Constantine: HellBlazer (MF,MM,oral,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

John Constantine stood in the middle of the apartment, looking at the window.
He looked like an ordinary man. Six feet tall, lean, with black hair and dark
brown eyes. He looked handsome, clad in black clothing. Looking at him, it
was impossible to tell that he was the Chosen One. One of those people cursed
with the Power. The ability to see the demons and angels who walked the Earth
in human disguise. Heaven and Hell had never ceased to wage their war. John
Constantine was one of the Agens of Heaven. He never wanted the job. He was
just a guy born with a Power he did not want.

It had taken him a long time to accept himself. Once, he had attempted
suicide. His soul went to Hell. He was rescuscitated and thusly brought back
to life but Hell had marked him. John Constantine was hated by all the demons
of Hell. All of them wanted a piece of him. He hunted these demons and killed
them. He sent them back to the Hell they came from. He was very good at what
he did. So good that he got the attention of Heaven itself. The archangel
Gabrielle had contacted him. John Constantine had caught the attention of the
Devil himself too. Lucifer had sworn that the soul of John Constantine, the
infamous HellBlazer would be his once he died. John Constantine was in a bad

Constantine was dying of lung cancer, the result of decades of cigarette
smoking. The forces of Hell couldn't wait to get their hands on him and since
John Constantine had the temerity to show the middle finger to the Almighty's
Divine Agents themselves on more than one occasion, Heaven wouldn't take him.
Hell wanted him quite badly. Constantine did not want to go to Hell. Why?
Because the Forces of Evil had declared him their number one enemy. John
Constantine was to demons what a mongoose was to serpents. Their natural
predator. Constantine had the Power to hunt them down and kill them and
that's exactly what he did. So what if he pissed off Heaven and Hell... on a
daily basis?

John Constantine was not alone in the apartment. Actually, the place wasn't
his. It belonged to Angela Dodson, a beautiful LAPD officer whose sister had
committed suicide. She was a nascent Psychic. For some reasons, the demons
were after her. John Constantine had decided that they wouldn't get her. Why?
Because if the demons got her, they would be able to use her to become the
progenitor of the Dark One. The Dark One was the Son of Lucifer. An immortal
bastard who had vowed to take over the world of Man and snatch it from the
control of God and the Devil themselves. Constantine was lost in his thoughts
and had almost forgotten about the young woman in the apartment.

John Constantine turned around and looked at Angela Dodson. She was a really
pretty lady. Standing five foot eleven inches tall, with black hair and green
eyes. She was dressed in black. They had gotten to know each other over the
past few weeks. She was constantly hunted by the demons and John Constantine
loved getting in the way of Hell's minions. John had barely noticed how
pretty Angela looked. John Constantine liked pretty women. He liked pretty
boys, too. John Constantine was a lot of things. The legendary HellBlazer,
sworn enemy of Hell, a thorn in Lucifer's side. The Reject, forsaken by
Heaven itself. He was also a guy who liked women and on occasion, took a
liking to men as well. John Constantine was bisexual. He was feeling like
taking this attractive lady to bed at the moment. And so he did.

John Constantine looked at Angela Dodson as she removed his clothes and
caressed his body. The girl had soft hands. She kissed almost every inch of
him and then started playing with his dick. She took him into her mouth. John
took a puff on his cigarette and watched the sexy brunette as she sucked his
dick. She was a really good cocksucker. It wasn't long before her warm mouth
and slick tongue worked up his dick and made him cum. He came all over her
face. She looked at him in a way that let him know that he didn't like that
but he didn't care. What was she gonna do to him ? He admired her body. She
had a really nice ass. Shaped like a heart. Hmm. He felt his cock grow
harder. He had to smash that booty.

"Get on your hands and knees." he told her.

Angela looked puzzled. He winked at her. She got down. He caressed her
smooth, sexy butt. Damn, she was fine ! He was gonna tap that booty. John
Constantine positioned himself behind Angela Dodson. He pushed his cock into
her well-lubed asshole. Angela Dodson turned and looked at John directly in
the eyes. "Fuck me, baby." she said.

John grinned. "Yes, ma'am." he said.

He placed his hands on her hips and thrust into her. As soon as he was inside
her, Angela began rocking back and forth. Clark loved the feel of a tight ass
around his cock. Angela relaxed her anal muscles just enough to allow him to
move as he wanted and he slid into her nice and easy. They went at it like
this for a few minutes before changing positions.

This time, Angela Dodson lay on her back while John came up between her
legs and rammed his cock into her bunghole. There was nothing that John
Constantine loved more than looking into the eyes of a woman while he was
fucking her in the ass. He was slamming into her like a jackhammer and
Angela was screaming with every thrust. Her ass was so warm and tight. He
felt that his nut was coming and unleashed a flood of cum inside her.
Angela screamed. John Constantine grunted as her ass tightened like a vise
around his cock. Slowly, he squeezed his cock out of her ass. It was over.

John Constantine slowly put his clothes back on. Angela Dodson lay on the
bed, watching him.

"When will I see you again?" she asked.

"Soon." he told her. He left the apartment.


A tall figure stood atop a building rooftop. A magnificent figure invisible
to the eyes of humans. Such was the presence of the archangel Gabrielle. In
human disguise. She was a tall young woman with clear blue eyes and long
blond hair. She wore a silvery metallic battle-suit.

Contrary to common belief, the angels of the Lord came in all shapes and
sizes. There were male angels and female angels. They were immortal spiritual
beings capable of taking any shape they wanted. The archangel Gabrielle had
been mistaken for a man many times in history. She was the Messenger of God.
Gabrielle had been given the assignment to watch over human affairs for an
eternity. It was a boring job. She would rather be taking on the demons like
her brother-in-arms, the famous archangel Michael. He was the Warrior of God,
the Leader of God's Army. Gabrielle was completely bored. The humans bored
her. They were such a petty bunch. The humans disgusted her. She remembered
all the things she had seen today. A man killed his own brother after the
brother stole his money. A woman killed her husband in a fit of rage, then
claimed insanity. A man threw his wife out of the fourth-floor window of a
ten-story building. A little boy burned down his house with his parents still
inside. A lesbian woman killed her female lover after catching her in bed
with a man. A man trained his watchdogs to tear his girlfriend limb from
limb. A vindictive man ran his wife and mother-in-law down in a monster
truck. A homosexual man killed his male lover and ate his remains. Those were
the actions of humanity. The archangel Gabrielle did not see what God saw in
these wretched things.

The archangel Gabrielle was a faithful servant of the Lord. God did not
reward his angelic servants. Countless angels in Heaven served him daily
without thought of reward. Yet he lavished the wretched humans with his
attention and love. It was enough to make an angel puke. Gabrielle was
still thinking these thoughts when she spotted something interesting...
Chas Chandler.

Chas Chandler was the young guy who helped John Constantine. He was a
wannabe-Psychic who had a serious crush on the HellBlazer. It was the
oldest tale in the book. Chas Chandler was a boy with some budding
bisexual tendencies and he had a crush on rude-and-crude macho man John
Constantine. John Constantine was bisexual himself but couldn't care
less about Chas Chandler's romantic feelings for him. John saw Chas more
as a little brother than anything else. He was the only human being with
which John Constantine had a decent relationship. John Constantine was
rude to every man and woman he met. He hated God and the Devil. He hated
men and women yet routinely took members of both sexes to his bed. Chas
Chandler couldn't have picked a worse choice for a romantic interest.

The archangel Gabrielle decided to have a little fun. She watched Chas
Chandler go inside a night club. Chas entered and as usual, the kid looked
out of place. There were some attractive members of both sexes there. Chas
started gawking at the first tall, dark and handsome guy he saw.
Unfortunately for Chas, the guy was straight and had a lady friend. Chas was
frustrated. He went to the bar and just sat on the stool, his night already
semi-ruined. This was when the archangel Gabrielle decided to make her
entrance. She had changed her battle-suit into a slinky black dress. As she
went into the club, men and women looked at her. Gabrielle knew that she was
a very attractive female. She had been made in Heaven - literally. She made
her way through the crowd of dancers. A young black man introduced himself
as Steve and they started talking. Steve asked her to dance and she accepted.
Gabrielle kept her eyes on the boy, Chas. He looked so damn sad, the poor
kid. She finished the dance with Steve, then went to the bar.

"Hi, there." Gabrielle said, looking at Chas.

"Hey." Chas replied without enthusiasm.

"First time here?" Gabrielle asked.

"Yeah." said Chas.

"Me too." Gabrielle replied. She looked at him. "Ain't you a little young to
be drinking?"

Chas grimaced. "Lady, I have seen things that you can't imagine." he said.

Gabrielle leaned closer. "Tell me."

Chas grinned. "I hunt demons and devils." he said. "I kill them and send them
to Hell."

Gabrielle smiled. "Oh."

Chas chuckled. "It's not a line, lady. It's just my job."

Gabrielle smiled. "What is your name?"

Chas licked his lips. "Chas Chandler." he said. "And you are?" he asked.

"Gabe." she said, extending her hand. They shook hands.

They started talking, and it went on for an hour. Gabrielle decided that she
liked the kid. She had seen him with John Constantine many times but they
never met. He was cool.

When he asked her to come home with him, she declined. He almost looked

"I want to do it right here." Gabrielle said.

Chas seemed puzzled. He looked around the crowded club. "Not that I don't
mind living dangerously, Gabe, but..." he said.

Gabrielle silenced him with a kiss. "Let's go." she said.

She took his hand and led him upstairs, to a secluded room. Once they were
inside, Gabrielle took control of the situation. She undressed the boy
hastily. He had a nice body. It had been ages since the archangel Gabrielle
got laid. The archangel Gabrielle was an androgynous angel. She was also
bisexual. Contrarily to common belief, angels had sexual needs too. All
angels were bisexual and androgynous. That was their heavenly appeal. She
needed to get some things out in the open before they got down. Chas had
seemed to be somewhere between eager and losing his nerve.

"Look, Chas." Gabrielle said. "I know you're bi. You know I'm bi. I want to
fuck you and get it over with."

Gabrielle and Chas stood naked before each other. She had put on some
interesting gear underneath her dress. A black leather S&M outfit, complete
with latex gloves and something surprising and shockingly erotic. A Strap-On
Dildo. Chas looked shocked when he saw it. "I want your ass, boy." Gabrielle

Chas looked at her. In front of him stood a beautiful androgynous woman...
with a plastic cock. He had seen women with strap-on dildos in movies and
videos and he wasn't impressed. Somehow, it looked right on Gabe. Hmm. "Let's
get busy." he said.

"Wise choice, lover boy." Gabrielle said.

"Are you ready?" Gabrielle asked, losing patience.

"Yeah, but I have to decide if I want you to fuck me from behind for deeper
penetration or from the front so I can look at you." Chas answered.

"Get on your back, boy." Gabrielle said.

Chas Chandler lay on his back. Gabrielle took some lotion out of her handbag
and used it to lubricate the dildo and his asshole. Chas grimaced. The lotion
felt cold. Gabrielle pressed the tip of the strap-on dildo against his
asshole, and pushed. Chas screamed when the ten-inch long dildo slid into his
ass. Gabrielle held him by the hips and thrust into him. Her dildo slid into
his asshole. She started to pound it into his ass.

"Do you like it, Chas ?" she asked. "Do you like my big dildo up your butt?"

Chas grimaced. "Yeah, Gabe. Fuck my ass with your dildo."

Gabrielle fucked him good. She took his hard cock in her hand as she fucked
him. She pounded his ass with her dildo. It wasn't long before he came. Once
he came, she pulled the dildo out of his ass and fastened her mouth around
his cock. She loved the taste of cum. Especially a cute boy's cum. She sucked
him until he was dry. Chas was in heaven ! He'd been with a lot of guys and
a couple of girls before but in his experience, girls didn't know how to work
the dick. Gabe proved to be the exception. She really knew how to work it!
She drank all of his cum and he felt empty. Gabrielle drained Chas Chandler.
The young man screamed out loud in pleasure. She was content. He was in
heaven (well, heaven for a guy!) and she had brought him there. He lay on the
bed, his body shaking with pleasurable aftershocks.

Gabrielle was still not done with him. She took off the strap-on and threw it
away. She straddled the young man and looked him directly in the eyes. "Chas,
listen to me carefully." she said imperiously.

"Yes." Chas said calmly.

"I want you to fuck me as hard as you can."

She lowered herself onto his thick member. Chas automatically placed his
hands on her hips and thrust his cock into Gabrielle's pussy. He began to
fuck her, hard and fast. Gabrielle hadn't had a cock inside her in a long,
long time. She loved the feeling. It was coming back to her. Like riding a
bicycle. She rode Chas and fucked like a woman possessed. He thrust into
her. She screamed as his hot spear of flesh penetrated her. She screamed
as she was fucked. Chas fucked her as hard as he could, slamming his cock
deep inside her pussy. They changed positions. She got on all fours and
begged to be taken. Chas came up behind her, put his hands on her hips and
thrust his cock into her pussy. He yanked back her wild blonde hair and she
screamed in ecstacy as a wonderful feeling starting building up inside her
and she climaxed. It was her first orgasm in a long time. She screamed.

At the same time, Chas came inside her, filling her hot pussy with his cum.
They screamed in unison as an intense orgasm rocked their bodies. They lay
side by side on the bed, recuperating from the fuck of the century. Chas was
spent. Gabrielle was not. She wanted to make up for last time. The archangel
looked at her handsome young male lover.

"Wanna go again?" Gabrielle asked.

Chas Chandler grinned. He watched as Gabrielle got on her hands and knees. He
looked at her butt. She had a really sexy ass. Heart-shaped. Hmm. Yummy. Chas
felt his cock harden.

Gabrielle looked at him and grinned. "Ooh, is that for me?" She cooed.

"Yeah, you are sooooo gonna get it!" Chas said.

Gabrielle laughed. "Take me." she said.

He came up behind her. Chas attempted to go for the brown. He had always
wanted to fuck a woman in the ass. He just never had the opportunity. Now,
it looked like today was his day! He pressed his cock between those lovely
cheeks of hers and attempted to go for the brown. She didn't resist. He
pushed his cock into her ass until it was deep inside her Hershey highway.
Gabrielle seemed fine with a cock in her butt. Chas began to fuck her,
thrusting his cock into her asshole. He was enjoying every minute of being
inside her. That's when he realized something. For him it didn't matter
which hole he got it from, man or woman, as long as he got a piece of a
tight asshole. Goddamn it Gabrielle's ass was tight ! He fucked her up good.
She took it without screaming. Her ass was so wonderful and so tight that he
came pretty soon, sending his cum deep inside her. He pulled out of her. She
lay next to him, looking content.

"How was it?" Chas asked her.

"Great." Gabrielle said. "I hadn't done this in a long time."

She smiled at him and gently touched his forehead. He embraced her. She
looked at him, then her beautiful face was contorted in pain and she
screamed. Chas Chandler had never heard a woman scream like this. It
sounded elemental, passionate, raw... pure. Almost otherwordly. In that
moment, he saw Gabrielle as she truly was. Not as the beautiful barfly
and club-hopper but as something else, something old and powerful... a
formidable creature. She was gone from his arms in a flash.

Gabrielle vanished from the boy's arms. She had not gone away willingly. Some
other force had snatched her from the boy's arms. She had lost control of the
illusion of humanity which she had projected all night. Now, she stood in the
middle of the street, naked and alone. Chas was gone. She was alone in the
dark. Facing a formidable figure. Actually, several of them. The archangel
Gabrielle recognized her fellow angels. A tall, muscular caucasian man with
black hair and blue eyes. He wore a crimson armor and had magnificent silver
wings spread to their full span. The archangel Michael, Commander of the
Armies of the Lord. The Warrior of God. He was not alone. Next to him stood a
tall winged black man clad in gold armor. The archangel Raphael. The last one
was a tall male angel with long blond hair. He looked terrifyingly powerful
and condescending. The archangel Uriel, the Fiery One.

"What have you done?" Michael asked.

"I was curious, I'm sorry." Gabrielle said meekly.

"This is not the first time you have had sexual relations with humans." said

"Indeed." said Uriel. He smirked. "The archangel Gabrielle has been having
amorous relationships with men and women for several thousand years now." He
looked at her with contempt. "She's no better than Azazel and his ilk."

Gabrielle flinched. Everyone in Heaven knew of Azazel. He was a former
archangel. He and his friend, the archangel Shemhazai had led a group of two
hundred angels known as the Watchers to the world of man. The Watchers had
amorous relationships with women and of course, God found out. God cast the
Watchers in a pit of darkness. All of Heaven considered them to be strange
and taboo. Angels who had fornicated with humans. This had caused many angels
to fall over the eons. Gabrielle felt scared. She willed her wings to appear
and they did, magnificent and white.

"You are forsaken." Michael said.

The three archangels disappeared in a flash of light. The archangel Gabrielle
was left alone in the darkness. She felt sad. Heaven had forsaken her. She
was lost. The Lord had given up on her. She was cast out. She was now a
rogue. A renegade angel. Why? Because she had been curious one time too many
about the pleasures of human flesh. She had... fallen. Why? Because she had a
"booty call" with a mortal.

The realization filled her with rage. She had lost her place in Heaven
because of a human. She felt angry. Humans committed atrocities everyday and
the Lord always forgave them. She made one bad decision and Heaven threw her
out. How dare they ? She looked at the city around her, her angelic vision
allowing her to see all that went around in it.

"I'm gonna destroy all of you." she said. "I swear this!"

With a vengeful cry, the mad angel rose into the skies.

* * *

After Gabe had left, Chas went to see John Constantine. He knew that his boss
would be facing a lot of danger soon and they went to see MidNite together.
MidNite was a Voodoo Master. He had a lot of power. Both angels and demons
respected him. John Constantine was his usual arrogant self and MidNite gave
him a butt-whoopin. Then, he gave him some info. It turns out that John
Constantine's new interest, detective Angela Dodson had been taken by some
demons. The Son of Lucifer wanted to come to Earth and use her as a vessel.
John Constantine and Chas Chandler sat in the car in view of the building
where the battle of the century was about to take place. Chas looked at John.
He couldn't believe all that had happened tonight. He'd gone to a club and
picked up a woman. She turned out to be a demon or something. Sheesh. Now, he
was in the car with Constantine.

"John, I have something to tell you." Chas Chandler said.

John looked at him. "Uh-huh." he said.

Chas took a deep breath. Since he might not make it tonight, he might as well
get it off his chest. "I am bisexual and I love you, man." he said.

John looked at Chas Chandler. "Right back at you." he said. He patted Chas on
the back. "You mean a lot to me, you do."

Chas was shocked. "I do?" he asked.

"Yeah." said John. He looked at Chas. "Look, Chas. I'm not good at all this
wordy stuff but I do care for you."

Chas looked at him and smiled. The young man was full of hope. "Prove it." he

John Constantine leaned over and kissed Chas Chandler on the lips. It was a
long, deep kiss. They kissed until they had to come up for air.

"Wow." said Chas.

"Oh, yeah." said John, grinning. "Wanna do it again ?"

Chas Chandler slowly unbuttoned John Constantine's shirt and unzipped his
pants. He looked at the man he had been in love with for so long. Near-naked
in the car, John looked pretty damn good. John Constantine looked at Chas
Chandler at he stripped. The young dude looked pretty good. He had a banging
body. John Constantine felt himself get hard. He came closer to Chas and they
began the kisses again. Chas kissed every inch of John's body. For Chas,
being with Constantine and touching him was a dream come true. John was
returning his affections. He took Chas's face in his hands and kissed him. It
was a long, deep kiss.

"Let's make love." John Constantine said in an uncharacteristically romantic
voice completely empty of any sarcasm and dishonesty.

"I want you so bad." said Chas.

"I got it like that." John said.

Chas pulled him closer and went down on John. He looked at John's thick cock
and licked his lips. He took him into his mouth. John closed his eyes as
Chas Chandler started to suck his cock. He caressed the young man's hair and
groaned in pleasure. Chas continued what he was doing. He sucked on John's
cock and balls. John Constantine moaned in pleasure and gripped Chas's head.
Chas saw this as a good sign and continued what he was doing. John
Constantine groaned, he felt like he was going to burst. He warned Chas that
he was ready to cum. Chas continued what he was doing. John Constantine came
in Chas Chandler's mouth. Chas Chandler took all that John Constantine had to
give and then some. Drained, John almost instantly felt weak. He looked at
Chas, who wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and looked at him
adoringly. John Constantine wanted him right then and there. He wanted to
take him.

Chas Chandler looked into John's eyes and knew what he wanted. He straddled
him. John placed his hands on Chas's hips and entered him. Chas closed his
eyes and rocked back and forth on John's cock. John thrust into his young
lover slowly, making it last. Chas groaned in pleasure and John started to
really give it to him. Chas's insides clutched John's manhood. Chas cried
out for John to fuck him harder. John screamed out obscenities and slammed
his cock inside him. Chas rode him like a bronco until John Constantine came
inside him. Chas came as well.

John Constantine put his arms around Chas and smiled. "That was awesome."
Constantine said.

Chas smiled. "Who loves you, baby?"

John grinned. "You do."

Chas looked at John. He searched for John's eyes. He needed to know that he
wasn't just a fuck to John. As if reading his mind, John smiled and said. "I
love you too, Chas."

Chas grinned. John kissed him.

* * *

They stepped out of the car. John Constantine's right hand clutched Chas
Chandler's left hand. They walked together toward the building. It was a
building full of demons hellbent on protecting the Son of Lucifer who was
about to cross over from Hell. Somewhere inside was Angela Dodson, John
Constantine's former lover. Chas and John were gonna save the day. Together.

"Are you ready, my friend?" Chas asked.

John grinned. "We're more than friends." he said. "We're partners."

They went inside the building to kick some demon ass and save the day.

The End


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