off. Ever the gentleman, Jeff helped the brunette to her feet where she threw out the tissues while he did up his pants.

"Feel his wrath," Pierce was screaming.

Annie and Jeff rounded the corner into the living room to see an unusual sight. Pierce was standing 6 feet away from Troy with a creepy looking troll doll held in his outstretched hand while the handsome black man cowered back against the wall.

"What is going on out here," Shirley asked, emerging from the kitchen.

"He's terrorizing Troy because he's jealous he moved in with me," Abed explained matter-of-factly.

"I'm not jealous, you're jealous. Because you're weird and lonely," Pierce screamed at their unusual friend.

Pierce lowered his doll, realizing how mean he had just been. At that moment, Britta came bursting into the apartment, hand-in-hand with the odd-looking pizza delivery guy. She explained that his name was Toby and she was in love.

"Thank God for this commotion, no one suspects a thing with us," Annie whispered to Jeff with a sly grin.

"Come over tonight," he asked, more a demand then question.

She smiled brightly then gave him a wink, briefly squeezing his hand before releasing it and joining the maelstrom in the living room.


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