Coronation Street: Educating Rosie (Ff,Ff-mast)
by Michael_John11 ([email protected])

Sarah stared out of her window out on to Coronation Street and raised a
smile for the first time in weeks as she watched Rosie Webster kissing her
boyfriend Craig on the street corner. The young girl reminded her so much of
herself at 13 that it was both eerie and amusing. Rosie had the same angelic
face and brown hair, the same developing body retaining a girlish quality
while moving towards womanhood, she even wore a school skirt short enough to
annoy her parents and tantalise Craig. Rosie let the boy put a hand on one of
her budding breasts through the thin material of her schoolshirt but recoiled
when he tried to slide another up her skirt and angrily pushed him away
before storming off down the Street just as Sarah would have done except for
the fateful night she'd give into a boys advances and ended up pregnant at

Sarah grinned at poor, bemused Craig for a moment before he turned for home
clearly perplexed by Rosie's rejection, then turned away from the window and
sat down. She glanced over at the clock and was just about to wake Bethany
for her tea when she heard a knock at the door. Sarah raised her eyebrows,
she wasn't expecting any visitors, then walked slowly to the door worried it
might be Todd trying to talk her round again despite being warned off
numerous times.

"Who is it?" she asked suspicously.

"Er, It's Rosie." the young girl replied softly.

A mildly suprised Sarah opened the door to find the sullen looking Rosie
staring back at her.

"Hiyeah Sarah, I just fancied coming to see Bethany for a bit, is it alright
if I come in?"

Sarah smiled sweetly.

"She's still asleep Rosie." she replied.

Rosie looked dissapointed then nodded. "Alright then, I'll come another

She hesitated for a moment making Sarah realise that the young girl hadn't
come to see Bethany, who she sometimes babysat, but really wanted some advice
from an older girl who had already experienced so much.

"She'll probably wake up soon, why don't you come in for a cuppa?" Sarah

Rosie broke into a wide smile which lit up her beautifal face and nodded.
"That'd be great, thanks."

Sarah smiled as Rosie passed her and stared at the girl as she went inside.
She was shocked to find herself admiring Rosie's shapely legs and pert little
bottom while savouring the scent of the young girl.

"Jesus." she thought "You really are getting desperate Sarah."

After all her recent troubles with Todd and the death of her baby, sex hadn't
been on her mind much but she was surprised to find herself suddenly very
aroused as she closed the front door and joined Rosie in the living area.

"So are ye still seeing Craig then?" Sarah asked, feigning ignorance as she
and Rosie sat on her sofa drinking tea and dunking chocolate biscuits.

Rosie scowled then shrugged. "After today I dunknow, either I'll dump him or
he'll dump me."

"Why's that then?" Sarah asked, enjoying leading the girl on but still trying
to resist the urge to admire her legs now almost entirely exposed as she sat
with her school skirt riding up.

"He keeps trying to take things too far if ye know what I mean." Rosie began,
she felt awkward talking about this but thought of Sarah like a big sister
and needed to confide in someone. "I know you'd gone all the way by my age
Sarah, d'you think I'm being too tight with Craig? I mean I haven't even let
him poke me yet."

Sarah smiled then ran a reassuring and affectionate hand through Rosie's
bobbed hair. "I can't sit here and say you shouldn't do it Rosie, but if you
do it should be because it's what you want, because you feel ready. And for
gods sake make that horny little sod wear a condom if you do."

The two girls stared at each for a moment then began to giggle.

Sarah again found herself admiring the younger girls beauty as her face was
lit up by a smile, she knew it was wrong to be attracted to Rosie but she had
to admit she was and she felt a hypocrite for being so hard on Todd about his
sexual preferences.

"I suppose I'm worried about making a fool of meself if I do it, I mean I
wouldn't know where to start." Rosie said. "Would you mind telling me a few
things Sarah?"

Sarah's heart began to race at the prospect of discussing sex with Rosie.
"Well what do you want to know sweetheart?" she asked.

Rosie smiled awkwardly. "Well Craig showed me his dick once and it's quite

"Lucky you." smirked Sarah.

Rosie blushed and tapped her playfully on the arm. "Stop it. I suppose I was
wondering if it would hurt."

"It'll hurt the first time yeah but you get used to it." Sarah confirmed.

"Will I bleed and stuff?" Rosie asked worriedly.

Sarah hesitated for a moment, she felt bad about manipulating a vulnerable
young girl but she now had the raging hots for her and sensed an opportunity.
"You will unless you've done some preparation." Sarah said.

"Preparation?" Rosie said looking bemused. "Like what?"

"Well I hope this isn't too personal but do you finger yourself?" Sarah

Rosie looked sheepish then shook her head. "Not really, I share a room with
Sophie so it's a bit difficult. I'd feel really dirty doing that anyway."

Sarah smiled, Rosie sounded so much like her at that age it was uncanny.
"Masturbation isn't dirty, it gets girls ready for sex. I promise you if you
masturbate regularly you won't find sex half as painful."

Rosie looked thoughtful, Sarah could see she was winning her round. "But I
don't even really know how to do it properly." she said.

Sarah considered for a moment, her pussy was now dripping with anticipation
but she was worried about how Rosie would react to her next suggestion. "I
could show you if you like."

Rosie looked takenaback and uncertain. "What you mean like frig yourself in
front of me? That'd be a bit weird wouldn't it?"

Sarah shrugged. "I learned everything I know about sex from Candice, we
always just looked on it as learning, there was nothing else to it."

She stared intently at Rosie, sure the girl shared her own mix of repression
and curiousty where sex was concerned. The young girl considered for a
moment, she did need to know this stuff and she trusted Sarah, there wasn't
really anything that weird about it. "Alright, I suppose you could show me
if you don't mind." she finally said.

Sarah smiled trying not to let her secret delight show too much. She
unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down before lowering her white panties to
expose a thick, mousey brown bush to a transfixed Rosie. The youngsters blue
eyes widened even further as Sarah opened her legs slightly exposing the pink
folds of her pussy and slid four fingers into the already moist opening.
"You can get four in there?" Rosie exclaimed in amazement "And you've got so
much hair on your pussy, will I end up with a bush like that?"

Sarah nodded through gasps "Of course you will sweetie and you can probably
get at least two fingers in if you try. Why don't you give it a go?"

Rosie looked coy. "I can't touch myself in front of you."

"Why not? I'm doing can something that feels this good be so bad?"
Sarah reasoned.

Rosie considered as she watched the older girl gasping and rolling her eyes
with pleasure. She looked up to Sarah and was starting to feel even slighlty
attracted to her though it freaked her out. Not wanting to look like a kid
she decided to join in. "Alright I'll give it a go." she said.

Sarah smiled widely and glanced out of the corner of her eye as Rosie reached
up her skirt and pulled off her white, cotton panties. Her progess towards
orgasm was aided by the sight of the garments sliding down Rosie's thin,
milky white legs before her young pupil spread them exposing her thinly
matted and extremely tight twat.

"Like this?" she said staring at the experienced Sarah's intense fingering
and trying to emulate it by sliding two fingers into the restricted space
between her pussy lips.

Sarah nodded then let out a moan as the sight of her innocent young charge
crudely masturbating herself helped her reach a sticky climax. Rosie remained
silent and unmoved as she slid her fingers in and out, she stared at Sarah as
the older girl licked her fingers clean and wrinkled her nose in disgust.
"Ugh Sarah that's disgusting!" she exclaimed pulling her fingers out of her
expanding but still bone dry cunny.

"Don't be silly Rosie, your pussy juice tastes lovely. And it's full of
nutrients you should always eat it and you should always let a boy lick your
pussy if her wants to." Sarah replied calmly.

Rosie considered for a moment. "Really?" she asked thoughtfully "Well
nothing's happening to me when I put my fingers in there, I must be doing it

Sarah smiled, sensing another emerging opportunity. "You're going too fast
and you're not reaching the right parts of your pussy...." She paused for a
moment wondering about Rosie's reaction to her next suggestion. "Why don't
you let me finger you then you'll know how to do it properly and how it
should feel."

Rosie looked outraged. "Let you touch my fanny? No way Sarah, this whole
thing is sick...I'm going." She stood up then looked awkward as she
remembered her knickers were around her ankles.

"Alright go if you want to, but you'll look a fool when you finally do
something with Craig and it'll hurt if you don't prepare properly as well."
Sarah glanced at a thoughtful Rosie out of the corner of her eye, she knew
she was playing on all the same insecurities she had at the younger girls
age. "I wish I'd had an older girl to show me the ropes at your age."

Rosie considered, she was worried about being made to look foolish and not
being prepared for sex and part of her was very aroused by the idea of Sarah
touching her though she was still struggling to admit it to herself. No one
had to know she decided, it could just be between her and Sarah...she needed
to know how it felt, needed to be prepared. Sarah supressed a smile as Rosie
sat back down and opened her legs again. "Alright but this doesn't mean I'm
a lesbian or anything right?" Rosie said firmly.

Sarah nodded and sat right beside Rosie, trembling with anticipation as she
glanced at the young girls tantalising opening. "Now brace yourself Rosie,
this will be pretty mindblowing the first time." she warned, despite her
manipulative mood she did want to take care of Rosie.

Rosie started to gasp and sigh with delight then shock as soon as Sarah slid
two fingers inside her. "Ohhh...Ohhh Sarah It feels..." Rosie broke off and
let out a yelp as the older girl skillfully found the most sensitive parts of
her tender, young cunt.

"It feels nice doesn't it?" Sarah said smiling.

Rosie nodded emphatically through grunts and gasps before letting out a
scream as she experienced her first orgasm at the hands of the least likely
person before this afternoon.

"Just relax and enjoy it." Sarah said re-assuringly as she parted Rosie's
pussy lips and slid two fingers inside the youngster, intensifying the speed
and force of her fingering this time to heighten Rosie's pleasure and make
her second climax even louder and stickier.

Finally the red-faced Rosie, beads of sweat trickling down her forehead could
take no more and Sarah slid her two liquid covered fingers out of her. She
held them up to the reluctant youngsters mouth who finally relented after a
reassuring nod from Sarah and she slid them sensually into Rosie's mouth,
smiling as her young pupil licked them clean, savouring the sweet taste of
her own pussy juice.

Sarah was ready to explode with desire and suddenly thought of a plan to
complete Rosie's corruption and education. "You look very hot Rosie, would
you like a drink?" she said softly.

"Yes please." murmured Rosie, her head spinning from what had just taken
place and her tight pussy throbbing from it's first exploration by unfamiliar
fingers. Sarah smiled to herself as she stood up, stepping out of her panties
and jeans to expose her naked bottom half to a transfixed Rosie. She returned
after a moment with two bottles of vodka ice and handed one to the shocked

"I'm not allowed to drink alcohol." Rosie said.

Sarah smiled. "Well I won't tell anyone if you don't Rosie. It can be our
little secret, like everything else this afternoon."

Rosie smiled nervously then nodded and took a few gulps of the vodka. She
scolded herself inside for being so childish in front of Sarah.

"So how did that feel then?" Sarah said.

"It was really nice after I got over the weirdness." Rosie said, grimacing
slightly at the bitter taste of the vodka but then boldly taking another
gulp. "But I still don't feel like I know what it would be like if Craig
put his cock inside me."

Sarah smiled as the next stage of her programme fell perfectly into place.
"Well..." she began before swallowing down the last of her drink to leave
the bottle empty. "There are other things you can put in there apart from
fingers you know."

Rosie looked curious then wide eyed as Sarah casually slid the bottle as far
inside her as it would go then began to push it in and out.

"The shape and thickness of the bottle will give you a pretty good idea what
a cock feels like." Sarah said before starting to moan and gasp.

Rosie swallowed down the last of her drink in one go, mainly for Dutch
courage, then glanced uncertainly at the empty bottle. Again a reassuring
nod from Sarah was enough to convince her and she gently slid the bottle
into her tight but accomodating twat then watched Sarah intently partly to
follow her example and partly because she enjoyed watching her beautifal,
half naked teacher masturbate with a bottle. As she too began to become
stimulated by the thick, cold bottle Rosie decided to let go of her
inhibitions and allowed her knickers drop from around her ankles to the
floor before unbuttoning and discarding her skirt so that she too was naked
from the waist down.

Sarah, who was already on the verge of orgasm, let out a scream as she
watched Rosie descend further into debauchery and decided the time was right
to take things a stage further. She pulled the bottle out of herself and
removed her remaining clothing and, naked, moved beside Rosie who was now too
lost in pleasuring herself to notice Sarah's close proximity. Sarah wasn't
sure the younger girl even felt her start to unbutton her white shirt and
take it off nor unhook her bra to reveal her budding breasts and leave her
naked but if she did she was not about to resist. Encouraged, Sarah titled
her head and planted a tender kiss on Rosie's lips, the younger girl opened
her eyes and stared deeply at Sarah for a moment then broke into an excited
smile and returned her kiss. They then exploded into a series of more
passionate kisses as the floodgates opened, Rosie quickly getting over her
shock at having Sarah's tounge thrust into her mouth and sliding hers inside
the older girls mouth as they locked lips. Sarah also put her hand on the
one Rosie was using to thrust the bottle in and out of her cunt and pulled
it away before continuing to masturbate Rosie with the bottle herself as the
young girls squeals of agony and delight were muffled by passionate kisses.

Neither girl could quite believe the course events had taken but they were
both equally determined to see it through to it's natural end. Sarah
continued to take the lead gently pushing Rosie down on to the sofa and
continuing to stimulate her young protege with the bottle but breaking their
passionate kiss so she could sit astride her.

Rosie stared up in wonder at the beautifal Sarah admiring her magnificent
figure and willing the experience to continue as long as possible. Sarah
continued to penetrate Rosie with the bottle eliciting increasinlgy loud
squeals of ecstacy but also lowered herself down so that their naked bodies
were pressed together and resumed their passionate kisses. Rosie did her
best to contain herself but feeling Sarah's naked body pressed against hers
and the continual thrusts of the bottle into her ever more accomodating cunt
sent her over the edge into an orgasm that she feared most of the street
might have heard.

Sarah broke away from the kiss and withdrew the bottle while Rosie got
her breath back then they both glanced down at the younger girl's pussy
glistening with fluid. Sarah smiled at Rosie for a moment then, after a
few more tender kisses, she worked her way down her young lovers shapely
body kissing her sensually on the neck then suckling her perky nipples
before settling between Rosie's legs and bobbing her head between them
then snaking her tounge inside Rosie's sodden lips and tickling the folds
of her previously unexplored pussy.

Rosie shuddered and gasped with delight, rolling her head in ecstacy as Sarah
expertly ate her clean. "Ohh Sarah...Ohh it's too much..." she murmured as
she had her first experience of oral sex.

Sarah ignored Rosie's halfhearted pleas, greedily lapping up the sweet juice
and savouring the youngsters yelps of delight as the tip of her tonge touched
another sensitive part of Rosie's cunt.

If Rosie thought her lesson was going to end there, she was wrong as Sarah
then ordered her on to all fours facing the wall. Rosie was nervous but
enthralled at what was about to happen next and gasped in agony then delight
as Sarah worked three fingers into her virgin anus then withdrew them and
jammed the vodka ice bottle inside it. She eased any guilt about Rosie's
groans of pain by tenderly kissing her neck, stroking her hair and whispering
into her ear how beautifal she was and how good it would feel to have Craig's
cock up her arse instead of the bottle.

After her anal assault, Rosie needed time to soothe her swollen cunt and
anus so Sarah left her naked on the sofa while she woke Bethany and gave her
something to eat. As she lay there, contemplating what had occured that
afternoon and where it might lead, Rosie's mobile phone went off. She started
then slowly picked it up from her schoolbag on the floor and answered it.

"Rosie, it's mam, where are you? I were getting worried love." Sally said.

Rosie was takenaback at first to hear her mum's shrill tones but took a deep
breath, she knew Sally would pick up on anything in her voice.

"Oh hiyeah mam...I'm over at Sarah's...I wanted to see Bethany and have a bit
of a chat with Sarah."

Rosie gasped as she felt a hand between her legs and looked up to see Sarah
smiling mischievously. Rosie shook her head but Sarah continued her progress
towards the young girls pussy and slid two fingers back inside.

"Oh I just wanted a bit of advice..aaah" Rosie's response was peppered with
murmurs of pleasure. "Advice about..ugh,ooh...Yeah I'm fine mum, I've just
got the hiccups...listen I'm gonna stay at Sarah's a bit longer...see ye
later... ohhh!" Rosie hurriedly switched off the phone and half smiled at
Sarah. "Are you mad? What if me mam figures out what we're up to?"

Sarah shrugged. "Somebody's gotta teach ye about the birds and the bees,
somehow I can't see you getting such a practical demonstration from Sally."

Sarah grinned as Rosie wrinkled her nose in disgust then they both broke out
in giggles and began to kiss again as Sarah fingered Rosie to another climax.

After Sarah had finished feeding Bethany and bathed her, she ran another bath
for her and Rosie. Rosie nervously waited for Sarah to call her and wandered
into the bathroom to find her older lover already in the bubble bath looking
as mouthwatering as ever.

"I want to see how far you've come Rosie." she said provocatively. "Time for
you to show what you've learned."

Rosie nodded and nervously climbed into the bath, sitting opposite Sarah for
a moment then sliding up in front of her. She took a deep breath and moved in
for a kiss, awkwardly touching Sarah's lips at first but quickly finding her
stride and eventually showering the older girl with passionate, sensual
kisses. She followed this up by gently caressing Sarah's breasts, rubbing the
already perky nipples between her fingers then breaking the kiss to suckle
each of them and getting a nice surprise as Sarah lactated into her mouth.

Rosie's most nervewracking moment approached next as she prepared to finger
Sarah, she worried about whether she would be able to bring her experienced
teacher to any kind of climax but after a bit of awkward fumbling she
eventually found that four fingers in just the right spots brought groans of
satisfaction from Sarah. Rosie, her confidence now sky high, completed her
exam by fucking Sarah with a shampoo bottle over the side of the bath and
greedily eating both her pussy and anus clean before the bathwater beat her
to it.

Afterwards they lay in each other's arms in the bath occasionally sharing
tender kisses and caressing each others wet, naked bodies.

"So do you feel ready to fuck Craig now?" Sarah asked.

Rosie considered for a moment then started intently at Sarah. "I don't
know...maybe I should have a few more lessons first."

She broke into a cheeky smile which Sarah reciprocated, savouring the naughty
new Rosie who she was more than happy to continue leading astray.


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