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Summary: Evil Abed finds a way to get out of his timeline and into one from the night the timeline branched. First goal is sending Jeff to mess with the group, who sets about corrupting the most innocent member, Annie Edison.

Pairing: Annie Edison/Vaughn

Codes: MF, Oral, Public

Community: Revenge From The Darkest Timeline Part 2
by The Chemist

Annie Edison couldn't believe Jeff's words to her before leaving the apartment. They cut like a knife and hit the exact mark that the member of the darkest timeline wanted them to do. He told her that she was sexually wanting and needed to improve. The innocent girl was insecure enough that those words would have the desired effect, he just knew it.

Though Jeff had only entered this timeline hours before, he had already started to make it darker. When he had corrupted this timeline enough, created the night that the Greendale Seven celebrated Troy and Abed's apartment, then the rest of his evil timeline friends could breach the gap and come across with him.

It didn't take long for it to happen, he could feel the phone vibrating in his pocket. Looking at the screen, the familiar picture of Annie came up and he slide to answer.

"Jeff, we need to talk about what just happened," Annie said.

"About what exactly? How we just had sex? Or about losing your anal virginity? Or how I mentioned that you need more experience if we are to have the future you...and I want together," Jeff retorted, catching his little slip before Annie caught it.

"Ummm...all of it I suppose," the conflicted coed replied.

"Okay let me try to illuminate a few things. One: the sex was good, but definitely room to improve. Secondly, I was very happy that you finally willing to give up the booty and I hope it's a sign of more advanced thinking from you. And finally I just want us to be happy forever so I feel like if you can get better and experiment more now then it will only serve us all the better in 20, 30 years. Right," he asked, grinning like a madman.

"That is honestly a lot of information to process all at once," Annie answered.

"Okay will you think it over but I really want us to work long-term. I could have kept my mouth shut and we could have lived falsely happy but deep down I'd be so unhappy with our sex life. That would bleed over into our family life. In no time I'd have such a visceral dislike for you that it would drive me to cheat most likely. But we can fix this now and save our future."

There was silence on the other end of the phone as Jeff exited the apartment complex. He didn't want to push things too far too fast and risk losing Annie. After all, the innocent coed was his way into making this timeline darker the quickest way he could think of. He still had plans for the rest of the study group, but messing with the gorgeous girl was the best and most sexually beneficial way.

"That is actually really thoughtful," Annie finally spoke.

"Listen babe, I have stuff to do for the next little while but I'm not going to abandon you to this task alone. I have a plan but you must follow it, no arguing or veto. Understand," Jeff continued.

"Yes," she agreed after a few moments of quiet.

* * *

Darkest Jeff didn't know how the Abed of his world knew so much about this one, but his information was always true and reliable. The lawyer jumped in his car and drove to the address that Abed had told him about and within 15 minutes he was pulling up to the curb. He figured he could have tracked down his number easy enough, but Jeff figured this conversation would be easiest to do in person.

"Jeff? Jeff Winger," the long-haired man who smiled vaguely of hemp asked as he opened his front door.

"That's right Vaughn. May I come in," the lawyer asked with a wicked grin.

"Yeah sure, wanna beer," the friendly man asked.

Jeff accepted the offer and soon was seated on the sofa inside Vaughn's living room that reminded him of a frat house. There was food plates and empty beer bottles all about, however Jeff wasn't here because he liked Vaughn's company, hell even the Jeff of this 'happy' timeline disliked the hippie.

"Heard a rumor you were back from college out in Colorado," Jeff said, cringing as he swallowed down another sip of the gluten-free organic beer.

"Yeah that's right. It was good out there and man, was it ever a competitive hackie-sack scene there," Vaughn said.

"Right. Anyway, you remember Annie Edison correct," Jeff asked.

"How could I forget her," he replied, his face clearly demonstrating that he was thinking about her right then, likely the time they fucked like horny coeds. "How is she?"

"Missing you as a matter of fact. We're close and she mentioned you the other day so I'm here as a matchmaker of sorts for her."

"Seriously? Never took you as the type who gave a crap for someone else," Vaughn said point blank.

"What can I say, I'm a new person," Jeff replied with a wry smile. "Anyway, here's two movie tickets for a flick Annie likes enough to have seen already but not be that involved in it that she won't want a little side action. Oh, and keep this to yourself."

Jeff took a last swig of his beer and set it down on the coffee table in front of him. He wasn't done the bottle but it tasted horrible and he didn't want to be in this do-gooder's presence one second longer then he needed to be. Hell, he could practically feel the bedbugs crawling over his $600 suit.

"Yeah sure. So she'll be up for a then," Vaughn said, not quite believing the situation.

"That's right. She's on a quest to gain more experience so if you could help the girl out while not being too obvious or else she may feel self-conscious."

To the neutral, this may not have seemed like something that would make the timeline darker. After all, Annie always had strong feelings for her first college boyfriend and the pair even split on good terms. However, for Annie to slip into further degradation he needed to hook her and with Vaughn it would be the easiest way.

Evil Abed and rest of the darkest timeline group had come up with the idea that if Annie was to get with Vaughn then the hooks of Jeff's plotting would be entrenched deeply. The former lawyer thought the plan was subtle and could work, though it wasn't going to be there only play...which is where he was going next.

"Okay I'll give her a call and meet her there," Vaughn said, smiling already.

* * *

The darkest group wasn't putting all their eggs in the corrupting Annie basket. They thought that it would be karma to have the timeline darkened by doing in the whole group, which was where Jeff was headed now. Back in his car after peeling out of Vaughn's house, the ex-lawyer was headed to the place that started all this in the first place.

"Jeff! What are you doing here," Troy said.

It didn't take long for the man from the other timeline to arrive at the apartment that Troy and Abed shared. He strode into their home but didn't make himself comfortable. His mission here was simple: destroy Troy and Britta's relationship. Their research into this time told them that they'd been together for over a year, but Jeff was good with words and was hoping to exploit any cracks.

"Oh can't I just pop by for a quick visit. Listen, I want Britta back so you should probably give her back nicely or else I take her by tearing you down," Jeff stated matter-of-factly.

His knowledge on this version of Troy Barnes was that he was a pushover who always yielded to Jeff. The younger man was intimidated by the alpha male of the group so constantly gave in to him. Jeff knew that this ploy was a little on the nose and simple but he was hoping for a quick score here.

"With all do respect Jeff...fuck off," he replied.

"What? Troy maybe you misheard me but if you don't break up with Britta then I'll take her. I'll have you banished from the group..."

"No you don't understand. We may laugh at Britta and her dabbling with psychology but she's actually kinda awesome at it. She's given me confidence to stand up to your emasculating attitude towards Abed and I, or any other guy for that matter. You can't have her, you must leave right now and if you stop this nonsense right now I won't share it with the others and have you removed from the group," Troy spat.

"Well shit," Jeff swore from the other side of the door.

That didn't go at all to plan and he had to cut his losses before being alienated from the rest of the gang. His behavior with Annie meant that if she caught wind of what he was doing with Troy and Britta then the smart girl may catch on that something was amiss. He wasn't done tearing the group down from within so he'd have to take another tact with those two.

* * *

Annie still couldn't believe what Jeff had suggested. She spent the last hour showering and brushing her hair, busy work to occupy her mind and try to gain a little clarity on what the hell had just transpired. However, Evil Jeff was correct in his assumption that the girl was insecure enough and loved him completely that she'd do whatever he wanted...including whoring herself out.

She was just cleaning the kitchen after doing the bedroom when she heard her cell phone ringing. Walking over to pick it up, she say a name and number that she'd thought would never have called her again. She gave herself a little smile then swiped to accept his call.

"Vaughn? What's up," she asked.

"Hi Annie. Long time no talk huh."

"Yeah totally. You're back from Colorado I assume then," the brunette asked.

"For sure. Such an amazing scene out there, super competitive. Anyway I was wondering if you wanted to catch up, say tonight? I have tickets for the little theatre over on Foggy Street," Vaughn brought up. After a period of pause for a few seconds he added: "Come on, it'll be a load of fun."

"Sure. Why not! Should be fun," Annie finally replied with a grin.

They kept their conversation short after that, only talking about the details for that evening before they hung up. The date would be in only a few hours from now and Annie still had to finish a project for college before heading out. She thought briefly of talking to Jeff and getting his permission to go on a date but then remembered their earlier conversation.

Instead, the gorgeous coed sent her man a text message about how she'd be tied up the evening. She didn't feel like he deserved any more details then that so she put her phone aside and started doing what was required before leaving.

The time nearly got away from her as she was lost in thought but a quick flash of the clock told her if she hurried then she wouldn't be late. Even though it was nearly 8:30pm it was still cool outside so Annie dressed in one of her many dresses. This time is was a purple number that came less then halfway down her thigh while being a low-cut in the front to show her ex-boyfriend her massive cleavage.

"Now shoes," she said aloud to no one.

Normally the choice was easy, she slipped on a pair of her black flats and headed out the door. However, if Jeff wanted her to get out and date a little more then she'd treat it like so. Kicking off the shoes she put on, she went to the back of the closet and slipped on her favorite pair of black high heels. She looked herself up and down in the mirror and notices how the heels make her legs look tauter and her ass even more impressive.

"You made it," Vaughn announced as the brunette walked up to the front of the theatre.

"Wouldn't miss it," she replied as the pair hugged.

Vaughn squeezed her tightly and held the hug a little too long, Annie getting the sense that he was hoping for something more then just watching the movie with her. Releasing their grip, they walked over to the ticket-taker where Vaughn produced his stubs and handed them over before holding the door open for his date.

"You didn't have to pay for me," Annie said.

"Well I didn't know if your outfit had any area to put a wallet," Vaughn replied, giving Annie a compliment without drooling over her sexy look.

"Good point," she conceded.

"Want any candy? My treat," Vaughn offered.

Annie thought for a moment but then remembered that the long-haired boy was a vegan health nut and she doubted that theatre food would meet his criteria. Plus she herself wasn't overly hungry after eating before coming so she declined his polite offer and so the pair mazed their way through the lobby and towards one of the only two screen rooms in the building.

They walked down the short corridor until the pushed past the set of double doors and entered the cinema. It was rather small with only about 14 rows, but the angle and height of the chairs made it nearly impossible to look backwards. There were only a few other people in the theatre already with a group of 5 girls seating halfway up and a few couples on dates scattered throughout.

"Do you mind the top row? I love the view from there," he asked.

Annie didn't mind whatsoever and followed her date up the stairs until reaching the final set, at which point they walked about halfway into the row and took a seat dead center of the screen. By the time they had taken their seats and chatted about his time away at college on a hackie-sack scholarship (yes, apparently such things existed), the previews were starting before making way to the opening credits started the film.

The movie was well underway with a few action sequences in the book. Vaughn was surprised when Jeff handed him over action movie tickets, however with the look on Annie's face as she drank in the adventure he realized that she actually did like the genre. He had forgotten about that from their time together, but he cast that aside as he took his chance to further things.

Knowing that Annie liked him from the look she had in her eye, Vaughn brought his hand over the armrest and took her hand into his. She gladly accepted, as he knew she would, and intertwined their fingers. He could see from the corner of his eye that the brunette had a brief smile cross her lips and even look over at him for an instant.

"Come here," he whispered.

Annie felt his other hand lightly grip her chin and turn her head towards him. The hippie came the rest of the way and produced a kiss right onto the college girl's lips. It caught her slightly by surprise but after a second or two she returned his kiss and puckered her lips. Their light smacking soon gave way to further opening their mouths and re-formalizing themselves to one another's tongue.

"Mhmm," she moaned into his mouth.

Annie was excited when her ex first held her hand and now kissed her as she always did like a good liplocking, especially one as good at it like Vaughn. but now she was left disappointed as he disengaged. His intentions became clear though when he rested his palm on the bare skin of her upper thigh. Her skirt had pushed up higher on her leg so that it sat only a few inches from her nether region.

Before she could even think she was parting her legs enough to allow him access. She had done it so often with Jeff lately that it was second nature to do that when a hand was placed there, plus the kissing had her confused even more. With her separating her legs so that he could move his hand further up her leg until it was under her short skirt, Vaughn gladly took the chance.

"Well that was easy," Vaughn mused to himself.

He knew that with Jeff's help it likely was going to end well, but he didn't know it would be this straightforward. Yet here he was with his hand under her skirt, her legs spread wide as his fingertips rubbed the damp spot over top her pussy. Even just the heavy make out session and hand running along her inner thigh had produced such a strong response.

Wanting to do more then just pet her covered twat, Vaughn hooked a finger inside the seam and pulled the thin garment out of his way. Without any barrier left in place the hippie went directly for his prize.

Rubbing her folds for a few passes, Vaughn swiftly dipped one finger into her honey pot, curling his finger upwards to run along her inner wall. She moaned louder this time into his mouth as he repeated the feat a few times before withdrawing just long enough for two fingers to become buried inside her.

"Oh...ughh...yes," Annie moaned.

Over and over he pushed his digits into her hole and started working them in and out. He moved his kisses down to the nape of her neck while he used his right hand to feel up her awesome chest. Just like he remembered from before, her tits felt so good, much larger than a palmful and yet the perfect combination of squishy and firm. The choice of a loud action movie was no coincidence as the explosions and shouting easily drowned out Annie's moans.

Kissing him warmly, the forensics science major curled her arm around his body and ran her hand threw his long brown hair. Rubbing him there she moved downward off the back of his head and onto his neck while Vaughn sucked on her neck and plundered her cunt with the full length of his fingers.

"So wet," he thought as moist slapping noises could be heard.

His fingers continued to plow in and out of her sopping wet pussy, much to his heavy-chested date's satisfaction. She was moaning beside him, tossing her long dark hair back while rubbing his shirt-clad chest. Vaughn gave a quick look around and noticed a slight disruption in the closest couple to them but they hadn't taken all their attention at least.

The hippie was using all his forearm strength to continuous probe her cunt while adding a third finger into her sex. She was very tight but five minutes of fingering her had loosened his ex-girlfriend up considerably. While still penetrating her deeply, Vaughn added his thumb into the mix but not into her pussy. Rather he aimed the opposable digit higher up to contact her exposed bean and rub over it.

"Oh God yes," Annie whimpered. "Just like that."

Now knowing exactly what she wanted, he went back to fingering the adorable coed with a renewed sense of vigor and purpose. Thinking back, the last time he could remember getting a girl off with his hand alone was probably back in high school, then he brought his then-girlfriend to orgasm funnily enough during a movie at the theatre as well.

Thinking back to those days Vaughn remembered his technique that proved successful and hoped it would work close to 5 years later. With his thumb furiously working over her clit, his fingers continued to pound in and out of her twat, burying them deeply before withdrawing. Varying his moves, the hippie went deep but this time curled his three fingers to rub along her inner walls and over her G-spot, which drew even louder moans from Annie, luckily muffled by his mouth as he pressed it over her's.

"Ohhh...fffuuuucckk...yeeessss," Annie screamed as he hit all the right places, making her cum in the process.

The college girl arched backwards with her head tossed back over the edge of her comfortable seat, recuperating from her intense orgasm. Vaughn smiled widely and took this time to pull his hand from her crotch, looking down at his fingers to see them glistening in her cum in the glow of the movie screen.

"Feel like returning the favor," Vaughn asked after she straightened back up.

Annie had just sat regularly from her reclined positioning when she heard him whisper that in her ear. Looking down, she saw his hands already working his belt undone, followed by his pants. He assumed that she would and she was feeling pangs of guilt if she didn't. Her only hold up was her relationship with Jeff...but he wanted her to gain more experience after all.

Annie watched him lift his hips so he could pull his jeans over his ass and let them rest around his knees, exposing his very erect cock in the public place. She remembered his penis from before and he proudly stood at it's 7 inch height proudly, waiting for her.

Annie let his pants settled around his ankles before she reached out and took him in her grip. Closing her fist lightly around him, she stroked his full length a few times as she got down to her knees. The floors weren't nearly as clean as she had hoped for as popcorn and chewed gum crunched under her kneecaps but she had her mind on sucking cock and nothing was going to stop her.

"Excellent," Vaughn grinned while placing an hand behind his head and waited for her to start.

A smile crept over Annie's face before widening her mouth in a perfect O and taking him into her mouth. The combo of wet and warm enveloped the head of his cock, but besides from drawing yet another moan from him, Vaughn remained silent. With her lips still wrapped around his head, Annie pushed down further until the first 4 inches were occupying her mouth.

"Ugh...oh baby," he grunted.

With his free remaining hand he bundled up the girl's shiny brown hair and held the bundle above her head allowing her the freedom and less distraction to do her own thing. By the time her plump lips reached his tip again Vaughn's arm flexed and applied force to push her back down. Annie had no intention of only giving him a quick suck so she went with his pressure and descended back down on his meat pole.

Up and down her head went, spreading saliva on over half his dick that made it past her lips. She wasn't able to deepthroat but that didn't stop the eager girl from taking him as deep as she could until her throat closed off. Holding him there for seconds at a time, she was eventually cough up more spit onto his shaft, making for a better and wetter blowjob full of kinky noises.

"Gllckkk...glllkkkk," she lightly gagged as she blew him.

Luckily the noises of the non-stop action movie muffled her choking so that the other people in the theatre had no ideas what the dirty brunette and hippie were up to. When Annie blew Jeff earlier that day before he took her anal virginity he got across that he liked a wetter and noisier blowjob so the coed was glad that Vaughn was happy being her testing buddy.

With her mouth bobbing on the first 4 inches and her right hand beating the rest of his shaft that wasn't fit between her lips, Annie still had a free hand. Shifting her weight so that it was mostly on her right arm against his thigh, she reached down and took his full balls into her palm and lightly began to roll them on her fingers.

"That's it...suck that dick."

Vaughn grunted and groaned as her warm mouth sucked on his sensitive member. As the brown-haired girl sucked his cock and fondled his nuts he became suddenly aware that he was losing his chance to grope her amazing assets that he missed while away in Colorado. Reaching down he slid his hands under her dress and slipped beneath her bra.

"Mhmm," her tongue vibrated on his cock while he tweaked her sensitive nipples.

Like every other man who had come in contact with Annie Edison, Vaughn was very impressed with her ample rack. After all, Annie's boobs were just so big and soft with the perfect little pink nipples that capped off each. They were more then a handful and seemed to have a mind of their own when it came to bouncing under her shirt, a fact every man and most women appreciated.

However it suddenly became hard to hold them as they were pulled almost out of reach, which also coincided with her lips pulling away from his manhood. He looked down and made eye-contact with the stunning brunette as she grinned then started kissing him down his shaft until he was surprised to feel Annie's tongue tickling his balls.

"Holy fuck," he swore, clamping his eyes shut.

As Annie's lips encased one of his nuts and sucked gently yet firmly, the rest of Vaughn's resistance to moaning loudly in public was severely tested.. Having his balls licked and sucked and tongued was his ultimate weakness so he bite his bottom lip hard, while also gripping her pillowy tits with renewed vigor as well.

Of course Annie knew this was most men's Achilles heel (or at least Jeff's) and smiled internally. This time when her lips returned to Vaughn's tool she quickened the pace that her head bobbed up and down. She was now back to taking all of his manhood into her mouth that she could handle with each thrust downward.

With each new movement she introduced, Vaughn couldn't get enough of. When she swirled her tongue around the cock in her mouth he did a primal grunt that Annie half expected cum to immediately start filling her mouth. Alas, no jizz hit her tongue so the girl with the adorable face slammed her head back down and began to suck his dick hard again.

The former Adderall addict worked her mouth and hand in perfect synchronicity so that Vaughn simultaneously received a world class hummer and handjob at the same time. Of course having a girl like Annie Edison polishing his shaft could only be handled for so long, especially when he hadn't hooked up with anyone since returning to Greendale.

"Getting close," Vaughn warned his ex.

"Gllphff...gluckll...cum in my mouth," she said in a throaty, sexy voice in between choking on his shaft.

Annie remembered his tell even after 3 years so when his hand on the back of her head tightened and balled some of her shiny brown hair into a fist, she knew what was coming. She didn't stop her rapid pace and kept bobbing on his dick although she kept migrating up until she was only gyrating on his knob.

"Ugghh...awhhh...fuck," he cried in pure pleasure.

"Yeah...come it," Annie encouraged, her words coming fast so she didn't miss her just rewards.

Annie felt his cock began to pulsate against her pouty lips just as Vaughn started to experience his balls churning. One or two more expert bobs by the talented college senior was all that was needed. The first jet of cum was quickly followed by 4 more pulses of salty liquid as her ex-boyfriend came into her mouth.

The adorable girl collected every last drop of his semen and continued to suck him dry until satisfied she had received it all. Knowing that all men loved when she swallowed, she did just that. Making a production of it so that he knew exactly what she was doing, Annie Edison made an exaggerated gulping action as she took his population pudding down her throat.

Annie was still holding his exhausted cock but she leaned in and licked his sensitive tip one last time, getting the last droplet of cum remaining before going back to her seat. This time they had attracted the looks of most people in the theatre, but rather then being upset by their actions they were all smiling from the extra show they were all privy to.


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